the signs of dawn

Beautiful Words for the Signs

Aries: serein (n) : the fine, light rain that falls at dawn

Taurus: kilig (n) : butterflies in one’s stomach

Gemini: amaranthine (n) : undying, immortal and everlasting

Cancer: l’ esprit de escalier (n) : the feeling you get when you leave a conversation and think of all the things you could have said

Leo: hiraeth (n) : a longing for a home that was never yours

Virgo: tarantism (n) : the urge to dance

Libra: stellato (n) : one who dances among the stars

Scorpio: limerence (n) : the feeling of being infatuated with another

Sagittarius: elysian (n) : divinely inspired and perfect

Capricorn: scintilla (n) : a beautiful and noticeable spark

Aquarius: janeman (n) : an expression meaning the ‘soul of me’

Pisces: thalassophile (n) : someone who loves the ocean

the star signs as until dawn memes

aries: josh saying “pornstars” in random sentences

taurus: chris dressing up as a monk

gemini: jess screaming, “mike and i are gonna FUCK! that’s right! we’re going to have SEX! and it’s gonna be HOT so enjoy it ‘cause I know we’re going to!” before getting yanked through a window by a cannibalistic demon yolk

cancer: mike jokingly asking jess if they should invite josh up for a threesome and jess being like, “OMG CAN WE” and him being like, “….uh….no?” like bitch i am Jess.

leo: sam running at full speed through a house with just a towel on and it doesn’t fall down Once

virgo: matt trying to be all tough towards mike like “i saw you with my gf” and mike just being like,,,,yeah?

libra: the random old guy in the woods like dude. why do you live there. there are cannibalistic monsters everywhere. have you tried. leaving. 

scorpio: josh’s therapist.

sagittarius: josh really gently knocking sam out, but just pure punching ashley in the face Me Too.

capricorn: emily just being done with everyone “we should look for the others!!11! let’s split up!!11!” “or we could call the fucKIN COPS” emily is the only smart bitch

aquarius: ashley thinking cannibalism is contagious lmao Dumb Fucker

pisces: mike’s pet dog

The Signs as Oscar Wilde Quotes

AriesThere are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.

TaurusWhen I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.

Gemini: My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.

CancerThe heart was made to be broken.

LeoThere is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Virgo: The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

Libra: Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.

ScorpioYou will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.

SagittariusTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. 

CapricornYou can never be overdressed or overeducated.

AquariusGenius is born—not paid.

PiscesYes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

i remember once when i was 18 a super beautiful girl i worked with gave me her number and asked to go out sometime and she ended up picking me up one night to go stargazing. at the beach. on a blanket with a little picnic. and i did not know i was on a date until halfway through when she very blatantly told me she was attracted to me

so in the recent cuphead let’s play, geoff mentions he’s a gemini for like a literal 5 seconds and i was curious so here’s a masterpost of all the achievement hunters’s signs:

geoff ramsey: gemini

jack pattillo: capricorn

ryan haywood: sagittarius 

michael jones: leo

gavin free: gemini

jeremy dooley: gemini

trevor collins: sagittarius 

alfredo diaz: taurus 

lindsay jones: virgo

matt bragg: gemini 

andy blanchard: pisces

steffie hardy: pisces

larry matovina: leo

kent cook: pisces

neal werle: leo

ashley dillard: aquarius 

Ride Me Baby Series Chapter Links

A lot of you guys have been asking me for the different chapter links for to catch up with the series, so here they are:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

As I update I will add the chapters on and ill link them at the bottom off every chapter in case I have a new reader, but anyway enjoy! x

OT5 2018 Grammy Submissions

Don’t forget, this is just what we’ve seen in terms of SUBMISSIONS. We’ll see on November 28, 2017 what the actual NOMINATIONS look like.


