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Anonymous asked: Bad boy au / Jimin + 22 Love your writing btw!

;pairing — Jimin x reader

;warnings — smut (I couldn’t contain myself)

;word count — 3k

;Prompt  “You can’t just say that and then disappear!” 

A/N: I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you imagined anon, It’s hard for me to picture Jimin as a bad boy, I think he was more just like a fuckboy here, anyways I hope you like it :) Also, the ending is cheesy af I know!! lol

Before starting your freshman year of college you had one thing clear in your head; no fuckboys. You were gonna study, pass your exams, make new friends, and live an easy and relaxed student life, well as relaxed as being an architecture major at college could be.

You didn’t want to be one of those persons who start college and the only thing they do is go to parties, get high and fuck every guy they see, because you were here to mainly study and get your diploma and you knew that getting involved with guys would mean losing track of your original plan of living a calm student experience.

But you would see that exact plan be thrown down in the form of a sturdy, cocky, obnoxious but beautiful fuckboy.

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Hidden Feelings

Park Jimin smut



Jimin and you had been best of friends for the longest time, but he still hadn’t gotten accustomed to the butterflies you caused every time you were near him. He couldn’t get over the fluttering of his heart every time you took the time out of your day to send him a simple message, even if you were just saying hello. Jimin sighed to himself as he quietly pondered about you, shamelessly imagining what it would be like to be your boyfriend while roaming around on the internet.

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My fancast for Aelin Ashryver Galathynius 

*Plus a gif of Aelin giving sharing very solid fireheart wisdom. Her hair is dyed red to match Ansels from QOS ;)*

“At a passing glance, one might think her eyes blue or gray, perhaps even green, depending on the color of her clothing. Up close, though, these warring hues were offset by the brilliant ring of gold around her pupils. But it was her golden hair that caught the attention of most, hair that still maintained a glimmer of its glory. In short, Celaena Sardothien was blessed with a handful of attractive features that compensated for the majority of average ones; and, by early adolescence, she’d discovered that with the help of cosmetics, these average features could easily match the extraordinary assets. “

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*All photo edits are done by me


Games-Giving - wherein Nanami gives out games to the rest of the sdr2 kids

Somewhere in between the crammed spaces was a logical explanation as to why everyone was packed into Nanami’s already condensed cottage.

Initially, she wanted to bring her stuff with her to the lobby where it’s much more spacious but looking back at her hoards of console she knew that it would take too many trips and by then someone would have walked in and ruined the surprise for the rest. Besides, wasn’t this a surprise in its own way? Granted there’s barely enough room for them to breathe and much less to play but it would have to do. Once everyone had settled in as much as they could possibly have, Nanami started handing out the games and necessary consoles.

“Hanamura, you’re getting Cooking Mama.” She says and before he could be offended at a cheap knock-off of real cooking, she explains her choice. “I know how much you miss your mom… I know that the mama here isn’t exactly like yours, maybe. But I figured it might help with the homesickness hopefully.”

He looks at a loss for words. “This is… a wonderful choice.” And before he could get sappy, old habits kick in. “I’ll have you know that you are an exquisite choice yourself. You don’t need to flatter me with gifts if you want to spend a good time with me.”

She listens quietly, unresponsive. And then stoically turns to her next recipient. “I got you Fat Princess. It reminded me a lot of you while I was playing. It has food and strategy, I thought you’d like it… I guess.”

Twogami chuckles and it is a genuine heartfelt laughter. He’s more than happy to know that he was thought of especially by his one defining character trait. “It’s a worthy recommendation. I shall hold back my judgement until I finish it in all of its glory.”

She takes that as a sign that he likes it so she turns to meet the curious stare of a redhead. “I got you Life is Strange. It’s about this photography student but it’s less about taking photos and more of time travel I think… The protag is a girl with short hair and her freckles reminded me of you coincidentally.”

“Oh, wow that’s some… weirdly specific coincidences.” Koizumi admits it’s not quite the game she was expecting. She expected a typical point and shoot (with a camera) game but definitely not time traveling.

“Her name’s Max so I guess you both have names starting with M.” Nanami adds and then tilts her head in inquiry. “Are you okay with this? I can get you something else.”

