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Could you possibly do headcannons of how the RFA members (+ V and Saeran) kiss their s/o's neck? (Love your blog! ♡♡♡)

Thank you! I hope you enjoy this! 
(WARNING: mentions of the sex in Saeyoung’s and small mention of blood in Saeran’s) 


✮ is super shy
✮ little kitten kisses
✮ holds your shoulders gently
✮ loves to press his nose against your pulse
✮ really enjoys smelling your perfume
✮ when things get hotter his hands are groping at your hips to pull you closer
✮ he begins to bite and lick but he’s still gentle
✮ he’s more of a sub 
✮ pants against the skin of your neck while things get heavy
✮ he grazes the edge of his teeth along your skin
✮ doesn’t really leaves marks unless he’s trying to prove something


✎ only kisses your neck after things are a bit heavier
✎ as in
✎ doesn’t casually just kiss your neck
✎ is also really soft
✎ pulls her lips around your skin while pressing her chest to yours
✎ her face in your neck works mostly as a distraction for the both of you
✎ likes the further back parts of your neck
✎ like behind your ear
✎ doesn’t really bite
✎ licks when things are building up during the sexy times
✎ she just really likes feeling your skin 
✎ along with the proof of exertion
✎ also doesn’t leave marks (it’s unprofessional)


✿ is probably obsessed with your neck
✿ loves to watch the muscles tense under his lips
✿ he definitely likes biting you
✿ his licks and nibbles are heavy and full of heat
✿ LOVES leaving marks on you
✿ it’s a turn on for him
✿ so he loves to just tilt your head back
✿ and attack your neck
✿ so that everyone will know you belong to him
✿ likes holding your hair while doing it because he can move your neck however he pleases
✿ likes to gently kiss and nuzzle hickies after he’s made them because he’s a loser  
✿ won’t bite hard enough to break the skin though - you’re too precious 


₩ likes the lower part of your neck more
₩ like around your collarbones
₩ loves the feel of your skin against the bone 
₩ while he kisses it 
₩ and licks in the bow of it when it’s presents 
₩ sometimes he even pulls on your shoulders so that your clavicle becomes prominent 
₩ sometimes bites it but not too hard 
₩ because that shit would probably hurt (it’s b o n e)
₩ he only leaves marks on your upper chest/cleavage 
₩ because only he should be seeing there 
₩ unless he gets really possessive
₩ then he sucks all over your neck and just leaves all the marks 


⌨  boi 
⌨  how things go down with saeyoung really depends on the mood 
⌨  sometimes he just butterfly kisses up your throat 
⌨  but other times your neck is just one big fuckin bruise 
⌨  his favourite area is the end of your jaw 
⌨  between your jawbone and ear 
⌨  he’s kind of obsessed with it tbh 
⌨  sucks on it harshly and presses his tongue down flat 
⌨  after deepthroating him he likes to gently kiss the outside of your throat 
⌨  like a ‘thank you’
⌨  he likes to trail kisses from your neck to your shoulder- where it turns to bites 
⌨  he holds your back so you can’t squirm away from him 


☼ this nugget is so gentle 
☼ he will not bite you unless you specifically ask him and then assure him that’s what you want 
☼ he just really likes kissing you everywhere 
☼ so when he’s spreading kisses over your throat they’re opened mouth and breathy 
☼ it’s really sensual and nice 
☼ kinda hovers his lips over your skin before each kiss
☼ letting out a content sigh against your warm skin 
☼ before admiring it with his mouth 
☼ is really shy with his tongue 
☼ at first you can tell he’s nervous 
☼ because just the tip sneaks out to poke at your neck 
☼ but with your little mewls he gets assured 


⚠︎ this BOI
⚠︎ hoo 
⚠︎ your neck 
⚠︎ it’s basically his property 
⚠︎ hope you like turtlenecks because that’s all you can wear with this boy around 
⚠︎ unless you like people getting worried about all the marks and literal WOUNDS on your neck 
⚠︎ he bites 
⚠︎ like, breaking skin bite 
⚠︎ licks it to make it up to you
⚠︎ also to clean up the blood 
⚠︎ sucks and bites everywhere
⚠︎ he’s less of a kisser 
⚠︎ only when he’s feeling super duper extra affectionate 
⚠︎ will he kiss your neck
⚠︎ when he does kiss it, it’s mostly along your jawbone 
⚠︎ I don’t even know how to describe this damn guy 
⚠︎ honestly, i hope you’re kind of a masochist because ouch

