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Top 10 Favorite Couple

10. Mordecai x Margaret (Regular Show)

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9. Finn x Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

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8. Dipper x Wendy (Gravity Falls)

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7. Lord Hater x Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder)

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6. Star x Marco (Star Butterfly Vs The Force of Evil)

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5. Steven x Connie (Steven Universe)

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4. Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry (Mlp fim)

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3. Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hegdehog)

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2. Ash x Misty (Pokemon)

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1. Undyne x Alphys (Undertale)

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Transcript and translation of the parts from Cristiano’s instagram live where he spoke in Portuguese

I’m following this video!


Minuto 1:34 - Cris: “Abraço Brasil! Povo brasileiro! Muito obrigada, chegamos aos 100 milhões! Tudo nosso (??) parceirada!”

Ricky: “Vamos que vamos!”


Cris: “Deixa dar aqui uma volta aqui para vocês verem aqui um pouco da minha estrutura. Ali, a bola do Cris. Ah, pessoal! Há muita bandeira de Portugal! Olha o Ricky vem atrás. Sai daí, animal! O Cristianinho não está em casa.”

Minuto 3:05 - Cris: “Vá pessoal, vou deixar a mensagem - já disse em inglês, agora vou dizer em português: obrigada a todos por - (lê o comentário do Miguel) PAIXAAAAO PAH!! (…) “O Dia fecha às 7 horas hahaha” (continua a ler comentários) “Melhor do mundo!” Obrigado, pessoal! Bulgária… Bom, o que eu estava a dizer é: obrigado a todos os portugueses, pelo apoio que me têm dado até agora. Compartir com vocês este momento feliz de chegar a 100 milhões no instagram. Cheguei há pouco tempo os 100 milhões - (corrige-se) os 100 golos na Champions, agora 100 milhoões… é um número mágico e obrigado a vocês por me darem apoio sempre””

Minuto 4:20 - Cris: “(Lê outro comentário do Miguel) Paixão, para de mandar mensagens, pah! Tu queres é aparecer, pah!

Minuto 4:36 - Ricky: “Olha, vais acabar é com um mergulho na piscina.”

Minuto 4:45 - Ricky: “(Ri-se) Palhaço!”

Cris: “(Ri-se e imita-o) “palhaço””

Minuto 5: 28 - Cris: “Obrigado a todos, pessoal! Opah não sabia que isto era assim tão fixe! Entrar um live aqui com a malta e receber mensagens - portugueses, pessoal amigo! (Lê o comentário da Russia) Ei, isto é muita fixe! Oh Ricky, temos de fazer isto mais vezes!”

Ricky: “Ai tem que ser!”

Cris: “(Lê comentário) “Abraço da Madeira” Obrigado!”

Minuto 7:20 - Cris: “(Tenta fazer um coração com as mãos) É assim né?”


Minute 1:34 - Cris: “Hugs to Brazil! Brazilian people thank you so much, we’ve reached 100 million! All ours, friends!”

Ricky: “Onwards/Come on/On we go! [He says a Brazilian expression that I think roughly translates to something like this]”


Cris: “Let me walk around here so you can see a little bit of my structure. There’s Cris’ ball. Ah, guys! There’s a lot of flags from Portugal! Look, Ricky follows! Get out of there, you animal! Cristianinho isn’t home.”

Minute 3:05 - Cris: “Guys, I’m going to leave a message - I’ve already said it in English, now I’ll say it in Portuguese: thank you everyone for - (sees Miguel’s comments) “Dia [a Portuguese supermarket] closes at 7 hahaha”, (keeps reading comments) “The best in the world!” Thank you, guys! Bulgaria… Well, what I was saying is: thank you to all the Portuguese for the support you’ve given me till now. Sharing with you this happy moment of reaching 100 million on instagram. I’ve recently reached 100 million - (corrects himself) 100 goals in the Champions, now 100 million, it’s a magical number and thanks to you for always showing support!

