the silent orchestra

Wherein Social Media Specialist Marya E. Gates (aka @oldfilmsflicker) tells you about the San Francisco Silent Film Festival

The 21st San Francisco Silent Film Festival will be held at the Castro Theatre on June 2-5 2016. This year special guests include Illeana Douglas, Leonard Maltin, and film historian David Robinson - who just retired as the director of Giornate del Cimea Muto in Pordenone, Italy (a bucket list festival for this TCMHQ staffer). 

The opening night presentation this year will feature Louise Brooks in William A. Wellman’s BEGGARS OF LIFE (‘28) with live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra. 

Every year at the festival the AMAZING TALES FROM THE ARCHIVES panel talks with preservationists. This year Georges Mourier will talk about his work with the Cinémathèque Française and Emily Wensel will discuss her work with Universal Pictures.

SFSFF always programs films from around the globe, with films as diverse as Yasujiro Ozu’s THAT NIGHT’S WIFE (SONO YO NO TSUMA) (’30), MOMA’s restoration of A WOMAN IN THE WORLD (’25) starring Pola Negri, and THE STRONGEST (DEN STARKASTE) (’29) scheduled. 

TCMFF favorite Serge Bromberg from Lobster Films will be presenting restorations of comic films, including a long thought lost reel from Laurel and Hardy’s THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY (’27), featuring possibly the greatest pie fight in cinematic history. 

I attended SFSFF several times when I was in grad school in San Francisco and my memories of this festival are some of my most favorite movie going experiences. By the time the event is over you’ll be dreaming with inter-titles. Plus the Castro Theatre is one of those beautiful old movie palaces that takes your breath away every time you visit.

You can find out more about this year’s San Francisco Silent Film Festival here

This is how I love you:
Naked in every way but clothes,
Secret words
Whispered into a safe place,
Not knowing how to love but still
Letting it fill you;
You are fire dressed in ice.
I am a soldier off duty still knowing
How to fight,
And, by the way, my hands are yours.
You are the echo
I leave everywhere - an orchestra
Of silent smiles that
You’re not quite sure of yet.
They are real, promise.
I hold you now
Even though you are miles away;
These roads are ours
To stretch this love out
For the view of the stars.
I will love you like I haven’t loved before -
This is how I love you:
Full of hope.