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Heartlines Part I: Harsh Words

Hi everyone, this is my first imagine series ever, so hope you like it!

Summary: Y/N is running from the harsh words her supposed soulmates (yep, plural, that’s her very own punishment, having more than one soulmate) told her and while in the run, someone kidnaps her. AU! Where you know who’s your soulmate because of the “heartlines” that lit up the first time you touch your soulmate.
Word count: 2375
Pairings: Clark Kent x Reader, Bruce Wayne x Reader, Barry Allen x Reader.
WARNINGS: Reader is kidnaped, assaulted and insulted. Angst. Reader feels unimportant. I don’t know… it’s pretty sad, don’t read if you are sad. Sorry, don’t know how this works quite yet.

Part II   Part III Part IV

My legs felt numb, my lungs hurt, my eyes burned from all the unshed tears, but still, I kept running. I couldn’t stop… because I knew that if I did… then I would have to face the truth and I wasn’t in for that now, or ever for that matter.  So run I did and I was doing so well at forgetting the world around me, that I didn’t notice someone following me until he got my arm rather forcefully and I felt something in my neck that probably was a shot of some drug.

I woke up bound in a chair not knowing even my name and with the mother of all headaches. However for the next hours, I learnt to miss that state of ignorance since everything came rushing back to me:

-“Y/N, this is not a good moment” “But Barry, I just…” “Iris needs me, I need to go” “I-Is she alright? Is she in d-danger?” “What? No! She just… needs me and I’m going with her” “But Barry… I need you too, I- my dad came and…” “And what? Y/N, can’t you stand a day without being the victim?” “What? Barry, what are you trying…” “All I say is that it always has to be about you, always! But I have no time for that now; I need to go with Iris” “Is she more important than me? Than us?” “Y/N…” “Answer me” “Y/N, I don’t have time for this…” “Just answer me, dammit!” “…Yes, is that what you wanted to hear? Now I have to go”

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-“Clark! Please, we need to talk!” “Not now Y/N, I’m in a hurry” “What? Why?” “Lois is going to reportage about the war in…” “And that’s your business because?” “Because it’s dangerous and she is… very important to me” “Am I important too?” “What? Y/N of course you are, don’t be ridiculous” “Is just… that she is always first, these days your priority is Lois” “Y/N…” “She is just your favorite person, isn’t she?” “Y/N, please…” “Do I even make it to the top ten?” “Of course, baby. Can I go now?” “Are you serious?” “Very. The plane goes off in less than half an hour, Lois must be waiting” “And you can’t leave her waiting, can you?” “Y/N…” “If… if you go through that door, Clark, I swear…” “Thanks, bye!” “…you’ll never see me again”

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- “Alfred, take Y/N back to her home in Metropolis” “Bruce! Stop! You cannot do this; we have to talk” “That’s why you have speedy and the alien, to talk and be sweet to you” “Bruce, please! We need to solve this, we need to talk this through” “There’s no time, Y/N. However, I’m sure Barry or Clark would be delighted to have you with them for the night” “None of them cares for me enough, Bruce… I just need to know that I matter to someone, then you can go and save the city, but please… ” “Then what am I? Your last choice?” “What? No! Bruce, it isn’t like that, you know I love you all” “You’ve said that plenty of times before” “Bruce, please… I just need a reason not to go… I need a reason to stay” “Apparently, I don’t have one” “Bruce…” “If you want to go, then go! See if I give a shit”

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-Oh! Sleeping Beauty is finally awake-someone cracked and made me look up. In front of the door of the room I was in, was a tall man. I couldn’t distinguish much more since the lights were still off.
-Have been for a couple of hours, actually-I answered calm since this wasn’t the first hostage situation I was in, after all, being the soulmate of 3 known superheroes has its downside. The only difference from this occasion was that here I didn’t had the certainty that one of them would rescue me.
-Well, sorry for the delay, then-he started to come near me- We were just staging everything for the big show.
-I’m guessing I’m an important part of it, aren’t I?-I said with a tired smile, which he, whoever he was, corresponded.
-The main event! Everything is about you, my dear-the lights were finally turned on and after I got used to the light, I took a look to my captor.
-Edward?-I gasped surprised. My publisher was right there, in front of me. If I ignored the crazy smile on his face, is like he was the normal Edward I knew as my publisher, my friend, my shoulder to cry on… and now, my captor.
-I know you’re surprised, dear. However, do try to be open minded… because isn’t this just fun? I mean, it’s fun for me because your face is priceless but for you… oh, dear Y/N, this must be horrible. Everyone in your life isn’t really there for you anymore, are they? No, they aren’t-he answered his own question before I could- I mean, let’s see: your parents are now dead, your brother is off to Europe and you two don’t talk much anymore, you don’t even know he is married now!-he laughed
-What?!-I exclaimed, confused.
-Oh, yeah, that’s because the invitations were delivered to your boyfriends’ houses, but none of them cared enough to tell you about it.
-That’s not true, my brother doesn’t even have a girlfriend, he…
-But he does, see it for yourself-he put his cellphone right in front of me. I could see my brother in a tuxedo, embracing lovingly a woman with blonde curly hair and milky skin-… and let’s not forget about the video I took!-he said starting a video where I could see my brother chatting with some people I didn’t knew, holding the blonde’s hand, laughing, smiling…
-You were there?!-I shouted, surprised when I saw him in the video
-Of course! I was very surprised when I didn’t saw you there and that’s when I started to work out your failing relationships-he murmured while putting away his phone.
-My relationships aren’t failing
-No? Then, care to explain this?-he clicked something in his cellphone and Barry’s voice started to sound

“I need to go with Iris” “Is she more important than me? Than us?” “Y/N…” “Answer me” “Y/N, I don’t have time for this…” “Just answer me, dammit!” “…Yes, is that what you wanted to hear? Now I have to go”

-Or maybe this one?-another click and now was Clark’s voice

“Y/N…” “If… if you go through that door, Clark, I swear…” “Thanks, bye!” “…you’ll never see me again”

-Maybe this other one?-one click more and now I could hear Bruce’s voice

“Bruce…” “If you want to go, then go! See if I give a shit”

-I know! All of them were out of context, huh?-he said with a bright smile, staring down at me. I gulped down all the tears that threatened to come out and tried to talk.

-What do you want from me?-I asked, looking down.
-What do I want from you? Right now, just admit what you already know… that they don’t love you, even though their heartlines illuminated with you, they don’t love you.
-I… Why?
-Because you have to do it-he answered harshly, however, I just wanted to know why and I wasn’t backing down
-Tell me why and I’ll do it-I said proudly looking up- Maybe because you think you are better than them, you think you deserve a chance with me, you think…-I couldn’t continue because of a slap in my face that launched me to the ground.
-I don’t “think” I’m better than them or that I deserved a chance, I know it! I’ve always known that but you refused to accept it. I was the perfect candidate to be the one who lit up your fourth heartline! I even considered forgetting you are a whore since birth! But you ruined your chances and now I’m here to show you your mistake-he ended with a smile while he grabbed the chair I was in and put it back to place without a care.
-What are you going to do?-I asked trying not to show my fear, but failing miserably
-I’m going to put on a show where you will be able to see how your soulmates don’t care one bit about you and…
-I already know that-I interrupted him
-Oh, so you are not making any bets? No hope that any of the 3 will come to get you?-he said with a giggle that I found terrifying.
-No, I have no hope at all… will you end this game now?-I said while looking down
-Unfortunately for you, I do have my bets and consequential plans with those bets
-Weren’t you going to show me how they didn’t care enough for me?
-Oh yes! But my plans were to attract them here, to you, and then show you how the only reason they came was because they were heroes, not because they loved you… however, it never occurred to me that they weren’t coming. So, if you are right, then I’m afraid that this is your last night alive-he laughed even more while I opened my eyes in shock.
-No… Edward, why are you doing this?-I asked in tears
-Because: A) It’s fun! B) You obviously deserve it, I mean; you are a freak with those four heartlines and C) This plan has been going for a long time, I wanted to play with my rivals for some time now, but now they are no longer my rivals… once you are out of the picture, they will be my playmates.
-Edward… please, just… I need to say goodbye to my brother, please-I said trying hard not to scream and cry for mercy because now I knew he wouldn’t give that to me, he was clearly a psychopath and psychopaths don’t give a shit for their victims but I at least wanted to say goodbye to my brother, he was a good brother and if he had a family I didn’t wanted them to see me like the aunt bitch that never communicated.
-I suppose everyone needs a closure and I like your brother, he was very kind to send me an invitation…-he murmured while he thought about it- Okay, you can say goodbye to him. There’s a camera right there-Edward lifted my chair and rotated it to my left, where I could see for the first time a camera that was apparently recording- I was going to send a copy to the Justice League but I guess I could send your brother another copy.
-Could you, please, cut the parts of my torture?-I said with a slight tremble, earning a confused glare and a twisted smile from Edward
-How did you know I was going to torture you?
-It’s obvious… you want to make me suffer for not choosing you, even though I don’t have a say on it-I said gazing up to him and his smile just widened.
-Yeah, obvious… go on then-he motioned to the camera and I sighed.