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn/Sia)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne/Quavo)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha)


  • Too Much to Ask (Niall Horan)
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn)
  • Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)
  • Strip That Down (Liam Payne)
  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)
  • Back to You (Louis Tomlinson)


  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Zayn/Taylor Swift)


  • Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Harry Styles)


  • Harry Styles (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)


  • Slow Hands (Niall Horan)
  • Two Ghosts (Harry Styles)


  • Get Low (Liam Payne/Zedd)
  • Just Hold On (Louis Tomlinson/Steve Aoki)

Full list of all categories.

mzyraj  asked:

I've seen you reblogging Jon/Dany stuff and I'm curious how likely you think that level of love/romance would be in the coming canon. Even putting aside whatever state Jon is going to be in post-resurrection, I'm not sure their past relationships suggest that each would be the other's type for instant attraction, and I don't know if they'd have time to develop much of a relationship what with the oncoming winter apocalypse. Or is it just a ship people like the idea of but don't expect?

Oh no, I don’t think the all-American, crewcut, boy-next-door Jon Snow we’ve seen in AGOT - ADWD is Dany’s type for instant attraction at all! 

Dany’s the type who likes rockstars with wild hair, and the power and danger of a big ol’ Harley-Davidson between her legs. She’s looking for a maverick fighter pilot from Top Gun to ride one of her dragons.  She wants a rebel with a cause, not a lost, grieving boy. I don’t think the Jon Snow we know is the type of guy Dany’s looking for!

But Jon Snow died. ;)

In the words of the King, “The person you put up there ain’t the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain’t that person” (Pet Semetary). “Resurrection… ah, there’s a word (that you should put right the fuck out of your mind and you know it).”

GRRM has said that “Death is hard.” It changes a person. Look at the Lightning Lord. Look at Lady Stoneheart. They remember, but they’re not the same people anymore. I think Jon Snow, after spending some time in Ghost, is going to come back wilder. More reckless, more dangerous, more … rockstar. So I think Dany will find Jon very attractive. 

(from Jesus Christ Superstar

(Will TWOW please come out soon, because my ASOIAF / pop culture analogies are getting wilder and wilder.) 

So anyways, you can’t just “put aside” Dragonriding Rockstar Jesus Jon Snow and his Resurrection, or his Freefolk Groupies on the tv show, or his tv manbun when considering the potential for Jon/Dany. The resurrection – and the change it will bring – is a big reason why I think Jon/Dany has potential.

So how likely do I think there will be love/romance between Jon/Dany in canon? I’m certain of it. I think Jon and Dany will grow very close as they fight together to save the world, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I’ll wager money on Jon/Dany falling in love in the books before the end of ADOS; any takers? First come, first served

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Sensory Snapshots

“the five senses” of simple, pleasant moments that capture each sign. 

ARIES IS // Fast legs and faster hearts just as dawn breaks. Numbness from scraped kneecaps and bloodied palms and the dizzying blur of quick sidewalks. Clattering of a chain link fence; dry laughter from desert throats – the kind that rises up from your lungs into your mouth, leaving the rusty taste of adrenaline on the tongue. Smoke lingering in your hair and on your clothes.

TAURUS IS // Standing in the dim light of a warm oven at 2am, messy hair and satin pajamas. Night air dancing in the curtains of an open window. A spoonful of peanut butter thick in your mouth – the sweet of baking cookies fills the room, mixing with the white noise of hushed radio. A gentle hand against the small of your back – an involuntary tugging at the edges of your lips.

GEMINI IS // Bright blue skies and big white clouds. Birds nests tucked in branches, and linens clipped on lines, hanging in an afternoon sun that will plant fresh freckles in ruddy cheeks. The whistle of laughter through gapped teeth. The smell of fresh cut grass from between bare toes, and the stickiness of thumbs wiping the pink and yellow of cotton candy from corners of crooked smiles.

CANCER IS // Early Sunday morning – soft eyes with heavy lids open slow to a familiar room, the walls bathed in shadows and faded lighting. The quiet patter of rain drops against the roof, and the deep rolling thunder. Being surrounded by the soothing scent of home and down feather pillows. The overwhelming comforting weight of blankets draped over tired bones, wrapped tight in the warmth of sleep and rumbling of storms.

