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But it sounds like something someone would post on this hellsite right? I don’t understand how two characters potentially getting together would ruin a show  when the show isn’t even romance centered and hasn’t played a big part in the story yet. Plus Allura is cool and Keith is cool and them together would be kinda cool, Third a man and a woman being in a relationship, doesn’t always mean their hetero Korra and Asami both dated a dude before they got together and Bi and Pan people exist y’all. For real tho Sheith is my main ship in vld but people can be so unnecessarily mean to Kallura fans, y’all ain’t got to ship it but don’t be dicks to those that do.

  Anyway heres a sweet Kallura picture.

for tanya—

Tanya! Sorry this took so long asdfghjkl is2g I cannot write a fanfic these days so don’t expect too much, lmao.

Chuuya sighed. “It feels more like taking care of two children.” He murmurs, massaging his forehead as he slumped down on the couch eyeing at Dazai and Shuuji in front of him who had been laughing at Dazai’s joke.

“Mamai… did that?” Shuuji’s blue eyes, a resemblance of Chuuya’s, are wide with attention. His face showed happiness – the glow making Chuuya smile; even if Shuuji looks completely like Dazai and no, he isn’t bitter about it – why would he, he only carried Shuuji for nine months, after all.

“Hmm.” Dazai nods as he cradles the child. “Your Mamai really has some lame lines when he comes to fight the bad guys.”

“More like saving your sorry ass.”

Shuuji laughs – he laughs like his world is complete and Chuuya watches as Dazai’s face softens, tousling the child’s hair with adoration. Chuuya smiles at the scene unfolding in front of him; one that could easily ease away his fatigue.

Four years ago, he wouldn’t have dreamt of this very scene unfolding right before his eyes. Four years ago, he had given up the idea of happiness the moment Dazai had left him and Shuuji.

“Mamai,” Shuuji calls; eyes filled with happiness. “I’m hungry.” He whines. Unlike six months ago, his speech has improved far greater than what Chuuya could’ve imagined. It may have been a product of Dazai being with them all the time or maybe it’s just because he’s goddamn Dazai Osamu’s son.

Chuuya rolls his eyes as he hears Shuuji’s laughter all the way from the kitchen. He attempts to grab the seasoning placed on the top shelf courteousy of Dazai who was hell bent on teasing Chuuya’s height. Groaning, he peeked at the living room to call Dazai.

“What is it Chuuya?”

“I can’t reach the seasoning.” Chuuya mumbled, face heating up in embarrassment.

Dazai arches a brow. “Chuuya, I can’t hear you~”

“Asshole.” Chuuya mumbles. “I can’t reach the seasoning.”

There’s three seconds of silence before Dazai bursts out laughing. Chuuya punches him slightly on the shoulder but the bastard keeps on laughing until there are tears on the corner of his eyes. Chuuya glares at Dazai who wiped the tears of his face before walking towards the cabinet with amusement still evident on his features.

“Why did you even place that there, you ass.”

“But Chuuya is so cute when he asks for help.”

“You are such an asshole.”

“Eh, if Chuuya had his Gravity Manipulation he could’ve done this so easily.” Dazai comments before he grabs the seasoning, placing it on the counter.

You see, a month and a half ago, Fyodor Doestoyevsky had won the war. He had erased all the Abilities in the world – ranging from the smallest to the most powerful ones. However, there was only one flaw: He managed to erase the Abilities; not the Ability Users and thus, from then on, they have started to live normally.

“It’s too…surreal.” Chuuya says as he chops the mackerel. “Living normally, I mean.”

“But isn’t that what you wanted for Shuuji?” Dazai asks, leaning on the counter as he eyed Chuuya. “Normal living?”

Chuuya nods. He doesn’t say a thing when Dazai wraps his arms around Chuuya’s waist, placing his chin on Chuuya’s shoulder.

“Mamai, I’m hungry.” There’s a voice from behind them that calls Chuuya and Chuuya wiggles out of Dazai’s hold only to make Dazai tighten his embrace. Shuuji scrunches his nose. “Dada, stop hugging Mamai in front of me!”

