the shy little kitten


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Imagine being bullied and Isaac has always kind of watched from afar, but one day you go off and end up beating up the bully, breaking his jaw and stuff, being a total badass, and Isaac calls you ‘a little firecracker’ and you kind of go back to being a shy little kitten after.

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You were panting as the rage slowly drifted away, listening to the bully groan at your feet. Slowly, the ringing in your ears subsides to allow you to hear the laughter that was to your side. You look towards it, blushing when you find it’s source.

“Wow, well, aren’t you the little firecracker?” Isaac grins as he moves closer, both of you not caring when the bully picks himself up to run off. “Remind me not to get on your bad side.”

Black Veil Brides how they seem vs how they actually are

Jake How he seems: awkward, weird, nerd How he is: fitness dude, metal head, lovely

Ashley How he seems: party dude, sexy, manwhore How he is: shy, kind, little kitten

Jinxx How he seems: annoyed, quite, weird How he is: talented, cute, adorable

CC How he seems: crazy, wild, loud How he is: little kid, cute, tiny waist

Andy How he seems: clever, scary, tall How he is: TALL, talented, funny Just kidding Andy is actually just a tall child who likes to dress up as Batman

Michael was a fan of nicknames, especially in sexual moments. When you were sitting on his lap and slowly rocking against his bulge, he wouldn’t shy away from the praises. “Does kitten like being a naughty little girl?” Or he’d sometimes switch it up, “Princess, why don’t you put that pretty little mouth of yours to work.” 

The signs as kittens
  • Aries: that one little kitten, that always wants to fight with its siblings
  • taurus: that kitten, that will lick about your hand and the one kitten, that never stops purring
  • Gemini: that curious little kitten, that wants to explore everything
  • Cancer: the little kitten, that always stays by mommys side and wants to cuddle all the time
  • leo: the proud kitten,that comes to you and wants your affection
  • Virgo: the cautious, clever kitten, that isn't so adventurous as gemini,because it could be dangerous.
  • Libra: that cute kitten with a cute meowing. Its also the playful one.
  • Scorpio: these kitten, you'll rarely see. Its always in the background and watching you.
  • Sagittarius: these naive little kitten, that jump about everyone and everything. a little hyperactive.
  • capricorn: the shy kitten, that seems sometimes a little beastly, because it'll scratch you, if you touch it.
  • Aquarius: that one little kitten, that will climb on the top of you, just because its bored.
  • Pisces: the smallest kitten, that's afraid of everyone and everything. It's a little jumpy

I can just imagine you being a semi famous upcoming singer/actress and in an interview you admit your ultimate celebrity crush was Michael so you’re at some after party and you know 5sos will be there which makes you 100000x more nervous to attend and after arriving and chatting with some friends, you can see the minute the other boys see you they begin pestering mikey to go talk to you because he’s a little kitten and can get kind of shy and blushy when it comes to talking to beautiful girls like yourself ,so finally he musters up the courage to come over and start talking to you and making witty comments like “so a little bird whispered to me that- oh shit that’s not right um” and getting really mixed up with his “smooth talk” which helps you relax and laugh with him as he comes back with “listen I’m kind of a dork, all I know is you’re a gorgeous, talented girl who I would love to get to know better” with the most sheepish smile he can make and a blush starts creeping across his face as you take his phone to put in your number awwww