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We’re constantly depicted as sidekicks, ingenues, and hangers-on, rarely as independent and capable individuals. And the enormous, huge discrepancies in pay….the amounts that some male actors make are astronomically obscene. Women in Hollywood are constantly shown that there’s a difference between them and men, and that that’s okay. But it’s not okay.”

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There is a post going around claiming that Liam is helping out Harry and Louis by ramping up the "stage gay". I have a hard time wrapping my head around them using him. If they use him does he know? I am quite new to this and perhaps miss some information. What are your thoughts on it? (This is what I am talking about: bandmatesinlove*tumblr.*com/post/125413748270/someonethatsfunny-zenlikejen-i-decided-to )

Ah, the classic problem: it’s partially right and partially clueless, which often happens when LTV strikes. He’s been cast once as again as a sidekick. Has he been doing sexual stuff with the boys? Yes, but unlike the post implies, it’s not only been with Louis and Harry, and not only recently. He’s been doing it for years, and most often with Zayn, but the other band members have certainly gotten their share of Liam being all kinds of handsy as well.

Let me show you.






Yeah, I think we all got the Niam side of it, and all that has happened within a past year. If you go by that post’s logic, then he’s helping Niall to become more comfortable in his skin as well. :P 

How about Ziam then? (I’m bit lazy so I’ll just use some randomly from my folders)

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Happily there’s someone who very much likes to interact with him that way. :)

I guess the real question is, why don’t they consider what Liam gets from doing stuff like these with his bandmates? Now why is that, anon?

Hildegard controlling Clio- hints through out season one

Through season one I had noticed a few things that hinted at Hildegard’s controlling behaviour towards Clio that led up to the episode Sidekick Clio. Three episodes that I stood out to me that addressed this were “The big Sleepover”, “Tea for too many” and “Two to Tangu”

In the big sleep over  

When Jade knocks over all the planets on the floor and says she’s the princess of Venus, Clio starts laughing but Hildegard and Amber both look at her and she stops

When Amber starts complaining that her nightgown is ruined Clip says it’s just a drop but then Hildegard tried to control Clio’s opinion and corrects her by saying it’s ruined.

When Ruby and Jade apologise ruining her night gown, Clio defends them and says it was just an accident but Hildegard elbows her making Clio know that she is in the wrong for saying that.

When they leave Cedric’s magic show, Clio says a few seconds more until Hildegard touches her shoulder telling her to leave with them.

Now, when watching this particular episode I thought Hildegard was just trying to keep Clio in the cool crowd and keep her in Amber’s good books. The reason I thought this was because Hildegard found it hard to make friends (as revealed in the episode the princess stays in the picture) and she probably became more popular when she became friends with Amber.  But because of the episode Sidekick Clio this theory isn’t the case and Hildegard is just being controlling over Clio.  So in this episode it shows that Hildegard doesn’t let Clio have her own opinion and makes her side with her and Amber.

In Two too Tangu

Every opinion Hildegard has in this episode, Clio agrees with it and repeats what Hildegard says. Some examples of her controlling behaviour is

Number one when they are flying on the flying carpet:

“It’s pretty much the same as ridding a flying coach , isn’t it Clio” – Hildegard  

“Uh huh, the same thing”  - Clio

Number two when Zandar is showing them the last activity that he has planned :

“This should be good”- Clio

“I’ll be the judge of that”- Hildegard

In the episode tea for too many

When they see Sofia’s tea party

“I absolutely love it – Hildegard

“Me too , love it” – Clio

I think Clio was being guanine and actually did love Sofia’s tea party but I don’t think she would of said it without Hildegard consent. Just my opinion When there painting their own tea cup, Clio does what Hildegard does

“Ill cover mine in tiaras” – Hildegard  

“I’ll do whatever Hildey does – Clio

So yeah, here’s just a few times where I think they were building up to Hildegard’s controlling behaviour over Clio. I’m glad they addressed it in Sidekick Clio.

