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Strong, Chapter 3; Birthday Blues

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It was the Friday night before Jellybeans birthday party, and Betty was sitting with her at the dining table, trying to turn the young girls attention back to her English work. To no avail.

“Do you think I’m too old to wear my hair in like, pigtails? Or maybe dutch braids?” JB was slumped back in her chair, her head thrown back as she watched the ceiling. The first dilemma was what she was going to wear, and once that had been settled she moved onto her hair. The pencil between her fingers was tapping against the table. Betty took in a deep sigh, closed the copy of Of Mice and Men that JB was supposed to be writing a chapter summary on and pushed it away. There was only so many times one could try to get JB’s attention back before it was lost completely. Betty was aware she had lost.

“How about,” Betty turned to face JB in her seat, “I come a bit earlier tomorrow, and dutch braid your hair for you?” Betty smiled as JB straightened up in her own chair.

“Oh, Betty, are you sure? I would love that.” Jellybeans face broke out into a grin, showing nearly all her teeth, and with her eyes sparkling like that how could Betty say no.

“Of course. I can give your Mum a hand with the set up as well. I do love a good party prep.” She nudged Jellybean in the side with her elbow. “But, only if you finish this chapter summary.”

“Deal.” Jellybean was smirking now, and in that moment the resemblance between her and Jughead was unfathomable, Betty was almost breathless. JB pulled her exersize book back towards her and started to read over her notes for what may have been the 4th time that afternoon. Betty picked up the copy of Of Mice and Men, flicking back through the pages to find the specific chapter Jellybean was writing about. Once she found the first page of the chapter, Betty pressed lightly on the spine to flatten it out.

“Ouch, please, no book defacing under my roof Coop.” Betty rolled her eyes before she even raised her head too look at him, leaning in the doorway from the hall, arms folded. He was a vision in all black, wearing that leather jacket like a cloak, beanie like a crown. Betty had only seen him without the beanie once, last week when he had been dressed in just a white towel. In stark contrast to the boy who was in the doorway now. She hadn’t realised he was home.

And now thinking about how low that towel had sat on his hips was making Betty blush.

“No permanent damage, see?” She let the book go, watching it close with no issue. She shot him a sickly sweet smile. He just shook his head at her lightly, that damn smirk on his face. Even though it had been over a month since Betty had been coming here after school to tutor Jellybean, she still hadn’t quite figured out Jughead Jones. He wasn’t around an awful lot to begin with, although lately it seemed as though he was home more often. And apparently they knew each other well enough to be on a nickname basis.

His eyes were still trained on Betty, even as he pushed himself from the doorway to walk behind the two girls. He reached a hand out to ruffle Jellybeans hair, which resulted in some squirming from her seat.

“If you don’t mind, Jones. JB is trying to finish this chapter summary.” Betty snared, turning her head to glance up to where he stood behind them. And then, before even she even realised what was happening, Jugheads hand was out towards her and he was ruffling her hair. Jellybean erupted into giggles. “Hey!” Betty swatted his hands away, but she couldn’t help but start to laugh herself at the sight of JB. Her hair was a mess, cheeks red, and her head thrown back in a giggle fit.

And strangely enough, when Jughead took his hand back, she realised how warm she had felt when he touched her. Even if it was just her hair. She caught his gaze again, enjoying how his mouth was curved slightly in the corners. His eyes averted to Jellybeans open exercise book.

“That quote is wrong, JB. It’s ‘A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody’, not 'ain’t got somebody.’” His eyes lazily trailed back to Bettys. “You’re slacking, Coop.” He teased. And there was that damn smirk again. Betty could feel her cheeks reddening.

“Piss off, know all.” Jellybean jested, poking him in the side. She picked up her pencil and began rubbing out the misquote. “Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”

“I do have somewhere to be, little Sister.” Jughead remarked, before heading towards the front door, taking his keys from the hook. “But I don’t know if it’s better.” He added, winking towards Betty. She quickly dropped his gaze in order not to burst into flames at the dining table. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jellybean pick up a spare pencil from the table and fling it at Jughead.

“Go away, you’re gross.” She yelled at him as he closed the door, his laughter still booming through the wood. Jellybean didn’t look up from writing in her school book before she spoke. “I think he quite likes you, you know.” Betty was surprised at the comment, and equally as grateful that Jellybean wasn’t looking at her right now. She could feel the heat in her cheeks, could hear her heart beating in her chest. Somehow she managed to compose herself in time to answer.

“He’s like that with all the girls, JB. I have seen it.” She assured herself, trying to shake the very thought of Jughead liking her from her mind. Betty wasn’t sure how he had such an affect on her, but she put it down to the fact that he knew what he was doing and that she was a fool.

“Well, I haven’t.” Jellybean shrugged. Betty watched her face, it didn’t falter. She wanted to pry a bit further, but knew she shouldn’t.

“What, he’s never had a girl here before?” But her tongue got the better of her. Jellybean just shook her head.

“Nope.” Her mouth popped the 'p’. “Never had a girlfriend.”

“Huh.” Betty was slightly shocked for two reasons. One being that she has seen it first hand at Pops plenty, girls fawn all over him. It seemed a lot of girls like that self-deprecation vibe he’s got going on. Although, when she thought about it, he never really tried with any of them. Not that she had seen.

And reason two being the warmth of excitement she felt rising in her chest. Of which didn’t cool, not even when Gladys came home moaning about the length of her day, or when Archie came and picked her up to take to her to Veronicas for the night.

Only did it fade when she chose to bring it up with her friends.

“You know, I spoke to my Dad about them. He said he used to work with that kids Dad, a long time ago. Before he got himself locked up.” Betty’s head snapped up. She was perched on the chair at Veronicas vanity, facing the couple spread across the bed. Veronica mindlessly filed her nails while Archie tossed a football in the air, catching it every time.

“What?” She hadn’t know about their Father being in jail. “Do you know why?” Archie just shrugged.

“Nope. But he was in the Serpents too, what more could you expect?” He said it with such conviction, Betty couldn’t help but be annoyed. Archie knew nothing of who he was speaking about, how could he judge.

“They aren’t all bad, you know.” Betty muttered.

“Oh, please.” Veronica sat up, rolling her eyes at Betty in the process. “Being a tad biased, are we not, my dearest Elizabeth?” Betty gave Veronica a puzzled look. “Just because you’ve got an eye for the Serpent prodigy, right? Your my best friend, I notice things”

“Wh-what?” Betty stammered, not realising she had been quite so obvious. Veronica smirked at her, knowing she had been caught. She sunk back against the headboard smugly.
“I’ve seen you at Pops, looking at him like he was the cherry on top of your very vanilla milkshake.” Veronica shrugged, her attention focused once again on her nail file. “Can’t say I blame you, he’s definitely easy on the eye.”

“Hey!” Archies head flicked towards Veronica, dropping his attention from the football long enough for it to fall back down into his gut. Betty stifled a laugh as Veronica lent over and kissed Archie lightly on the mouth.

“Don’t worry, Archiekins. You’re more than enough to keep me occupied.” Now it was Bettys turn to roll her eyes. Once his girlfriend pulled back away, Archies eyes fell to Betty.

“Just, be careful Betty. Okay?” She appreciated his concern, but it was misplaced. Yeah, she acknowledged that Jughead was gorgoeus. But it’s not like it would ever happen.

“Guys, please. I just tutor his sister, that’s it. We’re civil.” She shrugged, and she was very thankful that her friends didn’t approach the subject for the rest of the night.


Jellybean was squirming in her seat, struggling to stay still while Betty finished the braids in her hair. She was so excited.

“Oh, god..” Jb sighed as she brought her hands up to her face. “I hope Jug doesn’t embarrass me.” Betty let out a light laugh as she tied the last band around the end of the braid. She braced her hands on JB’s shoulders and caught her gaze in the mirror in front of them.

“I’m sure he’ll behave.” Betty thought about it for a moment before adding. “At least for today.” That earned a warm smile from JB.

“Thank you so much for doing my hair, it looks so nice Betty.” She rose form the chair and took Betty in a tight hug. “You’re the best.” Betty squeezed her back.

“Happy Birthday, Jelly.” When they pulled apart, Jellybean grabbed for the necklace that hung around her neck. It was Bettys gift, a simple silver chain with two 'J’ charms. “I’m going to go and see if your Mum needs a hand.”

There was still an hour before any of JBs friends were due to start showing up, but they had made a head start on decorating and making food. As Betty reached the bottom of the stairs, she could hear raised voices from the kitchen. Which was nothing new, but as she got closer she could almost feel the tension in the air.

“No! Absolutely not.” Betty stopped in the doorway to the kitchen. From her vantage point she could see Gladys and Jughead, in a stand off, but they could not see her.

“Jesus, Mum. It’s his Daughters birthday. Of course he wants to speak with her.” Jughead had his back to Betty, but she could see the anger in the way his shoulders were set. Gladys was sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen, the house phone in her hands. The way she was looking at Jughead made Bettys breath hitch in her throat. No Mother should look at her Son that way.

“Did you know he was going to ring? Did you give him our number?” So it was Jellybeans phone she had in her hand. Betty knew Gladys monitored it. When Jughead didn’t respond, she slammed her hand against the counter. “Did you give him our fucking number or not?”

“He is still our Dad, he deserves to know-”

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking dare tell me what that man 'deserves’.” Gladys’ face was burning, her eyes boring into Jughead. Betty was half surprised he didn’t burst into flames where he stood. “Don’t ruin JB’s day.”

