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If you have been following me for a while you will recognise my favourite spot. I come here to work a lot and we also regularly meet here with a good friend to catch up. The last time we met was a few days before his wedding and now we have all returned and he is married, which is overwhelming and wonderful. The wedding was beautiful but it didn’t really sink in until seeing him as we usually do. I had to get his wedding ring in the frame, because I have so many photographs like these and they are starting to tell their own story :–)


Felt like spying on them to see what they’re up to which is work and not thinking about boys.

My Korean Skin Care Haul

I finally updated my skin care! For anyone who’s interested in how I prep my skin.

First thing you need to know is my skin type, I’m prone to acne and I have mostly normal to oily skin. I get breakouts on my forehead, my nose, cheeks and my chin. All these breakouts, I hide with concealer, blemish creams and foundation.

To treat my skin and lessen breakouts, here are my favorite skin care products from different Korean brands.

1. Etude House AC Clinic White-Trouble Bubble Cleanser

First thing you need to do is wash your face. For oily skin, I recommend that you choose water based or gel based cleanser. Try to look for products that are mild and won’t irritate your sensitive skin so much.

What I’m loving these days are foam cleansers. They’re already in foam state which means, you no longer have to foam it on your face, hence, less stress on your skin.

Plus, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and stretchy. It gives a feeling of fresh and dewy skin.


1.Wet your face with warm water to open up pores.

2.Wash your face with cleanser for 2 minutes. 

3.Rinse it with cold water for 4 minutes.

4. Pat dry with towel/cotton shirt or you can pat dry your face with fingers and let the water be absorbed by skin.

2. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Wonder Pore Freshner is my holy grail for toners. This is because it is still one of the best selling toners among Koreans.

First time I used it, it reduced my breakouts and the appearance of blackheads. It is quite pricey but, I assure you it’s all worth it.


1. Apply small amount of toner to cotton.

2. Move cotton in circular motions paying special attention to chin, nose and cheeks (or where you are prone to whiteheads and pimples).

3. Spray it on your face when you need a refreshing.

3. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Aloe Vera Gel are new releases from your favorite Korean brand. I love this one from Nature Republic because it smells so good and it’s the cheapest among the brands.

I use this as a moisturizer and sort of a spot on gel to my pimples. It lessens the redness of my skin and calms it.

You can also use it for your hair and body!

4. Etude House Eye’s Cream

I use it mainly for my under eyes when I feel like my eyes are tired and before going to sleep. It’s a roll-on and its small so it’s very handy to bring.

5. Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Water and Pink Powder Spot

I swear by these two products to remove my pimples. I use the water during the day and the powder spot before I go to sleep.

It dries us your pimples and lightens the spots. Its non-comedogenic meaning, you won’t get breakouts from your other breakouts. Like have you ever experienced a pimple growing beside your existing pimple because you irritated it? That won’t happen because it does not only heals pimples, it prevents them from spreading.

Well I’m happy it works on me. :)

6. Nature Republic Charcoal Mask

I use this once or twice a week, when I feel like I have so much gunk on face even after washing. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean.

This is the perfect mask if you are prone to whiteheads and blackheads or if you want your pores to tighten.

7. Face masks, patches and strips

And last but not the least, you need weekly or even daily pampering by using face masks. You can also try patches for your specific problems. Like if you have puffy eyes, use eye patches. If you have blackheads, you can use pore strips.

And that’s it! That sums up my skin care routine. I hope you learned something from this! And if you could recommend more Korean skin care products, I would love to hear about it!

I will be posting my Korean Make Up haul next. Stay posted! :)

High Lords at the Zoo

Rhys: Annoyed because Feyre keeps dragging him to the bat exhibit. “Feyre, darling, that looks nothing like me.” 

Feyre: Can’t stop laughing because Rhys is so defensive about the bat thing; “Have you ever hung upside down like that?” “Cruel High Lady, no more bargains for you.”

Helion: Glaring at the peacocks because he dressed in the exact same colors; “I have claim to blue, green, and purple today, how dare you?” 

