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“Skaters’ hearts are as fragile as glass…

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  • Friend: Can I question the reason for two grown men in almost skintight clothes on a kids' show? Not complaining, just confused.
  • Me: They're definitely skintight. Robbie's actor even got a letter from a monk inviting him over for sex.
  • Friend: Do you mean 'mom'?
  • Me: I do not.
Ch 15 vs Ch 16

Okay so I kinda disappointed about ch 16. Why cause yoonbum.

Ch 15- we see that he’s really have conflicting emotions about Sangwoo. Does he love or hate him. Heck the chance is there for he to escape but nope, no one help him.

Ch 16- Yoonbum is in the restroom, and Sangwoo wants to get inside.  I saw the raw verison and  seeing it I though yoonbum was just not in the mood still confused about liking Woo or not. So translation comes in and it says Yoonbum was upset that Woo was with the girl therefor making him not worthy thus sucking Woo off.  To me that seems like a 180 on bum character from ch15 or he’s just that out of it. I reason I’m upset because how you go from mental fighting yourself from loving/hating so crazy crush to “I wanted to show everyone your mine” It confuses me tbh. Like  I really thought he didn’t want to do “that” with
 bum cause he’s “sick” but did it anyway cause if Sangwoo mad who could have forced bum to do it, so might as well just get on with not make it worse on me.

Idk, I might have to read official translation just to be sure but if what bum did cause of him not being good enough is true then… well like I said disappointed.  But then again Sangwoo was going to do something with that hook and knife and bum just took his pants off confusing everyone so maybe it one of those things again. We just don’t what he’s thinking at this certain moment

I really, really, really hope that Victor and Yuri are in a long term relationship at the end of the show. Because I see people posting “oh there were canon gay characters in nge and no.6” and there were, and I love those shows. But hey, none of those relationships lasted through the end of the show. I mean, Nagisa died (the whole nge ending still confusing me, tbh, but still… nagisa isn’t there any more) and Nezumi just up and left.

Yuri on Ice has made massive strides in terms of sports anime, and it’s amazing. The only thing that could make this show better would be to have the main characters in an explicitly stated long term relationship at the end of the show.

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I'm a freshman in college. I'm currently living in the dorms and my roommate is in a sorority so she's doing stuff all the time. I'm an introvert. I'm able to make small talk to other students while I'm in class and I do stuff around campus during the day but once that's over, I tend to stay in my dorm to recharge and watch Netflix. She has noticed that most of the time, if I'm not in class I'm in the dorm. I'm starting to feel like she's judging me because I'm not an extrovert like her.

i feel like i sent this message to myself (except my roommate isn’t in a sorority)… if she’s judging you, let her judge… it’s not the greatest feeling in the world, but you’re doing what you like doing and what keeps you feeling good, and that’s what matters

I was gonna keep quiet about this because what is the point in fighting with each other but people (especially Jin stans) are coming at Hoseok stans telling them how they should or should not feel about their own bias and blaming them for things that aren’t even true and I’ve had it up to here!

First of all, it is NOT true that no one complained about the lack of Jin’s lines before. In fact, I retweeted and reblogged a lot of posts about that and I know many other Hoseok stans who constantly complain about Jin’s lack of lines as well. I even have proof of that if you wanna go that far.

Second, Hoseok is a rap line member. He is no vocal member, and certainly not a backup vocal. Since the beginning of Bangtan history, rap line always had their respective solo verses (mainly because they wrote them themselves as well). So of course Hoseok stans are sad and confused because this has never happened before.

Also, show me receipts of Hoseok stans blaming THE OTHER MEMBERS for this mess. I personally have nowhere seen such accusations. I asked around friends and they also only saw accusations against BigHit not giving him a solo line, never the other members. 

I do understand that Hoseok gets more than Jin overall. But let’s not forget that is also due to the fact that he writes and produces a lot of stuff himself so I would say that is only fair. Not to mention all the other tasks he also has - dance leader (yet he is rarely in the front during dances), writing and producing as a rap line member. 


He’s Cheating on You pt. 2

part 1

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4 months.

