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writing tips

so i was writing these down for a friend and realized that i might as well compile them into one big post!!

write in bursts: i find that i write best when i’m not going back to edit every couple of seconds, and if i have too much free time i get caught up in making things sound nice instead of getting them down on paper. the way i’ve found around this is to use an app like 30/30, or just set a timer for short intervals of time with breaks in between (i personally use 4 minutes of writing, 1 minute of break). the key is to keep your intervals short enough that you can write nonstop for the entire time, without pausing to edit for spelling or grammar.

start with an outline and flesh it out as you go along: i tend to have trouble knowing where to start with an essay, so i like to start by writing down the most basic elements that i know will be required (intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion) and then adding the more detailed parts (intro: hook, context, thesis, roadmap) and then adding the actual writing for each part. this is kinda hard to explain, you can see it explained better in this post

have your friends peer-review on google drive: once your writing is done, copy and paste your project onto google drive and send the link to as many people as you’d like, with sharing permissions set to “anyone with the link can comment.” people will be able to make suggestions for words that should be replaced, grammar that needs to be changed, let you know if certain parts are unclear, etc. and you can simply choose to accept their edits or to delete them if you find them to be unhelpful. it’s good to have more than one person peer review, since one person might be able to catch mistakes that another doesn’t, or pick up on confusing sentences that were perfectly clear to somebody else.

don’t stop writing at the end of a sentence: if you’re going to take a break, instead of continuing to the end of the sentence, stop right where you are. when you go back to writing, you’ll be able to pick right back up where you left off and get right back into the flow of things, whereas if you’re at the beginning of a new sentence, it’s easier to get stuck and forget what you were going to say

have everything you need nearby: books for quotes or research, any technology and chargers you might need, scrap paper and a pen to jot down ideas, water and snacks, a sweater in case you get cold, etc. it’s easy to get distracted if you have to get up to get things every few minutes. instead, try to hunker down and make yourself a space where you can work for a few hours without needing to get up and break your flow.

uhh there’s probably more but i can’t think of any at the moment, hope your writing goes well, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

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It’s not always good to go first

I threw a puzzle at my players today, and they learned a valuable lesson about being hasty!

Basically, in order to progress through the story, they had to find a door to another dimension.  Their only clue was “Seek the door in the Tower of Citra”.  

So they go to Citra, and it’s a ruin.  All the buildings are piles of rubble. No towers to be seen.  After about a session’s worth of exploring, they finally spot the tower - it’s in the reflection of a pool of water.  The reflection shows the town as it once was, years ago, with all the buildings in tact.  

Basically it looks like this:

Now, several of my players have an obnoxious habit of always clamoring to go first, no matter what the situation. This was no different.  As soon as they saw the tower, they all raced to be the first to reach it. So I have them roll Initiative, and the fighter wins the frantic bid.  He immediately jumps through the pool, and starts plummeting through the sky to his likely death; See, he assumed that just because the geography was reflected that the gravity would be too, but this was not the case.  

Luckily for the fighter, the quick-witted rogue was able to save his life with a well thrown rope (and you better believe I used a very short timer for his friends to decide their courses of action).  They also eventually all successfully made it to the tower using a couple 3rd level spells (neither of which was Fly).

Anyway, I think this is an interesting challenge for a group of adventurers in which no more than one member can fly.  How would you and your friends get to the tower?

But seriously Kalashnikov has radio equipment at the Bullet Farm, and in his spare time he runs a radio show called Radio Free Bullet Farm.

It’s mainly just him going on rants in various flavors of “unhinged” about such topics as gun fever, his ride, the glory that was the Australian Army, guns, communism (he’s all for it), why Joe Moore is a dick, guns, whatever book he’s reading right now (”Why the hell does this shithole have five copies of Catcher in the Rye but no copies of the goddamn Short-Timers??”), guns, how much the People Eater is dicking him on guzzoline shipments this month, and guns.

Sometimes his captains make guest appearances in which they sound varying degrees of confused and concerned.

The Buzzards really like it when he decides to broadcast in Russian–even when he calls them “taint-nosing pacifists.” 

Tips For Finishing Projects

 Last week I wrote about my issues with committing to works and finishing what I start. I promised I’d be intentional about the issue and work on finishing a couple of projects. Which I actually did! Woo! All my current projects are long stories so I haven’t actually completed them, BUT I made a huge dent and feel confident I’ll be done before the summer is over. Here are a few tips I have for combatting creative blocks. 

Straying Thoughts (1913) Edmund Blair Leighton 

1. Time Yourself

It’s hard to sit down and write sometimes. There’s a ton of other stuff that needs to be done, or maybe you had a long day and just want to relax. In times like these I will set a timer for 30 minutes and write until it goes off. Once it goes off I have the choice to stop writing or to continue. You can pick how short or long your timer is set to. Remember, 5 minutes of creativity is better than 0 minutes of creativity. 