Thesan: Reads all of the signs at the exhibits, inquiring about how the animals are cared for, if they’re being fed properly, do they get enough exercise, are they socializing?

Tarquin: Trying to smuggle penguins out of the zoo in his robes; “This is wrong, I will free you!” (They’re happier at the Summer Court anyway)

Kallias: Wearing every animal-themed hat that Viviane brought me; “That polar bear doesn’t look anything like me Viviane.” “It’s grumpy and cold and white it’s exactly like you.”

Beron: Caught stealing from the gift shop; arrested on the spot. Eris’s plan to feed him to the bears is ruined.

Tamlin: Monkeys are flinging excrement at him

[GOT7 Reacts] To their idol girlfriend being shipped with another member

request by a fab anon: Can you do a request where you are an girl idol and your relationship with one member is a secret to the public, but the fans ship you with another member. Sorry if that’s confusing :)

a/n: Sorrrrrryyyyyyy for the hiatus. I moved into a new apartment and shit went down with my boyfriend and it was a lot to handle. But sorry this took so long my love ~~~ JJ

Mark: The public saw you and Jackson together on a variety show and the familiarity between had fans shipping you and Jackson hard. It would make Mark jealous in a low-key way. He wouldn’t want to reveal your relationship because he’s said many times he won’t do that until he’s married but he would make sure in your private life to show you more affection than usual and probably make sure the two of you hang out alone together more than hanging out with all the members together especially trying to avoid situations where you’re left alone with Jackson even though he knows there’s nothing between you. “Hey, you still love me, right?”

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Jackson: Jaebum called you to do a duet on an Immortal song 2 with him since you were the only female vocalist he knew. Fans noticed your amazing chemistry which was really just your friendship but it didn’t stop them from creating cute ship names and hashtags about you. Jackson would be the most likely of the boys to announce his relationship with you. He would purposefully take you somewhere kind of busy and hold your hand or put his arm around you for photographers to see you are his. “Yeah she’s MY girlfriend look at her everyone”

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Jaebum: When you were cast as Jinyoung’s love interest in a new drama it was a bit awkward considering your relationship with JB but you and Jinyoung tried to keep it pretty professional. Fans immediately fell in love with your characters and extended that love to you and Jinyoung as a couple. Jaebum would be pretty annoyed with the whole situation. He would feel upset because he doesn’t want to reveal your relationship and risk losing everything but can’t stand seeing you being paired along with Jinyoung either. He would try to not let you see it’s bothering since none of this is really your fault “ Yah ______, it’s so funny I can’t believe they think you would date him” 

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Jinyoung: The paparazzi caught snaps of you and Youngjae walking your dogs together which sparked a scandal right away. Your agencies denied the rumours right away but fans kept shipping you anyways. To hide his jealousy Jinyoung would probably lecture you to make it seem he is watching for your best interest when really he seriously hates the idea of you being with anyone other than him. All the media attention towards you and Youngjae makes him a little self-conscious of the relationship though he tries to not let it show. “What were you two doing alone together anyways? ______-ah you’re both idols you know better.” 

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Youngjae: You and Bambam were spotted shopping together downtown and fans were quick to notice your similar outfit mistaking them for couple clothes. The shipping immediately begins online and Youngjae was really sad about it. He wished he could shop like that with you in public but he didn’t want to ruin the privacy of your relationship. He would mostly be upset with Bambam taking you out somewhere knowing well that something like this would be bound to happen. He would likely get all cute with you every time you’re alone “I don’t know why he always wants to go places with you alone _____-ah. I know he’s just your friend but it makes me jealous.”

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Bambam: Your friendship with Bambam and Yugyeom was pretty well known in the idol world. However, fans for some reason always thought it was you and Yugyeom who should end up together since you were always bickering. Bambam would try to drop sly hints about your relationship. Like every time you were on a program with them he would put a friendly arm around you or joke around with you a lot so that more fans ship you and him together. If dating rumours start about you and Bambam he would most likely Instagram a couple photo just with the caption “Yaaassss”

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Yugyeom: You and Mark were temporarily hosting After School Club together and fans quickly fell in love for your charm and visuals together making names like “visual couple” or “English couple”. Yugyeom would be the most jealous. He really wouldn’t like it and would be conflicted about whether to reveal your relationship. In private he would be half-annoyed with you but also trying to impress you with flowers and things to remind you that you are his. “Baby, sorry I’ve been so uptight. I’m just really crazy about you. And maybe it’s time everyone knew.” 

