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The Outsiders Modern Cast

Cole Sprouse as Ponyboy Curtis

“Ponyboy has light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes. He has a good build for his size and is a fast runner.”

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Dylan Sprayberry as Steve Randle

“Steve is tall, lean, cocky, and smart.”

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Jake T. Austin as Johnny Cade

Johnny was smaller than the rest, with a slight build. He had big black eyes in a dark tanned face; his hair was jet-black and heavily greased and combed to the side”

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Froy Gutierrez as Sodapop Curtis

“He’s said to be “movie star handsome,” and has silky, dark gold hair (real tuff) that he combs back with dark brown (recklessly, dancing) eyes and a goofy grin that you can’t help but love”

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Daniel Sharman or Liam Hemsworth as Darrel Curtis

“Darry is a large man, of 6’ 2" and he is broad shouldered. His hair is said to be like his father’s- dark brown that sticks out in the front of his head with a cowlick in the back. His eyes “are like two pieces of pale blue-green ice.”

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Austin Butler as Dallas Winston

“Dallas Winston is said to have an elfish face with high cheekbones, a pointed chin, small, sharp animal teeth, and ears like a lynx. Dally didn’t like haircuts nor hair oil so his almost white-blond hair fell over his forehead in wisps. He had blazing blue eyes which Ponyboy describes as “cold with all the hatred in the world.”

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Dave Franco as Two-bit Matthews

“Two-Bit Mathews was around six feet tall, stocky in build, and was very proud of his long, rust-colored sideburns. He has grey eyes and was always wearing a wide grin.”

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a concept: mafia au yuri wearing one of those silky lingerie slips and a huge fur coat and thigh high boots with at least three inch heels to the club and otabek wishing for death because his heart cant handle this tol beauty

my dude i literally was looking at h&m coachella collection today since i’ll need clothes for it (spoiler: their collection mostly sucks) BUT they had a silky lingerie slip and my first thing I snapped to people was “PUT IT ON YURI” and then decided i should also buy it for myself (priorities, you know)

but yes, 1000% mafia au would rock this aesthetic and Otabek is pissed because he’s too hot and he’s three seconds away from shooting the next person who gets too close

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Harry leaned back in his seat opening his legs slightly. Glancing down he could see his cock pressed up against him, leaking onto what little hair there was on his stomach. He grabbed himself at the base, pulling the skin upwards. Rolling his thumb over the tip he smeared the precum around. His long fingers were wrapped tightly moving in a twisting motion. Harry loved feeling the silky skin glide in his hand.





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Pairing: Yoongi X You

Genre: Angst

Yoongi"s Pov

The cool air blew past me, causing her hair to flow past her. She shivered, as she admired the view from atop the building. We’re stargazing. Well, she is stargazing. But, I’m admiring something far more beautiful.


The way she held herself to keep her warm. The shifting of her weight on either foot. Her beautiful eyes, as they grew wide from the view.


I loved everything about her. Every little quirk, I couldn’t get enough of. Like now, the way she doesn’t even realize she is biting her lip since she’s so focused on the night sky.

I love her.

Her silky hair. Her adorable nose. Her pink- tinted lips. Her eyes. Wow, her eyes.

Even the things she hates about herself, I love. She’d come to me telling me she doesn’t like a certain aspect of her appearance, but all I’d see is beauty and grace. She’d look in the mirror and scrunch her face, but when she looks at me my heart soars.

It’s actually quite disheartening. I wish she’d see herself the way I see her.


The way she walks, the way she talks. Charm and charisma just oozes out of her.

Her. All I think about is her.

Her laugh is my favorite sound in the world. Her smile is my favorite sight to see.

God, I’d do anything to make her smile.

She’s radiant, She’s the light of my life. She’s my happiness. I’d do anything for her. She-

“He’s downstairs. I’ve got to go, Yoongi.” She says, snapping me out of my trance. “O-oh. So soon?” She starts to gather her stuff, “Yeah, sorry. He’s starting to get a little annoyed, says I’m taking to long.” She walks up to me, and hugs me. “See you tomorrow, best friend!” She smiles and walks off, leaving me here… alone.


The lovely @luna-stims has been chatting with me and provided a font of stim toy care and sourcing wisdom, and she’s kindly allowed me to share her advice with everyone.

Mochi Squishies

I dust mine with cornstarch to keep the dust away and it keeps them feeling silky smooth!! It needs to be reapplied sometimes, especially if my hands are damp, but cornstarch is cheap and readily available and unscented. I’m not sure if it’ll be visible on darker squishies because I have the white seal squishy.

Note for international folks: cornstarch may be sold as cornflour. Don’t worry: they’re the same product. And I do need to try this, because washing my mochi chick has made almost no difference to the dust.

