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{PART 21} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; Just when you thought your night couldn’t possibly become any more heartbreaking; the man you thought you knew turns out to be something you had only ever considered to exist within the realms of nightmares and folklore.

“Perhaps, he didn’t want to be understood, so much as he wanted to be loved. His truth would set her free, but the question remained; would she stay?”

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 20} {Part 21} {Part 22}

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That One Bet

Requested By: Anonymous

hi!! i jus honestly love ur imagines ❤️ but can u write something where peter & flash made bets and peter has been beating him at all of them until @ liz’s party and peter sucks ass at beer pong until the reader comes in and helps him , u can end it however thank youuuu

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: The entire day Flash and Peter had been making bets, and from what you and Ned could conclude was that Peter was in the lead, until you arrived at Liz’s party and saw Peter getting his ass whipped at beer pong, today, you would be the superhero.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, kinda fluffy I dunno

Word Count: 2,452

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE TO WRITE I’M LIVING, but it was super fun to create, it’s super cheesy too aw. enjoy :)

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“You do realize Flash literally almost ran you over right?” You appeared next to Peter as he glared at Flash who shouted ’Penis Parker!’ as he drove away laughing.

“Yes, Y/N, I am aware I nearly died.” Peter replied sarcastically with a dramatic eye roll, earning a hard shove from you into Peter’s shoulder.

“Aye!” Peter shouted, holding his shoulder, seeing your intense glare at him, his eyes softened a bit, pulling you in for a hug.

“I’m sorry bug,” He murmured into your hair as you hugged him back, relaxing at his touch, “I know you were just caring about my safety.” He sighed, rubbing your back gently before you two broke apart.

“Yes. Therefore, you should be grateful.” You replied back sarcastically, making Peter shake his head at you with a smile.

“Although, sometimes I wish you could go all Spidey on him and web his car up.” You whispered, laughing, making Peter laugh along with you as you both entered the school.

The second school started you’d think world war three was happening, anytime you saw either Flash or Peter they were at a constant stage of war.

“Peter what are you doing?” You asked him when you ran into him in the hallway, he was out of breath, sweat dripping down his forehead as he looked around the hallway.

“Flash bet me that I couldn’t run the entire school in under a minute, he was wrong, aka, I won.” He smiled triumphantly, taking a bow, as you stood there unamused.

You weren’t going to lie, you didn’t understand this whole betting thing going on, all you knew was that it was starting to push your buttons.

But being the friend you were, you let it go, since Peter was having the time of his life beating his arch nemeses.

Therefore, you continued about your day, going to class, watching as Flash made a bet with Peter that he couldn’t build a stink bomb and get the entire school to evacuate.

He did.

And you were beyond annoyed.

“Did you really have to bet that?” You sighed, looking at your best friend who was grinning at Flash who looked pissed as hell.

Flash hadn’t one a bet yet, and you knew it was driving him insane, he wanted to crush Peter with everything he had.

“Yes Y/N, I wasn’t going to loose.” Peter laughed, but stopped once seeing your face, knowing you were far from happy.

You let out an annoyed huff, turning on your heel as they started allowing students back in the building.

Maybe you should stay away from him the rest of the day.

And that’s exactly what you did.

And Peter noticed, big time.

Every time he won a bet, he’d go and look for you so he could brag about how he beat Flash again, but found that you were nowhere to be seen, peaking his curiosity.

This went on for the rest of the day, even at lunch.

“Hey Ned, how did the math test go? Was it hard? Or was it easy?” You rambled on, Ned watching you with an amused smile, he was also your best friend.

He knew how important studies were to you, you wanted to get into a high college where you could actually put your knowledge to something life changing.

“Honestly, you’ll do great, it wasn’t that bad, some problems were ehh, but besides that you should be fine.” Ned replied, taking a bite of his sandwich as you visibly relaxed.

“Alright good, because I-” You were cut off as Flash and Peter came walking over, in a heated argument, making you roll your eyes.

“There is no way you have won all of these bets and I’ve won nothing!” Flash shouted, making Peter smirk in glory, infuriating Flash even more.

“Not my fault you can’t keep up.” Peter replied, making Flash’s blood boil even more, his eyes narrowing at Peter.

“Liz is having a party tonight, we will continue this there.” Flash pointed at Peter who raised his eyebrows.

“Be there, or else.” Flash threatened, making Peter bite his lip and nod, laughing as Flash stormed off.

“Can you believe him?” Peter motioned towards Flash, before glancing between you and Ned.

“-Uh, guys, what’s up?” Peter hesitantly questioned, seeing as both you and Ned had blank looks on your faces.

“Peter, we know that you’re in the lead and all, and that you’re having a blast with all these bets, but it’s just not our thing.” Ned shrugged slightly, as you continued to pick at your food.

“Oh. I didn’t know.” Peter replied quietly, looking at Ned, giving him a silent apology, before looking at you, who refused to look away from your food.

Peter had noticed you’d been distant the entire day, and now it all made sense, each time he came up to you excitedly to brag about winning a bet, you could never relate and the more he did it the smaller it made you feel.

Lunch soon ended, and you were quick to grab your belongings and get out as fast as you could, avoiding Peter the best you could.

You knew it was wrong, but you just couldn’t take it anymore, sure you were proud of him standing up to Flash and winning all the bets, but what was it to you?

You didn’t have any other friends besides Peter, Ned, Michelle and occasionally Liz when she felt like hanging out with you.

Therefore, you could never relate to what pure victory and happiness was, the only time you felt slight happiness was when you got a good grade on a paper or test, proving your dreams could potentially be something in the future.

You went on the rest of the day, avoiding Peter if you saw him in class or the hallway, he knew what you were doing too, and he knew it was his fault he had pushed you away without meaning to.

Ned told him you’d cool off soon, but Peter wasn’t so sure, he’d never seen you this upset before.

“Ned, I think I really hit something with her, she doesn’t normally ignore me this long with I mess up.” Peter spoke nervously, walking to their last class, one that you were also in.

“Okay, so lets say you did, what are you going to do to fix it?” Ned questioned, making Peter stop and think for a moment.

“I can try to talk to her?” He spoke aloud, more as a question than a statement, making Ned shake his head and walk into class.

You sat at your normal seat, glancing up when you saw them walk in, your eyes locking with Peter’s before you broke and looked down at your paper.

You hated doing this, but for the moment it was for the best, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

The rest of the day went on, and the last bell finally rang, and you were free, you had gotten invited to Liz’s party by Liz herself, shocking you a bit, but you agreed.

You had arrived a bit early to help set up, something you enjoyed since you rarely spent time with Liz anymore.

“Okay, Y/N, what’s going on between you and Peter?” She broke the silence, pulling out red cups, as you stood there in shock.

“W-What do you mean?” You stammered, making her smile and laugh at your reaction.

“I mean it’s clear you both have a thing for each other, but you both somehow don’t seem to see it.” She poured out some chips into a bowl as you brought out more cups, placing them on the counter.

“Peter and I are just friends.” You tried to convince her, but the more you thought about it, were you trying to convince yourself too?

Liz saw your hesitation, making her smirk at you, causing you to blush slightly, maybe she was right?

Her house was finally all set up, and people soon poured in, music becoming louder, people dancing and laughing.

And then they walked in.

Ned had a hat on, which did look pretty good if you did say so yourself, and then there was Peter who was looking around anxiously.

You both soon made eye contact, neither one of you breaking the stare until Flash came over, causing Peter to look away.

You stood there stunned for a moment, looking at Ned wide-eyed as if saying what the hell just happened?

He gave a shrug in return, making you run your fingers through your hair frustrated, you truly hated having emotions sometimes.

You decided to go get a snack, and process the ’moment’ you just had with Peter, watching your surroundings and cringing at how drunk some of your classmates were getting.

Who knew so many people thought getting wasted was fun, you never really understood drinking, you knew it fogged your brain up for some time and you could let loose and have fun, but there were so many more consequences that followed.

Exactly why you never once drank in your life, you couldn’t afford to risk everything you worked so hard for to go straight into the toilet, literally.

You were deep in thought until you heard chanting coming from the other room, peaking your interest you wandered over, seeing Flash and Peter playing beer pong.

Must be another one of their bets you thought to yourself, but you then noticed Peter was loosing, and he was freaking out.

You stood there unsure of what to do, you knew you had been avoiding him all day because of this very reason, but there was no way in hell you’d let him loose to Flash.