-Hi brother!-I said being over cheerful- I heard you got married and I just want to say ‘Congratulations, you bastard!’ I hope you are incredibly happy with her and… I also hope that you forgive for not being there with you. I’ve been nothing but an awful sister and for that I’m sorry, you deserved better.  You deserved a much better sister than what I could ever be… I… I wish we had talked more, that we hadn’t drift apart but there’s not much we can do now. So I want to tell you that none of this is your fault, none! I know it’s rare from me taking away from you some guilt, but… well, I love you bro, that’s all I can say and I want to show it to you by forgiving everything you did to me when we were children, because I know you sometimes still feel guilty about it, and I also asking for forgiveness for everything I’ve done to you in our childhood and in our adult life. I hope you can forgive me… especially for apologizing only when I’m so close to my death.-I sighed
-I know that when this arrives to your home in Europe I will already be dead… and I’m sorry for that too. I’m sorry that you will know of my death because of a video or maybe a phone call or anything, I’m sorry I’m dead because maybe you are going to feel guilty or maybe you are going to drift apart from your beautiful wife… so, in this video, I ask you to do neither of those things. I ask you to go on with your life and don’t hate me, or this situation, or anything about it… just… go on and be happy knowing that’s what I wish for you-by this time, tears were freely streaming down my face
-God! I’m awful for this things… everything I’ve said doesn’t make sense and you are probably done with this video… however, if you have come this far, I want you to know that I love you, I couldn’t ask for a better brother and that I will always be sorry for being an awful sister. Oh! Also, you don’t have to be guilty about anything I…
-That’s enough!-Edward interrupted me while moving my chair to the side- Too much yada, yada. Now it’s time to get you ready… Guys!-Some over-muscled goons entered the room; their faces were stoic… where the hell do all of these villains get these goons that are so alike? - Why don’t you get our main guest ready for tonight’s show?-he said while grabbing the camera and giving it a better position, one where my face could be seen clearly along with the goons.
The fat men exited the room, but were back soon enough.
-Y-you are going to record this?-I asked slightly trembling at the sight of the goons carrying an electroshock machine.
-Of course! The Justice League members can’t miss the backstage show now, can they?-he said with a horrible smile.

I just gulped and hoped against hope that Barry, Clark or Bruce came for me… noticed that I was gone… but deep down, I knew they wouldn’t come.

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Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Wade Wilson x reader
Genres: angst, attempted rape, more angst, bad language, mild fluff
Words: 2.760
Summary: Reader is attacked in an alley; Wade shows up and saves her, but says a rude comment, which makes reader mad. He tries to apologize, but to no avail, until he comes without his suit. Reader invites his for a beer and they talk, in the end finding a friend in one another - requested by @directorpercivalgraves 

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Everyone Loves a Pretty Face

On AO3:

Ladybug was sitting on the edge of a roof, staring wistfully across the street. This was one of her new favorite spots. Even though she couldn’t see much of Paris, like she could from atop the Eiffel Tower or Sacre Coeur, or stare down along the Seine, as Notre Dame allowed, this little roof had a view of its own. A large ad was printed on the billboard across the street, and since about a week ago, it featured Adrien’s flawless, smiling face, five meters tall and gazing lovingly and invitingly right at her.

So she sat there, gazing back, resting her chin in her hands with her elbows on her knees, and sighed.

He was so perfect.

Then the image on the billboard moved. Adrien’s face turned straight to her, and he winked.

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Werifesteria (Negan) Smut One Shot

This is for @ladylorelitany‘s Monster Mash 2017 Challenge! My prompt was a Huldra (A Seductive Forest Spirit)!! Perfect way for getting back into the swing of writing for my favorite baseball bat wielding loud mouth again! Special thanks to @zoesmama2024 for reading through this more times than necessary 😜♥️💋♥️💋 Enjoy!!! 

Werifesteria”(n) An old English and dead word, werifesteria means to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery.

There were recent murmurings amongst his men concerning a woman they’d seen wandering around in the woods. Now men yammering about women didn’t phase Negan, hell he’d chime right in most of the time.

He abso-fucking-lutely adored the fairer of the two sexes.

Now what did catch Negan’s attention was when his men started blabbering about how the mystery woman seemed to wander about without care but more so those walker shits seemed to totally avoid her, hell even move out of her way as she passed through.

How she seemed to wear nothing but a white silk négligée.

How she’d appear to vanish whenever one of them tried to get closer.

One man swore he even saw a fox tail poke out from under her slip.

Another man ranted about forest spirits; if you’re polite to them they’d bring you good luck.

Negan was kind of skeptical but then again the world was littered with walking corpses so who was he to deny the existence of sexy lil nymphs?

Apparently the men would almost always spot glimpses of the woman roaming about a small meadow a little ways off the main road right before entering the next town.

He yearned to uncover this pretty little mystery.

The next day Negan corralled a small group of his men with the intention of scavenging for supplies in the next town over, but first they’d make a pit stop. Negan had to see a meadow about a woman.

Ignoring the groans of a few men about how there was nothing left in that area, they set off.

It was an incredibly sunny day, which brought on the godamn heat. Negan pulled at his leather jacket in an attempt to get some air flowing through it. Grabbing Lucille, he slammed the truck door.

“Shits hotter than an iron to the face!” A malicious smile graced his handsome face as he purposely stared down Dwight. Kind of hoping the scarred man would react. Negan could see the man’s subtle attempts at restraining a grimace which was all he needed.

“Alright,  let’s see what all the fuss is about!” He announced, his right hand Simon and Dwight following behind him as they trekked into the wooded area.

All three men made sure to remain on the lookout for walkers as they slowly made their way through the shrubbery.

After scouring the area for a good twenty minutes, Negan was getting frustrated. He was this close to calling bullshit and curb stomping those idiots for wasting his time until he hearing Simon softly called him over.

Simon and Dwight were peeking through a large bush, taking a closer look Negan noticed it led into a clearing and that’s not all he observed.

Long legs strolled languidly through the overgrown grass, the warm breeze appeared to swoon as it caressed sun kissed skin that glittered in the beams of sunshine through the trees.

Ringed fingers skimmed over the tall blades of grass as the woman kept her stride. The plant itself attempted to curl around the appendages as if seeking comfort from its owner.

The woman was dressed completely unusual in today’s monster fueled world. Clad in nothing but a long silky white négligée molded perfectly to her form. Long slits in the material started right under her hips, revealing long legs with every step. The fabric moved seamlessly, oddly never trailing on the ground in an almost sentient manner.

There was something about the beautiful stranger that made his entire being crave a closer look, a firm touch. Negan wondered where in the hell she was going dressed like that and not to mention, from what he could see, weaponless.

“Well fuck me ten ways to Sunday…” Negan breathed, completely awestruck by the stunning woman.

“You could say that again.” Simon couldn’t believe the woman was actually real.

Long mahogany waves bounced seamlessly against her bare back as the woman continued to move without care for anything around her.

Negan’s booted feet moved of their own accord leading him out from the bushes and into the clearing. Dwight went to stop him but Simon shook his head as they curiously observed what would transpire.

The woman was only a few feet ahead of him when she stopped all movement instantly. Negan held his breath in fearing that she’d disappear like his men said she would. Fortunately for him though, she simply turned and faced him.

Beautiful didn’t even seem to cover how drop dead gorgeous this woman was.

Hell, that even seemed to do her an injustice.

Dark waves framed her oval shaped face, big brown doe eyes twinkled at him as they took him in. Strangely enough Negan felt a bit self conscious under her penetrating stare. Her long straight nose had a ring piercing the right nostril, ending with beauty mark accenting perfectly plush lips. Lips that smiled coyly at him, her stare never wavering from him.

For once this loud mouth of a man, this silver tongued prince, was struck speechless. Words failed him as his infatuation bloomed.

“Hello, Stranger.” Soft lips spoke airily as if in a daydream. A ring clad hand slowly rose as she leant in to stroke his face. “Does this handsome face come with a name?”

Mentally shaking himself, Negan spoke “The names Negan, Miss-?”

“I go by many names…” The woman paused momentarily, fingers lingering on his strong jawline as she drew in loser to him. “…but just for you Negan, you can call me Allura.” Allura whispered into his parted lips.

Allura smelled like the forest after a rainstorm. Earthy and fresh. Negan wanted to know what she tasted like.

As if reading his thoughts, pink lips pressed softly onto his. Negan felt as if he’d been jolted through time and space, every nerve in his body sprung to life. Absolutely electric.

The brunette backed away slightly while biting her lip.

“Follow me, Negan.” Her voice sang in its airy tone as she moved from him toward the other side the clearing, slipping seamlessly through the thick of the forest.

Negan let out a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding. Briefly, he looked back to where he knew Simon and Dwight were, nodded his head as if to let them know he was gonna follow and then set off to where this mysterious Allura wandered to.

He had just managed to catch up to her, while noticing the way she playfully glided through the trees and brush. Always glancing over her shoulder to send a beaming smile his way.

Goddamn…This little minx playing with me.” Negan thought with grin. Oh, he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on her.

Allura stopped a few feet ahead of him along the shore of a lake she had lead them to. The summer breeze blew wistful kisses along her exposed shoulders, making strands of her wavy hair dance.

Negan was now one hundred-percent sure that this woman was literally glowing in the sun’s rays. She looked otherworldly.

Letting her continue to lead him towards as he took in his surroundings, he had to ask about the lack of walkers.

