the shock of the familiar

If you think about why any story moves us, it’s because of a quaking moment of recognition. It’s never the shock of the new, it’s the shock of the familiar.
—  Joshua Oppenheimer, the director of the Oscar-nominated film The Look of Silence (2014), speaks about his practice as a documentary filmmaker. 

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I'm intending to move out of my mom's by fall, but I have two cats, and idk much about how to care for them on my own. I want to do it right, but I'm not very good with figuring out vet info or other care stuff for them.

Okay, so I’ve just spent the last two hours writing this post for you, in the hopes that you will change your mind. It’s way longer than I intended, but I tried to be thorough and comprehensive. Know that I have strong opinions about how to raise cats because they’re a huge part of my life. You might not agree with what I have to say, but this is what’s worked for me. I urge you to try different things and find out what works best for you! Before I get into it, let me talk about my cats…

I have a four year old orange tabby (Mason) and a sixteen year old tortoiseshell cat (Gretel) pictured in Appendix D. They have completely opposite personalities (Mason is super confident and talkative, Gretel is more standoffish) and they did NOT get along for the longest time. I’ve been with Gretel since she was three years old, so we’re very close and she’s very protective of me. After we moved into our current apartment, my boyfriend and I bought Mason to keep Gretel company. He was a rescue cat that had been previously returned after being adopted once, because he was “fresh”. He gave me the runaround when he first moved in, so I understand what it’s like to have a difficult cat.

It’s taken two years for them to both be comfortable with each other, but last week they fell asleep on the bed together (see Appendix D) and it was so beautiful. These cats have brought so much joy into my life, and I don’t know where I’d be without them. All these experiences, good and bad, have taught me that I never want to live without cats in my life.

Please feel free to direct message me if you want to talk about what taking care of cats on your own will mean for you. I am here for all your cat needs!

The Complete Guide to Living on Your Own (With Cats)

Phase 1: Your New Apartment

Before moving into your new home, follow these steps to make the process as comfortable as possible for your cats. You need to understand that they will be upset and act strange for the first few days, and this is absolutely normal and expected. Give them time- they’ll adjust.

1. Move the cats last. Move everything else you own into your new apartment, and get it set up as much as you can before moving your cats. Make sure there are plenty of places for them to hide that are easily accessible, like under your bed or in the back of a closet. Initially your cats will be very shell-shocked, and it will be easier for them to adjust if they smell familiar furniture and are able to find a secure place to hide.

2. Feliway. Buy yourself Feliway and spray it on walls and around doorways at your kitty’s eye level. I can’t tell you what it is or why it works (Science Side of Tumblr please explain), but your cats smell it and will feel much calmer. Feliway also helps when your cat starts peeing on everything, see Phase 2: Tantrums.

3. Moving your cats. If you have two cats, make sure that you move both cats at the same time. Even if they’re not the best of pals, a familiar face in a time of stress will soothe them. In the car ride they will cry, drool, pee, and sound like they’re dying. This is horrible to hear, but no that it’s only temporary. If you were in their situation you would act the same way! 

Hyperventilating. If you hear your cat start to hyperventilate, move them out of the carrier and comfort them immediately. I was transporting a cat with a high fever to the vet once and he started to do this, so I literally pulled over and drove with the cat in my lap the rest of the way. Once in my lap, he relaxed and started to breathe normally. The vet told me that I was lucky I did this, because the cat could’ve had a heart-attack. 

4. In the new apartment. Open your cat carrier and allow your cats to explore their new home at their own pace. Depending on your cat’s confidence, they might make a beeline for your bed and hide under it for the next two days. This is absolutely fine. Your cats may not want to eat or use the bathroom during these first few days, and this is normal. You often won’t eat if you’re stressed out, so understand that when they’re hungry, they’ll eat. If one of your cats is very upset, place their food and water bowl in the room they’re hiding in, so that they won’t feel threatened while they eat. 

5. Give it time. This could be less than a day or over a week, but your cat will come out from their hiding space of their own accord. They will walk around their new home and take everything in, and they’ll make themselves comfortable. Be there for your cat during this time, offering encouragement and love as they need it. It’s okay if they come out and retreat back to their safe hiding space, tell yourself that they will come out again.

Phase 2: Tantrums

Cats are mostly independent animals, but they do require lots of love and attention. Expect at least one or all of these tantrums to be thrown when you move them into your new home. Your cats are in a new environment that they are not wholly comfortable with, so it’s important to be patient and help them through this difficult time. 

1. Pooping. Your cat has an excellent sense of smell- they know where their litter box is. If they’re choosing to poop outside of the box, they are most likely looking for attention. Make sure that the poop has no blood in it (see Phase 4: Veterinarians + Common Diseases) and spend time making your cat feel special. This includes treats, playtime, combing, whatever they like best. 

2. Peeing A. Peeing is a form of scenting, which is essentially your cat being like “this is mine”. Your cats will probably do this a lot when you first move in, so make sure you have the proper cleaners ready (see Appendix A). Clean the spot thoroughly, and spray Feliway all over it. Your cat will smell the Feliway and think “Okay, I peed there already” and walk on. I’m not kidding. 

3. Peeing B. Peeing can also be an cry for attention, slightly different from scenting. Here’s how to tell the difference- does your cat only pee when you’re around? Typically this will only be done in areas that you frequent, like your bed or your couch. If so, then this is a cry for attention- see “Pooping”.

4. Peeing C. Is your cat declawed? I sure hope not, because that’s inhumane. But anyways, if it is… declawed cats require a different type of litter than the normal Tidy Cats brand. Call your local vet and consult with them about the best types of litter to use. 

5. Attacking. Is your cat attacking people/places/things? Get toys and play with them. Cats are evolved from fearsome predators, they need to be stimulated or they’ll get bored and start hunting whatever they can find. Here are some great toys to buy your cats so that they can “hunt” on their own, there’s something in there for every cat type.

Phase 3: A Place For Everyone

Jackson Galaxy is the Cat Guru, and you can find episodes of his show “My Cat From Hell” on Netflix. Whenever Jackson enters a home of a troublesome cat, he always looks at the environment in terms of how “cat-proof” it is. Your cat needs to have their own stuff, and whether this is a cardboard box or a $150 piece of cat furniture, it needs to be there. 

1. Bush vs. Tree dweller. I have a bush dweller and a tree dweller! Bush dwellers are the cats that like to hang out under tables and under beds, and they’re thought to be cats with less self-confidence. Tree dwellers like to climb and look down on their surroundings, reconnecting with their ancestors in the jungle. Cater your apartment based off of your cat’s needs. See Phase 6: Miscellaneous to learn more about different cat personalities. 

A word on bush dwellers. I was initially very upset to learn that Gretel is considered a low self-esteem cat. I kept trying to think of ways to make her more comfortable her surroundings, in the hopes that she would one day want to climb things and perch up high. Since getting Mason, she has slowly become a bush/tree dweller. She now climbs to the top rung of her cat furniture, and asks me to help her up on the kitchen table (it’s tall so she can’t jump). What I’m trying to say is that cats will gain confidence as they get more comfortable with their surroundings, and having a second and way more confident cat has helped her come into herself, even in her old age. So proud of my baby.

2. Cat furniture. I’m not going to lie to you, cat furniture is hella expensive. But it’s life-changing. Your cats recognize that its a piece of furniture for them, and they will run right over to it and begin exploring. If your cat is wary about climbing to the higher platforms or levels of the furniture, entice them with treats or a toy. The general rule is one piece of furniture per cat, because they will fight over them. If you have a very active cat, I’d recommend getting a multi-leveled piece. 

3. Cardboard boxes. The rumors are true- cats love cardboard boxes. Just open it up and leave it in the middle of the floor, and allow your cats to explore. If you’re not ready to drop $$$, place a warm blanket in the box and allow your cats to curl up. 

4. Windows. If you leave for work, leave your blinds open for your cats to peer out. If you don’t, they’ll peer out anyway and wreck your blinds. In the summer time it might seem like a nice idea to leave your windows partially open, but always make sure that your window screens are secure. If they’re not, add masking tape around the sides of the window until you can press on the screen and it doesn’t collapse.

5. Food and water. I like to keep a bowl of water in each room for the cats, and I refresh this daily. I like to add ice cubes in the summer so that the water isn’t that awful room temperature. If you feed your cats dry food, make sure that they’re drinking lots of water after eating. 

6. Litter box. Yeah, I know- it’s the worst part of being a cat owner. I keep mine in my hallway closet, and I leave the door partially open so that the cats can get in and out as they please. I’ve seen people with litter boxes in their bathrooms, their hallways, behind chairs in their living room, etc. The general rule is to have one more litter box than there is cat. I’m sorry, that’s crazy talk. I have a one bedroom apartment and I’m not having three litter boxes. One has worked fine for my babies, I just have to be vigilant about cleaning it. 

As far as choosing a cat litter brand, most cats are not picky. Some, however, are. Tidy Cats is expensive so I use whatever is on sale at CVS. I prefer scented because I have the litter box right by my front door. Find what works for you, but listen to your cat’s needs. 

Be wary of any brand of “lightweight” cat litter other than Tidy Cats. One time I bought Stop & Shop’s “Companion” lightweight litter and it hardened and stuck to the bottom of my litter box and I literally had to rehydrate it to remove it. DISGUSTING. 

7. Wall furniture. If you don’t have a lot of room on the floor of your apartment, consider putting up wall furniture for your cat. This can be anything from an expensive piece like this, or a simple wooden board for your cats to walk on. 

