the shows on their are lame

  • Jonerys is so freaking forced
  • Who’s that psychopathic bitch and what did she do to my precious Arya?!!!!!!
  • Who’s that pyromaniac bitch and what did she do to my precious Daenerys?!!!!!
  • Hey Im Gendry. Hey Im Jon. None of us cares about Arya, even though in the books she’s the love of our lives, so let’s just talk about our parents instead.
  • Dorne. ‘Nough said. Arianne I miss you!!!!!!!!!
  • Hello, my name is Jaime and I’m a lame shadow of my character in the fucking books.

I’m just gonna forget this whole trainwreck as soon as it’s over (please be over soon)

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i am 100% serious when i say that if creators kill off shiro, i will stop fucking watching the stupid show. it's probably incredibly lame and dumb of me to be so invested in his character but i have a lot of reasons to relate to and be inspired by him, and the recent upswing in discussions of his possible death is giving me anxiety (& cast/crew stoking the fire isn't fucking helping matters). ugh. i should probably take a step back from fandom.

hoooo boy. let’s all take a deep breath here on this. all joking aside, i understand where you’re coming from, and here are my thoughts on this. up front i want to say 1) i don’t think he’s going to die, 2) even if he does, i’ll still be watching the show, absolutely.

first, here’s why i don’t think he’s going to die. it would be a redundant plot, within voltron: legendary defender, and within the voltron franchise as a whole. they’ve talked about wanting to make this series their own, and killing off shiro for the third, fourth time would be pretty lame.

they’ve done some really cool stuff with his character. we still don’t know everything, and it seems like there’s still a lot left to learn about his story. like what haggar was talking about during their fight. shiro doesn’t have the full story yet, and neither do we. (more under the cut)

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30 Questions Tag

rule: answer the questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better

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nickname: jay :D 

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 154 cm/5 feet (god i know im sHOrT)

time: 9:26 pm

birthday: april 15

favorite bands: NCT (im a full time hoe for them), bts, blackpink, kard, gfriend, snsd, etc (idk man my ass is so wrapped up around nct im ded)

favorite solo artist(s): taeyeon, ailee, jay park (guys someone give me recommendations of great solo artists)

song stuck in my head: gfriend - navillera (isduahfkfhi the chorus is always stuck in my head whyyy)

last movie i watched: i think it was guardians of the galaxy volume 2 ???

last show i watched: uhh…i watch kpop funny compilations to pass time … yeah im lame

when did i create my blog: i had to go to my first post for this and it was around february 2016 since i remember reblogging a bts gif on my first day

what do i post: i reblog nct posts for a living, and if possible, i end up posting weird nct related text posts

last thing i googled: nct aesthetic

do u have other blogs: nope this is the only blog i use 

do u get asks: nahh im to unnoticable..i literally had around 5 asks of ppl asking me if i was this person lol

why did u choose this blog name: idk i changed my tumblr username a lot of times in the past, but i kinda stuck with bingeulbingeul-round because some people recognize me with that

following: 128

followers: idk i didnt check it haha plus i dont keep count

favorite colors: black, white, navy blue, and pastel colors

average hours of sleep: uhm…8-9 hrs i guess ???

lucky number: 7, 10

instruments: i used to play the piano three years ago but ever since i messed up on my recital and my mom got mad at me for that, i never want to do it again (which basically means yes im untalented)

what am i wearing: sweatpants, lavender shirt, socks, and a jacket (its fucking freezing here at home help)

how many blankets i sleep with: 1

dream job: i dont know yet…but maybe a designer ?? i didnt make up my mind yet haha

dream trip: japan. south korea, canada, paris, china, singapore, etc

favorite food: mainly chicken

nationality: filipino :DDD

favorite song now: blackpink - stay, taeyeon - fine, taeyeon - make me love you, taeyeon - cover up, nct 127 - switch, nct 127 - angel

this took me forever to finish because tumblr is being an ass again. i dont really have that much mutuals so ill just tag the people i know and the people i am a huge fan of 