“I mean not to look a gift horse in the fucking mouth but isn’t it odd as all hell that we haven’t seen any of those dead shits anywhere?” Negan wondered perplexed looking over at stunning beauty as they walked towards what appeared to be a cave opening in the mountain that stretched along the far side of the lake.

Allura’s stunning features screwed up into what he could assume was an ugly scowl.

“As if she was even capable of looking remotely off putting.” He thought sardonically.

“They don’t dare come near me.” She spat with certainty, the disgust in her voice absolutely venomous.

“How the hell do you manage that?” Negan was very curious as to how a lone person could keep any of those shits from coming near them or their land.

The brunette took a moment before answering.

“I breathe life, they breathe death.” Plush lips whispered as she knelt down in the cavernous dwelling, pressing a ringed hand to the ground. “Those abominations know to steer clear of my path.”

If Negan didn’t see what he was seeing with his own fucking eyes he’d call absolute bullshit. Sprouting between her fingers bloomed a dark crimson rose, but just as quickly as it seemed to bloom, it wilted just as fast.

Clasping her hands around the wilted flower, she blew softly on it. Breathing a new life into it.

Gently plucking the flower, she brought it up to her nose, inhaling the lovely scent. Taking Negan’s hand, she laid the delicate flower in his open palm.

“Well…aren’t you just full of surprises, sweetheart. “ He whispered, the disbelief in his voice evident. Large fingers lightly stroked the velvety texture of the rose. “What are you some goddamn nymph? Mother fucking nature?”

At first, all she gave in response was a twinkling laugh as she then suddenly pushed him against the rough wall. The level of strength she seemed to possess, surprised the fuck out of him.

“You have no idea.” Allura whispered in his ear as she licked the shell of it. Her hands roamed all along his body, then started to shed him of his layers of clothing.

Negan growled as he pushed her back against the opposite wall. He bit his lip noticing that she relished in how the jagged wall dug into her exposed back. “Baby sure likes pain, doesn’t she?” He murmured into her neck, biting down.

She moaned loudly at the feel of his teeth digging into her flesh, coaxing him to proceed harder with the nudge of her hand while her other one dug long nails into his back as he pulled his leather jacket off. Red spots bled through his white T-shirt.

“Goddamn, dollface. Keep that shit up” Negan groaned as she ripped off the bloodstained shirt. Enjoying how those dainty fingers ran up and down the trail of hair along his stomach to the beginnings of his jeans, grunting a bit as she whipped his belt off and tossed it aside.

“Take them off.” Allura ordered, eyes beaming greedily with lust as she watched him unbuckle and remove his jeans. His cock sprang to attention; absolutely ready for her.

Moving past him, she beckoned him with her finger to follow her deeper into the cave. Negan followed without complaint, completely mesmerized by the sway of her hips.

They stopped in front of a plush blanketed area, small candles littered throughout. Yet Negan couldn’t think of anything but the stunning woman in front of him. And once she shed the silk dress, the soft material pooling at her feet, he knew for a fact that he was a goddamn goner.

Allura laid down on the soft blankets, her fiery gaze locked on his. “What are you waiting for?” She asked as her fingers ran along her body tauntingly.

Negan responded by kissing every inch of skin as he crawled on top of her.

Locking lips, he devoured the honey sweet taste of her lips. She was gonna give him a fucking cavity.

“Oh Allura baby, you are definitely something fucking else.” He breathed into the kiss, enjoying how her heart thumped excitedly against him. His hands roamed teasingly along the curves of her breasts, taut nipples grazing along his chest.

Allura growled impatiently, thrusting her hips against his. The feel of his hardened shaft brushing along her wet sex, made her eyes want to roll back in need.

“Negan…” She moaned, nails digging into his back once more.

He didn’t have a chance to react as she flipped them over. Startled, he looked up to see her smiling wide, a crazed look in her eyes. Her nails left even more shallow cuts in his skin as she dragged them down his body. She wet her lips, when she was met with his throbbing member.

Wrapping those pretty lips around him, making Negan groan loudly. Allura hollowed out her cheeks as she sucked, moving up and down on his thick length. If she kept that up, it’d be over before it even started.

“R-Ride my fucking dick, gorgeous.” He breathed out, a small whimper escaping his lips as she let him slip out of her mouth with a ‘pop’.

Allura grinned mischievously, kissing around his pelvis as his cock bobbed painfully with each kiss from those soft lips.

“Goddamnit Allura…” Negan groaned, the need to be buried inside her overwhelming.  “Get that ass up here!”


“What?” He was caught off guard by the hard edge in her voice.

Beg for me, Negan.” Allura purred into his hot flesh, giving him kitten licks as she moved up his body then back down. Absolutely relishing in the clear frustration blazing in his eyes. “Tell me how bad you want me.”

“Well, shit baby…” Negan was not above begging a beautiful woman in bed. The role reversal was a refreshing change of pace. He’d bite, or rather beg.

“I need you so bad, gorgeous…can’t you see how bad I need that fucking pussy of yours wrapped around my cock?” He moaned, enjoying how her dark brown eyes were full blown with lust.

Sitting up he pulled her into him for a passionate lip lock. “That’s how much I need you…” Leaning back, he lead her hand down between them, stroking his hard length. “Feel that, sweetheart? That’s how fucking bad I want you.”

“Oh do I fucking want you baby. So fucking bad.” He murmured into the heaving chest. Lapping at the curve of her cleavage.

The way Allura stared down into his eyes as he looked up was pure fire. That glow around her seemed to brighten even more, making her ethereal appearance even more supernatural than it already was.

Dark brown eyes stared down hazel eyes, engorging the latter with its ever consuming lust. The brazen leader of the Saviors was a goddamn goner. Poor old sap never had a fighting chance with this one.

Allura dragged her teeth along his chest, leaving numerous love bites in their wake. Long legs straddled his strong thighs as she lead his throbbing cock into her aching core .

They both groaned as she took him in completely. She started maneuvering her hips along his cock. Her walls clinging tightly to him, enough to make both their eyes roll back.

“Tell me more.” The dark haired beauty moaned, nipping the shell of his ear roughly. Hips moving to a beat all their own. “You want to.”

“Fu-” Every touch, every nip, every swivel of those magical hips, set his nerves on fire. Negan was all sensation, could barely think straight. “-uck!”

“Oh, babygirl…please keep doing that…those fucking hips. Shitttt.” Closing his eyes, Negan took it all in. He bit down hard on his lip, enough to draw blood, Allura surprised him by lapping it up and taking his mouth into hers.

“You mean this?” She rotated her hips slightly diagonal as her inner walls clamped down around his pulsating cock.

Negan let out a pleasured yell, grasping onto her hips chanting “y-yes, yes, f-fu-fuck, yes, yes…”

Allura quickened her pace, her own need for release now becoming an overwhelming fire pooling deep into her lower abdomen. The feel of his cock throbbed within hot her core, knowing he wasn’t far behind was pushing her  more towards the edge. She was ready to fall off it with him.

Latching her lips onto his, she took in the smoky mint taste of his mouth. “I’m gonna cum, handsome.” She whimpered, hips moving frantically for that one stroke, that one angle that would be her undoing.

And with one last caress of his cock, she fell off the edge of oblivion.

Allura screamed his name repeatedly, hips bucking against him. She ground into him harshly. The frantic pace she kept triggered his own release.

“Shit, Allura. Fuck fuck fuckkkkkk!” He groaned loudly into her neck, thrusting his hips up, pushing himself deeper into her as he came, long and hard inside the comfort of her warm walls.

Allura laid on her side next to Negan as they both tried to catch their breath. His long fingers lazily trailed up and down her back as she pressed sweet kisses along his neck until he dozed off.

Negan slowly awoke a short while later, feeling completely invigorated, he reached over next to him to pull Allura closer to him, but felt nothing but air as his hand thumped down onto the dirt covered ground.

Looking around confused, he realized he wasn’t in her little cave dwelling…he was in leaning against some tree, fully clothed with Lucille laying across his lap as if on guard while he snoozed on.

“What in ever living goddamn fuckity fuckin fuck?” Negan growled out, a frown heavily marring his handsome face. He knew for a fucking fact that that fucking happened. It was not a goddamn dream. Couldn’t of been. He was not cracking the fuck up. No fucking way.

Just then he heard voices as Simon and Dwight wandered into view, surprised to find their boss sat on the ground.

Negan quickly rose to his feet, brushing random dirt off himself. 

Not giving either man a chance to speak, he barked “Let’s get a fucking move on.” leading the way back to the rest of the group.

He opened his mouth to bitch some more but before he could verbalize his grievances, something red caught his eye as he adjusted his leather jacket.

A single crimson rose stuck out in the breast pocket of said jacket.

Negan felt his anger wash away instantly as he plucked the flower from the pocket and inhaled its sweet scent.

“You sneaky little nymph.” He chuckled to himself, placing the rose back in his breast pocket.

Negan would find her again, he had a feeling little lady luck would be on his side or rather on his lap again if he had any say.

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Author Spotlight: ItsNotEasyBeingQueen Day 4

Day 4:  Recs!

Oh, where to begin???  There are SO many wonderful fics out there that I cannot possibly reference them all. What’s funny is that every fic I’ve listed below is quite long – and I’m mostly a one-shot writer.  I am not sure what that says about me!  