8. The floor is lava. Confident cats like to be up high on tables, window sills, cat furniture, etc. This is because back in their ancestral days, they had to peer down from the treetops to hunt their prey. Allow your cat this luxury, and try not to freak out if they walk on your kitchen counters or sit on your dining room table. Your cat is programmed to do this, the fact that your cat wants to be up high is a sign of confidence, a sign that your cat is comfortable with their surroundings. 

Phase 4: Veterinarians + Common Diseases

Your cat’s health is so important! There are lots of things you can do to maintain your cat’s health on your own (see Appendix B), but know that you will need to take one or both of your cats to the vet sometime this year. Remember to consult medical professionals if your cat is visibly ill. I am not a medical professional, but here are some of the things I’ve dealt with as a cat owner.

1. Hospitals vs. Doctors. My biggest expense as a cat owner is taking my babies to the vet. I have a Veterinary Hospital literally two minutes from my home, and Gretel hates the car so much that I always just take her there to get her to calm down. In general, hospitals are WAY more expensive than regular vet’s offices. Like, I’m talking over $100 difference. The expense is worth it for me, but it might not be for you. Find your closest vet office and put their number into your phone ASAP.

2. Making an appointment. If your cat is having a crisis, you can call during normal business hours and bring your cat in right then and there, but it’s going to cost you extra money. If your cat is not in imminent danger, call and make an appointment for the next day.

Theoretically, you’re supposed to bring your cat(s) or yearly check-ups and make sure they get all their vet shots. I’m gonna level with you- I don’t do this. I wish I could afford to do it, but I live paycheck to paycheck and can’t. You need to be able to take care of yourself, so if you’re poor like me, I’d advise saving vet visits for emergencies only. 

3. Vet insurance. Obviously- I do not have vet insurance. This means that I pay for all my vet visits out of pocket, and vet offices do not allow you to pay in installments, you have to pay all at once. My downstairs neighbor once had her cat held by a vet’s office because she didn’t have the money to pay for the vet bills. She had to get an emergency loan from her bank to be able to pay and get her cat released. Yikes. The one person I do know with pet insurance says that it saves her about 75% of her vet bill, but she’s a grown ass woman with a house. It’s okay if you don’t have vet insurance, there are still things you can do to improve your cat’s quality of life for reasonably cheap (See Appendix B).

3. Flea medication. Flea medication can be expensive, especially if you have two cats. Unfortunately, Advantage is the only medication that I have found effective. I’ve tried several different knock off brands, and while they worked, they didn’t last nearly as long as Advantage. I don’t worry about fleas that much in the winter, but I put it on my cats during the summer because there are lots of stray cats where I live.

4. Vomit. An occasional puke pile is nothing to be concerned about. There are lots of reasons why cats throw up, but 99% of them are digestion related. The worst part of puke is having to clean it up. As disgusting as it may be, the best way to clean up puke is to allow it to dry and to then clean it (see Appendix A). Lots of cats have food allergies (Mason, for example), so if your cat is throwing up multiple times in a week, change their diet (see Phase 5: Cat food).  If your cat throws up blood, take them to the vet immediately. 

5. Feline Respiratory Virus. Cats do not get colds like humans do, so be very wary if your cat has a runny nose, watery eye discharge, is sneezing or acting lethargic. These infections can kill cats if left untreated. If your cat is showing these symptoms, take them to the vet immediately. The vet will prescribe antibiotics that you will have to give your cat, and your cat should be feeling better within 24 hours. Once a cat gets an FRV, they are more susceptible to it. Cats can infect other cats, so keep your cats separated and give them separate food and water until your infected cat is visibly better. 

6. Bloody poop. Bloody poop (while disgusting) does not always signify illness. Sometimes it means that your cat is having trouble digesting, but other times it means that your cat has worms. Keep an eye on your cat’s poop, and if it’s still bloody after two additional days, take them to the vet and bring a sample of the poop with you. This stool sample will be tested by your vet, and if you don’t have one they will send you home and wait for you acquire one before testing anything.

7. Lumps. My cat Gretel currently has a lump on her face. I noticed it a couple months ago and took her to the vet. If your cat gets a lump suddenly, see if you can move the lump around with your fingers. If the lump feels solid and causes your cat pain, make an appointment ASAP. Gretel’s lump moves around freely and doesn’t cause her pain at all, so my vet told me not to worry about it. Cats grow non-cancerous tumors on their faces and bodies, as well as excesses of fatty tissue that cause bumps. Feeling a bump does not guarantee that your cat’s life is in danger.

8. Bottom line. Wondering if something is wrong with your cat? Ask yourself this simple question- Is your cat eating and drinking water? If your cat is not eating or drinking water, then something is wrong. Make an appointment and take them to the vet.

Phase 5: Cat Food

Spend some time researching different brands before deciding what to feed your cat. Here are some guidelines to help you.

1. Wet food vs. Dry food. It’s a scientifically acknowledged fact that wet food is much better for your cats than dry food. Unfortunately canned food can be up to three times as expensive per pound as dry food, and I can’t afford that on my budget. If you feed dry food, make sure that your cat is properly hydrated and drinking lots of water after they eat.

2. Junk food vs. Health food. Some cats are finicky eaters, mine are not. They do not care what type of food it is, they’re just happy to eat it. Meow Mix is super inexpensive and filling for cats, but it’s not healthy. It’s essentially like eating McDonalds every day. As a young adult, you probably can’t afford to spend large quantities of money on cat food. So compromise. Buy a bag of high quality “healthy” cat food, and a bag of cheap cat food, and give your cats a mixture of this.

3. Grain intolerance. Allergies are a real thing with cats. If your cat is having a hard time keeping food down, switch them to a grain free diet. I buy Rachel Ray cat food off of Amazon because Mason has a delicate stomach.

4. Proteins. Switch up the proteins in the food you’re feeding your cats. Spend a few months with salmon, then switch to chicken, then back to salmon, etc. I don’t remember why, but studies were done and this proved to be more healthy for cats.

5. How much food? Current studies say that cats should be feed about a half a cup of cat food per day. PER DAY. Cats also should have definitive feeding times, and should not be allowed to “graze” or eat all day. I feed my cats a cup of food in the morning (2 cats, half a cup each) and that’s all they get. One of the most common problems that cat owners have is over-feeding. 

6. Fast eaters. Mason has this problem where he gobbles down food super fast (he doesn’t even chew it half the time) and then throws up a few minutes later. You can buy special plates online that force cats to eat slowly like this one

7. What not to feed them. Check out this link. Also if your cat accidentally drinks antifreeze give them alcohol

8. Changing food. Remember that you can’t just feed your cat one food one day and a different food the next day. If you do, they’ll throw up. If you need to switch your cat’s food, do it gradually. Here’s how:

  • First day of switch: 95% old food, 5% new food
  • Second day: 75% old food, 25% new food
  • Third day: 75% old food, 25% new food
  • Fourth day: 50% of both foods
  • Fifth day: 50% of both foods
  • Sixth day: 25% old food, 75% new food
  • Seventh day: 25% old food, 75% new food
  • Eighth day: 5% old food, 95% new food
  • Ninth day: 5% old food, 95% new food 
  • 10th day: 100% new food!

Phase 6: Miscellaneous 

1. Cat types. I’m a big believer in the ASPCA feline-alities. ASPCA employees essentially give cats a personality test to see how they perform under stress. They have something wonderful to say about even the shyest of cats, it really puts everything in perspective. Check it out here. Points if you can guess my cat’s personality types based off what I’ve written here.

2. Bathing. Generally speaking, cats and water do not mix. I don’t bathe my cats because they don’t really get gross enough to require bathing. The one time I did try to bathe Gretel was an absolute disaster, so barring her overcoming her fear of water, I’m never going to do it again. She’s old and sleeps next to my head every night, so sometimes I have to help her clean up a bit. If your cat steps in poop or dirt or whatever, use baby wipes. 

3. “My Cat Doesn’t Like to Play”. Bullshit. All cats like to play, you just haven’t found the right toy. Mason responds to strings that are waved in circles above his head, squeaky toys, and things that are thrown so that he can run and “catch” his prey. Gretel likes crinkly things like candy wrappers, and will only chase a string if it’s dragged on the ground. Mess around and figure out what makes your cat tick. After playing your cat will:

  • Have a snack
  • Clean themselves
  • Take a nap

4. Reprimanding cats. I found a great post on Tumblr a year ago explaining this phenomenon, but I currently can’t find it, so I’m going to paraphrase. Essentially, cats don’t have great short-term memory, so you have to be careful when yelling at them. If your cat pees on your couch, and you don’t discover it until three hours later, yelling at your cat will accomplish absolutely nothing. They won’t understand why you’re upset, and they won’t understand what they did was wrong. You have to reprimand your cat’s either while they’re in the act of being naughty (i.e, peeing on the couch) or directly afterwards. 


Appendix A. Cleaners

  • Carpet cleaner (I recommend Resolve)
  • Hardwood floor cleaner (I recommend Bona)
  • Plastic gloves (I recommend whatever is cheapest)
  • Bleach (or a tile cleaner you feel more comfortable with)

 Appendix B. Caring for your cat.

  • Feliway
  • Cat lax (for those with hairballs)
  • Flea medication (you can buy Advantage in bulk on Amazon)
  • Brush (brushing decreases the risk of hairballs, fleas, and your clothes looking like shit. It can also be a way to bond with your cat)
  • Toys (get an assortment like this one)
  • Supplements (if you have an old cat, check out elder cat supplements on Amazon)
  • Ear cleansers like Epiklean (Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your cat’s ears every month? I didn’t! Gretel had an ear infection because her ears hadn’t been cleaned in 15 years)
  • Baby wipes (Gretel is very old, and sometimes she has a poopy butt. I recommend baby wipes for elder cats)
  • Multi-purpose treats (buy treats that are beneficial for your cat’s health, like treats with calcium or treats that help with hairballs)

Appendix C. Cat behavior.