“And miss out on time powers? I think not.” Koizumi just shakes her head. Sure, why not? It’d be a nice experience to see in someone else’s viewfinder for a change of perspective. “Besides, where else am I going to find a game that stars a girl and photography?”

She nods in agreement. Before Nanami could move on to whom she had planned for next, Saionji beats her to the punch as she unceremoniously jumps onto her. “Me! What about me? What did big sis Nanami get for me?”

She hands her the game with an excited smile. “I think you’ll like this one… Bully is an open world with the usual freedom of Rockstar games.”

“You had me at bully.” Saionji grins deviously.

Nanami shakes her head. “It’s not exactly that kind of game…”

“But I still get to do the stuff I like, right?” She smirks and breaks into childish cheer. “Yay! Thank you so much for this! I’ll play it to my heart’s content!”

She then turns to the nurse who jumps at the sudden attention. “Mikan, I got you Trauma Center. I know it’s far from the actual thing but I’m not exactly sure how… different it is.” There’s a certain genteleness in the way she hands out the game. And shyly, she asks, “Is it alright if I ask for your feedback on this?”

Mikan is still shocked from the experience of affection that it takes her a beat or two to stammer back, “T-Thank you! I’ll cherish this forever!!” She cries as she holds onto the game tightly to her chest. “You can count on me! I’ll be sure to point out all the inaccuracies.”

“Thank you, too.” Nanami then turns to the more if not the most excited member of the group. She smiles as she gestures to the whole setup behind her. “Ibuki, you get rockband… The full set.”

“Awesome! Ibuki has always wanted to play on these!” Ibuki hollers and she’s already at the drums while holding both the guitar and the bass. She looks just about ready to play all instruments at the same time. “The frets on the guitar are buttons! Kyaaah! How wild is that!”

Nanami can’t help but get carried along with Ibuki’s energy. She’s still smiling when she turns to Pekoyama. “If it’s sword slashing precision then the best I have is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. You’ll probably appreciate the free slicing blade mode rather than the button mashing on most games… I think.”

Pekoyama gratefully accepts the gift with a bow. “This is quite thoughtful of you. Thank you. I will try my best to master the fighting style here.”

“And when you get bored of that, take a break and play this instead…” She hands her a portable console this time and when Pekoyama opens it, the game is already on and it’s absolutely adorable. “It’s Nintendogs. Now those fluffballs won’t run away from you… probably.”

“I…” Pekoyama’s speechless but that’s mostly because she’s distracted by the puppies hounding at her screen. No animal has ever approached her with such zeal that it catches her off-guard. It’s a surprise that she’s more than willing to welcome. She locks eyes with Nanami and her lips tug slightly into a sincere smile. “I will remember to return this goodwill of yours.”

It doesn’t go past Kuzuryuu who watched the whole exchange. When Nanami turned to him, he was caught unaware and so his defenses shot up. “Heh, so you’re giving away games based on what we do? Don’t tell me you got me one of those dumb trying hard yakuza themed games.”

She shook her head. “I don’t think you’ll like Yakuza that much so I suggest Mafia as a better alternative…” She innocently tilts her head. “Then maybe it’s better when you think it’s a different culture?”

“Ha! You got a lot of nerve thinking I’ll play crap like that.” He scoffs at her.

“I’m not. I think you’re more respectable than that… maybe.” She says not quite sure what she wants to mean. She gives him a different game instead. “This is Undertale. I think you’ll like the Fight or Mercy mechanics. You’ll choose well, probably.”

“Hmph, whatever.” He crosses his arms but his expression softens. She got him a game with a pacifist route and he appreciates the gesture. He murmurs, “But thanks anyways. I guess I’ll give it a try when I’ve got nothing else to do.”

“I’m sure you’ll love it… I think.” Nanami crosses the room to the other half of the class and Sonia catches her eyes first. “I was trying to find a game where the protag is a princess but it was hard so… I just went for the game with an… intense female main character. Tomb Raider’s a classic and you’re pretty hardcore like Lara Croft.”

