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Calling all footwear fanatics, The Rake is pleased to announce a new collaboration between @georgecleverley, Nigold and United Arrows - a huge step forward for traditional British shoemaking (link in bio)…

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Some happy things to share:

I had such a great talk with my PT today and I’m so glad that all my hard work (mainly hard rest) seems to be paying off.

For the first time ever I feel like I’m finding a stable base level and that I have a foundation to build upon.

Are my organs getting worse? Yes, but I have great faith for the future that I’ll be able to manage that.

Next week will be very busy:
On Monday I will have my highly anticipated gastric emptying study and we’ll schedule a tube placement immediately after that (hopefully for the same week). I will also have a meeting with my orthopaedic shoemaker to get a new pair of shoes that will completely immobilise my ankles.

On Tuesday I will have to talk to my neurologist about a new treatment for my CPH since the indomethacin isn’t really safe anymore. I will also have to go to my GP for the flu shot, checking my lungs, and some referrals to more specialists.

On Wednesday I’ll have PT and hopefully the tube placement.

On Thursday I’ll have to go to the podologist to get fitted for orthopaedic slippers. I’ll also have to call the pain clinic to start my pain meds again.

And then on Friday I’m meeting with my physiatrist to talk about my progress, my messed up wrists and replacing some braces. Oh and more PT.

It will be a tough week and I will need a lot of rest afterwards but it’s all for the best 💪💪


Amanda Shoemaker
Seattle, WA
Nikon D7000

You are a self-confessed forest dweller. How do you think that helps you capture nature so intimately? Tell us about your experience with nature so far.

I have lived in Western Washington my whole life. Here in the more urban areas of Washington, it’s easy to forget the natural world around you. When I started doing photography, I began to notice things that many people forgot or simply didn’t take the time to appreciate. Photography definitely brought me closer to nature and I’m glad that it did. I feel at peace in the forest so I find myself going there often. I love to explore and I love to go on road trips to see all of the different landscapes Washington has to offer. There is a certain energy that the dark forests of Washington emit and I want to capture that. I want others to experience what I experience from being there. This connection that I have and the feelings that are created while being alone there are definitely a direct inspiration towards the intimate images I create.

Tumblr: @autumns-aurora
Flickr: @bloodbirds
Instagram: @birchwhite



A special thanks to famous Shoemaker Roberto Ugolini for supporting our project “ The Beauty Will Save The World!”. 

This project that will give a new life to any old leather items and also a precious exotic leather residues,  re-using healthy skin parts to create small objects. 

This extraordinary project takes its name from the famous sentence taken from the Dostoevsky’s novel -the idiot’. In original (Russian) is Красота спасёт мир! which translated means “Beauty will save the world!” 

With these small creations- handmade, sewn, hand-colored and polished -Dandy Shoe Care will not only give a second life to all old bags and shoes and leather residues, but above all will stop the waste of precious leathers. Because the more skin we can re-use, the less animals will have to be killed.  

P.S.If you too have residues of crocodile, shark, elephant, or other special type of exotic leather, that you can’t use, please contact us. We will be happy to use this leather for our creations. This is a project without a commercial purpose. We just want to avoid waste and respect the animals.