I’m still working on how to write V and Saeran, so I hope this was okay ♡♡

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top 5 otayuri headcanons bb 👀 👀 👀

1. Daddybek
2. Needy little kitten
3. Pierced nipples Yuri
4. Shy yuri underneath all his prickly demeanor that he tries to hide by being more brash
5. Super serious Otabek especially when confessing his feelings (and Yuri yelling at him for being able to say shit like that with a straight face) 


A Sadist’s Paradise - pt.2

Genre; Smut

Length;  3,900+ words of pure smut

Kink(s); Daddy and Sir kink

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Yoongi bit his lip and grinned; he loved seeing you cry, seeing your tear stained face filled him with this near orgasm-inducing amount of ecstasy. “Let’s show them what-” He softly teased while lightly brushing the floggers vicious tails against your bare, abused flesh. “-a good little slut you are for Daddy, shall we babygirl?” 

Though you wanted to say no, you just couldn’t find your voice. A stifled whimper flowed out of you as you peered up at him. 

He had both phones in his hands and after a couple minutes, he turned to you with a huge smug grin across his face. “They’ll be here in ten minutes babygirl..” Yoongi’s pompous chuckle filled the room as he combed through his hair with his slender fingers. 

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I'm sorry I hAVE to ask. Natsumi, you were watching everything, right? So you saw... "NekoHiko"? It was beautiful.

Hahaha ! Yeah I saw it ! It was hilarious !

S-Shut up !

What? Little kitten is shy?

Stop that.

Oh and the way that you clinged to Peko was really cute. I still can’t believe you haven’t told her your feelings yet. Are you waiting to be an old man?

….I told you to shut your mouth.

The real Percival Graves is just an enigma I’m so in love with because he is essentially a blank piece of paper. All we know is that he comes from a good wizarding family, is the Director of Magical Security and is HOT. AS. FUCK. I just love writing about him because you have the freedom to build who he is as a real person. Graves enjoys knitting? Sure. Is he into BDSM? Could be, why not? Is he as stoic as he is with the Aurors when he’s with his (possibly imaginary) significant other? Maybe he’s a shy little kitten who is the kinkiest little shit you’ve ever seen. That being said, it IRKS the crap out of me that he was wasted in the Fantastic Beasts movie, possibly the entire series because he could have easily been one of the scene stealers, thanks in great part to his being played by Colin Farrell. It just makes me UGH that we got “well he’s a real person, but enough about him, let’s talk about pasty ass Johnny Depp in white blonde hair and coloured contact eyes whose mumbling is worse than Newt’s. *kicks Graves off into the abyss*”.

Obviously, I’m still salty as fuck that both Percival Graves & Colin Farrell won’t be in future movies at all (as of now).

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Mickey and Ian get Yevgeny a cat for Christmas because the kid has been nagging none stop for a whole year ever since he fed a stray cat in an alley and became way to attached to the flea bag (Mickey’s words)