Appendix D. Mason and Gretel

anonymous asked:

can you please do another soulmate au in this one when you reach the age of 16 a tattoo of your soulmates initials appear on your body. jughead never told anyone his real name and betty has no idea who the F.J. tattooed on her skin could be.. please :)))

Aw man, this is cool!

Jughead took a deep breath, pulling the beanie he always wore, lower on his head. He took a peek in the mirror to make sure his ears were covered, that was the purpose of his beanie after all.

Running his fingers over the spot just behind his ear, partly covered by wavy dark hair, he traced the delicate letters “B.C”

Of course he knew what they stood for, they had shown up so suddenly the day he turned sixteen. He remembered the shock and disbelief he felt at seeing those very familiar initials, scrawled in pretty feminine letters over his tan skin.

Betty Cooper. His soulmate was Betty Cooper, there was no one else, it had to be Betty. He couldn’t tell her, couldn’t show anyone. On his birthday Archie had begged to see his initials

“It’s a right of passage dude! Come on, you were the first one I showed when I got Veronica’s initials!” Archie practically pleaded with the boy.

Jughead had simply shook his head and shrugged his shoulders
“I didn’t get any initials, looks like I don’t have a soulmate.” He played it off as a joke but the sympathetic look veronica and Kevin had thrown him nearly made him spill the truth. He hated having people pity him.
There had to be a mistake, there was no way Betty was for him, she was perfect and soft and sweet, but equally as powerful and strong. He was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, he didn’t deserve her. Today was her birthday and he was sick to his stomach about who her actual soulmate would be.

Trevor Brown, it had to be him. The way he stared at her in the hallway made him sick, and when Trevor offered to carry her books to class Jughead felt postively violent.

Speaking of the beautiful blonde, she was headed his way, an angry looking Kevin and a confused Veronica in tow.

He heard Kevin huffing
“I don’t see why you can’t tell us, it has to be someone we know. We’re not gonna judge you Betty. Just tell us.”

Veronica was nodding along
“I promise B, whoever it is, we’ll make it work, whatever it takes.” She placed a soothing hand to her shoulder.

Betty finally reached Jughead ,Archie joining the group, practically sprinting out of the bathroom at the mention of Betty’s soulmate. Everyone in riverdale had been waiting to see who americas sweetheart would be paired with.

“I don’t know! I’m not lying, I genuinely have no idea. It’s no one we know, I’m not telling anyone until I figure it out!” She pouted, gripping Jugheads arm and leading him ahead of the group.

As curious as he was, he allowed her to pull him without questioning it.
“Happy birthday Juliet.” He spoke low, for only her to hear.

She turned to him with a sad smile
“Not so happy Juggie.”

He opened the door to the blue and gold office for her as she curtsied and giggled
“Thanks Romeo.” She threw him a wink before plopping down on the ugly plaid couch, her friends storming in after her.

Jughead quickly took the open spot next to her, at least he could save her from Kevin sitting there.

She sighed as everyone stared at her
“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about it. And I promise I’ll tell you once I figure it out.” She spoke it all so quick it knocked her breath away, slumping to lean against Jughead.
He wrapped a comforting hand around her shoulder, gently squeezing.
She looked up at him and sighed
“Wanna know a secret?” She whispered a sad smile furrowing her brows.

Jughead nodded turning to look at her
“You know I love a secret.”

She smiled
“Me too. Well. I don’t really know how to say this, so I guess I’ll just spit it out. I wanted it to be you. I wanted you to be my soulmate, I know you don’t have one and all but, I thought maybe you were mine. I know it’s stupid, but now I’m stuck with this stupid F.J on my palms and I have no clue who it is. It’s totally weird, but..”
Jughead cut her off quickly, gripping her wrist and bringing her hand dangerously close to his face.

“Juggie!” She pouted indignantly “staring at it isn’t going to make him appear, the least you could say is Thankyou, I mean I pretty much..”

He cut her off again, this time ripping off his beanie and throwing it behind the couch, his eyes still drawn to the heavy handed F.J written across her palm, it was surrounded by nail indents and crescent shaped scars from when she dug her fingernails into her palms, to calm her nerves.

“Jughead” she said again softly this time, her warm eyes ducking to catch his, tearing him away from her palm “are you okay?”

He broke into the biggest grin, raising a hand to tuck the hair away from his ear revealing the gorgeous B.C.

Betty gasped, her hand moving to her mouth.

“Is that…?”

He nodded slowly, gently holding her palms face up in his hands

“It’s nice to meet you Betty Cooper, my names Forsythe Jones.” He was smirking now as she opened and closed her mouth

“You mean?” She choked out

“You don’t think my parents actually named me Jughead do you?” He wrapped his large hands around her face, her palms resting on his chest, the F.J placed over his heart.

She traced her initials with watery eyes.
“I knew it.” She whispered

He smiled

“Damn am I glad.” He sighed out, capturing her lips in slow kiss.

Tough Guy (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 3,296

Summary: A relaxing morning with boyfriend Yoongi takes a different turn when he discovers your love for Yoongi x reader smut…

With the windows in the living room slightly open, the sound of birds chirping sweetly outside could be heard from your position on the sofa. You were currently lying back with your feet propped up on Yoongi’s – your boyfriend – lap, feeling content as you watched him concentrate on the game he was playing on your phone.

Although it was only midday, being with him like this always made you feel comfortable enough to close your eyes and sleep for a little while.

Yoongi stuck his tongue out a bit as he focused intently, his eyes practically unblinking. You watched him with a wide smile, wondering if there was anything that could make you happier than moments like this.

So sleepy, you thought absently, your eyes fluttering closed despite your protests – the warmth of Yoongi’s hoodie and his presence were making it all too easy.

You were contemplating snuggling closer to him to watch him play when he suddenly gasped – a kind of choked sound that you rarely heard from him – and then he was staring at you with this surprised look on his face that jolted you out of your sleep completely.

“What is it?” you asked, fearful of his answer. A bad feeling settled into your stomach when you realised that you hadn’t closed down your tabs before handing him your phone, and you remembered with a surge of panic the smut you had been reading earlier… “Oh, God. What is it?”.

“Y/N…”. He was speaking quietly, reading something on your phone. You noticed that the tips of his ears and his cheeks were red, and he gave an awkward cough before he spoke. “I… didn’t realise I was dating such a naughty girl”.

“Oh my god, Yoongi!”. You threw the nearest cushion over your face and fell back against the rest, your entire body flooded with embarrassment. You’d never really known how it felt to want the ground to swallow you whole until right now, especially when Yoongi started to laugh. “Please tell me this is just a nightmare!”.

“Nope. It’s real”. He glanced at you and laughed again. “Do you always read things like this?”. He didn’t even sound like he was teasing you. That made it so much worse.

“Can we please not have a conversation about this?” you asked, your voice muffled by the cushion.

“I just found out that my girlfriend reads porn about me… so we’re talking about it,” he said matter-of-factly. You could feel his eyes on you now, but you knew that the second you looked at him, you would surely die from humiliation.

Always close your tabs before handing over your phone! your inner voice screamed.

“If you don’t want to talk about it,” he began in that low, bored voice. “I’ll just have to read it and find out for myself-“.

“Give me my phone back!” you demanded, lunging for it frantically; you hadn’t read the whole thing yet, but you were acutely aware of how weird some of these fanfictions could get, and that wasn’t something you needed Yoongi to see. Definitely not. Never.

Laughing, Yoongi pulled away from you without much effort.

Oh, Yoongi, harder,” he read aloud in a high-pitched voice. You hid your face in your hands and thought about how nice it would be to just disappear right now. “Yoongi picked up the pace, smashing into you”. You heard him hesitate. He was probably making that unimpressed face. “Smashing?”.

“A lot of fans write these kind of things about you and the other members,” you tried to explain, keeping your eyes trained on the hem of his t-shirt and the way it rolled up to expose his skin whenever he stretched. “I just wanted to read some… please stop teasing me about it? I think I’m going to die”.

Yoongi frowned, looking at you properly – it was like you were blushing everywhere. Your head hung down as though you were ashamed, and you fidgeted with the sleeves of his hoodie as you waited for him to say something. His brown eyes were focused on the way you held your lip between your teeth. He kept imagining you lying there, reading things like this. He wondered if it made you feel good to think of him touching you like that even when he wasn’t there, and the thought made him proud.

“Did you finish reading it?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“No”. You stopped yourself from saying ‘not yet’, knowing it would just start up another round of teasing.

“Hm”. He breathed deeply, coming to some sort of decision. “How about I read it to you?”. Finally, you bought your eyes – which had widened considerably – up to meet with his. To your utter shock, the expression on Yoongi’s familiar and handsome face was serious, no hint of a smile anywhere.

“That…”. He tilted his head to the side, confused by your stuttering.

“That what?”.

“That would be too embarrassing, Yoongi,” you told him. You tried to think of a clever way to change the subject, but he got there before you, interrupting your mindless chatter with his deep voice.

“Maybe we should just act it out instead, then”. Your breath hitched in your throat, his words sinking into you within seconds. The look on his face was lust masked as boredom, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of his tongue as it swiped across his lower lip.

You’d known for a long time that he enjoyed flustering you, but you hadn’t realised that it turned him on.

“I…”. You weren’t about to disagree, and he knew it.