Sonia reads through the summary at the back with sparkling eyes. “Oh, I have always wanted to go on my own expeditions without royal guards hounding me!” She claps her hands in her excitement. “I think this is just a lovely game filled with action and adventure! Thank you!”

“Ah, Gundam.” She moved on to the next person on her list. “I know you don’t like games about breeding animals since you consider them…” She squints as she tries to find the exact words that he used. “An insult to the actual gods?”

“That is correct!” Gundam agrees with a scowl. “Those are outright blasphemy! Why waste time on fakes when there are actual gods among us? If I were not such a forgiving Dark Lord then I would have rained judgement on all of those atrocities!”

“But is it okay as long as it’s not based on actual animals?” She asks with uncertainty. She didn’t want to offend Gundam but she’s not sure how well he’ll take this suggestion of hers. “Monster Rancher is a classic for your type. You get to learn about raising a whole bunch of new species that are literally out of this world… Here, look.”

Gundam inspects the game with a snarl at first but as he goes through the monsters, he finds himself more intrigued rather than disgusted. A whole new world to conquer, huh? He breaks out into raucous laughter. “Feast your eyes on these poor lost souls! The time has come for the Tanaka Kingdom to recruit yet more unearthly races! Cower in fear as our strength increases right before your eyes! Bwahaha!”

“Oi, do your delusions more quietly! Nobody cares!” Souda shouts but it falls onto deaf ears since Gundam is already absorbed in raising his first monster. He doesn’t want to accept being ignored but then he remembers that he hasn’t gotten his game yet and so he turns to Nanami with expectant eyes. “Man, looks like everyone’s getting good picks. So what do I get? Is it cool? It’s definitely cooler than dork lord’s over there, right?”

Nanami’s smile is playful. This one was trickier to find but it was an achievement to finally get it. She pulls out a box and brings out its contents. There’s the game and console and… a mini-robot. “Meet R.O.B., he’s your partner for playing Gyromite.”

“This is…” He gapes over the robot and his hands roam over across the plastic, he’s already picking it apart in his mind and deciphering how it works. He expected a game but he did not expect it to come with its own mini-robot. His eyes are shining and he almost looks in love. “This is fricking sweet.”

Even Nanami thought it was cool and she’s sure that Souda thinks of it a tenfold more. While Souda was busy mooning over his new toy, she sets up Owari’s. “I couldn’t find anything close to your ideal but… Wii Sports is close enough, maybe. As long as you strap on the remote and keep your distance, you can play boxing to your heart’s content.”

“So I basically beat people up by actually beating them up?” She shouts a battle cry and gets fired up on the spot. “Yosh! I’m game for this!”

“Nidai, I got you FIFA Manager among other coaching games… I couldn’t decide which one would be your favorite.” She adds that last part shyly but he takes them with a smile as always.

“I’m the best at managing my players! I’ll even be the best in these games of yours!” Nidai lets out a hearty laugh. “I’d watch out for your highscore if I were you.”

“I’ll take that as a challenge.” She then turns to the last two of her list.

Komaeda is already wearing his trademark lopsided smile and is eager to see what new hope would be born out of this. “I’m grateful that you would even consider giving me a game- the embodiment of your hope- when I’m trash undeserving of such greatness. I feel bad that you bothered thinking about me when I’m worthless.”

Nanami lets out a sigh and her hands are on Komaeda’s face in a heartbeat. “Stop talking like that or you won’t get yours.”

“But I don’t-”

“Stop.” She puffs her cheeks while she pinches his.

“Ow! Okay, okay. I concede.” He chuckles and even raises his hands in a show of defeat. “I’m still new to this whole thing about people thinking I’m worth more than I really am.”

She stares at him for a long time, judgingly, taking his words into careful consideration. She huffs again and releases him. “Close enough.”

“Well you do inspire me to try, you know.” He smiles and there’s laughter dancing on his lips. “The truth is I’ve never been this excited in my life! Oh, aside from that time I received my acceptance letter to Hope’s Peak Academy that is.”

Somehow he always brings back the conversation to hope. She shakes her head and there’s a small smile forming. “Here. Try this.”

