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Sooo BoruSara Fandom...


Regarding Boruto Episode 2…

No one here gonna spazz about

1.) How ChouChou teases Sarada to Boruto

ChouChou is not just any person, she’s Sarada’s BFF!!! Look at her face while teasing Sarada ohmygod hahaha How I wish she said “childhood sweethearts” instead :”>

2.) How the Uzumaki-Uchiha rivalry is starting to blossom rofl.

You know those shoujo mangas (ex: Special A, Last Game) where the male and female lead compete with each other then they’ll fall in love with each other eventually HAHAHAHAHA call me delusional but that’s how I see this. Hey I’m a BoruSara shipper so of course my shipper goggles is on :P

3.) How Sarada said “This is annoying” but watched Boruto’s fight anyway lmao

Yep, Sasuke’s tsundere genes check

4.) How Sarada clenched her fists and looked so concerned when Boruto was getting beaten by Iwabe

Of course BFF noticed right away! Damn I think ChouChou is the no.1 BoruSara shipper XD

5.) How Sarada looks so proud when Boruto won

Well everyone was happy but come on, earlier she said the fight was annoying (even Chouchou thought she was not interested with the fight haha) but after Boruto won she was relieved and looked so proud like “Yeah that’s my future husband right there shannaro!” XD



I’m sorry I just gotta let this out. It’s been a while since the last time I spazzed about an anime episode lol


It still feels like yesterday when Genin-Naruto did this move to Kakashi when he was trying to get the bells :’)

Edit: Ok, thank you for correcting me, it was Sasuke who made this move. Man Im gettiing old rofl XD that makes me more happy tho hahaha Future-Father-In-Law move

Also Im sad Sasuke wasn’t in the opening. Glad he’s in the ending with Sakura of course <3 SASUSAKU MY NO.1 OTP! CA-TO-THE-FUCKING-NON

Alright back to reality (and finishing my next BoruSara fanart)

a random list of all the sawamura eijuns that i think about

  • sawamura eijun with his hair pushed back 
  • sawamura “wait i have to pet this dog and play with him a little bit before i move on” eijun 
  • sawamura eijun: great with kids, or just one of the kids?
  • of course i know how to make flower crowns! i have wakana teach me after all!” 
  • sawamura “forever singing doing menial tasks” eijun 
  • sawamura “im not a genius but i sure as hell am so much better than all you baseball idiots in all the other sports gah hahaha” eijun 
  • sawamura “i know a shitload of useless facts and home remedies that work 100% of the time” eijun 
  • sawamura “let me warm up your bed when you have a cold” eijun 
  • aka that is in fact a real thing. 
  • alternative medicine major, sawamura eijun. university au. in which eijun loves taking care of his sick flatmates because this means a chance to try out all these home remedies he’s come up with. and oh my god, they all taste so disgusting and sometimes they’d much rather stay sick than have to drink that weird concoction eijun’s made for them. but holy shit, it actually works. 
  • literature major, sawamura eijun. i just love eijun + books. as much as i love eijun + shoujo manga, i love eijun + classical/historical literature more. i thought it was adorable how he was reading the book of five rings during his yips. i actually tried to read that book, and holy hell it was boring af. and remember the time he tried to pick up crime and punishment ???? 
  • sawamura “i turn to books for inspiration whenever im doubting my abilities” eijun. 
  • sawamura eijun the human heater. in which everyone loves to cuddle with eijun during winters because his body is so damn warm. 
  • sawamura “what do you mean get a dog?! i promised my childhood dog that i will never ever replace him! we spent every minute together and now he’s gone up to doggy heaven. i can’t just get another dog” eijun. 
  • sawamura “talking to plants will make them feel loved and grow stronger” eijun. 
  • sawamura “sometimes haruno and wakana sends me american pop music videos and i like to sing them during practice and copy their dance moves. im actually very good at singing and dancing. holy siht did you know i could do this?”  eijun
  • oblivious flirt and forever charming random girls w/ his brash yet sunny personality 
  • sawamura “all the moms love me” eijun. 
  • what the fuck sawamura? are you just plain stupid or actually a genius?” 
  • “yeah i know how to knit! what of it?! my obaa-chan said being able to create things with your bare hands is very manly! even wakana agrees!” 
  • sawamura “sometimes i use wakana’s name to stop kuramochi-senpai from teasing me of these random hobbies he deems as ‘girly’” eijun.

