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YO WHAT UP MY GUY??? Could I get some general relationship headcanons with Revali please???????? Thanks fam

Relationship Headcanons (Revali)

-This boy is always showing off
-even after you’ve been together for a while, he’ll still make sure you can see him practicing new flying techniques
-Compliment him and his ego will get 10× bigger
-Although, inside he’s genuinely flattered
-Practically drapes himself over you in public so people know you two are together
-He’ll get a little insecure if he see’s someone flirting with you so you’ll have to reassure him
-Loves showing you off, like every chance he get’s to talk about you is just
-‘hey have you seen my s/o? They’re amazing!’
-Denies it but he’s a total blanket hog so be prepared for some cold nights


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members


•EMBRACE THAT BODY! Fat, skinny, thick, whatever your category, EMBRACE IT! And if you aren’t happy with how you look, CHANGE FOR YOU! Not for a man, not for anybody else that has made slick comments about your weight.
•BE UNAPOLOGETIC! If you already were, continue. If you weren’t, BE THAT!
•STOP APOLOGIZING! For saying what and how you feel.
•LEARN HOW YO SAY NO! Without making any excuses
• LOVE YOURSELF! Not because nobody will love you if you don’t but because that’s the most important thing and the most healthiest thing for you.
• PUT A STOP TO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING UNHEALTHY! Relationships, friendships, situationships.
• DON’T KEEP THOSE EMOTIONS BOTTLED UP! Let it out, talk about it, cry about it, be angry about it, showing emotions is not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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a fun little story

while @meherandthemoon and I were waiting in line for the today show for 24 hours we encountered a lot of people and one was this young nbc businessman who was with a bunch of his coworkers right?

so he and his pals stopped and asked us what we were lined up for and I said “louis tomlinson!” but then he asked “who’s that?” so I said “from one direction” and he said “I don’t know what this is” and I was like “what? you definitely do” but he kept insisting he didn’t until I quoted a part of wmyb and he was like “oh a boy band!”

BUT the best part is he asked me to show him a picture of 1d so I started pulling one out and his coworkers were like “yo let’s go” and the dude was like “no man I gotta see a picture of one direction”

so I pull out a picture and he asks which one louis is and I point him out and I SWEAR to god he goes “oh he’s really hot” and then started showing the rest of his pals while me and juliana started DYING

the moral of the story is: random businessmen from rockefeller center find louis tomlinson attractive


you know me too well dammit D:<

> *shows up three weeks late with a doodle just because she gave up several times trying to draw legs* yo

> @ rogue: pls change ur haircut son its impossible to draw

“Every day seems like a new low. I’m currently going through a transition with housing. I’ve got issues with her father. I’m on my own for the first time. I don’t even know where we’re going to live. But she’s always trying to cheer me up. One time she drew a rainbow, and put it in the mailbox, and told me I had mail. When she saw me crying on Mother’s Day, she said: ‘I got you, Mommy. You’re the best Mommy ever and I’m always going to hold you down.’ And she learned this song from the show Yo Gabba Gabba. It goes: ‘If you try it, you’ll like it.’ So that’s what she says to me whenever I feel like I can’t get out of bed.”

headcanon: show pony’s favorite thing to do is refer to people by anything but their actual name

“yo snake kid whats up”

“and here we have dj hot shrimp”

“hi there mr. death defying!!”

his one goal is to get on peoples’ nerves and he succeeds spectacularly

I just love the au that when you write on your skin it shows up on your partners skin like imagine Hamilton writing notes upon notes all up this arms and Jefferson being like yo what the fuck and Jefferson always writes dates of things but Hamilton has so many scribbles that he can never make anything out. Then imagine that one day Jefferson gets sick of never meeting this stranger so he writes “*name of restaurant* 6pm tonight. Come” and that’s how they finally meet, Jefferson looking his best outside a fancy French restaurant and Hamilton running fifteen minutes late, hair flying in every direction, buttons undone, sleeves rolled up at different lengths, and notes still covering his arms except for one patch on his wrist left bare. Their eyes meet and Thomas just falls in love instantly

YO! What y’all doin’ for your St. Pat’s Friday night?! You’re partyin’ with Team Skull is what you’re doin’! Y’all remember our NYE Skull Bash? Yeah, that’s exactly what ‘ya can expect this time, ‘cept instead of fireworks we’ll just have more of a certain substance of the GREEN variety. Show up to the big ol’ mansion in Po Town for a house party full of the shit I just mentioned plus booze, snacks, video games, and music. And get this— Anybody’s invited! Just for this party Skull’s not gonna give a shit who walks through our door! I know this is last minute as fuck, but y’all better still plan to get your asses over here for this!

PARTICIPATE: This is just one big informal house party, so there aren’t really any rules and nothing to be organized (this is last minute anyway). If you wish to participate in this event, all I ask is at the very least please like this post so Guzma and I have an idea of who will be there! Reblogs would be greatly appreciated to spread the word, too.
TAG: The tag for this event is #stpatskullbash so you can track it and tag your posts with it when you’re participating! Be sure to check it for updates from me or interaction opportunities with others.
TIME SETTING: Skull’s starting this Bash early IC, in the afternoon rather than evening, and they’ll party until early morning. OOC this event will start at 3:00PM EST and since it’s last minute, it will continue into the 18th until it dies. Also note this party will be set ambiguously DURING Sun/Moon, NOT post-game. Muses not on good terms with Skull are still invited and Skull will be (relatively) civil for this night of fun.
QUESTIONS?: Any and all questions can be sent to this blog (craniumaniac) either IC or OOC and Guzma and I will be happy to answer!


Yo thank you guys for coming seriously. 