He takes the phone in his hand with the camera on and it surprises him slightly when something else appears on the screen. “Uh, Nanami? Is there supposed to be a creature here?”

Her hand quickly swipes the phone out from his grip and her face practically beams. “A Lapras! As expected from Komaeda’s luck!” She flicks her finger a few times and by the fifth pokeball, she catches it with a triumphant smile. “I’ve been looking everywhere for her. Thanks for helping me out.”

“No problem.” He chuckles and then inquires, “So I’m guessing that wasn’t actually my game.”

She smiles shyly and then hands him his true gift. “That’s Legend of Mana and it’s legendary for its unique luck system. Almost the whole game is rigged on luck… I think.”

“I see. Then it is fitting for me.” He smiles broadly. “As expected from the ultimate gamer. Instead of bringing me the usual games, you hand me an excellent rpg. I will not let you down and maximize my luck just as much as your hope inspires me!”

“As long as you have fun.” She giggles and there’s a cough behind her. When she turns around, she sees the only person who has yet received a game from her. She smiles wider. “Hello there, Hinata.”

“Uh, hi.” He flushes and then straightens himself after a shaky breath. He fidgets from being too tense for his own good. He’s nervous even though he has no reason to be. He looks like the only person who’s afraid of what he’s about to get. “I know I don’t have any talent and all… so I’m sure you had a hard time finding a game for me.”

“Oh, not really.” She objects readily and she makes sure that her voice comes out as reassuring as possible. She finds his worries odd especially when there’s no trouble at all. “Actually… I picked out yours first.”

“What?” He shoots her a look of confusion. And when he holds the game in his hands, he feels absolutely lost. “Danganronpa…?”

“I feel like it’s life-and-death important for you to be good at this.” Nanami says in a tone that’s too serious to be talking about just games. And then in the next moment, she’s back to her laidback self. “By the way, it’s a series and I’ve already finished the latest one: New Danganronpa V3 or ndrv3 for short.”

“Um…” He’s still staring at the game and trying hard to read its hidden meaning but he comes up with nothing. He feels that there’s a joke somewhere in there that he’s missing. “Wait, so how did you end up picking this out for me?”

“Just an important feeling… probably.” She casually shrugs. There’s something cryptic underneath her words but he doesn’t have the code to decipher them and so he just loads the game with skepticism and caution. She nods at him approvingly. “When you’re done with that one, I’ll lend you the second one. I’m sure you’ll find the sequel more… interesting, I think.”

Nanami pulls out her own portable console and continues the minigame she left off. Every now and then she looks up to check on her classmates if they needed any help but they’re too engrossed with their own games, some more loudly than others. Playing games with everyone here is different from her usual peaceful solitude but it’s a good kind of different. It’s nice, she thinks.

And in this crammed cottage of Nanami’s where everyone is busy having fun, she thinks that everything is as it should be.

The Last One Standing - Jake x MC

Summary: I wanted to write something about Jake’s death because ouchh i’m still recovering. Definitely still needs MAJOR editing but I still wanted to post something

Prompt: This is for this week’s ChoicesCreates: “What If” so thank you to the lovely @hollyashton and @catsrtheboss !!

Pairing: Jake x Female MC

Rating: I guess T to be safe (I definitely used the word shit a few times)

Constructive criticism always welcome (just not about my punctuation because I KNOW, that is my fatal flaw). 

also shoutout to @heart-jake there is a line in there that was 100% inspired by something they said (which btw i’m still sobbing over THANKS)

She racked her brain. Her eyes shifted, not looking for anything in particular. It was merely a method to gather her thoughts as she kneeled beside him. He chuckled at the sight, not a laugh with ludic tendency, but one of pure contention – one meant for her.

“Hey princess.” he spoke

“No, no, Jake don’t start” she begged him to stop talking, but he wouldn’t for he had too much to say. His words harbored resistance but held a eutony only his voice could provide. The air grew dense, rich with copper.  His breathing began to shallow; and he found it harder to contend with the ever-exacerbating constriction in his chest. But he continued… because he always continued to speak his mind.

“Take this,” he implored, pressing the cold metal firmly into her palm.

