the shorty george

Famous moves of The Big Apple

Apple Jacks

Boogie Back

Boogie Forward

Break a Leg

Fall Off the Log


London Bridge

Pose and Peck

Rusty Dusty

Shorty George

Spank the Baby

Suzie Q


‘Looking for this?’ asked Fred, an amused smirk lighting his face as he held your wand over his head.

‘Fred Weasley give me my wand,’ you said, standing your full height but still having nothing on him.

‘Need a hand getting ingredients, Shortie?’ asked George, winking at you before handing your wand over.

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There are never enough Fred Astaire movies.
When i think of the words Suave & Class, there’s only one face that comes to mind. 
When i get better, i so want to get into dancing. i don’t care that i cant, and my body isn’t right for it. haha.