@kudzie-n (pls share some height) @mark-hyuk-trash (ahhh shes sooooo sweet and kind still cant believe shes younger than me) @stannctchinaline @loseryuta @hellohaechan @cahirahouse @skfgl @miraculoustaeyong @mark-longassride-lee @savagehyuckie 

i doNT KNOW WHO ELSE TO TAG HELP and btw idk half of the people i tagged in here im so sorry if i will look like an attention seeker uilhfsduihfcqwhidsh

its taking me all my courage to tag all these ppl im sorry for being so awkward forgove me im just like this kxnsnxmsfjjs
Spider-Man: Homecoming Iconic Realistic High School™ Moments
  • “I’ll just be myself” “Peter nobody wants that" 
  • Oblivious shop teacher 
  • Michelle reading a book while pretending to work in gym class 
  • Liz and her friends playing FMK with the avengers 
  • Peter getting defensive about him being 15 not of 14 
  • Peter grabbing gummy worms and a sandwich so he has a snack while he’s off being spidey 
  • Ned’s party hat
  • Flash bullying Peter verbally using really lame puns of his name
  • Liz checking her makeup in her selfie camera and showing Peter funny/cute pictures on her phone on the way to Homecoming
  • Super awkward morning announcement videos from the film class and/ or student council 
  • Apathetic gym teacher showing required videos 
  • “What are you doing?” “Uhhhh… looking at porn?”
  • Ned and Peter’s secret handshake
  • Lego deathstar 
  • “What are you doing?” “Nothing… you?” “…Chess” 
  • “Where are you going we have a Spanish test?”

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

Liz’s Party l Peter Parker

Summary: Spiderman shows up at Liz’s party to impress everyone, mostly the reader.

Warning: some spoilers

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Type: Alternative scene (what would have happened if Peter showed up at Liz’s party as Spiderman to impress the reader…)


Part Two Here / Part Three Here / Part Four Here / Part Five Here / Part Six Here

It was gym class and Ned was currently holding down Peter’s feet as he did sit ups. Ned had recently found out that Peter was Spiderman and was constantly asking his best friend questions about being an Avenger.

“Hey,” Ned piped up. “Can I be your guy in the chair?”

“What?” Peter whispered, not wanting to be too loud.

“You know there is a guy with a headset telling the other guy where to go. Like if you were stuck or lost somewhere, I could tell you where to go because there would be screens and monitors around me. And I could be your guy in the chair,” Ned pleaded.

“Ned, I don’t need a guy in the chair,” Peter insisted.

“Looking good, Parker,” the gym teacher said. Peter paused momentarily before continuing with his sit ups.

“You see for me it would be…f*ck Thor, marry Iron Man, and kill Hulk,” Betty Brant said from the bleachers.

“What about the Spiderman,” Y/N voice piped up, making all her friends on the bleachers look at her.

“It’s just Spiderman,” Liz shrugged.

“Did you guys see that big security cam on youtube? He fought off four guys!” Peter and Ned watched Y/N as she practically praised the Spiderman.

“Oh my gosh. She’s crushing on Spiderman,” Betty joked.

“No way!”

“Kinda,” Y/N shrugged, a blush creeping up onto her face. Peter glance at Ned then turned his attention back to the group.

“Ugh. Gross. He’s probably like thirty,” Betty said.

“You don’t even know what he looks like. What if he is like seriously burned?” Liz suggested.

“I wouldn’t care. I would still love him for the person he is on the inside,” Y/N replied. “He’s a good man and its obvious he really cares about this city. That is something I really admire about him.”

“Peter knows Spiderman,” Ned blurted. Peter’s mouth dropped open and he turned towards Ned. Everyone in the room went silent and all their eyes were on Peter, even Y/N’s.

“Uh, no I don’t,” Peter said, scrambling to his feet. “No. I-I mean.” He turned and faced Y/N and her friends.

“They’re friends,” Ned added with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, like coach Wilson and Captain America are friends,” Flash teased, now walking over to his rival.

“I-I’ve met him. Yeah, a couple times but its uh…through the Stark internship,” Peter clarified, briefly looking at Y/N. Flash seemed to be enjoying this for a smirk was evident on his face. “Mhmm. Yeah but I am not really suppose to talk about it,” Peter turned around, glaring at Ned.

“Well, that’s awesome,” Flash replied. “Hey, you know what? Maybe you should invite him to Liz’s party.”

“Yeah, I am having people over tonight. You are more than welcome to come,” she smiled.

“You’re having a party,” Ned asked.

“W-Will you be there Y/N?” Peter stuttered. Y/N looked up and nodded her head.

“Y-Yeah. I’m going.” Peter smiled shyly at her.

“Yeah, its gonna be dope. You should totally invite your personal friend Spiderman,” Flash insisted.