“Ain’t too fancy, I know.” He crooned

“No Jake I –“

“Please. Take it” Jake pushed. She searched his eyes before nodding and stealing a glance at the all too familiar dog tags; the same ones she had gripped to beckon the man closer in times of blissful solitude.

He called back to her “Hey, baby, you gotta keep going okay?” Jake grunted, clearly in pain.

“No, stop, don’t do this to me Jake. I can’t do this without you.” tears immediately brimming and cascading down her face.

“Bullshit.” He smirked 

Her hair was singed, silken skin bruised and littered with pale white lines of fading scars; but she was so beautiful. Surely he had the hands of a soldier, of a fighter, but she, she was going to be the one to continue.

 “Princess, look at me” his hands absentmindedly found their way to her heated cheeks, forcing her to face what was in front of her. She gripped at his jacket and tugged at him, pleading him to stop.

 “You’re the strongest person I know.” Her smile was labored but irenic in all its glory.  The moment was too brief, for her beaming immediately fell short, and the girl continued to sob. She ran her fingertips over Jake’s bloody knuckles before speaking again

“I don’t want to do this without you, I need you.”

It was his turn to feel the stinging in his eyes and closing of his throat. He thought he would never admit it, but he needed her too.

She continued to mumble a series of “I need you”s and “don’t leave me”s but his focus was on her eyes, auroral in nature, and on her hair… He thought back to a night much like this one, where he spent the night in her room in the watchers encampment, or as he liked to call it “the knock off Lothlórien”. He remembered sitting with her in cafuné, a particularly halcyon memory – but it began to fade… as it would.

 He felt it. His vision began to blur, his muscles began to relax; and the memories of hasty kisses, burning embers, and diaphanous fabric resting on her skin at dusk, dissipate into nothingness. And the visions of her crimson-stained lips as the dust settled after a particularly rough fight – and her transitional spoken “well… shit” once the peanut gallery was out of immediate danger - began to vanish as he slipped into unconsciousness.

 She took note of his hazy eyes.

“No, Jake, please.” she choked, moving to support more of his weight.

she paused “I love you.” The words were not forced, it had been a long time coming, and they fell from her mouth with pure conviction.

 The glint in his eyes spoke volumes - she knew if he were in a state of normalcy he would say something along the lines of “I know” or “…obviously.” But in his final breath he decided to finally say what he always knew.

 “Taylor I-“ he barely voiced “I l-“ his head drifted to the side and his eyes no longer met her awaiting stare. He was gone.

 Taylor keened “no, no, please no…”

Her shoulders suddenly felt as though they were made of stone. Her body racked. She gripped at his clothes as she faltered. Her tears created pale streaks down her face, her eyebrows knitted together as she sniveled and moved her gaze away from her lover. Her expression unyielding, callous and hostile; she simply took hold of her dagger, stood with absolution and turned to face the daunting volcano – for it was time to end this. Her pyrrhic victory was finally ready for her, and her alone.

anonymous asked:

Sam's hair in S8 is so pretty. I hated his hair in S10.

Agree anon. Sam’s hair in S8 is a thing of beauty and the only good thing about the start of S8.

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Now just look at his hair in S10.

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Really?! Just look at this. Its way too short and it looks like they super glued his hair down. I hope the hair stylist got his/her ass fired. When you make Jared’s hair look bad you need to choose a new job.

S10 sucked so much they could even give us Sam’s hair in all its glory.

Hanging By A Moment

Can you do a Spencer Reid/Reader imagine based on the song “Hanging By A Moment?”

Yes, I most certainly can!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5)

Desperate for changing, starving for truth.

Sitting on his couch as you hear his light snores snake their way through the hallway, you find yourself sinking back into the couch as you close your eyes.

It was odd for him to call you whenever he was struggling.  Usually, if he was craving, he called Hotch, and if he had nightmares he called Morgan, and if he was having girl or confidence issues he called Penelope.

So you wondered what had happened at 4 in the morning that had caused him to call you, instead of them.

But when you had gotten here, he had already fallen back asleep, his door unlocked for your impending arrival.

Apparently it wasn’t that important.

I’m closer to where I started, I’m chasing after you.

