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Knuckles: Boxer!Ashton (Part 3)

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Pulling up.

Coming down x

You take a final look in the vanity mirror, adjusting bits of your done-up hair to reach a balanced mixture of messy yet elegant. There’s a certain strand that’s been having a time taunting you all day, springing from it’s bobbypin every chance it gets, and you decide to just gift it the freedom it’s worked so hard for, removing the clip at the last second and dropping it on the dresser. Black tie events are far from your forté, but you’re trying your best to play the part for Ashton. The last time you wore a dress this long or heels this high had to be your senior prom, and the jitters in your stomach make you feel like you’re getting ready for it all over again: nervous to see your date, paranoid about something going wrong, trying too hard to impress people you don’t know. At least this time you can look forward to alcohol being there.

You grab your phone and a clutch full of necessities before heading out the door, slowly making your way down the steps as you’re reminded how difficult it is to walk in heels. Whose bright idea was it to invent these things? They’ll be kicked off by the end of the night, no doubt. Your feet are already starting to hate you.

At the edge of the sidewalk a tall figure awaits your descent. He’s sporting a classic black and white tuxedo perfectly tailored to accentuate his striking physique, a thin tie hung from the collar rather than a bow. It’s quite a contrast to the athletic shorts and t-shirts you’re used to seeing him in, but you definitely aren’t complaining. The mop of brown curls that usually fall over his eyes have been trimmed and styled for the occasion, and the two week old beard he claimed he was too lazy to shave has disappeared from his chiseled face, cleaning him up significantly. Ashton has always been more of the ruggedly handsome type to you; the kind of person who looks his best straight after rolling out of bed in the morning. However this new side of him, one so sharp and expensive, inflicts serious damage to your will power, and it takes every ounce of your conscious control to not just blow off the event and drag him straight back up to your apartment.

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Stay Alive for Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 8

Originally posted by thedivorcecrockpot

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 2600+

Warnings: Stalking, Break-In, & Kidnapping


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/ Part Seven / Part Nine /


Sunday (Three Week Later) ~

You had to turn off your phone.  

It’s been three weeks since your date with Scott and his way-too-early marriage proposal. Since then, he’s been sending you emails like usual, but they were more intense poems and him just straight out explaining how much he loved you and what your future was going to be like with him. He wanted two children, a condo in Florida, and you could be a stay-at-home mom while we worked. You were flattered but also creeped out by these emails. You deleted the creepy ones and saved the normal poems. You assumed that maybe Scott was very antisocial and didn’t know how to properly date someone.  

Then, the phone calls started.

At first, they were only during the day, one or two at a time. You’d answer and the only answer would be heavy breathing before the caller would hang up. You were creeped out and a little scared but nothing too terrifying. Slowly, the calls got more often, resulting in you getting about four a day and instead of heavy breathing, it was Scott’s voice, singing all your favorite songs for about a minute and then stopping, hanging up. You were confused and a little creeped out. How did Scott get your number? Did Ally give him it? You had called Ally and asked, her answer making your blood run cold.

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Nalu Soccer Au: Red Card Ch 4

Welllll how long has it been since I’ve updated? I’m so sorry to all who have been waiting for this chapter, but here it is! Chapter 4 of Red Card.  @illustraice I have no idea if you still like this au anymore TnT but I’ll still tag you Ice! 

Too Soon

 Magnolia was usually a noisy place in itself. The streets were usually full of cars and the sidewalks, of people rushing by excitedly, chattering about, aimlessly, of their normal lives. However, in a cafe nearby, a silver head was seated by herself, a cup of tea resting atop the glass table she rested her elbows on. Her face was contorted in anger as she impatiently tapped her foot as she waited for someone to arrive. Her fingernails tapped at the glass of the black table as her eyes surveyed the crowd in the shop.

