the show just wasn't the same without you

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Hello! I noticed that you don't really like YOI at all, and I must say I agree with you. Most of the fandom is crappy, and the show is not very good. Without even watching it, I got swept into the bandwagon as everyone around me kept saying it was revolutionary, the best, and so awesome. I came to kinda believe that YOI really was that way. But I didn't really care I guess, I just went a long with the flow. But then I actually watched the show. -_- And It wasn't good, I saw no reason why it was

(Same anon) -praised so much. In the first episode, you aren’t given a reason to care for the MC. You are told he failed, and you see him crying in a bathroom stall, but there’s no reason why you should care about it. He has no motivation! Why did he even start skating in the first place? It’s shown that he skated before knowing who Victor was, but we never ever found out why!? And that’s not good. Speaking as an athlete myself, people who do sports/ compete usually have some sort of motivation.

Plus, calling Yuri a pig and other things like that is so rude and horrible. He’s not a good coach! A good coach doesn’t insult you or ask ridiculous things about your favorite food or personal life. They are supposed to help you! And… Viktor hasn’t done that. I also haven’t learned anything about figure skating that I didn’t already know. One of the reasons I enjoy Haikyuu so much is I learned a lot about volleyball, something I knew nothing about. You could also see the passion the players

(Same anon) the players in Haikyuu have for the game. I don’t get any of that from either Viktor or Yuri. Imo, Yurio is the best character because even though he’s a jerk, he seems to have a passion for what he does, and a motivation to skate, and win, and do better. Some of the side characters have that too. Also, the dialogue is ridiculous, and I do not like the fanservice. And the main relationship isn’t very well done, imo. I did like the opening, and I do like Yurio, but that’s about it.

I don’t think there’s anything I can add here, you’ve said everything anon.

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Did the fans start the 100 days thing or was it billboard? Because I wasn't even thinking about it till I saw the article...

I’m pretty sure Billboard started it. Their article was post 11:10am where I am (9:10am west coast time/5:10pm UK time). And I think the trend started early evening my time. And then a bunch more articles followed:

And an hour ago, they posted this…

…and included a link back to yesterday’s article. Billboard knows what they’re doing. Just to reassure people that all is not lost, they post this about having good shows without Zayn. But they still want you to know it’s not the same without Zayn and plenty of people miss him and want him back in 1D.

Meanwhile Zayn was back on twitter today…

…but didn’t acknowledge the outpouring of Zayn feels from the fans. Why? I mean, if you wanna go solo, you better acknowledge the love, right? Would our Zayn really handle us like that? Or is just that the time to acknowledge fans who miss him as part of 1D hasn’t happened yet? Hmmm…