Rec #1 – “Callaway Place” by @sunshineoptimismandangels

Such an AMAZING piece of writing.  Take out the names “Kurt” and “Blaine” and this fic stands as a work of completely original fiction, perfectly suitable to be published as a novel or to be made into a movie.  Kurt and Blaine meet in a very unusual way as children, then find one another again as adults, becoming ensnared in a world of magic, mystery, and mortal danger.  I can recall stopping whatever I was doing to read each chapter as soon as it was posted.  This story is riveting from start to finish.  I wish I was as talented and creative as this author. You needn’t look much further than the Prologue to get drawn in:

The numb feeling in his chest was morphing into something else, not the steady fear he’d been running on, but something strong, something driving – it was morphing into anger. He walked up the old creaky stairs to the third floor, breath coming a little faster.

Blaine stood in the middle of the large open room, his muscles tense and his body trembling from head to toe. He clenched his jaw and balled his fist staring resolutely at the tall full length mirror in front of him. The twining vines of its frame radiating with a burning light, the glass heaving inward and out like the lung of a living creature. The only mirror in the house not broken.

All Blaine had ever wanted was to be rid of this thing, to run as far away from it as he possibly could. Now, he was staring it down like an enemy he was about to meet on the battlefield. Every instinct he had was telling him to run, to flee, to leave this place behind him for good. Instead, he took a step closer. And another. And another.

There were a myriad of small golden lights floating on the other side of the glass, swirling and swarming around calling to him. It wasn’t necessary; he didn’t need an enchantment to know what he had to do. At this point he’d do anything. He reached out an unsteady hand towards the glass, pressing his fingers and then his whole palm against it. The glass was warm and pulsing, and it had a give to it in a way that glass really shouldn’t. Blaine shuddered and closed his eyes, drawing on all the courage he had. Then, he opened his eyes and pressed his hand harder against the glass; his hand started to sink in, like moving through thick mud.

Blaine wanted to scream, but he stuffed it down, pushing forward until the mirror had engulfed his arm up to the elbow. Blaine cleared his throat trying to sound steady, “I’m coming Kurt,” he promised and then took a step forward, the mirror pulling him through to the other side.

 Rec #2 – “Heartstone” by @sunshineoptimismandangels

Yes, I realize I’m dedicating two of my recs to the same author, but you asked for my favorite stories, and it just so happens that she penned two of them.   (Don’t complain too much – I tried picking two others from memory and realized both were her stories, too.  Apparently, I have a fanfic type.  I’m choosing fics by two other authors, though, to spread the love.) Again, this fic has a supernatural element, and the author creates a completely unique world into which she deposits Kurt and Blaine.  Under a curse meant to spare his life, Blaine endeavors for decades to recover that which would restore his humanity.  Fate has, unbeknownst to either man, tied Kurt and Blaine together in a tale of mystery and fearful creatures that seek to destroy Blaine.  Seriously – stop reading my drivel and go read this story.

I had a terrible time choosing an excerpt to post here.  I think this gives you a good idea of the quality and tenor of the writing without giving away too much plot:

Blaine lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling and waiting for his alarm to go off. He tilted his head, finding images in the fibers of the ceiling paint, a face, a castle

 A monster.

Blaine shut his eyes to rid his mind of the images of a fanged creature staring down at him; his alarm clock went off, and even though he’d been waiting for it, it made his heart rate spike as he sat straight up in bed and slammed his palm on the alarm to shut it up. He’d been having nightmares again, worse than usual, his mind dredging up the most evil of his memories, red eyes glaring at him in the dark and screams of pain.

 Blaine got up from his bed, swallowing deeply, and walked over to the mirror that hung above his dresser. He moved it to the side to reveal the safe in the wall and worked the combination until it opened. Inside, was the source of his nightmares; they’d gotten worse since he traded Felix for this vial. He pulled it out and held it in his hand for a moment, the heat inside warming him a little, but still making him shiver. He put the vial down on his dresser top and went to get ready for the day.

 He’d had the vial for a few weeks now but hadn’t done anything with it. He told himself that it was because he didn’t have everything he needed for the ritual yet, which was true. It was also true that Blaine hadn’t been trying very hard to get what he needed. That changed today, though; he had an appointment late that afternoon to get the piece he needed in order to finally use the heartstone remains. He should be excited, elated even, but he couldn’t muster it.

 Mostly he felt… worried. Worried about what he would find out, worried about where the new information he gained would lead him. Away from New York? Towards facing the truths that have been chasing him most of his life? Away from Kurt? The thought of Kurt surprised him and he pinched the bridge of his nose trying to concentrate. He chided himself; he couldn’t give up on what he’d been working towards almost his whole life just because of a pretty boy with a pretty smile that made Blaine feel… made Blaine feel for the first time in too long.

 Blaine stared at the clothes hanging in his closet while wearing only the jeans he’d slipped on after his shower. He never thought much about what he wore, but today he wanted to look nice, at least as nice as he could; he was probably seeing Kurt this afternoon and he didn’t know when he’d see him again after the ritual. Blaine sighed; all of his clothes were various shades of black and gray and when did he become so boring? He ended up picking out a sweater that could conceivably be considered navy, layered with a crisp gray button up underneath, and resigned himself to looking as put together as he could.

 On his way out, he grabbed the vial and stuck it in his coat pocket. He wasn’t foolish enough to leave it behind. He kept it in the safe at night and on his person at all other times. He may hate what it was and what it represented, but he knew he needed it. It felt heavy in his pocket, like it was dragging his whole body down. The more Blaine thought about it, the more he wasn’t sure he should even meet up with Kurt today; wouldn’t it be better just to fade from Kurt’s life like he’d never been there? That thought made his chest unexpectedly tight.

 Kurt was the first friend he’d allowed himself in some time, he wasn’t sure why’d he’d made the exception for Kurt, but he had. He considered Kurt a friend and the thought of him warmed Blaine’s cold world. If he’d been someone else maybe he’d let himself have more than friendship with Kurt. He was smart, and attractive and inconceivably patient with Blaine. Still, it was a moot point now, now that Blaine was going to perform this ritual life was going to change. It had to.

 He’d have one last cup of cinnamon coffee with Kurt and then close that chapter of his life. He could do that. Blaine gulped as the cold wind picked-up outside. He could do that, right?

 Rec #3: I Won’t Let You Down by Mrs Criss 2012

Another favorite author whose work I admire is Mrs Criss 2012.  “I Won’t Let You Down” is a beautiful, emotional, often angsty romance between an older (age 27) Kurt and younger (age 16) Blaine.  Before you get potentially turned off by the age difference, let me assure you, this is a fic about true love and compassion and finding out that the person you’re meant to be with might surprise you.  The age difference is thoroughly discussed and is a logical part of the story.  Blaine’s family moves in across the street from Burt Hummel.  Kurt, who lives in New York, comes for a visit, but is a hardened version of the boy he used to be.  However, the young, unhappy boy across the road is just the person to make Kurt become the best version of himself again.  It takes a loooong time to get there, and Kurt’s horribly maddening sometimes, and Burt is quite the watchdog papa bear protector – of Blaine – but it’s all so very worth it.

This excerpt may be a spoiler (so sue me), but it’s one of the best first (well, technically, second, but you have to read it to understand that) kiss scenes ever.

“That was your first kiss?” Kurt asks, stricken.

Blaine doesn’t speak but gives a small nod, looking down at his shoes as the rain runs from his hair.

“Oh Blaine,” Kurt says sadly. “You…I…I’m…” He is fully intending to apologize, but when Blaine looks up, pain and anguish painted across his face, Kurt is overcome. Surging forward, he closes the gap between them and claims Blaine’s mouth in a hungry kiss. The feel of Blaine’s wet hair sliding through his fingers only makes him press their bodies closer together, and then suddenly Blaine is kissing back in spite of himself, his hands fisting the front of Kurt’s sweater and tugging him unfathomably closer still. The feel of their lips together is better than either could have ever imagined, and every ounce of frustration, anger and desire manifests itself in a kiss which neither ever wants to end. 

The initial passion gives way to deep longing, and the kiss becomes romantic and loving. Tentatively, Kurt dares to taste with his tongue and when Blaine moans softly in his throat and opens his mouth wider, Kurt feels himself growing hard immediately. They keep kissing, right there on the corner of Blaine’s driveway in the pouring rain, with Kurt’s hands framing Blaine’s face tenderly until eventually they slow. Even then they are both reluctant to part, dropping sweet kisses to each other’s lips as gradually Blaine allows an ear splitting grin to take over his face. 

“You have no idea how desperately I’ve wanted to do that,” Kurt whispers, his eyes still closed as he presses his forehead against Blaine’s. “I just…” He goes back in for more and Blaine responds willingly, his hands on the small of Kurt’s back this time, pushing their groins together. It becomes Kurt’s turn to whimper, and his soft groan is immediately swallowed by Blaine who runs his tongue into Kurt’s mouth once more. This time, when they break it is to fall into a deep, long hug, and yes, Blaine does fit as perfectly as Kurt hoped he would.

He holds him tight and allows himself to be held in return, noticing how although Blaine might be young, and relatively small, he is manly and firm against him, and just the feel of Blaine’s arms around him make him feel safe and secure.