 She sighed as she took a sip of her green tea and lightly drank it. She couldn´t enjoy it as she felt herself remembering why she was angry in the first place. She didn’t even understand how she could be so angry despite the situation having no effect on her, personally. Soon enough she heard the bell to the small shop´s door ring as she looked to find someone she recognized make their way inside. That someone shuffled their way towards her. Off the bat, she noticed the blonde hair under the white beanie he wore and the shades concealing the male´s face. She glared heavily as he sat and sighed.

 “Yuki”, he began to say cautiously as he called her name, but she felt her eye twitch as she finally let herself snap.

 “Are you an idiot, Sting?!” Yukino yelled at the top of her lungs standing and catching the eye of many of the people who wanted to just enjoy their beverage and had to deal with the undesired noise. Sting looked at them apologetically as he also seemed to make sure they hadn´t figured out his identity. Along with him he had a bag, surely with his clothes for practice, and in his hands held a worn out and slightly dirty soccer ball.

 “Yukino, you´re being a bit too loud”, Sting muttered holding the ball to his face, but what can he expect after this girl, happened to be his sister´s BESTFRIEND. She must have seen the interview and he knew just by a glance that what he´d just said to her was probably the worst thing to say to her right now.

 “Sting…You big idiot!!! I don´t care if they listen to the truth. How could you?! You seriously fucked up that interview! Do you even realize how your sister looked?! She was devastated! The fear in her eyes broke my heart. She even looked at me as though it was the end. I hope you realize what a stupid choice you made at mentioning her!” The silver head´s face was even bright red in anger as the blonde male seemed to shrink back into his seat.

 “Yuki, I…I had to with Natsu-” the blonde tried to make up an excuse for himself, but the silver head was having none of that as she made a motion with her hands for him to zip his lips.

 “I wasn´t done! Clearly you don´t have any excuse for your actions. I seriously can´t believe you. How hard was it to wait for the game to express your dislike! I am-” Yukino continued her rant as Sting sighed. By now everyone seemed to be listening intently to their ´lover´s quarrel´as he thought of it that way. He needed her to calm down.

 She clearly wasn´t going to give him a chance to speak and nothing he could say would calm her rage. And so as she was still going off about his behavior, he suddenly stood up and grasped her face making her blink in confusion, before he crashed his lips onto hers. Her eyes widened in shock as her eyes closed for a few seconds before she realized where they were. Sting was the first to pull back a cocky smirk on his face as the silver head´s eyes looked away a heavy blush at her cheeks.

 “Feel better, babe?” he teased as she pouted heavily.

 “Sting, we´re in public, idiot”, she muttered embarrassed her anger having gone away and replaced with simple discontent as she sat herself back down, still blushing, as she looked around at the people who giggled at their display.

 “Look, Yuki, I understand you´re upset and I didn´t think Lucy would be this upset either. I do feel bad about it”, Sting confessed as he straightened back in his chair. He did feel bad especially since Lucy had made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the media. “I just had to declare war against Natsu somehow. I´m not letting him put his hand on my sister.”

 If anything, Yukino rolled her eyes at how ridiculous he sounded. “Sting, I hope you realize how dumb you sounded just now. Natsu, doesn´t know Lucy´s your sister and second, Natsu had nothing to do with Lucy”, she deadpanned as he seemed to get quiet suddenly. The silver head´s eyes suddenly widened. “Sting, d-don´t tell me…Did you actually just realize it?” The male only coughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck sheepishly.

 Yukino was tempted to seriously smack him, but only closed her eyes in frustration. “Anyways, seriously, Sting, you should consider apologizing to Lucy, but first of all talk to her about your issues first of all. I just want you to get along”, she muttered. Sting could only remain silent, feeling himself just as troubled if not even more. He always expected that Lucy would accept him once she saw him, but he´d never seen or could ever imagine her act so cold before. He suddenly began to remember their childhood as he looked sadly at the soccer ball in his hands. A gift he had always treasured.

 “Big brother!” a young blonde´s voice rang. Sting turned to see his little sister look at him with excited and big brown eyes. She was only a third year middle schooler while he was already in his third year of high school. Said girl ran to hug Sting tightly as the blonde male reciprocated the hug. He looked curiously at a bag that she held in her hands as she giggled at his curiosity. Currently, his father had    punished him and had forbidden that he have dinner that night.