“Come here”. His low, quiet voice made you shiver as you crawled over the short distance to him, straddling his lap in an instant. The movement made his hoodie - which was much too big for you - ride up over your ass, exposing your lacy underwear to Yoongi’s delight.

He pulled you closer to him at the waist, and the two of you released a sigh at the contact your bodies were making.

He was looking up at you in a sort of wonder, and you smiled as you kissed him, gently at first, simply enjoying the softness of it, the way everything made sense again as soon as your lips touched. But then Yoongi’s large hands were on your ass, squeezing it playfully but still hard enough to make you react.

You rested your hands against the cushion behind his head and moaned softly as you started to buck your hips forward, needing more of him. The feeling of his cock against your heat - despite the layers of clothing between you - was making your body sing.

Yoongi didn’t say anything; he just grunted and leaned his head back, consumed by the pleasure of being close to you. Even over his sweatpants, he could feel your warmth. But it was the sight of you moving against him, the way your breaths came uneven, the tiny whimpering sounds you made… he didn’t know he could want someone as much as this, in as many ways as he wanted you.

“Oh…”. You picked up your pace, your mouth parted delicately, pleasure shooting through you and resting in your core. “I’m…”. Yoongi contemplated it – seeing you come undone on top of him after using him to get off like that… He liked the thought a lot, but he wanted more. He didn’t want it to be so easy for you.

“Hey, we’re doing it wrong”. He pushed you off his lap and you flopped onto the sofa beside him, already staring daggers at him.

“What the fuck?!”.

“We’re doing it wrong,” he said again, as if that made it okay. He showed you the screen of your phone, acting as though he wasn’t just as caught up in that as you were. He was so good at pretending he wasn’t bothered by anything, whilst you were still breathing like a maniac, your mouth still parted in expectation. “We’re following these instructions”.

“They’re not instructions, you loser”. But you took your phone from him and read. Even still, you were a little embarrassed about the whole ordeal. You couldn’t even believe this had happened. “We’re supposed to be on the bed,” you told him, and he nodded as if to say ‘of course’. “And you’re supposed to be on top”.

“So do they just magically end up in the bedroom?” he asks, leaning over to peek at the screen as you scroll down, his hair tickling your cheek.

“No,” you deadpan. “You’re supposed to carry me in”.

“That’s ridiculous”.

“You’re the one who wants to act it out!”. You raised an eyebrow at him, and he sighed as if it was some massive task, continuing to read. An amused smile lit up his face.

“All you say is ‘Yoongi, ah!’”.

“I don’t sound like that”. He shrugs, and now you want to tease him in the way he’s been teasing you. “Well, you’re supposed to be a tough guy”. For dramatic effect, you waited a second before scoffing loudly. Yoongi, of course, looked instantly offended.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, his voice cold. “You don’t think I can be a tough guy?”. You gave him your best ‘do I really need to answer that question?’ look, and he narrowed his eyes, totally unamused.

“I just can’t imagine you saying ‘Look at me. These lips are mine. This body is mine. You are mine’”. You burst out laughing as soon as you said it, but he knew you were only teasing. He had definitely said something along those lines multiple times before, and both of you were well aware.

“Maybe you’ll be surprised”.

“I’d like to be surprised,” you replied evenly. He watched your face for a moment, and you stared back, already wanting to feel him in ways you couldn’t say out loud.

Wordlessly, your boyfriend stood up, stretching out before scooping you up in his arms as if you weighed nothing. You wrapped your arms loosely around his neck and tried not to get lost in his scent, keeping your eyes on his as he carried you into the bedroom without a sound.

Throwing you back onto the bed so that you bounced more than once on the mattress, Yoongi stood back and watched as you pulled his hoodie up – slowly and dramatically – over your head. He was hard from the moment you had straddled him, but now his cock was throbbing against its restraints when he thought of what was to come.

“Is this sexy?” you asked with false innocence, unclasping your bra and throwing it to one side. You ran a hand through your hair and watched for his reaction, satisfied at the tent you could see inside his sweatpants. “Do you like this, Yoongi?”. You fluttered your eyelashes, but he just rolled his eyes at your antics.

“Stick to the script,” he told you, but he was palming himself, biting his lip. You sat on your knees and ran a hand down your body, sneaking it under the hem of your underwear and sighing as you touched your now sensitive clit.

You really liked the way he was watching you rub your hand against your clit. Yoongi was wondering why it was so hot to see you touch yourself like that.

“That feels so good, Yoongi”.

Fuck, Y/N”. You loved it when he cursed in that low voice of his. You wanted him all over you, but you liked the idea of being especially submissive today – just like in the smut – so you leant forward until you were on all-fours.

He stepped forward a little, pulling off his t-shirt and tugging down his sweatpants until his cock sprang free. Your eyes roamed over his body before landing on his own eyes, and the intense way in which he stared at you almost made you moan. You wanted him to push you over the edge, and he could see that.

“Hurry up,” he ordered you, so you did, wrapping your mouth around his cock, not giving him more than a second to react to the feel of you around him.

“Ah… fuck”. His fingers got lost in your hair as you swiped your tongue over the slit, thoroughly enjoying the sounds he was making. He was groaning and cursing every few seconds, encouraging you to keep going. “That’s it, baby,” he said in a strained voice when you sank your mouth lower onto him. “Oh, fuck, so pretty”.

You hummed around his cock and he grunted – the exact reaction you wanted – using both hands to bunch your hair up.

“Open your mouth for me, baby girl”. You complied, and he looked at you for a second longer, admiring your swollen lips before sliding his cock back into your mouth.

You pressed your legs together, making yourself hold eye contact with him as he slowly slid in and out of your mouth, setting his own pace.

“Fuck!”. He threw his head back as his pace picked up, and he could feel himself getting closer to the edge, especially with the strained sounds you were making. “Y/N… fuck”. The feel of his hands in your hair, tugging and pulling at every strand, and the way he was whimpering as he fucked your mouth… you found yourself wanting to see him come undone because of you.

But you were feeling much too mischievous for that, so you pulled away from his cock, letting it fall out of your mouth with a pop.

“What the-“.

“You’re not supposed to come yet,” you told him sweetly, and he literally scowled at you, not giving you the chance to catch your breath back as he pushed you back down against the mattress.

You sneaked a hand into your underwear, pushing a finger easily inside you thanks to how wet you were, watching him step out of his sweatpants, eyes glazed over with undeniable lust.

“Yoongi, ah,” you teased, but he didn’t smile. Instead, he climbed up onto the bed, eyes not leaving yours as he settled in between your legs. One strong hand against your stomach had you unable to move, and you bit your lip in anticipation as he hummed against your entrance deliberately, causing you to arch your back.

“You haven’t been a good girl, so I’m not going to be nice to you”. The ease in which he said it, the way his nose touched your clit… you were a writhing mess beneath him. “You’re so wet… do you like sucking my cock? Does that make you feel good, huh?”.

“Yoongi, please”. You needed more. You wanted him to touch you everywhere. “Please”.

“Hm”. He sat back on his heels and watched you squirm for a moment, and you hated the uninterested look on his face almost as much as you loved it. “You’re so needy… I don’t know if I should let you come so easily”.

In reply, you let out a desperate moan. You were so aroused and he wasn’t touching you at all.

“So wet and needy, yet so naughty”. He actually made a ‘tut’ sound in disapproval, and your moan turned into an empty sob.

Without any warning, Yoongi’s mouth was on your clit, sucking at it and teasing it over your underwear. If it wasn’t for Yoongi’s hand holding you down, you would have arched your back completely off the bed.

“Oh my god… oh my god, Yoongi, please”. He moved your underwear aside, and the air against you made your core heat up even more, especially when you felt his tongue go flat, licking up and down your slit before circling your entrance, causing you to stop breathing.

His tongue entered you, and you moaned loudly, not caring how desperate you seemed as you bucked your hips as best as you could under his restraint. You wanted to reach out and take hold of his hair. You wanted him to keep going, but you knew well enough that he would stop. You knew he wouldn’t let you come, but you went along with it anyway, breathing messily as you drew closer to the edge.

His tongue didn’t let up until you stilled, so close that you could taste the release, but he pulled away as expected.

Ignoring your whines of protest, his lips found yours, and you immediately opened up your mouth to him, getting lost in him all over again. You could taste yourself on his tongue.

“Look at me,” he told you, so you did, scared of arguing in case he punished you any further. His eyes were dark, his face flushed and his hair awry.

Everything about him was hot, and you didn’t want to look away, especially when he bit his lip.

“These lips…”. He kissed you with a harsh softness. “Are mine”. His lips trailed down your body, kissing every part of you in that same way. “This body is mine”. His words and his voice laced with lust resonated in your core, and you moaned out for him. “You are mine. Do you understand?”.

“Yes,” you breathed.

“Good. Now turn over so I can fuck you”. Your body was heavy with exhaustion, but you did as he told you to do, pulling yourself up onto your knees and shivering at the lost contact. “Good girl”. You yelled out as his hand landed hard against your left cheek, and then even harder against your right.

“Fuck,” you cursed, obsessed with the way he was making you feel. Yoongi bought his hand down against your ass again, making you jump.

“What are you allowed to say?”.

“Y-Yoongi, ah,” you said, and he smacked your ass cheek again, this time in approval.

“Good girl”. His praise made you feel better than you ever thought it would, and excitement coursed through your veins as he pulled your underwear down, completely exposing you. He threw it aside and used one hand to pull your hair back, the other to align his cock with your entrance. “Hm… you’re dripping. I can’t wait to see you come all over my cock, Y/N”.

“Ah”. You clutched the sheets between your fingers at the feel of his tip entering you, slowly stretching you out before pulling back to slam into you, filling you up in an instant.