elynight  asked:

So, I was catching up on Skip Beat! all weekend and I'd forgotten how ridiculous the body proportions are! Itty bitty torsos, long long legs and arms. Shoujo legs! And the guys have god damn yaoi hands, omg. XD XD It's not so ridiculous in the newer chapters, but in the old ones? So bad. I love Skip Beat! but I had such a hard time paying attention to the plot because I got distracted by the bodies.

Ahaha!! I haven’t read Skip Beat in years! I dropped it quite a while ago because the scanlations I was reading were like really bad and super confusing. But I’ve been meaning to try re-reading it, like so many mangas from my childhood. I remember I used to adore it when I was younger.

But yeah, the drawing style in the Skip Beat manga is just….really really strange. The anime had a pretty good drawing style. But omg their faces!!! They’re just??? So pointy??? They’re literal triangles omg XDDD

Pokemon characters described simply (based off the games)
  • White: angry ponytail and razor shorts who has to be the neutralizing force between Cheren and Bianca; prone to disappearing acts of at least 2+ years at a time
  • Black: generic BW interpretation of Red; follows White around and usually runs into her because he doesn't pay attention
  • Serena: French girl stereotype whose got the ponytail of White but no curl; all treble and no bass in that pony; the nagging mom friend who thinks she sees and knows all
  • Calem: cool boy stereotype who thinks hats are overrated as well as everyone around him; misplaced sense of arrogance and pride
  • Red: the original Pokemon master - should be feared but also questioned for his lack of suitable attire for staying up on Mt. Silver
  • Blue/Green: cocky v-neck asshole suppressing his sexuality under layers of insults towards Red
  • Leaf: shady hat, sweaters on her legs, and generally won't put up with everyone's shit; so done with Green in every way
  • Cheren: salty mom figure; learned his multiplication tables at age 3; has no idea what empathy is most of the time; be the very best like no one ever was
  • Bianca: actual, radiant bundle of sunshine; character development is A+; best friend of the year award; likes to help people; as a result, is attracted to lost causes
  • Lyra: lives to get under Silver's skin; tomboy fashion icon; hides under Lance's cape and causes trouble
  • Silver: angst but as a person; "it's not a phase, mom"; reluctant to admit that he is wrong; just needs a hug honestly
  • Ethan: the likeable kind of cocky; sometimes; "making my way downtown" *trips and falls and rolls down the hill*
  • Dawn: so done with everything; fashion is on point; poster child for selective listening, thanks to Barry; likes nature
  • Barry: GOTTA GO FAST; horseshoe hair; dresses like a prep but does not conduct himself like one; talks 24/7; supportive friend tho
  • Lucas: Professor Rowan's 5 senses in his old age; a lab assistant who got "lucky enough" to get promoted; smarty tardy
  • Shauna: indecisive silliness; kept inside most of her childhood but yearns for love, friendship, romance and basically a shoujo manga life; wants to do all the things
  • Tierno: would rather own a club than be a trainer; gotta party like it's 2012 up in here; always up for a good time; he has literally no other characterization
  • Trevor: pls do not fight; his hair is a protective helmet from bullies; read during recess always
  • Rosa: smiles all the time without even being aware; ditzy but could easily kill a man, probably by accident; trips over air; has a big dumb crush on like five people
  • Nate: just trying to live his life; never asked for any of this, but that weird hairstyle did; team plasma were like moths to a flame; sighing
  • Hugh: eats, sleeps and dreams revenge; best older brother you could ever ask for tho; gotta go fast; hair is a qwillfish; under the impression that those pants were a good choice
  • Lance: gay for Dragonite; wants to be Red; still pretty cool even if he's not; plays dungeons and dragons with the so-called Blackthorn Dragon Taming Clan; wears a cape because why the fuck not
  • Steven: powered by rocks and minerals alone; his name is a pun that he doesn't seem to acknowledge; pretty boy who went to private school; tuxedo mask; too much money; cries at Steven Universe episodes; wants to be a Crystal Gem
  • Cynthia: Too cool for school, but went anyway; every guys dreams girl; too bad she's gay; yeah, you heard me; fashion is on point; rocks that long ass fur-trimmed coat better than any model ever could; so strong omg
  • Iris: kawaii catgirl princess that tames dragons and is capable of mass destruction; protector of Bianca; eater of ice creams; runs a pastel anime blog in spare time
  • Ghetsis: should've died in the war of 1812; too bitter and mean for this world; 10/10 would get written up by child protective services; the deadly sin of wrath as an old, decaying man with green horns for hair
  • Colress: Internet fucking Explorer; morals? what morals; did it for the science; was never meant to escape the lab; idolizes Team Galactic fashion
  • N: green haired trash baby; daddy issues; only talks to his pets; needs therapy; won't pick the twigs out of his hair
  • Lysandre: *Thom Yorke voice* "but I'm a creep..."; throws away entire drawing if he gets one line a little bit wrong; trendsetter; suppressed angst and self-loathing
  • Cyrus: thousand yard stare; *marina diamandis voice* "teach me how to feel...real."; lost all faith in humanity
  • Archie: wants to wrestle Kyogre; don't look at me like that, you know I'm right; has a big gay crush on Maxie; was once a pirate, then decided it was time for a more "streamlined" *cough cough*-- SPANDEX-- approach; major muscle man
  • Maxie: skinny tadpole who hates water and acts like he hates Archie; that is a blatant lie; he's totes gay for that fish man; the only person to actually pay attention in earth science
  • Giovanni: *evil cackling*; closest thing to American gang evil that you can imagine; ???has a son that ???... what even is that relationship; Al Capone of Pokemon (idk who that is really but I think he was a mafia dude or something)