 Even when his mother had protested, he had yelled at her. Sting in a sudden burst of rage went to throw himself at their father and was beaten. He was banned from being outside and was to be home schooled in the mean time before he was allowed to go back to his school. Lucy had seen the whole thing, her eyes had been watery and as a result Sting accepted his punishment without further protest, to avoid seeing his sister upset.

 “I see you have something there. Might that be for me?” he questioned with a grin as Lucy giggled and nodded vigorously and pushed the bag into his hands. The blonde male chuckled as he went to open it; beginning to exaggeratedly pull out the decorative tissues inside to make the younger laugh. His eyes widened suddenly as he paused.  He looked to her a shine in his blue eyes as he pulled out a beautiful soccer ball from inside the glossy green bag. It was white with loops colored in black and outlined in a glossy gold color. Upon further examination he noticed that on the bottom of the ball, near the small pore you´d pump in air, was his name in the same gold coloring.

 “Lucy, why did…” He began to say as the girl only smiled brightly at him.

 “Happy birthday, Sting!” she had chirped as the blonde teen felt his eyes suddenly begin to water. The whole fight with his dad had made him forget that, in fact, today was his birthday. His father hadn´t even bothered to give him a hug or say those same words. Sting could only guess he had forgotten as well. However, he felt as the tears fell down his face because he was extremely happy that Lucy had gifted him something she knew meant so much for him.

 Big bro, don´t cry! I wanted to make you happy! I know you love soccer and I thought this would be good.” Lucy gasped as her mood seemed to deflate. A sudden hand on her head had made her look at Sting as he had a gentle smile at his lips. He sniffled slightly as he wiped his tears away.

 “I love it. I cried because I´m really happy. Thank you, Lucy. Once I´m done with being grounded, how about the two of us test out the ball together?” he questioned as the blonde girl’s eyes seemed to glow in excitement.


 “I don´t think she´ll ever forgive me, Yuki. I have to go now”, Sting suddenly stood up grabbing his bag and tightly holding onto the ball leaving the silver head to look at his departing form.

 “Sting”, she muttered not finding any words that could possibly comfort him.


 “Wah! we´re finally here!” Lucy chirped both excited and nervous as she clutched to the arm if the petite blue haired woman she had dragged along. Levy was quite nervous herself but for entirely different reasons.

 "L-Lucy, why are you excited about coming to the stadium when you well know that the team is having a private practice! And why are we in disguise?!“ Levy hissed as the guards looked at them suspiciously from the gates. Levy pulled at the bonnet she had put on her head and fixed the shades on her face and looked around nervously.

 Lucy smiled sheepishly before giving a slight sigh. Levy deserved to know the truth just like Yukino, but for now she wouldn’t overwhelm her with too much. "Okay, umm, here’s the deal. Natsu Dragneel, Fairy Tail’s forward, is actually a friend of mine and today I was invited to his practice”, she confessed as Levy’s mouth opened in shock. She seemed almost speechless if it weren’t for the huge grin spread on her face.

 "Don’t tell me you’re the girl he talked about in the interview and that’s why we’re wearing disguises?!“ Levy squealed. The blonde simply nodded glad that her shades covered her blush. The blunette giggled before she reduced to light snorting.

 "Well if it makes you feel better I’m also a soccer fan”, the smaller woman grinned. This time it was the blonde’s mouth that opened agape in disbelief. Levy had to be pulling her leg, right? She always seemed disinterested. But no, someone disinterested would never accompany her willingly to go buy a jersey or stay to watch a game or even willingly go to the stadium. Had she had disinterest, the moment she learned the truth she would have left.

 "You sneaky…Ugh I have a very magical word I’d like to call you right now, but I’m too excited for that", the blonde laughed as her best friend gave her a smug grin.

 "Oi, how long will you still have me waiting here?“ a male’s playful voice called out. Both woman turned to the gates finding Natsu giving them an amused expression. He probably found their disguises ridiculous since they were far warmer that what he had worn on Lucy and his first meeting. Lucy tried not to blush as he pulled Levy along to meet him.