2. Hand Write

I am much more attached to a handwritten work than one typed out on the computer. On the computer it is easy to delete an entire paragraph rather than simply edit the parts I don’t like. When I handwrite I am committed to the words on the paper, as I have used muscle power to get them there. Another advantage of handwriting is the lack of distractions. I can’t open an internet browser and waste time when I only have a pencil and paper in front of me. 

3. Don’t Stop To Research 

This goes along with tip #2. Each time I stop what I’m doing to look up a word or a fact, I lose momentum. Rather than putting the pencil down to google something, I made an effort to describe what I was trying to think of and then went back and looked it up later. There will always be time for editing later, the most important thing is getting the ideas on paper. 

4. Make Bold Choices

I am often too detailed oriented in my writings which causes the story to lull. I’ll write pages upon pages of dialogue between characters yet nothing will ever happen. This week I intentionally did not stress about perfecting dialogue and background information, instead I made the plot progress. Again, there will always be time to edit and add dialogue but first I need an plot! I imagine visual artists can get lost in small details to the point where the work is never finished. Make those bold choices and see where it takes you!

5. Accountability 

This one is huge guys. Simply posting about my troubles with finishing things made me want to work hard. I wanted to come back this week with some real tips on how to combat creative blocks. My friends are not supportive of my writing, so I don’t have anyone that puts the pressure on me to finishing things so they can read it. That’s why I love platforms like tumblr where all kinds of creative types can come together to support and motivate one another. 

Just because I improved a little this week doesn’t mean I have all the answers. I still struggle with finishing pieces and would love to hear the tips you have for completing your work. 


Lazarus succumbed, after
all, to laziness, five more
minutes and handed a pink-slip,
no rest, fired from dying,
couching his faint
and insurrection of erecting,
lay one hand and his one job – to be dead –
is forfeit, that coworker
we still talk about in the pre-meeting din.

- B B Pine

Jumin Han x Artist! Reader (part 4)

Where am I?

You sit up groggily, rubbing your eyes as you come to the realization that you’re not at home. The comforter feels too new, the bed too firm, but it all begins to make sense as you recall the events of last night. Immediately, your mind calms. You turn toward the only source of light in the room, the overly large window, and let out a gentle yawn as you admire the city.

After several minutes of this, you push off the white-on-white embroidered comforter and crawl across the bed. You shiver as your feet touch the ground, noting how cold it is, and slowly shuffle across the carpet in search of the bathroom. There are only two other doors in the room, besides the one leading out to the main hall, so you decide to take your chances with the one on the left. Turning the handle, you grope along the inner wall for a light switch and blink several times as the tiles are suddenly illuminated by a harsh yellow light.

You step in and find yourself staring into the eyes of your reflection as you place your hands on the sink. Your hair is in shambles and the corners of your eyes have traces of a fine crust, both evidence of a deep slumber. You laugh a little, thankful that no one has seen you, and begin washing up. You comb through your hair with your fingers, splash your face with water, rinse out your mouth, and do your best to smooth out the wrinkles in your clothing. Refreshed, you smile at yourself before leaving the bathroom.

Your curiosity spikes as you glance over at the other door, so you take it upon yourself to investigate. It turns out to be nothing more than a closet, but you’re impressed by the sheer number of snowy towels and robes that are available for use. You also notice a lone pair of house slippers hanging out at the back corner, which warm your toes the moment you put them on. You find it amazing that this brightens your mood so much.

With warmed, cushioned steps, you wander out into the lounge, stopping to admire its fancy electronics and furnishings. Your eyes run along the wall, all the way up to the high ceiling, and you stretch your arms up as if to touch it. Immediately, your stomach grumbles. You reflexively put a hand over your tummy, and turn your head in the direction of the spotless kitchen.

Would Mr. Han mind if I fixed myself something to eat?

You stare harder, but hesitate. How will you explain yourself if he catches you? Then again, he did say he was sorry for keeping you up so late…

Pondering over that thought, you reason that it isn’t likely he’ll get upset and waltz into the kitchen.

Your first instinct is to check the fridge, but you’re quite unimpressed with what little there is. You check the pantry next, noticing its lack of cereal, snack foods, and instant oatmeal. As you paw through the labels, and jump repeatedly in an attempt to view the upper shelves, you realize that Jumin probably has a personal chef to cook up hot meals three times a day. You groan upon realization that you’ll have to do actual cooking if you want to eat, but before you can close the pantry for good, you notice something hiding under a container of rice.

Lifting it up, you smile down at the worn cover of a cookbook.

With newfound energy, you flip open the cover to a handwritten page about a soup. Flipping further, through a section dedicated to salads, you realize that every one of the recipes has been written in the same neat scrawl. There are tips in the margins about taste and substitutions, how Jumin prefers certain items, and how to present each meal. You’re throughly impressed by the detail put into each page, and eventually settle on a breakfast casserole that seems fairly simple.