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Coffee Shop Sprace AU (Domestic Sprace Series)

Why Racetrack Higgins decided to take up an 8 am class, he would never know. Whatever reason he had didn’t justify waking up at 6 in the morning. He could wake up at 7, but then he wouldn’t be able to get his daily caffeine fix, and Race needed his morning coffee. He could also just go to a closer coffee shop, one that was in Manhattan, but there was small and secluded café over in Brooklyn called The King of Brooklyn that Race absolutely adored.

It was a quaint little spot on the corner of some random street and, although Race wouldn’t admit it, was very hipster chic. There was always some indie band performing and mostly college students ever went there. It was never too busy, so it was the perfect spot for Race.

Speaking of spots, there was only one problem Race had with the café. And that was the barista, Spot. You know how when you order a coffee, they have you tell them your name so they can tell you when your order’s ready? You know how they write your name down on the cup? Let’s just say Spot had a habit of spelling Racetrack’s name wrong. And yes, he knew his name wasn’t normal, but some of the things Spot would write were completely outrageous.

The first time he went there, he told him that his name was Race. When he finally got his order, ‘Jace’ was what was written on his cup. Of course, Race just shrugged and ignored it. It seemed like an honest mistake on the barista’s part. The next time he went, he told the barista his name again. This time, Spot had written ‘Randy’ on his cup. Race just scowled at his cup, but didn’t say anything.
Some of the other things that had been written were 'Rory’, 'Jess’, 'Jason’, 'Ralph’, and, weirdest of all, 'Ruth’. And each time, without fail, the names would become more and more nonsensical. By the third time, Race no longer assumed Spot was doing this on accident. He must’ve been doing this on purpose. It was the only explanation.

So Racetrack planned that the next time he went to The King of Brooklyn, he would spell out his name in hopes of Spot spelling it correctly. And that just happened to be today. Racetrack made his way down to The King of Brooklyn on the slightly chilly November morning in hopes of a) getting coffee and b) finally confronting his least favourite barista.

Race warmed his hands as he entered the small shop and the bell chimed, signifying a new customer. Just as Race walked in, he caught a glimpse at the person he was there to see - Spot. Of course Spot had just heard the bell chime and was looking right in Race’s direction, so Race quickly averted his eyes to the band that was currently playing. For some reason, his face began to burn. 'Must’ve turned the heat up’, he thought.

After looking around for a moment, he made his way over to the line. After the two people in front of him had received their orders, it was finally Race’s turn, so he stepped up to the counter. Spot was turned around, talking to one of his coworkers while Race just stood there awkwardly. A few seconds later, Spot finally turned around to face Race, and immediately began to smirk. “Well, would you look who it is! My favourite customer! And what can I get for you today?” he said smugly. Race opened his mouth to answer, but was quickly cut off. “Let me guess, the usual? One hazelnut latte with no cream, no sugar, and almond milk instead of skim or whole, right?”

Race just stood there dumbfounded. Spot leaned forward on the counter and waved a hand in front of Race’s face. “Hello? Earth to pretty boy? You there?” he asked. Race just shook his head, before stuttering out a quick apology. He was just going to pretend he didn’t hear the pretty boy comment. “Yeah, sorry. The regular, please.” Spot just hummed in acknowledgement. “And who should I make this out to?” he asked. “Racetrack.” Race said. Before Spot could even write anything, he continued. “Spelt R A C E T R A C K. Just so you know.” Spot looked up at Race with his beautiful brown eyes and just smiled. Not smirked. Not some half-asses smile. Smiled.