Your mind was gone, and you could think of nothing else but the bliss you felt as Yoongi thrust into you relentlessly, praising you on how wet you were, reminding you to stay still so he didn’t have to punish you.

“Ahh… baby, fuck”. He smacked your ass again and then squeezed your cheeks, whimpering at the feeling of your walls clenching around him. “Fuck!”.

“Yoongi,” you moaned, struggling to keep yourself in place as his pace picked up even further, filling you up more and more until he was bottoming out, tugging at your hair in his hand until you had to lift your head. “It’s… ah!”.

“You feel so good,” he told you, and there were tears in the corners of your eyes as you felt yourself coming to your climax once again. “Fuck, baby girl, you’re so good. You’re so tight and… fuck”.

“D-don’t stop!”. You knew that if he did, you wouldn’t be able to recover. His thrusts became harsher and harsher, the sounds of sex in the room making your insides melt. “Yoongi, please!”.

He let go of your hair and grabbed your hips, pumping into you with the intent of making you come hard.

“Are you going to come for me like a good girl?”.

“Yes!”. You couldn’t help it – your hands slipped a little, but Yoongi just used the new angle to fuck you harder, making you feel somehow even fuller.

His grunts and curses bought you closer and closer, until you crashed over the edge, coming so hard that you swore you could see stars.

Yoongi was not far behind, his pace growing sloppier and sloppier as he came inside you, saying your name in a quiet, strained voice as he did.

You collapsed onto your side the moment he released you, and a second later, he was lying beside you, the both of you breathing heavily.

It was only a few seconds until he wrapped his arms around your waist, smirking smugly at you.

“You’re going to say something cheesy, right?” you asked, already laughing. You could just tell from the confident look on his face.

“Actually, I was going to ask you if you preferred the movie to the book”.

My masterlist!

Acceptance Speech

Summary: (Modern!AU) In which Bucky uses his time on stage at the Oscars to let the world in on a secret he’s been keeping for more than two years.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,217

A/N: Happiest of happy birthdays to my twin, @imaginingbucky . You are a queen and I adore you with every single ounce of my being. I know how much you love award shows, so I hope you enjoy this too.

Originally posted by hothothotgg

Bucky feels like a nervous teenager as he sits in the backseat of a stretch limousine, waiting to arrive at his destination. His hands are clammy, his heart is beating too quickly and he can’t stop tapping his foot on the floor. After six years in the acting business, he shouldn’t feel this way. He’s attended more than his fair share of award shows to know all kinds of techniques to keep any concerns at bay. Yet here he is trying his hardest not to hyperventilate and hold his water bottle without spilling it all over his expensive suit. He’d never hear the end of it from his stylist if he did.

“Looking forward to the show tonight?” Vision asks, momentarily catching Bucky’s gaze in the rear view mirror.

Bucky pulls at the collar of his shirt before shifting slightly. Usually this backseat offers him the comfort he needs, no matter how he’s feeling. Today he might as well be sitting on rocks. “Yeah.”

“You don’t sound it,” Viz observes, as he makes a right turn down a side street. He’s an expert at getting you where you need to go while also avoiding all of the LA traffic. “Is it because you’re up for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’?”

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written on the sky

‘seeking a friend for the end of the world’ au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst and fluff (but mostly angst)
word count: 22.293
warnings: implied sex, alcohol mention
author’s note: this is an AU based on the movie ‘seeking a friend for the end of the world’. you can read this story without having watched it first. just letting you know that it follows the main ideas of the original plot, though the story is not exactly the same. :)  

≪…the urgent media call NASA is holding just revealed the unfortunate results of several failed missions that have been carried out in secret for more than six years…≫

≪…the asteroid named Golevka is sixty miles wide, and travels at roughly one hundred fifty miles per hour. It was supposed to slip past our planet in a few weeks, but it is now revealed that its orbit has shifted and it is now headed straight to Earth…≫

≪…the scientists were not able to find a feasible solution. They have called it an ‘imminent tragedy’ with zero chances of survival…≫

≪…the impact risk is at one hundred percent, and our life as we know it has only three weeks left.≫

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 11.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[1.0] [2.0] [3.0] [4.0] [5.0] [6.0] [7.0] [8.0] [9.0] [9.5] [10.0] [11.0] [12.0] [13.0] [13.06]Finale

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

Y/N’s p.o.v

How time flies - I am now officially four months into my pregnancy, my tummy getting bigger each day and I was no longer an emotional wreck. I loved Taehyung, I still do. I think about him everyday but what’s the use, BTS were travelling the world right now. Did Taehyung even have the time to think about me? Did he spare a second to think about how I was doing? I’ll never know I guess. Today I’m going to the clinic to have a scan to check up on the baby. I was nervous because I wanted to find out the sex of the baby and I finally can today. 

I was lying on the chair bed thingy, something I still have yet to find out the name for. The cold gel squeezed over my stomach area, she started to do my regular check up.

“The baby is growing very well and looks really healthy, would you like to find out the sex of the baby?” I nodded with the biggest smile on my face. 

“You’re having a little baby boy, congratulations.” I couldn’t be happier right now, I can finally figure out a name for him, I can start to buy baby clothes, baby shoes, paint the walls and decorate the baby room. But at the same time it reminded me of Taehyung and how he said that he’s always wanted our first child to be a boy so when we have a baby girl in our unforeseeable future our little boy could protect our little girl. Unforeseeable future was something I could definitely use to describe how our relationship went down, I never saw our breakup coming. 

I was home in no time and decided to change into comfy clothes and just watch movies for the rest of the day whilst online shop baby clothes. My thoughts were crowded by baby names, wondering what I should name him. A thought came to mind, I questioned it but then I was sure. I wanted my baby to take the family name Kim, after all that’s what he is, a Kim. I was getting comfortable on the sofa when my doorbell sounded throughout the apartment. I groaned not wanting to get up, holding my stomach I walked over to the door and opened it. Only to be greeted by six familiar faces wearing a shocked expressions. I swallowed hard realising my secret was out.

“Y/N you’re pregnant?!”

Sooooooo I wasn’t originally going to post but your requests made me motivated to finish writing this part ~ Request for 12.0! Enjoy 💜

the REAL remus & sirius reunion
  • so after poa sirius is obviously off hiding with buckbeak 
  • remus leaves hogwarts and doesn’t really have anywhere to go bc people suck and hate werewolves
  • after a few weeks (to make sure that he won’t accidentally lead anyone to him) remus starts seeking sirius out
  • eventually he finds him (yay) but he’s hurt (nay)
  • idk maybe he cut his arm on a rock 
  • yeah let’s go with that 
  • so he’s cut his arm on a rock 
  • when remus finally strolls back into his life
  • they’re sitting just outside of this cave not really saying much
  • sirius asks about harry and whether he got in trouble for helping him
  • remus reassures him and bandages the arm for him
  • suddenly sirius asks “did you hate me?”
  • bc obviously for a long time remus thought that this handsome man right here had murdered his other two best friends
  • remus doesn’t answer right away, unsure of what he would say 
  • unsure of the truth
  • remus?” sirius presses, desperation edging his voice
  • he’s careful not to call him moony
  • not yet
  • remus sighs, and screwed his eyes shut for a moment before opening them and putting his hand over sirius’ 
  • i missed you.” he admits finally 
  • i should have hated you, for what i thought you’d done, and sometimes i suppose i did but mostly-… i just missed you
  • as an afterthought he adds, “all of you.”
  • after a couple more minutes of silence, sirius asks “so where do we go from here?”
  • remus shrugs, “we start again. from the beginning.” 
  • sirius furrows his brow; “pretend none of this ever happened?”

  • well no, we can’t do that.” remus admits “but we won’t let these twelve years stand between us. we can’t do that, we need to move forward.”
  • sirius nods. “deal.”
  • “i won’t lose you again, padfoot.” remus rushes suddenly, his voice cracking. 
  • after a moment’s shocked hesitation, sirius breaks into the familiar smirk that make remus’ heart ache for longing for the days before the war
  • he pulls remus into a tight hug
  • “i solemnly swear, that i’m not going anywhere, moony.”

okay but shatt seeing each other for the first time

Matt has been making his rounds on Galra prison ships. Him being human, the Galra don’t have a full grasp on how to detect them like the odor and heat signatures of other alien civilizations they’ve conquered. Because of that, his rebel group sends him on the espionage and breakout missions. He’s small, he’s fast, and - to the Galra - he’s nearly untraceable.

He breaks into one of their heavily armored cells, with only thirty seconds before the guards come back and the alarms sound. He never expected to find who he did. Word had gone around about the escape of The Champion, and Matt had only hoped that he’d found his way home, not back here. Not back in the throngs of the ones that had stolen their lives in the first place.

He also never expects to be immediately tackled, frozen in shock as the unfamiliar white tuft and scar marr a once familiar face. He doesn’t expect the fist raising up, up, a snarl ripping its way across Shiro’s face. Only as the hand starts its descent does Shiro’s face flash with recognition. His hand lands on the metal beside Matt’s head with an unusual thud, but he doesn’t have time to worry about it. They have only ten seconds until the guards are back.

Without a word, he pushes Shiro off of him, clambering onto his feet before pulling Shiro up as well. He doesn’t seem to weigh as much as he used to. He grabs Shiro’s unusual chest plate, half dragging him into the halls. 

But he took too long getting Shiro. The other guards near the escape pods have taken their post again. He hears Shiro swallow behind him. Matt readies his body to run forward; if either are to go down in this fight, it’s better him than Shiro. But Shiro’s hand find his shoulder, pushing him back up against the wall.