Thousands of voicemails and texts. Not only from Calum but from the boys, which confused me. Magazines showed the boys trying to hide Calum discretely, but you couldn’t care less. He did this to himself. He did this to me.

It wasn’t until suddenly Luke’s phone calls went out of control, that I answered him.

“Oh, what-wait, Y/n?” His voice seems confused, like I would blame him. It’s not like they’ve heard my voice in 4 months.

“Hey Luke.” I say and it’s quiet on the other line. The tension is so thick, and I feel as if picking up his call was a bad idea.

“Uh, sorry Y/n,I just- I didn’t think you’d pick up.” There’s whispering on the other side and I can barely make it out.

“I didn’t think she’d pick up!” I think Luke says.

“What do we do?” Mikey starts and I interrupt them.

“Luke,” I sigh, “If you didn’t have anything important to say-“

“No, no no no, Y/n wait. I just- Y/n, you need to talk to Calum.” I sigh, I saw this coming.

“Luke-“”Please, Y/n. It’s really been out of control.” He starts and I can’t help but roll my eyes.

“I can’t control what he does, Luke, I’m supposed to be out of his life.” I say.

“Please, Y/n.” Luke pleads and you can feel his puppy dog eyes shining as Mikey and Ash await my answer.

“Don’t tell Calum,” I sigh, “But where’s your next show.”

The backstage pass hung loosely around my neck as I made my way into the stage arena. Girls pushed and shoved but I eventually made it into my spot front row. Luke wouldn’t have less.

“How are you doing tonight, Phoenix!?” Mikey yelled into the mic as the girls screamed. I could see the three boys look straight into my seat’s direction and smiling as they see me. I couldn’t see Calum yet, and I really hoped I wouldn’t have an emotional breakdown once I do find his ass.

“This is a very exciting night, not only for you guys but for us also. So to start off tonight we’re gonna sing one of Calum’s own.” Mikey said looking in a direction that I couldn’t see.

Suddenly, Calum rushed out, obviously busy and in a hurry, as his bass swung lowly, not in place, and breathing heavily in the mic.

“I’m here.” He pants. “I’m here.”

The girls scream as if it was all planned, but I knew Calum better than that. His music was his life, he wouldn’t ever be late for a show.

I could clearly see the boys were irritated but continued with the show.

“We’re gonna sing a little song named,” Mikey stopped, creating tension for the crowd. “Amnesia.” The crowd went wild.

As I walked backstage, I waited for everyone else to go first. I didn’t want to hold up any fan’s moment to be with their idols.

As I came up to the front, Luke noticed me, and walked up when the last fan had gone.

Doing what Luke did best, he hugged me, and so did the rest of the band. All except Calum.

“We missed you, Y/n.” Ash smiled.

“God, I missed you guys too.” I smile back, but only one of them caught my eye.

Calum, still standing frozen in shock of my sudden appearance, can’t take his eyes off me, and I as him.

“Y/n,” He finally says, and he takes a step closer.

“Calum.” I mumble and I take a step back. I was still pissed at whatever he was trying to pull and get away with a couple months back.

“I didn’t know you were- I mean, I’m glad I-“ He stops, trying to gather his words, “I miss you, Y/n.”

I look down. I shouldn’t be saying this. I shouldn’t even be here. But I do still love him, and I do miss him.

“Cal, I missed-“ “Calum?” Another voice was heard from down the hall. It was terrifyingly familiar. “Oh baby! You did so well!” A blonde ran down the hall, jumping into Calum’s arms and sending me into another haze.

It was the girl from the phone call before.

part 3

It just confuses me that the creators of the show said they were going to be exploring sexuality in season 2, give us all of these soft, sweet, beautiful Sheith moments, then have Keith say Shiro is like a brother to him. It would make more sense if any other pairings had any moments, but they didn’t. Keith and Lance had like 2 moments together and it wasn’t much other than them bickering as usual. I thought they were moving past that and would be a lot closer this season.

I don’t know exactly what the “critics” watched, but Iron Fist isn’t as bad as it’s being portrayed.

I mean, it’s a comicbook genre movie.  Did any of y’all actually expect it to be Academy standard quality?