the silence in black and white acoustic

knjz  asked:

Roo Panes, Fun., Green Day!

Favorite acoustic version of a song?
⚫I was obsessed with the Chiodos acoustic version of Baby, You Wouldn’t Last A Minute On The Creek in highschool and it’s still good (I like it better than the original)

Put your music on shuffle and list the first 3
⚫Black pink- Playing with fire, TK - White Silence, School Food Punishment - Egoist

A song that makes you feel rebellious?
⚫IAMX - I Come With Knives

sneak attack (you're music to my ears)

Title: sneak attack (you’re music to my ears)

Pairing: Soccercop

Word count: 2110

Summary: AU. Alison and Beth live together, but Beth has been away for work. Beth misses her enough to come home a day early, completely messing with Alison’s plans for their airport reunion. 

[thank you again to my latest muse, tinytmas, for the prompt]

(When they first moved in together, Beth never ran out of opinions on her nightly bed ritual:

“Do you really have to listen to musical scores every night before bed?”

“How can we cuddle happily when you have the overture of Les Mis blasting in my ear?”

“It’s very hard to start sexy times when I have Barbra Streisand reverberating off the pillows.”

Alison always asked the same question in response, “Do you love me?”

Beth – never missing a beat – always had the same answer, “Without a doubt.”

“Then suck it up, Officer.”

And Beth would.

Until the next night.)

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