Race felt his cheeks warm up again but dismissed it. “Alright,” Spot said, jotting what Race hoped to be his name down on the cup, “one latte for Racetrack comin’ right up.” And with that, Spot disappeared behind another counter to go and make his drink, leaving Race to stand and contemplate by himself.

It only took Spot forty-five seconds - a new record, not that Race was counting - to make Race his coffee. With his trademark smirk, Spot handed Race his drink. Race looked down at his cup to see that, yet again, his name was spelt incorrectly. On his cup was written 'ragamuffin’. Race looked up from his cup only to find Race grinning from ear to ear.

Race stiffened up and forced himself to glare at the shorter man. “What is this?” he asked. Spot just shrugged. “Nothin’ but ya name, sweetheart.” he drawled, his thick Brooklyn accent becoming even more apparent. “Why don’t you ever spell my name right? I even spelt it out for you today, but you insist on writing it wrong! Why?” Race asked, glaring even more now at man in question. Spot’s smirk dropped from his face for a split second, before quickly returning to its usual place. “‘Cause if I didn’t, I’d have no reason to talk to ya, now would I?” Race took a small sip of his coffee before speaking again. “And why do you want to talk to me so badly?”

“Ain’t I allowed to want to talk to boys I find pretty?” he asked. Race felt his heartbeat quicken, blaming it on the caffeine instead of the look on Spot’s face. “Well, I mean-” Race stuttered. What has gotten into me? he thought. I never act like this. He continued, “You’re allowed to talk to boys you find pretty, but, why am I- what?” he asked, continuing to ramble. Spot laughed as he ran a hand through his dark hair, making it clear to Race that it wasn’t the caffeine or the heat making him act the way he was.

“I ain’t gonna lie, I think you’re really good lookin’, Racetrack. I also think your name’s a little weird, but it’s whateva. I didn’t know how to talk to ya, so I was figurin’ if I spelt your name wrong on purpose, you’d confront me about it eventually. And then we could actually have a conversation. Make any sense?” Race shook his head no, causing Spot to laugh again. “You’re a real riot, ya know that, Race?” Race scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “I guess I do now.” he said.

“Here, let me see your cup and I’ll fix your name.” Race begrudgingly handed his cup over to Spot, waiting a few seconds as he wrote. “There,” he said, handing Race’s cup back, “spelt correctly. R A C E T R A C K. Racetrack.” Race didn’t look down at his cup and just nodded, whispering a quiet ‘thank you’ before paying Spot for the coffee and heading through the door and down the street, not bothering to get his change.

Race wasn’t going to lie. He was completely flustered by the scenario that had just played out. He didn’t know what to say, so he just left. With a sigh, he took went to take a sip of his drink, but looked down that what was written first. Beneath a large scribble sat his name, spelt correctly. Beneath that, however, was a seven-digit number. A phone number. Spot’s phone number, to be exact.

As Racetrack Higgins was walking down the streets of Brooklyn on that chilly November morning, the only things that were on his mind were that infuriating barista, and the irrational voice in the back of his head saying that maybe, just maybe, he would give the number a call. But that wasn’t likely to happen, was it?

Morning Coffee.

previously titled “Plot Twist.”

Spencer Reid x Reader

Spencer sees the reader every morning at the coffee shop. One day while they’re both in there someone attempts an armed robbery, but to Spencer’s surprise the reader pulls her own gun, ready to defend herself and others. Caught up in the chaos and stress of it all, Spencer instinctually reaches for his gun as well. After everyone is safe, he asks her about why she’s got such a weapon. 

anon requested.

warning! attempted armed robbery in a public place

↳ Part One.

Each morning before work, you’d stop at the coffee shop on the corner near the police station. Although you had moved to Quantico pretty recently, you’d been a homicide detective for a while.

And each morning as you waited in line you saw the same man sitting by the window. He had messy curly hair and was tall and lanky, and always carried a bag with him. 

You didn’t know his name for the longest time, but spotted ‘Spencer’ scrawled onto his paper cup one morning and grinned to yourself. You’d developed a small “crush” on him, sure it wasn’t a real one since you hadn’t officially met but from time to time you’d find yourself looking around the small shop in hopes to spot his messy head of hair. Each time you made eye contact he’d show a tight-lipped smile and give a tiny wave. You found it cute.

