the shorthorn


Standard: Considered the ‘original’, the Standard Girafarig originated in the Johto region. Preferring plains and loose bush, they are the most commonly seen and owned. Their watchful and nurturing nature makes them good companions for children.

Plains: A more wild variant, Plains Girafarig live almost exclusively on the savannah. Traveling in small herds, they are known to be aggressive and stubborn, violently lashing out at anything they perceive as a threat with both heads.

Polar: Found only in areas that experience snowfall all year round, in addition to their pale colouring, they are notoriously difficult to encounter. Both genders grow antlers, with the males’ usually more impressive, and shed them towards the beginning of Summer.

Jungle: Recently discovered in the depths of the dense jungle surrounding Fortree City, precious little is known about this variant. They are suspected to live solitary lives outside of breeding season, and their horns are shortened and blunt to avoid getting caught in thick vegetation.

Shorthorn: With perhaps a bit of a misnomer, the Shorthorn is a mountainous variant of Girafarig that is commonly used for labour and travel purposes. Despite the threatening horns, they are steadfast and friendly, making them a favourite among rural communities and farmers.

Lucky: (Shiny) Amicable and loving, Lucky Girafarig are quick to grow attached to their trainers. Their rarity and unique coat mean they are highly sought after, and competition to obtain a single egg is fierce.

Signs As Animals[Symbols]

Taurus Addition

Taurus: Bull
Taurist: Holstein Friesian cattle
Taursci: White Park cattle
Taurnius: Chianina
Tauricorn: Normande
Taurittanius: Guernsey cattle
Taurpio: Highland cattle
Taurra: Barzona
Taurgo: Gyr cattle
Taurlo: Ankole-Watusi
Taurcer: Jersey cow
Taurmino: Canadienne cattle
Taurun: Chillingham cattle
Tauries: Bonsmara
Taursces: American Milking Devon
Taurrius: Lowline cattle
Tauriborn: Belted Galloway
Tauritarrius: Texas Longhorn
Taurpia: Braunvieh
Taurza: Florida Cracker cattle
Taurga: English Longhorn
Tauro: Shorthorn
Taurcen: Beefalo
Taurmini: Pineywoods cattle

Note: This one was fun, about half were picked with purpose. 

Shorthorn (Beefcake)

Happily ever after
Is a matter of
Being dinner
For the ones
That bear
The burden
As bound
And cuckold men
In positions
Packing flavor
Or appeal
As humble cattle
To the gender
Which eats
And rejects
This waking herd
Of shorthorns
Which see
All fences
In pastures
Of fields resistant
To the plight
Their kind encounters
When begging
For loss
To kill
And sacrifice
Their heart
So the others
Not burdened
By feeling
Are distracted
By makeshift freedoms
Or belief
Their end is rest
And not
Impromptu murder
By factories
On branding
These limits
Of growth
On livestock
For masters
Which feed
On their bones -
A sick
And savored sacrifice
To the emptiness
At slaughter
Of a future
That’s packed
In beefcakes
Which lovers
As meat.

- J. Pigno

UNITED KINGDOM, Harrogate : A boy uses a mobile phone next to a resting Lowther Shorthorn breed of cattle on the first day of the Great Yorkshire Show near Harrogate, northern England on July 14, 2015. The agricultural show, which was first held in 1838, showcases all aspects of country life and is set to attract around 130,000 visitors over its three days.  AFP PHOTO / OLI SCARFF                        


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