the show won't be the same without him

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But do you have any idea how they can keep Killian without Emma? I know they won't break them up or anything like that. But a season worth of him trying to find her or something? Do you have any thoughts or ideas what they could do?

I don’t know, really. It could be any one of several scenarios, honestly. I know in Stargate, Jack went off to Washington. That’s how they explained him no longer being a part of the show. I know it’s not even remotely the same thing as Emma, but it can work if done correctly. 

What I do know is Colin is hella excited - did you just see his Twitter spree?? Whatever is coming, he seems pumped for it. So I’m gonna take that as a good sign? If there’s anybody I trust the most going into it, it’s him. So if he’s making hyped tweets about the new season, I’m gonna go along with the hype and say that whatever is coming isn’t at the expense of what he just put five years of work into.

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I was terribly disappointed by the pathetic Euron in S6. The promising appearance was wasted by the pitiful King's Moot and seemingly weak arc his character is about to take. How would you salvage Euron's character going forward assuming the show can't/won't do what book Euron's about to do?

Cut him. Seriously. Without the flashes of sorcery, the magical backstory, the apocalyptic worldview, and the horror-trip imagery, he just isn’t Euron and doesn’t have a worthy role to play. Same deal with Dorne on GoT: half-assing it is worse than not doing it at all.

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I am of the opinion that Matt is totally a bad influence on Foggy, and that Foggy is crazy not to just cut Matt out of his life, but I also LOVE the fact that Foggy won't cut Matt out of his life. Who of us, in Foggy's situation, would not just cut his losses with that poor, disillusion hornheaded man and run? Foggy is a better man than any one of us, is what I'm saying; he is too good for us, for me definitely.

Foggy’s loyalty is ABSOLUTELY my favorite thing about him. MY DARLING HUSBAND. <3 <3 <3 I think it’s also really interesting to see it play out on the show, because in the comics a) Foggy knew and trusted Daredevil for years and years without knowing he and Matt were one and the same, and b) it’s a universe with like eight bafillion superheroes, so though Foggy can feel hurt that he personally was lied to, he’s basically on board with the idea of Daredevil in general and there’s no real reason to perceive him as a dangerous criminal who’s gonna get himself killed. So I love that we get to see Foggy processing all this and making those decisions on the show when they sort of happen in the background and as a matter of course in the comics. (On the other hand, Foggy’s suffered a lot more because of Matt’s actions in the comics.) Also, Foggy being the moral center of Matt’s universe means that if he stays because he believes in what Matt’s doing, then the reader/viewer can sort of rest easy that it’s probably the best path to take in an unfair world, you know?

But also, I would LOVE to read a billion words/panels of Matt being like “Why on earth are you even still here, after all the shit that I’ve dragged you through?” and Foggy explaining that Matt’s not just his best friend/partner/accidental husband, he’s his HERO. Because it’s pretty consistent in canon that if Foggy dies, Matt becomes a terrifying vengeance monster - but if Matt dies, Foggy just kind of trucks along as a sad, soulless, but very successful lawyer. Without Matt he’d be a wealthy corporate attorney who is kind to the people he knows personally but doesn’t do much good in the world at large, and without Foggy Matt would have alienated everyone he knows and set himself at fire by age 19. (Matt is basically a GIANT ASSHOLE to everyone they know, especially his girlfriends, until Foggy makes him apologize.) Matt needs Foggy to remind him to do the little good things, and Foggy needs Matt to push him to do the big good things, and that’s how they balance each other.

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Out of curiosity. Are you like me in thinking that Shinichi being around is pretty important to showing Izaya's pathetic nature and that the anime has screwed it up royally in cutting him? Or do you think it's possible to still manage to show Izaya's weaknesses without having the guy who knows more kicking around (not guaranteed that the anime will of course, because by this point I kind of think they won't because they're too married to an omnipotent Izaya, but for the sake of argument...)

no, i’m certainly of the same opinion when it comes to the anime’s lack of coverage of tsukumoya. i have a feeling the reasons they cut him out was because he isn’t a ‘visual’ character and anime aims to visually entertain, but in doing so they are doing a disservice to the actual plot of the novels. not only are they excluding a character that is important to the plot, but his removal changes the interpretations of the other characters as well, mainly izaya. without tsukumoya, izaya’s true character can’t be fully revealed and just as in season 1 they are placing him in the role of the omnipotent, manipulative puppet master who is behind everything. that seems to appeal to the fanbase at large but it cuts down quite a bit on what makes him such a fascinating character

that might be what he wants to see himself as but he’s far from it. he’s just as human as he mocks other people for being and tsukumoya’s existence and commentary is vital in bringing that side out. the novels write the dynamics between the two so brilliantly that i can’t help but be disappointed they cut him out

if the anime wanted to show izaya’s weaknesses without including tsukumoya, they technically could, but i think this would also be a slight disservice to his character and the way narita wrote the series. part of izaya’s personality is that he is so wrapped up and deep in his own delusions that he doesn’t show those human emotions and weaknesses. there are one or two exceptions throughout the novels where we get to see him crack, but a lot of what we know about his past and his more pathetic, human side is shown through the words and interpretations of the other characters, not through izaya himself. mainly tsukumoya, but we see this a little in volume 9 with nakura and earthworm and again in volume 13 with shinra

this is, of course, disregarding my own personal bias of wanting to see tsukumoya included. not to mention how the anime cut out one of my top favourites (mamiya manami) which i also am curious to see how they try to fix since she becomes very important to later plot points… ironically enough, her removal also had an affect on izaya’s portrayal

while it is fun to see the scenes of the novel animated, the anime is changing the interpretation of many of my favourite characters, aspects of the plots, and dynamics from the series. i understand why (mass appeal to audiences, the visual element being most interesting to many anime fans) but as a fan of the novels i can’t help but be a bit disappointed, ahahaha