A part of you felt it weird to stay on his couch, but you knew that you couldn’t lock his door from the outside…not without a key…and you wanted him to be safe.

You wanted the man of your dreams to be safe.

It was old news around the office that you cared deeply for your colleague.  Hotch had told you on many occasions that if affected your work, you could always stay behind with Garcia, or refuse to go out into the field with him.

And every time he brought it up, you shot him down, stating that it didn’t affect a thing.

And every time you shot him down, he knew you were lying.

I’m falling even more in love with you, letting go of all I’ve held on to.

You usually didn’t do much with the team.  You weren’t into karaoke, and you didn’t dance well, and outside of the family dinners at Rossi’s you usually turned events down…but as your feelings built for Spencer, you started doing a few more things with them.

Until Morgan decided to challenge Spencer to a flirt-off.

That was the only way you knew how to address it.

You weren’t concerned.  After all, Spencer is awkward with the girls, but you thought it was cute…which made you special.


But when the girl shot Morgan down that night, your heart leapt into your throat when Spencer started to shuffle over.

He didn’t even get his introduction out before her lips were plastered onto his.

I’m standing here until you make me move…

And yet, here you were.   Two weeks later.  In his apartment.

Because he called.

For all you knew, he butt-called you.  It wouldn’t explain why his door was unlocked at 4 in the morning…but it was a better explanation than he was waiting for you and got bored.

Bored at the idea of talking to you.

Bored a the idea of being with you.

Little ol’ you.

Little ol’ inexperienced you.

And during all of this personal introspection, your eyes lobbing shut as you sink into his couch, it never even crossed your mind that Spencer wouldn’t be alone.

I’m hanging by a moment here with you.

Hearing the pitter patter of feet, your eyes fly open as you dart up from the couch, smoothing your clothes down and running a hand through your mangled hair as you turn towards the kitchen.

But as your eyes fall upon the petite, short, long-haired beauty standing there, in all of her glory…with Spencer’s shirt on…your heart bursts and drips its contents down into the pit of your soul.

Forgetting all I’m lacking, completely incomplete…

Staring at each other, her perfect lips parting lightly as she rakes her eyes up and down your haggard form, you hear Spencer call to her from the bedroom.

“Baby…what’s goi-?”

Feeling your eyes fly to his bedroom door, your beautiful, shaggy-haired, intelligent colleague emerges from the darkness of his room, the smell of sex and lust wafting out, hitting you in the face as your jaw unhinges.

“Y/N?” he croaks, running his hand through his hair as his eyes begin to dart around his apartment.

“Wh-what…are you doing here?” he asks.

There’s nothing else to lose, and there’s nothing else to find.

Feeling your breath quicken as your eyes graze back over to the beautiful girl in his kitchen, a light grin crooking at the side of her plump lips, you stare into the eyes of who was really Spencer’s type.

And she was nothing like you.

Before you know it, you’re grabbing your tattered house-robe, throwing it over your shoulders, and dashing for his door.

How could you be so stupid?  How could you believe that, out of all of the relationships he has formed over the years, that yours…a mere months into its birth…would somehow supersede theirs?


Feeling a pressure on your wrist, you slowly turn your head, his big, beautiful hazel eyes searching yours as his minds whirls with reasons as to why you would be there.

“You really should remember to lock your door,” you lean in and whisper, your voice catching in between the knot of sorrow in your throat and the ever-looming burn of desire in your stomach.

There’s nothing in the world that can change my mind.

And as you flew down his apartment steps, tears of embarrassment and anger flowing freely down your face, you could have sworn you could hear the beautiful, petite, perfect girl with the long, flowing, amber hair and the plump, succulent, juicy lips giggling at you in the background.

And as you leaned against the outside of his apartment building, heaping sobs of disappointment and heartache welling to the top as you clutch your chest, physically feeling your heart shatter into a million pieces, you close your eyes as you try to catch them all before they flutter to the ground and get blown away by the winds…

…because you knew, despite all of this…all of the pain, and the heart ache, and the disappointment, and the embarrassment, and the anger…that you would still care for Spencer, and that…however diminished the chance may be…you would still hold out hope that could learn to care for you like you have so effortlessly cared for him.

