the sibling tag!

maybe we can just have a big “bakkoush siblings school everybody” presentation in their living room re: sana and elias sitting everybody down and talking about mental health and racism and islamophobia and homophobia (bc they are both bi or elias is gay it’s canon) and misogyny and calling everybody out on their shit 

and also 

elias made a powerpoint with pictures bc he’s that Extra


If you’ve only got one single brother, you want to protect him
from all that is evil, don’t you understand that? - SN: 12x11
The Brothers Lionheart/Astrid Lindgren

You can’t tell me Pidge wasn’t at the very least a bit emotional after 2x10 and finding out Matt was, at the very least, alive.

For the @vldshippositivityweek week, day 1: Home/Family

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Cafe Cardamari Tales : Rain Check - Page 4 - (Open image in new tab for full size)

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Apollo Morcella (huh, sounds familiar) comes to deliver some bad news to our team. Who will they be battling? Now I wanna know how did he get his vespa there? Now that is the real question!

pidge: i hate you so much lmao

lance: wow the feeling is mutual forest gremlin

allura: are…are you two having a fight? what is happening??

pidge: oh, don’t worry. lance and i are fine.

lance: yeah, no fights here. 

allura: [obviously confused] ah…okay?


stupid parallels are still parallels 1/?

the classic “double check with the wife that this is okay” before doing The Thing

You know what my younger, eleven-year-old sister said after hearing Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

She said, “The orphanage isn’t what makes me sad. It’s that [Eliza] did all that stuff and then no one even knows her. No one tells her story.”

That stuck with me.