“Why, bud?” Dazai grins. “You jealous?”

“Mamai was mine first!”

“He was mine first, Shuuji.” Dazai teases. Chuuya rolls his eyes at their antics but a smile grazed his features as he continued to cook.

Living normally felt surreal – Chuuya was afraid this happiness could shatter any minute. That one day, Dazai might leave again or Shuuji might be in danger again. There are a lot of things Chuuya is afraid of. But there was one thing for sure, he wouldn’t let anyone touch his family – if they do, Chuuya would meet them in hell.


This wasn’t new.

A lot of people had started going after Chuuya and Dazai now that they’re powers were gone. They felt like they had an advantage – especially since they would always come in numbers only to be pulverized by Chuuya’s skills in martial arts. This wasn’t new but it makes his heart clench in pain every time.

“Shuuji got taken again.” Dazai sighs, rubbing his hand on his face. “How many times is this? 4th? 5th? Do they really have a death wish?”

“One scrape on Shuuji’s skin and they wish they hadn’t been born.” Chuuya says, his eyes as dark as the night glazed with murder. Dazai nods, sighing at the mere naivety of the people nowadays.

“Well then, let’s go and rescue Shuuji, shall we?”

Another abandoned building. When will these guys ever stop being so mainstream? Sighing, Chuuya and Dazai entered the building casually, steps echoing throughout the dark as they searched around for Shuuji.

“Nakahara Chuuya of the Port Mafia and Dazai Osamu of the Armed Detective Agency,” There’s a feral grin matching the animosity of those words. “I thought you weren’t going to come, I was getting bored playing with your son.”

Chuuya grits his teeth, clenching his fists when Dazai places a hand on his shoulder, calming him down. “Oh? You were playing with our son? How did it feel to lose?”

The man gritted his teeth making Dazai smirk further. Shuuji wasn’t Dazai and Chuuya’s son for nothing. He could get out on any situation given that he managed to inherit his Father’s brains although Dazai would appreciate it if Shuuji hadn’t provoked them; which was impossible given that Shuuji had inherited Chuuya’s sass.

“Bring the boy!”

The man pushes Shuuji forward – who didn’t even look a tad bit scared. He had dirt on the sides of his face and his clothes were tattered but other than that, his eyes showed no fear and no further injuries could be seen.

“Mamai. Dada.” The boy calls, pouting. “I’m hungry.”

“As if you could get out of this alive!” The man shouts, waving his hand as tens of people surrounded them; all bringing weapon which ranged on from a bat to a knife. Sighing, Chuuya throws Dazai his coat; making Dazai smirk in response.

“Get Shuuji.”

“Way ahead of you, Chuuya.”

“Kill them!”

Dazai expertly maneuvers to the crowd; dodging their attacks effortlessly – jumping from one place to another. Sure, their abilities may be gone and Dazai’s combat skills maybe lower than average for the Port Mafia but these guys clearly were lower than that. He kicks the man guarding Shuuji to the shin before helping the boy up.

“You okay, bud?”

Shuuji nods, the rope on his wrist falling to the ground without even Dazai helping. “Is it okay to leave Mamai like that?”

“Your Mamai is angry.” Dazai winks. “We don’t want to get in the way, do we?” Shuuji nods – a constipated look on his face remembering the times Chuuya got angry. It was never a good move to make Chuuya angry.

“Dada, I’m hungry, can we get ice cream before we head home?”

“Sure, bud.” Dazai nods, ruffling the boy’s hair. “We need to calm your Mamai down with the coldness anyway.”

“Ice cream. Ice cream! Yay.” The boy shouts with glee like he wasn’t just kidnapped by now. Dazai shakes his head.

Well, this was a natural occurrence in the Nakahara-Dazai household anyway.

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Imagine competitive monty trying to prove he is the best kisser outta the three of them haha. Justin taking turns living at monty's or alex. Monty bragging to courtney " its totally cool that you didn't want a threesome, I found myself two hot people ...a cute blonde and a sexy brunette 😍" . Alex asking monty & justin to the winter formal. justin flashes his smiles and says "of course !" And monty says " yeah count me in ... even though dances are lame, but I am picking out our suits"

Okay but yes Alex would totally be the one to do something cute like ask them to the dance! And Monty is totally into all of them having coordinated suits, they’re totally the schools power couple, they gotta show it.