You read over the recipe a few times and begin gathering the things you need. It’s a little tricky at first, because you’re so unfamiliar with the kitchen, but before you know it you’re chopping, whisking, and seasoning with ease. Once everything is ready to go, you stick it in the oven and set the timer for half an hour.

Stepping back with a content sigh, you place your hands on your hips and take a look at the surrounding counters. As expected, it did get a bit messy. You promptly begin cleaning up, washing the dishes and putting the leftover ingredients back in their respective places, also wiping down the countertops and returning the cookbook to the pantry.

After the kitchen’s state is satisfactory, you decide to brew a pot of coffee. As you wait, you notice that the sun has fully come up. The morning rays light up the entire lounge, creating a warm, peaceful atmosphere. You realize that you haven’t had such a cozy morning in a long time, and smile in delight as the coffee smell begins wafting around the kitchen.

You begin pouring your cup, the sound of the liquid hitting the bottom of the mug breaking your tranquil silence. Humming, you begin mixing in sweetener with a spoon. The light clink of metal against the ceramic mug fills the room, but a different noise catches your attention. You stop mixing, the liquid continuing to swirl around your frozen spoon as you listen closely.

Whatever it was has stopped, but it begins again after a second of waiting.

You put your spoon down and begin moving quietly toward the source. As you get closer to the bedrooms, you realize that what you’re hearing is Jumin. He’s singing! You smile to yourself and lean against the corner of a wall. His voice is slightly muffled, but you recognize the oldies tune immediately. Unfortunately, your discovery is short lived.

The timer goes off in the kitchen, so you head back over to turn it off and remove the meal from the oven. As you do this, you’re surprised to see that your casserole looks and smells amazing. You let out a small cheer as you place it on the counter to cool, and wonder if you should wait to eat with Jumin.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be awake. What’s that smell?” 

Looking over your shoulder, you’re surprised to see that Jumin is wearing a dark T-shirt with matching pajama bottoms. His hair is freshly shampooed, and the dark, wet strands hang close to his face. 

“Good morning, Mr. Han,” you smile, “I hope you don’t mind that I used the kitchen.” He shakes his head and takes a seat at the bar. “Are you hungry? I made enough for the both of us.” Jumin nods. “Great. I’ll make you a plate.”

“Is there any coffee?” Jumin asks, watching you move the food from pan to plate. You nod and go to get him a mug after placing his meal on the bar. He smiles politely as you pour his coffee, and nods approvingly as he takes his first bite. “It’s been a long time since anyone’s cooked for me like this,” he says, as you grab your own plate and mug to join him.

“Did you get enough sleep without Elizabeth?” His teasing tone is unexpected, but not unwelcome.

Someone’s in a good mood.

“I slept really well, thanks. What about you Mr. Han? Did you dream of cat hair?” He chuckles at the playful response. “Well I’m not sure if I dreamed at all. I ended up working until 1 this morning.” That catches your attention.“Why so late?”

Jumin runs a hand through his hair, the dark strands falling back into place effortlessly. “Assistant Kang and I have been behind schedule most of this week, so I have to take the extra time to catch up.” He sips his coffee with a sigh. “The extra deadlines of my father’s projects have been difficult for the both of us to keep up with.”

You look a little surprised as you speak.“You seem very busy already, Mr. Han. Why would your father leave you with more work?” Jumin shrugs, as if the reason couldn’t matter less. ”My father has a new girlfriend and she convinced him to take her to Spain for their anniversary. They’ve been gone for about a week now.” He rolls his eyes and gulps down the rest of his coffee.

“I think it’s a waste of time. He’s only been with her for a month.” Jumin rests his cheek against his knuckles. “She might not even be here when Christmas comes, but I guess nobody likes saying that out loud.”

Wow he’s not kidding, is he? 

“Do you hate her, Mr. Han? Isn’t it more important that she makes your father happy?” Jumin pouts slightly. “I suppose I should be more supportive, but I don’t have much faith in their relationship. My father has always been easily manipulated by emotion, so he has a difficult time seeing that half the women he dates are after his money.”

You seem to have awakened Jumin’s inner businessman. “Instead of dating, he should be putting more consideration into the wellbeing of his company. We still have a long way to go if we want to expand internationally.” You listen attentively as Jumin rambles on about his work-related worries. It’s clear that he’s spent a lot of time thinking things over. It makes you wonder if he feels overworked.

“Are you making sure you get time to relax? You won’t be able to do much if you’re sacrificing yourself all the time.”

Jumin seems bewildered by your interest in his health. “I have a duty to the company. It’s hard sometimes, but usually I destress by creating a new cat product or spending the night drinking.” You’re not entirely sure either of those options are good alternatives.