“Flash,” Y/N warned. “Leave him alone.”

“Ah come on. He’ll be there,” Flash spat. The bell rang and everyone stood to their feet and made their way towards the door. Peter watched Y/N stand, the two of them briefly met each other’s gaze before she broke it. She walked with her friends out of the gym, Peter’s eyes following her form.

Peter groaned in annoyance and look at Ned. “What are you doing?!?”

“Helping you out,” Ned said. “Did you not hear her? Y/N has a crush on you!” Peter opened his mouth to say something but nothing came. He couldn’t believe his childhood crush had a crush on him…well Spiderman. “Dude, you are an avenger!” Ned said, snapping Peter out of his thoughts. “If any one of us has a chance with Y/N, its you.” 

Y/N and Peter had known each other since grade school and had become pretty close friends. Peter developed his first crush on her but never had the guts to tell her. And here she was, years later, having a crush on Peter’s alter ego. It almost didn’t feel real to Peter. Was he hearing this right? Was she really in love with Spiderman?

That night, May drove Peter and Ned over to Liz’s house. May stopped the car in front of the house and nodded her head. “A house party in the suburbs! Oh, I remember these. I’m kinda jealous.”

“It will be a night to remember,” Ned said with excitement.

“Ned, some hats wear men. You wear that hat!”

“Yeah, it gives me confidence,” Ned grinned.

“This is a mistake,” Peter said, suddenly feeling nauseous. “Hey, let’s just go home.”

“Oh Peter. I know. I know its really hard trying to fit in with all the changes your body is going through,” Peter furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s flowering you.” Peter bit his lip and laughed slightly. 

“Okay, yeah. I’m gonna go,” Peter said, unbuckling his seatbelt. He exited the car, Ned following his actions.

“Peter,” May called. “Have fun.”

“I will,” Peter smiled.

“Bye May,” Ned waved as the car drove away. The two of them turned around and began walking up the sidewalk, towards the house. “Dude, you have the suit, right?” Peter lifted up his arm sleeve and showed him the web shooters and red costume. “This is going to change our lives!”

They entered the house, music blasting in the background and kids walking around with drinks in their hands. “DJ Flash,” the announcer said, making both the boys look over at the Flash operating the music.

“Okay, we are gonna have Spiderman swing in, say you guys are tight and then I get a fist bump or one of those half bro hugs,” Ned whispered to his best friend.

“Can’t believe you guys are at this lame party,” Michelle said, standing next to them.

“But…you’re here too,” Ned insisted.

“Am I?” Michelle walked off.

“Oh my–. Hey guys,” Y/N said. “Cool hat, Ned.”

“Hey Y/N,” Ned said with a silly grin on his face.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter’s voice squeaked.

“I’m glad you guys came,” she smiled. “There is pizza and drinks so go and help yourself.”

“Wow, what a great party,” Peter added with a smile.

“I barely did anything. It was all Liz.” Someone called her name and she turned her head. “Oh, I should go.”

“Yeah,” Peter nodded. She walked away and Ned said goodbye to her.

“Dude! What are you doing? She’s here, spider it up!”

“No. No. No. I can’t. I cannot do this. Spiderman is not a party trick,” Peter said. “Look, I am just gonna…be myself.”

“Peter, no one wants that.”

“Dude,” Peter said hurtfully. He turned to walk away when Flash called out his name on the microphone.

“Parker! What’s up? Hey, where is your pal, Spiderman? Let me guess, in Canada with your imaginary girlfriend?” The crowd laughed and Peter clenched his fists in anger. “That’s not Spiderman. That’s just Ned in a red shirt.”

Somehow, through peer pressure, Peter found himself outside. He disregarded his regular clothing and underneath it was his red and blue Spiderman outfit. He knelt down on the rooftop and gazed down at Liz’s house.

“Hey! What’s up? I am Spiderman,” he whispered to himself as he took off his shirt. “Just thought I would swing by, say hello to my buddy Peter. Oh hey, what’s up Ned? Where is Peter anyways?”

He sighed, looking down at Ned who stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. Peter shook his head.

“I can’t do this.” Peter noticed Y/N walk up to Ned and ask him a question. In response, Ned shrugged and she nodded her head before walking away. As soon as she was out of sight, Ned yanked out his phone and dialed Peter’s number. Peter answered it immediately.

“Peter! Where are you? Y/N’s asking for you,” Ned said, desperately.

“I will be there in a second.”