“Me ruin it?” Jughead threw his arms in the air. “She should be allowed to speak to her Father on her fucking birthday. Just because he’s the one locked up and you like to act like you never- ”

“OUT!” Gladys yelled, pointing towards the doorway where Betty was hiding. Her heart jumped into her throat for a moment, thinking she had been spotted. But when Jughead stomped in her direction she realised he was being dismissed. Right into her direction. Fuck. She tried to make it look like she hadn’t been spying by ducking her head, acting surprised when Jughead brushed past her. The look on his face told her he wasn’t fooled.

Betty took a deep breath and plastered on a fake smile before breezing into the kitchen, asking Gladys if there was anything she needed a hand with. Betty made no comment when Gladys wiped the tears from under her eyes, or when she told Jellybean it was the neighbors when she had come downstairs to see who was yelling. And she tried to ignore the pained look on JBs face when she knew she was being lied too. Instead she busied herself with setting out the plates of food, and tried to distract Jellybean with making a music playlist.

Just a little over 2 hours later, and the living room was full with young teenage girls. They were all lovely, but there was only so much high pitched giggling that Betty could handle in one sitting. She excused herself out of the patio doors in the lounge.

The Jones’ garden was very well kept, Gladys had obviously made gardening a bit of a habit. One side was lined with lilies of all different colours, and tucked in the corner was a wooden gazebo. And there, leaning forward with his elbows braced on his knees, was Jughead Jones. A cigarette hung from his mouth. He didn’t raise his head as she walked in his direction, he just glanced at her from the side of his eye as she sat beside him. He took a drag of his cigarette before putting it out against the table, something his Mother would surely disapprove of. He flicked the butt over the fence.

“Love thy neighbor.” Betty muttered, reminding herself that he probably did put it out for her benefit, and made no further comment. He ignored her anyway.

“You look nice.” He remarked, without looking at her. Betty looked down at the yellow floral playsuit. She would be lying if she didn’t admit that she had thought of him when she put it on. Even she would agree her legs looked good in this thing.

“Thanks,” She looked back towards him, taking him in. He wasn’t dressed different from any other day, except today his shoulders were braced with a fleece lined collar denim jacket. “It’s nice to see you without that straight jacket sometimes..” She was testing the waters, slightly relieved to see the smirk playing on his lips. She nudged his shoulder with hers. “Just kidding.”

“Sorry you had to see that.” He nodded towards the house. “Sometimes she just.. She drives me up the fucking wall.” He laughed, humorlessly. Betty was watching his face, she could see the pain he was trying to mask in his face, evident in the brush of purple that dressed the skin under his eyes.

“I get it.” She assured, wondering just what is was about him that made her feel comfortable. He looked up over his shoulder towards her raising a brow. “I’m a lifetime member of the Crazy Mum Club. I know one when I see one.” She shrugged. Jughead sat up, leaning back against the bench table. He sighed.

“Any tips?” He joked.

“I’ll let you know, if I ever figure it out.” Jughead held her gaze for a moment before his eyes flicked back towards the house. Betty could only just make out the song the screaming girls were all trying to sing. The light trace of a smile that had adorned his face a moment ago disappeared. Somehow Betty knew what he was thinking before he could mutter a word. The complete and utter love he has for his sister is something she admired about him from day one.

“She’s okay, Jug. She’s a strong girl.” His eyes flicked back to hers. “The way your Mum is with her, I’ve seen it before. I experience it every day, still. The pressure. We just have to make sure JB knows she can stand up for herself.” We, had she really just used the term we for her and Jughead?

“You’re really great with her, Betty. You’re like the sister I never was.” He laughed, his eyes wistful as he held Bettys gaze. “Someone to look up to.” Betty gave him a warm smile.

“For what it’s worth, I’m on your side. She’s old enough to make her own mind about her Dad.” She fought the heat she could feel travelling up her neck at the way he was looking at her, the intensity of his gaze as he tilted his head made her want to run and hide. Saw swallowed hard.

“You don’t even know what he’s done.” He questioned, but his voice was light. Like he was surprised. Betty just shrugged.

“That’s still her Dad, you know? Everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves. Besides..” Her eyes raked down Jugheads form, trailing back to his eyes as she bit hard on her bottom lip. “Not everyone is how they seem.” And certainly not him. The double headed snake of the Serpents was ironic, she thought. There was one version of him that seemed to come with the leather, and another without it. She had kind of seen them both now, unintentionally.

Jughead had to clear his throat before speaking.

“We’re not talking about my Dad still, are we?” He queried, making Betty throw her head back in a laugh.

“Well -”

“Betty!” Jellybean had interrupted Betty, she was stood across the yard at the patio door, waving them over. “We’re gonna do the cake. You too, Jug!” Betty looked back at Jughead, and was certain the disappointment at being interrupted she saw on flash across his face was mirrored in her own. He sighed and gave Betty a knowing smile.

“Come on, Coop.” He nudged her as he stood up, reaching his hand out for her own to pull her up. “We’ve been summoned.”

And even though Jughead dropped her hand as soon as she had stood, she could still feel the burn of where he had touch her as they sang Happy Birthday and watched JB blow out her candles, and still even when she lay in her bed that night.


Why am I the only one who’s happy that Lefou has finally come out as gay?!???!! This is a mile stone!!! The first OPENLY gay character from Disney!!! True he’s a side kick and a villain at that but he’s still the first!!! And it’s not as if this is a shock if you’ve seen the original you know him being in love with Gaston is nothing new. Plus after this, there’s no excuse, Disney can put openly gay characters in their films and whenever we get a live action version of lion king, lilo and stitch, Pocahontas or whatever, all of theses gay coded characters have to come out!! Lefou is hardly one of my favourite characters and I’d have preferred other characters to have been the first, but I for one will be celebrating that we’ve finally broken a barrier that has held us back for so long and will be singing ‘Gaston’ at the top of my voice in the cinema on opening day to show my support!!!

Pretend | Jeonghan

Originally posted by 12fools

A/N: This is very long (I’m exaggerating, but it really feels that way) and I feel like it’s all over the place and ends incomplete-ish, but this is just something I wrote and it took more twists than originally planned, but here we are. Enjoy.

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No matter how many times the words repeated in your mind they struck you. No matter how many times you tried to erase the words from your mind they stuck. You couldn’t believe his words. You couldn’t believe that those words were all you needed for the world around you to feel so damn deceiving.

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7x15 calling it now

Spencer. Has. A. Twin.
Like I’ve believed for so long.
‘Spencer’ at the airport was definitely not Spencer. If it was Spencer, then why haven’t we seen a scene in which she contacts/calls Wren to meet up or the other way around?
They seemed like they were fighting.
Spencer was at the cabin thing (God knows where), how did she get to the airport so fast??

If Spencer’s twin is A.D. it makes sense she would ask Wren about Charlotte, since she wants to know who killed her.

The girls have been preoccupied with the game, Spencer has been preoccupied with finding Mary. Why would she all of the sudden try to obtain info on Charlotte?
Especially since she just had the tricky conversation with detective Furey. She seemed quite upset that he was getting on to them.
At the airport she seemed completely fine, at least not scared or shocked or anything.

I’ve seen posts about her clothing being different in the two scenes.
It is indeed weird that the coat is not there at the airport but in the scene with Furey you can clearly see she is wearing a plain black shirt underneath the coat.
So I don’t know about that but mainly the difference in her behavior stood out to me.

Surprise {Chapter 9- Final}

Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x reader
Surprise MasterList   

Marvel MasterList 

Warnings: swearing , fluff,Angst , 😜

 The jet ride was silent , millions of questions whirling through your mind . Who are these people? Why did I get on this jet with them? Where are they taking me? Why does that blonde dude keep looking at me? Do I know him? Where are they even-

“ you probably have questions -” the girl Who found you says

Your eyes narrow at her, “ well wouldn’t you? Who are you people? ”

You look at each person on the jet, different forms of sadness and heartbreak showing on their faces .

“ we are your team y/n. You were taken from our home, and tortured and apparently your mind was wiped clean.” She says with a shakey voice . You can see her eyes glazing over with unshed tears , and your chest tightens at the sight and you aren’t sure why.

“ if I was- was wiped, how do I remember my name then? How do I know you aren’t the ones that ordered for me to be tortured ?”

“ you have to trust us. I can- I can show you . ” the girl says . She slowly approaches you, giving you time to stop her . She kneels infront of you, laying her palms face up , swirls of red rising from them.

“ what is your name?” You quietly ask . Her lips quirk up into a small smile ,
“ wanda . ”
You look into her eyes , watching as they flicker between her normal color and a bright shade of red.
“ your eyes are beautiful.” You whisper , you hand gently cupping her cheek, moving as if it’s a normal gesture for you. She leans into your touch,
“ you tell me that a lot , when I feel ashamed and scared of myself . You tell me how beautiful I am, how the world doesn’t deserve someone as kind as me.” She whispers back, the tears finally falling from her eyes . You swipe them away with your thumb, tears of your own involuntarily rolling down your cheeks .

“ I’m sorry , I’m so sorry I don’t remember you. ”

“ let me try and show you , please.” She begs . The red from her hands flaring up as she speaks .

“ wanda don’t, it might be too much for her-.” The tall blonde orders, his voice stern and commanding .