It’s an honor to have so many kids fuck with what we’re doing. You guys keep checking in every time and we see the business you have grow and shit, like these kids got their thing “Grail” and they wear their shirt with the civ hat and idk it’s just really tight. 






Check out this video: it talks about what Aphmau Fantasy is about & please subscribe! It’s up to us, as fans, to revitalize these shows and I know we can do it y'all!!!!

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Yo what if Keith's mom is that random Galra from the Weblum episode and when she shows up she looks at Keith and says "hope you've been taking care of my old Lion for me while I was gone"

So, I am like totally ON BOARD with Keith’s mum being the Galra side. GIVE IT TO ME. AND I LOVE THAT IDEA.

Like can you imagine how much this changes everything? Clearly Keith remembers his dad enough to have memories of him and recognize him. So what happened? Was it the single dad life for them? Did he pass and Keith move on to foster care like so many people head canon? How much did Keith know his mother, if at all?

Imagine (And I’m about to go in a totally different direction then you):

-So obviously, Keith’s dad knew and kept it from him. So likely Keith had no idea who his mother was and figured his dad just simply didn’t want to talk about it.

-But one thing that would on the occasion slip out was that his mother loved the sky, and that is why Keith was so determined to be a pilot. 

-Of course, a long ways down the road, Keith is the red paladin, and has long forgotten that it’s probably pretty significant that the red lion was in Galra control

-BUT LIKE IMAGINE IF KEITH’S MOTHER WAS IN ZARKON’S ARMY. Not part of the blade of Marmora. 

-And when she finds out that Keith is the red paladin, She thinks automatically that Keith will side with her and bring them the red lion. “Have you been taking care of my old lion while I was gone?”

-The betrayal Keith feels knowing that all this work he had to do to prove to the others that his Galra side wasn’t who he was and his own mother is one of Zarkon’s most trusted generals. 

-It would be an all out civil war between mother and son. And the red lion would be torn between the two of them, even more so than Zarkon and Shiro because the red lion loves the both of them equally

-Keith’s mum would use him to practically wipe the floor with him. It’s painful for the others to watch, because Keith has no chance defeating her. 

-But imagine that Lance does. Our resident sharpshooter. Because he knows Keith, and this woman means nothing to him as Keith does, so no love lost if he, you know, shoots her in the arm or something.

-”I mean, Keith, she is trying to take the red lion from us. What did you think I was going to do?”

-”She’s still my mother, Lance!”

Oh man, oh man, I love this idea. This is probably not what you were thinking with that episode, but I’ve gotten out of control. (And it went in like the opposite direction)

Dreamworks hire me.

is victor going to go back into competitive skating?

short answer: nope.

long answer:

Let’s start with episode 4.

Time, or the lack of it, is brought up as a theme in episode 4. Victor is 27, around the age when figure skaters would retire already (Chris is 25, and he acknowledges in episode 11 that at his age, he won’t be able to qualify for Finals for much longer).

Yuuri also says,

It’s been said already that Yuri on Ice differs from the set-up of the usual sports anime, aside from the fact that there’s a canon mlm romance. themorninglark covers it really well. Yuri on Ice isn’t a young-and-unexperienced-protagonist-climbs-their-way-to-the-top story, but rather, as episode 4 suggests, this is going to be Yuuri’s last dance.

There’s still one more episode for a twist though.

‘But yo PJ, what about Victor?’

(more screencaps under the cut)

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It’s a very different album for her. For me it’s her Carole King moment. It’s her folk music, gritty moment, and the reason people aren’t as warm to it is they’re not understanding it. I loved “Perfect Illusion” and I loved “Angel Down” – not just what it represents [the murder of Trayvon Martin], but you can tell she’s singing with heart and passion. “A-YO” is really fun too. I think it’s a great record but also a different record for her. I think the kids, some of her Little Monsters, who were here for “Paparazzi” and “Poker Face” don’t understand it enough to appreciate it. But a bunch of them do, and that’s what matters. She’s so fucking underrated as an artist. People understandably got caught up in the brand and her look but they’re forgetting that underneath all that stuff there’s an incredibly sensitive, beyond talented soul. Cheek to Cheek showed people that dammit, this bitch can really sing, especially in this world of [most singers] getting out there and having a track playing under you. And the biggest names still do it. We did it in Seduction, we sang live to track, but people still do it honey, and I’m not going to name names, but the biggest artists – even the ones who are great singers – still use tracks beneath them. She’s out there playing piano with her foot up in her air and singing her ass off and I don’t want that to ever go unrecognized. You can tell I stan for Gaga big time. She gives so much of her soul.

Happy 100th Once Upon a Time!!

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Any chance in hell whoever is running this latest shit show will just cut their losses and drop all the freaks and geeks on payroll since this part of the fandom (and a lot of neutrals) have caught on and figured it out? What in the heck could still be gained at this point? Guess this is also a question for you, Sherri, cb4, acdoptis and the tpquill since you are the experts in the Hollywood-Business-PR-Fake Bullshit field. Would love to hear all of your opinions/expertise on this. Would you tag

I think it still provides an excellent, albeit messy, dumb AF smokescreen. Someone shows up to the BAFTAs or is seen on Sam’s arm at a fancy party and doubts rise about him and Cait. It may not be a cut and dried “Yo, they’re all buying it!” but it hasn’t outlived its usefulness in that it rocks confidence, causes second-guessing and sends a flurry of eyeballs running the opposite direction of our lovelies. There’s also the ship jumping. I haven’t seen one sighting or bit of innuendo that hasn’t caused at least one person to give up the belief that Sam and Cait are a couple. It’s a slippery slope but the shitshow is firmly planted, like those rock licking goats.

@sherrigamblin, @cb4tb, @acdoptis, @tpquill - Anything to add, loves?