Spencer had noticed you as well, and found himself looking forward to seeing you in the shop in the morning. He always wondered who you were and what you did since you were awake so early, some days at 6 am, and then left in a hurry but not before flashing a smile and shouting a ‘thank you!’ to the barista.

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So this is a total au bughead story, but I hope you guys like it none the less.

She was lost all the time, she didn’t know where she was going or where she would end up.

Her parents had passed away when she was eleven years old, it had been for the best, they were horrible people. Abusive, Angry , bitter human beings, their death was a welcome escape for Betty.

Being tossed around foster home , to foster home wasn’t any better, but eventually when she turned thirteen, she saw a chance and she took it.

The family she was staying with were crackheads, they used the money they got for fostering children to feed their addiction, one day she slipped out the front door and never looked back.

The adventures she went on were incomparable. She’d seen so much in her young life, she was aged beyond her years.

Being small had always been a gift. She could sneak into small places, if she wanted to board an airplane, she would just pretend to be part of some rich , snotty family and walk right onto the plane. Finding a place to stay was never really a problem either, she was very good at hiding, until the lights went out and the doors locked.

But, she wasn’t so small anymore, sixteen had really taken its toll on her and sneaking in with a family wasn’t an option. She couldn’t hide under booths at restaurants and she most definitely couldn’t fit behind shelves at malls.

So that’s what brought her here.

“Riverdale, the town with pep.”

She laughed out loud at the silly sign, in the middle of the road, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

She was looking for a small town, one with no breaking news stories or pimps trying to steal her and sell her on the streets.

Riverdale seemed like the perfect place.

She had a bit of money saved up from the odd jobs she had taken in New York, but apparently this town didn’t have a hotel or even a bed and breakfast. But, she read they had trailers for sale. She wouldn’t mind shacking up in a trailer home for a while.

She needed a job, and fast.

Walking the streets, she spotted dress shops and bakeries, offices and flower shops. When finally she stood directly in front of the one place she knew she could work.

Pops diner.

Betty had been a waitress, more times than you can count. It was an easy job and if she could make an extra few bucks in tips, she would be golden.

Walking in, her backpack heavy on her back, she spotted the older man, a silly hat on his head and a rag in his hand. That must be pops.

She walked over to him slowly, he was really into his cleaning and she didn’t want to scare him.

“Excuse me, sir?” She said softly

Pops whipped around, apparently she wasn’t quiet enough.

“Oh! Girl you scared me! Shouldn’t you be at school! Ain’t never seen a young'n your age here at this time.”

She smiled, her dimples popping out at his surprise.

“No sir, I don’t go to school, I’m actually here to ask you for a job.”

The older man looked at her quizzically

“How did you know my only lunchtime server just quit on me yesterday?”

Her smile grew even wider

“I have lots of experience, I can give you all of my old bosses numbers, I know how to handle a table and I’m great at cleaning up.”

Pops laughed placing his hand over hers.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, you’re like some kind of angel in disguise, come on then darlin’ let’s go see if Amy’s old uniform, will fit ya. Although I’ve gotta say, we might need to fatten you up a little, you’re far too skinny.”

Walking out of pops , her new yellow uniform dress in hand, she felt lighter than she had all week.

Pop had agreed to let her work every morning and afternoon except the weekends, and if he needed her at night time she was always available.

The pay was decent and she knew she could afford a trailer home in no time.

Suddenly the streets were crowded, school had just let out and kids with their backpacks and heavy text books were rushing past her.

She missed school.

She had always loved it, and she was damn good at it, every year she would come home with a bumper sticker proudly stating “my child is an honor roll student.” The bumper sticker always ended in the trash, side by side with her report cards.

Her parents had taken her out of school when she was nine, they couldn’t afford the private school anymore and they didn’t want to risk anyone finding out their daughter went to public, so they just pulled her out.

Suddenly she was on the ground, her face nearly hitting concrete, before a hand reached out to stop it.