“ who are you to tell her what to do? To say what I can and can’t handle. I may not remember everything, but I can remember the torment I went through not even a day ago. I think I know what I can and cannot handle , so keep your orders to yourself .” You snap in defense . You look back to wanda ,
“Will it hurt ? Showing me ?”
“ i can’t say for sure , I don’t know how far they went in their wiping , which methods or how many they had to use . Your memories could be right under the surface , or buried far back. I won’t know until I’m in there.” You nod, placing you hands on top of hers, closing your eyes as she lets you know she’s about to begin .

Pain shoots through your head, a loud scream ripping through you.

You feel her hands twitch and you grab onto them, “ keep going .” You growl out as the pain spreads .

  The sights playing in your mind are foreign, like you’re watching a movie you’ve never seen before ; and you’re the star .You aren’t sure when one flash ends and another begins ,they blur together one after another ; but each one has you hooked , wondering what’ll happen next . You’ve watched numerous scenes of the man with blonde hair & dazzling blue eyes . You watch every time a smile spreads every time he engulfs you in a hug , takes your hand in his or when he’d wink at you. You watch all the intimate moments with him , your first kiss , the first time you had sex , the conversations while you laid naked in bed with him and the stolen glances you’d catch . You laugh when you watch the times him, the man with the metal arm and another darker man argue with each other or start food fights , and you’re brought to tears when a scene unfolds of you saving his life, a tingle shoots through your body as you see the bullet hit you and your body collapse .you let out a sob as you watch yourself die, but it settles when you see yourself waking up in a med bed , and you laugh when you see your adventures with the enhanced silver haired man . Then memories of being tortured play, your body buzzing as you watch yourself being shocked and abused . 

 You’ve seen probably hundred of memories , but nothing has changed your state . You don’t remember their names , but you atleast can grasp that you know them , and love them . The pain is ignored during the flashes, but when wanda takes her hands away a sharp sting startles you and brings you back into reality . 

“Did you- did you see all that?” You quietly ash wanda and she sends you an apologetic smile 

 “ yes, that was way more of steve than I’ve ever wanted to see ..” Steve , that’s his name .

The others try to hide their chuckles at Wanda’s disgusted face . You smile, and gently move to run your fingers down her cheeks again. Her hand cover yours , holding it to her face. 

“ you still don’t remember .” It wasn’t a question, just a heartbreaking statement . You nod, confirming her assumption. 

“ I don’t remember your names , ” you admit, looking around at everyone , stopping when your eyes meet Steves . “ but I do remember that I love all of you. I can feel it now, and I could feel it when me and wanda were looking in my mind. I love you .” 

 They smile at you, some letting tears rolls down their cheeks while others turn away before theirs can surface . Wanda moves away, only to be replaced with Steve now sitting infront of you. 

 “ I think I love you the most . I get this weird feeling in my stomach when I -” He chuckles ,

“ butterflies . You use to tell me I’d make millions of butterflies erupt in your stomach when I was near you.” He pauses and moves his hand to push back a loose strand of hair that has fallen in front of your face . “ I lost you once , and by some stroke of luck you came back to me . No matter what our lives throw at us , we will always come back to each other; there’s no doubt in my mind . You are mine, and I am yours doll.” 

 You let your tears freely fall as he speaks , the mix of sadness & confidence in his voice , his words hit you like a brick wall. You watch as his hand moves to take yours, the second it touches a spark burst from your hand to his & makes him flinch. You gasp , and open your mouth to apologize but he stops you. 

“ it didn’t hurt , that was mild compared to when you shocked me when you first came back. ” he chuckles . 

 Your eyes shoot up to his , and an idea pops into your mind . If shocks took away my memory… could they have the fever affect ? You think back to the memory you saw with wanda,your first kiss with Steve you shocked him so bad he flew back into a wall. Maybe this isn’t the best idea since we are still in a jet … 

“we are landing in 5.” A voice calls out . You smile , and look at steve. You look at wanda , repeating your plan in your head as you lock eye contact with her . She doesn’t speak, just sends you a nod and wide smile . Steve helps you off the jet , and your eyes go wide as you look around . Where the hell am I?

“guys, we need to go to Tony’s lab, now.” Wanda announces , not answering any of the questions the others are throwing at her . You follow them to the elevators , then follow them when you get to whatever floor this lab is on . You stop before completely entering, fear creeping in on you when you take in the room. It looks like the lab you were kept in when you were rescued , except not as terrifying . The white walls and tables still putyou off .

 “ you’re okay, it’s just Tony’s lab . There’s nothing medical in here, just his technology and experiments. ” steve whispers in your ear . You nod and step more into the lab. 

 “ hands off everything children, no touchy the techy.why are we in my lab wanda ? ” you assume the man is tony who is speaking . 

“tony , get the table out that you used when you had to tinker on Buckys on, the one with the straps . And that material you were testing that was able to bounce electricity for y/n’s new suit .” 

 “ what the-” 

“don’t ask questions.” She snaps . You see everyone’s eye widen at her tone . 

“ who switched your orange juice with bossy juice this morning , geez .” Tony mumbles , and you can’t control the laugh that escapes your lips. You watch as wanda instructs him on what to do , still not fully revealing the plan. Tony hands her the suit , and explains how the material absorbs electricity, even if the person wearing it get hit on exposed skin, and allows the energy to bounce off. Tony says how he made it in case you ever lost control of your powers or something odd happened . You watch tony wheel out a long table with arm, leg & chest straps . He backs It up to the wall, moving a few things out of the way.You take a few breath as you turn to steve . 

“I need you to put that suit on & get On that table , & get strapped in, okay?” 

 “ wh-” 

“do you trust me?” You quickly ask

 “I-yeah of course .” He moves to the table , and the man with long brown hair and metal arm moves forward to buckle him in. 

“are you sure this is a good idea? ” wanda asks and you nod 

“someone want to fill us in?” Tony asks , you don’t answer you just focus on your emotions . 

You let anger deep in , making your fingers tingle from the sparks that are staring to build . You think of the torture you watched yourself go through before you were rescued , you think of the fights you saw you & Steve have . The anger radiates off you in waves, visibly showing by the numerous sparks now fully shooting from your body. You open your eyes, locking then with Steves as you step closer to where he was restrained . You pray the suit works, and remind yourself that even if it didn’t , that’s what the table was for ; so steve didn’t go flying into a wall and getting hurt. Bucky , the red head , dark skinned man and tony step forward but wanda shouts at them to back away. When you’re in reach of steve , you lean forward and crash your lips to his . When they connect it’s barely two second before your energy releases to him, and another second before it bounces from him to you; sending powerful shocks through you so rapidly that you’re the one flying backwards . You hear steve shout and the restraint squeaking as he fights against them . Thankfully wanda cleared a path, and you flew right into the bare wall behind you. Your eyes falls shut as you hit it with a loud thud, then your body slides to the floor. The others can see the purple and blue sparks still snapping around you .

 instead of darkness, your mind is filled with the same memories as before, except now it wasn’t like watching a movie ; you were in your own shoes . You could feel Steves hands on yours , you feel yourself laughing with Natasha and wanda , and you remember your family. You’re not sure how long you were spiraling through your memories, but it must not of been long, because when you open your eyes you’re still on the floor . Steves face is hovering above you , filled with worry . You smile up at him, 

“ you look a little worried there, Doll.” At your words, his face brightens up . A beautiful smile blooms and his eyes crinkle as he chuckles . 

“ didn’t you learn that you can’t get rid of me that easily ?” The others laugh as steve helps you up, pulling you into a passionate kiss . 

 “ uh , we’re still here guys .” Sam says through a chuckle . You pull away from steve and run to Sam, leaping into his arms . You hug each and everyone of them , crying as you do. How could I forget them? How could I ever forget my family? You linger on wanda , holding her tightly to you. 

“thank you, for trusting me and my plan.” You whisper . 

“ always y/n.” You move from her to pietro ,and smirk . 

“thank you for speeding me out of there quickie . ” he pulls you to him, kissing your head as you wrap your arms around him. 

 You move back towards steve, placing your hand in his and tugging him out of the lab without a word. You hear a chorus of groans and whistling as you shove him in the elevator . When the doors close you walk him backwards until his back hits the wall. 

“ you’re right,” he gives you a confused look before you continue,“ we will always come back to each other Steve. I am yours, always have been & always will be. And you Steve rogers are mine, and I will not let you go without a fight.”    He smiles , leaning forward to gently lock your lips with his . The elevator opens on his floor , and he swiftly lifts you and carries you to his room . You laugh as you move, feeling like a koala the way your legs are wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck. 

He drops the two of you on his bed , pushing his weight off you so you can look at each other. 

“I love you .” You say as you smile up at him .he returns the smile ,

 “ I love you y/n. But seriously , no more dieing , or getting kidnapped . I don’t want to lose anymore time with you.” 

“ mmm I can’t make any promises . Gotta keep you on your toes Captain.” You say with a wink. Steve groans and drops his head into the crook of your neck , obviously not expecting that response from you. You feel him sigh into your neck before hearing his voice again ,

 “ you’ll never stop surprising me doll.”

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Gabriel staging a volunteer ‘morale’ showing of Phantom of the Opera to raise money for the rebuilding of some historical theater that was destroyed during the Omnic Crisis.

Gabriel guilting Jack into playing Raoul. (Because he knows Jack has a decent singing voice, and he’ll die before he lets Bob from Audit have the role.)

Gabriel basking in the theatrics of playing the Phantom.

Gabriel being so nervous about initial reviews that he has to have one of the extras read it to him.