You squeezed through the crowd of people, walking up next to Peter, startling him, causing Flash to laugh.

“Shut it would ya?” You snapped at Flash, causing everyone to ’ooh’ and make snide remarks, as Flash simply smiled.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Peter questioned, clearly surprised you were talking to him again.

“I’m being the hero this time.” You smiled slightly, creating a small smile to form on his lips.

“I’m loosing pretty bad Y/N, there isn’t really anything that can help.” Peter sighed in defeat, but you just smiled, a twinkle in your eye.

“Peter, if you win, we can go on a date.” You whispered into his ear, making his eyes widen and his knees go weak for a split second.

“A-Are you s-serious?” He gulped nervously, making you giggle slightly and nod in response.

“But you have to win, or else Flash gets to take me on that date.” You teased, watching as his jaw tensed at the thought.

You then stood to the side, watching as the game continued, and out of nowhere, Peter started gaining on Flash, and soon enough Peter was in the lead, and last thing you knew Peter had won.

Flash stood there in furry, claiming that he had cheated, but everyone knew he was just being a sore loser.

You clapped your hands slowly, watching as Peter’s eyes lit up at the sight of you.

“Congratulations, you did it.” You smiled, watching as Peter played it off like it was nothing.

“I always knew you could.” You mumbled, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink at your comment.

“I’m really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to make you feel like you weren’t good enough or not important, I-I was just trying to impress you.” Peter admitted, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Really?” You smiled, biting your lip as you watched Peter smile and nod back at you.

“I’ve liked you for so long Y/N, and it feels so good finally telling you that.” Peter sighed, grabbing your hands before pulling you into a hug.

“I like you too Peter.” You smiled, running your hands up and down his back gently.

You both stood there for a few moments, just taking in the new information, and each other.

“I’m so glad I did all those bets.” Peter laughed, making you laugh along with him, he truly was the dorkiest person you knew.

You both eventually pulled away, goofy grins on both of your faces as if everyone else around you didn’t matter.

“So, how about that date?”


i love zutara & i hold a special place in my heart for my favourite zutara fics. i’m usually very picky when it comes to fanfiction - i love fics where the language flows beautifully and where the gaang is all in character. there are more, but here are just some of my favourites:


once around the sun || (my favourite)

Later, Katara can see how it all fell apart. Azula in her cell, growing roses; Zuko surrounded by enemies, slowly dying; their friends in the Earth Kingdom, safely escaping. And herself at the centre of it, saving lives and breaking promises. Set after finale, eventual Zutara.

tempest in a teacup || 

Fate puts Katara in the Fire Nation to grow up in the company of a Dragon, a prince, and a lot of good tea. AU Zutara…of a sort.

the black games || 

Once bound by ice, now bound by fire. 12 provinces. 24 tributes. 1 winner. Let the games begin.

begin the end ||

The moment the chains are secure around Azula’s wrists, Katara breaks out into a run. Her boots slap against the stones and each step echoes mockingly in the empty plaza: too late, too late. Panic squeezes her heart as she sees him lying crumpled on the ground, and she wishes for just that moment that she were an airbender so that she might get to him faster…

clothe me in seasons, dress me in snow ||

“It is not the memorial she deserves, nor the one she would want. But it can’t be helped. He owns no property in the other nations, and he needed to keep her close. Closer than she was in life, anyway.” Zuko’s reflections on a life lived and a life that could have been. Told in four arcs: melancholy, slow dancing, unrequited, and cobalt blue/vigil.


sokka’s field guide series || 

Sokka schools Zuko on the ladies.

through the looking glass and unrequited || 

A collection of Zutara drabbles and story arcs.

and other fairly stupid tales || 

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month.

we hold our hearts in silence ||

Seventy years later, Korra tries to figure out Zuko and Katara. — zutara, canon compliant.

falling || 

The ceiling collapsed, and he sprinted to push her away. Suki was safe, but Katara just stood there. And then she was gone. He hadn’t been fast enough. An AU from the beginning of TSR through just after EIP. 

as time passes by || 

“The dawn of your new nation will come as quickly as the sun has set on your father’s empire.” Zuko’s first year as Fire Lord does not go as he expects.

tremors || 

She’s free to choose- if she goes back to the Poles, if she travels, if she stays in the Fire Nation just a little bit longer. She can choose to go back to the life she would have led if she’d never revived the Avatar, or she can choose to forge a new path. And she chooses him.

beyond lost ||

It’s the end, isn’t it? — Zutara. Pre-Season III.

as if death itself was undone ||

Z/K Finale AU “‘It’s not right to linger like this,’ says the Death Spirit. 'I don’t want to leave her,’ Zuko says. 'They never do.’” After being struck by Azula’s lighting, Zuko rejects death.

death by a thousand cuts ||

All these moments and memories are cracks, fractures that run and creep through Zuko’s mind. The finishing blow was having her smile to him on her wedding day. He broke then.

Blackwatch Genji x Mercy NSFW

A little side-note… feel free to scroll past all this if you want. This is my first publication on this blog, I am very shy about my work but figured I should give it a try. This story is just a small excerpt, if people like it maybe I’ll look into writing longer stories. I really hope whoever is reading this gets some kind of joy out of it… my blog is quite new but a follow or share would REALLY help. Thank you so much.


Backstory:(Time-Period: Uprising in King’s Row) A few days ago Genji had pleasured Mercy in secret in the locker room after a training session with Tracer, this was a random act and Mercy had no idea Genji had such feelings for her. 

It had been two days since the incident with Genji in the locker room… It plagued Angela’s thoughts every waking- and sleeping moment. She could hardly focus at work, and while adrift in sleep she could only think of those glowing red eyes and expertly skilled fingers. She had admittedly tried to touch herself in the privacy of her own room several times, but they could never satisfy her or bring her to the climax like Genji could. Her inner devil begged her to go back and satisfy her wild fantasies.

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Fic: Foresight (Vax, Vex, ensemble)

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

In his memory, Vax is forever locked in a moment (in a moment in a moment).

Major spoilers for episode 102.



In his memory, Byroden is forever locked in springtime.

Warm light glints off sun-dappled leaves, distracting the eye from even the most vivid of wildflowers that pitch and sway with the wind-blown grasses. He’s young, sitting in the dirt and watching his sister methodically pull up strands of grass and release them into the wind to flutter and flicker away. He’s thinking about Jerren, the kindly old man next door who’d died last week. He’s thinking about his mother leaning in close with tears in her eyes and saying, “I’m so sorry, but he’s not coming back,” he’s thinking about what it means to end and to make other people feel sorry, he’s thinking about what it means to go and not come back.

“I never want this to end,” he says.

Vex just looks at him, pulling up another handful of grass. “I’m getting hungry. We gotta go in sometime.”

“I mean, I’m gonna remember this when I’m two hundred years old,” Vax says. “This day, today. The way the sun looks and the grass looks and the sky looks.”

She grins. “You’ll definitely forget.”

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I’m Not So Perfect

Summary: (Y/N) (L/N); S.H.E.I.L.D’s youngest assassin and highly trained sniper, is sent to Moscow to follow the trail of The Winter Solider. No one knows if the stories are true. No one knows why the trails all lead to dead ends. Now, as she’s trapped in a dark, confined cell in the middle of nowhere; she thinks maybe she should have just stayed at the office. 

Parings: The Winter Solider x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Intense Violence, Winter Soldier Bucky, Swearing, Slight Stalking, Angst, Fluff

October 14, 2009

“You can’t keep me here, you assholes!” She screamed. Her throat was becoming raw and tortured from her pleads to be set free, or at least, understand what was going on.

It was dark and grimy; like all cells probably were. The smell of gasoline was in the air, and it was as if the intoxicated flow was replacing her beloved oxygen.

The bonds that tied her feet and hands together were large straps of metal, cold, but not tight. She was silently thankful that they weren’t rope, and wouldn’t lead to a horrible rash later on.

“Is anyone even fucking here?” She asked the silence. She began squirming in her place, becoming restless at the silent whispers of wind and no responses.

There was a sudden click that filled the void in the room, causing the eighteen year-old girl to scan the walls frantically.

Gas? Poison? Did they, whoever they were … open a compartment filled with gas to kill her? To put her to sleep for yelling so much?