And until then?  You would hang on to every moment at his side, never leaving him in the field and never deserting him whenever he butt-dialed you in the heat of passion with another woman…

…because you were addicted.

This is the first time I’ve worn this dress on the blog without anything over it, so now its true glory is finally revealed.  I just love all the little details on it like the tie and the three buttons at the waist and the pleating on the skirt!  Also it goes really well with my cane.

[One image of a young woman (me) with medium length purple-and-blue hair.  I am holding a metallic, pink cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a short sleeved dress that goes to the middle of my calves; the background of the dress is navy blue, with loads of pink flowers printed on it.  I have on very pale pink socks that are scrunched down around my ankles and black mary jane shoes.  I am wearing lipstick that is such a dark purple that it almost looks black.  As always, I have on my rectangular black glasses.]

fic dump part five

title: hangover

summary: it’s a little bit of a mistake on killua’s part when he wakes up shirtless with a raging hangover in a stranger’s house, but it turns out it’s an even bigger mistake when he realizes three things. one, the stranger is actually his friend kurapika’s neighbor; two, the stranger happens to be very handsome; and three… the stranger is also sort of half-naked. 

notes: from november 24, 2014; unrevised and unfinished, read at own risk

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I cut off all my hair again! My parents are still in shock over it and when my main guy finds out he won’t be happy about it either. I suffer from trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder), which I can’t help and none of my family or friends understands. I know if I didn’t constantly pick out my hair it would be nearly down back but I can’t help it. When its cut short no one can really notice all the short spots which is extremly obvious when its long. Unlike a majority of people I know, I don’t care about having my hair short and will cut it spur of the moment like I did today. However, it seems to be a big issue for everyone else whenever I cut my hair. According to a guy friend of mine “your a woman, your suppoused to have long hair because that’s your pride and glory. Men don’t like girls with short hair, it makes y'all look like boys…if you were anyone else I wouldn’t even speak to you..” I have fairly large breast, so if a guy can’t see that I’m a girl then he needs to have his eyes checked. Last time I checked this is my hair, I do what I want with it. I wasn’t put on Earth to please anyone except myself. Plus, its summer time. In hot, humid, rainiy FL, short hair is best for me. #ShortHairDontCare #ShortHairRocks

Low Quality Pictures

Fandom: Attack on Titan

Pairing: Eren/Jean

Rating: Teen and Up

Words: 2036

Chapter: 1/?

Summary: A stupid story of Jean falling in love with the guy who decided to leave stupid pictures of himself on all of the tester phones in the Apple store.

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In all honesty, everything could have been avoided if Jean had just listened to Marco’s advice and bought a better case for his phone while he had the chance. Still, he’d somehow ended up in his bedroom staring at his fallen phone, the screen completely shattered.

“Shit,” he swore under his breath, retrieving the phone from the floor, careful not to cut himself on the glass. He held the phone closer to his face, inspecting it. The entire screen was wrecked to the point where he’d probably cut his entire finger just trying to unlock it. Jean let out a loud groan because, as usual, Marco was right, he should have just bought a better case, but he’d be damned if he’d let Marco know it. He threw on the nearest jacket and grabbed the keys to his car before heading out of the door.

It was pretty childish, even for Jean, to immediately spend money on fixing his phone just for the sake of proving his friend wrong. Still, he found himself in his car driving to the nearest store in which he could have his phone repaired. His face was contorted into the most annoyed scowl he could muster the entire time and it didn’t help that his phone kept playing his text tone, though he wasn’t receiving any messages.

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Things that happened today:

  • I walked to work behind a cop and couldn’t stop staring at his gun.  I know it depends on where you’re from in the world, but rarely (and I mean super duper rarely) do I ever see guns. Well. Well this cop was wearing mittens. And I couldn’t stop wondering what his plan would be if he had to draw the gun quickly. Would he have to whip off the mitts first? Or perhaps they train them to fire a gun with mittens. Oh yes my friends, welcome to my thoughts.