Gabriel being so pleased about the praise his costuming and set design get that he even admits that Torbjorn’s chandelier drop is the best he’s ever seen.

Gabriel being both a bit shocked and a bit pleased that Jack is considered the dull spot in the review. It’s nice to hear some press about Jack that isn’t 100% glowing praise for his heroism. But it IS a charity production. They can’t be expecting Jack to be a professional artist. And, anyway, Gabriel thought he wasn’t any worse than the lab rat he chose to play Meg.

Gabriel feeling incredulous when he’s told that the reason Jack got poor reviews was because he, “…shows more interest in his nemesis the Phantom than he ever does his lady love.” Which, dramatic phrasing aside, Gabriel is sure that Jack paid proper attention to Christine. His directorial heart wouldn’t have allowed for disinterest.

Gabriel replaying the rough cut of the performance to scrutinize Jack’s performance, and finding it passable for the level of inexperience he had. There have been worse performances, and he seems interested enough in Christine.

Gabriel seeing the abrupt change in body language Raoul has whenever he shares the screen with the Phantom. When they were rehearsing, Gabriel had just thought that Jack did better with the antagonistic parts because of the war. But now…

Gabriel realizing that Jack isn’t a good enough actor to be showing the kind of interest his body and eyes are showing.

I’m playing along

Word count: 2312

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader (finally!!!)

Summary: You fail to admit your feelings for your favourite fighting frenchman, and the subtle hints just won’t do it, so you use jealousy as your weapon.

Warning: Swearing, Light smut??? Actually not, idk. its very subtle i guess.

Note: Ya,I wanted to write a fic for Lafayette so long!!! But I had no ideas, so I asked my dear @fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines to help me for the plot, but I’m not sure how much of that is still left?
Also Laf turned out a lot more salty than he is??? Headcannon for laf btw: Him calling hamilton alexandre instead of alexander. because it sounds nice. also. good french!!! Shall i translate it?

“Bonjour Lafayette”, you greeted your french friend, giving him a sheepish smile as you sat down next to him, holding a steaming hot coffee in your hands. “Oh, mon amie.” He looked up from his phone to greet you with two kisses on your cheeks in the typical french manner, making you blush in almost an instant. As always, he was wearing his hair up, and you had to resist the urge to run your fingers through it. The bright smile he was flashing you was contagious, so you decided to return it.

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Off-screen Kisses & Sailing Through Shitstorms

(I’m rubbish at titles, sorry xp)

Summary: During a live-show, Dan and Phil share a kiss that ends up being less “off-screen” than they thought. (based on this video: btw I don’t think they kissed here, but that is up to everyone’s imagination, right ;))

Pairing: Phan (Dan+Phil), obviously

Genre: Fluff, Comfort

Warnings: very slight swearing, sickening cheesiness (I’m sorry!! ^-^), non-native speaker english (i hope it’s ok tho, i mean i get A’s on a regular level so… yeah)

Please give me feedback as this is the first phanfic I’m posting and if you guys like it, i might post some more in the future :)

******************************and here we go!**********************************

Hey wheres phil

whats phill doing anyway?

Dan go get phil pls! <33

A smile tugged at the corner of Dan’s mouth as he scrolled through the chat. It was near the end of his weekly live show, and as usual, people were demanding Phil. “Yeah ok, you guys have won I guess. It’s time to end this soon anyway, so I might as well let you talk to Phil for the last few minutes. I have no idea what he’s up to though. Let me check on him quickly. Don’t go away!”, he demanded playfully, knowing that none of his viewers would deliberately leave now that he’d announced Phil.
“Hey Phil-”, he began to call, walking out into the hallway, but stopped himself as he almost bumped into him. “-lip”, he completed the question weakly.
“Daniel” Phil imitated him mockingly, suppressing a small grin. “I heard you through the wall.”
“Good. So you wanna come over?”
Phil ran a hand through his jetblack hair, rearranging his fringe. He was wearing a purple t-shirt that highlighted his pale skin and suited him very well in general., Dan noticed. (Ok, fuck that, he was looking plain hot.) “Yeah, I need a break from editing anyway.”
Dan turned back, ready to return to the computer (his viewers had been waiting long enough already), as he felt a sudden pull on his hand that jerked him around. Dan’s breath caught in his throat when he found himself facing Phil with their noses nearly touching. “Hey”, Phil muttered quietly, connecting their lips for a brief moment. “Let’s go”, he said after pulling back, winking playfully at Dan, making him wish the live show was already over so he could do more things like that to Phil. It was already unusual for them to dare and kiss during a live show - yet, nobody had been able to see them so he guessed it didn’t matter.
He pushed the thought aside as Phil pulled him along into the room, letting go of his hand before they entered the space the webcam was covering.
“Hey guys”, Dan said, forcing a smile onto his face. “What did you do, what did you do?”, he asked his viewers, his eyes quickly scanning the chat as he sat down. His anxiety passed away as he saw none of the messages he’d feared - things like “what took you so long” etc. Because they might have heard that Phil had been right there in the hallway, so lying to them by saying that he’d had to get Phil out of his room wouldn’t have been convincing. “You didn’t do anything? Okay.”

He told Phil, who was looking around awkwardly for a place to sit, to pull up a chair. They then continued to chat with their fans for another couple minutes until they bid their goodbyes, waving and smiling at the screen. Dan made sure he’d closed the tab before he whirled around in his chair, smiling widely at Phil. His smile froze quickly, however, when he saw the expression on his boyfriend’s face.
Phil was facing away from him, staring at something in the corner of the lounge. He looked utterly shocked.
“Uhh Phil? Are you alright? What’re you looking at?”, Dan asked slightly nervous. He really hoped it wasn’t another insect he had to get out of the room for Phil because he was too scared to go near it. (To be quite honest, he was usually more afraid but he just couldn’t say no to the face Phil made in these situations.)
But no, he was wearing a slightly different expression now. He was looking as though he’d just seen a ghost. “The TV, Dan”, he croaked out finally.
“But… there’s nothing on, Phil”, said Dan quietly, beginning to worry about his flat mate’s state of mind.
“There was something rather interesting on just a few minutes ago, though”, replied Phil, finally turning around again to look at Dan with a grave yet weirdly apologetic expression. “At least for the viewers. Very interesting indeed.”
Dan stared, at the TV, sat innocently and black in its corner, and its perfectly blank screen… what the hell was Phil talking about? There was absolutely nothing to be seen except a reflection of the direction which the screen was facing. Just a blurry mirrored image of the lounge door…
Thus a reflection of the exact same spot where he and Phil had been stood kissing for two seconds just a couple of minutes ago.

“But…”, Dan began after a couple of moments of shocked silence and trying to cope with the thought of THEIR KISS BEING SEEN BY THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE OMFG!!!!

“Nobody saw anything… right? I mean, they would’ve mentioned it in the chat.”

Phil smashed his hopes. He sounded very tired suddenly, and a lot more serious and grown up than usually. “That doesn’t mean anything, Dan. The comments we get to read in the chat are just a tiny glimpse of the total that are typed. Somebody must have noticed. And wether they go on youtube to show the footage, or on Tumblr to share gifs of it or on Twitter… soon everyone will have seen it. And then they’ll know. There’s no point in hoping. There’s no point in trying to deny or hide it any longer”

They both fell silent, Phil rubbing his forehead in distress, Dan staring numbly into the room without seeing anything. So it was out. Their big secret. It was only a matter of time, Phil was right – until everyone knew about their relationship. And what did that mean? No more privacy? No more filming together to excape the crazy shippers? Or… No. Dan couldn’t even begin to think that through.

It wouldn’t affect their private relationship, would it?

His heart was suddenly beating very fast. He just needed to know… He needed to be sure…

In this moment, when what he’d been dreading for years had finally occured, there was only thing of true importance. If everything else was falling apart, one thing had to stay that he could rely on, just one.

“Phil”, he breathed out, his voice breaking. Dan hadn’t even noticed that he was on the verge of tears until then. He tried again, clearing his throat. “Phil, does this… I mean, this, this won’t… this can’t… we can’t let it… I don’t want this to change anything about us.” That’s not a question, you dimwit, said a voice in his brain, but Dan just stared at Phil, his eyes burning and prickling.

Phil lifted his head slowly to look back at Dan.

“I mean”, Dan continued when Phil remained silent, desperately searching for words, but there were none, no words to describe what he felt, no words for the kind of situation they had fallen into. His cheeks felt wet and hot and he brought a hand to his face. Great. Now he’d even begun to cry like the big baby he was. Unable to deal with anything like an adult… why would Phil even bother to put up with him any longer? Or why had he, in the first place?

“I know what you mean”

Dan looked up. Phil was staring right at him, his blue eyes clouded and misty. Was he… was he tearing up? Dan hadn’t seen his boyfriend cry in ages. He was usually the one who cried, and Phil was usually there to dry his tears and pick up his pieces when he broke down….

“You… do?”

Suddenly Phil got up from his chair and stumbled towards Dan across the room. He fell to his knees as he reached him, pulling Dan down from his chair and onto the floor, wrapping him up in his arms. It was an utterly uncomfortable position they were in with limbs oddly entangled, yet Dan found it to be strangely comforting.