As her gaze fell to the floor, searching for a vent or anything of the sort, she saw that the metal restraints that use to bind her were clapped back now.

The restraints had been opened.

“What the hell …” She balanced her feet against the concrete floor and hesitantly stood up from the metal chair that she was confined in, not moments ago.

She slowly walked towards the bars of the cell, her black boots echoing in the still silent cage.

Her hands, that were sticky with blood, someone else’s blood, she guessed, grasped upon the metal bar. She pressed her head between the crease, trying to find any source of anything out in the dark lit hallway.

That’s when she felt it. A presence. A tall, big, unwanted presence.

It was behind her, she felt that. Running up her spine, pricking her toes, whatever it was, it was just lurking there. Stalking her; waiting for her next move.

And she didn’t want to turn around. Surprises were unexpected; and she didn’t like the unexpected. This wasn’t a good plan, she’d only ever worked from a far.

A far with a weapon, with a plan, with a motive. Now, she was following a ghost. A dead trail of a man that may or may not even exist.

Look where that got her.

She stared at her fingers wrapped around the cell bar. She wished for super strength, to pry the bar off it’s hinges and finally have the fimiliarity of a weapon between her palms.

“Вы не то, чего я ожидал.”
You are not what I expected.

The voice was horrible. Terrifying. It was a sound that envoked power and command. It was like he was the raining man of authority. Authority over the world, authority over her.

She forced herself to turn around. Her back was against the cell, her hands were still gripping the bars tightly behind her back. She wanted to go back home. She wanted to be at a distance. Not one-on-one like this. Not ever again.

Emerging from the corner of the room was a solider. An assassin.

His hair was greasy and shoulder length. His eyes, she could tell they were blue; but maybe not as blue and beautiful as they use to be. The only thing that shined in the darkness was his metal arm. A metal arm.

His stare was ruthless; deadly even. He looked brutal, standing there, a knife gripped in his gloved hand.

“You’re … you’re him.” Her voice only sounded like a croak. A sound of defeat.

Emotionless. Silent. That’s all he was. That was the most unnerving part. She couldn’t read him, not one bit of him.

“I - I - I’m just a kid …” She didn’t know what other card to play. “ … I don’t know why I’m here … Please …”

“Вы - ребенок с оружием и секретными правительственными файлами.”You are a child with guns and secret government files.

“Вы знаете, почему вы здесь.”
You know why you are here.

Her Russian was weak. She knew a couple of words said by some S.H.E.I.L.D agents, but otherwise she couldn’t speak the language fluently. But she could understand. And she didn’t like what she was understanding.

“What are you going to do to me?” She spoke wearily, drifting her eyes to the ground.

He wouldn’t stop looking at her. His eyes were scanning every detail of her body and it was making her skin intchy and untollerable.

“Что я хочу.”
What I want. / Whatever I want.

“You’re not gonna’ touch me.” She told him, her eyes unwilling. “I’m not going to let you.”

He smirked. His grip on the blade tightened. It was the first reaction she saw from him - the first movement.

“Вы не хотите играть Плохо cо мной, цветок.” You do not want to play bad with me, flower.

Her teeth pressed together. Her jaw clenched. Her body was a stiff as a stone. She wanted to hurt this man - for his nature, for his threatening stance, for what he had done - but she wouldn’t. That would be a stupid play - a stupid reason to die.

Speak, she said to herself. Remember something. Try and remember.

“Ты не хочешь прикасаться ко мне, soldat.” You don’t want to touch me, solider.

That’s when he stepped closer. His loud footsteps matched the ticking sound of her rapid heartbeat. That’s when he pressed the knife to her neck, right up to her chin.

“Говорить мой язык снова, цветы …” Speak my tongue again, flower

His breath was even and calm, just about the opposite of hers. The mass of his body was pressing her harder against the steel bars - it was painful - but less paniful then a blade being stuck in her throat.

She stared up at him in awe, grunting lowley as she felt the blade move to the outline of her lips.

Maybe, she knew more then she thought.

“Вы безжалостные убийцы.”
You are a ruthless killer.

Her lips curled with each word that she spat out, ever so clearly - and ever so true. She knew that maybe some words she spoke were wrong, but she knew that the overall message; it was clear.

“Вы трусом в man.”
You are a coward of a man.

Her eyes bore into his blue ones, not faltering down. She wasen’t going to falter. She wasen’t going to break.

“Я не склоняем вниз к вам.”
I will not bow down to you.

The soldier’s mouth rose as he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. His body was flush against her own, his gear and vest scraping against the material of her leather cat suit.

“ты маленькая девочка играть на поле боя.” You are a little girl, playing on a battlefield.

He gasped out in amazment as an almost-laugh rumbled up his throat.

“если я хочу вы подчиняться мне вы не.” If I want you to obey me, you will.

It was the look she gave him that caused his mouth to water. It was the look of anger and repugnance - and he just loved it.

“пошел ты.” Fuck you.

She spat sternly - her eyes settling with a raging fire. (Y/N) gathered the little saliva left in her dry throat and ticked it at his face as a sign of pure disgust.

A strand of hair fell in front of her eyes as she placed her head back against the cell, her heavy breath swaying the hair back and forth.

It was then that she felt the blade push harder against her lip; tearing at the pink flesh. That’s when she tasted the blood; her blood.

Everything about the knife on her skin was so daunting. So precise. He held the power; and she hated that.

The solider took two small steps away from her and smiled, turning the knife over in his hands. His eyes fixed upon the metal handle and sharp blade that now held a drop of his newest victim.

He grinned michevously as he stared at the blood protruding from her lip, the red, life-line slowing teasing it’s way down to her chin.

He stepped towards her again, towering over her smaller figure. He wiped the spit off of his cheek, his eyes never leaving hers.

He wasen’t having any of that.

“попробуешь это снова, дорогая?”
You want to try that again, darling?

That was her first mistake.

Her second, was replying to The Winter Solider with a dark, twisted chuckle.

She laughed at his stupidity. She laughed at the way he just knew he had control; she wanted that control. He was trying to break her with his deadly look of dominance; and laughing seemed to be the only way to make him know that she held some power, too.  She still had her mind.

That’s when his hands neared her neck.

His metal fingers curled around her throat, pressing, closing - the metal plates in his arms vibrated from his sudden movements.

Her mouth fell open as she emitted a strangled scream, her body jerking forward, her arms shooting out.

He held his grip stronger, quickly lifting her up and slamming her back against the nearest wall. The concrete wall that her head pounded against.

She clawed her fingers around his metal wrist, uselessly trying to pry his hand off her neck. Her legs were jerking and kicking at him, but the man hardly flinched; he didn’t even move.

“тебе нравится жить, ребенка?”
You like living, baby?

He tsked his tongue against the top of his mouth, gazing down upon her dramatically as he watched the colour drain for her face.

A high pitch gasp came from her as his fingertips slowly began to loosen.

“я не ожидал, что прах к ползать до моем пороге.”
I did not expect Dusk to crawl up my doorstep.

She could finally breath again - she didn’t think she was as close to death as in that moment. But still, the assassin kept his fingers around her windpipe.

Dusk - the stupid code name S.H.E.I.L.D gave her. It irritated her skin that he knew it; most people didn’t.

“я ожидал глупец. глупая солдатом.”
I was expecting a stupid man. A foolish solider.

He watched her intently as she coughed and wailed from feeling of oxygen settling in her lungs again.

“не ты которые я видел, как так тесно, с любовью …”
Not you, who’ve I watched so closely, so lovingly …

He released her, finally. (Y/N) fell hard against the wall again as she gasped for a heap of air, coughing and wailing as if she was experiencing life for the first time.

Her hand scraped against the wall as she slumped down against it, resting her forehead against the concrete, her hand against her chest as she got use to the familiarity of oxygen again.

Her back was to the solider that did this to her, her legs sprawled out across the floor as she closed her eyes to keep her world from spinning and spiraling apart.

“Вы убили так много людей как я, цветок. Вы называете меня безжалостным убийцой?”
You have killed as many people as me, flower. You call me a ruthless killer?

“Я следовал за вами к Берлину. .. Я наблюдал, что вы взгромоздились на крыше, преследуя вашу жертву. .. Я думал, что вы были наиболее совершенной вещью …”
I followed you to Berlin … I watched you perched upon a rooftop, stalking your victim … I thought you were the most perfect thing …

He chuckled as he watched her try to crawl away from him undetected, dragging herself along the ground.