That’s what she gets for daydreaming.

“Shit I’m sorry, here let me help you up.”

She looked up at the voice only to come face to face with the brightest pair of blue eyes she’d ever seen , That and the weirdest hat she’d ever seen on top of a mess of black waves.

He seemed taken aback by her as well because he dropped his hand and tilted his head

She brushed her pants off and heaved herself off the ground.

“My fault, I wasn’t paying attention” she picked up Her uniform and smiled “Betty Cooper” she stuck her hand out, he was still just staring at her and she had to stifle a giggle.

Suddenly another voice entered her ears

“Jesus jughead, pick your mouth up off the ground, you just nearly knocked this girl out, the least you can say is your name.”

Suddenly her outstretched hand was being shaken by the most beautiful girl she’d ever seen, she was put together , from her jet black hair to her shiny white pearls.

“Veronica lodge, I’m sorry about my speechless friend here, he’s a little” she fake whisper “socially inept.”

Betty giggled pulling her hand back,

“That’s okay, we did just head butt each other, I’m sure neither of us are thinking straight.”

She glanced over at the blushing boy who shrugged apologetically, finally moving his gaze from her.

Suddenly she was surrounded.

A perfectly coiffed teenage boy had his fingers on her ripped Ramones t shirt and was fiddling with the hole on the bottom of it

“This is so cute, so vintage, Obsessed. I’m Kevin by the way.”

She smiled at hisvsilly antics

“Dude get your hands off her, she’s not a doll.” A charmingly cute redhead scratched the back of his neck smiling shyly “ I’m Archie Andrews it’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Archie.” She said sweetly, causing the redhead to blush.

Suddenly another redhead was directly in her face

“We saved the best introduction for last, I’m Cheryl blossom. Pretty much queen bee of Riverdale high,” she glanced down at Betty raising an eyebrow. “Your look is… interesting, I’ve been trying to get into the grunge look, but I doubt I would be able to pull it of like you do.”

Betty blushed before shaking Cheryl’s hand

“Thankyou, it’s nice to meet all of you.”

Veronica smiled,

“Why don’t you come with us to pops, I know how sucky it can be to be the new girl. I promise it’ll be fun.” She said wiggling her eyebrows

Betty laughed

“Thank you guys so much for the offer, but there’s a few things I have to do, raincheck?”

Veronica nodded happily handing her phone number as everyone else followed.

Betty thanked the lord she had purchased herself a cell phone right before she left her last home.

As everyone walked away, with promises to text each other that night, jughead lingered behind

“Jughead jones, that’s my name, sorry I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself” he mumbled kicking a rock with his combat boot.

She laughed

“Im suprised anyone gets a chance to talk with that group, you said your name was jughead? I’ve gotta say i always thought Betty was bad.”

Jughead looked up smiling, his eyes locking with Betty’s

“It’s a nickname, would you believe me if I told you my real name is worse?”

She playfully narrowed her eyes

“Try me.”

He leaned super close to her, and whispered in her ear

“Forsythe Pendleton jones….. the third.”

Betty couldn’t help the giggles that escaped, she placed her hand over her mouth trying to mask her laughter.

Jughead stared at her smiling, his eyes sparkling.

Betty finally calmed down enough to speak

“It’s … it’s not so bad.”

Jughead let out a full belly laugh

Suddenly Archie called for him

“Yo! Jug we gotta go, milkshakes don’t wait for anyone.”

Betty smiled

“I’ll see you around, Jughead”

He smiled at her as she turned to walk away

“See ya, bets.”

Turning around to smile at the nickname, she found he was already half way down the street.

Maybe this place wouldn’t be so bad.

Now she just had to find a place to sleep.

Image finding Teddy Lupin lost in a crowd in Daigon Alley

Gif not mine. 

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Summary: You are a local shop keeper on a supply run when you stumble upon a small, sobbing child trying to find his father.

Warning: Slight AU where Tonks dies in the war but Remus lived.