“So you’re telling me…that to take care of stress, you either create more work or give yourself a hangover?” Jumin sits back in his chair. “Is there anything wrong with that?” You squint and shrug a shoulder. “Well, most people jog, do yoga, or go to spas when they want to relax. I’ve never heard of anyone working to get rid of stress before.”

Perplexed, Jumin brings his fingers to his chin. “I’ve heard that works for some people, but I really do prefer working with Elizabeth 3rd and drinking wine. There are times, however, when I enjoy a good book or listening to music.” You smile, feeling a sense of relief. “That’s good. You’ll have to recommend something for me to listen to while I paint sometime.”

Jumin tells you he’ll think about it and the elevator dings.

“Young Master, I have the dress you requested!” Cheers an old woman stepping out. She’s busy digging through her handbag and doesn’t seem to notice the situation. “Why did you ask for such a thing in the first place? I don’t think the size you asked for will fit. Now where did I put those glasses?”

“Oh good morning Auntie. The dress isn’t for me. It’s for my guest, Miss ___.” Jumin gestures toward you and the lady smiles once she has her glasses. “Oh I didn’t know we were expecting anyone. How are you, my dear?” You tell her that you’re doing fine and she hands you the garment. “I hope you like the color. It’s the only thing I wasn’t sure of.”

You’re taken aback at how quickly she shifts from speaking so sweetly with you to scolding Jumin. “Young Master it’s nearly time for you to go to work. Why haven’t you started getting ready? I don’t want that lovely assistant of yours to slave away while you’re sitting here in your pajamas.” Jumin checks his phone, unfazed by her fussing. “Is it that time already?”

The lady clears his plate and begins to wipe down the table. “Yes it is. You’d better get moving so I can trim your hair as well.” Jumin sighs. “Alright.” He rises, but stops to give you one last thought. “Thank you for the meal. I hope the dress is to your liking.” With that, Jumin takes his leave and the woman sighs frustratedly. “That boy…making you cook like this. You’re a guest! I thought he’d have better sense…”

Clearing your throat rather awkwardly, you rise and take your dishes to the sink. “So you’re Mr. Han’s aunt?” She laughs. “Oh you caught that? He’s been calling me that since he was a child…but no I’m not a blood relative. I’ve been a maid to the Han family for years.”

“So why does he call you his aunt? It seems sort of odd.” You think aloud. 

Placing the dishes into the dishwasher, the woman takes on a softer tone. “When Chairman Han got divorced from his wife, Jumin was still quite young. He needed guidance, so I became a prominent mother-figure for him.” She smiles as if recalling fond memories.

“He could never call me ‘Mama’ for obvious reasons so ‘Auntie’ was the next best thing.” Laughing brightly, she turns to you. “It’s funny, but now everyone calls me ‘Auntie’ so I’d like for you to do the same.”

You thank Auntie for bringing your dress and head back to the guest room to try it on. It turns out to be designer, which you probably should have expected knowing Jumin, but it fits nicely. After indulging yourself in a quick twirl, you remind yourself to thank him.

I guess it’s time to go home. You gather your things and prepare to head back.

Auntie compliments you the moment you step back into the lounge. “You look wonderful! Do you like it?” Nodding, you tell her you’re going to leave. “Why don’t you go along with Jumin so Mr. Kim can drop you off? That way, he won’t have to make an extra stop to pick you up.”

You’re actually a little unsure of that. “I guess I can wait, but do you think it would interfere with Mr. Han’s schedule?” Jumin’s voice comes into the room. “What will? Did Assistant Kang call with a new meeting time?” He adjusts his tie and notices your outfit. “You look nice. I’m glad Auntie has such good taste.”

Though the compliment itself is clearly meant for Auntie, you can’t help the shy smile that ensues.

“Young Master, I was just telling Miss ___ that it would be better for her to go with you so that Mr. Kim can drop her off.” Jumin looks between you and Auntie. “Why? Wouldn’t it be better for her to work with Elizabeth during the day as well? Things will surely come along much faster.” He earns himself a scolding for being so blunt. “I’m sure there are other things Miss ___ has planned for the day. Don’t assume that she can drop everything for you.”

Yikes! I’m thankful she’s standing up for me, but doesn’t Mr. Han have a point?”

“It’s alright Auntie. I’d like to stay and paint…” Jumin looks pleased that you agree. “…but I’m also running low on some of my supplies.”

Jumin begins to tie his shoes. “In that case, come with me. We’ll leave in a few minutes.” He leaves and returns with Elizabeth, who mewls when he pours food into her dish.


“Mr. Han? Is something wrong?”

Jumin seems startled by the question and quickly pulls the phone away from his ear. “Mm? No, I was just thinking…would you like to drive yourself to the apartment this evening?” He pulls out his wallet and takes out a white keycard. “If so, I’ll have to give you this. It’ll open the gate for you.”