And Monty just talks about them like it’s never been any other way, and people get a little confused to start with because what the hell is he talking about, Alex and Justin???? But Monty literally gives 0 fucks, and he doesn’t give a shit what others think, he just wants to talk about his boys.

And you can bet that the second Justin shows up at his door he’s got his car keys ready to go beat some ass. And then Justin has to stop him and he calls Alex for backup because no one can calm Monty like cute little Alex can.

And there’s so, so much kissing! And the hickeys, oh god the hickeys.

Thank you for this message I’m in love 😍

why my chem teacher is the most dad™ teacher and all-around coolest ever

- spent 5 minutes one day complaining about the transition effects and lame fonts on the old chem teacher’s lecture slides

- had us take a survey the first day of school in which he included a question about being stuck on a desert island with justin bieber

- while teaching us nomenclature conventions for alkanes, pointed at “pent-” and said “obviously you show know some of these already; if you’re a satanist you probably know what a pentagram is,” opened a discussion of temple of satan vs. satanic temple, and said he’d be interested in joining the satanic temple one day 

- a lecture slide on calorimetry included a picture of a bomb calorimeter, which he explained in depth, then held up a styrofoam cup and said “here’s a public school calorimeter”

- someone asked a question about when electronegativity becomes polar, so he pulled up a spectrum running from non-polar to ionic and said “it’s a spectrum. like gender. you know how some people think a person is a girl even if they say they’re a guy and vice versa? there are still non-polar bonds with high electronegativity and people think they should be polar but just because they have a certain electronegativity doesn’t mean they’re polar. pls be understanding of ur covalent kids.” 

- uses a yardstick instead of a pointer

- waves said yardstick around frequently, mostly for no reason. 

- once said (ironically) that he saw less and less bullying in classrooms now and that was a bit disappointing even though it was good. added that “if i had to suffer then you all do too” in a bitter tone of voice. when a english teacher walked in and asked him why he was waving the yardstick around he said it was because he was reminiscing on the bullying days.

- couple of us asked if we should get a new periodic table to take the test with since we’d written all over ours. he said no because if we’re smart enough to think ahead and cheat then we deserve the a.

- actually has a degree in philosophy. he’s so fucking nerdy

- he bikes to school everyday and then carries his bike up two flights of stairs to his classroom

- sometimes during tests he pulls a bagel and peanut butter out of his desk and eats them while watching us silently

- this one time we walked into class and he’d shaved off his half-beard into a mustache and when we asked why he said “i’m not a huge fan of it but my wife likes it so i do it for her” 

- used the trump supporter kid’s logic against him without explicitly expressing his political views so no one can actually get him fired

- complains to our class about how much he hates us

- explained catalytic converters to us once, then pointed at me with the yardstick and said “barrett you’re gonna love this because it involves carbon monoxide and like, suffocating yourself”

- i started crying once in class and he literally refused to give me the test because he didn’t think it would be fair to make me test while having an anxiety attack so he sent me into the lab and closed the classroom door and let me ugly cry. i kept begging him to let me take the test tho so he sighed and said “im ur dad right now not ur teacher please don’t take the test just light some incense and listen to some reggae or something and chill”

- i used pig’s blood in my chem internal assessment and when i asked him where i could store it overnight he shrugged and was like “i guess put it in the fridge in the teacher’s lounge and i’ll just tell people not to drink your blood”

- he knows our class so well it’s a little scary. predicts exactly what’s going to happen in certain circumstances with like 100% accuracy

- this one girl in my class didn’t finish her homework but we submit in through pictures on google classroom so she sent in a picture of her dog and he accepted it and gave it 10/10

How I see kpop groups and their traits

Exo: referred to as gods by the future generation; they could release an album full of high pitched screaming and still would make the best selling kpop album; china line who?; we are 1 what?; korean members with chinese stage names; don’t let the satan near you; yehet, kkaebsong; give Sehun lines