Rec #4 – Angel in a Red Vest by @dontbefanci

I just read this on a recommendation from another reader and I was blown away. Blaine is a firefighter who meets Kurt, a volunteer disaster responder.  It’s masterfully written, romantic, and utterly heartbreaking at times – and I read the whole 100k+ fic in two days.  (My eyes may never be the same, but it was totally worth it.)  It’s all so good and hard to parse up, but here’s a little early scene to whet your appetite:

“Is, um…is there something else I can do for you?”

 “Yes.” A blush crept up Blaine’s face as he smiled, his eyes darting away from Kurt’s gaze and back again. “Kurt, I actually came by for another reason.”

 “Oh?” Kurt tilted his head in question unable to hide his grin. Not only had Chief remembered his name, but the way he said it, as though it curled in his mouth like a ribbon of candy. Kur…t.

 “I was wondering…if you would like to join me for dinner one night this week.”

 Their eyes locked and Kurt no longer had to worry about hiding the hitches in his breath. He completely forgot how to breathe. But, he found his voice, if not his ability to speak properly. “Sure. That would…yes. I’d…I’d like that.” Smooth, Hummel.

 “Good. I’ll um…I need a way to contact you?”

 “Oh. That might help.”

 They exchanged numbers, through their phones and Blaine pocketed his as he stood pausing in the frame of Kurt’s office door, another blush sweeping over his cheeks. “So. I’ll call soon?”

 “That would be great. And, come back by. I know Dot wants to meet you.”

 Blaine’s stance stiffened, zippering back up into Chief mode and he smiled tightly. “Will do.” He nodded and winked and disappeared out the door as swiftly as he’d come in.

 And Kurt? Well, Kurt let out a whoosh of air, breathing properly for the first time in about ten minutes. “Oh. Mygod.”

 He stared at his desk, the papers on it, his to-do list over and over again, not able to start on anything, irritated with his school boy behavior. Really now. It’s a date. You have dates. You even have dates with handsome men. What IS your problem?

And he couldn’t answer even himself; his face remaining heated and flushed until he finally pulled himself out and it and focused on his volunteer email list to announce an upcoming training.

And then the door opened again.

It was Blaine, rushed and unable to make eye contact.

“Hello again.”

“Yeah. Hi. So. I wimped out just like I promised I wouldn’t.”


“Look. I’m not normally this ridiculous, but um…” He stepped in all the way and leaned against the door frame, nervous and wide-eyed. “You entrance me, Kurt Hummel. What are you doing for lunch today?”

Kurt laughed. Hot and adorable was an amazing combination on any man and here it was, standing right in front of him. “I was just going to grab something up the road. Would you like to join me?”

“Yes. Please.”

“So, is this in addition to or instead of…?”

Blaine started to answer and stopped, measuring his words. “In addition? I just didn’t want to put it off and talk myself out of it.”

“Is that a habit of yours? Talking to yourself?”

“No. Yes? Probably.” Blaine blushed and stopped talking, looking away. He started and stopped two more times, finally giving up.

“Well.” Kurt looked down at his desk, collecting his thoughts that had scattered all over the place. “Shall I pick you up at the station?”

“No. My invitation; my ride.”

Kurt nodded and smiled. He’s even adorably polite. I might die. “Noon is fine.”

“I’ll…I’ll see you then.” Blaine grabbed for the door handle, missed, tried again and succeeded. “And, I won’t bother you again until then. Promise.”

“You’re most definitely not a bother.”


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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings :  violence, drug abuse, cussing

Genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 2,992

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey guys sorry for the late update, things have been hectic lately. anyways this isn't proof read yet but it shouldn't be all too bad.-sora

Another Author note & update: i changed the whole pov back to third one cause i felt that it would suit the story the most so hope yall dont mind

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun as always ill tag you in this!

character profile


Chapter one 

Yoongi took out a cigaret and lit it up. he sighed ,lately he hasn’t been feeling his performances. he knew they were good but not that good, there was something missing and he couldn’t pin point  it. He lost his inspiration, everything seemed almost mundane, sure he could rap about money, sex and drugs but which artist didn’t rap about that. He wanted that his song inspire the listener, that it resonates with them on a deeper level .

He thought about writing love songs but every time he tried to he kept remembering his ex who was the personification of the devil and what she did to him and he’d rather not think about that. ‘’Business again?’’ He heard the security guard asking someone . ‘’As usual’’ came a monotone voice that belong to a girl.

The Security guard moved aside and open the door ,he then saw as they passed by him that it was two people. First a tall black beauty with a beanie followed by a girl of medium height with a low pony tail. As she walked she turned her head and their eyes met. Her stare was piercing, as if she could see into his soul , however they held no emotion it it.

He smirked at her and blew out the smoke. In response to that the nameless girl lifted up one eyebrow, as if to ask him if he seriously thought that would get her to come to him. And then rolled her eyes.  Before he could even say or do something, the girl and her friend already disappeared inside while the door closed behind her.

The Club was packed, hot bodies grinding at each other , drunk people laughing, some even trying to start a fight. Y/n crinkled her nose, the alcohol stench mixed with sweat was definitively not on her list of favorite things. Rukiya who was standing in front of her turned around, took her hand and and started to walk where Akiho was standing, which was hard as they had to squeeze themselfs between people to get to their destination.  

As they arrived there Y/n sat down on the bar stools while Rukiya decided to stand. ‘’Four Tequila orange shots please’’ The tall beauty screamed over the music to the blonde girl . She nodded and immediately started to pour out the shots.  

‘’They’re supposed to be here at 9.30pm-’’ Akiho said as she lined up the beverages. Meanwhile Rukiya leaned closer to her so that she could understand the short girl ‘’Apparently something happened with the boss and they had to delay it a bit.’’

 Rukiya raised her eyebrows ‘’Well i don’t care if they got stabbed or anything, it will make this night better if they’re not at a good condition’’ she said and handed Y/n ,who was scanning the club looking for any signs of Gang member from other groups , the glass.

‘’Anyone catching your eye?’’ came Rukiyas voice right next to her ear. ‘’Nah i wasn’t even looking for that.’’ She replied and rolled her eyes . ‘’C'mon boss let loose we’re at a club!’’ The dark skinned girl exclaimed , Y/n looked at her, the strobing lights accentuating her features making her look otherworldly, yet slightly bizarre, and sighed. ‘’Aight lets get this party started’’ Rukiya cheered and held up the shot

‘’To hoping this meeting will not turn into a blood bath’’ She said and clinked the shot glass together. ‘’Damn did you need to ruin this moment with that negative shit? ain’t no one wanna think about ‘em right now’’ Rukiya grimaced.

‘’Aight hoe, to us and the gang may we stay together for a long time’’ She retorted and Rukiya grinned. They both threw back the shots and bit into the orange slice that the Akiho had provided earlier. The shot burned in Y/n’s throat which led up to her scrunching up her face while Rukiya threw her head back and laughed.

‘’I’m going to look for this guy i saw that has black hair and crazy ass dance moves’’ The tall girl shouted over the music and disappeared in the crow, Y/n nodded and waved with one hand and pulled out her phone.

Y/n: Status report

Hyun-jin: hacked into their security camera and from what I’ve seen and heard he’s going to keep his word, i wouldn’t go 100% on that though, something in my gut is saying that they’re going to ambush you guys, be careful.

Y/n: Alright good, ill contact you later.

Hyun-jin: K                                                

Suddenly the music went off, while all the light was focused on the stage that was in the front of the club.

‘’Hey Hey Hey! i see you guys having a great time but the rap battle is about to begin, as ya’ll already know all types of rappers are here tonight some that are even famous so you know its going down in this bitch.’’ Said the Mc ,a bald guy who was wearing a white tank top that showed off the tattoos on his chest and arms. He continued to introduce some guy that you have never heard of.

The crowd responded by giving semi- cheering as the Artist came up to the stage.

Loud bass filled the club and he started to rap, it was okay thought Y/n but judging from how the crowd was responding she clearly weren’t the only one with that opinion. ‘’Not bad not bad!’’ said the Mc after the nameless rapper finished.

‘’Not bad ? that shit was whack’’ came Akiho’s voice who was still behind the counter. ‘’Even Hyun-jin could spit better than that and what the hell was going on with his hairline?-’’ She continued as Y/n nodded and proceeded to take a sip of the drink that Akiho had provided earlier. ‘’It’s so far back it probably  shook hands with Jesus’’ Y/n snorted almost spitting out the drink, turned around and playfully glared at the blonde girl. ‘’you tryna kill me?’’

‘’oh hush you would’ve been dead by now if i wanted to’’ she waved her off, which was a bold faced lie and they both knew that. ‘’Where’s Rukiya though? they will be here in five minutes and her ass still ain’t here yet’’ Y/n coughed. ‘’Right here beside you, its time you grow eyes on the side of your head’’

She heard the velvety voice that belonged to the tall beauty. Y/n turned around and there she was, standing in all her glory while next to her was a black haired boy.  She looked at him, then back to Rukiya and raised an eyebrow. ‘’This is the dude i was telling you, you know the one with the dance moves’’. ‘’Ah yes i remember’’ She answered and took another sip  

‘’I’m Jung Hoseok nice to meet you guys’’ He said and smiled brightly. He was cute Y/n would give him that, but she had a feeling there was more to the sunny demeanor that he’d let other’s see. They all exchanged pleasantries until Akiho nudgedY/n showing her the time.

