the shots of the different apartment windows

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: but why are joey and chandler's apartment and monica and rachel's apartment so different in layout? they're in the same apartment building, they're literally right across the hall from each other, they cant have that drastic a difference in layout. especially the windows. what if all the apartments in that building are different? the exterior would look like a clusterfuck of a bunch of different windows. and on top of that, the transition shot when the next scene is going to be in the apartment shows a building with windows extremely different from what we see inside the apartment. and how do they have a balcony, but the guys dont? we know that mr. heckles doesn't have a balony, because rachel was hanging from a string of christmas lights and she was outside of mr. heckles' window, not a balcony. but they dont live on the top floor either, because they complained about the neighbors upstairs getting rid of the carpeting. what does this building even look like?