the shorty george

My 20 Favorite Fred Astaire Dances

01. “The Shorty George” from You Were Never Lovelier, 1942 (w/Hayworth)
02. “Dancing in the Dark” from The Band Wagon, 1953 (w/Charisse)
03. “Isn’t This a Lovely Day” from Top Hat, 1935 (w/Rogers)
04. “Let’s Say It With Firecrackers” from Holiday Inn, 1942 (solo)
05. “Cheek to Cheek” from Top Hat, 1935 (w/Rogers)

06. “Girl Hunt Ballet” from The Band Wagon, 1953 (w/Charisse)
07. “Slap that Bass” from Shall We Dance, 1937 (solo)
08. “All of You” from Silk Stockings, 1957 (w/Charisse)
09. “Bouncin’ the Blues” from The Barkleys of Broadway, 1949 (w/Rogers)
10. “One for my Baby” from The Sky’s the Limit, 1943 (solo)

11. “Begin the Beguine” from Broadway Melody of 1940, 1940 (w/Powell)
12. “Never Gonna Dance” from Swing Time, 1936 (w/Rogers)
13. “I Wanna Be A Dancing Man” from The Belle of New York, 1952 (solo)
14. “Coffee Time” from Yolanda and the Thief, 1945 (w/Bremer)
15. “Sunday Jumps” from Royal Wedding, 1951 (solo)

16. “I’ll Be Hard to Handle” from Roberta, 1935 (w/Rogers)
17. “March Milastaire” from You’ll Never Get Rich, 1941 (solo)
18. “This Heart of Mine”, from Ziegfeld Follies, 1946 (w/Bremer)
19. “Drum Crazy” from Easter Parade, 1948 (solo)
20. “The Piano Dance” from Let’s Dance, 1950 (solo)

Famous moves of The Big Apple

Apple Jacks

Boogie Back

Boogie Forward

Break a Leg

Fall Off the Log


London Bridge

Pose and Peck

Rusty Dusty

Shorty George

Spank the Baby

Suzie Q

anonymous asked:

I want to get into lindy hop but there aren't any classes I could go to and any events are too far away. Any tips on how to learn on my own?

All right son. Sit down and let me tell you a thing. *cracks knuckles* 

First off, I am so in support of learning Lindy Hop, whether you have to learn it yourself or if you learn directly from the ghost of Frankie Manning. So,

Now, the next thing I have to say is that Lindy Hop is a partnered dance, so learning with at least one other person is definitely going to help. So find someone who wants to learn it with you. Hell, find a group of people to learn with. The more people who want to learn, the better off you’ll be. Start a club, if you can. If you can’t, just get a group together at your house/apartment. Learn it together. Most of the pro Lindy Hoppers learned not just from the old-timers (Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Steven Mitchell, etc. [More on these people later]), but also by just getting together and watching videos and trying things out and collaboratively learning to dance. This is not to say that you can’t learn by yourself or that you have to learn with a group, but rather to say that you will have more fun and learn more quickly if you can do it with a group. 

So now, how do you actually go about learning the steps? Luckily, you’re better off than the people who learned before the Internet (just for some perspective, some of them would have to fly to New York for a showing of one of the old documentaries or videos, try and remember as much as they could, fly back, and work on it. Needless to say, that was expensive, and took a very long time.)

You have the luxury of having tons of material online. So here are some of those resources:

LindyHopMoves : This is a totally free resource! They have collected tons of videos, some of them lesson recaps, some of them are actual short lessons. All of them are awesome. 

iDance : If you’ve got some money, many of the international instructors produce videos for iDance, many of them in series. I can strongly recommend Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg’s “Intro to Lindy Hop” series as a great place for beginners to start. 

LindyLibrary : This is a YouTube channel that posts videos from a lot of the major events: Jack & Jills, Showcases, Instructor Demos, etc. While I don’t think there are any lesson recaps, these videos are still great to watch for inspiration and new moves to try out. And also, just hot damn check out the dancing. 

Swungover : Bobby White’s Lindy Hop blog. He talks a lot about dance culture, floorcraft, P90X, the old timers, and many of the modern dancers who are doing cool things today. 

SavoyStyle : While I only recently learned about this website, and I don’t think it’s been updated recently, it’s still got some pretty good resources, specifically clips from the old movies and documentaries which feature Lindy Hop. 

This video : This one is solo jazz. It’s tons of fun, and really spices up your partnered dancing. But the great thing about solo jazz is that you don’t need anyone to practice with. See image.

The next tip: practice in front of a mirror, and video tape yourself. It’s stressful, but taping yourself is a good way to A) track your progress and B) see what you look like and compare it to what you want it to look like. 

When learning, it’s also a good idea to learn both roles. My dancing got way better after I started learning to follow. It allows you to feel what the other person should be doing/is doing, and makes correcting your own dancing so much easier. 

Also, listen to swing music. Constantly. The dance goes to the music, after all. My blog is a pretty solid collection of swing music, but there are others. Yehoodi Radio is wonderful. I don’t use Spotify, but I know there are several people who have put together really good playlists on there. 