Bts: from nowhere to everywhere; hyperactive kids making good music; kids with mental health issues doing vanalism; they look at you - you faint;  shit down, beach - bitch?, ikskjuz miii; zoo; give Jin lines

Ikon: B.I, Bobby and friends; favoritism by yg; “the next bigbang”, but yg seems to forget about them so does the crowd; being hyped up then ending up disappointed; capable of doing good music but refuses to; give chanwoo lines

Got7: no mvs in the future just videos of them dabbing; b side tracks always better than the titles; acrobatics until their neck breaks; not so creative fandom name; bamx2 is big; jaCSon, hard carry by Monsta x

Winner: searching for them - error404: nowhere to be found; somewhere in the yg building; Taehyun had enough shit, wants his own band, searching for members through tumblr; capable of being unique, yg aint letting them; let them break out   

Day6: now 5live, nope, day8, members: sungjin, wonpil, dowoon, youngk, jae, chicken little, brian, younghyun; the one who has a stage name but seems like everyone is forgetting about it; dancing king; hashtag king; let dowoon sing

Astro: too much sugar in my eyes i can’t see; too pure for you; won’t ever do other than cute concepts;  michael jackson; giant maknae; voice cracks for life; new generation of flower boys

Seventeen: too many; pledis has a thing for girly boys; pledis’ only income; leg breaking choreos; adore u remakes as title tracks; no dark concepts in the future; sebeuntin; carrots, mounteen; slipping here and there; dino nugu aegi; thughao, 10:10; divaboo; noone looks like suga; jeongcheol, meanie; give china line lines

Vixx: concept kings but kinda ran out of concepts; oldschool kpop feel; from vixx ravi to solo ravi - full upgrade; one of the prettiest fandom names; endless leader bullying; serial killer; let the maknae line sing

Shinee: going strong since 2008; people seem to pay less attention to them; taemin upgraded; weird fashion taste - key; cola cola; don’t sleep on them

Infinite: dope intros - give you chills; old kpop sound, unique sound; scorpion dance, live singing + synchronized choreos; dinosaur who’s laugh can be heard without a mic; endless leader and maknae bullying; saved woollim; give sungyeol and sungjong lines

Monsta x: future strippers; stuck between hiphop and sexy concepts; wtf is going on here mvs, gay mvs; cringiest fandom name; weird noises by the rapper; damn daniel; how to learn hungarian by changkyun; abs, memes; ten years later: waiting for their first win; mosta x, moista x, monster x;  give hyungwon lines; 

Bigbang: legends; noone can dance, too lazy to dance; fashionistas; min hyorin; yg = bigbang

B.a.p: started to rise - shit happened - nobody cares about them anymore; getting killed or killing others in mvs; unappreciated dancers and rappers; high notes for life; actual meaningful lyrics

Block b: zico and the boys; biggest weirdos of them all; no friendship just business; give jaehyo lines

Nct: taeyong and the boys; pouring salt at the wounds; mess of a noise music; rotating as much that i can already see the tornado; dozens of units; horrible fashion; unnecessary ps; damn hoverboard skills; great vocals being hidden; johnny somehow managed to get out; let hansol free; give lines to everyone

Pentagon: putting them through an unnecessary scripted survival show to make people foget about some disbanded groups (4minute); sm and yg let some gems slip out from their hands, at least they are not in the dungeon; giants and dwarfs; ugly crying; lame jokes; ultrasound screams; nudity; wooyu; yutoda; give shinwon lines

Btob: being forgotten by cube; weird, extra; slowly turning into a ballad group; is minhyuk a rapper?; give peniel lines

Beast: what is happening with u cube? shit happened; new name - bea5t?;  lost their spirit after shit happned; great lives 

Suju: waiting for ot15; shit still happening; growing out of kpop; concepts don’t match their age; still waiting for kibum; don’t forget about zhoumi & henry; diaries of a married man; being succesful in the military

