the shockumentary

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[cult classic Farewell Uncle Tom (Addio Zio Tom), the controversial 1971 Italian faux-documentary about the evils of American slavery known as one of the most confrontationally provocative movies of all time.An Italian film crew time-travels back to the antebellum South to document the putridity of slavery in bald, unflinching detail. Hailing from directors Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, who sought to inject a new twist into the “mondo” shockumentary genre, the film was intended to be an anti-racist condemnation of the evils of slavery in America, portraying factual statements and scenarios pulled from primary documentation of American chattel slavery. Pauline Kael loathed it with a vengeance and deemed it “an incitement to race war.” Roger Ebert anointed it a “disgusting, contemptuous insult to decency.”]