Minute 4:20 - Cris: “(reads another comment from Miguel) Paixão, stop sending messages, pah! All you want is to show up, pah!”

Minute 4:36 - Ricky: “See, you’ll end up with a dive in the pool.”

Minute 4:45 - Ricky: “(laughs) Clown!”

Cris: “(laughs and mimics him) “clown””

Minute 5: 28 - Cris: “Thanks everyone, guys! Opah, I didn’t know this was so cool! Being live on here with the people and getting messages - Portuguese, friends! (reads Russia comment) Ei, this is really cool! Oh Ricky, we have to do this more often!”

Ricky: “We’ll have to!”

Cris: “(reads comment) “Hugs from Madeira!” Thank you!”

Minute 7:20 - Cris: “(attempts to do a heart shape with his hand) It’s like this, isn’t it?”

one of the worst interactions i had with a boy was when he wanted to show me a “magic trick” using my phone number. and he told me to add and substract very specific numbers to it and tell him the resulting number. i didnt get it until i realized he worked backwords from the resulting number and got my original number. he called me on the phone right there in front of me and asked if i was single

OurStory |Josh Dun|

Plot: Fluff on tour

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N

Words: 767

A/N: Not proofread, sorry



Six. The magic number. There were six shows left of Josh and Tyler’s big world tour. Don’t get me wrong: I love touring with the band. The dynamic of the crew is amazing, and every day is an adventure. But I did miss my own bed and being able to stay in one place for more than just a day. The constant moving was exhausting. I still don’t know how the boys manage to tour for two years straight – basically. I’ve only been here for three weeks, but me and my back can definitely feel the tour. Living on a bus is kinda fun,like camping, but the bunks quickly get to you.

“Help me polarize, help me polarize…” I heard Tyler sing, as he softly strummed his ukulele during today’s stage check. From my spot in the empty pit, I could see Josh sitting behind his drums, like he does most of the time, talking to the stage manager. I looked down again, continuing my current book. It must’ve gotten really caught up, because without even noticing, Josh snuck up behind me.

“Hey,” he mumbled casually, as he sat down on the floor behind me, placing one leg on each side of where I was sitting.

“Uhuh..” I barely mumbled, as I just happened to be in the middle of a super interesting part of the book.

“Wow, I feel so loved,” he scooted in closer, causing me to sit in between his legs.

“Babe, not now,” my eyes never left the book.

He then went silent, simply placing his chin on my shoulder, resting his head like a little puppy. I felt his arms move around, but never bothered to notice what he was doing, before he wrapped his arms around my waist, his phone in one hand. I continued my journey into the amazing plot of my book. That was until I could feel Josh smiling. I could feel his jaw and area surrounding his mouth rising. Definitely a smile. I looked away from the small letters on my current page, noticing that he’d opened Snapchat and was currently recording us – or mostly me. His face only made it into the frame, because his head was resting on my shoulder. A few seconds of the 10-second recording were still left, which meant he’d been recording me without me noticing.

“Hi Snapchat. Screenshot this if you think Y/N should put down her book and love me.”

I smiled and chuckled. The recording reached its 10 seconds and stopped, before replaying and letting Josh add a geo-filter. Then he hit send.

“Now I’m just gonna seem like a bad girlfriend,” I added jokingly, putting down my book.

“Huhummm…” He hummed, checking other people’s mystories. Then he checked his own again.

“Already 200 screenshots. That has to mean something.”

I rolled my eyes, before grabbing his phone and starting a new video.

“Screenshot this if Josh is being silly for thinking that I don’t love him all the time – even when I’m reading.” I heard him chuckle like I had before, as I ended the video and added it to his mystory.

Moments later I checked again, seeing more than 200 screenshots already. His had climbed to more than 400 in the meantime.

“I’m still winning.”

“Only because you posted yours minutes before mine,” I frowned, still holding his phone and swiping back to the camera. I started recording again, before grabbing his face with one hand and squeezing his mouth, making him look like a fish.