Orbeez/Water Beads/Water Marbles

When soaking orbeez/water beads, they’re more durable if you only soak them for a small portion of the time and take them out while they’re still wrinkly. They’ll smooth out after a little while and they feel more like the durable gel beads in eye masks and stuff, and they’re much harder to crush. They have more “bounce” when they’re not fully soaked. They won’t be as big but it’s worth it to not accidentally crush them.

This is super useful given that the larger orbeez are pretty fragile! Also useful for anyone looking to try the phone case DIY and is worried about crushing the orbeez when a phone is placed in a pocket or bag.

Puffer Caterpillars

Those stretchy caterpillars (image example here) are also in the Easter basket stuffers at Walmart right now! I’ve never seen them in Walmart before, only in the Easter things. They’re available in pastel purple-pink and orange.

I wish our Easter sections had toys like this. US folks should definitely check this out.

Thank you so much for all your information. I really love the willingness of folks in the stim community to help and share!

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Clary sometimes wakes up before Isabelle to make her girlfriend coffee and always buys those cinnamon rolls and sweet treats so when Isabelle wakes up Clary is there with a coffee mug in one hand and a cinnamon roll in the other. "For my cinnamon roll." she coos before handing Isabelle her breakfast and kissing her soundly and softly, hands tangled in her silky and sweet hair

okay but why is this so cute aslkq im crying omg imagine the first time she does that, maybe she can’t sleep late at night so she puts on her winnie the pooh slippers and her sweatshirt and decides to go outside for a little bit, and she notices this cute lil new coffee shop that’s like right next to their building and she decides to go check it out bc apparently it’s open 24/7 and it’s like 5am, but anyways she walks in and it immediately hits her with a smell of freshly brewed coffee and she’s like wow this place is nice so she sits around for  a bit and then she remembers that izzy is gonna wake up for some important mission at like 6:30am and she really doesn’t want her girlfriend to think that she’s been kidnapped and call everyone freaking out, like she did last time when clary went to the bathroom. so she gets up to leave, but then she puts her hands in the pocket of her sweatshirt and she finds a 10 dollar bill so she’s like oh might as well buy something, so she notices that they have cinnamon rolls and she thinks of a cute pun so she buys two and a small coffee and then goes back home and wakes izzy up a little earlier around 6am and izzy sits up, rubbing her eyes tiredly and then clary gives her the bag with the cinnamon rolls and the coffee and she’s like “a cinnamon roll for my cinnamon roll” and izzy’s face lights up so much, and she’s giving clary that huge sleepy smile and she leans over and kisses her and her breath smells absolutely disgusting, but clary feels like her heart is about to burst and she decides that she’s gonna wake up 30 minutes earlier than needed every day to go get izzy cinnamon rolls and a coffee if that means she can start the day by seeing izzy’s smile so big and her eyes sparkling like that and her munching away at the cinnamon roll and getting crums all over the bed and god, she loves her so much it almost hurts

My cat died yesterday.

For nearly thirteen years, he was my baby and my best friend and I am so incredibly heartbroken that he is gone.  His bravery and buoyant personality masked the gravity of his condition until the very end.  In the last twenty-four hours of his life, we learned that his heart, which was so big and loving and strong, was afflicted by a tumor, and that that cancer was spreading and metastasizing to his other organs.  In a small act of mercy, we were allowed time with him before the end.  I was given time to explain how happy he made me.  Time to pet him while he purred.  Time to kiss the silky fur beneath his ears once more.  Time to tell him just how much I love him (present tense, always present tense).  

I don’t know how to be anything but devastated.  I don’t know how the aching hole he left in my own heart will ever heal.  I don’t know many things; but I do know that he was loved and cherished and he lived a good life–spoiled and doted on, treasured.  I do know that he was happy.  I do know that he suffered very little.  I do know that he loved me.  I do know.  

In the spirit of maintaining normalcy as, perhaps, a way to begin to heal, I am going to continue trying to keep up with my daily #GradblrChallenge posts.  But I apologize in advance if I miss a day, or do not interact as much, or if I am less enthusiastic.  I’ve so enjoyed being a part of this community for the last few weeks and the accountability is valuable.  I do hope to continue–but if I don’t or can’t, my sincerest gratitude to everyone who I’ve interacted with. (Cc: @gradblrchallenge)

and then they paint each others nails and come up with wild theories about why Zarkon is such a grump until Hunk bursts in looking for his missing headband

he does agree that space IKEA constantly failing to give Zarkon enough screws to properly assemble his space furniture is a plausible explanation also where do you even find this stuff Lance? and don’t try telling me it came with your lion 

(idk i just wanted to draw something cute. i hc that lance really enjoys pampering people since it reminds him of his family, and keith didn’t get pampered at all growing up but he finds that he really likes it, even if he initially only agreed because he didn’t want lance to look so sad and homesick)