You take the card and tuck it into the pocket of your dress. “Thank you. I guess I’ll have to fill up the gas tank soon.” Jumin doesn’t hesitate to hand you a wad of cash. “Take it. It’s only fair that I give you what you need to do your job well.” You’re shocked that he’s able to give you this much on the spot.

Though you’re tempted to give some of it back, you figure Jumin won’t accept any of it. “Thank you, I…don’t know what to say.” There’s enough to keep you well fed for weeks. Jumin seems amused by your reaction. “I can’t tell you how to spend it, but keep in mind that I’m thankful for the meal this morning.”

The car begins to slow and Driver Kim announces that you’ve reached Jumin’s work. He takes a moment to put on his coat. “If you really feel the need to do something in return, I’d like to come home to a fresh meal.”

He really liked my cooking that much?

You smile and decide to humor him. “What did you have in mind?” Jumin’s response isn’t very helpful. “I’ll leave it up to you. See you soon.” Before he’s out of earshot, you shout, “Have a good day, Mr. Han!” That surprises the both of you.

However, it’s Jaehee who’s the most surprised. She catches only a glimpse of you before the door is shut and Driver Kim pulls away.

You hope Jumin can explain it to her without feeling awkward.

It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong…now what should I cook?


Part 5

anonymous asked:

Haha dude do u have any tips for when it's 1 am and you haven't studied for the most important test of the year yet and you also have depression so everything is hard haha would love some tips bro haha yeah : )

give yourself short breaks, set a timer, study for ten-fifteen minutes and then take a five minute break. 

-You can do this. Watch parts of videos between studying breaks, but stick to your schedule, don’t take breaks longer than five minutes.

- Listen to music to help you study, preferably things without lyrics, they’re proven to help studying. 

- Reward yourself between breaks, eat some food, give yourself affirmations, but stick. to. your. schedule

- make flashcards, writing things down has been proven to solidify knowledge in your brain (only applies to handwriting)

- Put your health first, if you’re too exhausted to do anything, be honest with yourself and set an early alarm. There’s no use in over exerting yourself if none of the information will stick

- Keep organized notes, it’ll help you a lot in the long run, color coding and sticky notes are your friends 

- take it easy kiddo, you can do this 

Unhappy Days

We have a lot of regulars in my restaurant, most are great to serve.

One couple comes in weekly, orders their food, complains about their food after they’ve eaten it all, gets at least one item comped, plus a coupon for $5 off their next visit, pays their bill, stiffs their server, and mercifully leaves for another week.

They came back tonight. I wasn’t their server.

This couple comes in and immediately wants the server to use their coupon, same as always. They order their food, and the server gives the manager their coupon and tells him it’s THOSE FUCKING PEOPLE. The manager hands me his card and the coupon and leaves to go get wraps from the grocery store since we just went through all of ours because the cooks decided it would be fun to play frisbee in the kitchen with them (all were written up for it too.)

I’ve dealt with these fuckers before.

I make a conscious decision to make them unhappy.

The food gets dropped off. I personally did a two-minute check back.

Me: How is everything tonight? Is it everything you ever dreamed it could be and more?
Her: Everything is fine. Much better than last time.
Him: Yep! It’s all good!

The server did a 5 and 10 minute check back.

Everything was still A-OK.

20 minutes later and they’re done eating. And they need a manager.

I go over. They tell me they want a manager and not a server. I tell them I am the manager.

Her: My burger was overdone.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, but there’s not much I can do for you…

Her: WHAT? Didn’t you hear me, I said my burger was overdone!

Me: I did hear you but thank you for repeating it to make sure. Look I’m going to level with you. I’m not going to comp anything off your bill tonight. I verified with you after you’d gotten your food (after she’d cut the burger in half) and you said everything was fine.

Her: This is AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Do we at least get the $5 coupon?

Me: No. Why did you eat it if it was so overdone?

Her: I was hungry and our server went MIA

Him: Yeah we got lousy service! What are you going to do about THAT?

Me: I’m going to get you your check.

Both of them sit there with their mouths hanging open as though they’d both seen a ghost copulating with a giant shrimp in the middle of the restaurant. I wasn’t going to argue and tell them that I sent the server over twice during their meal. Wasn’t worth the aggravation.

Him: We’re never coming back.

Me; Well folks I’m awful sorry to hear that, but if memory serves the last few times you’ve been here you’ve had problems with the food as well so maybe it’s best that you don’t since we can’t seem to get it right for you.

Him: I want your name so I can call corporate and let them know you’re driving off customers.

Me: Of course sir. Albert Boonday. B-U-N-D-Y.

They paid their check (had to use a credit card because they didn’t bring enough cash…scam much?) and left without another word.

I told the manager what I did when he got back. He stood there shaking his head, probably lamenting a life decision he’d made earlier in the day. Or for trusting me with authority.

I’m OK with it if I get in trouble, I’m a short-timer here anyway.