 "Hope you don’t mind if I brought her along. This is Levy Mcgarden, one of my best friends”, the blonde motioned as the pink haired male grinned.

 "As long as she’s a Fairy Tail fanatic and not a spy for another team I’m fine", he joked teasingly as Levy giggled and pressed at a hand at her heart.

 "Well, I would never", she laughed as she stretched her hand to greet him. Although the atmosphere seemed to be going pretty cheerfully, Lucy felt a stinging in her chest at Natsu’s previous words. She didn’t know why exactly she felt so guilty about hearing him say that, but she guessed it must be because of Sting. She was hiding something so important.

 "Lucy!“ Levy yelled startling her out of her thoughts. The blonde squeaked slightly as she looked at her best friend confused. "We tried getting your attention for like 5 minutes now. It’s hot and I want to take this off. You okay?” the blunette questioned, worry obvious in her tone. Lucy only nodded giving them both a smile.

 "Yeah, I was just thinking about the chance that I get to see you guys practice is becoming a reality", she half lied as the two people before her smiled. Natsu finally guided them inside after a few more seconds. As always the halls were difficult to get by and it seemed eternal to even get to the main field. It could be assumed that before it always seemed small since it would usually be crowded with fans trying to get their way to their seats.

 The echo that permeated the space was beginning to make Lucy even more nervous that she’d soon be in the presence of her favorite team once again. As they finally walked out the large entrance where the teams usually appeared from she smiled widely at the seeing the whole team ardently into their practice. “Uwahhh!” Levy squealed taking the words from Lucy before the blonde could even muster them. Both girls looked at each other before they giggled. Levy seemed more of embarrassed, but she was clearly just excited.

 “Welcome to Fairy Tail”, Natsu chuckled as if they had just entered a magical place. The blonde rolled her eyes as the pink haired player winked at her. As they got near the field all three of them were startled by an angry voice that began to yell orders.

 “Alright! Max get to the net right now! Alright, Natsu and Gray need to practice shooting in. WHERE IS NATSU?!” the female’s voice boomed angrily. The blonde glanced at Natsu and was shocked by the heavy gulp he gave as he fidgeted nervously. “NATSUUUU!” the voice boomed once more and even the blue haired woman had to hide behind Lucy feeling as though maybe being there wasn’t the best idea.

 The pink haired male took no time to pretend he had been doing something the whole time. He jogged away from them as quickly as he could to try and hide behind Gray who began aggressively doing push-ups. It was a sight to see as all of them cowering at this woman’s voice. Lucy turned to the feared woman and was shocked to find a stunning scarlet haired beauty walking towards them with a clipboard in hand. Lucy knew her as Fairy Tail’s monster coach, Erza Scarlet. It was usually the general manager who would be in charge, but given that Macorav Dreyar recognized the talent of this woman he made sure to have her coach the team. Her trainings were known to work them into exhaustion, but it was her training that got them in top form in every game.

 Her brown eyes suddenly fell to Natsu who seemed to pale at her scrutinizing gaze. “Natsu”, her voice warned lowly as he licked his lips and stood. “How come you weren’t here a few moments ago?” she almost whispered. He seemed to chuckle sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. His eyes fell towards Lucy as they lighted up in relief.

 “I was looking for a manager! Yeah…a manager! And uh, my friend Lucy here happens to be really knowledgeable with the way our team works and she’d be great she could even help you overlook our training sessions!” Natsu would squeak out as Erza’s eyes suddenly fell on them. The blonde licked her lips as the red haired woman strode her way to them. Her eyes seemed cold before they lighted up.

 “I’m so glad Natsu was finally able to get a manager. You already seemed like a very capable person! I am Erza Scarlet,” Erza grinned as she stretched her hand out to them. The blonde gave a slight scared look to Natsu before smiling nervously and greeting the red head. Her hand had grasped the blonde’s firmly and it was almost painful as the scarlet haired coach shook her hand vigorously.