“This is what love looks like, guys. It looks like a fish.”

This caused Josh to break out in laughter, which only made me laugh. Before the video ended, he quickly turned his head and pecked my cheek. We rewatched the video, saved it and posted it.

“I’m sure we’re causing people to freak out right now,” I chuckled. “Look,” I pointed to the screen. “The amount of screenshots on this one is exploding.”

“Yeah… If only you shipped us as much as they do,” his face turned into an over-exaggerated pout.

“Oh my gosh, you’re killing me,” I grabbed my book as I stood up and began to walk away. But before I could, he grabbed me and pulled me into a tight hug, burying his face into the crook of my neck. I smiled.

“I love you,” he mumbled into my skin.

“I love you too, J,” I kissed the pink fluff that was his hair.

 “Always,” I added, before he pulled away from my neck and kissed my forehead instead.

I was so lucky.


10 Best Bamon Moments in 2014, as voted by my followers

#1 I’m sure there are about a billion people you’d rather be here with…
        “Not exactly.”

So I’ve seen a lot of people post about who really is the best Disney villain, I’d have to say hands down that it’s Judge Claude Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame. What he has that other Disney villains never had was this terrifying reality to him. There is NOTHING comical to him. Frollo doesn’t spew green flames everywhere he goes, he doesn’t have any magical powers, he doesn’t show off with flashy musical numbers, he’s simply an extremely despicable person in a position of power. Throughout the movie, he projects his twisted beliefs into his faith, using it as an excuse to try to exterminate an entire race of people. And we all know how often THAT happened throughout history.

I mean, he’s TWISTED. He tries to kill Quasimodo an infant, saying “This is an unholy demon, I’m sending it back to hell, where it belongs”.

This sick man then blames his lust for Esmeralda on HER, saying “It is the gypsy girl, the witch who set this flame”. Possibly one of the sickest lines of any Disney flim:

So basically what I’m saying is that Frollo represents the evil and utter corruption of the real world, something that the other Disney villains do not convey to this extent. Unless Disney decides to take the extremely dark route it did with this movie ever again (and judging by their movies today, it won’t happen for a while), Frollo will probably remain the best and most terrifyingly real Disney villain out there.

anonymous asked:

I can think of one way they could make KH3 darker than previous games. An honest to goodness torture scene. Think about it, the last time a character was legitimately tortured on screen was in Kingdom Hearts II, with Donald and Goofy getting electrocuted by Sark to get Sora to cooperate. Now imagine Xehanort using some of his knowledge in the fields of magic and science in an attempt to physically and mentally break someone so he could make a vessel out of them.

I’m inclined to say “Noo, impossible, this is Disney, they wouldn’t allow it! That only worked because they were in a computer game!”, but then again I remember that Axel set Vexen on fire in front of Sora’s eyes, Terranort is implied to strangle Aqua in some way off screen, Ven could’ve shattered when Xehanort threw him off the cliff after freezing him…

Yep, it’s possible. I do hope however that there’s gotta be a lot of elements of psychological torture, too. Xehanort is a master with words and Xemnas has already been shown trying to manipulate Sora into giving into the Darkness, I can imagine that his various incarnation will try to do this all game long. Also, we see how lowly Xehanort thinks of everyone in DDD, he will try to demoralize whenever he can and show his strength not only in numbers and actual muscle/magical strength, but also mental strength. In the end, the 2015 trailer is kind of a hint of that: Xehanort is playing chess with all of us. He’s been playing chess ever since we met him for the first time and he’ll use all of his strengths and wits to defeat us.

So I was showing my sister a horribly generic and paint-by-numbers magical girl anime on Netflix called Glitter Force.

And then I found out it was a renamed dub of a series called Smile Precure. People were upset over what Saban did to it. That’s pretty bad as dubbing goes.