“I know”, Phil whispered into his ear, his warm breath fanning the side of Dan’s face. “I know you’re scared, and I am too, and I have no idea what we’re gonna do about this or anything, but it’ll be okay. That’s all I know, whatever this will turn out to be, we’ll go through that storm together and it’ll be fine at the end of the day. I’m here, and you’re here, and as long as we’re together I’m not asking for more.” And by now they were both crying, two grown men sitting on the cold floor of their living room, hugging and tears wetting each other’s collars and faces and hair.

Dan wanted to say something, anything, in return to Phil’s little speech, but his throat was aching and all he could do was clutch Phil’s body, holding on to him as if for dear life, and quite frankly, he was.

“You’re my livesaver”, Dan muttered eventually, his face pressed into Phil’s neck. He hadn’t thought Phil had even heard him, but then he was being gripped even tighter and felt the gentle, yet firm touch of Phil’s hand stroking through his tear-wet hair.

“We’ll make it, Dan. Don’t you ever doubt that. Whatever may fall or break, we won’t. We’ll be the one thing you can always believe in. Just have a little faith, ok?”

Phil detached himself from Dan just enough to take his face into his hands and lean in until their sweaty, tear-stained foreheads were touching, and neither of them cared that they probably had snot running down from under their noses as their lips met in a shaky kiss. They broke apart soon, gasping for air, and stared into each other’s eyes, finding no answer to the question, but the reassurence of each other’s company.

And it was enough, for now, and


Little extra-ending for all who just vomited from cheesiness and crave some fun:

Dan giggled suddenly. Phil lifted his eyebrows in confusion at the sudden mood swing, but Dan couldn’t stop laughing. “What?”, Phil asked, wiping his face with the back of his hand. “Do I have a bogey on my nose or something?”

“No, it’s not that”, Dan said. “But yeah, you do actually - just kidding!”, he added as Phil began to pick at his face in horror.

“It’s just… you were wrong about one thing. We won’t go through the storm together.”

Phil stared at him, beginning to look worried. Dan’s grin widened, as he solemnly exclaimed: “We’ll proudly sail our ship through the upcoming shitstorm and if anything is certain, I am the fucking captain!”, he shouted, probably waking up their neighbours but he couldn’t have cared less, as he jumped to his feet, fist raised in the air like a superhero, and pulled a stunned Phil up to break into a silly dance.

Because what was the point in despairing, when you had such an amazing boyfriend? Literally amazing.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for writing the Batfam? I struggle with Bruce, Damian, and sort of Jason the most.

well i mean i believe in research being the biggest part of writing so reading a lot of the source material (pre 52 if you want it to make any sense) 

bruce boils down to him having a lot of Struggles. while it’s usually glossed over and regarded as moot point, he has extreme survivor’s guilt from the death of his parents that he actively tries to hide under multiple facades- bruce wayne the billionaire and batman being two of the key ones. i have a feeling that this was also something that pushed him towards taking in so many children (from dick to jason to caring for barbara to cassandra etc etc). his parental skills are more or less a reflection of him trying to atone for the deaths of  his parents by becoming a parent himself and sheltering children from the world. this is most likely why jason dying hits him so particularly hard- while dick and he had come into some tight scrapes, it’s the fact that bruce lived (and wasn’t even there) while jason died that haunts him the most. damian’s later death and resurrection gives him a manic obsession with reviving his son mainly because it worked for one of his children and he can’t afford to think that it wouldn’t work for another one. underneath all of his layers of cynicism and grumbly voice, he’s an incredibly tired man. he’s worked tirelessly on a city which is essentially a hellhole with little to no pay off. when he becomes an amnesiac in batman new 52, it’s literally one of the happiest times we’ve seen him in because he’s not burdened with the weight of the world. he’s forgotten that he’s alive where others are dying in gotham

damian is. not too difficult to figure out, but i damn the writers that white wash him and continuously gloss over the fact that he’s the product of a vicious cycle of abuse. talia raised Damian under extreme conditions and under an abusive hand because this was the behavior modeled to her by ra’s- and ra’s had a hand in how damian was brought up as well. he was crafted into a child solder, people who expressed concern over him (such as nannies/caretakers while talia/ra’s was out) were murdered in front of him, and he had the family legacy to live up to. as far as emotional development goes, he was pretty much shot in the foot the second that he was born into the al ghul household. he has incredible artistic talent (ranging from painting landscapes to music) but seemingly no passion for it because it was something expected of him. living under all of these crushing expectations, coming to america to live with bruce was nothing less than culture shock and confusion as, suddenly, he is seen as a human being and a child with valid opinions, and his actions have consequences. his superiority complex is incredibly shallow and not true to his actual personality, as it’s shown over and over that he constantly craves validation, and he uses this ‘superiority’ to fish for compliments. he wants to prove himself, but, most of all, he wants to atone. as a child, he doesn’t realize that he’s not responsible for things that his mother and grandfather forced him to do- his kind actions towards animals are reflective of him trying to give respect to creatures that he was once incredibly cruel to (he crushed a bat in his fist in one of his first appearances). this also has to do with the fact that he doesn’t know how to socialize with people well- animals are easy to talk with because they regard people with how they treat them, but people are complex. damian craves recognition and praise, all while it’s incredibly difficult for him to receive it through making genuine connections. even from his own father and mother, praise was scarce, and he was only truly well-received from dick, when he took up the mantle.

jason was a poor child raised in what was the worst crime neighborhood in all of gotham, with his addict mother, who he took care of by stealing/pawning off goods. he essentially became bruce’s ward out of sheer luck, because he stole the wheels off of the batmobile to pawn off, and bruce thought he had Some Stones for doing that. an integral part of his character is the fact that the scrappy little street kid inside of him never really died- despite the fact that bruce (someone from high society) takes him it, he never ‘becomes’ dick grayson (who transitioned into high society pretty well- i actually attribute this to the fact that he’s a performer and used to putting on appearances). while he’s usually characterized as the ‘angry’ robin, he was actually better behaved than dick was- unless it came to situations that directly concerned jason (or jason’s view of justice), jason was more or less content to do whatever bruce asked him to do, where dick frequently ran off. two key establishing moments in jason’s characterization as robin are when he and bruce pursue harvey dent (who jason’s father is in jail for being a goon for) and when jason pushes a rapist off of a fire escape. the first incident, jason becomes relentless in his pursuit of harvey, becoming nothing short of obsessed over catching harvey and getting justice. yet, over the progression of the story, harvey is put in danger (about to be crushed to death, if i remember correctly), and jason saves his life. he essentially says that he forgives him, but he won’t forget what he’d done to his family. the second event is when jason and bruce work closely with a woman whose abuser has diplomatic immunity. he’s a confirmed rapist and domestic abuser, and jason has bonded considerably with the woman (who, it’s important to note, shared similar physical traits to his mother). the rapist convinces the woman to kill herself (with the threat that he was coming back to see her, even though he was actually leaving the country) and, when bruce and robin arrive at her house, jason is the one to find the body. not bruce. bruce had been trying to pin drug charges on the man, but they wouldn’t stick because of diplomatic immunity and lack of evidence. when bruce and jason take him in (i believe his name was felipe), jason begs felipe to resist him so he has an excuse to beat him up, to deal some sort of justice. the excursion concludes with jason getting a second alone with felipe, and felipe falling down the fire escape. bruce asks what happened and jason says he fell (it’s important to also note that felipe had acted like the woman hanged herself with no relation to his actions, like an accident- which is most likely why jason wasn’t lying to bruce, but making a bitter quip about him pushing felipe off the fire escape). 

both of these events carry significance into his resurrection and his adulthood. by pigeonholing him into the role of dick grayson, bruce forgot one very key thing- that jason was raised on the streets, where there is a very integral system of loyalty and ‘eye for an eye’. this is apparent in his confrontation with felipe, and it’s also apparent in his entire, elaborate plan for bruce to kill the joker. keeping in mind his street background, it becomes increasingly obvious that his plan wasn’t a form of torture (by getting bruce to break his ‘no killing’ rule), but a means of forcing bruce to show that jason’s death was something worth avenging. jason had operated under the assumption that he was bruce’s child and, by all of the examples he’d seen in crime alley, when children died, their parents came for the killer. imagine that translating into the context of batman. jason can’t see any reason as to why bruce wouldn’t take the joker (of all people) off the market. in fact, he views it as plain disrespectful and indicative that he was nothing but a child soldier that the joker even remains in gotham, where he’s apt to break out of arkham and kill more people. jason woke up in his coffin crying out for batman because he still thought he and his mother were with the joker and he didn’t want to compromise bruce’s identity. to the point where he was clawing his way out of his own grave, jason remained loyal to bruce, down to even his secret identity while he was trapped in a box with limited air (and most likely insects). in jason’s eyes, however, bruce didn’t remain loyal to him. he’s marked by his tragedy in ways that the other bat boys aren’t- mainly because bruce doesn’t want to talk about it. jason constantly throws it in his face as a means of forcing him to be confronted with the fact that he died, he died and they still haven’t talked about it but it was such a dark time in bruce’s life that he instead crushes his feelings in his chest until they eventually explode in an emotional molotov cocktail. like damian, jason constantly struggles with his identity, and who he is as a human being (another reason why he became so fixated on having bruce execute the joker- he no longer had the label of ‘bruce’s son’ to fall back on, in his eyes. he was orphaned by literally every single one of his parents- from his addict mother, to his jailed father, to his real mother, to his vigilante father).

  • “As far as I can see, this person doesn’t even have an eating disorder”

That’s not your assertion to make.  Ever.

  • “I give you like 48 hours until Tumblr deletes your blog.”