  • I finally got to use a funny insult I saw on Tumblr many moons ago in real life. I had stored it away, and was waiting for the right moment, and today it happened! It was super funny (so please note this wasn’t serious), but at work I said to a colleague/friend, “is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth?” It was perfect timing too. Gold Jerry! Gold.


  • You’ll already know this from my Instagram (LizClaire_) if you follow this cool cat (me) there, but…I WENT TO CROSSFIT ON MY LUNCH TODAY! *self high five here*
  • Wahoo! It was scary, but like I’ve noted all over the place, I’ve just felt so blah about my weight/bod-ay lately, so I signed up and went.
  • It was a hell of a workout, which completely humbled me. FYI CrossFit is not like riding a bike.  I really really REALLY felt my extra weight gain as I attempted burpees, box jumps and wall balls.  The 1,000, row also nearly killed me.
  • I came dead last (not even slightly surprise about this)
  • And my clothes were too tight, and I kid you not my stomach, in all its jiggly, white glory kept creeping out, and I was so busy hustlin’ I didn’t even bother pulling down my top, but rather I thought - I MUST GET RID OF THE BELLY.
  • Also-also, because I’m too honest for my own good, I have not shaved my legs since NOVEMBER. Yup. I’ll just give you a moment to process that. Done? Cool. It had completely slipped my mind, the whole short-pants-hairy-legs thing, and I was so embarrassed when I realized my error, but couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily, I’m not a very hair person - but still, boooo. Epic girl fail on that one.
  • I signed up for their starter pack ($98 for five classes), and am really excited to get the show on the road (again).
  • After the workout I felt soooo bloody good, and literally strutted back to work.
  • Oh! And… the trainer said, and I quote, “when you lean out, you’ll be excellent at CrossFit. You have a lot of power."  I liked that he stated "when” - the man has faith in me, and I don’t want to let him (or myself) down.
  • Also, I just want to give CrossFit Metric a shout-out here, because this is the first CrossFit in Toronto I went to and as I was counting down my 25 box-jumps, everyone was clapping and cheering me on. It was awesome. That’s the beauty of CrossFit - suppoer!

Ok. Bubble bath time. But yipee!! Excited for CrossFit (again).

prompt: James is a popular, well established instagram model and Q is an up an coming instagrammer who seems to be taking James’ spotlight – anon

Short but sweet, hope you enjoy. Jen.

The boy started cropping up wherever Bond turned, or so it seemed.

Bond was the perfect blond hair, blue eyed, tanned muscular and ruggedly attractive type that appealed to women and men alike as a gorgeous specimen of mankind in all its glory. He was adored.

The new boy was his antithesis. ‘Q’, as he was known, embodied the recent fashion developments towards androgyny; whippet thin, pouting pink lips, bright green eyes, black hair that curled around his high cheekbones and chalk white skin.

He was rather ruining Bond’s reputation, being all new and shiny and unusual.

You are very beautiful – 007

Q looked at the message, and couldn’t help a smirk: And hello to you too – Q

Both posted pictures that afternoon; Bond’s smile held a suggestion and a promise, while Q’s heavy lidded line seemed to hold a dare.

You keep stealing my fans :P – 007

Not my fault; I’m keeping on trend – Q

Am I offending you? – 007

Not in the least. Merely teasing. We are very different types. – Q

And you’re very beautiful too. – Q

There was a chance, an opportunity.

Bond published a photo of him truly looking at his best; every muscle defined, the slightest of subtle makeup (being a model always required some makeup; not like Q’s statement, but an invisible correction, augmenting his features just slightly) and took that as his offer.

Q’s was eyelashes and a smile, a raised eyebrow as a perfect question.

Would you like to meet? – 007

Yes. – Q

Both looked at their phone screens, and grinned their way into two new published photos.

The next set were the pair of them together.

Instagram went wild.

Animal Instincts

Summary: Mandatory Rumbelle Zootopia AU featuring lion!Gold, Okapi!Belle and some super serious predatory urges of a confusing kind.

This goes out to @phoenixwrites for it is entirely her fault. Seriously her fault.

I see this as a prompt verse. I have literally NO time for writing and a long-ass list of things to write but I could try my hand at keeping thing short and sweet in this verse. 

Rating: PG-13

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