“Вы наслаждались читать мои файлы, цветок? Именно так вы потратили вашей ночью. Это - то что получило вас здесь.” Did you enjoy reading my files, flower? That is how you spent your night. It is what got you here.

“Shut up.” She muttered, her voice hoarse and in shattering pain. “You …  you don’t feel … you can’t …”

“Затем почему я позволяю вам идти, цветок?” Then why am I letting you go, flower?

She took several heavy breaths, her face still to the wall, not willing to make any sort of eye contact with him.

“Because … I am not your mission … You’re doing this … for what? Fun? For fun … ?”

“Вы были моей миссией начиная с Берлина, моего цветка. Вы думали, что Hydra не будет знать о таком квалифицированном убийце как вы? Такая молодая, красивая игрушка?” You have been my mission since Berlin, my flower. Did you think Hydra would not know of such a skilled killer as you? Such a young, beautiful toy?

“I’m no toy … you’re their toy. They control your mind … I still have mine … I win …”

The Winter Solider moved forward and grabbed a fistful of her hair in his metal hand, causing her to whimper out in pain.

“Я буду показывать вам дверь затем, младенец …”
I’ll show you the door then, baby …

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mothermommymom  asked:

Drarry and 11? Please and thanks!

Harry snorted and flopped back against the damp grass on the shore of the Great Lake, suppressing the laughter that wanted to bubble out of him. His limbs felt loose and warm from the Firewhisky he was sharing with Malfoy of all people. Malfoy, who was currently howling with laughter, with his normally impeccable hair in complete disarray and his school tie undone. It looked good on him, being so disheveled.

Malfoy lost his balance and toppled back, landing against Harry’s side, still snickering.

“Alright, that’s enough for you, I think,” Harry said, grabbing for the half-empty bottle.

“I think not!” Malfoy declared, cradling the bottle away from Harry’s reach. “Do you know what I had to go through to even smuggle this out of my house under my mother’s watchful eyes? She barely lets me out of her sight as it is.”

“Well, give it here, I need more,” Harry reasoned, snatching it away from him and taking a long pull of the burning liquid. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth when he finished, catching Malfoy watching him intently. “What?”

Malfoy shook his head, “Nothing. Give it back.”

They lapsed into silence and stared out at the gentle waves breaking on the lakeshore. The term was almost over, and they would all be set free on the wizarding world to get on with their lives—to find careers and carve lives for themselves outside of the shadow of the war that haunted their teenage years. Harry sighed and folded his arms beneath his head. Harry wasn’t sure he was ready for any of that. All he’d known for so long was that Voldemort was after him, and he’d spent the better part of eighth year just enjoying his life without a dark cloud over it. He’d even made peace with Malfoy. Mostly. However, now that he was on the brink of entering real life, he wasn’t sure what to do or whether he was ready for it.

“Where did you go, Potter?” Malfoy asked, poking his side with cold fingers where his t-shirt had ridden up. “Come back to me.”

Malfoy traced his fingers over his exposed side, sending little shivers up Harry’s spine. Harry almost arched into the touch. He tamped down on the urge and grabbed his hands to keep Malfoy’s cold fingers from torturing him.

“Watch it, Malfoy. I was just thinking about the end of term.”

“Oh, yes. Looking forward to the Auror Academy, then?” Malfoy shifted and leaned his head on Harry’s shoulder. His hands went limp in Harry’s hand, and when Harry loosened his grip Malfoy entwined their hands together. It felt sort of…nice.

“Yeah. I guess,” Harry answered. He shrugged, jostling Malfoy’s head and earning an irritated grumble. Malfoy shifted again and settled back down.

“Oh? Is the golden boy not going to be an Auror after all?” he teased.

“I just…like this, right now. Here,” Harry said, squeezing Malfoy’s hand. “It would be nice to stay in this moment for a while. I don’t know.”

“Don’t be so bloody dramatic, Potter. Life goes on, get over it,” Malfoy scoffed.

Harry turned his head to look at Malfoy and was startled by the fierceness reflected in his grey eyes when he tilted his head up to meet Harry’s gaze.

“What are you going to do after term?” he asked curiously.

Harry realised they were very close. He almost felt like he was floating, even though he was on the ground. He could feel the dew on the grass seeping through his t-shirt and shivered. Malfoy propped himself up on his elbow, leaning over Harry.

“I’m going to move on with my life once I get out of here. I didn’t even want to come back, I wanted to take my N.E.W.T.s at the Ministry, but Mother insisted on my return,” Malfoy said, his voice slurring slightly from too much to drink.

He jabbed a finger into Harry’s chest, leaning close and breathing his Firewhisky-tinged breath in Harry’s face. “I’m going to and you can’t stop me this time,” Malfoy insisted, poking Harry in the chest to emphasize each word.

Harry blinked. “I…wasn’t planning on stopping you?”

“You’re not going to stop me? No matter what?” Malfoy clarified, inching closer with a determined glint in his eyes.

“Er, yes?” Harry had no idea what had gotten into Malfoy, other than the alcohol. He was acting strange.Malfoy stopped when he was a hair’s breadth away from Harry’s face. He could feel his warm breath ghosting against his lips.

“Even if I wanted to kiss you?” Malfoy whispered. His eyes had gone wide and they pinned Harry to the ground.

“I…” Harry trailed off, mind wobbling as if it was a spinning top ready to topple over.

“Even if I want to do it all the time?” Malfoy added under his breath.

“You’re drunk,” Harry pointed out, feeling as if everything was slowing down around him.

“And you’re not?”

“Not as off my head as you are,” Harry said. “You’d have to be to admit you want to kiss me all the time.”

“I said that?” Malfoy blinked owlishly before ducking and hiding his face against Harry’s chest.

Harry patted his back awkwardly. “It’s alright, mate. Happens to the best of us.”

Malfoy’s response was muffled into Harry’s shirt. It made his stomach do a funny little flip. He was struck by a desire to wrap his arms around Malfoy and hug him while they lay in the grass together.

Malfoy popped back up after a moment, his face pink. “Let’s drink more so we can forget I said anything.”

“I don’t think I’ll forget,” Harry said. “It’s not every day your rival turned friend admits he thinks about kissing you.”

Malfoy looked even more surprised. “I’m your…friend?”

“Yeah? I don’t hate you, you know?” Harry raised an eyebrow and watched Malfoy’s face flit through several conflicting expressions before he darted forwards.

Harry yelped as Malfoy crashed into him, pressing their lips together clumsily. It probably should have been embarrassing, with how uncoordinated it was, but Harry felt himself respond immediately, his hands coming up to steady Malfoy. It didn’t last long, just the span of several heartbeats, before Malfoy slumped to the side and curled up against Harry’s side so he could hide his face against his neck. The tip of his nose was cold, and his breath fanning across Harry’s neck was bloody distracting in the way that made him want to roll over and pin Malfoy into the grass. He brought his fingers to his lips and touched them gingerly.

“You kissed me,” Harry stated. Malfoy made a sound of assent and found his hand again. “You’re bloody weird when you’re drunk,” Harry decided.

Sorry this one turned out weird! IDK what happened, I wrote three different scenarios for this one, but I ended up with this.

Send me a pairing + a prompt from the list!

Dancing On My Own: Part 8

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader / Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1133

Summary: Bucky Barnes never imagined himself falling in love with anyone, especially his best friend’s girl. Of course his plans were shot to hell when Steve decided to surprise everyone and propose to you on your birthday. Had he missed his shot, or would he be willing to risk both of his closest friendships in hopes of winning your heart?

Author’s Notes: Thanks for being patient! I always love hearing from you guys <3. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged.

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“Y/N, you’re being pretty quiet over there,” your father said softly from his end of the dinner table – causing everyone, except Bucky, to look at you. “What’s on your mind?”

You cleared your throat uneasily. “Nothing dad – just tired,” you answered with an unsteady smile before pouring yourself another glass of wine.

“Are you on a liquid diet now?” Sarah quipped as you shot her a glare. “That has to be your fourth glass and you’ve hardly eaten.”

“Sarah – let her be.” The warning from your father was soft, but stern – as was much of what he said. He was a quiet man, but always found a way to make his words resonate with those around him.