Nu’est: best debut song ever; had the most potential as a rookie group; pledis messed up; now they’re popular anywhere besides korea; getting worse and worse title songs; aesthetic mvs; creative fandom name; again pledis has a thing for girly boys

Ft Island: hongki and the others; awesome dope music (let’s not count puppy here); people don’t appreciate quality music anymore; this gem is lost in the ocean of cute, badass & hiphop concepts; pretty fandom name

Cnblue: another gem; better japanese releases; boring new songs because they have to fit into the kpop standard; yonghwa’s unique teeth; visuals; let the others sing

SF9: another group coming from a survival show; covering their seniors’ songs so they can’t even recognize them; thumbs up for the K.O choreography; don’t go with them to amusement parks; deep af voice maknae; park jimin 2.0; hwiyoung got them lines in roar

KNK: a bunch of idiots - literally; tall af; models af; old school kpop feels; if you hear someone laugh hysterically from afar it’s probably them; falling dramatically to the floor while doing so; choking sounds; don’t let them feed you; horlolololo; astro x knk; bullying sanha

2PM: definition of men; hella hot bodies; starting to be unknown; when was their latest first win?; manly concepts; awesome vocals; the rap is still meh; go crazy is a jam y’all; great actors

U-Kiss: so many member changes; lit songs, but not getting appreciation; don’t complain about your faves not getting 1st place like 2 months after debut - it took for them years; the first kpop fathers; they need a comeback soon

B1A4: great vocals again; don’t let them being forgotten; cnu just rocks the short hair admit it; baby i’m sorry is one of the best kpop songs; but great ballads as well

Teen top: they need to go back to their previous style; cap rocking them tattoos; hilariously funny group - watch their weekly idol; promoting as five now - anticipate their comeback

Everyone please note that i dont mean to offend neither the groups neither the fans. its just for fun and me being 100% sarcastic by these statements. i love and respect these groups with all my heart!
sorry, its a bit long.


remember when i said thered be some differences in the au?this is where they show up

Allura takes Valka’s role in a way. Shes the leader of a “resistance group”(by group we mean Matt) of dragon riders, in the AU alteans are a race of humans that have lived along side dragons for like ever but they were killed by zarkon(drago bludvist) leaving only allura 

she lives with the dragons just like Valka and just tries to keep them safe from Zarkon and other dragon hunters. Later on Matt shows up and joins her and even more later on she meets everyone else!heres how she meets shiro

more dragon au 

My favourite thing about the Sana x Yousef romance storyline right now is how innocent yet intimate it is. I mean their entire ship is literally based on a one-sided text message, two short irl conversations, and a bunch of stolen glances and smiles. And that’s just it. It feels so familiar. (Whether or not they’re endgame), what they are right now is just so important as it is. Sana changes the song on the radio because it feels too inappropriate, Yousef wants to show Sana how to peel the freaking carrots but is reluctant to actually touch her (even though he could have easily done that whole guy-holds-girl’s-hands-to-guide-her), there’s no pressure to immediately start making out with the other person or attempt at anything beyond these sweet stolen conversations about kids and carrots. The most intimate they get is when Yousef passes the knife and carrot to Sana and it sounds lame ik, but it’s also so wholesome to me, it’s real and it’s human and it’s so so beautiful.

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

nearly 200 writing prompts // feel free to reblog


1: “ Give me a chance. ”
2: “ Not you again.. ”
3: “ Leave me alone. ”
4: “ I don’t love you anymore. ”
5: “ Why do you hate me? ”
6: “ I lost the baby. ”
7: “ I thought you loved me. ”
8: “ I don’t need you anymore. ”
9:“ I can’t believe you! ”
10: “ We cant keep this up forever. ”
11: “ You’re a monster. ”
12: “ I hate you. ”
13: “ Don’t leave me… ”
14: “ You’re a disappointment. ”
15: “ Don’t die on me– Please. ”
16: “ I never meant to hurt you. ”
17: “ Are you upset with me? ”
18: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
19: “ I’m going to kill you! ”
20: “ Please don’t hurt me like this. ”
21: “ Thanks for nothing. ”
22: “ Dont call this number again. “
23: “ Why did you spare me? ”
24: “ You need to leave. ”
25: “ I’m sick. ”
26: “ I’m dying. ”
27: “ I wish i’d never met you. ”
28: “ I thought we were family!”
29: “ There was never an us. ”
30: “ So that’s it? It’s over? ”
31: “ I fucked up. ”
32: “ I came to say goodbye. ”
33:“ He’s dead because of you. ”
34: “ I don’t deserve to be loved. ”
35: “ About the baby… Its yours. ”