LEO IS // Summer kissed skin, big sunglasses and floppy hats. Bright skies over dry fields laced with endless rows of sunflowers – the floral perfume mingling with thick July air. The hot breeze fluttering under a loose tank top, frayed cuffs of denim shorts with holes in the pockets, against your legs. Ripe strawberries in open mouths, the smiling voices of friends singing loud and off key.

VIRGO IS // Crisp, white sheets on a freshly made bed, the corners creased and smoothed down with precision and care. The smell of morning mist and steam rising from the brim of freshly steeped peppermint tea. Ticking analog clocks, rustling papers and the echo of hurried footsteps on wet pavement. The cool glass of a foggy window against your cheek. The quiet hum of waiting.

LIBRA IS // The pink of sunrise filtering through half-open blinds, cast over silk sheets. Opening windows and being greeted by the wafting scents of breakfast and pastries. Tucking hands into the pockets of a new sundress. Sidewalk sounds of birds and bicycle bells and cafe conversations. A thick, creamy smoothie with chunks of fruit stuck in the straw.

SCORPIO IS // The harvest moon, full and round and golden, peaking out from behind clouds that wisp around her like ghosts. The hollowed hooting of owls and sudden rustle of dry leaves. A breeze that raises goosebumps under sweater sleeves. Rich, dark chocolate on your teeth, and lungs full of crisp autumn air – the eerie peaceful of nighttime.

SAGITTARIUS IS // Speeding down an empty road, windows down, wind in your hair and squinting eyes. Crackling bonfires on a river bank, embers dancing as the sun slips behind the horizon. Marshmallows melted to the roofs of mouths – smell of fireworks, and mud on damp skin. The chirping of crickets and boisterous conversations of close friends.

CAPRICORN IS // Midnight all alone – soaking in the almost silence of fresh snowfall. Glowing street lamps illuminating crystallized puffs of breath and streets coated in sparkling, powder white. The burn of hot, black coffee on your tongue and warmth of the cup through knitted mittens on your hands. The still, winter air full of aged evergreen.

AQUARIUS IS // A little shop in your hometown you never noticed before. Dusty books in foreign letters and saturated fabrics, old typewriters and odd lamps. The unique vibration of a phonograph drifts through air that smells like ginger, and something that can’t quite be placed. It leaves spice on the tongue. Tingling of curiosity buzzing under the skin.

PISCES IS // A midday picnic on the beach. Sunshine glittering on the sea, its shore decorated by delicate shells and colored umbrellas. Toes sinking slowly into wet sand as waves wash over them, the rhythmic ebbing and flowing of tides. Distinct scents of sunscreen and sea foam – the sweetness in a juicy mouthful watermelon. The haze of a dreamy day.

Tennessee Whiskey

Title: Tennesee Whiskey

Summary: Dean Winchester doesn’t think he can fall in love. But every time he thinks of the way he’s around her, the way she makes him smile even in the darkest of days, he starts to believe that maybe, just maybe, he’s wrong.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 2315

Warnings: Hmmm. Like the tiniest bit of angst. Drinking as a coping mechanism (not healthy, but this is Dean we’re talking about, so, you know…). And fluff, guys. So much fluff.  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @supernatural-jackles Jen’s SPN Birthday Challenge. My sweetest friend, Jen, happy birthday (even if I’m a few days early) and thank you so much for letting me participate. I loved working on this one.

My prompt for this was a gif that’s inserted into the fic. The story is very much based on Chris Stapleton’s Tennessee Whiskey (which is the most amazing song ever and has Dean’s name all over it *cough* the glorious Jensen Ackles has covered that song and it’s a dream *cough*)

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 because she is the best best-friend and writing guru in the world (and because she kept me sane these past few weeks). You’re the best, twin. 

Thank y’all for bearing with me. Enjoy <3 

Originally posted by dontlookatmeitwashim

Dean Winchester had always liked bars.