In reality your sister was right – you had had far too much to drink and not enough to eat. You could feel it in your sluggish thoughts as you sat in silence. You weren’t one to drink very much so— suffice it to say – you were already quite drunk. It had been your hope that it would numb the pain and confusion that had been growing inside of you, but it hadn’t. Instead it had scratched at the festering feelings your grief and shock had masked – magnifying them so they could no longer be ignored.

“I have a question,” you announced to the room as you placed your glass a little too hard on the table.

“Y/N – maybe you should wait until…” Bucky urged quietly beside you before your own voice drowned him out.

“Not everything is about you, Bucky… I want to know – was I the only one that didn’t know about mom?” Your words slurred slightly as you looked at each of your family members. An uncomfortable silence fell as everyone at the table diverted their eyes from you.

“Sarah didn’t know all of the details. I tried to convince your mom to tell you. I tried to tell her that you had a right to know, but she was so set in her ways,” your father explained as he procured an envelope from his pocket. “She wanted you to have this,” he added matter-of-factly as he walked towards you – his hand outstretched as he offered you the last remnants of your mother’s thoughts. The idea of her having the last conversation with you –free from response or consequence– infuriated you.

“Well that’s just too damn bad,” you answered angrily as you knocked the envelope from his hands.

“Y/N.” Bucky’s voice was calm as he called for you as you stormed from the dining room.

“Just let it go Bucky,” you mumbled angrily as you left the room to stumble out into the night air.

You needed to get away – yet again. It felt as if you were constantly running away from everything in your life. First Steve and the proposal – now everyone else. Steve. You hadn’t spoken with him since the night of your birthday when he had left for his mission. Even though it had only been a few days ago it felt like a lifetime. He had always tried to at least text you when he was gone for an extended period of time. The thought made you freeze. You had been so absorbed in everything that had been happening that you hadn’t even thought about your cellphone. As you stumbled towards the quinjet you hoped that you would be able to find your cellphone and – well from there you weren’t sure what you hoped to do.

Once inside the quinjet, you immediately spotted your phone sitting in the passenger seat. As the screen lit up your stomach sank – ten missed calls and twenty text messages – all from Steve. You read through the texts – each had more or less the same level of worry about not being able to get ahold of you. You groaned wearily as you tried to make up excuses to respond back. Of course there was the truth – your mom was dead and you were with Steve’s best friend as you tried to work through what a life without your mom meant. You had also kissed Bucky… and he had kissed you back. You sighed miserably to yourself as you rested your spinning head in your hands. Of course you missed Steve, but you had no idea what you could tell him and that made it so much worse. You loved him, but you didn’t want him with you – how could those two things be reconciled? “Fuck!” You yelled out in frustration as you threw the phone across the jet. You just wanted to disappear – things would be so much simpler for everyone if you could.

“Doll,” Bucky’s voice came quietly from the entrance as you hid your face in your hands. You remained in your seat quietly. “What’s wrong?” He was closer now – his breath tickling your neck as he stooped down beside you.

“Everything,” you whimpered as you tried to stand. You couldn’t be this close to Bucky – all his presence did was confuse you more.

“Hey,” he replied softly as he grabbed you your wrist delicately and pulled you to his chest. And just like that – the magnetic pull was there again. You tried to fight the feeling of its urgency but it overwhelmed your already drunken mind. “We’ll figure this all out. You’ll make it through this, okay?” he soothed as he ran his hand softly up and down your back.

You looked up at him and you knew he could feel it too. He tried so hard to mask it, but you knew him too well. The way his eyes rested on you – the tempo of his heart – they all told you what his lips wouldn’t. “You never should have kissed me back,” you muttered before breaking away and leaving him alone in the jet.

Bucky sighed as he took your spot in the empty seat on the quinjet. He needed to give you space. As much as he wanted to believe that the kiss had actually awoken something in you he knew it was a longshot. You were just scared –scared of losing more people –and it was twisting your feelings inside of you. You were also angry – and that he could understand. He should have never kissed you back – not like that. With a simple kiss he had done irreparable damage to your friendship. There was only one thing to do now – one thing that could help you move in the right direction. The only thing that would be good for you. Bucky pushed off the chair and walked over to where your cellphone still laid. To his relief it was still working as he picked it up. He dialed a familiar number which was immediately answered.

“Steve – it’s Bucky. No, no. She’s fine, but there’s something you should know…”

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i’ve drowned myself so many times to give
the world what it wants out of me.
i remember when i was 9 years old and i thought this older girl in my Sunday
school class was cute.
i hide it very well.
i couldn’t let the world know i admired the two curves that graced her chest.
i drowned myself.
i remember hearing the other girls in middle school giggle over their boy crushes.
the vibrations “whose yours?” were thrown at me so many times only to be met
with my uncomfortable silence.
i drowned myself.
i’m in high school now and i’ve been asked
“you got a boyfriend?” so many times.
the waves of truth thrash against my throat crying to be set free
i just smile and say no.
i drown myself.
—  some things don’t change with time

Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

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Alright, so this is how it’s going to work, friends. This is the prologue. Whereafter I’ll only be posting one chapter for this story a month. One chapter a month, each month, until the end of the year. But in between those, I’ll also be writing a column. Killian’s column, to be more precise. To complement the narrative, as it were. So 2 things a month. For you. Gratis. Though you’ll actually be getting rather a lot of content this month, seeing as I didn’t make my January posting deadline. So you’ll be getting this, January’s chapter, January’s column, February’s chapter AND February’s column, all this month. Are we all clear? Great. Awesome. Well done.

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It all started with a proposal.

A lot of things do. They precede any big undertaking, after all. Business deals. Engagements. Murders for hire.    

Or if you’re Emma Swan, they might precede awkwardly comforting your crying ex-boyfriend in the parking lot behind an Italian restaurant after you’ve just broken his heart into little, itty bitty pieces.

Maybe if she’d been the type of girl who’d dreamt of her wedding day since she was a little girl, it all would have gone another way. Her friend, Mary Margaret, was like that. She’d had every single detail of her lavish but intimate ceremony planned out in her head a decade ahead of time, a stash of bridal magazines hidden underneath her mattress, like porn.

Maybe if Emma had been more like that, she would’ve scooped that ring right up off that dessert platter, and wept happy tears as her husband-to-be helped slide it onto her finger.

But she wasn’t. So she didn’t.

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Girl With A Gun {Carl x Reader}.

The Walking Dead fandom is definitely a fandom I have been a part of for a good portion of my life and this show genuinely changed me as a person. So I thought I would write a One Shot about it because I am fangirl trash. Enjoy!

 “You’re not going,” Carl repeated, barely turning to look at you running after him. He thought you couldn’t shoot – he hadn’t seen you shoot. That was his slight downfall.

  You groan, grabbing onto Carl’s arm and swinging him around to face you. You expect to see anger, but instead he seems almost exhausted, running his free hand down his face and sighing deeply.

  You pull away as the sigh hits your nostrils dramatically. At your recoil, Carl grins, pulls his arm out of your grip and begins to walk again.

  “Carl Grimes, will you just listen to me?” you exclaim, running after him.

  “You need to listen to me, Y/N. I can’t bring you on a run if you don’t know how to shoot.”

 “Who the hell told you I don’t know how to shoot?” you scoff.

   “Nobody needed to. You make that pretty clear during training.”

  You know he means it to hurt you just a little bit – making you mad at him will apparently make you not want to go. You know that’s not the case. His teasing just makes you smile.

  “I think you’re being protective,” you continue, jumping over a log on the hill. Carl raises a brow, one you can barely see over his eye patch and the way his head is tilted.


  “Yup. You don’t want me going because you want me to stay safe. Well, news flash Captain Jack; it’s impossible to be safe in a world like this. If I’m going to die, I might as well go down fighting.”

  “Captain Jack isn’t the pirate with one eye, you idiot.”

  “Carl!” you groan, grabbing his arm again. He spins around, looking down at you with that same-old grim expression the boy always seemed to wear. You often saw it on him when he thought you weren’t looking at him, the way he would look off into the distance as if taunting the walkers behind the gates to come in and knock the walls down, daring them.

  It scared you sometimes. Now, it simply made your grip tighten and a slight buzz of confusion to run through you. Why was he acting like this?

  “Y/N, listen to me,” Carl finally says, gripping your shoulders tightly to keep your attention on him. You had a habit of getting distracted easily, though gazing into Carl’s one seen eye was enough to keep you mesmerized in the situation anyway. “You are far too good for this world, you hear me? You can’t just keep throwing yourself into the path of danger just because you want to prove something. I won’t let you get hurt – I told you that the day the barn burned down, remember?”