The streets of Diagon Alley were overflowing today, teeming with excited children and stressed parents as they made their way down the cobblestone alley, attempting to complete their school shopping for the upcoming year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You yourself were merely on a simple errand, the bakery that you owned was almost out of a few supplies that you would have to run to a muggle store to retrieve.

As you made your way down the alley way, your ears perked at the sound of what seemed to be a child crying. Concerned, you followed the sound until you made your way to the ice cream shop, where you spotted a small boy with blue hair huddled under a table, no parent in sight, balling his eyes out.

Slowly you made your way over to him, as no one else seemed to have noticed him, and grabbed the rim of the green table, using it to swing yourself below it and sit crisscrossed before the small sobbing child.

Beaming, you asked, “Why ya crin’?”

The child looked up, startled.

“I-I I lost my daddy!” he said through a wall of tears.

“Aww,” you cooed. “It’s going to be ok, is blue your favorite color?”

You motioned to his hair, the boy whipped his tears with the end of his sleeve and nodded, his lip trembling as his stared at you.

“Blue is a nice color,” you mused, “Want to know what my favorite color is?”

The blue haired boy nodded, his small fauxhawk bouncing up and down as he did so.

With a quick motion, you slipped your hair from its ponytail, shaking it wildly about, during the chaotic motion, your normally (h/c) hair bean to turn a vibrant shade of pink. You looked up at the boy and smiled mischievously at him, while he, in turn, looked back at you in awe.

“You, you’re like me!” he said, eyes lighting up while the tears stopped streaming from his eyes. You bobbed your head up and down excitedly.

“I’ve never met another one like me before,” you grinned.

“Me either!” he cried. Then, he looked up, a perplexed expression crossing his small face. “Well, my mommy was like me. But she went away.”

You attempted to not let a concerned expression cross your face. Kids say strange things.

“Well, I have an idea on how to find your Da then, we can do it together!”

The boy’s eyes brightened. “Okay!”

“Okay,” you started. “SO your Da knows your favorite color is blue right?”

The child nodded.

“So, I’ll turn my hair the exact same blue as yours, and you can ride on my back, that way your dad will see all the blue and notice us!”

He smiled eagerly, “That’s a good plan!” he cheered.

“I thought so too,” you beamed holding your index finger up while smiling smugly. You hoisted yourself up off the ground and held out your hand.

“Oh, I’m (Y/N), by the way, what’s your name?” You asked quizzically.

“I’m Teddy Lupin,” he smiled up at you as he put his itty bitty hand in yours and let you hoist him up from under the table.

“That’s a very nice name,” you complemented.

An adorable name. Teddy.

“Thank you! Now turn your hair blue like mine!” Teddy jumped up and down a few times, his eyes large as he watched you eagerly.

Chuckling, you shook your head once more, locks of pink hair flying all around until they settled into the same shade of blue that covered Teddy’s own head. You could hear the child laughing in delight, small hands clapping together. You grinned as you tucked your now wild hair behind your ears to get it out of your face.

“Now, I think we stand out pretty well, what do you think, Teddy?”

“Yes! Let go find my daddy,” he cheered. Grinning beside yourself, you bent down and allowed him to climb atop your back so he was riding piggy back.

“Okay, now you let me know if you see your daddy up there. Do you know his name?”

“My daddy’s name is Remus, at least that’s what Uncle Harry calls him,” Teddy said thoughtfully.

The name didn’t ring a bell, but you hadn’t expected it to, to be honest. You were an American witch, having only moved here a few months prior to date to open up the first British branch of your grandfathers bakery, Kowalski’s.

You began making your way through the bustle of the Alley, a few passerby giving you and Teddy odd looks, but you ignored them as you searched through the crowd, looking for a flustered single father, from above you, you could feel Teddy rest his chin on your head, likely tired from the crying he had done previously.

“Mr. Lupin,” you called, using a single hand cupped around the side of your mouth. The other was placed under Teddy’s knees, making sure he didn’t slip from your back.

“I don’t see him, (Y/N),” Teddy whined from above you.