I’m also still looking for Albert to get a negative review so I can laugh maniacally about it.

It’s been an absolutely crazy couple weeks. I’ll be glad when I can have my routine back. Also, for the anon asking me about my recent video game play, I’m currently playing Final Fantasy 6 again and Final Fantasy Type-0. -J

Things I’ve tried to end my neurotic skin picking

-just quitting
-putting ointment on ‘dangerous zones’
-putting make-up on ‘dangerous zones’
-taking distance from the mirror
-throwing away all of the mirrors
-covering the other mirrors with towels
-leaving the door of the bathroom open
-telling my mom when I’m in the bathroom
-walking around when I feel like picking
-fake nails
-cutting my nails very short
-setting a timer to 15 or 30 minutes when I feel like picking and doing something I like during that time
-knitting whenever I want to pick
-bubble wrap

So like three people now have asked me what exactly is going on in these two posts (1) (2) , so I guess I’m gonna break them down. This will probably be a super long post because it’s a combination of several glitches, not just one. Sorry if I’m bad at explaining it all!

Alright, so first things first, we’re gonna need:
-A team with Venom/anybody, and preferably the Lou assist but it’s optional
-A team with Venom/Ryu, assist choice doesn’t matter 

To mirror Post #1 above I have Wolverine with the first Venom, but it should work with everybody.

So the first thing we’re gonna need to do is get the Player 2 Venom’s health down to a very specific range. We want it at the point where he’ll die exactly one hit after Player 1 Venom lands his MP or HP throw.

Then, we need some kind of way to hit this Venom on the very first frame of him entering the web state that the other Venom’s throw puts him in. The simplest way to do this that I’ve found is the Lou assist. 

Little dude, shoots arrows. What a cool guy. To pick him, hold Start and MP after you’ve selected your characters.

The idea here is that you call Lou, and RIGHT before the first arrow touches Player 2′s Venom, throw him. As soon as he gets trapped in the web, the arrow will hit him on the first frame. That’s where the magic happens.

Venom is dead, but he’s not dead! He has no health left but he can still move around and attack. One more hit (or blocked hit, even) and he goes down for real, though.

But this is only half of what we want. We need Ryu and Venom to be out and about at the same time. The only way to do that is with a Variable Cross (QCB+HP+HK, costs 3 bars). 

The Variable Cross runs on a pretty short timer, so what we need to do is the same thing we did before: call the Lou assist and throw Venom before the first arrow connects.

Since Venom technically “dies”, the Variable Cross ends immediately, but Ryu doesn’t leave the screen; Player 2 can just control both characters at once indefinitely as long as Venom doesn’t get touched!

Now we don’t really need Player 1′s Venom anymore, so we need to VERY carefully tag him out.

Lastly, we need to change Ryu to Akuma Mode (HCB+HP, costs 1 bar). He needs to do this because we need Akuma’s Raging Demon super.

Now that all of THAT is out of the way, we can finally move on to the glitch that the two posts above were about. What we’re gonna do is the same thing we did before, but on Wolverine: grab him with Venom and then hit him on the first frame of his web state. This time we don’t need Lou, though, because we have two characters–we can simply have Ryu jab him as soon as the throw connects.

Note that Wolverine can still move around while in the web, that’s because of Ryu’s jab. For whatever reason, getting hit on the first frame of being webbed makes you not actually trapped in the web anymore, even though it looks like it!

This is what would’ve happened earlier with Venom, but him “dying” caused the web to fall off immediately. 

Anyway, this kind of controllable web state is what we need. What’s strange about it is that you’re ALWAYS controllable in that state as long as the web is on–even if you’re hit with, say, a Raging Demon (LP-LP-Forward-LK-HP, costs 3 bars)!

Wolverine wasn’t affected by this Raging Demon in any way, it didn’t even deal any damage because it never technically “grabbed” him. You can still move around and press buttons during the flashes!

So let’s try that again, but this time, do Fatal Claw (DP+2 Kicks, costs 1 bar) while the Raging Demon is going on.

Aaaaaaaand he’s off! He’s not supposed to keep going up like that.

I’ve only tried it with Wolverine and Hulk, but presumably there’s lots more silliness to be seen by doing this with different characters!

Some say Wolverine is still flying to this very day…I wonder where he could be…

The terminally ill are at the end of their story. If you’re going to die anyway, what does it matter what you do? Take ecstasy. Go skydiving. Fuck a prostitute. Kills yourself. Who cares? There is a sense that, once you’re terminally ill and an official short-timer in life, what you do ceases to really matter[…] We are all terminally ill. Not one of us is going to survive. And our stories are delusions. Each one of us lives in The Matrix - a story-dream created by our minds. Happiness is not easy; meaning is illusive. Young, healthy people who find themselves miserable, or find that they no longer inhabit a story, have even more need of the kind of “palliative care” that we offer to terminally ill people, simply because young people have so much more time to get trough. Eighty years! Ninety years! A hundred years of epilogue ahead of us ? It’s crushingly boring to ponder.
—  Sarah Perry, Every Cradle Is a Grave, P. 211

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Blue Diamond.