Her eyes widened and she turned around ‘’anyways Hoseok right? nice meeting ya but its time for us to disappear’’ Y/n said. His face fell and he nodded ‘’Don’t worry lover boy give her your number and shell text you all day, literally.’’ She deadpanned while Rukiya shrugged her shoulder. ‘’cant blame me i love texting’’ ‘’more like sexting but thats for another topic’’. He laughed at the banter between the two girls and pushed his hair out of his face.

‘’I cant be with you guys i’m the only one on this shift tonight’’ Akiho sighed while shaking the cocktail mixer. Y/n waved her off ‘’Nah no problem we can handle this tonight but i’ll have you on speed dial if something is’’ ‘’Alright see you and be safe’’ Akiho replied pouring the drink into the glass.

‘’Will do, c'mon Rukiya lets go’’ She threw over her shoulder.  The tall girl typed her number into his phone and then whispered something into Hoseok’s ear ,which he replied with nodding and then continued to kiss him on the cheek leaving him flustered with a slight smirk on his face.

Y/n  laughed ‘’You totally have him hooked’’ ‘’I hope so , he’s so fine bro like i touched his stomach and  holy fuck was it hard he probably got abs . It’s like god came down and took his sweet time sculpting him’’ Rukiya sighed dreamily ‘’I wanted to propose on spot bitch he got it all , personality, body etc,  no joke i would no fuck that, i  WILL spread my legs like peanut butter for him’’the shorter girl grinned at that ‘’spreading them cheeks from Georgia to Florida huh’’ ‘’aside from the fact that we’re in South Korea and not America , yes’’ Rukiya smirked.  During the whole talk they walked to the back side of the Club where an hallway was that led to the Rooms that one could rent.

‘’Alright they’re supposed to be behind this door, Hyun-jin hacked into the security camera’s here so she’ll watch us from time to time’’ whispered Y/n ‘’I swear if we get killed tonight I’m coming back to haunt her sorry ass’’ Rukiya mumbled and secured the halter on her left thigh. ‘’Seconded’’ she replied and took a deep breath and opened the door.

Another successful performance for Yoongi, the crowd loved him and he was pretty sure that he’d win the rap battle tonight. He took the towel and the bottle of water that the staff member handed him and wiped his face. ‘’Yo yo yo suga my man you really tore it down tonight’’ said Jihoo, the mc from earlier, and wrapped an arm around yoongi. ‘’It was given’’ came his reply a faint smile on his lips.

‘’True man true’’ the guy laughed and messed up the rappers hair. ‘’How long are you going to stay bald tho you already look like a yakuza with them dragon and snake tattoos’’ Yoongi asked. Jihoo wiggled his eyebrows ‘’you don’t know that i used to be in a gang?’’ Yoongi deadpanned, he’s known Jihoo for almost ten years now and from what he’d experienced and seen from him he wouldn’t survive one day with the mafia. ’

‘’Remember how you called me at three o'clock in the morning cause of that spider in your bathroom?’’ ‘’That spider was huge Yoongi do you hear me? h u g e’’  The mint haired boy sighed and peeled off Jihoo’s arm that was still around his shoulder ‘’Stop being so dramatic it wasn’t you’re just a wuss’’ ‘’Im not’’ came back as ‘’whatever you say’’ said Yoongi and waved as he made his way out from backstage.

He walked over to the bar and sat down. He first looked at her face and then the name tag. ‘’Akiho? give me whiskey on the rocks’’ ‘’Coming right up’’ she replied and went right to work. A few minutes later she put down the drink in front of  him ‘’here you go’’ ‘’Thanks’’ he replied and took a sip. The liquor burned his throat giving him pleasantly warm feeling. ‘’He sighed  ‘’having a rough day?’’ she asked her expression indifferent ‘’More like a rough year’’ she hummed at that ‘’aren’t we all?’’  ‘’I guess so’’ he answered and shrug his shoulders. ‘’Well at least you’re not suffering alone’’ she said and continued to dry the glasses.

Yoongi threw back the remaining’s of the drink, put 20 bucks on the bar-table and hopped off the stool ‘’Keep the change’’ he said over his shoulder, not waiting for her reply as he made his way outside. He opened the door that led to the backside of the club where no one was. He wasn’t really in the mood to be with someone. The loud music mixed with the stench of the club gave him a slight headache. He took out a cigarette lit it and inhaled deeply and stared at the night sky.

A groan ripped him out of his thoughts , he looked around and didn’t find anyone. ‘’did i just imagine that’’ he thought weary . Only a few seconds later he heard the same noise again but this time he could distinguish from where it came from. He put his hand on the wall and walked slowly to where the garbage was and saw a person or thats what he thought it was, leaning against the trash bags. The lamps on the wall weren’t working making it hard for him to distinguish who or what was there

‘’Fucking hell where’s my phone’’ He muttered and checked his leather jacket. A few seconds later he found it and turned on the flashlight app. He was surprised, the object turned out to be the girl he saw earlier on the front side of the club. Bruises tattered her face , neck and he presumed they were everywhere. ‘’Fuck what i’m i supposed to do now.’’ He muttered and ran his hand through his hair. As he picked her up he noticed that on one side the fabric of her sweater was wet and kinda sticky. He lifted it up and saw an open wound.

Fuck fuck fuck he panicked , let down the material and put her arms around his neck and hold her legs so he could give her a piggy back ride to his car. Once he arrived at the parking lot, forgetting about the winner announcement , he put her into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt on. Now that the car light was on he could look at her  properly.  She had sharp features that at the same time seemed soft. Long eyelashes and plump lips. She was beautiful but to put it short she looked like a hot mess.

Moving slightly she groaned out in pain. He panicked he didn’t know if he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment and stitch/bandage her himself up. The wound didn’t look that deep so it couldn’t be that bad right? Yoongi started up the car and drove home. 

He put on relaxing music and hummed slightly to calm himself down. Where had she come from? why was she beaten up to the point of unconsciousness, where was her friend that she came with? All these questions ran through his head but there were no definite answers, yet.

He finally arrived home , this time carrying her bridal style up the stair which was a bad decision as he now couldn’t reach for his keys in jacket. He sighed, put her down and quickly opened the door to his apartment. Putting her on his couch and went straight to the kitchen, took  out the first aid kit and returned. ‘’She better don’t kill me for this’’ he thought and started to pull off her sweater leaving  the nameless girl in her bra. He took out the antibacterial liquid and cotton and started to clean her wound.

From time to time she would move and groan and swat as his hand away when the pain got too much. After some time cleaning it he took out a cream and bandages and carefully bandaged her up, He decided not to stitch the girl up since he had no experience in it or whatsoever.

 Fifteen minutes later he was finished, stood up and sighed. Yoongi picked her up again and walked into his room and put her on his bed. Taking a shirt, he contemplated if he should give her a pair of sweatpants but he thought that he’d be pushing it so he decided not to.

He pulled the fresh shirt over her head, covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to get glass of water. He returned , placed it on the nightstand and also left some painkillers beside it. The mint haired boy took out another blanket and his pajamas and walked back into the living room. He quickly changed into the comfortable clothes, brushed his teeth and washed his face and laid down on the couch. It wasn’t even five minutes before he was knocked out.

Y/n opened her eyes. Well she tried to but couldn’t as one eye was swollen. The pounding coming straight back as the light hit her full force. Groaning she lifted her head and saw that on the nightstand water and a pill  she assumed to be painkillers. She reached over took the water and drowned the pill quickly. Thats when she noticed that she was in a unfamiliar room. The walls were painted white, littered with decorations , pictures and papers. Next to her was a huge kumamon plush bear ‘’ Where the hell am i’ She asked herf and jumped out of bed.

‘’Bad decision’’Y/n  muttered as she had almost collapsed from the pain on her ribcage ‘’fuck what did that fucker yesterday do’’ She continued and slowly walked down the hallway into the living room. She looked around, the living room was decorated similarly to his bedroom, just that there was also was a couch, tv and a dinning table. Speaking of couch thats where she saw the mop of unruly mint hair that belonged to the boy from yesterday night. The rest of his body was hidden underneath the blanket. It was a miracle that he hasn’t choked to death yet from not breathing fresh air.

Y/n slowly walked over and shook him. With no avail ‘’wake up’’ She shook him again. He grunted and turned the other way. She sighed deeply still clutching her side and tried to rip of the blanket as best as you could with one hand. ‘’Dude wake the fuck up’’ She said , still not answer it was like he was dead.

 Finally after a decade she ripped the blanket of and shook him hard it wouldn’t surprise her if he got a concussion from it . ‘’The hell?!’’ he grunted and quickly sat up and looking around.  Y/n lifted her eyebrow when his eyes landed and her

‘’Where the fuck am i and what the hell am i doing in your home?’’

hey hope you like this part!!, again id love to hear your criticism and opinions on this chapter!  

Forget me not

Um, not really sure how this works but I wrote a one shot so perhaps you’d read it? Totally cool if you wanna publish it. It probably needs work and the ending kinda sucks. Warnings: Sad I guess? Amnesia? Nothing to bad.