36: “ I’m so in love with you. ”
37: “ Dance with me! ”
38: “ Isn’t this amazing? ”
39: “ I wish we could stay like this forever. ”
40: “ Will you marry me? ”
41: “ I’m pregnant. ”
42: “ I need a hug. ”
43: “ You’re special to me. ”
44: “ I’m going to keep you safe. ”
45: “ Do you trust me? ”
46: “ Can I kiss you right now? ”
47: “ You’re cute when you’re angry. ”
48: “ I’ve liked you for awhile now. ”
49: “ Lets have a baby. ”
50: “ We’d make such a cute couple. ”
51: “ I want to take care of you. ”
52: “ Can we cuddle? ”
53: “ It’s lonely here without you. ”
54: “ I can’t stand the thought of loosing you. ”
55: “ Shut up and kiss me already. ”
56: “ Are you flirting with me? ”
57: “ Is that my shirt? ”
58: “ How did we get here? ”
59: “ You own my heart. ”
60: “ You’d be a great dad. ”
61: “ You’d be a great mom. ”
62: “ I want to protect you. ”
63: “ Whats the matter? ”
64: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
65: “ Did you do something different with your hair? ”
66: “ Is that a new perfume? ”
67: “ Stop being so cute. ”
68: “ You’re making me blush! ”
69: “ You’re teasing me again… ”
70: “ This is why I fell in love with you. ”
71: “ You’re the best! ”
72: “ They’re going to love you, don’t worry! ”
73: “ Oh, Are you ticklish? ”
74: “ Of course I remembered! ”
75: “ You’re one hell of a girl. ”
76: “ You’re one hell of a guy. ”
77: “ Are you jealous? ”
78: “ Hold me and never let me go. ”
79: “ Stop hogging all the blankets! ”
80: “ Lets run away together. ”


90: “ Catch me if you can! ”
91: “ I’m fine. ”
92: “ Are you drunk? ”
93: “ Are you high? ”
94: “ We cant go in there… ”
95: “ Give it back! ”
96: “ Well this is just great. ”
97: “ Don’t touch me. ”
98: “ Not sure if you could tell, but I’m not exactly a people person. ”
99: “ This was fun— Lets do it again sometime!”
100: “ I didn’t do it! ”
101: “ I did it… ”
102: “ I don’t remember that! ”
103: “ Well that’s pretty rude of you to say. ”
104: “ Get that thing away from me! ”
105: “ You owe me. ”
106: “ Do you believe in aliens? ”
107: “ Do you believe in ghosts? ”
108: “ Are you hitting on me? ”
109: “ Why are you naked? ”
110: “ You did what?! ”
111: “ You have… Superpowers? ”
112: “ Why are you bleeding? ”
113: “ Where did all these puppies come from?”
114: “ Don’t make me come over there myself! ”
115: “ That wasn’t funny. ”
116: “ This tastes horrible. ”
117: “ This is delicious! ”
118: “ Are you mad at me? ”
119: “ Stop ignoring me… ”
120: “ I love that show too! ”
121: “ Can I borrow that book of yours?”
122: “ Lets blow this joint. ”
123: “ Let me help you with that. ”
124: “ Take that back! ”
125: “ Wanna go see a movie with me? ”
126: “ No way, that’s so lame. ”
127: “ What are you listening to? ”
128: “ I brought you your coffee. ”
129: “ Don’t fuck this up. ”
130: “ Run! ”
131: “ Lets run away together. ”
132: “ I haven’t slept in four days… ”
133: “ Your turn to do the dishes. ”
134: “ Was I really that drunk? ”
135: “ Was I really that stoned? ”
136: “Give me back my phone! ”
137: “ You’re an asshole. ”
138: “ Are you cold? ”
139: “ This place gives me the creeps. ”
140: “ I swear my house is haunted. ”
141: “ Did you hear that? ”
142: “ It’s just your imagination. ”
143: “ Just how stupid do you think I am? ”
144: “ Stop being such a baby. ”
145: “ Go back to bed. ”
146: “ Are you okay? ”
147: “ I can take care of myself just fine.”
148: “ Thanks for helping me back there. ”
149: “ Since when have we ever been friends? ”
150: “ What on earth are you wearing? ”
151: “ I can’t feel my legs! ”
152: “ Stop texting me weird stuff so late at night. ”
153: “ Put me down! ”
154: “ There’s only one bed… ”
155: “ It isn’t what it looks like! Okay.. Maybe it is… ”
156: “ How did I loose it? ”
157: “ I read your diary. ”
158: “ This is awkward. ”
159: “ Didn’t you read the sign? ”
160: “ Do you think you can teach me that? ”