Now, some names to google. 

Old Timers: Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Steven Mitchell, Al Minns, Shorty George, Leon James, Irene Thomas, any other names that you come across while reading about/watching them. These are the patron saints, the founders of our dance. They are the ones that we are all striving to look like. So watch them dance, and try to look like them. 

Modern Dancers: Kevin St. Laurent, Jo Hoffberg, Michael Jagger, Evita Arce, Michael Faltesek, Casey Schneider, Bobby White, Kate Hedin, Sharon Davis, Andy Reid, Kelly Arsenault, Nina Gilkenson, Laura Glaess, Todd Yannacone, Dax Hock, Laura Keat, Nathan Bugh, Sarah Breck, Jeremy Otth, Mike Roberts, Mickey Fortanasce, Mikey Pedroza. These are many of the national/international instructors that are teaching the dance today. Watch them dance, and try to look like them too. 

I know you said that many of the events are too far away, but try and make it out to one or two of them. I don’t know where you live, but Lindy Focus, The Snowball, and Herrang are all excellent events that draw people from all over the world, so if you can manage to go to one of them, that would be fantastic. They’re all large enough events that if you only go to one event a year, those are the ones you should go to. 

Some offline resources:

Frankie Manning’s autobiography is a must-read. As is Norma Miller’s memoirs. And this book is pretty good too. 

And you should follow the tumblr hoppers. 

su-z-qeffyeahlindyhoppers, lindyhopproblems, lindyfox, swingtanzerin, swingdancing, lindseyhop, there are a bunch more, but these are the ones I could think of. 

Last but not least, the most important thing. Have fun! This dance is all about having fun and expressing joy! So get out there and dance as much as you can! Go do the thing! 

Fly Shy Stories: Part IV

so i was talking to this girl everything was cool, we weren’t like girlfriend and boyfriend but we were talking.

little background shorty pops was a boxing legend in my hood,  so she was always in the gym following in his footsteps, she was in the gym 5 times a week boxing when i would go to watch her she would be hitting the pads looking like floyd…

so anyway

I’m over at her house one day was cuddling watching a movie, I decide to get up to use the bathroom, when i get back i see her going through my phone so shes like “who’s keisha” im i pause for a minute

im like

“a friend”

shes like oh so friends send pictures of their boobs to you now, she sits up on the bed and starts reading the texts, im like i aint tell her to send them she just did that on her own, shes still reading shes like hmm

september 4th she Said  wanna come over and you sent her the eyes, tongue and  water emoji with a question mark and she said yes please.. september 5th she said that was amazing lets do it again next week… just friends huh.. she gets out the bed starts taking off her earings and walking towards me and squaring up, i start having flashbacks of her in the boxing gym throwing like mike tyson in ‘88, im shook like

so she fakes me out act like she throwing a left then she throws a right hook, straight leans my shit clean

son she hit me harder than bishop td jakes when the spirit takes over im on the wall leaning like this

shorty hit harder than George Foreman before he started making grills

shorty harder than a migos track when the beat drop

she swing harder than female black tumblr under an iggy azalea post

ive been in fights with grown men who aint hit me that hard, so im like ok u got your hit can i leave shorty trap me in the corner and start speed bagging my ribs  if i cover my face she start hitting my ribs if i block my ribs she start hitting my face so i just did the mayweather shoulder rolling starting blocking all her shit

she backs up and is like fight back pussy

im like oh word aiight, fuck all that dont hit girls bullshit i square up i throw a shot she ducks it and leans my shit again

her hands too fast i say fuck it run under her pick her up and pin her to the bed, im like i fucked up im sorry stop hitting me shes like ok ok its over i get off her shes like can i get a hug im like yeah babe

she goes “boop bop” rocks my shit twice lol im like aiight this chick aint stopping i grab her ass up pin her to the bed again then i get an idea.. i start breathing really fast and i go “i cant breath hold up"  shes like omg are u ok im like can i get some water  shes like yes she goes to get some water and when shes gone i look over like oh shit it worked

she comes back gives me water and starts rubbing my back i lay my head in her chest and like i dont wanna fight anymore

she was like you’re not my boyfriend i over reacted im like mhm and we started cuddling and then she started punching me in my arm so i punch her back then i pull her on top of me and  we had makeup sex

my face aint really hurt but when i woke up i looked like martin in that boxing episode

yes i faked an asthma attack to stop a girl from whooping my ass

Moral of the story: I though i was gon die

The End.


‘Looking for this?’ asked Fred, an amused smirk lighting his face as he held your wand over his head.

‘Fred Weasley give me my wand,’ you said, standing your full height but still having nothing on him.

‘Need a hand getting ingredients, Shortie?’ asked George, winking at you before handing your wand over.

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There are never enough Fred Astaire movies.
When i think of the words Suave & Class, there’s only one face that comes to mind. 
When i get better, i so want to get into dancing. i don’t care that i cant, and my body isn’t right for it. haha.