 “Ha ha. It’s a pleasure to meet you”, Lucy chuckled nervously retreating her aching hand after it was released. She had to restrain from laughing when she saw Levy’s face also contorted in pain as she gave Erza a strained smile. The scarlet haired woman smiled brightly once more before her face suddenly turned dark and serious as she directed her venomous smile at the boys.

 “Alright, let me remind you that we made quite a few mistakes in the game against Twilight ogre”, she spoke firmly as they all seemed to visibly pale.

 “I don’t think we messed up that bad, Erza…We did win”, Gray mumbled, but it had maybe been a little too loud as she turned to give him an irritated look. He certainly had a death wish as she walked towards him. The two girls had to hold back their shock at seeing Gray gulp heavily in fear.

 “What was that Gray?” she hummed with an angry tone.

 Gray looked around for any help, but everyone just looked at him sympathetically. Erza sighed heavily a she stepped back to look at her clipboard. “Anyways, for your mistakes you will run a set of five laps for every set of practices we do today”, she announced. She even dared say it in such a casual manner as the boys seemed ready to drop. Gajeel looked about ready to protest, but Natsu punched him in the arm.

 The boys seemed desperate to get out of the situation. Natsu desperately looked for a solution when he spotted Jellal. Everyone simultaneously looked to the blue haired male who blinked in confusion. Once he saw their knowing glances he heavily gulped as Gray ran to pushed him forward towards the scarlet haired woman who was currently lively talking to Lucy.

 “What do you want me to do?” Jellal sighed as he pressed his fingers at his temple.

 “Dude, she’s your girlfriend tell her to…I don’t know… cut the intensity of the punishment?” Natsu shrugged but nonetheless, was extremely desperate.

 “What are you a wuss, Jellal?” a new voice piped in as a blonde male, one of their mid-fielders, with haired in a spiked fashion approached them.

 “Laxus”, Jellal muttered in acknowledgement. He sighed heavily looking at Laxus’s wide smirk and letting his pride get the best of him as he approached their coach, or in other words, his girlfriend.  Erza glanced up at him as he licked his lips, his teammates watching carefully.

 “Hey, Erza, you know if I must ask”, he said before taking a slight pause.

 “What is it?” she mumbled her cheeks slightly tinted red and the team almost thought they had achieved victory against her.

 “Well, it’s been a while since we’ve gone out and I was wondering if you’d like dinner tonight, babe?” he questioned and he himself felt shy almost forgetting his purpose. In reality, he had avoided asking her to lower the harsh practice conditions they were about to endure because after all, he just couldn’t go against Erza.

 “O-Of course… but uh…ALRIGHT! Everyone begin the laps now!” Erza called out nervously and the team member’s mood deflated as they released groans. Lucy looked at their distress and decided to intervene as she wouldn’t want them to die before their next game.

 “Uh, E-Erza…If I may?” Lucy suddenly called out as everyone looked at her suddenly in shock. The red haired woman turned suddenly, her face serious. The blonde wanted to squeak at the intense gaze, but coughed awkwardly as she assorted her thoughts and words that she was going to say.

 “Well, I’ve observed the team for some time and I was thinking that rather than making them run laps wouldn’t it be more efficient to group the members based on the skills they lack to strengthen them through different exercises? For example, in the previous game I noticed the mid fielders were lacking a bit of speed, so maybe some conditioning would suit them. The forwards seemed to lack in ball coordination so maybe some passing exercises would work and so on”, Lucy explained, suddenly getting into her analysis.

 Everyone stared at her in awe as the silence was becoming overwhelming. They all awaited Erza’s answer as the red haired coach smiled widely. “That’s brilliant Lucy! You will be a great addition to our team. Welcome to Fairy Tail!” Erza grinned as she gave the blonde a thumbs up. Lucy’s eyes lightened as she realized that she was now officially a member of the Fairy Tail team staff. Everyone cheered not only to congratulate her, but also for saving them from an imminent death.