But… Unless Saban spent the money to reanimate parts of it, the original anime wasn’t very good to begin with. The heroine starts off dreaming about fighting evil with four other girls, is late to her first day at the school she transferred to, meets the weird magical mascot, gets transported to a magical land, gets back to help the mascot, and finds out she can be a magical girl.

Also, she changes using a magic make-up compact. Tell me if that doesn’t sound familiar.

Hold you Closer than Ever Before

Prompt/Request: ‘’Could you write a Draco one based on Amnesia, specifically these lyrics “If today I woke up with you right beside me Like all of this was just some twisted dream I’d hold you closer than I ever did before And you’d never slip away” fluff plz’’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 565.
Warning(s): VERY MUCH FLUFF.
Note: It’s not a very long imagine, sorry about that, but I do think I really succeeded with this one. Like, I’m? Kind? Of? Proud? Hehe. :-)

+     +     +     +     +     +

The magical clock beside his bed showed the numbers ‘’04:30′’ when he woke up in his own bed. Cold sweat was dripping on his body as his breathes came out as short puffs, almost on the edge of hyperventilating. But something made him calm down as soon as he felt the warm body beside him.

It was you who slept through his spontaneous wakeup call and it was you who always brought him back to sleep, even when you did not notice it when he woke up.

But this time, it was different. The next moment he looked at you with this intense stare that kind of made you stir, a long breathe following and a groan was next, before you blinked a few times and you saw the light of the clock shining on Draco’s figure. You could make out the sweat on his naked torso and arms and you crawled closer to him.

‘Hey baby, what’s up?’ you asked as you gave the clock a glance to count the hours you could still sleep.

You threw an arm around his body and pulled him closer to you, so he didn’t have to sleep on the cold, sweaty side of the bed.

He immediately embraced you with both of his arms and just took a good sniff of your hair, like he didn’t do that in a while.

‘I had a really bad nightmare,’ he whispered as you nodded, a sign of you listening and him to continue his story. Draco probably thinks you never noticed his absence in lessons and his dreamy stares once and then, but you did. As girlfriend of this Slytherin bad boy, you had learned the other side of him. You knew when he had his up and downs and when he was in trouble.

‘This has been going on for like, three weeks now,’ he softly said, another long breathe going into his nose and out of his mouth, like he was trying to control his emotions. Would it be that bad?

‘Voldemort,’ he said with a croaky voice, you feeling his cheek getting wet as your forehead was pressed onto his cheek. That’s how close Draco had pulled you in seconds. ‘Voldemort,’ he repeated, ‘killed my parents and you in my nightmare.’

Your heartbeat quickened as you hummed, taking breathes in sync with him in the hope he would calm down a bit.

Then, your started to hum a muggle song you knew which always calmed you down when you had not discovered you were a witch yet. Your hand started to stroke his hair, doing nothing else but humming that song and stroking is hair.

There was not a single word shared as you two both fell asleep again, but when you did fall asleep finally, voice hurting a bit from humming that late in the night, Draco slowly opened his eyes and held you close than ever before. Just a small gap for you to breathe was left as he started to do the same to you. Humming and stroking your hair.

Because yes, you did calm him down, but nothing could calm down the boy more than him making sure you were calm and okay, right in his arms, where no one could hurt you. One of his only good things in his life, one of his only ray of hopes for the future.


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To anyone who thinks the TATINOF movie is “bad” or “too cringey”

dan pretty much warned us of this.

it is MEANT to be a sort of roast of themselves. It is a celebration and somewhat mockery of Dan and Phil throughout the years. So by recreating their past selves (lion, llama, etc) they may make people cringe.

Dan and Phil did something most people wouldn’t, they created a show where they not only made fun of themselves, but they played games that are just so them, they talked about why what they do is important. They allowed their fans to showcase their artwork and personalities and the show was a chance for their fans to meet each other in person and make new friendships and relationships.

Moreover, they also explored new territory. Dan and Phil discussed personal insecurities they have and went our of their comfort zone with the magic show and musical number.

The TATINOF film is more than a stage show.