What a throwback~

I was in love with Tokyo Mew Mew and Mint and Strawberry were my favorite girls (Mint because she was blue, Strawberry because she was a cat!)

Later on I discovered this ship (here everything was dubbed in a way that doesn’t let you catch the real meaning of a relationship unless it’s an hetero relationship. “I really admired you!” my ass!) and I fell in love~

So here a redraw ♡

★ Commission Chart ★

J-Movie Stuff!

So, I have been watching some J-Movies this week. I watched Heroine Shikkaku, L♡DK, and Ao Haru Ride.

Heroine Shikkaku was so much fun! I loved it. I loved how fresh the story was. It was from the perspective of the “evil childhood friend” of the hero. And I loved how it made fun of shoujo manga cliches. Especially the scene where Hatori yells “I’m late, I’m late” with a toast in her hand, emphasizing she’s a main character and the teacher going “You’re not late?” was hilarious. I loved it. Even though I wasn’t really sold on the main couple’s romance, it was still so much fun to watch and in the end I want my heroine to end up with the one she loves and makes her happy. So, good for her! But still, major second lead syndrome. I now have a slight crush on Sakaguchi Kentaro.

I was not impressed with  L♡DK. There were some fun scenes, but it really was a fairly cliche shoujo manga story, wasn’t it? I don’t think it really put something fresh on the table. The romance didn’t work for me either. What the main character’s brother was even about? I don’t know. It was pretty mediocore and weird. I didn’t hate it or anything. You can watch without thinking much if you have free time. At least the secondary couple was adorable. (What are you doing there Larry Butz?)