You cannot guarantee termination, and there’s no point in putting on airs and insinuating otherwise.  How does this encourage someone to privatize posts?

  • “If you’re really sick you don’t have to tag it with pro ana or thinspo”

People that are, indeed, very sick will use the #pro ana or #thinspo tags if they please.  Tags aren’t an indication of illness severity.

  • “So, you give no fucks about the health of your followers? Also, if she’s a minor, you’re DEFINITELY going to jail.”

“Assumptions make an ass of u and me.”  I don’t believe that anyone in the community has a sufficient enough understanding of laws binding users of an international social media platform to be able to discuss the legal ramifications of pro-ed posting with certainty.  

  • “I honestly just wonder how people can be so stupid, immature, inconsiderate, insensitive, and just plain disgusting.”

This is not productive.  This is rude.  This does nothing but create animosity and dissent.

  • “And don’t forget all the creepy perverts,looking at your boney body picture while masturbating,thinking of how they fuck or maybe even rape you.”

Sexual exploitation is relevant, but a graphic description does not need to be used as a shock tactic.

These are things that I have seen being posted by members of the anti-pro-ana community.  Not only are they inappropriate and highly insensitive, but they send a message of superiority, intolerance, and hatefulness.  You cannot forget that the person you are reblogging a post from is your equal, regardless of the choices they’re making.  Please: enough with the superiority complexes, the goading, the mockery.  Be respectful; aim to communicate, educate, and eradicate.  You represent a fine group of people and an honorable movement every time you hit “post.”  Please don’t give APAC a bad name.

anonymous asked:

Hey cap and anon up the back, the 25 yr old again, just wanted to tell you both that I love you because (and i'm sure you understand this other anon) it seems everywhere I look in mainstream media (including the Almost Adults movie which i was frankly shocked about) being a virgin is seen as something embarrasing. Even my fucking doctor (please excuse my language) assumed I was sexually active without asking so its nice to know i have support and im not alone ❤

^^ This. You’re totally not alone, darling – stay tuned, too, because I have other wonderful anons coming into this wonderful, important convo, too!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 

Demons:  10k imagine

No one was excepting the zombie apocalypse. No human, not heaven or well hell. It came out of nowhere sending chaos through all.

Earth was losing its population after then leaves falling during the seasonal change.

But what was going on earth made the afterlife so much harder. The soul wouldn’t go anywhere unless the person got mercy. It was like that soul was in this weird in between state unaware of anything. Souls were rapidly coming, both heaven and hell were endless but the speed they were coming made it almost impossible to keep track of.

This only made my job so much easier. In an odd inhuman way, I didn’t mind the apocalypse. I had no soul per say, I was never a real person. I wasn’t evil not good. I was made by both forces, God and Satan. I did the dirty work for them. Some might refer to me as a demon but I didn’t work just for hell. I wasn’t a reaper but along the lines something like that.

When you die, you don’t just float up to where or plunged into hell. A person’s soul has to be collected. Usually the soul is cataloged to heaven or hell. But some are special cases, they want something so they sell their soul.

That’s where I came in. I’m like the CEO of the others. While Angels took the light souls, demons took the dark, I was left to deal with the others. The ones that aren’t ready or aren’t cataloged. I’ve been around for a long time hoping to find something to keep me busy.

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Fallout AU ideas:

Pre-war ghoul!Jack who watched his own daughter beg someone to kill her as she was going feral.

Pre-war ghoul!Jack brutally murdering the person who mercy killed her at her request.

Pre-war ghoul!Jack calling himself “Handsome Jack” just to watch the reaction of smoothskins when they finally meet him.

Vault survivor!Rhys being shocked at first but then kind because he had seen so much worse in the wastes - a ghoul with scars and rotten skin isn’t really that bad.

Vault survivor!Rhys and pre-war ghoul!Jack learning to love in the terrible conditions of nuclear fallout and after witnessing so many horrendous things.

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*Flails* Hi! If you're comfortable doing this, may I request scenarios for Asahi, Hinata, Noya, Suga, Oikawa and Kuroo when they're on a date with their girlfriend and someone starts catcalling her and wont leave them alone? Thank you! ♥

Oh no! I’ll catch you Anon-chan! But of course I am comfortable with this. If you don’t mind I’m going to start the stories off with the girlfriend getting hit on and the boys reactions. Hope this okay for you! (。・・。) For Noya, I kinda just made it a regular day, I’m sorry! And I apologize again for this taking so long. Writing this took so long, I hope its enough for you guys! It took a bit out of my soul to write these many characters (@ ̄Д ̄@;) I mean it was fun, but… MY LIIIFE. Hahaha. But here you go, enjoy!


Asahi closed the bathroom door behind him in the brunch cafe. As he began to walk to the table you sat at, he could see a male talking to you. He pouted at the view. Asahi could hear the male talk to you.

“Hey, cmon. You can just walk home with me.” the male insisted persistently. Your eyebrows furrowed in annoyance to this male’s determination.

“I already told you I’m on a date with my boyfriend. Now leave me alone.” you demanded strongly. The male laughed nervously.

“Ha, cmon. Dont be a grouch, you’re too pretty to be mad.” the male reached a hand out to touch your face. You faced him with a sharp turn of your neck and smacked his hand out of your view.

“I told you to leave me alone. I dont want my boyfriend to see this and ruin our date. So leave me alone. I was having a good day.”

But the male stayed longer. If you werent in public or on a date with you sweet Asahi, you would have walked away. It was the easiest solution. The difficult solution for this male would to give him a round house kick to his face.

Suddenly you heard your boyfriend’s timid voice. “Hey, she said to leave.”

“Hey, give me five more minutes,” the male began to turn to face Asahi. You smirked, knowing exactly what was going to happen. “I dont care if you’re her boyfr-”

Asahi towered over the male bothering you. The male whimpered as he saw how much taller Asahi was. You could see the male look at Asahi’s muscular arms and became petrified. You assumed he went through the many possibilities of Asahi handling him violently in his mind. Your smirk grew bigger.

“You-you’re her boyfriend?” the male’s voice was shaky and squeaky. You laughed at his change of act. It was always the same. Big bad boys think they can handle Asahi until they actually see that he looks tough. Only if they knew how Asahi really was.

“Yeah,” Asahi replied flatly. “So could you leave her alone please?”

Somehow, no matter how nervous or flatly Asahi talked to guy who hit on you, they were always terrified. You looked over to your boyfriend and noticed something different. Even though he spoke the same as always, his eyes were determined. His mouth frowned, seemingly annoyed. If Asahi was acting tough, you believed he was mad as well.

“Yeah, dude. I’m out. Sorry for the inconvenience.” the male walked away, looking back at Asahi. He bumped into the door on his way out and you laughed.

Asahi sighed frustrated as he sat back down at the table with you. You propped your head up with your fist and tilted your head towards your boyfriend. He really was annoyed. All you could do was place a hand on his tight fist that rested atop the table and smile at him.

“Honey, are you really mad?” you questioned with a concern. “You know thats always going to happen when you show up. So there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah I know. But it’s still troublesome. And what if I’m not with you?” Asahi looked up at you with tense eyes. It shocked you how annoyed he was being. You havent seen him like this since the training camp in Tokyo.

“Dont worry, nothing will happen. I’ll kick their ass. I love you.”

Asahi looked at you with concern. “You’re amazing.”

“I know,” you replied joyfully. You both smiled at each other happily.

Asahi grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed the top of your hand slowly and for so long. You couldnt help but blush across the face at your boyfriend’s sweet gestures.


“Wow you got yourself a hottie!”

You and Hinata turned your heads to see three males averting their attention to you. They all had devious smiles across their face. They reminded you of some punk band because of their black clothing and strange hair styles. The guy who had spoken out to you had a purple streak in the middle of his low cut hair. The two behind him seemed to coordinate their styles together because they both  had mohawks but one had red dye on his mohawk part and the other had blonde. Their clothing would be their indicated color but black over powering the whole outfit. You frowned at their comment towards you.

“Huh? Are you talking about my girlfriend?!” Hinata exclaimed nervous. You looked over to him worried then grasped his hand. You gave him a tug and he looked at you nervous. Once he saw how tense your face was, he calmed down.

“Hey, hey now. Dont go away. I just wanna see how she looks under that sundress.”

Hinata’s ears twitched at that comment. He looked furiously at the leader of the group as he stood in front of you. “Hell no you’re not looking at her.”

The leader raised an eyebrow to Hinata, smirking. “Ha, move shorty. You’re not gonn-”

You couldn’t help it. Hinata stood up for you, and you appreciated it. He usually would be too nervous to say anything. Sometimes he would say something. But you saw how furious he was. And you could hear it in his voice that this wouldnt be the last time this would happen. You needed Hinata to know that if this happened to you while he wasn’t around, you could handle yourself. So you couldn’t help but walk passed Hinata and slap this guy who disrespected you and your boyfriend the hardest you could.

How dare he ruin your relaxing date at the waterfront. You were enjoying the light breeze and the lively people around. You and Hinata were enjoying watching the live entertainment. You were going to cherish these memories. Until this ass hole came into the picture.

You hear a yelp from him. You could see his two friends eyes widen and their mouths fell to the ground. As you turned to Hinata to see if he was mad, he grabbed your wrist and pulled as he started to run.

“Li-little bitch! How dare you!”

