the silence of a kiss

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Sit on my lap and I’ll make you my Queen. 

Basically sums up Mazriel. Whenever there’s a chair in the room, Azriel gets the chair and Morgan gets Azriel’s lap. And Azriel just absently brushes his fingers down her arms and he could be looking over battle plans or whatever, but Morgan is right in his lap. And eventually he just kisses her neck gently and Morgan freezes. “Did I- Did I do something-?” Azriel stutters and Morgan silences him with a kiss. 

And if one day she doesn’t want to get out of bed don’t try to convince her to do so, instead open the window of the room and let the freshness of the day enter inside, make her hot tea and kiss her endlessly.
And if one day she sits on the ground crying her heart out, don’t wash the tears away and don’t tell her everything will be okay, instead hold her tight and let her cry into you until she stops. Then see how she will smile at you as if she is saying “thank you for being here, it is enough”
And if one day she pushes you away telling you to leave her alone, God never leave her instead hug her more tighter and tell her you will always be there.
And if one day she won’t say a single words, don’t ask her million of question, instead let the silence fill the room until she comes at you and kisses your lips slowly.
And if one day she is angry don’t yell at her, instead let her push you away until she kisses you with passion and anger, let yourself into her fingerprints.
And if she tells you she loves you, tell her you love her more, even though deep down you know she does. She loves you more.
But on God be good for her, make efforts to always stay and to never let her go.
—  k.m
I’m picking myself this time.
—  Because I’ve got a shortage inside this heart of mine and some days it still feels like it’s beating for other people when it should be working for this smile that I’ve been faking and I know you’ll hate these decisions, but I’m just another crease we can’t iron, I’m just another book we put down and I’m a lost poem you’ll never read again. Some days I’m still trying to find myself while being lost, some nights I’m clinging onto the longest parts of the breaking. Daylight comes short when all I’ve been doing is sleep, so this is just another letter you won’t be getting. Silence is an old friend and you’ll kiss it until your lips are thin. These secrets won’t leave my lips, I won’t kiss where it hurts anymore. You’re a memory I’ll soon forget, but not until these poems start to look like you. I used to write to remember, but lately… I’ve just been writing to forget about you.

It was a surge of affection that hit Adrien when he found her standing in the rain. She glanced up and their eyes met, bringing Adrien’s butterflies fluttering up to his chest. There she was. It was almost comical how he never made the connection. Marinette, who was courageous and kind and talented, clever, beautiful and so so many other things.  Of course she’s Ladybug, it’s perfect!, Adrien thought as a grin broke out on his face.

 Adrien didn’t care much for the rain that pelted his face as he started to make his way towards her, trying to contain as much happiness as he could. Marinette stepped forward, mouth opening to form words. “Adrien, I’m sorr-”

In a second, he’d slipped his arm around her waist, picked her up and silenced her. He’d kissed her for a full beat before pulling away to look at her tear stained face. “You were my first friend, Mari, my first partner, my first love and I wouldn’t have it other way. So don’t be sorry because I’m sure as hell not.”

Marinette looked at the boy beneath her. His lips were curled into a grin that lit up his green eyes. Marinette felt herself smile as she pulled Adrien in for another kiss.