  You remembered. You tried not to, but the image was always there. You flinch away from it at this moment, letting your eyes snap down to the ground where your and Carl’s toes were touching beneath the overgrown grass.

  He takes your silence as a reply and gently tilts your head up with his free hand. “You’ve gotta look at things from my perspective, okay? The most beautiful girl in this run-down world is asking me to let her throw herself into the arms of death. Do you really think I can just say yes to that?”

  You blush, your jaw setting and your fists clenching at your sides. “Your flirting isn’t going to do any good.”

   Carl smiles. “The blush on your cheek tells me otherwise. Now, how about you go and practice your shooting and come back to me when-”

  You don’t let the boy finish. You shove him away using as much force as you can muster, pull out your gun from the back of your pants and aim it, shooting a tree in under ten seconds. Carl looks at you, stunned, as you blow the smoke off the end of the gun.

  The bullet had seered directly through the middle of the trunk – just as you’d planned.

  You grin, looking back at the stunned Carl. “You were saying?”

 The one eyed burn turns to look at you, his jaw still open and his one eye wide. Before you can react, he has dived on you, knocked your gun from your hand and smashed his lips against yours in an almost fight for dominance, as if you showing your skill off to him made him feel weaker than he was.

  He pulls away after a moment and leans his head against yours, panting. “I’ve never been more attracted to you than I am right now.”

Wrong Number

Sooo @the-delusion-of-a-dreamer went and reblogged a crap ton of au ideas and the very last one on the list got my mental gears turning. So this happened. I can honestly blame Kassie this time; I can blame someone besides myself. She is a terrible accidental enabler and she ADMITTED TO IT.

So this one’s for you, Kassie.

Wrong Number

“It’s just your imagination, Satine,” the woman murmurs to herself, chewing at her lip as she continues her pace down the twilit street.

But her pace still quickens slightly. The deserted lane evokes a sort of chilled stillness, seemingly silent even though two sets of steps crunch on the icy sidewalk. Blonde hair swishes as she glances surreptitiously over her shoulder again.

He’s still following.

Fifteen minutes, and the man has been tailing her, dogging her steps since she got off the main road.

She’s only another fifteen minutes from home…

There is a noticeable increase in speed of the scrunching behind her, and Satine’s breath quickens, pluming white in the nippy air.

What if…

You can’t risk it, she decides, and reaches for her cellphone - but it’s dead, she remembers. She hadn’t remembered to charge it at the office. Panic threatens to take hold, but Satine Kryze is having none of it.

Taking a slow, steadying breath, she forces her steps to stay the same speed, and searches for something - anything - of help. An open shop, another pedestrian…

Her eyes land on a phone booth a few meters ahead, and her knees tremble with relief.

The footsteps behind fall a hair faster.

Satine all but rushes into the booth, closing the door and locking it - at least it had a lock. Fumbling for change, her fingers shake as she tries to punch in Padmé’s number. The thought of hearing her best friend’s voice helps her clear the fog of fear starting to build up.

As the dial tone buzzes in her ear, Satine peers out the windows of the booth, hoping the man will be gone.

He’s not; he loiters across the street, eyes fixed nonchalantly on the telephone box.

“Hello?” A warm, accented voice comes over the receiver; most definitely not Padmé’s.

“Wh-who is this?” Satine asks, startled, and checks her purse.

No more change.

The man sounds confused as he replies. “This is Ben Kenobi, and you are…?”

“I- I’m so sorry, I must have punched in the wrong number,” Satine says, desperation returning in full. “I was trying to call Padmé and now I haven’t got anymore change and -”

To her absolute horror, a choked sob wells up. The stress and anxiety of the past week has manifested itself in this situation, and now she can’t calm down.

“Are you all right, ma'am?” The concern flavoring his voice is apparent.

“…No,” Satine answers, hiccuping slightly. “I’m locked in a telephone booth in the middle of the night with a strange man who has been following me for a quarter of an hour and he started to gain on me so I tried to call my friend to pick me up but I put in the wrong number and called you instead and -and now I haven’t got any change or way to get home-”

She cuts off her sudden tirade and listens to the hopeless crackle of static on the other end. If only she’d payed attention when dialing!

Suddenly, Ben Kenobi’s voice returns, gentler. “Where are you? I can come pick you up and drive you home, if you’d like.”

Satine bites her lip. Normally…but now isn’t normally, and her situation can’t get much worse.

“I’m on Enderdale, just off Vidalia Road,” she says.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he replies consolingly, “in the meantime, stay on the phone as long as you can.”

A few sounds echo across the line; the slam of a door, clicking of a car door, a car engine starting up.

“All right, ma'am, keep talking.”

“Um, about what?”

“Anything. But make it look natural. Lean on the booth wall, smile a bit, pretend to laugh. Make him believe you’re just speaking with a friend.”

“Oh.” Satine gropes for topics, mind landing on her nephew. “M-my nephew, Korkie. He started high school this year. Joined the chess club.”

“I love chess,” Ben murmurs across the line, and Satine smirks.

“Dreadfully dull, chess.”

“I object; it’s quite stimulating….”

The conversation continues, and as it does so, some of the terror melts away, replaced by the pleasant distraction of speaking so calmly, so casually with another person.

Then the car pulls up, and a tidal wave of relief crashes over her as she unlocks the door and hurries to the passenger side, practically diving in. Her rescuer, Ben, is an auburn-haired, bearded man, no older than herself, if she had to hazard a guess. His blue eyes seem to twinkle as he pulls the car in gear.

“Are you all right?” he asks.

“Fine,” Satine replies. “Thank you so much, Mr. Kenobi…if you hadn’t been so kind-”

He waves a hand off the steering wheel. “Just Ben is fine, and I should hope I only did what another would do in the same situation. Now, if you could direct me to your home, Miss…?”

“Kryze. Satine Kryze,” she blushes, forgetting she has not yet introduced herself.

They set off, and only moments later, he pulls up to her apartment complex. The companionable silence rests while she gathers her things.

“On the phone,” Ben asks suddenly. “Did you say ‘Padmé’, as in, Padmé Amidala?”

Satine starts. “You know her?”

“Mutually - she’s dating my brother.”

An incredulous laugh bursts from her lips. “I try to call my best friend but instead call her future brother-in-law - what sort of luck is that?!”

And suddenly they are both laughing, doubled over and giggling in that relieved sort of way that only extremely worried or tired people can achieve; it’s strangely freeing, really. She hasn’t laughed this way in months.

Finally, after breath is caught and tears are wiped from eyes, Satine speaks again.

“I don’t suppose you would care to come in for some coffee, Mr. - Ben?”

He’s quiet for a moment, and Satine internally curses herself - what an idiotic idea, could I honestly have asked anything wo -

“I think that would be quite nice,” he answers, throwing her mental train into a juddering, screeching halt summed up mainly by “What?!”

And so their … friendship … began; in the oddest, the most fanciful and unexpected of ways. But what else could be expected from two such unusual individuals?

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if you're still taking prompts i'd really like to see the seelie court but jimon? please? thank you thank you thank you!

hello buddy!!! this has been sitting in my inbox for,,,,forever and i just really like this prompt it was a party anyways i hope u like :)))))

sugar, sugar- 2.6k

The Seelie  Court was less of a throne room and more like a lavishly decorated garden. The walls were all but hidden behind thick ivy, the mass of green broken up by the occasional bouquet of flowers hanging from the vines. The floor was a strange combination of grass surrounding a marble circle directly in front of the Queens throne. Made of twisting oak roots, the throne sat nestled in the base of a giant tree, which then branched out into a thick trunk embedded with stones and jewels that glinted now and then in the light. The roof was a canopy of leaves, flowers and vines hanging down to almost touch the ground, some unnatural sunlight flickering in through what space it could find. Simon was in awe.

Or, he would’ve been, had it not for the fact that it was entirely possible that he may never leave here ever again.

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So this is honestly without a doubt one of the best storylines that I ever came up with! I really love it and I hope you will as well, just let me know, i’d love to hear your feedback! xx

Jack knew how bad of an idea it was and how his twin sister was going to hate him but it was killing him. It was killing him to see the most important person to him being hurt. He cared about her too much to let her like that so he had done something that he was regretting already but it was too late to go back.

