the silence of the forest

Harry Potter - the Farming Mogul

He arrives without much fanfare, only the sudden silence of the forest announcing his arrival. For a moment, no creature dares to make a sound.

And then the green-eyed man sighs, looking around the ancient trees with fondness and not even doing a double take at the crossbows and creatures with multiple eyes and pincers staring at him.

He bows in their direction and left without stirring a thing.

After a moment, sound resumes again, all the more louder as though making up for their silence.

“Mars is bright,” the centaur says, not nonchalant but very much unnerved. “We must make more arrows.”


He is registered as Harrison Peters within two days.

The Ministry of Magic is full of the corrupt and the easily bribed and five hundred galleons fabricate a story easily. His mother had been a muggle, his father a two-timing bastard with a penchant for leaving a string of women pregnant – except he had managed to track his uncle down and get a stipend of money.

He buys a house in central London, an establishment on Diagon Alley and another house in Hogsmeade, staffing it with three house elves per house and tasking them to digging under the house a large basement that could comfortably house three hundred people. It would house even more, since Undetectable Expansion Charms were something.

He starts appearing in the ministry, a quiet, distinguished gentleman. He is almost too old or too young to gain much attention, but if someone were to point out Mr. Peters, they would remember his green eyes.

They would not remember the advice he gives the Minister about new laws pushing for werewolf jobs – his voice is too quiet and generic for that. They would not remember the little compulsion he spells the Minister – the Elder wand is too great for that. They would not remember the subclause he manages to make the Minister write in the Wizangamot laws, that no one under the age of seventeen may be tried with a full court less the person doing so will lose their magic entirely.

Harrison Peters, who had once been Harry Potter, does this over the course of three months.


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