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Peter hung up and gazed down at Y/N’s concerned face. She fiddled with her fingers and her eyes continued to wander around the room. Peter put his mask on and stood to his feet before swinging down.

“Oh sorry,” he apologized to some people. Everyone turned around to look at him and all mouth’s dropped open. He maneuvered his way through the crowd of people until he made it inside. “Sorry, I just gotta…find my friend Peter.”

“Spiderman?” He turned around at the sound of Y/N’s voice. His robotic eyes dilated and his head moved up and down her body. His actions did not go unnoticed by Y/N. “W-What are you doing here?”

“Oh, you know. Peter called me and asked if I could show.”

“No way,” Flash said in disbelief. He pushed past the crowd and soon came face to face with the superhero himself. “You’re really him? Are you really friends with Peter Parker?”

Peter turned his eyes towards Y/N who stood behind Flash. He pushed past his rival and approached her. “Hi,” he said awkwardly.

“Hi,” she smiled.

“What’s your name? Wait. No. Let me guess. Y/N, right?”

“Y-Yeah, how did you know?”

“Peter talks a lot about you,” Spiderman said.

“H-He does?” 

“Spiderman!” He turned around and faced Ned. “Hi! It’s Ned. Remember me?”

“Yeah I do. How are you doing?” He gave Ned his fist bump and the boy nearly collapsed when realizing he was going to be popular for the rest of his life.

“Fine. I’ll let you get back to Y/N. She’s a big fan,” Ned laughed. Peter turned his head and eyed Y/N.

“Really?” He teased and she looked down at her feet. 

“Well, kinda,” she replied, blushing like crazy. 

“Well, I should get going. New York isn’t going to save itself,” Spiderman said.

“Yeah,” Y/N added, dreamily admiring the superhero.

“It was nice to finally meet you. Oh and tell Peter that Mr Stark needs him at the internship at four thirty tomorrow,” Spiderman added. “Can you do that for me?”

Y/N nodded and Spiderman winked at her with his big eyes, making her smile. Spiderman used his web shooters and swung away from the party. He made his way back up to the rooftop when everyone had lost interest and began to change back into his normal clothes.

“I can’t believe he actually showed,” Flash said to Y/N.

“What’s the matter, Flash? Jealous of Peter or of Spiderman?”


HP fandom: Tumblr vs Chumps

How Non-Tumblr Users (aka chumps) See The Houses:

Ravenclaw: That’s the smart house right? The quiet nerds. Smart and pretentious, no one cares about them. Always reading books, and uhhhh Cho and Luna, right?

Slytherin: Evil Death Eaters. Cruel bastards, hope you all choke on Voldemort’s ass. You’re all a bunch of little Draco Malfoy’s, ew worst house. No wonder everyone hates you. Regulus Black who??

Gryffindor: OMG GRYFFINDOR IS FAMMM. Slay that dark evil shit. Best house ever, lol so brave. So glad that irrelevant quiz sorted me into Gryffindor (especially since I made such an effort to pick the corresponding answers lmao) Ya it’s lit

Hufflepuff: The potatoes of the fandom. Pushovers who live in the kitchen. Wear yellow or something…They uhhh they like plants? Oh and poor Cedric Diggory haha yeah.

How Tumblr Users See The Houses:

Ravenclaw: Lives are a disorganized mess, but hey did you know these hundred facts about the marsupials in Australia? Fandom trash, they waste time on Tumblr and Netflix. Haven’t left the house in a month. Less about doing well in school and more about their love for learning. Sarcasm for days and even more wit. ROWENA RAVENCLAW BITCHES, WE HAVE A TOWER TOO, AND WE DEMAND A STORY FOR OURSELVES

Slytherin: Kings and Queens of Tumblr. The evilest they’ve ever been is when they didn’t reblog that picture of a kitten and puppy cuddling. Total Smartasses. Innocent, but don’t let that fool you because they can and will ruin your life. They’re everywhere. Completely annihilated the idea that they’re the “bad” house. If they had a Knut for every aesthetic post, they’d have more dough than Gringotts. Innuendos are their forte. Drarry shippers that will rip your head off. #REGULUSBLACKISAGODDAMNHERO pass it on. Hiss hiss motherf*ckers.

Gryffindor: They’re chill and out there somewhere, but they aren’t the stars of the show. Not many of them on Tumblr, but still part of the HP fam. Scared of spiders and the dark lmao.