“What’s up?” Y/N replied through the phone as Jack was scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, looking around his almost empty flat. “Would you mind coming over the new apartment to help me with some stuff? I’m on my own and I’m having a little flat emergency.” Jack explained, nerves flashing through his body as he thought about his plan. “Yeah, sure. I’ll be here in 10.” Y/N stated before she hung up and Jack put his phone back in his pocket. He wasn’t lying about the flat ; he desperately needed someone to help him with the furniture but Y/N wasn’t the only person he had invited over.

And as she had said, Y/N was there about ten minutes later. She entered the flat, stepping between the different boxes to walk over to Jack and give him a quick hug. “Why do you look so anxious?” Y/N asked as soon as her eyes met his. “What? I’m not anxious. What are you on about?” Jack rambled and an amused smile grew on Y/N’s face. “I know everything about you. There’s no point denying it.” She admitted , taking her jacket off as she looked down to the mess that his new flat was. “Let’s get started, shall we.” She exclaimed, kneeling down next to the box to open it and grab the different items and wood plaques. Jack was relieved that he had changed the subject so quickly because he was nervous. And his nervousness suddenly grew as there was someone knocking on the door.

Y/N snapped her head up to Jack, sending him a questioning look and Jack simply shrugged as he made his way to the door, taking a deep breath before he finally opened it to face him. Jack moved to the side to let him in and he froze when his eyes felt on the person sat on the floor with a hammer in hand. “Y/N?” The dark blonde boy exclaimed, his jaw dropping as he wasn’t expected to see her either. “Joe?” She replied, the same expression on her face but it quickly changed as she send a furious look towards Jack who tried to smile at her but she got up. “So that was your plan, wasn’t it?! You bloody idiot!” Y/N snapped at her twin brother , the hammer pointed towards him. “Put that thing down, will you.” Jack ordered , feeling the guilt filling him as he watched her angry features. She let out a sigh in frustration and put the object down. “I’m sorry but I had to do something.” Jack admitted, looking awkwardly between Joe and her. And the silence that followed felt insanely heavy but Joe was quick to break it. “You know what, I think I should just go and come back later.” Joe offered as he was just about to walk out of the apartment again but was stopped by Jack’s grip. “No one is leaving!” Jack snapped, earning the two to look at him, surprise across their faces. “I’m sick of having to watch my twin and my best mate avoid each other so you are both staying and helping me out, whether you like it or not.” Jack said, firmly and left Joe and Y/N completely speechless and so they started helping him out, the three of them building his table in a complete awkward silence.

Joe and Y/N had been dating for two years but they had broke up a few weeks ago, the both of them not over it yet. Because in fact they were both heartbroken from this break up. They both had got very busy and when Joe had offered Y/N to move in, it hadn’t felt right. And they had decided to end things. The reason why Jack had invited the both of them over was because he wanted them back together, firstly because him and the whole group was so used of having them around that it felt too weird for them to be hanging out separately, but also because Jack had seen Y/N pretending to be okay too many times since it had happened and it was killing him. Joe was the same. The group had offered him to several night outs but he didn’t feel like going out. And they all knew why. He had to do something to help the both of them out. And he knew that by the end of the day, the two lovers would have to talk to each other.

After the table was finally built, Y/N got up without saying a word and let the window slide to the side to step on the balcony, grabbing onto the border as she took in a shaky breath. She let her eyes fall shut as a tear ran down her cheek. She couldn’t blame her brother for wanting her happiness because he knew exactly what she needed. She needed him. Y/N suddenly froze as she could his gaze on her and she wiped her cheek quickly ad listened to him stepping closer until he was next her, leaning on the border. The silence felt heavy again and full of unspoken words. 

“It was a mistake.” Joe said, barely above a whisper as he tilted his head to the side to watch her. “Bullshit.” Y/N scoffed, looking blankly towards the opposite building. Joe frowned at her words, confusion itched across his face. “That ‘if you love them, set them free’ thing is utter and complete bullshit.” She started and Joe’s face softened as the words came out of her mouth. He couldn’t look away from her. “If you love someone or even just like them, you should fight for how you feel and what you really want.” Y/N explained, all of her feelings finally waving off her shoulders by every word she spoke and she felt as if she couldn’t stop. And Joe’s eyes were now watching the same direction as her, knowing where she was going. “You can’t just sit back and let things go then expect that maybe it will all come back again because it is 'meant to be’. You are not meant to have something that you didn’t fight for.” Y/N finally finished as a voice crack escaped her throat. It went silent for another minute before Joe finally decided to open up as well. 

“I did fight for you. And I always will.” Joe said, sighing as he moved to face her properly and Y/N’s expression changed at his words. “You did?” She asked, surprised by his reply. And Joe looked down before meeting her glance and their eyes were clearly both filled with love. “I can’t even count the amount of unsent messages or the times where I was about to knock on your door.” Joe admitted, pouring his heart out to her. “I’ve even wrote you letters.” He said, trying to hide the smile forming on his lips at his silliness. And he felt his heart flinch as Y/N laughed at his comment. “I made a lot of mistakes in my life but my biggest one was letting you go and I can’t get around that.” Joe sighed again and when Y/N stepped closer, he felt his heartbeat increase. Even after all of this time, she still managed to drive him crazy. “Y/N, I love you and I still want you to move in with me.” Joe offered, his eyes full of hope as he brushed his fingers against her cheek. “I love you too.” She simply replied before closing the small distance between them, finally tasting his lips again after such a long time. Joe wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her body against his as their lips moved together. As Y/N pulled away, Joe pulled her into a hug, inhaling her scent and he suddenly felt like home again. They both took a step back when they heard someone clear their throat and Joe linked his hands in hers, not wanting to let go.

“You can say it, I did a great job.” Jack teased, a smirk forming on his lips as he was leaning on the window frame, watching the couple being reunited. “You didn’t do anything.” Y/N teased back, sending Jack one of those looks that only them could understand. And Joe kissed her forehead before moving away, slowly letting go of her hand as he walked back inside. Jack glanced over his shoulder, smiling to himself before stepping onto the balcony to join his sister. “Why all this?” Y/N asked, smiling as she watched her twin. “Because I knew how broken you were without him and your happiness is all I care about.” Jack admitted and smiled as Y/N wrapped her arms around his torso and he was quick to hug her back. “I don’t even how to thank you for this.” She mumbled against his chest and Jack dropped a kiss to the top of her head before pulling away. “Just help me to get this freaking flat sorted.” Jack said as he watched Joe almost trip over some of the items and he sighed. “Okay, let’s do it!” Y/N exclaimed before waking back inside, followed by Jack and he felt himself filled with his own happiness as he watched the couple exchange a smile and look that said it all. Seeing his other half being happy with her own other half made him bubble up inside. Simply because he loved her and they were linked to one another, not only by blood.

Because it’s not blood that makes you family, it’s love.

How Rowena Officially Joined Team Free Will

Part one of a four part 12x11 Destiel coda. Read on ao3.

A mass of scarlet curls smother the spellbook. The witch has been searching for hours, and would describe her current state as nothing less than knackered.

“Entirely too many words for sheep,” she mumbles, her face still buried in the musty pages. A prolonged silence passes without interruption. No quip made at the expense of her ancestry. The witch lifts her head, met only by a set of doughy green eyes and a soft smile of the man at the other side of the room  - the sort one makes to be polite when someone’s been talking, but you haven’t understood a word.

The gesture is the latest scene of the still unfolding tragedy. One where it seemed impossible for the hero to have a happy ending. He could not continue to persist in a world of Post-Its. And so he waited for the witch to find the route for reversal. For Rowena to find a way to reload every burden onto the hunter’s shoulders.

It was in that moment that it was clear that Dean Winchester is dangerous even devoid of any weapon.

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Just the Way You Are

I had the pleasure of working with @nsart for Reverb 2017 whose art can be found here. She had an idea for a mermaid AU in which Soul is a mer-shark. I absolutely enjoyed working on this fic, and I hope y’all enjoy it as well! 

Summary: Humans were dangerous. It’s what he had been told his entire life. They didn’t see Soul, his family, his kind as anything more than animals. Probably lower than animals. Yet, even knowing this, he found himself intrigued by the girl who rescued him. Mermaid AU.
Rating: T
Length: 4k
Warnings: hints of prejudice views

Humans were dangerous.