His eyes close with the impact of the wall, cold, hard metal jarring him almost as much as the warm, soft lips pressing against his own. Matt’s heart stutters in his chest, despite it being scant and chaste, not lasting for more than a couple seconds, but just long enough to leave Matt wanting more. God, he missed Shiro so much.

Wait for my signal,” murmurs Shiro, lips brushing against his own.

With that, Shiro takes off, right arm starting to glow under his body suit as he charges the Galran sentries.


But from the edges of her consciousness she sensed something else, a different kind of awareness, a pocket of cold in a deep lake, a bracing shock that seemed to wake her cells. It was familiar—she’d felt something similar when she’d brought down the guard the night they’d kidnapped Alys, but this was much stronger. It had shape and texture. She let herself dive into the cold, reaching for that sense of wakefulness blindly, greedily, and arced her arms forward in a movement that was as much instinct as skill.

I cant believe Igot7’s are trying to drag Taeyong and Winwin into their arguments to justify Jackson. NO. The fandom didn’t accept that they were taking part in cultural appropriate at all, almost EVERYONE expressed their disappointment and luckily the hair styles were changed early on in limitless promotions but I saw nobody trying to say it was okay unlike almost every Got7 fan I’ve seen.

And another point is not only are fans justifying Jackson but Jackson himself laughed at fans trying to educate him. So don’t drag our boys because your fave is acting like a dick.

Things I feel should be in Young Justice Season 3

(I know it’s probably not gonna come out for a while and most of these are probably not going to happen but shut up I can dream)

Teen Titans (Cyborg and Raven have been confirmed BOOYAH)


Damian, and therefore Tim as Red Robin

Character development for Wondergirl, Batgirl, La'gaan, Static Shock, etc.

The original team fighting and someone (Dick) being like ‘this feels familiar’.

Canon Bluepulse

Jason coming back and Garfield just looking at him and Wally and being like “ANYONE ELSE WANNA COME BACK FROM THE DEAD?”

Bumblebee PLATONICALLY calling Cyborg “Handsome” as an homage to the characters on the original (the good) Teen Titans cartoon

Jesus Christ! Mal and Karen need to get married and make babies please!

A scene where we see Tim staying up late, on a thousand cups of coffee, and Cassie being like “BOI GET TO BED BEFORE I WHOOP YOUR ASS”

La'gaan being low-key salty about Supermartian getting back together


Who’s Rocket marrying? Who is Rocket? WE LITERALLY KNOW SQUAT ABOUT HER

Zatanna trying to save her dad from Fate because WTF girl, I thought that was your life mission but we didn’t see anything in season 2!!

More Billy scenes plz! Preferably with Cyborg because they are ultimate BroTP

Beast Boy and Raven moment? PLEASE?


Arthur Jr. alive and healthy (like can we just not kill him off please?)

Artemis being her usual badass self as Tigress, and beating the shit out of Wally WHEN he comes back

Cheshire possibly working with the good guys? Like maybe Lian gets kidnapped and she and Roy have to go to them and they’re all super salty but it’s adorable

Dick making up more words, and just overall showing that HE’S STILL THE LITTLE MOTHER-FUCKING TROLL WE KNEW IN SEASON 1


Icicle Jr. Low-key being happy about Artemis being alive (because they’re childhood friends, which you know IF YOU READ THE COMICS)


Like please, Greg Weissman,


The 2004 MTV pitch pilot for Kappa Mikey is finally online, thanks to its director Sergei Aniskov!  Because MTV was looking for animation that skewed more adult or crude, there are cultural and historical jokes that feel very shocking and biting if you’re only familiar with the Nicktoon. A lost piece of work is finally found!

In Trials of Apollo, we need to see Artemis and Apollo reunite.

There are no exceptions. I want to see her saving Apollo and just seeing him in this puny mortal body, covered in blood, sweat, pain, and wounds, his face pure agony after all the shit he has gone through. I want to see her march over to him, punch him in the face and beat the shit out of him. Then she says “Look how low the “mighty” Apollo has fallen. You look like shit.“ And he’s like, "Thanks sis love you too.” She’s so pissed off and angry and relieved that he’s okay and not dead that she pulls him into the most bone-crushing hug, partially to hurt him partially because she was genuinely worried. “You are such an idiot, who gets turned mortal 3 times? Oh my gods you are so stupid! Father is beyond angry. Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to save your sorry ass all those times?! Look at you, you look like literal shit you’re so weak and defenseless is that acne oh my gods.” And Apollo is fighting back the tears because here’s his sister. Every other god has completely abandoned him but she’s still here. She sent help and support even if it broke Zeus’s rules and now here she is, saving his ass like old times. It feels good to be around someone familiar after all the shock and new experiences of being mortal, it just makes him feel better, at home.   And the people around them are like “Are you both…crying??” And they’re are like “WHAT. NO. OF COURSE NOT I HATE HIM/HER.” But they continue hugging and grossly sobbing because gods damnit the twins missed each other and you can’t tell me other wise.

BOUNDARIES (Damian Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request:  Can I request where older Damian Wayne is masturbating or is having a wet dream or something about the reader. Maybe the reader hears him. Or like his brothers do then make fun of him???? Idk whatever you want😂
Summary: Damian’s s/o catches him masturbating by accident.
Word count: 229
Warning(s): masturbating ? 

He was absolutely sure he had locked the door when he entered the quiet privacy of his own room. He was sprawled out on his bed, trying to relieve the built up sexual tension from the day.

He didn’t want to bother you with his needs of sexual nature, so he just decided to handle them himself. “Fuck…y/n…” he moaned out, nearly approaching his sweet release, when the door sprung open. “Hey babe, have you seen the…..WOAH!” You say walking in with your bowl of cereal in hand and your mouth half stuffed, but dropping your spoon in the bowl when you realized his situation. You had picked up one of his bad habits, which was not knocking on doors and you didn’t know whether you should be horribly ashamed or happy that you didn’t.

“BOUNDARIES!!!” He yells, covering himself with a pillow as best he could.

You grab a spoon full of cereal from the bowl, and stuff it in your mouth, “Next time you should totally invite me! I’m missing all the action,” You dramatically sigh, before backing out the door, about to close it behind you.

Make sure the sheets are clean after you’re done!” You playfully chide, before completely closing the door.

What the hell…” He mumbles still in shock, staring towards the door. He hears a familiar muffled laughter from outside the door. “TODD!!”


With love,


summary: In which Taehyung broke your crystalline heart two months ago, and you come back for answers. You get a bit more than you bargained for.

Word count: 3.9k

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: smut

A/N: I am a new account, so please bear with me! I’m trying my best~ Though I am a heavily MX centric blog, I write for many group fandoms; feel free to drop by my ask to request (or just to say hi!)  

He hadn’t noticed that you had entered the room yet. The setting sun’s light spilled into the room, casting an almost crimson sheer across the interior, tinting the air in front of you with brilliant colors. Golden light glinted off of his midnight hair, which fell forward in front of his narrowed eyes as he surveyed the messy spread of paperwork in front of him. A pen dangled loosely from the corner of his mouth, moving slightly as he leaned forward to shuffle through the stack papers. His brow furrowed as he skimmed a particularly dense packet, the Bighit brandname catching your eye at the top of the page. He was the image of perfect serenity and concentration.  The scene was so incredibly him. His jaw tightened as he read, clenching and unclenching, creating that perfect, sculpted angle that your lips had run over countless times, the insidious memory of the taste of his salty sweat on your tongue as he panted your name in your ear, voice dark and raspy, invading your mind. Your chest constricted at the thought and you found yourself suddenly weakening, your legs slightly giving. Your fingers dug into the doorframe, a measly attempt to ground yourself properly. You have to do this, you told yourself. You deserve closure.

“Taehyung.” His name felt foreign on your tongue, the sound crawling out of your throat clumsily. It sliced into the serene air, any perception of peace clattering to the ground. Tears stung your eyes, but you forced them back. You needed to do this.

He stiffened at his desk, recognizing it was you without having to even lift his head. His adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed with noticeable difficulty. “Y/N,” He whispered, almost inaudibly, and you couldn’t tell if he was saying it to himself or to you. Pain flashed in his eyes as he lifted his head, slowly drinking in your appearance as his gaze traveled up your body. For a second, you swore you saw a flicker of wistfulness (or was it pain?) twisting his features. But the emotions in his eyes were quickly buried behind a mask of ice. “What are you doing here?” His deep voice broke slightly, a fracture in his façade.

So he was in pain too. You hoped it was in the same magnitude that you had felt it. The same pain that you had endured for the past 2 months every single night, as you wondered what you had done wrong. The same excruciating pain that you had muffled with the superficial, dulling haze of alcohol, the same pain you had felt during those long nights where you were completely alone and you swore to yourself that it would get better, that the pain would fade, but it only ever got worse. You hoped it was the same pain. Anger filled your veins, igniting your body into an inferno. “Why’d you do it?” You spat the words out, dripping with poison.

Taehyung didn’t flinch. You hated him in that moment. His head dropped back down to his papers. “What are you talking about?” Ice cold. His words cut deep into you, leaving invisible bone deep lacerations across your body.

“You fucking asshole.” The words sounded wrong coming out of your mouth. You hated cursing, and Taehyung knew that. You stalked over to him, blood roaring in your ears. He stood slowly from his chair, not moving as you approached.

