the shopping trip

What the Signs make me Think of.

Aries: Fun Adventures, Coffee, Forests.

Taurus: Movie Nights, Candy, Jokes that Make your Week.

Gemini: Laughing until your stomach hurts, hugs, platonic compliments.

Cancer: Snowy Days, Sleepovers, Pianos.

Leo: 4 a.m. conversations, laughing about stupid things, gossiping to relive stress.

Virgo: Numerology, Talking trash about teachers, aesthetics

Libra: Looking at memes, Playful Arguments, Indie Music

Scorpio: Trust, Talking about your worst mistakes yet never getting judged, Pocky.

Sagittarius: Looking at the stars, warm smiles, bright eyes.

Capricorn: Getting compliments, wolves, nature.

Aquarius: Inside jokes, colored hair, confidence.

Pisces: Shopping trips, car rides, sunglasses.

You’ll need coffee shops and sunsets and road trips. Airplanes and passports and new songs and old songs, but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation to believe better things.
—  Jamie Tworkowski
I just got back from California! STREAM IS COMING BACK NEXT WEEK!!!

I will be Streaming again starting next week! Now that I don’t have another convention till May 25th (Phoenix Comicon) Things can go back to normal for a little while until I go on a Canada trip at the end of this month and afterwards until PCC) 

Wow I am pooped! Now that I’m back at home I have SO much to do and now I’m a new Aunt because my sister just had a baby yesterday! so crazy! 

That’s me and my brother (Talin is on the right) and my new little nephew Killian! :D 

I had a lot of fun at Wondercon. Thank you all who came up to my table and stuff! It was so cool to meet so many subscribers and talk to you awesome members of the legion! I also got super lucky because my booth neighbor was the DIY Cosplay Prop, and DIY Prop Shop from the channel Awe Me! INSANE!!!! I got to meet the creator of the channel Micheal, and others like Odin, and Elizabeth, and the others it was such an honor! I had more photos but my phone broke in California, so this is the only one I have now. :C But it was cool to see Elizabeth vlog with her crazy legit camera crew and this and that! I wish I had my other pictures. it was SO COOL to witness big youtubers do their thing.

And before Wondercon me, @alphakittenoverload (Sincerely Sam) And my bro Nicki got to go to DisneyLand to which was super cool! Nicki is from Canada so it was her first time going to Disney Land, and she loved it! 

but wowie!!! I have so much to do now that I’m home! WHEW! Time to get back to work! 

(for those that are wondering how much work I have, here’s my to do list of things. <XD This is my schedule basically for the next week or so) 

yeah insane right? XD welp! Time to be an adult again and get to work!