It’s what he had been told his entire life.

From the tales Wes told him to the whispered warnings of their mother when they ventured out at night to scare them from the surface to the rumors floating around in their small community under the sea. Soul heard it all. He knew every little detail about the world above the water’s end, how it was different from the world they learned about in school. There were no glittering castles or welcoming people on the land. They were monsters. Every last human wanted them – his kind – as souvenirs or trap them behind glass walls.

They didn’t see Soul, his family, his kind as anything more than animals.

Probably lower than animals.

Yet, even knowing this, he found himself intrigued by the girl who rescued him.

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Sentiments – A Taylor and Joe Short Story

He can see her in the bedroom, her body perched on the edge of the bed.  She’s slipped out of the dress she was wearing earlier.  The one he had told her looked amazing on her, the one he couldn’t wait to take off of her when they were alone.  

He watches as she pulls the phone away from her ear and tugs a t-shirt over her head.  She pulls it down over her chest, letting it fall at her thighs when she returns the phone to her ear.  

He lifts his glass of whiskey to his lips, letting the amber liquid burn a trail down his throat and settle into his stomach.  When he sees her lips lift up, a gentle smile forming, he takes another drink.  

He wishes he knew how to handle this situation.  How he’s supposed to act.  How he’s supposed to feel.  But he doesn’t.  He literally has no idea what to do, has no idea how to deal with the pressure he feels in his chest and on his heart or how to unravel the knot that has tightened in the pit of his stomach.  The one that formed there an hour ago as he watched her open her tagless gift and then grew exponentially ten minutes ago when he saw her glance at her ringing phone and whisper the name that appeared there.

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Blindspot pre-2x19 ficlet

Had the sudden urge a couple of nights ago to sit down and write some Jeller– so here, have some more kiss-speculation lol. (Because you can never have too much Jeller kissing, right??)


The delivery guy was early.

As his knock echoed through the apartment, Jane shared a surprised glance with Roman, then slipped eagerly from the couch, wincing slightly at the pain that radiated through her battered muscles, a sharp reminder of the mistreatment they’d received during her little treasure hunt today.

A hunt that they most certainly hadn’t won; but which was a success all the same, their targets now safely behind bars and a very powerful weapon out of reach of the wrong hands.  

The hunt had also given her one other thing; something infinitely more precious, a prize that was as beautiful as it was dangerous.


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Birthday Surprise

It’s Molly’s birthday and Sherlock gives her quite the surprise. Post-TFP.

Requested by Bellarsam Chrisjulittle on FFN.

Inspired by Loo’s story about Ben (x)

Molly Hooper wasn’t having the best day. She didn’t mind working on her birthday, but a particular autopsy that had to be done had upset her. On top of that, nobody seemed to remember her birthday either. It was rare that she celebrated it herself, but after the year she had been having, Molly wanted a little celebration. Meena was out of town so her usual birthday brunch they had together wouldn’t be happening. Her phone pinged, alerting her to a text message.

Come to Baker Street after your shift. Bring thumbs if at all possible. SH

Molly groaned in frustration. All she wanted to do was go straight home and relax. Though he was her favourite person to be around, she had been more skittish around him since the Sherrinford aftermath, avoiding him as much as humanly possible. Another text came through.

Please, Molly? I’m afraid it’s imperative. SH

Alright, I’ll be there since you asked so nicely. MH

With that, she finished up her shift and caught a cab to Baker Street. She had a couple of thumbs that he asked for in her bag. After a light knock on the door, Mrs. Hudson answered.

“Molly, go on up, he’s waiting for you,” Mrs. Hudson beamed. “Oh and Happy Birthday, dear!”

“Oh, uh, thanks, Mrs. Hudson,” Molly smiled. The familiar sound of Sherlock’s Stradivarius drifted throughout the flat when Molly peeked her head in. He noticed her from the corner of his eye and turned toward her, flashing a crooked smile as he finished up the melody. She tried to get her erratic heartbeat under control, but it was a fruitless endeavor.

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new beginnings

Draco Malfoy x Reader
Warnings: a lil anxiety
Requested by Anonymous
#3 from my Prompt List

Muggle AU

With pale fingers tightly coiled around the steering wheel, heartbeat slightly on edge, Y/N squinted her eyes as she peered through the windshield, which was intensely drizzled with raindrops. The windshield wipers swung back and forth on a continuous loop. 

Driving in pouring rain had always made her a little anxious, as many people didn’t slow down like they were supposed to - but the rattle in her chest was descending due to the empty street in front of her.

What Y/N wasn’t expecting to see was Draco Malfoy, stalking along on the sidewalk, blonde hair soaked with precipitation, shoulders slumped in defeat.

Draco had never shown any straight-forward kindness toward her, in all the years they’d gone to school together. Her first instinct was to drive right past the pompous jerk she’d always distanced herself from, and leave him to be drenched in the downpour outside.

But she knew that wasn’t right.

Pulling over to the side of the road and slowing down to match his pace, Y/N rolled down the window of the passenger seat. She cringed at the amount of water droplets that made themselves welcome on her leather seats.

“Malfoy!” she shouted, over the loud noise of the rain hitting the hard ground outside. He didn’t seem to hear her. “Malfoy!” she repeated, eyes darting back to the road in front of her, to ensure she didn’t hit anything. 

The blonde boy didn’t even turn his head.


That did the trick. Draco promptly turned his head in the direction of Y/N’s voice, and she saw a lock of wet, golden hair stick to the right side of his forehead. As he stopped walking, he squinted his eyes, slightly bending down to see her face. “Y/N?”

She pressed down on the break with the ball of her foot. “Do you need a ride?”

“No,” he answered, curtly, and began walking again.

Sighing, she called out, “Come on, you’re going to catch pneumonia!” 

Draco, still stomping along the wet pavement, retorted, “I’m perfectly fine!”

Y/N was running out of patience. And gas. “Would you just get in the damn car, Malfoy?”

He stopped walking once again. “Are you trying to kidnap me, Y/L/N?”

Reminded again of why she disliked Draco Malfoy, she almost lost her nerve. “Fine, then. See you at your funeral,” she said, preparing to drive away.

“Okay, Okay!” Draco said, before walking over and prying open the passenger side door, slipping into the wet leather seat. He rolled up the window, which created a stifling silence compared to the sound of the storm they had just endured. 

You’re an absolute ass - you know that, right?” Y/N said, turning back onto the main street and continuing down the road. “I’m just trying to do something nice.”

“Well thanks,” he breathed, running a hand through the sopping mess of hair on his head. She noticed that he was trembling, so she reached over and turned up the heater.

Even with her eyes on the road in front of her, Y/N felt Draco turn his head and look at her briefly, before peering out the side window.

“Where am I taking you?” she asked, her hands sliding down slightly on the steering wheel.

Draco hesitated. “Anywhere but home,” he replied, then hastily added, “Don’t ask.”

“Okay,” she said. Then Y/N made a left turn toward her house.

Her parents weren’t home, so Y/N invited a reluctant Draco to come inside and warm up. He, naturally, refused to shower, but did accept the change of clothes she provided him.

“Do you want a cup of tea or something?” she asked, as Draco looked like he was about to leave. 

“No, I’m fine,” he replied, which finally pushed her over the edge.

“Why are you so opposed to hospitality?” she blurted. The words seemed to hang in the air for a moment. Y/N took it as an opportunity to continue. “You’ve always been rude to me, for years! And I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I’m sick of it. I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d -”

Draco’s lips were suddenly on hers, and she felt like something had unfolded inside her chest.

After lingering on the taste of him, the taste of rain and loneliness, only for a moment, she pulled away and took a step back.

Y/N couldn’t help but press her lips together, savor the feeling they held before asking, “What the hell was that for?”

She watched as Draco fumbled over his words, fiddled with his hands. It took him a few seconds to get out a coherent, “I’m sorry.”

A long beat of silence swarmed the air. Y/N felt as though she was incapable of speech.

Draco cleared his throat. “I guess… I suck at conveying what I feel.”

It wasn’t long before a laugh was threatening to escape her lips. She set it free, and it reverberated off the walls of her house. “You think?”

Draco smiled, bringing a hand to rest awkwardly on the back of his neck. “Can we, maybe, start over?”

Y/N nodded, biting her lip. “Yeah. I think that’d be best.”

His icy eyes met hers, and she didn’t quite care about her wet car seats anymore.