“How’s my favorite patient doing?” The doctor asked as he waltzed into my room with a tray.

“I’m fine thanks.” I replied, switching the TV off. “Two girls were found last week with their hearts ripped out.”

The doctor sat down besides me. “That’s a bit grim. But hey, tonight’s spaghetti night!” He placed the tray down. “I managed to sneak some extra dessert for you!” He handed me a chocolate bar. He always had candy on him.

“I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been here for a couple weeks now and I still don’t know your name.”

He smiled. “You can call me Gabriel.”

“Gabriel. I like that name. How long have you been working here?” I asked.

“Not long. I started just after you were admitted really.” He told me.

I twirled the spaghetti. “Sorry this conversation is a bit one sided. I don’t know much about myself. I’m not being nosy am I?”

He laughed. He had a great laugh. “No, not at all. And it’s not your fault, amnesia and all…” His voice faded. “Anyways, I have a break now. You don’t mind if I keep you company, do you?”

I smiled. “Not at all. I don’t have anyone visiting me. I don’t know anyone. It’s nice to have a friend.”

“What do you remember?” Gabriel asked.

“Not much. Smoke, broken glass, sirens and waking up here. No names or anything. Maybe some friends or a boyfriend. Do you have a special someone?” I asked.

He looked out the window. I could see tears forming in his eyes. “I had someone once, a girl. But I got careless. She was in a car crash that I could have prevented. I miss her.” He wiped his face, his usual grin reforming on his face. “Let's  not focus on that. Have you heard the joke about the two scientists in a bar?”

We were interrupted by a nurse. “A call for you Doctor. A mister Winchester?”

He smiled at me. “Be right back sweetheart.”

He left but I could hear muffled bits of the conversation.

“Yeah she’s better.” Pause. “No, nothing really. Bits and pieces. Aftermath of the accident is about it.” Pause. “No, not even us.” Pause. “Stop being so selfish! I know it was my fault! She was my girlfriend for Dad’s sake. I’ve tried. We just have to hope her memory will come back on its own.” Pause. “Visit? Maybe, she might remember you guys. If you can prove you know her she might be able to go home. Tomorrow. Don’t be late.” He hung up walked back into my room.

“ What was that?”

“Nothing. I need to get back to work. You should get some sleep.” He put his hand on my arm.

“Not tired…” I muttered as I drifted off.

I woke up about 15 hours later. A bowl of sugary cereal rests on my night stand. Gabriel. No other doctor would have given me this.

As soon as I finish, there’s a knock on my door. It opens and Gabriel’s there as well as three other men. One is tall with long hair and a plaid shirt, another is average height with short hair and a leather jacket, the last has short dark hair and is wearing a trench-coat.

“You’ve got visitors!” Gabe says. He smiles but I can tell that it’s forced.

“Hey, remember us?” The leather jacket guy says.

I shook my head. “Sorry, no.”

“Well I’m Sam, this is Dean and that’s Cas.” The tall one said.

“Doesn’t ring a bell. I’m really, really sorry.”

Sam’s phone beeped.  He picked it up. “Agent Capaldi here. Another body? Right away sheriff.” He hung up.

Dean looked at me. “We gotta go but we’ll come back soon enough. Promise.”

Before they left Cas handed Gabriel a small brown notebook. “I thought this might help.” He took it as if he’d just been handed a bomb.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Just a photo album, nothing important.” He replied hastily, shoving the notebook in his pocket.

The three men left, Gabriel following then.

“Why don’t you give it to her?”

“I’ve been thinking. Maybe she’s better off without me. Without this life. A new start.”

“Are you joking? You’re a mess without her.”

Arguing continued outside my room. You got out and picked up the notebook that had fallen out of Gabe’s pocket and flipped to the first page.

A Gabriel, without scrubs, with a ridiculous party hat posed in a photo, carrying a massive cake. The three men were in the photo too. I looked at the cake. “Happy Birthday-” I stopped. My name was on that cake. Coincidence. Another photo of Gabriel was on the next page. He stood next to a girl. They were at an amusement park with cotton candy the size of a basketball. This time I couldn’t deny it. That was me in the photo. His girlfriend was me.

“I bet you won’t be able to finish that!” I hear Gabriel say. But it’s just a memory. The sound of the games, smell of deep fried everything, the flashing carnival lights.

“Twenty tickets says I can!” I reply in the memory.

It fades and I’m back in a hospital bed. I remember.

“What was that?” Another memory.

“A vampire. We just saved your ass.” The man from earlier, Dean, had said. 
He and his brother Sam took me in after I’d been attacked by a nest of vampires. Three years ago.

Two weeks after, I met Castiel, an angel.

Then I met Gabriel. I heard so much about him, his tricks, his death which apparently he’d faked. He came to me after a wendigo hunt where I almost died, claiming he was now assigned to be my guardian angel. We’d become best friends much to the Winchesters’ dismay, but he grew on them. Two years, eight months ago.

I’d had a crush on him forever. Turns out he liked me back. We started dating. One year, three months ago.

Then came the accident. I was crossing the street when a car came out of nowhere. The only thing I saw of the driver was his black eyes most likely possessed. Three weeks and one day ago.

I remember. The hunting, the monsters, everything. I remember Gabriel. The dates, the prank wars, the childish bickering.

“Well these guys have to go now and-oh.” Gabriel noticed the photo album in my hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me? That I was a hunter? That we were together? Why?” I ask.

Gabriel hesitates before answering. “I thought… I thought that if you finally had a normal life-”

“I don’t want normal. I want you.”

in medias res

guileandsubterfuge: fic prompt for Jaime/Brienne - Brienne is an art student. Margaery convinces her to go to a nude drawing session. Jaime is the model.

Brienne Evenhall became grimly aware that it was going to be one of those days when she slept through her alarm and then her backup alarm, staggered to consciousness by accident, grabbed her phone to check the time, panicked, sprang out of bed, threw together breakfast, spilled coffee down her front, ran to change, realized she had no other clean shirts, threw on the least dirty one and a scarf, ran her fingers through her hair in a desperate attempt to look even marginally presentable, and bolted outside just in time to see the bus pulling away from the curb. Knowing that the next one did not come for half an hour, by which time she would be even more late for class than she already was, she hailed a cab, sat in the back listening to him rant about the political crisis in the Iron Islands and how those salt-blooded bastards would be better off finally seceding (as if it wasn’t all they talked about on television anyway) and fished in her wallet for a crumpled twenty-dragon note, told him to keep the change, and sprinted.

The sad part was, this wasn’t terribly unusual. Ever since she had arrived from Tarth to start college at the Highgarden Institute of Art and Design, Brienne’s life had been one long parade of not fitting in, when it was supposed to be her salvation, her escape to the prestigious school where no one knew her. Instead, it had been more of the same. She’d been an utter wallflower in high school, picked on by the jocks and the popular kids for her looks, her dead mother, her height, her awkward manner, and everything else they could think of, and had taken refuge by spending hours drawing, painting, dreaming, imagining worlds far beyond this one, far kinder. Had put together a portfolio prestigious enough to impress the admissions department at HIAD, her reach school; she’d thought she’d end up at Estermont Polytechnic or something. But now that she was a sophomore on her way to getting an actual (and probably useless) art degree, her suspect social skills had only gotten worse. Her only actual friend (though she wasn’t sure if she was a friend, or a sorority-girl fix-up project) was Margaery Tyrell, the wealthy, glamorous, beautiful chestnut-haired junior whose family had always been hot shit around here, and who for some unfathomable reason had taken an interest in Brienne. Urged her to “broaden her horizons,” attend a party or two. In Brienne’s less charitable moments, she was sure that Margaery had picked the ugliest girl in school to attach herself to, just to look more radiant and desirable in comparison.

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Nursey/Dex - 64 - The Writer

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List

64. Best selling author/harsh literary critic.
“What the fuck man! What the fuck?!”

William Poindexter shot up from his desk where he had previously been staring half mindlessly at a blank word document that should have been his latest review.  From across the room a tall, handsome man waving a newspaper in hand was storming towards Dex.  He was absolutely fuming as he stormed closer and closer, but Dex had dealt with his type before.

There were always people who saw his work as too harsh or unflattering, and, to be fair, there were times when he was ruthless in his critiques.  However, just because he was hard on writers didn’t mean he constantly deserved to be berated like this.  He was a writer himself after all.  

Just because he worked in an office, as a journalist didn’t mean he wasn’t a real writer like so many of them claimed.   All these new age, hipster writers were always patronizing him and his reviews all because their idea of what “real” writing was differed from his.  Dex was a real writer; realer than half of the idiots whose books got passed across his desk.

Some of the works he’d reviewed over the years were downright terrible.  Everyone wanted to be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, but so many of them fell short.  They wanted fame and billions of dollars, but they didn’t have the skill to back it up.  This man, now standing in front of him was just like all the others.

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"This can't be the end" - Jack Barakat Imagine #5

I have no idea why this gif doesn’t move, enjoy a derpface Jack then.

Request : can you please do a jack barakat imagine, where you two have been together for a while and he starts talking to holly for a while but you’re not worried and then one day you’re both in bed just cuddling and he tells you he slept with her and you kick him out and then you decide the rest? sorry if its confusing.

