the short hair in all its glory

This is the first time I’ve worn this dress on the blog without anything over it, so now its true glory is finally revealed.  I just love all the little details on it like the tie and the three buttons at the waist and the pleating on the skirt!  Also it goes really well with my cane.

[One image of a young woman (me) with medium length purple-and-blue hair.  I am holding a metallic, pink cane in my left hand.  I am wearing a short sleeved dress that goes to the middle of my calves; the background of the dress is navy blue, with loads of pink flowers printed on it.  I have on very pale pink socks that are scrunched down around my ankles and black mary jane shoes.  I am wearing lipstick that is such a dark purple that it almost looks black.  As always, I have on my rectangular black glasses.]

prompt: James is a popular, well established instagram model and Q is an up an coming instagrammer who seems to be taking James’ spotlight – anon

Short but sweet, hope you enjoy. Jen.

The boy started cropping up wherever Bond turned, or so it seemed.

Bond was the perfect blond hair, blue eyed, tanned muscular and ruggedly attractive type that appealed to women and men alike as a gorgeous specimen of mankind in all its glory. He was adored.

The new boy was his antithesis. ‘Q’, as he was known, embodied the recent fashion developments towards androgyny; whippet thin, pouting pink lips, bright green eyes, black hair that curled around his high cheekbones and chalk white skin.

He was rather ruining Bond’s reputation, being all new and shiny and unusual.

You are very beautiful – 007

Q looked at the message, and couldn’t help a smirk: And hello to you too – Q

Both posted pictures that afternoon; Bond’s smile held a suggestion and a promise, while Q’s heavy lidded line seemed to hold a dare.

You keep stealing my fans :P – 007

Not my fault; I’m keeping on trend – Q

Am I offending you? – 007

Not in the least. Merely teasing. We are very different types. – Q

And you’re very beautiful too. – Q

There was a chance, an opportunity.

Bond published a photo of him truly looking at his best; every muscle defined, the slightest of subtle makeup (being a model always required some makeup; not like Q’s statement, but an invisible correction, augmenting his features just slightly) and took that as his offer.

Q’s was eyelashes and a smile, a raised eyebrow as a perfect question.

Would you like to meet? – 007

Yes. – Q

Both looked at their phone screens, and grinned their way into two new published photos.

The next set were the pair of them together.

Instagram went wild.