You were less than two feet away from him, the familiar scent of his cologne invading your senses. A searing pain shot through your heart. “Why did you do it?” You repeated, but this time you were unable to maintain the same caliber of acidity and your voice gave slightly. “Why’d you stop talking to me? Why did you reject my calls, ignore my messages? Why couldn’t you have just been a man and told me that you stopped—you stopped loving me?”  You felt your resolve crumbling, heard it in your own broken voice. Taehyung didn’t say anything, and that only further exacerbated the crushing feeling in your chest. “I hate you.” You declared, slamming a fist against his chest. “I hate you.” Again, with the other hand. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” It was a mantra, and you slammed your small fists into his hard chest as you repeated it over and over, hoping it would mend the broken shards in your body. It was anger in your body once more, burning dangerously hot. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate y-”

Taehyung caught your fist, his larger hand easily dominating yours and halting its motion. “Stop,” he whispered, his voice strained. He took a step forward, forcing you backwards, and kept on doing so until your back pushed against the cool surface of the plaster wall, your arm pinned above you with his chest mere inches from yours. “Do you have any idea what you do to me?” He hissed , eyes dark.

You couldn’t breathe, not with him so close to you, not with his full lips so near your own. His head dropped down, face than 6 inches from yours, and he used his free hand to tilt your head back so your eyes met his. Dark and gorgeous. His jaw was clenched, neck muscle tense.

“I hate you,” you repeated, your voice hollow. Yet you were unable to stop yourself from closing the distance, unable to stop your lips from pushing against his. He stiffened momentarily in shock, his breath catching in his throat as your soft, gentle, familiar mouth caught his. Taehyung moaned lowly against your lips as he gave into you, sending pleasant vibrations through your body. His lips, soft and pillowy but also rough in their own way, worked against yours intensely, and he pushed even closer, his hard body flush against yours. His free hand slipped underneath your blouse, grazing the sensitive spot on your hip that he knew to be your weakness after spending countless nights like this with you. Your legs gave at the touch and he shoved his thigh between your legs as he felt your legs weaken, holding you up as you melted into him. The fist that he kept pinned above you fell open and he intertwined his fingers with yours, still keeping it pinned against the cold wall. Your eyes drifted shut as you immersed yourself in him, waves of nostalgia and desire coursing through your body as fireworks burst behind your eyelids. A light moan slipped out of your lips as his thigh between your legs grazed your apex, your free hand sliding up from his tight stomach to dig into his full hair, grabbing a fistful and pulling.

You broke from the kiss, gasping for air. Taehyung’s head hung above you, his eyes closed and his chest rising and falling with heavy, aroused breaths. You watched his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed slowly,  his head falling down into the crook of your neck. Hot breath spilled across the sensitive skin there, goosebumps erupting along the surface. “Y/N,” he murmured, so softly that you almost thought you imagined it. His soft lips were at your throat and your eyes fluttered shut, your head falling back against the wall. You needed him. His lips ghosted the delicate skin along your throat, slowly drifting down to your collarbone, then slowly down your chest, unbuttoning your blouse as he went. Everywhere he touched became alight with heat and fire, a direct contrast to the cool air hitting your newly exposed skin. Then he was pulling your skirt off your body, ripping the delicate fabric in half, exposing your legs to the light in the room. You had chosen to not wear underwear. Taehyung groaned lowly at the sight. “Fuck.” He muttered, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. He stood suddenly, pinning you against the wall once more, his muscular thigh wedged between yours. You were growing impatient, pure desire and need threading its way through your veins and you grinded desperately against his thigh, hoping for some sort of contact to ease the intensity of the flames burning you from inside. You could feel him pressing against you and you knew he wanted this just as much as you did. His arms caged you in from both sides of your head, so it seemed there wasn’t nearly enough room in the office for the two of you. His scent was all around you, filling your lungs, your head. You were going to go crazy. He looked down at you through half-lidded eyes, dark and dangerous, and full of lust.

Taehyung kissed you this time. His hands slid under your shirt, along your waist. His fingertips brushed against your weak points, lips worked furiously against yours, saying all that had been unspoken for the last two months. Light moans fell uncontrollably from your mouth as his lips moved from your lips to your jawline, tracing along the creamy skin, and then drifting down your neck, pearl white teeth flashing and nipping at your throat.

Small gasps of pleasure escaped your mouth as your fingers worked quickly at his belt buckle, moving gracefully and quickly in a familiar pattern they had performed many times before. He shrugged off his pants quickly, pulling away from you briefly to kick them off. The skin where his heat had just been felt unnaturally and uncomfortably cold. The heat in you was becoming almost unbearable, and you had never been the patient type. His black tie hung teasingly in your sight, tight around his sensitive throat. You grabbed him by it and yanked him close, your teeth grazing his ear. “I need you. Right now.”

Taehyung groaned throatily in response. “I’m really going to go crazy,” he said in his slow, tantalizing drawl that had captivated you so long ago, encasing you in warmth. His long fingers wrapped around your thin panties, ripping them off with ease. “You’re so wet.”  It fell out of his lips in a sigh. Without warning, he slammed three fingers into you at once, eliciting a sharp cry of surprise and pleasure that curled from your throat. Your fingers entwined themselves into his hair, grabbing it by the fistful as heat rushed downwards. He slid his fingers out slowly, tortuously slowly, his fingers coated in your juices, before slamming them back into you again. He repeated it slowly, drinking in the sight of you coming undone around his fingers. You couldn’t bear the intensity; the coil in the pit of your stomach wasn’t satiated. “Faster,” you panted in his ear, “please.” With that, he pounded his fingers in and out of you, fingers scissoring as they entered you again and again, pushing you closer and closer to your high. Screams escaped your mouth as his pace became almost unbearable, stars appearing in your vision. Taehyung’s long fingers slid in and out of you with ease, filling you deeply, slamming into you at an unthinkable speed, but it wasn’t enough, you needed him inside of you. “Taehyung,” you managed weakly between gasps. “I need…I need you to fuck me. Please.” You had never begged for him like this, not in the years you had been together. But now was different. You needed him on a wholly different level of lust and desire. “Please. Fuck me.”

It visibly caught him off guard, his jaw clenching as he took in your words. “You have a dirty mouth,” he managed, thickly. You were lifted into the air with ease by your waist, and then you were slammed down onto the entirety of his thick length. He took the fingers that had been inside of you and placed them in your mouth, effectively muffling the raw sounds of pleasure that rocked out of you as your body struggled to take in his entire length at once. He gave you no time to adjust, despite the fact that you hadn’t been spread open this wide for two months, and a shard of pain mixed with the abyss of pleasure you felt you were drowning in. Your legs wrapped around his back, attempting to push him deeper, but he refused to move. Not even an inch. You felt the sensation of being completely filled by his long cock, but you needed more, and he still hadn’t even moved. You whined impatiently, struggling to wriggle your hips for some friction.

Taehyung slid slowly out of you, marveling at how quickly you had coated him, pulling out until it was almost at the tip, before slamming back into you once more and eliciting a cry of pleasure from your throat. He watched the conjunction between your bodies, feeling as if he’d go insane from the feeling of you tightening desperately around him, your body trying to milk out a reaction from him. You were driving him crazy, and it was all he could do to not lose himself completely in the ethereal beauty that was you.

“Fuck me,” you had said, and it was all he could do to not lose himself right then and there. He buried himself into you once more, hilt deep, and then he could no longer hold himself back. He pounded relentlessly into you, your lips forced to spread wide to take in his entirety again and again as he slammed himself into you, almost animalistically. The sound of skin hitting skin filled the room, Taehyung’s low groans vibrating in your ear. “Fuck, you’re so tight,” he murmured as he sank himself deep into you, pulling almost all the way out before burying himself down to the hilt. You dug your heels into the small of his back, forcing him impossibly deeper into you and drawing out a deep groan from him as he fucked you against the wall. Your back rubbed against the wall each time he thrusted into you, adding an edge of pain that only served to amplify your pleasure. When your lips found their way to his sculpted jawline, suckling gently on the spot that you knew made him weak, Taehyung slammed his hand into the wall behind your head. His head bowed and a low growl emitting from his throat. “Y/N,” he managed, his voice breaking. “Oh god, Y/N.” Your name fell from his lips like a prayer. The coil in the pit of your stomach tightened even more and you found yourself teetering at the edge as he rutted into you.

“Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!” You cried out as he pounded impossibly faster, moving almost inhumanely quickly. It was a crescendo of sensations, blood roaring in your ears as you approached your high, fingernails digging deep into muscular shoulders, back arching impossibly far, mouth falling open in increasingly loud moans and gasps. A scream ripped out from your chest as he slammed into once more, the coil in your stomach unraveling at a ground shattering magnitude. It was as if you had hit a wall of pleasure; it crashed over you in waves, overwhelming all your other senses as pure euphoria filled your used body, your toes curling and your breasts pressed flush against his chest as you came violently over him. The feeling of you coming completely and utterly undone around him almost made him lose himself, but he stubbornly held on. He continued to thrust shallowly to allow you to ride out your orgasm. Your walls desperately attempted to milk out his orgasm, but he wasn’t finished yet, pulling out as you drifted down from your high.

Taehyung walked you over to his desk and bent you over it, ripping off the black tie that had loosened while he was fucking you and using it to bind your hands behind your back so you couldn’t touch him or yourself. You barely registered the feeling of the cool silk tightening around your wrists as he bent you over the desk, still not completely recovered from your first orgasm. This time, he slid himself into you slowly, giving you a second to adjust as he allowed himself to give in to you.

“You feel so good,” you murmured. You pushed your hips back, forcing him deeper into you and eliciting a dark groan of pleasure for him. “Please.”