You both looked back to see the guy flailing his arm around while holding his cheek. His two friends tried holding in their laugh. But you and Hinata turned a corner and another just in case they were going to try and look for you.

“___-chan! You’re crazy!” Hinata exclaimed nervously.

“Haha I’m sorry. But that was rude of him to say. And I appreciate it, Shoyou.” you kissed Hinata’s cheek. “I like when you stand up for us.”

Hinata couldnt look you in the eyes. It was so cute how Hinata would still get flustered from a peck on the cheek and you two have been dating for a year. You giggled.

Hinata calmed down and saw your smile. His eyes glistened as he realized how lucky he was. He cupper your face and gace you a deep kiss. You leaned into the kiss and held onto his shirt.

“I love you ___-chan. And I like that dress on you alot. But maybe you shouldnt wear it anymore.”

You backed away from Hinata but still held his hand. “Haaa?! I like this dress. If a guy does something like that again, I’ll take care of him too.”

Hinata laughed as you threw your fist into the air. You joined his laughter happily. No one could replace Hinata. He was the sun in your life. He was the reason you were so happy all the time. He was everything to you.


You left Noya to talk to you doctor about an appointment you had just been to earlier in the week and the store was a little loud. So Noya told you he would meet up with you outside when he was done buying his new volleyball gear and kissed you on the cheek with a smile. You could see from his gaze once he stepped out the store he wasn’t too happy anymore. No matter how many times you tried telling him you had an important phone call on the line, this random guy wouldnt leave you alone.

“Cmon, you dont have to pretend youre on the phone to avoid me. Or pretend to have a boyfriend. Hey I can change that. I’ll be your real boyfriend.” the guy flirted obnoxiously.

Noya’s eyes flared with anger and began walking up to you. He stood in between you and the guy. You watched the two while on hold with your doctor. They were both annoyed with each others presence. “She has a real boyfriend already. Me, now leave her alone.”

“What, you short piece of shit is this hot girl’s boyfriend? Please, you’re a joke.” the guy scoffed, shoving Noya aside. The force wasn’t enough to push Noya to the ground but his new volleyball gear had fallen onto the floor and out the bags. Oh no.

“Yu-Yuu!” you called out.

It all happened so fast. First you could see frozen as he stared as the guy tried to reach out to you. Then you hung up the phone as Noya ran and jumped onto the guy’s back. You took a few steps back as you watched these two try to fight each other. When two other guys came to break up the fight, the guy left you two.

“Yeah, you better walk away!” Noya called out still caught up in his emotions.

“Yuu! Its okay, just let it go now.” You grabbed onto his arm looking at him with a frown. You couldnt let Noya let his anger put him in anymore trouble.

As he looked at your face, he frowned. That was the last thing he wanted, was to have you worry about him. He turned to apologize to the guy that held him back. You also turned and thanked him for his help. The guy nodded happily. As he walked off, you watched Noya pick up his new gear. He took your hand and you walked back to the car together.

The car ride home was silent. It made you feel uneasy. You were picking at your nails while Noya drove. Thoughts endlessly went through your mind as to how to break the awkward silence. Here goes nothing.

“Are you mad at me?” you both asked simultaneously. You both looked at each other shocked. Noya returned his eyes back to the road.

“Why would I be mad at you, baby?” Noya asked curious.

“For trying to stop you from fighting him. Or because he wouldnt leave me alone.” you said quietly. Noya peeked at you playing with your fingers. He reached over and intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked up at him.

“I wouldnt be mad at you for any of those reasons. Are you mad at me for fighting him though?”

“Oh. Well no. I’ve gotten used to you getting mad at any other guys.” you laughed nervously. Noya’s grasp on your hand tightened and you saw his face tense up. “Baby?”

Noya slowed at the red light. He looked down at his steering wheel worried. “Am I too much for you?”

Your eyes widened with confusion. “Of course not. You’re everything to me. I love you no matter how out of hand you get.”

Noya straightened his lips and looked away. He knew the delinquent he was, but he assumed he had calmed it down ever since you two had started dating.

“I love you too.” Noya said as he took his hand out of your grasp and cupped your face. He brought your face closer to his and lightly kissed your soft lips. You deepened the kiss, craving him. It honestly made you hot when Noya would protect you. “Mmm, baby. Wait til we get home, I need to drive.”

Just then a honk behind Noya’s car sounded. You both quickly returned to your seats and noticed the green light. You laughed at Noya as he drove with a straight and pink face.


As you and Suga walked through the beach hand in hand, Suga was aware of the staring eyes. But he didnt care. You both were enjoying each other’s time together. Until the lifeguard came up to you too.

“Do you guys need any help?” the lifeguard asked casually.

Suga and you looked at each other a little confused. Neither of you were lost. Neither of you were suffocating from water violating your throats. Neither of you were a crying lost child. You both shrugged.

“No I think we’re good, sir. But th-”

“Oh I was just talking to her” the lifeguard said, ignoring the fact you two were holdings hands. You pouted annoyed with this lifeguard. “So do you have plans later, missy? I could show you around the good spots at this beach.”

You peeked over at Suga. He was smiling nicely, but you could see in his tense eyes he was really annoyed. You smiled up at your boyfriend with a pity. He was so nice, too nice in fact. You looked back at the lifeguard with a nasty smug look.

“I actually do have plans. With my boyfriend.” you said annoyed as you waved Suga’s and your hands in the air, fingers still locked together.

“Oh well how about going out with me after you’re done with him?”

“Or you be respectful, and let us enjoy our date, sir.” Suga spoke up with an annoyed smile. “Have a good night.”

Suga walked away with you behind him. The lifeguard scoffed and tried to keep talking to you. But you watched as your boyfriend’s lips tightened in annoyance. You fastened your walk to catch up to him, holding his arm with your other hand. Suga looked down at you calmly as you rested your head against his shoulder.

“Sorry, I just got really annoyed.” Suga apologized feeling guilty. You raised your head and looked at him. It stopped you both in your steps.

You got onto your toes to reach up to Suga. Your pressed your lips against his, holding onto his shoulder. He brought his arm around your waist, bringing you in closer. “No need to apologize. He was rude.”

As the sun set, you both continued your walk along the beach. The tide was rising, the water was cold against your skin. The breeze had become colder as well. But having Suga next to you, hand in hand, it felt warm. You rested your head on his shoulder as you both walked, happy to be with such an amazing and respectable man.


“Hey, Toruu, whose that?” Takeru asked as he took another lick out of his ice cream.

Oikawa looked at his nephew then turned his gaze to what he was pointing at. You were talking to an older male who had a dog with him. Oikawa’s eyes had a cloud of annoyance within them. Takeru looked up at his uncle expecting the worst.

The one day you and Oikawa were able to go on a date, Takeru had to come. You didnt mind but Oikawa obviously planned to do other things today. Which required a bed and some latex. But you loved Takeru. Takeru was excited as well to spend time with you. You both teased Oikawa on your way to the park that he could never against you two. It had started out fun. You all played volleyball together since Takeru was about to start playing in official games. After hours of playing, you noticed an ice cream truck pulling up. You were too tired to go so you gave some money to Oikawa to get all three of you ice cream. Being the gentleman he was, he made you keep your money as he took his nephew to the truck. But being the jealous boyfriend he was, he didnt like this guy around you.

“Ah, whose this, ___-chan?” Oikawa asked as he and Takeru came back from the ice cream truck. Oikawa handed you the strawberry ice cream on a waffle cone with a smile but looked over to the guy with keen eyes. He didnt flinch, his eyes only squinted. There was a tension between the two. You looked down to Takeru, licking his ice cream as he enjoyed the awkward situation between Oikawa and this guy.

You took the ice cream as you replied sheepishly, “Ah, I dont know. His dog just ran up to me with his ball.”

“Oh really?” Oikawa looked down at the happy dog. The corgi was looking up at the four of you happily panting, waiting for one of you to pick up the tennis ball resting in front of his small stubby legs. Oikawa bent down to pick up the ball then threw the ball across the park. You squeaked as the male grunted annoyed. Oikawa and the guy had returned a challenging look toward each other. “You should go after your dog before he decides to walk too far.”

“To-Toruu, don’t be mean to the dog!” you hit him lightly on the arm as you complained about his attitude.

“Yeah, Toruu! What did that dog do to you?” Takeru instigated behind you two. You looked back at Takeru shaking your head with eyebrows furrowed. Oikawa looked back at his nephew with a tense and devious look. Takeru knew he was going to get lectured for that later, but he didnt care. He stuck a tongue out at Oikawa.

“If that happens, you’re going to have to help me,” the guy said to you with a flirty smile.

“Ah sorry, this is actually my boyfriend.” you apologized nicely, following a nervous smile as you noticed Oikawa’s proud smirk.

“Oh well sorry to you as well.”

You raised an eyebrow to him and he continued.

“Your boyfriend is so rude, I know you could do better.”

Oikawa smiled at him annoyed. Just as he opened his mouth to argue back, you cut him off. “He’s not rude. He’s just jealous and loves me. I’d rather have that than a guy who cant respect my decision to leave me alone.”

Your eyes were tense with annoyance. Oikawa and the guy’s eyes widened at your blunt comment. You could hear Takeru yelp at your comeback to the guy. You continued to stare at the guy until he decided to leave. He scoffed at you three and walked away slouching.

As Oikawa waved to the guy with a pitiful laugh, you hit him simultaneously with Takeru.

“Ouch! What?”

“How could you say that about the dog?!”