  • and his Dad’s absolutely refuse to get him a cat at first because they know they will be the ones that have to take care of it, especially when Yev is at Svetlana’s, because there’s no way in hell she’ll allow a cat at her house, she’s a clean freak.
  • But Yevgeny SWEARS he will take care of the cat, they won’t have to do anything - he’ll feed it, play with it, scoop it’s poop, brush it. Mickey is all like “……yeah okaaaaay.” 
  • So when they ask for Yevgeny’s Christmas list later that year all it says is “CAT” over and over and over. 
  • Ian wears Mickey down one night in December, talks about how it would be a good idea, that it would teach Yev “responsibility” yaddayaddayadda. Mickey has eyerolled at least once a minute during this conversation, accompanied by aggravated huffs and death stares. 
  • He agrees eventually, but not before complaining loudly about how the couch and carpet are gonna get ripped the shreds with that beast’s nails. Ian silences him with some kisses.
  • They get Yev a little kitten from the shelter - a shy, grey tabby with bright (but slightly cross-eyed) eyes. They make sure she’s healthy and has all her shots before adopting her. 
  • They give her to Yev on Christmas Eve and Yev is so excited he can’t stop crying, holds the cat and gets tears and snot all in it’s fur because he can’t stop rubbing his face against her. He’s instantly in love.
  • He names her Amelia and Mickey is all “Amelia…..really?” but Ian thinks it’s perfect, but like…“honestly, where the fuck did he get Amelia??”
  • Mickey doesn’t touch her at first, does nothing but glare at her and yell at her for jumping on the counters and complains about her hair being fucking attached to everything in the apartment. 
  • But one night he falls asleep on the couch and little Amelia curls up on his chest and naps with him. And when he wakes up he isn’t even mad, just starts rubbing her head. 
  • Ian comes home at that exact moment and he’s all :O!!!! Snaps a pic and that’s his phone background for months. 

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Got any royal yawning headcanons?

  • Azura - She’s got a pretty elegant yawn, covering her mouth and everything. However, sometimes her yawns are really long and drawn out and they’ll make that quasi-burp sound. When that happens, she’s whipping her head around making sure no one heard. If they did, they will NEVER speak of it.


  • Ryoma - His yawns are massive! Have you seen a lion yawn? Yeah, that’s how it is, but he makes this enormous animal-like noise and it scares everyone around him. Sakura once ran over to him to see if he was breathing properly, assuming he was choking and trying to force air into his lungs or something. 
  • Hinoka - She has the crying yawn game going on. She’ll feel a yawn coming on and freak out, like nO NOT NOW. And she’ll go through her yawn like normal, but then when she’s done, there are tears streaming down her face for no reason and she’s looking like Corrin was kidnapped again, and people ask her if she’s okay and she’s like yeah, but deep down, she’s not beCAUSE HER STUPID YAWN IS RUINING HER COOL AND SPICY DEMEANOR. 
  • Takumi - He’s got a really adorable yawn! His eyes get all tiny and he tucks his chin in and tries to hide the yawn. He never makes a sound and looks like a shy little kitten. Every time Hinoka points this out to him, Takumi denies ever yawning and doesn’t speak to her for the rest of the day.
  • Sakura - Poor girl HATES yawning. She does everything she can to not yawn, suppressing them and forcing them to stop. Her face will contort in many different ways as a result and people come up to ask if she’s got an itch or if something smells bad, and she’s like no, everything’s okay, while she’s getting dizzy and ready to pass out because she thinks yawns are the most rude things ever.


  • Xander - Okay his yawns are not yawns for long. So he’ll start yawning, but then it’s suddenly a cough or a sneeze, and no one knows why, like let the poor man just YAWN for Naga’s sake! Every time he feels a yawn coming on, he doesn’t know what it is. He could be in a war council meeting and start yawning, but then randomly start hiccuping for no reason whatsoever.
  • Camilla - She’s got this patting game going with her yawns. So it’s a normal yawn in every sense, but she’ll pat her mouth as she’s yawning. God forbid her yawn makes a noise because then it’s the funniest thing ever, like try it right now. Make a noisy yawn and pat your mouth rapidly. Just try to tell me you’re not laughing now.
  • Leo - He doesn’t ever try to hide his yawns. If he’s bored of you and doesn’t want you to continue talking, he’ll yawn loudly and do that really obnoxious gum smacking noise to let you know that was an exceedingly satisfying yawn. 
  • Elise - She has that really flamboyant yawn. You know the one. When that one girl in the back of your math class, in the middle of her test, yawns and stretches, but it turns into a high-pitched squeal as she all but gets up from her seat, before sitting back down and answering another math question like she didn’t just hit the highest note from Phantom of the Opera.

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most likely to be awkward in front of the person they like.

Youngjae poor kid would just stare awkwardly at the person. 