Like, does anyone stop and think about why she decided to take Greg with her from the like thirty seconds of conversation they shared? Greg is a human, a creature beneath her much like her subjects. Yet the first thing he does when speaking to her is ask how close she was with Pink Diamond and then when he realizes how close they were, he offers sympathy and understanding. And Blue Diamond is SHOCKED. Not only because there’s a human out there that understands what it’s like to lose someone close to them, but this creature below her DOESN’T think of her as weak for not being able to move on. On Homeworld, Diamonds are supposed to be the flawless leaders. They’re not supposed to be over come with emotion and have difficulty grappling with their emotions. Even Yellow Diamond, who was also close to Pink Diamond and misses her, has repeatedly told Blue Diamond to buck up and get over it. But Blue Diamond CAN’T. Whether it’s because Diamonds don’t have proper coping mechanisms so she doesn’t know how, she needs outside help but can NEVER ask for it from Homeworld’s point of view and standards, or doesn’t feel that she is ALLOWED to without betraying Pink Diamond in some way. She just CAN’T. (Also, I think that she was always more of the thinker of the Diamonds, and it doesn’t seem like the Diamonds really have much to do as leaders so she would have a LOT of time for her mind to take off and revisit places and feelings she doesn’t want to.)

So she does what she can to cope. Preserving Pink Diamond’s memory where and as she can, saving the gems she made, not destroying the Rose Quartz she made as well, and visiting Earth to apologize over and over again to Pink Diamond at the location where she died. All the while feeling even guiltier because she is a Diamond, and she shouldn’t be feeling this way.

Then suddenly, there’s a human there one day. The only humans Blue Diamond has probably ever seen have probably been the ones in the Zoo, creatures of bliss and ignorance who have never seemed to suffer or feel pain at all. Or maybe during the War, creatures of destruction and mayhem who obey a Gem that’s lower than a Diamond. So Blue Diamond can only expect that this human who’s at the site where Pink Diamond died is one of the two types, and based on his greeting to her Pearl, he’s probably the first type.

But then he drops his question and the bombshell. He’s known what pain is, he knows what it’s like to lose someone close. And he’s possibly the first being to tell her IT’S HARD TO MOVE ON. She’s not weak, she’s not a flawed Diamond. And she is FLOORED by this. Then, Greg keeps going, telling her how he STILL thinks about the one he lost all the time, and misses her everyday. Something that, even if Yellow Diamond says she does as well, Blue Diamond has never heard her confess it out loud before. Not like what Greg did. And Greg even admits that ‘that feeling can be so hard to be okay with’, something that Blue Diamond has most likely NEVER heard before.

And the biggest thing is? This human is still able to survive and live with this feeling. He has figured out how to do it. Maybe he could help her too, but Blue Diamond can’t outright ask him to do that. She still is a DIAMOND.

But she can’t keep coming back and asking him to help her in secret. The Earth is on a short timer. While she doesn’t want the Earth to be destroyed, she can’t stop it either. So what can she do for this being that told her she wasn’t defective? Easy. She can take him somewhere that’s safe. She can take him to Pink Diamond’s Zoo, and he’ll be safe there for the rest of his life. Plus, she runs it now, so she can visit him whenever she wants. So she snatches him up, and takes him away with her.

Blue Diamond is done so well when it comes not only to grief, but also to depression. She can’t change what she’s feeling, and she doesn’t know how to or how to/is able to ask for help. So many people dealing with grief and/or depression go through the same thing, even being told to ‘buck up’ and ‘move on’ like she is from Yellow Diamond. She IS trying, but it’s not working, and that’s why she wanted Greg. She probably thought that he was her best shot at maybe getting better. And now that he’s gone, she is NOT going to take it well, which adds more to the story of Steven Universe.

I just really relate to and love this character, okay?

I Hate My Soulmate - Michael Clifford [FLUFF]

Not Requested

Summary~ Everyone grows up with a countdown embedded in them, a countdown ‘til they meet their soulmate but how is it possible that everyone can be happy about their soulmates.

A/N: I know the soulmates thing is used a lot but I like this idea

Word Count - 1162

Timers are everywhere. Little digital boxes that plague your life, counting down seconds, minutes, hours, days and years until the biggest day of someones life - the day they meet their soulmate. With this day comes presents, cards, parties; people make an event out of it and from that day on you have the exact time and date embedded in your skin where the timer once was. However, everyone’s timers are in slightly different places; if you’re lucky you’ll be like 75% of the population and have it somewhere on your arms, or you might be like 24% of the population and have it littered somewhere down your legs but if you’re in that unlucky 1% you’ll have it placed somewhere ridiculous like your neck or your stomach or god forbid your forehead. But as it happens your forehead isn’t the worst place to have a timer as - the miracle of the soulmate timer is - only you can see it, so although looking at it in mirrors backwards may be annoying it’s something that can be dealt with.