TATINOF itself, is more than a stage show.

I think everything they did had some meaning behind it. Even the “cringey” stuff. By including things they may find embarrassing in their past, they are demonstrating both self-acceptance and the ability to laugh at yourself. Both of those attributes are important.  


im not going to lie, i find some part cringe, i even had to look away from my computer screen cause i was uncomfortable. but i think the fact that they chose to include those moments, was important

i am, in no way, trying to hate on anyone. 

please don’t take this personally and stay safe <3

I’m very excited for this season because I feel like when you have the end in sight, so much more gets released about the story. To say we’re going to do another 20 episodes after this 20 really just draws out the ending and our fans who’ve been so patient through six seasons deserve answers.

BALLOON PARTY 4: Chromatic Horizons

Summer is here, and with it comes the nightlife, the buzz, the sounds, the lights, and with the reignited nightlife comes new music. Sounds to immerse ourselves in, new genres to discover. What is nightlife to you? Is it amidst a crowd of partygoers, lost in the music around you, or is it spent somewhere more refined, sipping expensive drinks and making lucrative connections? Or, maybe it’s something completely unique to you, and only you can express it and take us through your nightlife.

The music we listen to has changed tremendously since Balloon Party began, old favourites have grown distant, replaced by newer styles and hybrids, but one thing has remained a constant: the magic, the excitement, the vibe.

The most exciting time for a producer can be the time they spend exploring all these new and breaking genres, drawing inspiration from them to create something fresh and inspiring, and a big part of that is sharing that with others. The creative buzz from learning something new, the thrill of using your new knowledge in your work and hearing that sudden improvement, and pushing yourself further than you ever had before.

For Balloon Party 4 we’re looking for an album of moving, hard hitting music way ahead of it’s time. There is no restriction of genre, and you don’t have to look far to find what’s on the horizon. With breaking genres of EDM such as Future House, Hybrid Trap and Indie Electro, new styles influencing today’s Rock, Pop, and Metal, and with so many potential fusions possible, it doesn’t matter what genre you want to work in. Go out there and find something that inspires you. Explore your Chromatic Horizons.

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Beyoncé Surprises us AGAIN with “Lemonade”

We were weak. Now that we have collected ourselves, get the play-by-play on each track:

1. “PRAY YOU CATCH ME” - Bey opens up Lemonade on a somber note, with the line “You can taste the dishonesty.” Relationships are hard, y’all. Was anyone else nervous that the almighty Queen Bey was about to announce a separation from Jay during her HBO documentary? 

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Okay this makes me angry bc like 1. 5sos isn’t a boy band (they play their own instruments)
2. What does 5sos winning have to do with sexism????? Like I think it was pretty fare due to the fact that us, as fans, must vote. 5 harmony did work hard 5 SOS worked hard. Everyone nominated worked hard for the award but people have to vote or else u won’t win. 5sos fans voted more there fore 5sos won. It has nothing to do with 5H being females okay guys? Please understand that and stop bashing on 5sos for winning. If 5sos was all girls they would have still probably won bc fans voted for them to win. So again them winning has nothing to do with gender. And MTV isn’t the one who decided who won just magically. Obviously the numbers showed who won.
3. 5sos deserved to win. They have been working so hard. I’m not saying 5h didn’t work hard, but saying that someone didn’t deserve an award is childish. Everyone needs to learn to grow up an stop bashing other fandoms for their accomplishments. Just say congratulations and get over it. And this goes for all fandoms even the 5sos fandom we all need to learn to accept things and be happy for others :-)


I forgot to mention something in my Death Theory and quite frankly I’m a little embarassed I did. It was late and I was tired. I said in my post the first thing I look at when a cast member is going to die is the money. I follow the money.

At 88 episodes a television show is eligible for syndication. Typically the magic number is 100 episodes (5 seasons of 20 episodes). It allows for a 20 week WEEKDAY rerun schedule without repeating an episode, which means… they get to charge more. 