Yugyeom he’ll be a shy little kitten awww

Mark most likely to blush a lot 

Jackson wild n sexy would be awkward and dumb in front of that person

Bambam would make those awkward uncomfortable jokes

JB mr. serious would probably be mentally screaming at himself

Junior he’s an actor, he can probably act not so awkward around them 

but let’s face it all these idiots would be awkward in front of the person they like, I mean who isn’t?


Shayera has the tiniest baby kitten meows SO CUTE

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What would BTS like to do on a first date?

A series of anonymous users asked me this two nights(?) ago, I decided to compile them into one and add Jins. :) Enjoy! ~

Jin: We all know Jin loves his food. I feel like a first date with include a three-course meal. But to shake things up I feel like it would include some serious restaurant hopping. One course at a different restaurant. He’d probably ask you to save a good part of the evening for him to do this. He’d probably have a list of restaurants that he wants you to pick from. After your restaurant dates, I feel like you’d go for a nice evening stroll at the park or drive around because you just don’t want the night to end. I don’t know about the rest of you reading this, but I think Jin has a really nice side profile (and shoulders). Imagine staring at him as he drives speaking calmly about the band, about food, and about his dreams. When he turns to ask you about your interests he catches you staring…

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Suga: I feel like Suga wouldn’t be the type to go out for a first date. He’d probably take you to his studio and let you listen to some of his music. He would let you play around with his equipment as if you were actually composing tracks with the Genius Min Suga. But then he’d be scared that you’d break the equipment and he’ll pull out the plug when you weren’t looking (LOL). Seeing your sad expression would move his heart so he’d distract you by treating you to lamb skewers.

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JHope: Hoseok would take you out dancing. He likes you a lot and we all know how passionate he is about dancing, he’d want to share it with you. It give him a chance to show off his amazing talents to impress you and show you how sexy the happy hobi you know could be. After dancing he’d take you out to dinner, where both of you would talk animatedly about your experience with Hoseok leading the conversation. His eyes would brighten as he sees you’re genuinely interested in what he has to say. Of course, dancing wouldn’t be the only topic. Hoseok would want to know about you and your interests. As the night comes to an end, you let him know that fun you had dancing and how for your second date you have a passion of yours you want to share with him. His face would break into a ear-splitting grin as he agrees and wishes you goodnight. When turned around to close the door, you peak out to see Hoseok jumping in pure enjoy at the fact you’d confirmed a second date.

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would take you on a coffee date. He enjoys intellectual conversations. He wants to get you know and everything about you, the quiet setting is perfect from to establish this. Like Jimin, he is really shy, the cafe setting would set a friendly mood that could turn romantic if initiated. You’d make him feel all kinds of emotions, when you’d compliment him on his music he’d become so flustered that he’s accidentally spill some coffee on the table embarrassing himself.

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Jimin: Ahh, for Jimin, I feel like he would take you to a restaurant because he’d think it’s the right thing to do. He’s confident on stage but he’s a shy little kitten sometimes. After he’d finally gotten the courage to ask you out, it’s obvious he’d like you too much to mess things up from start. He’d come to your house dressed up, talk to your parents, then take you to a fancy restaurant. On your way back, you’d walk talking about anything and everything that came into your minds. He’d slowly gather up courage to hold your hand and you’d intertwine your fingers. Small smiles would be shared between both of you as you continued your way home (of course stopping by to get ice cream because who could resist an ice cream date with park jimin?)

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Taehyung & Jungkook: I think both Taehyung and Jungkook would want to do something fun, like a carnival date or bowling date. They’d want to have fun with you without the awkward confinement of a restaurant setting. Movie dates are cool too, but they also want to get to know you and they’re much too energetic for a movie. On a carnival date they’ll also get to show off their competitive sides and win you(r heart and) a stuffed animal. You guys would then go eat food from the stands and he’d be watching you eat and when you offer it to him, he’d know you’re the one.

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@acutelatios - Thank you hun ((hugs)) I’m alright though ^^ Some dreams are just dreams :)

@hellfireandheartstrings - ((hugs tight)) Thank you honey ^^ The shy little kitten became an ask-me-if-I-give-a-f*ck Cat though, so I guess I owe that to the ones who tried to make me believe “normal” was better xD

Also, if we need backup, we know who to call, Bella ;)