Below is NSFW prompts.
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161: “ Bite me. ”
162: “ Make me. ”
163: “ Fuck me. ”
164: “ Stop teasing me so much… ”
165: “ Do you like it when I touch you like that?”
166: “ Okay.. This is new. ”
167: “ Want to head back to my place and have a little fun? ”
168: “ You’re in trouble now. ”
169: “ What a pretty sight. ”
170: “ Bend over. ”
171: “ On your knees. ”
172: “ The food looks great but.. There’s something much more delicious i’d like to eat right now. ”
173: “ Lay back. ”
174: “ Take off your clothes. ”
175: “ Well, fine; just this once. ”
176: “ I’m waiting. ”
177: “ You’re so beautiful. ”
178:“ As you wish. ”
179: “ First one to make a noise looses.”
180: “ You have no idea what you do to me. ”
181: “ If you’re bored; Wanna have sex? ”
182: “ Ive wanted this for so long. ”
183: “ Car sex looks so much more easier in the movies. ”
184: “ Can I touch you? ”
185: “ Open up. ”
186: “ No strings attached. ”
187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”
188: “ Mine. ”
189: “ The nights still young. ”
190: “ We cant do that here! ”
191: “ Behave. ”
192:“ What did you just say? ”
193: “ Good girl. ”
194: “ Good boy. ”
195: “ Come here. ”


This is super important. It shows that not everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows between two people. You’re gonna be at odds. Rapunzel and Cassandra do go against one another in this ep, but in the end that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends. They need to work things out. This competition is important to Cass, and it gets to her that Punz just sees this as ‘a fun way to blow off a saturday’. For Cass, all she ever wanted was respect from the people of Corona, and not to be pushed aside and just thought of as the lady in waiting to the princess. She’s more than that and wants others to know it too. Punz definitely knows it, and her opening up to Cass and saying she RESPECTS her (And looks up to her no less! Look at Cass’ reaction to that!) is a big step. And despite this meaning so much to her, Cass looses the contest, but they still remain close if not closer! Even the dearest of two people fight sometimes, but more often than not it builds on what they have. This really adds on to their relationship and I can’t wait to see more!


We live in a society because we need each other. People need people. It can be tiring to deal with others, especially the ones you disagree with; those who think differently from you. Whether it’s someone from another culture, or a girl who’s a lame Facebook friend from elementary school. In a peaceful society with equal rights, we have to manage to listen to and try to understand one another. Perhaps it’s easier to understand if we focus on what we have in common, rather than the differences. Look for what we agree with, instead of what we disagree with. Maybe, if we see the worst in others, it is exactly what they will show us.


Has anyone else noted that with the exception of one kiss (Cosima’s first pass at Delphine), Delphine has initiated all on-screen Cophine kisses. Either that’s Delphine’s cultural “I’m French” side showing through or Delphine takes an alpha/dominant role when it comes to relationships.

Either way, no complaints.

ok I admit this was a lame excuse for cophine kiss fest. U mad?