However, in recent years I guess 88 episodes (4 seasons of 22 episodes) has become a popular number for off network (broadcast TV) stripped syndication. Stripped syndication means a network would air the episodes out of order during the week. It’s why shows like Friends or Big Bang Theory are huge money makers in syndication.

Arrow hits it’s 88th episode on 4x19.  

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How to play Everybody BoongBoongBoong (다함께 붕붕붕)

So.. EXO currently endorsing a kakaotalk game 다함께 붕붕붕 (Everybody BoongBoongBoong). Despite the fact that the game is super addictive especially if you’re very competitive person, we can also actually play the game with EXO members and beat the hell out of them lol.

The thing is the game only released in korean so far, so maybe some of fans having quite difficult time to figure this out. so I thought, (maybe this is unnecessary) but eh I’ll write some tutorial of it. So let’s start..

1. First of all you need to install KakaoTalk app and then install the game.

2. Open the app and let it download the gazillion bytes of datas (which is super annoying, I know)

3. Log in to the game with your kakaotalk account then check all these terms and conditions boxes, just ignores by tapping [ X ] button on any other things that appears.

4. Now let’s see this pic so you won’t mix things up and could start the game right away.

5. Enter “THE RACING” to start games.. you need to choose your  game like this one. (if you want to play with exo members, go with quick start)

Here’s what happen when you choose the quick start (I’m super happy to beat those two guys lol)


- If you wanna get EXO items (cars, wheels, etc), you need to invite up to 10  to 40 people to play the game.. how? just tap ‘INVITE FRIENDS’

- If your magic box shows some numbers which is not “0” you might wanna check to get free items.

Lastly, if you really wanna play with the members.. you need to be patient and play as often as you can! I’ve been waiting to play with them but only kris (twice) and lay (4 times) appeared but this morning I got strike playing with the members. first with kai, then chan.. xiumin and baekhyun, xiumin and chen, xiumin and suho, kris, tao. seriously those guys so free this morning. I’m super lucky playing this game right after I woke up (without even washing up and brushing teeth) lol.

lil bit info tao is so hard to beat, lay and kris plays really often like really, kai is just funny to play with.. he falls to the water so often lol, oh and If I’m not mistaken, his and chan’s cars are same.. I see some pattern here XD.

So yeah good luck. Hope this tutorial helps :) ask me if it’s still confusing or you wanna try to beat me :D


March is always very happy month for me and not only because of more sunny days. On 14th March 2009 I watched my very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy (it was actually 3x04 but who cares) and here I am, almost 6 years later loving GA even more. This show has changed everything in my life, if it wasn’t for it I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t use English as much, I wouldn’t like the same music, I just wouldn’t be the same person so I’m more than grateful for it.
Now March will always be special because it’s the month in which my followers counter showed for the first time, magic number of 3,000 followers. I can’t believe I achieved this and I feel both very happy but also responsible for this fact. When I think that every single thing I post can be seen by 3,000 people it terrifies me but I’ll try to do my best.
Tumblr is the place where I met so many amazing people and even though we probably don’t talk much (or at all) I feel this special bond between us and I know that if I ever have some kind of problem, there will be people there for me so with my whole heart I have to say - thank you.
Hope, we’ll see each other at 4,000 and here’s a list of my favorite people and blogs:

a-d: / ameliepond / andriewdwyerapskepner / arizonasrobbins / averybody / bloodydifficult / brennooth / calliettorreschylerleigh / damonsuit / dr-shepherdess / doctorgreys / doctorstevens /

e-l: / emily-kinney / greyjoing / jcap / jesicapshaw / jessicascapshaw / juliaagraham / kepnerrrd / kevinmckidd / knopesleslie / little-greysanatomy / lovesaroundga /

m-z: / mauradortheaisles / mcbrilliant / mercywestforever / naomigokce / owenhunted / patrickdempesy / phoebebuffays / piperhallivvell / rromanoff / theawsom / upinyourvains /