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In case you missed it, here’s the moment when three trans women, played by three out trans actresses, casually chatting over lunch, appeared on a prime-time drama on the single biggest television network in the U.S.

Doubt (CBS) was revolutionary in having a trans lead, played by Laverne Cox, but they also had a trans woman in the writer’s room (Imogen Binnie), and trans actors, like myself and Angelica Ross in the scene above, and Alexandra Grey in the following episode (who gives a devastating and powerful must-see performance).

This level of attentiveness was largely due to the creators/showrunners, Joan Rater & Tony Phelan, having a trans son, the actor Tom Phelan. For Joan & Tony, trans people weren’t “other”, they weren’t punchlines, they didn’t exist just as metaphors, or props to trigger male anxieties. They’re real people, whole and complicated people with rich lives that can’t be reduced to the single facet “trans”.

Three friends having lunch and talking over boy trouble, in public, in daylight. This is how we come out of the shadows.

RIP Doubt; long live the team behind it.

Hey, guys, Voltron Season 4 is technically ¼ of a season split as ‘a single season’ by execs. The producers and showrunners have no say in this whatsoever. So if it’s underwhelming or the pacing doesn’t sit well, then consider the following:

Season 1: 13 episodes (including pilot)

Season 2: 13

Season 3: 7

Season 4: 6

This is opinion and experience-based, but I also say ¼ because typical cartoon seasons are USUALLY boarded out in around groups of 24-ish. So, traditionally, we’re looking at the middle of the second season. You guys are asking for way too much considering the allotted time.

Not to mention, they have a 78-episode commitment from Netflix, which is subject to change as long as you heathens don’t murder the fandom. So we’re only at 50% of the first commitment from Netflix.

I would also like to add that every minute in animation costs thousands of dollars and there’s only so much room for your relationship preoccupations. Voltron was never created to be your romantic drama or romcom, so respect a show that’s been in development as what it is for years before it dropped onto your lap. This is a children’s adventure show above all else, and I understand your desire for representation. Man, I do, but this goes back to the execs.

Lauren and JDS stated at NYCC they are advocating, but the pressure of millions of dollars and people behind big desks really hinders them. These higher ups are thinking about making money and giving capitalism a handjob, not the greater good, and old dudes in this business are entirely out of touch with fandom. Dreamworks is borderline as bad as DC. I mean, have you seen Voltron’s official merch?

I just want you guys to keep all of this in mind when you’re attacking Lauren and JDS and the other writers or funneling your anger at “bad writing.” You’re not being forgotten by the heart of the show. This is just the real red tape people in this industry fight, and I’ll be frank, not everyone can pull off a Rebecca Sugar.

Dreamworks is in no way shape or form Cartoon Network, and while we do have Netflix carrying the show? It’s not that simple because animation is such a different ballgame.

I want you guys to respect these people. I don’t believe anyone is above critique, but if you genuinely do not like where the show is going, then find something that makes you happy. Stop wasting your rage on something so many of you can’t seem to find a positive in because it’s not validating relationships never promised to or baited to you in the first place.
‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow’ Producer Suspended Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations by Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl,” “The Flash” and “DC’s…
By Maureen Ryan

Warner Bros. TV Group has launched an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior by Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on the CW shows โ€œArrow,โ€ โ€œSupergirl,โ€ โ€œThe Flashโ€ and โ€œDCโ€™s Legends of Tomorrow,โ€ Variety has learned. Kreisberg, who has been suspended by the studio, has engaged in a pattern of alleged sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact over a period of years, according to 15 women and four men who have worked with him.

โ€œWe have recently been made aware of allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kreisberg,โ€ said Warner Bros. TV Group in a statement to Variety. โ€œWe have suspended Mr. Kreisberg and are conducting an internal investigation. We take all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and are committed to creating a safe working environment for our employees and everyone involved in our productions.โ€

Kreisberg strongly denies the allegations in this story.

None of the 19 sources for this story wanted to be named for fear of retaliation. Many of the women are current or former employees in a range of positions on those shows, and they cited fear of retaliation from either Warner Bros., the studio that makes those dramas, or from the companies and individuals associated with those programs.

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> There is 0.00000000000000001% chance there is a heterosexual explanation to this.<p/><b>Showrunner:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Showrunner:</b> I live in the land of the free and statistics don't apply to me.<p/></p>

Can y’all believe that the highly touted, feminist, girl power, female led superhero show that features a cast of more women than men, that was developed for television by an openly gay women, features a female showrunner, has more than five female producers and writers, and features a cast of characters that include an openly gay special agent, an openly gay detective, a reporter, and two ceo’s features a scene in which the five female characters are together and they can’t even pass the Bechdel test????


Charlie called this paying homage to what we did last season, but on crack. This time around, I think the story’s just very different. Last year, that hallway fight, he was tired, already beaten, broken, hurt, but he comes through to save this child. Here, this is more - as the showrunners describe it - more of a descent into hell. He’s challenged by Frank Castle not to cross that line, but you feel like he might actually cross it as he’s moving down into hell. - Phil Silvera 

Queerbaiting is when two same-sex characters act like they’re in a romantic relationship, get really close to kissing or otherwise put into intimate positions, etc on screen without actually doing anything that would confirm them to be in a relationship. Queerbaiting is not when the creators shoot down a ship you like, between two characters who have neither expressed any romantic interest in one another nor been put into fanservice-y positions with each other in canon. You searched for chemistry that wasn’t there, read too far into every line they said to one another, intentionally misinterpreted their anger and insults toward one another as “romantic”, used fucking colors in the backgrounds to say that the showrunners were going to make this relationship canon. That’s all you.

The showrunners haven’t queerbaited anyone. Go back to watching shojo anime if you want to see queerbaiting.