Taehyung started again, thrusting slowly, pulling out before burying himself down to the hilt. He leaned forward, his lips brushing your ear and he nibbled it gently as he fucked you, sending shivers shooting down your spine. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Your name fell from his lips like a mantra, the taste of your sweet skin on his tongue and your name in soft pants by your ear. His noises were guttural, the sounds coming from this throat deep and husky. His thrusts were gentler this time, but somehow the pleasure had increased tenfold, igniting each cell in your body once more. He built his speed slowly, gradually increasing until each of his thrusts shook the table and you shifted slightly so that you didn’t lose your balance. “Fuck,” he murmured again as you let out a mewl of desire, and then he rammed himself into you once, hard, and you gasped aloud. He smirked to himself, leaning to grab on edge of the desk to give him more leverage as he pistoned into you.  

The new angle hit deeper into you, euphoria once again thundering through your veins. “So good,” you managed to whimper through the pleasure.

Taehyung wasn’t satisfied, though, and he yanked the tie bondage back, forcing your back to arch a certain way and granting him access to your g-spot. When he rammed into it, black spots of pleasure danced in your vision. The sensation was wholly different from anything you’d felt before and you were unable to suppress a cry of pure pleasure as he did it again. Taehyung smiled at the sound you made, though you couldn’t see him. He continued to pound into you, hitting that spot again and again, pleasure building up in you as your moans became more and more desperate. “Say my name,” he groaned into your ear.

“I hate you,” you responded, despite the fact that you were teetering dangerously on the edge once again, pure euphoric pleasure about to erupt. His teeth scraped along your shoulder blades, chills erupting in icy flames where he touched. “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” Taehyung only fucked you harder, and then you were falling, white clouding your vision as pleasure exploded in your center and weaved its way throughout your entire body, your body to writhing underneath him.

“Taehyung.”  You gasped his name as the pleasure overcame all your other senses. Your second orgasm was much stronger than your first, your body quaking uncontrollably in response to his.

He pulled out, untied your hands with a quick tug, and turned you around in a quick movement, skillfully picking you up once more and slamming you back down on him so that you were in the same position you began in, you chest pressed flush against his. “Taehyung.” You sighed his name into his ear once more, breathy and barely audible, but from the way his hips stuttered, the way his breath caught in his throat, you knew it was enough. He came with a shuddering groan and his head fell down to the crook of your neck, sweaty forehead pressed against the sensitive skin as his groaned your name into your collarbone. The sound of his shallow pants filled your ears. “Y/N,” he whispered as his hot seed spilt into you, burning. You ran your fingers through his soft hair soothingly as he thrusted shallowly into you to ride out his orgasm and he bit your shoulder as he finished.

The room was silent except for the sound of your combined heavy breaths, the room filled with the smell of sex and the feeling of Taehyung’s warmth radiating around you. He set you down on the table, still inside you, head still in the crook of your neck.

You felt the beginning prickles of regret slither into the crevices of your mind. How could you have done this? How could you have let yourself be hurt by him, again? Suddenly, you felt cold, like ice. Swallowing, you weakly lifted your hand and pressed it flush against his chest, trying to ignore the pounding heat under his skin, trying to ignore how it pulled you in like a magnet. You squeezed your eyes shut and forced yourself to apply pressure, beginning to push him off. Taehyung’s hand  shot upwards, catching your arm by the wrist gently.

“Wait…just…" He swallowed with difficulty, closing his eyes. “Wait a minute.”

Your hand tangled back into his midnight black hair, stroking gently as he leaned against you. "Ok,” you said.

After what seemed like eternity but couldn’t be long enough, he pulled out. You felt hollow without him.

After the two of you redressed in silence, you walked over to the wall, turning and sliding your back down against it until you were sitting on the ground. You drew your knees to your chest, feeling cold now that you didn’t have his burning skin against yours. After a moment, Taehyung walked over next to you and slid down as well, his shoulder bumping yours.

“I’m sorry,” he said finally, after a moment of silence. “I couldn’t keep watching you bury your pain and disappointment for me. How you lost any and all semblance of privacy, how you were constantly attacked by sasaeng fans, how you had to turn your back on your life before me, with no reward. I couldn’t even see you often, but every time I did you were hurting.” He swallowed. “I’m sorry.”

You turned your head to look at him in surprise. His head fell back against the wall, exposing his neck, his eyes closed. “You idiot,” you breathed, in utter disbelief. “You were the best thing I had, Taehyung. I was never hurting when I was with you. I only hated to see you so exhausted and worried for me.” You reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers. He squeezed back lightly. You continued, speed picking up. “I love you. Regardless of failure or success, I will always love you. What I’ve endured, I’ve done it willingly, without any regrets. I’ve done it because I love you. Don’t internalize everything to protect me, Tae. I don’t need to be protected.”

Taehyung’s head fell to his chest. “I love you.” He rubbed the top of your hand with the pad of this thumb. “I missed you…so much. I hope—I hope that you can still take me back after what I did. I love you, Y/N.”

You tilted your head so that it fell onto his shoulder, staring at your intertwined fingers. “Always.”

August Fluff Month - Day 30: Unmasked


Marinette was still in shock that Adrien had asked her out. Her brain could hardly comprehend the possibility.

And the fact that she had agreed wasn’t helping with the frying of her brain, or rather, it was helping to ensure that her brain fried. She could scarcely believe herself.

Marinette lay on her chaise lounge, dreaming about their first date, which would ultimately lead to a second, and third, which would be followed with a proposal and marriage and a pet hamster and children and growing old together. They could go on all sorts of dates; café dates, movie dates, shopping dates, sunset dates, picnic dates, walks through the parks in the evening dates.

Her mind was arrested by the memory of her evening patrols.

She had to tell him. She had to tell Adrien. If they were going to be together, she had to tell him. But how to do it.

The day she approached him was a lovely one. The whether was perfectly acceptable and it was not too warm to too cold. That being said, she could not enjoy a single thing about it.

“Adrien, I need to be honest with you,” Marinette began, sitting down on the couch beside her boyfriend.                              


“I need to tell you something.”

“I’m listening.” He turned to face her, his expression as serious as he could muster.

“And, you can’t laugh. Or think that I’m lying. Or tell anyone. Or think that I’m crazy.” The worry in her eyes seemed more serious than he expected and his brows furrowed at the sight of them.

“I won’t do any of those things.” She took a deep and long breath.

“Do you know, Ladybug?”

“Ladybug? The superheroine that goes around saving Paris almost daily? The one in a red suit with black polka-dots?”


“Then yes, I do know Ladybug.”

“Right, and do you like her?” Adrien flushed at the statement and did his best not to blubber as he spoke.

“Well, she’s amazing. Of course, I like her,” he replied, trying his best not to look like he was confessing his love and admiration to Ladybug in front of his new girlfriend. Marinette reddened deeply and closed her eyes, bracing herself for impact.

“I’m Ladybug.” Adrien blinked.

“What?” Confusion had not yet surprised his initial wave of shock.

“I’m, Ladybug,” Marinette repeated, having gone from bracing herself to grimacing.

You’re Ladybug.”


“You’re the woman behind the mask.”


“Ladybug that fights crime with Chat Noir.” Marinette winced at the topic she had most wanted to avoid.

“Yes.” She looked at him cautiously. He didn’t believe her. Or at least, he was having a very difficult time believing her. He stared at her intensely, making comparisons as best he could, eyes fluttering to different points of her face.

Marinette stood, and called forth a transformation, having decided this was what she wanted to do from the beginning. Her heart raced as she allowed the magic to course over her, imagining the look on Adrien’s face when she opened her eyes.

It wasn’t exactly what she had expected.

There was a mixture of shock, awe, excitement, and familiarity.

“You’re Ladybug,” he whispered to himself. Marinette reached up to the mask on her face and willed it to slid off at her touch, to which it obeyed.

Adrien’s heart felt like it could explode.

He leaned back into the couch, settling into reality, and unable to peel his eyes off of the girl standing before him in spandex. A hand reached up to his forehead, holding his head in place lest it fly off.

“You’re Ladybug,” he repeated, a grin beginning to form on his face. This caused her a great amount of confusion, and she wondered if he had snapped and gone mad. Eyes no longer on her, he wasn’t present in their current world for a moment.

“I am. I’m really sorry for hiding this from you. And I know I’ll have to see Chat Noir every evening and I can understand if you’re not comfortable with that and want to break up with me.”

“What? Why would I break up with you?” he said hurriedly, brought out of his fantasies.

“Well, I-.”

“No, no, I was just thinking about how much easier patrols are going to be from now on,” Adrien explained.

“What?” Coming out from his hesitancy and confusion, he took hold of Marinette’s hands and brought one to his lips.

“Patrols will be easier, saving Paris will be easier, and professing my love to you will be easier, My Lady.”


Request: Hey! Awesome new Negan blog! Could you write me a fic about a rebellious wife that drives Negan crazy? Maybe she sneaks out a lot, doesn’t like to wear dresses and bends the rules? She likes to push his buttons and one day ends up in danger and he has to save her ass? Would love to see what you come up with! Thank you!!!!! - @asshatry

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: language. moderate smut (yes I went there).

tagging some people who might enjoy this smut ;D - @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @ashzombie13 @negans-network @strangersangel9 @negan–is–god @itsneganslucille @negansblessedbbyg @marythenurse @sherrybaby14

You clutched your book tightly in your hand, turning to the next page. A hand reached towards you and snatched it out of your hand, throwing it half way across the room. Glaring up at Sherry, you sprang up from your seat ready to punch her square in the jaw. You had already slapped her once before, and you weren’t afraid to do it again.

“What the fuck, Sherry?” You growled at her. She stared at you in disbelief and gestured to your outfit. You were wearing a beige v-neck tshirt, black skinny jeans, and black boots.

Keep reading