You yourself have drawn the short straw, because your timer is located at the very bottom of your back meaning you have never before seen it. You were quick to learn after a few tries that even attempting to photograph the timer doesn’t help, it either appears blank or scrambled so you’ve gone a full 20 years without knowing when an alarm would sound and you’d be faced with the guy you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with.

A normal life.

So naturally it’s all to disheartening when you fall for someone, your child hood best friend in fact, due to meet his soulmate exactly 15 years, 3 months and 8 days after he met you, the worst part being that he falls for you too. So the two of you start a doomed relationship that so far has lasted for 2 years, both secretly hoping that if you spend long enough together then the timers with change.

“Okay, sorry I can’t stick around long I’ve got work,” he says one morning after having breakfast at your place.

Your heart drops as you look at him getting ready, “I thought you were taking today off?”

“Sorry, I couldn’t get my boss to agree, what’s the big deal anyway?” he questions.

“Well… today is… your day,” you tap your wrist.

He rolls up his sleeve and looks at his blank wrist, “Oh, I forgot, damn,” he leans down and pecks your lips, “With you I guess I lose track of the days, but I guess I’m just going to have to go and make sure I get back here before time runs out”

“Can’t you just call in sick?” you ask.

“That’s a great way to lose a job,” he chuckles.

“That’s what I did,” you mumble.

“I’m sorry, but hey, I love you,” he kisses you.

“Love you too”

He goes to walk out giving you a wave as he goes.

You call after him, “What time do you have to be back by?” 

He’s gone before he can reply.

You wait for him, all day, sitting around in your apartment, expecting him back any moment, but eventually you fall asleep only to wake up when you hear him practically falling in the front door.

You look at him expectantly with glee on your face until he rolls up his sleeve to see a perfectly printed tattoo; one hour, and 42 minutes ago. Tears brim in your eyes.

“Who is she?” you wipe your eyes.

“Ria Matthews, I ran into her in the street,” he stutters.

You nod sadly.

“I’m sorry, I should have got home sooner but if it counts for anything I won’t call her, I won’t ever see her,” he says gripping your arms.

“I can’t make you do that, it’s fate, you clearly need to see her,” he doesn’t seem persuaded. “Honestly, I’ll be fine, I’ll find mine at some point”

That’s how you broke up.

It takes a while for you to pluck up the courage to leave the house again but none the less you need to go to work and restock your kitchen.

Walking home from work one afternoon you’re cautious as the streets are busy and you have a heavy bag of work on your back. Maneuvering your way through the crowd until you feel something at your coat pocket. You turn sharply to see a pick pocket with your purse in his hand. As you lock eyes you feel a searing pain in your back and watch as he drops your purse gripping his wrist - a sharp ringing flowing through your ears before stopping as you look to the oy who is now breathing heavily.

You pick up the purse which is now on the floor and look up once more to see him walking away, but - knowing exactly what just happened - you chase after him

“Wait,” you call after him.

He simply turns slightly before pulling his dark hood further onto his head to cover the red hair underneath. You continue to follow him even down a shady alley way that you otherwise would avoid.

“Can you stop following me?” he sharply turns to you.

“No, do you not understand what happened back there?” you furrow your brow.

“Of course I do, I’m not an idiot,” he scowls.

“Well excuse me for trying to get the chance to meet my so called ‘soulmate’,” you use airquotes.

“Well you’ve met me now you can go”

“No, I’ve had to deal with too much shitty soulmate related still to let my actual one get away”

He relaxes slightly still clearly agitated, “Do you want to come in”

“Thank you,” is all you say.

He leads you up a crumbling stairwell and to a chipping red painted door with the number ‘14′ in cheap stick on letters. The inside reflects the outside as you see a painfully basic apartment, from the doorway you can see every room n the place. It’s kept tidy despite the falling plaster walls and lopsided shelves but the whole atmosphere of the place shows how little money this boy has,- probably why he pick pockets.

“Tea? Coffee?” he audibly sighs.

“Tea,” you reply.

Moments later he emerges with two cups and you sit toether on his cracked leather sofa.

“I don’t see what you want to talk abot?” he say.

“Well I figured we should actually make a little effort,” you say sipping your drink

He rolls up his sleeves with a huff to show a bandaged arm.

“Is that where your timer is?” you ask.

He nods.

“Why do you cover it up?”

“Because I god damn despise the soulmate theory,” he speaks into his cup.

You hate his attitude, it gets under your skin. You hate the way he speaks, no respect. You hate the way he carries himself, like he’s better than everyone.

You hate your soulmate.


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