He liked the way they looked, deep mahogany booths and age-speckled lights making him feel at home in places that had seen their fair share of stories, the way that distinct scent of cigarette smoke and aged whiskey clung to his clothes afterwards, like it was a piece of him.

He liked the inverted bottles that were pressed along the walls, the beer and the whiskey and the bourbon, and the way it burnt down his throat and made him feel something, anything, on those nights he was far too numb and far too broken to believe he was alive in the first place.

Alcohol used to be Dean’s poison and fuel anyway; it cleansed the impure parts of him and kept him going when he felt like there wasn’t much to keep going for.

And then she came along.

Y/N waltzed into his life years ago, when she’d shakily shot the werewolf that had kidnapped her right in the heart, and, ever since that day, she’d somehow managed to wove herself deep into the fabric of his existence.

He didn’t even notice at first.

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Earliest degrees of Capricorn: 0° Capricorn

A most important of mundane events has occurred during the birth of the individual; the Sun moving into a new sign. This signifies the dawn of Capricorn in ingress, there are powerful Capricorn energies present in the individual. Consciousness is alert and awake, and the individual expresses the qualities of Capricorn in its most innocent and altruistic manner. The person is worldly contributor whose needs are focused on providing and supplying. This is a fresh contract for the soul, so the exuberance here for Capricorn energies is rich and revered. The dedication, endurance, and graceful triumph over obstacles is admirable 

Early degrees of Capricorn: 0°-12° Capricorn

There is overbearing pressure internalised by the individual. There must be an intense intimacy formed with reality, a deep understanding of the processes of life so the individual retains their will throughout tremendous obstacle. Often reality presents a matrix of puzzles and mysteries, and the individual can be quite a detective in this sense, provoking and attempting to outwit reality. The individual can feel somewhat bound by karmic law, however the energies flow freely, so they are enduring dream weavers 

Mid degrees of Capricorn: 13°-22° Capricorn

Developing compassion amongst traumatic ordeals becomes the art of life. The responsibilities can seem harsh and confining. The karma of previous lifetimes reverberates throughout the body, so melancholies can emerge from mysterious places. Capricorn is a feminine sign, so the Mother Goddess vibrates her strongest here, there can be a deep affinity with nature, matriarchal consciousness, and power. The vision for the future can be inhibited here, the objectivity can blind the perspective and generate immense gloominess. The individual understands their purpose is entwined with a greater destiny. There is always the reminder of mortality 

Late degrees of Capricorn: 23°-30° Capricorn

The masculine qualities of Capricorn resonate powerfully here. There can be a tremendous spiritual nature, the individual can feel their destiny has been carved out by God. The individual can aim to be exemplary figure out society, tightly bound and dutiful. There must be a close identification with truth, no matter how gloomy this can be, but this can also be quite profound, the individual can tap into cosmic timing and generate the conscious wisdom accumulated over lifetimes. They uncover the veil and perceiving the fabric of all existence. The work is done on repaying karmic debts 


i know that the fandom’s main love is pining Keith with oblivious Lance and i’m for that but I totally see Keith as not knowing what the fuck a crush is so Lance is the one that’s pining first but he has no idea he’s doing it, like he still flirts with all the other aliens but he tends to be the first one to volunteer for a mission that Keith’s going on, and he sulks when Keith goes places without him, and he gets kinda anxious when he goes without Keith because as reckless as the guy is, his presence makes Lance feel like he can be more clear-headed (I think Lance is just as foolhardy as Keith is when he’s by himself or with more cautious people but he’s one of those people who becomes more cool-headed the more reckless the people around him are)

and Allura is the first one who notices the way that Lance keeps putting his little defense drone into more dangerous situations so that he can be fighting next to Keith, and Keith starts complaining to Shiro or Pidge that Lance is being like, super competitive lately and won’t leave him alone?? What is happening all of a sudden he was always like this but now he’s extra like this??