Ao Haru Ride, on the other hand, was surprisingly beautiful. The cinematography and colours in the movie were lovely. I loved the main actress. I also loved that the story wasn’t just about romance, but also about friendship, facing your trauma and healing with the help of other people. I appreciated that. I lost my father fairly recently too. My parents were divorced and we weren’t really close. It hurts. The guilt hurts so much. I loved that the story addressed it. I was able to move on thanks to my friends, the people I chose to be my family and that’s why the movie hit home for me. The only complaint I have is that, the side characters’ stories were left hanging. I’m guessing on manga, it is handled much better because there’s no time constraint and I’m definitely going to read it. A TV series would be nice for this story too. I really liked it and I recommend it.

I have Strobe Edge on my list next. What else would you recommend that are similar to these movies? 

I love the relationship friendship between Choo Sarang/Akiyama Saran (from Korean reality show The Return of Superman)

and her childhood friend, Yuto.

In TROS ep 78, Sarang-chan and Yuto-kun went to a gym class together. They did a race, in which Yuto won first, resulting in Sarang to cry so hard because she lost. And when they did it again for the second time, Sarang finally won and feel very happy about it. But, like her before, Yuto got cried too because he felt upset that he didn’t win.

When Sarang’s father, Choo Sung Hoon (Akiyama Yoshihiro), Sarang, and Yuto went to have a lunch after gym class, Sung Hoon asked the two of them.

It’s so obvious that Yuto still felt sad and the atmosphere between him and Sarang were kind of awkward… and then, Sarang’s chopstick feel down…

Yuto was still so TSUNDERE (he still felt upset towards Sarang) but after that its seemed like he couldn’t stand it anymore…

ooohhh my heart feels… >///////<

In the end, Yuto always cares for Sarang no matter how angry/upset/mad he feels towards her. What a beautiful childhood friendship. Yuto is such a gentle boy. I admit that I also like her relationship close friendship with Song Manse (another cast in TROS) and how they are so close and how happy Sarang is every time Manse showers her with affections, but… I like her with Yuto more.

This is an actual example of why Japanese childhood friendship (like in shoujo mangas) has a high chance to grow into love.

anonymous asked:

hi! i was wondering if you could recommend me some really heart wrenching shoujo manga? just a couple would do! thank you so much!! (really in the mood to just bawl my eyes out)

Sorry for the late response, I’d say:

Orange (TAKANO Ichigo)


Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari   

Deep Love - Host

Deep Love - Reina no Unmei

Kare Wa Tomodachi 

Kimi ni Chiisana Uso Hitotsu   

Bokura No Koi Wa Shi Ni … o You De 

I’m trying to remember one where there are three childhood friends who live on this island; two boys and one girl. The girl moves away from the island to go to high school in the main city but i think she got expelled for having a relationship with a teacher and she has to go back to her hometown. Her two childhood friends who are in love with her are lowkey competing to win her heart until one of them dies from a fishing accident. It’s driving me crazy trying to remember it but if it rings a bell for anyone please send me an ask!

Hope this helps though!!    

UPDATE: shoujo-paradise suggested  Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan, i just read it and it’s really good!! I definitely cried.


I posted this on one of my other tumblr blogs, but I’ll post it here as well.

For my final year of University, I completed an undergraduate Honours Thesis on Magical Girls.  I won’t get into the details too much since I’m still in the process of research (and will be for the next two years).  Basically, for this project I explored how Joseph Campbell’s mythical narrative, the Japanese cultural aspect of “shoujo” (that is, the period between childhood and adulthood), and the changes in Shoujo manga which saw women taking over storytelling duties from me intersect to illustrate how a heroine’s transformation into a magical girl is a mechanism for personal growth and spiritual (and in some cases, sexual) maturity.  

The two series I focused on were Takuechi Naoko’s “Sailor Moon” (particularly “Sailor Moon Crystal” since it’s so close to the Manga), and Studio Trigger’s “Kill la Kill”.  I used the original Japanese versions of both series (even though my Japanese still needs to level up) to avoid any “lost in translation” issues.

Not only did I do this for my Honours Thesis, but I also to complete the requirements for a research award I received in 2014.  I presented my research during the month of March at Idea Fest at the University of Victoria.  While I can still do more to improve my research, it nonetheless received a positive response.

In the future, I hope to present my research to a more widespread audience.