 She unconsciously found her gaze meeting Natsu who gave her a light smile in approval. Her heart seemed to skip a beat as she felt a slight blush tint her cheeks. For the rest of the afternoon, Lucy helped guide them with the exercises and the score practices. She couldn’t help but laugh heartily as Natsu and Gray would break into fights and roll around the dirt of the field. Erza would be on them in seconds as they seemed to transform into the best of friends seconds later. They would look at Lucy with sheepish smiles as she shook her head and nodded.

 The day seemed to finally come to an end as they ended the practice with a friendly soccer game. As expected Natsu’s team won, not by much, but did so regardless. Levy had seemed to enjoy her time as well even when she found herself clashing with Gajeel, playfully of course, but he seemed to like her as he’d ‘baptized’ her with the name of ‘shrimp’. As the players left to change Natsu pulled at Lucy’s wrist as she turned to him curiously.

 “We didn’t get to talk much today, huh?” he chuckled questioningly as she smiled softly and agreed.

 “Yeah, and we almost always talk through text”, the blonde inquired as he laughed softly. She could of sworn he was getting embarrassed, but she decided not to comment on it. After an awkward pause, he coughed slightly as if trying to get his throat to work out what her wanted to say.

 “This might be too sudden, but uh… I was wondering…if you’d maybe…you know…Like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he questioned, suddenly looking away from her. The blonde’s eyes widened and this time it was her time to feel bashful as she giggled.

 “I’d love to…uhhh yeah sure.”

 It was totally ridiculous how they were acting. Already grown yet still acting like high schoolers. However, Natsu seemed really content with her response as he shot his head back to look at her almost in disbelief. “Really? I mean…uhh…cool. Yeah”, he tried to play it cool, but only earned a smack at his arm.

 “Stop trying to act cool, idiot”, she giggled as she aimed a beautiful smile his way. He seemed to pause to just stare at her. She had such a beautiful smile, of course, now wasn’t the time to tell her. He’d just make sure she knew that in his own way. “Great then, tomorrow then?” he winked playfully. She rolled her eyes in response before nodding.

 “Yeah, well then. I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll go easy on you because I’m your manager”, she winked in response as well. He snorted before a smug grin appeared on his face.

 “Tch, I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

 Welp that’s it! I know it’s a lame way for me to come back. it wasn’t as good as the other chapters, but I still hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. If you haven’t read the other chapters you can click on the links below!

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[WIP] weak for sweets - part 2

Sweets shop AU: Pastry chef Miyuki and chocolatier Chris run a small shop together. Eijun, just moved to Tokyo, is their most enthusiastic and most frequent customer. | Part 1 |

Part 2: Kuramochi deals with the new Noisy Neighbor.

3461 words, people!! Kuramochi, when did you take over my heart. Scribbles for tattoos because I am lazy.

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Aesthetics for BBS

Moo-pastel colours, fairies, bookcases, eye shadow palettes, colour gradients, empty water parks

Wildcat- dogs lying in open fields, all caps lyrics with landscape backgrounds, dr martens, graffiti

Delirious-rain, facial piercings, lettered beads, vinyl records, pictures of a singer during a basement show when they’re jumping around

Lui- winged eyeliner, city skylines, old cars, pictures of the countryside taken from a moving vehicle, cool socks

Marcel- girls with dyed hair, custom neon signs, Nintendo DS, stick-on rhinestones on cheekbones

Mini- seeing a house party from the sidewalk, clouds, windowsills lined with cacti, crisp clean lines in decor

Cartoonz- fast sleek cars, ‘90s video games, galaxies, hand written love letters in cursive, lace

Terroriser- architecture, metallic lipstick, crowds at concerts, space buns, high heels, paintings on peoples hands

Vanoss- motorcycles, letter jackets, landscapes with people’s feet in the picture, unmarked forest paths, spider web cracks in glass

Nogla- crystals, glow sticks, girl’s outfits in full body mirrors with cropped out faces, black lipstick

Droidd-putting glitter in your hair, tattoos, lightning, lettered banners with strange phrases

The Interview

Prompt: Dean is a nervous wreck, applying for a job too good for him, among people way smarter than him, and wearing one of his brother’s gigantic old suits. He’s riding the train, panicking, but his bench mate helps him calm down and talks him through why he’s scared and why he’s applying in the first place. It’s wonderful, sparks fly, but Dean doesn’t get the man’s number before he’s rushing to make his interview. Little does he know who the boss is… wink wink

– Loved writing this (: I changed the train to a bus but other than that I hope it’s everything you wanted. Enjoy!!!