And meanwhile Lance is complaining to Hunk about how annoying everything Keith does is but all he does is reveal just how much he’s been paying attention to Keith

and finally Pidge gets really frustrated listening to Keith whine and they just throw their tools across the room and shout “oh my god, Keith, Lance has a crush on you, like it’s so obvious has no one else noticed??” and as luck would have it, everyone else is around except for Lance, and Keith is like “what the fuck no?? I’ve seen him flirt that’s not how he does it he’s not flirting with me he doesn’t have feelings for me” but everyone else is around and they’re just like son.

Shiro just kinda shakes his head with his head in his hand, and Coran is like “well it’s not like they did it on Altea but it’s very clear that Lance is experiencing a severe case of feelings for you” and Allura’s like “I mean it’s obvious that he wants to be around you like 24/7″ and Hunk affirms that Lance talks a lot about Keith’s eyes and he might think he’s complaining but no one complains that lovingly about the color of someone’s eyes

And Keith just

stands there and stares like

everyone else knew?????  what is crush how do??

but he starts paying more attention to Lance then, and agreeing to let him come on more solo missions and volunteering to go on ones that Lance is going on because he wants to figure it out for himself, and they bicker a lot cause that’s what they do but Keith realizes that hey yeah they actually get along really well? And Lance keeps like, absently touching him, like giving him shoulder bumps or high fives or even like fixing Keith’s hair when it gets into his eyes like a mother hen and Keith’s like holy shit actually yes i think i like him is this what a crush is??

but the fun part is

Lance still doesn’t realize his own feelings

and it doesn’t come out until Keith, red-faced, blurts out in the middle of an argument that “I REALLY LIKE YOU AND YOU KEEP ACTING LIKE YOU LIKE ME SO STOP TEASING ME AND MAKING ME QUESTION WHETHER OR NOT YOU DO” and Lance is like ????????? and Keith storms off to hide in a ball in his room and Lance just looks helplessly at everyone else like “what’s his deal??” and they all just shake their heads at him like “dude….you’ve had a crush on him….for weeks…all the signs are there….”

And very very slowly it all dawns on Lance and he’s like

“how the fuck am I the always last to know everything???”

Earliest degrees of Virgo: 0° Virgo

A most important of mundane events has occurred during the birth of the individual; the Sun moving into a new sign. This signifies the dawn of Virgo in ingress, there are powerful Virgo energies present in the individual. Consciousness is alert and awake, and the individual expresses the qualities of Virgo in its most innocent and altruistic manner. The person is a natural server who is born to help other people through life. This is a fresh contract for the soul, so the exuberance here for Virgo energies is rich and revered. The quality if mind is profound, so is the humble kindness and favour 

Early degree of Virgo 1° Virgo 12 Virgo°

The more pathological and confining traits of Virgo may be present in these individuals. Often intense critique destructs the mind and spirit, without self care the person can be self destructive and volatile. The individual has a genius for spotting patterns, but can easily be trapped in their own. It is important for the mind to remain stimulated, and it has a propensity for spotting complexities and resolutions. The intricacy of the intellect is profound, but can cast a dark shadow, easily tricked and mislead. High standards are typically set for themselves, and ideals can be easily shattered by reality. 

Mid degree of Virgo 13° - 22°

Deep in the middle of Virgo energy, there is no escape for the soul, it can be easily suffocated by mind. The individual can be driven by perfectionism, often resisting constant temptations they’d dare not discuss. The self talk generated by the individual is a building block of reality, the individual can create a decimated world with self hatred. It may be typical for the person to react more to small events rather than large threats, but they can certainly lead the way with grace and servitude 

Late degree of Virgo 23° - 30°

These people express the energy of Virgo with force and reverence. The psychic energy tends to be rich and responsive to the needs of humanity. Perfectionism is blunted by understanding their own limits and resonating with their true, pure nature. The individual can be a great dreamer who is in tune spiritually and conjures magic with the mind. These people are ultimate servers, capable of emptying themselves out so every energy of the mind, body, and spirit can be directed through to healing somebody else