Changed it a little, might have a part 2 if you guys want. 

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ryleigh-and-cats  asked:

(Dexydex) hey if you are still doing prompts/if you don't mind doing nurseydex and 64. (Best selling author/harsh literary critic) thanks!

I’m always doing prompts :)!! - and you’re always welcome to ask for them - though I tend to prefer to only release one a day in my queue.

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List

64. Best selling author/harsh literary critic.
“What the fuck man! What the fuck?!”

William Poindexter shot up from his desk where he had previously been staring half mindlessly at a blank word document that should have been his latest review.  From across the room a tall, handsome man waving a newspaper in hand was storming towards Dex.  He was absolutely fuming as he stormed closer and closer, but Dex had dealt with his type before.

There were always people who saw his work as too harsh or unflattering, and, to be fair, there were times when he was ruthless in his critiques.  However, just because he was hard on writers didn’t mean he constantly deserved to be berated like this.  He was a writer himself after all.  

Just because he worked in an office, as a journalist didn’t mean he wasn’t a real writer like so many of them claimed.   All these new age, hipster writers were always patronizing him and his reviews all because their idea of what “real” writing was differed from his.  Dex was a real writer; realer than half of the idiots whose books got passed across his desk.

Some of the works he’d reviewed over the years were downright terrible.  Everyone wanted to be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, but so many of them fell short.  They wanted fame and billions of dollars, but they didn’t have the skill to back it up.  This man, now standing in front of him was just like all the others.

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Prompt: please come with me + don’t be fucking rude ; andrew/neil for @philosophium

This is a coffeeshop au? I hope you like it!

If anyone asked Neil Josten if he had a favorite customer, the answer would be no. He can tell a lot about people by the coffee they order at Foxhole and if they take it to go or they linger around the shop picking at a muffin. But his main concern is getting their orders right and up to the impossible standards of his boss, Kevin. There is only so much people watching he can get away with when Kevin keeps a sharp eye on him. He’d only been working there for a couple months, but he got along well enough with the rest of the staff. Renee was in charge of baking and Matt manned the cash register with a kind smile even at ungodly hours of the morning.

Neil did, however, have a puzzle wrapped in an enigma clad in all-black outfits every single day. He’d written his name on enough cups of coffee to no longer have to ask for it. Andrew was infuriating, for no other reason than changing his order every time he visited the shop. Neil liked having regulars and knowing what they want, but Andrew with his blonde, five foot tall apathetic self seemed to come up with increasingly elaborate sickly sweet concoctions Neil couldn’t even call coffee.
“I’ll have the creme brulee latte with an extra shot topped with whipped cream and caramel syrup. Oh, and the mocha cupcake.”
Kevin’s despair was vocal and grating. He knew Andrew and he couldn’t handle his carefully selected coffee beans being treated this way, so he went in the back to see if the cupcakes were ready.
“It is bean water, not the Sistine chapel.”
“Don’t be fucking rude,” Neil snapped when Kevin was out of earshot. He instantly regretted it when a smile spread on Andrew’s usually blank face.
“Are you a coffee puritan like Kevin? Plain black for the boys?”
Neil was busy making Andrew’s drink so he didn’t notice the hazel eyes tracking the practiced moves of his hands.
“No, I just don’t tolerate bullshit about my line of work,” Neil threw over his shoulder.
“So serious. No wonder you are Kevin’s new pet project.”
Neil finished adding the whipped cream with a flourish and handed the cup to Andrew. “Enjoy your coffee. Have a nice day.”
Andrew put two fingers to his temple in a salute and headed to his regular table in the corner, facing the door. He used a pen he stole from the counter to doodle on his napkin all afternoon.

One Saturday evening, Neil was the last of the staff to leave the coffeeshop with only Andrew still lingering at his table so he went to take the trash out in the back. In the dark, it was hard to make out Kevin’s form crumpled on the ground, clutching his hand to his chest. Neil ran back inside to get Andrew.
“Please come with me,” Neil said, out of breath. “It’s Kevin.”
He’d been jumped by a thief and when he wouldn’t let go of his wallet, the thief slashed his hand and kicked at his ribs for good measure.
They desperately needed more staff until Kevin got better, and for some reason Andrew agreed to fill in, as long as he shared his shifts with Neil. Apparently, the other employees, Seth and Allison, were even less tolerable. Neil was convinced Andrew would just make him do all the work, so Andrew’s familiarity with the espresso machine and where everything was kept came as a surprise.
“I thought it was just bean water for you.”
Andrew hip checked Neil.
“You’re in my way.”

Sharing a shift meant taking their breaks separately, but Neil got used to the smoke clinging to Andrew’s clothes whenever he came back in. When they were done with work they headed out back and Andrew lit up two cigarettes, one for Neil to hold and let burn. It made for companionable silence. Proximity made Neil look at Andrew in a different light, and he found watching Andrew enjoyable, when it was permitted. Curiosity ate at him, and Andrew started giving little pieces of himself away, for a fair trade. Being vulnerable by choice was a novel concept for both of them.
“You are a problem.”
“You can’t solve me,” Neil said.
“I don’t want to,” Andrew admitted and he pinned Neil’s hands to the brick wall, above his head. “You can solve yourself.”
Neil smiled and closed the distance between them, getting lost in the feeling of Andrew’s lips on his. He thought perhaps it would be alright to let himself have this.

Friends - Part 1

‘I am coming Hayley!“ I scream from my bedroom trying to rush to get my clothes on.

"Hurry up Mila! I want to get there before it gets to crowded!” She screams back to me.

I groan and look in my mirror to take one last look at myself. I try to rush because I know Hayley has been waiting for this for the entire year. To meet her idols, 5 Seconds of Summer. A decent pop rock band from Australia I think. They are not my kind of music but I am not complaining because they have seemed to pull my sister out of a dark place she was in last year and I am grateful to them for that.

When she found out that they had a show near me, it was complete chaos. She called me screaming on the phone and I could hardly understand. I told herto put Dad on the phone and he explained to me what all the chaos was about. And then, she got back on the phone and begged me to take her to see them. Of course I said yes.

So I drove the 4 hour drive to my parents’ house to pick her up and brought her back to my apartment in the city where she spent the night last night. She woke me up at 9 in the morning and here we are two hours later about to walk out the door to meet 5sos.  

“Did you eat anything?” I ask.

“Yeah yeah.” She quickly says.

“Hayley, don’t lie to me.”

“Yes, I did I had a banana and and some toast, promise. I’m just so excited!” She says. I give her a look then smile.

“Let’s go meet 5sos!” I excitedly say (even though I am not that excited).

She squeals weirdly and runs toward the door and I follow after her.  


“So this is their hotel?” I ask when we pull into the parking lot of a large 5 star hotel room.

“Apparently so. Let me check.” She says and pulls as she is looking down I see a boy with blonde hair and the nicest legs I’ve ever seen on a dude walk out of the back of the hotel. I have seen him somewhere…



  That is um, Luke!

Okay Mila you have to calmly tell you sister that her favorite person is standing in front of our car on his phone.

“Um, Hales..” I softly say.

“No wait Mila I am trying to figure out if they stay here.” She says, her eyes never leaving her phone.

“I think they do” I say and laugh a little.

“What makes you say that?” She asks.

“Well look up and you’ll find out.” I say.

 “What are yo- OH MY FUCKING GOD.” She says and I almost scold her for her language but if it was Bilie Joe Armstrong or Hayley Williams standing in front of my car I would probably react the same way so I decide to leave  her be.

Before I can even think she’s getting out of the car and rushing over to him. I get out after her and try to catch up with her, “Hayley!” But she ignores me and he looks up and sees her rushing up to him and he smiles at her like he has been waiting on her. She throws her arms around his neck and he hugs her so tightly and I think I hear her crying in his shoulder. He gives her a ‘Awww don’t cry’ and rubs her back trying to soothe her.

Seeing her like this and so happy makes me smile my ass off because I only want to see her happy and this is what makes her happy that is fine. Who am I to say what can make her happy and what cannot?

They finally let go and then I think she was about to ask for a picture but then another boy walks out and my sister looks like she is going to pass out. “Cal-calum?” She says more as a statement than a question.

I mean I really can’t blame her, the tall, dark haired boy makes me a little short of breath as well.

“That’s me” He says to her and smiles and she gives him a big hug.  Once they finish she asks them for a picture and they say yes. Hayley gives me her phone and the two boys stand on each side of her and she smiles the biggest smile I have seen on her face and the Calum guy keeps staring at me.

I’m not going to lie its making me a little self-conscious because his stare is just that intense. “Smile!” I say and he breaks eye contact and starts smiling. I take like 5 pictures and then give the phone back to my sister.

“Well we should get going.” Luke starts.

“But we only got one name of these beautiful girls.” Calum interrupts with a smile and walks over to me.

“What is your name love?” He says, doing the eye contact thing again.

“Mila” I softly say.

“Mila,” He whispers and takes his hand and runs it over my hand softly, hardly touching it.

“I’m Calum.”  

A/N Guys I finally got the first part up! its only like 800 words so its very short but most of the parts will be like 1.5k words at least! I am very excited for this little story of Mila and Calum I hope y'all are too! Its a short fic so there will only be like 10 Chapters. So yea inbox me for any questions or anthing! byeee