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He knows where you are

(A/N): I know this is really short and awful and im not proud of it but egh, take it

Summary: You know you’re being hunted by the winter soldier but no one else does

Warnings: some swearing

Originally posted by coporolight

   You kept your head down, walking at a brisk pace through the rather populated area, the least favorite place of yours to travel through. Long story short you were a fugitive on the run and populated areas really weren’t your thing, too many people that could recognize you, too many people to find someone in, too many people for your own damn good. 

   Most of the time these cities were nerve racking enough but now you had an added element of anxiety. You were being hunted, by none other than the winter soldier himself. Somehow you’d pissed of Hydra and now they wanted you dead and who better to kill you then the winter soldier himself? Apparently no one because that’s who they sicked on you.

    So far you’d been able to avoid any confrontation with the man but you knew that at some point you’d have a run in or something of sorts but you hadn’t the slightest clue that it was going to be today. 

   You’d been in that damn crowd, full of people with phones, watches, iPods, all sorts of electronics. You were surrounded by billboards, televisions, and radios, it was the perfect trick and you’d been so oblivious. You’d been walking along the sidewalk, keeping to yourself when it happened. 

    A sudden murmuring boiled up from within all the people, all of them looking at their screens or pointing to something. And you slowly looked up, your gaze locking on one of the televisions. There amidst a black screen were the 5 words that sent chills down your spine,

     He knows where you are

♕ Princess Drinks ♕ || @loveinthesnowwithjf (closed)

Dressed for the weather, Jack sported a black button up jacket, a scarf, pants, and boots. He walked through the snow that layered over the city’s sidewalks, on his way to Starbucks. This kind of weather always put him in the mood for coffee. 

Arriving, he pushed the door open to see the place was completely full. Sighing to himself, he stood in line as more people piled in. 

Cookies & Cream - a Kristanna Harvest Fest Fic

I come bearing a fluffy coffeeshop AU! Hopefully this will compensate for the pain I caused yesterday (and I really am very, sincerely sorry to anyone who found that fic upsetting, if you usually read my stuff and needed to skip it I totally understand <3). I promise that this is pure fluff! 

This is another story that started life as an anonymous inbox fic but was never finished, and it’s dedicated to @snowfjord​! I kept meaning to come back to it, but it never happened, and I meant to try to finish it as a regular fic for you birthday, and THAT never happened, but here it is now and happy belated birthday! I hope it’s worth the wait <3

The incredible @sargar3000​ contributed the beautiful artwork, because she is amazing <3 <3 <3 Please heap praise upon her!

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Rated G
  • Words: 5031
  • Prompt: Rain
  • Art by @sargar3000

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Chimney Sweep AU: mr-bert-alfred123

The winter was always extremely cold. There was no snow on the ground, but the low temperatures caused slippery sidewalks. Most people stayed inside, warming themselves by a fire. If you walked along a residential street, you could see large black puffs rising into the air, coming from every house. The sky was thick with grey smoke and some days, you couldn’t go outside. The chimneys would build up from soot and smoke would flow into the house. 

Olivia was having that same problem. Her small house was full of black smoke, and her poor ventilation was doing nothing to help the problem. So, she put out her fire, opened all of her windows, and walked outside, bundled in her little bathrobe. It was freezing out, and Olivia could feel the chill crawl up her body. She hoped that soon the winds would carry away the smoke so she could go inside. To pass the time, Olivia began to watch the people walk by, and the black smoke swirling in the sky. She was so distracted, she didn’t see the person walk up to her.