“We’ll find him,” you reassure as you make your way down the street towards Magical Menagrie’s. Teddy didn’t remember where he was when he lost his Da, only that he had been distracted and that he let go of his hand and was swept away in the crowd. He hadn’t known how long he’d been crying either, there under the table were he’d managed to escape the current of shoppers.

“Hmm, if only there was a lost and found here,” you mused.

“You’d leave me in a box?!” Teddy accused.

Laughter tumbled from your mouth, “Well when you put it like that it sounds ba-”

“Teddy!” a voice called from the crowd. Your head whipped around towards the sound of the voice, blue hair flying dramatically, (e/c) eyes scanning the crowd until they fell on a man waving his hands frantically.

“There!” Teddy cried, “That’s my daddy!”

“On it!” you nodded, determination set in your face. You marched out into the street, using your wand to usher some people along and out of your way so it would be easier to reach the father known as Remus.

“Daddy!” Teddy cried as you reached the man. You bent down, allowing him to slip from your back and stumble towards the older man excitedly to hug him. Remus hoisted the child up, hugging him tightly.

“I was so worried,” you hear him mumble into Teddy’s hair. You smiled softly, a feeling of warmth spreading through your chest as the father and son were reunited.

“I was too,” Teddy said, smiling, “Then (Y/N) found me!” he wiggled out of his father’s grasp and ran over to you, grabbing the hem of your tee-shirt and dragging you over to his father.

Remus was older than you, you’d say about 5-10 years or so, but he was still quite handsome, even with the few scars that decorated his face, you briefly wondered how he acquired them before your attention was snatched up by Teddy.

“Daddy, look what me and (Y/N) can do!”

Practically vibrating with excitement, Teddy began to wildly shake his head like you as he had his hair turn pink. Then, he looked to you with expecting eyes. You giggled, shaking your hair has you had done before, sending the already messy locks fling about once more, you loved the dramatic effect, but now your pink hair was going to take a while to get under control again.

Remus looked in-between the two of you, a ghost of a smile playing on his lips.

“See daddy, (Y/N) is just like me! ‘Sept her favorite color is pink.”

“Well that is very interesting,” Remus said, bending down on one knee to be eye level with his son. “And whose idea was it to turn both of your hair blue?”

“Oh, it was “(Y/N)’s, she’s REALLY smart. Did you see it from far, far away?”

“I surly did, it was a brilliant plan, Ms. (Y/N), thank you for helping us,” he turned his green eyes on you, and you could see the appreciation swimming in them.

“It was no trouble at all,” you bounced on your heels, smiling as you held your finger up, a habit you had picked up from reading too much muggle manga. It started off as a joke that was now your reality. “In fact, we had a lot of fun.”

Teddy bobbed his head up and down beside his Da. “She’s like me.” He repeated, a broad smile on his face. Then his eyes widened, a smirk made its way to his lips before he leaned over to his father to whisper something in his ear, which caused the older man’s cheeks to flush.

“Teddy,”… “We don’t even know”… “she helped me” …“like me”…”not ready”…”fine” were only a few snippets of whispers you could hear from where you were, and no, you were not eavesdropping- you just hadn’t been dismissed yet.

Finally, after a secret meeting that Teddy seemed to have won, Remus rose you his feet, smiling kindly at you.

“How would you like- if you aren’t too busy that is- to join us for dinner tonight? To show you our thanks? Teddy would like to have his aunt Molly make you his favorite pie, he thinks you’d rather enjoy it.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to impose,” you said awkwardly.

“Nonsense,” Remus started.

“Please (Y/N)!” Teddy begged.

“It’s honestly the least we can do,” Remus finished, offering you a warm smile. Your heart skipped a beat and you fought the urge to blush.

“Sure, why not?” You grinned.

A look of relief passed over the older Lupin’s face at your agreement.

“How does six sound?”

“Six sounds perfect,” you smile.

Remus gives you his address and thanks you once more, whilst Teddy hugs your leg and tells you that he can’t wait for dinner. You watch the pair of them walk off hand in hand into the sea of witches and wizards, a small smile gracing your face, a suddenly, you couldn’t wait for dinner.