So I’m looking at this image of the Wasp suit, and I’m thinking that if the movie’d had Hope Van Dyne as the main character, wearing this kickass suit, kicking ass and taking names, and Scott Lang was only brought in as the comedic sidekick, a consultant to help her out for the big mission because of his thieving skills, then I would have been in line opening weekend.  Plus, ACTION FIGURE GOODNESS!  (because hopefully the stink over replacing Black Widow with Cap in the Ultron merchandise would have sunk into some thick marketing heads.)

And before anyone starts shrieking “canon,” if any of this was staying true to canon, Janet Van Dyne wouldn’t be dead in the MCU.  Instead, she would have been right there in the first Avengers movie and the second too, and Tony Stark wouldn’t have named the Avengers or created Ultron.

If someone would write the fic for this, by the way, I will send you cookies.

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Gilgamesh will show up semi-regularly in the rest of the Final Fantasy series, and unlike the various incarnations of Cid, he seems to be the same guy, or at least a very similar one.

Gilgamesh gets his appearance and personality from two sources. First, his namesake, the protagonist of the Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the world’s oldest pieces of literature. That’s where his sidekick Enkidu and his multi-armed form originate.

He also bears some resemblance to the semi-historical, semi-legendary figure Benkei, a warrior monk who hung out on a bridge, challenged all comers to duels, and took the losers’ weapons as trophies. Benkei was a popular character in kabuki, which might be why Gilgamesh has some fearsome facepaint in most of his Final Fantasy appearances. 

It’s total speculation and interpretation, but I like the idea that Gilgamesh’s story actually begins in the Final Fantasy Type-0 universe, because it’s the only game that gives him a backstory. There, he’s a king who became a L’Cie. He lost his memory, and with it his ability to complete his focus, so he walks the earth, immortal and mad. Add some dimension-hopping, and we’ve got the guy from Final Fantasy V, easy. 

It’s not a sure thing. A guy like Gilgamesh needs to be a little mysterious, but to my mind, the tragedy lends a lot to the character, makes him more than a fourth wall painting clown. He may not remember, but on some level he’s just trying to get home and save his people. Maybe his focus has something to do with collecting swords.

If nothing else, Gilgamesh’s dimensional-rift-traveling, sword-stealing ways mean that all the Final Fantasies are connected by something more substantial than a few traditions and the label on the box. They’re part of the same multiverse and the same causality.

If the Epic of Gilgamesh is anything to go by, maybe that multiverse includes all of us, too. :)

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Sophie wants to be Simon’s sidekick… 😆👓 @albertorosende @abcfamily @shadowhunterstv

So my little brother (whos 9) goes to this school program and they had them pick a sidekick. He chose scarecrow. 😂😂😂😂 and when his blood and fear gas mix’s Johnny grows another 3 feet and finally gains some muscle.

What’s up with Hollywood and it’s constant need to make a generic movie about the divorced or single white middle age man (maybe with kids) who has to save the world. With their none white sidekick who’s obviously a better character than the MC. The funny Latino friend. The hot white woman who is possibly his ex gf or wife.
Why can’t we have movies with POC and diversity.
Yes there are POC in this action packed movies but to be honest most of them are played in the background. No matter what race you are I think we all deserve representation in the media. And just now we are hitting the iceberg with shows like Steven Universe for example
That shows diversity in the cast. Ethnically speaking.
Where are my Main Female leads that are not sexualize or used as a romantic plot??????? I’ve seen it so little in many forms of media. That I wonder if we as people will move forward one day. Hopefully we will

I dunno. It seems kind of counterproductive that they made a new Castlevania game in a series where every female sidekick character exists solely for cheesecake (look at Angela and Sypha from the previous Pachi games), but then they have Loli Maria show up.

It would have been hilarious if this took place during SotN and something like actually happened.

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Send ☏ for the last voicemail my muse left yours

(in French) “But really, if I’m going to be a super hero for Hallowe’en, I want to know which one you’d prefer me be. Because you’re probably going to have to be my sidekick. Or beautiful paramour. What if I’m Clark Kent and you’re Lois Lane? Let me know, because the store has a lot of options. And answer your goddamn texts next time.” 

tis iz my sanic oc his name is “Cancer” he is fastr than sanic and tailes combined. he fights doctor robot man in dream city with his sidekick “colonic” and nucles. alsopls no steal i wokred hard on this please liek and subscribr for more sanic man oc