Hufflepuff: LISTEN UP BITCH, THIS POTATO WILL /FRY YOU/. Don’t mess with them, because they’ve had enough of your shit. They’re fierce, they’re loyal, and they’re hardworking. They will f*ck you up if you even SUGGEST that they’re lame. Helga accepted everyone left over, because the rest of the founders are assholes. RIP Cedric Diggory and here’s a list of reasons why he deserved more

  • me, about any show™: honestly this is so lame and pointless lmao inconsistent characters much

I love watching Batman and justice league cartoons because you get to see how much of a dork Bruce Wayne actually is


•he whines at Alfred when he has to go on a television interview (“do I have to Alfred?”)
•he gets super pouty when his car gets totally wrecked and then he gets super excited when he builds a new one and takes it for a joy ride
•try’s way too hard at making super lame jokes
•pulled the lamest of lame jokes on Alfred on April fools day
•when Dick says he wants his super hero name to be Robin and Bruce is just “…like the bird?”
•does all these super over the top jumps and kicks just because he fucking can
•just stands off in the distance doing his “hmmmmm” thing
•he’s constantly showing his kids off and joking around with them and is super proud of them and he’s actually a good dad
•Bruce will never get out of his costume unless Alfred makes him
•he’s super dramatic when he puts the costume on–so much so that he fucking hurt himself when putting on a glove
•does this huge dramatic reveal of the leagues identities to flash and has this stupid gay dopey smile when he does it
•gets super flustered around the girl he likes and the kids make fun of him. Constantly
•tore up someone’s basement and told them to have a nice day and then just fucking left
•he just goes off into these rants and monologues
•he probably tears across buildings and rooms in a full on naruto run just so he can be gone by the time the person he’s talking to turns around
•tells a raccoon it has a nice mask Jesus Christ
•gets doused with joker gas and has pretty nice laugh actually–but he laughs at everything and Alfred is just “go lay the fuck down”
•he probably scopes out the building with the perfect lighting and wind speed so his cape can blow dramatically in the wind
•Batman: he’s not one for much conversation
Robin: like you can talk
•he puts headphones in and listens to hard rock music at classical concerts like a dick
•he just glares until he gets his way
•stayed kidnapped for a whole two days for the dramatics of it
•everything he does is for the dramatic aesthetic and Alfred always calls him out (“aesthetic or death Alfred!” *cue dramatic cape flip*)


Arthur came back to life without any warning or whatsoever. He just one day popped up behind Merlin and took him by surprise, aka the merthur au no one needed


so i have this au i was working on where everything is the same except everyone’s a mermaid

just a couple things: the flowerscouts would all be betta fish, space kid is one too, the woodscouts are a piranha (edward), a viperfish (petrol), and an atlantic sharpnose shark (snake), and qm is either a fisherman or a scuba diver, or both honestly


SKAM S04E10 Clip 3 - Jonas

JONAS: Once, he forgot to bring his bike so I had to..

EMMA: You had to..?

JONAS: I had to take..

EMMA: You had to take his bike?

JONAS: But I’ll text you.

EMMA: Yeah. We will.

JONAS: Yeah.

EMMA: Where are you going?

JONAS: To the A-building.

EMMA: Okay.

JONAS: And you?

EMMA: To the B-building.

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So Sense8 got a 2-Hour special but...

The fight is far from over, Sensies!

(Courtesy of @jewseal on twitter)

Let’s not forget that the story was meant to be told over five seasons and we only got two. All the 2hr special will do is tie loose ends in regards to Wolfgang’s storyline and maybe some loose ends about BPO, nothing more.

Lana said in her message that we never know what comes next. This means there will be more story to tell and that it’s all in our hands, the fans.

We fought, and we fought hard, to get to where we are now, but we need to keep going. We need to keep promoting the show and getting more people to watch it. Don’t stop tweeting/posting about Sense8, write more fan fics and share them, make edits/gifsets, create more fan art. Whatever you come up with will help. This will give the show more promotion and more views on Netflix to justify Sense8’s budget, which was Netflix’ lame excuse to cancel it in the first place.

The show’s creators, now that they got a second chance to tell more of their story, might actually work on the plot so it doesn’t cost as much as before to see it to completion.

We fought for our show and it got a 2hr special. We keep fighting and we might get the seasons we want and deserve.

Remember that as long as we’re together, there’s nothing we can’t do.

I’m proud of this fandom <3<3

Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan