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He had been watching her for weeks now. The mysterious girl had caught his eye as he was venturing down the muggy streets of Gotham. She had been in a shop window, fixing a flower display that had fallen over. Her hair fell over her shoulders gently, her eyebrows knit together in concentration, her teeth biting down gently into her lip. Edward had paused, watching her from the short distance. His curiosity evidently peaked. Eyes followed her as she finished her business and made her way back into the depths of the store. Ed made a mental note, the name of the store, where it was, and the girl he saw. His day was far too busy to pursue anything at the moment, but it was clear, he would be coming back soon enough.

The day was far too long. Who knew that so many people would need bouquet after bouquet. I sighed a heavy sigh of relief as the clock ticked to closing hour. The store was void of customers. The flowers sat in their pots of water, their cheerful heads turned towards the plant lights above.

I took a deep breath, the floral scent enveloping my lungs. Checking that the cash from the till was counted and locked away in the safe at the back, I did my final checks, and made my way outside.

I always hated the streets of Gotham at night. They were bad enough during the day. Now with the news reporting almost weekly of maniacs and psychotics running about, it didn’t make a girl feel to safe about walking alone, even if it was for a short distance.

Having an apartment all the way on the other side of Gotham made the commute to work difficult, but in a city such as this, wherever you got a job, you made it work.

Setting a brisk and steady pace, I made my way down the streets attempting to get to the abandoned parking lot as quickly as I could, not wanting to chance any story worthy encounters with some freak on the street.

Edward glanced at his watch. Half past nine, she should be arriving any time now. After watching her for nearly a month, since that fateful day, he decided she was truly someone who he could be with. Someone who would understand and treat him the way no other would. The darker part of his psyche would whisper it constantly to him. When he was just working in the lab, or examining a crime scene, the sinister voice would creep into his mind, reminding him of the girl and her potential with him.

The shadow of a figure crawling upon the walls caught his attention. A sinister smile creeped on his face. It was her.

“Show time.” His dark voice whispered as he unlocked the door and made his way out.

My breath came out in uneven puffs as I spotted my car. “Why on earth did you park at the end?” I cursed myself under my breath. Stopping briefly I rummaged through my bag, finding my keys, I continued forward. Hearing the sound of footsteps I turned abruptly, nothing. You’ve got to stop watching horror movies. I thought, continuing forward.

A hand whips its way to my mouth, muffling my quick scream to protest. “What the?” Came muffled from behind the stranger’s hand.

“Hello.” A deep male voice calls into my left ear. “Nice night for a walk.”

“Help!” I screamed as loud as I could from behind his hand.

A fistfull of hair is tugged sharply causing me to yelp in pain. “Hush now, wouldn’t want to alert the whole city now would we?” His next movement surprising me as he strokes my hair gently.  “I’ve been watching you for awhile.” He whispers in my ear. “It’s like you were made perfect for me. Someone who understands me, understands the darkness.”

I squirm against him, trying in some futile attempt to get away from him. “You’re a freak. I don’t even know who you are.” Kicking hard backwards, landing a swift blow on his shins, I run like hell, not bothering to look back.

The air is abruptly pushed from my lungs when I’m pushed face first into the concrete, the man from earlier tackling me harshly. I try to suck in any amount of air only succeeding in coughing brutally instead.

“Oh trust me, you will know me.” Even through my blurred vision I can see the smirk plastered across his face. “Tell me, what’s your name?”

I try to comment something rude in response but the words felt like they were took right out of my mouth, only the rasping sound of me trying to catch my breath filling the silence.

“I guess you’ll have to tell me later.” He laughs loudly, before taking something from behind him, bashing me rudely in the head. Inky darkness swims before my eyes before consuming my conscious mind.

Harsh coughing comes from my lungs before I thrash upwards, eyes wildly searching for anything around me of familiarity. Where am I? What happened? The tall stranger across the room brings things back to focus, reminding me of the events before. I inhale heavily, trying my best to get as much air into my lungs as I could.

He approaches me in long, quick strides. A bottle in one hand, his other picking up a syringe. “Gentle now. I’m not gonna hurt you.” He claims, closing the rest of the distance sitting on me next to the bed. “But if you’re not careful you’re going to hurt yourself.” He says matter of factly. Flicking the syringe, he pulls my arm harshly, injecting the clear liquid into my bloodstream.

“The hell?” I manage to get out before I’m sucked back into the abyss from before.

“There’s something about you that I can’t explain.” A voice pierces through my foggy conscience. “There’s darkness within your eyes, you understand things, you can understand me.”

Wearily, I open my eyes, trying to observe where I was. I was in the same bed as before. Edward sitting in a chair next to me, staring out the window whilst voicing his thoughts.

“You’re sick, and depraved.” I spat out.

He whipped his head towards me, shock and hurt on his face. “Don’t say that! You know that’s not true! You understand me.”

I hadn’t expected him to lash out so abruptly. Pulling my knees closer to my chest, I did my best attempt to make myself smaller, hoping it’d make things easier. Something seemed to snap in him, something dark and terrifying.

He rubbed his neck, seeming to search for his words. “Do you ever feel like you were meant for something, something important?”

I hesitantly nodded my head.

“There’s something inside of me, just waiting to get out! I know that! I just,” he trails of, looking around the room. “I need someone by my side. I know that person can be you.” He turns to look at me darkly. “Please, (Y/N). I desperately need someone.”

I turned, giving him a cold dark glare. “Go to hell.”

Standing up, he straightens out his sweater, composing himself. The next movement he makes, he’s slapping me across the face. A searing pain bursts in my left cheek. I’m still processing it when he grabs my chin, forcing me to look in his eyes.

“Don’t,” he breathes in heavily. “Test me.”

Ed let’s go with a hard jerk of his wrist.

Almost as if someone had snapped their fingers, his posture goes back to normal, his eyes look cool and calm. He flicks his wrist, glancing at the watch on his wrist.

“I have to go, but when I come home, you better have changed your answer.” He turns, grabbing his coat and keys and walking out.

After hearing the click of the lock I lose it, realizing the situation I landed in. Without thinking, I scream, hoping praying, that anyone might hear me.

It’s not about them…When we torture someone it doesn’t reveal that they’re a bad guy, it reveals that we have a depraved, sick, soul…It’s the people who are already have tortured souls who become torturers…The reason you don’t torture is because if humanity means something, then its gotta apply here. You have to be able to see the humanity in the other person, and by doing that you recognize your own humanity. When you deny the humanity in someone else, you deny your own, you lower yourself down to them, you become a barbarian yourself. And that’s why we don’t torture. Not because of them, not because of how bad they are, but because of who we are. That’s why we don’t torture, not because we’re being nice to people, because we care about us, and our society. If you don’t care about a cancer in our society then keep torturing, but you don’t give a fuck and that’s why you want to. I do care about our society, I do care about my humanity, that’s why I’m against torture
—  Jimmy Dore (TYT host and comedian)

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Temporal Trust? please, maybe. I'm starved for these two interacting in any way.

Only the sick and depraved ship Temporal Trust…luckily I’m sick and twisted enough to love and adore them. YEAH! LET’S GO TO HELL! And on the way give these two fics that don’t make me want to cry GDI KIINO!!!



“Just one little family dinner. I promise it’ll be the last time I ask you to interact with my parents. Please.” Clockwork was a strong and powerful ghost who controlled time itself. He also couldn’t say no to the troublesome ghost that was Danny Fenton. Liking the kid was bad enough but dating him caused even more complications…not that he regretted his decisions. “You can pick where we go next on date night~”


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Do you have any advice to someone who is new to the realization that all that is "taboo" and "horrific" is actually really hot?

hahaaa. welcome to the 7th circle, my dear! i have found things that i’m supposed to be repulsed by hot since before i really understood what sex was, and it’s definitely shaped who i currently am, for better or worse. i would say… embrace your inner hedonist. allow yourself to feel whatever you feel and try very hard not to be remorseful about it. you are 100% allowed to be turned on by anything you want, no matter what any law or moral may say. if something gets you off, that’s nobody’s business but yours. fantasies are just that; they’re intangibles, they’re completely harmless and not real, and they can be just as nasty and depraved as your sick little mind can twist up. and that’s totally, totally okay.

there are things i’ll never talk about probably, things that turn me on or that i’ve fantasized about or that i’ve gotten off to. and they’re my secrets to have, my dirty daydreams, and i don’t feel guilty for a second. you are so very, very, very not alone in those thoughts, no matter what they are, and there are so many fucking people who get off to some sick shit who preach at pulpits every sunday or teach first grade or protest at pride or fuck their vanilla wives missionary style while they’re fantasizing about 12yo boys. 

basically, enjoy it. slop around in it and writhe in the filth. ;)

Turned On by the Health Issues of Gaining?

I recently received a question about whether I’m turned on by the health problems associated with extreme obesity. I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer the question more fully since it’s an issue that often gets brushed aside all too easily or uncomfortably.

When we talk about being turned on by so-called unhealthy gaining, what we really mean is getting aroused by the afflictions of obesity. I use the word affliction because the issues we’re talking about go far beyond health. Quite simply, the pain and suffering of obesity is–to some degree–erotic to all gainers and encouragers. In fact, it’s one of the things that separates us from bears, chasers, FAs, or others with normative sexualties. The only difference among us is the point at which a gainer or encourager taps out, so to speak. The point of “too much.”

Now I’m defining pain and suffering very broadly here, emotional and physical–everything along a spectrum from

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Reasons why Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time + …And Justice for All (1979)

You’re out of order! You’re out of order! The whole trial is out of order! They’re out of order! That man, that sick, crazy, depraved man, raped and beat that woman there, and he’d like to do it again, he told me so! It’s just a show! It’s a show! It’s “Let’s Make A Deal”! “Let’s Make A Deal”! Hey Frank, you wanna make a deal? I got an insane judge who likes to beat the shit out of women! Whaddya wanna gimme Frank, three weeks probation?.

Here’s the reason Livia Soprano is one of the greatest female characters of all time.

A show filled with gangsters, murderers, sociopaths and generally the lowest, most depraved, sick, ill men you could only have nightmares about meeting in every day life.

And Livia was still, by far, the scariest one of them all. I mean, she was a horrifying and soul-destroying monster.  

But she was never, not once, got violent. Not ever. She didn’t need a gun. Or a knife. She had psychological warfare. That was all she needed.

Nitro+CHiRAL games are so fucking sick and depraved but also bizarrely fascinating and so unconventional that I end up looping around to having a strange form of respect for their work just for how different they are.

I know DRAMAtical Murder is the most popular because of how stylish it is but my fave is Sweet Pool due to Gen Urobuchi’s influence as a supervisor giving it an extra level of depth. You wouldn’t think a game like… THAT (I can’t even bring myself to describe the gory details) would also contain several metaphors for growing up, societal expectations, and the struggles of gay youth, but it does. The true ending is one of the biggest tearjerkers in gaming for me as well.

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🔥 Ivar

Send me 🔥 + a topic and I’ll give you an unpopular opinion – > Anon – > Accepting!

I guess my unpopular opinion would be that it makes me sick how much people, especially roleplayers romanticize him.  Ivar is someone who is so dynamic (sagas and Vikings) and so many people make it about Alex being hot or trying to get one to ship with one of their characters, and people don’t pay attention to who Ivar is, as a person.  I will admit that the sick depraved fangirls on tumblr made me not tolerate it well, but I feel like Ivar ships, wanting him with people and all that does a disservice to him.

And if you only are a fan of someone for a ship or one of those disgusting, worthless imagine blogs where you put yourself in it, you really can’t call yourself a fan of Ivar, because you are only a fan of what you want him to be in your head.

A character is more than a ship and it’s disgusting that many in this fandom refuse to see it. 


These Chilling Quotes From Serial Killers Will Make You Feel Uneasy

However terrifying a horror movie may be, there’s no way it can emulate the sheer horror and depravity of a real life serial killer. These sick, twisted individuals claim a bizarre type of fame as society tries to process the inhuman acts committed among innocents.

If you have a strong stomach, read on to discover some of the most chilling words ever spoken, straight from the mouths of sinister and disturbed serial killers…