Oikawa, Takeru, and you argued about the values of animal lives. The arguement went on longer but with the expected outcome of Oikawa losing against you two. Just as always. But as all three of you walked home at sunset, Oikawa held your hand tighter.

“I love you. Youre only mine. Okay?” Oikawa said jealously.

“I love you too. And I know. I’m also Takeru’s also.” you replied with an innocent smile.

“Yeah, Toruu! I like hanging out with ___ too!”

“How mean!” Takeru and you shared a laugh as Oikawa couldnt argue back with you two. He was tired of losing against two important people in his life. But he didnt mind. He loved you two immensely, nothing was going to change that.


You awaited at the front entrance of the ferris wheel with Kuroo patiently. You guys were planning the next thing you wanted to do at the fair.

“But Testuuu,” you whined, “I want to play games. Let me at least try to beat you!”

“But those guys always try to take all your money! How about we just go to the scary house?” Kuroo rose his eyebrows with a sly smile. You blushed at his indication.

“Testu, no! I am not going into their. You just want me to cry and hold onto you, like every other time we go into one of those things!”

“What, its because you’re so cute.” Kuroo leaned in and kissed you as he finished his sentence. You groaned into the kiss. “Oh don’t be like that, you know you love me.”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s confidence. But he wasn’t wrong. You loved him with all your heart.

“Come over here sweet heart, I’ll play a game with you if you want to so badly!”

Kuroo and you simultaneously looked behind at a couple. The male was looking to you with indecent eyes. You grew annoyed of his inconsideration to his date. But she seemed to shy to even complain. Her arm was shaking and she bit down onto her lip to hold back your thoughts.

“She’s fine over here. With her boyfriend.” Kuroo put an arm around you. His eyes threatened the guy. But you didnt see what the guy said because you both turned your attention to the line moving. Just one more group to go on the ferris wheel then it would be yours and Kuroo’s turn.

“Oh cmon, it was just a joke. Be nice, just let her play one game with me.” the guy pestered with a snarl. Your cheeks grew warm with anger. How could he talk like that with his date right next to him. Kuroo grew annoyed of it as well. After you two continued to ignore the guy’s determination, you both overheard the girl.

“Hey, I thought we were on a date.” the girl said timidly. She couldnt meet his eyes as the guy looked down at her confused.

“Oh you really believed me?” you bit down on your lip as you heard him talk to the girl with such disgust. He continued talking to her loudly. “I didnt even really want to go on a date. I just wanted to see the hot chicks here, but I didnt want to come alone. So I saw how you were always lonely at the shop so I thought you’d be better here alone than being alon-”

That’s all it took. Both of you weren’t thinking clearly, there wasnt a single care in your body. You took the girl’s shaking arm and pulled her towards you. You held her as she was sniffling, trying to hold in her cries. You looked at him with resent. Kuroo grabbed the guy’s collar and held him close. Kuroo stared at him furiously.

“How dare you treat her like that,” Kuroo hissed angrily.

“He-Hey! Back off! What do you care? You don-”

“I dont give a damn, you dont treat a girl, or anyone like that.” Kuroo pushed the guy out of his grip, causing him to fall to the ground. You both looked down at him with disgust then looked to the girl crying in your arms with concern. “Cmon, you can ride the ferris wheel with us.”

She looked up at Kuroo then you, jerking her head. You held her closer. She looked back to you, tears falling. All you could do was smile and insist more. “We really dont mind. I dont care if I dont know you, no one deserves some jack ass to treat them like that.”

Without letting her answer, you guided her to the back of the line. She quietly thanked you both as you looked down at her with a smile.

“Come back in the front!”

“Yeah! You guys were next!”

“Whoo, you two are awesome! Dont hang with jerks, honey!”

All three of you looked up to the line for the ferris wheel. It hadnt occurred to you and Kuroo that people were watching. You three looked to each other and sighed nervously. You thanked everyone as Kuroo led you two through the line. As you passed everyone you heard everyone cheer and say sweet things to the crying girl. As you three walked to the front of the line, you heard her cries quiet.

You guys looked out at the view, appreciating the world’s creations. The girl had introduced herself as Miyuki and thanked you two gratefully.

“Dont worry about it,” Kuroo said. “He got what he deserved.”

“Yeah. And if you want to meet nice guys, they’ll come. Just be patient.” you added on with a smile.

“Ah thank you. You guys are good together. Youre both so nice.” Miyuki smiled to you both. Kuroo and you looked to each other and shrugged.

“Four years being together and we’re basically the same person now,” you said slyly. But you smiled proudly. “But I honestly couldn’t be with anyone but Kuroo.”

Kuroo smiled down at you bashfully. “I couldnt agree more.”

Miyuki watched you both, a little jealous. The aura around you two was so happy, in sync. She could tell in just that moment the world you two lived in. How in love you two grew to be with each other. You guys have been through alot, and to end up together happily in peace, it was a long journey. The way you smiled at Kuroo, the way Kuroo laughed in tune with your smile. You two were perfect together. Miyuki thought back to how you two came after her. She didnt realize it at the time, but it was obvious now. You two really were one person. One person who could agree on everything, one person who fought for love and what they believed in, and one person who learned to love oneself with all flaws. Miyuki smiled, jealous of your love.

Unintentionally, Miyuki took a picture with her phone. You snapped your neck to the sound of her phone’s click.

“Ah, Miyuki-san!!” you raised your arms out, your face a little red.

“Ah, sorry! You guys were just so cute together. I can delete it! Here!” Miyuki insisted nervously.

“Eh, its okay. Can you actually send it to us?” Kuroo said calmly.

Once the three of you got off the ferris wheel, you stood together about to say your good byes.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay the rest of the night?” you asked worried. Kuroo shared the same worried look to Miyuki.

She nodded with a smile. “I couldnt intrude on your date any longer. I’ll be fi-”


All three turned your heads to a timid boy blushing.

“Ah, Haruko-kun! Hi, how are you?” Miyuki asked with a smile.

“Uhm, I saw what happened,” Haruko looked to you and Kuroo still incredibly nervous. You both gave him a slow wave, hoping he wont jump at your gesture. He seemed like such a fragile soul. Somehow his personality reminded you of Kenma, even though they werent the same at all. Haruko continued. “I just wanted to thank you both. I can hang out with you if you want Miyuki. I came alone to see the fair.”

Kuroo and you looked to each other with mischievous smiles. Miyuki was about to refuse, but you both gave a gentle push behind Miyuki. She looked back at you two over her shoulder and saw a thumbs up. Suddenly a flashback of you talking about nice guys came to her thought. She looked back to her friend and blushed.

“I would like that.” Miyuki said with a nervous smile. Haruko slowly grew a big smile. You smiled to the two reuniting. You took your phone out and sneaked one picture.

As the four of you departed, you snickered to yourself. Kuroo looked to you curious as you began messaging Miyuki.

“What are you doing, baby?” Kuroo asked with a raised eyebrow and smile.

“Getting my revenge on Miyuki-san.”

Miyuki squealed as she opened your text message.

“What’s wrong, Miyuki-san?” Haruko asked concerned.

Miyuki put her phone away embarrassed. “Ah nothing! Its just ___-san telling us to have a good time.”

As Haruko smiled and led Miyuki through the fair, she thought back of how to reply to your text message. It was a picture of her and Haruko smiling with both their faces different shades of pink.

You couldnt miss the opportunity to tease Miyuki as you captioned the picture.

Enjoy the fair! Make sure to send us an invitation to your wedding. Ps, this is your new contact picture because I know you set Kuroo and I as our contact picture.

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"Smog.. Can you keep a secret for me?"

This girl was just full of surprises, wasn’t she? Smog tilted her head to one side, picking her words very carefully. Even though Cinder was.. well, a friend by now, she guessed, Smog couldn’t help her instinctive curiousity and urge to say yes. Secrets were interesting things, how people were so obsessed with keeping them safe, how they’d do anything to make sure no one found out. The half-demon almost hissed at herself in frustration as her thoughts turned to how she could use whatever this secret was to her advantage without meaning to.

“Ain’t a secret that anybody’s been able to get outta me yet, Cinda’. A’ swear, it’s safe with me, and if it ain’t then that’s a surprise to both of us.” Smog finally replied. “An’ don’t worry ‘bout me being shocked or anythin’, a’ve seen and heard a hell of a lot of things in my time that are worse anythin’ y’ could eva’ think of with yer mind intact.”

The Last Gold (Taehyung) Part Two

Summary: In this world everyone has a soulmate. The day you are born you receive a bracelet. When it turns black you’ve come into contact with your soulmate–only thing is, one of you will eventually have to die by the other’s hand.

HEYA! So this is a spinoff of the bracelets series. You can really read them in any order if you want to–but the entire first series is here:  One /Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven

Also, both series will still have the female lead being called Y/N in their own featured piece. They are not the same person. This is just purely to make this kind to whichever the reader is attached to.

WARNINGS: Blood, cursing, gang wars and crap like that, sadness

Parts: One / Three

She was slow to realize the consequences of her touch, only when he refused to look away from his bracelet did she finally take the hint. Any words she had died in her throat, lips parted as if she actually could speak as her eyes slid from his face to the bracelet on his wrist. As if to confirm what she already knew, her hands came up slowly, cupping his forearm gently though her gaze was suddenly locked on her own blackened bracelet. He removed his hand from her chin with little resistance to her touch, though he remained standing close to her. She looked lost in the headlights, rooted into place by the mere fact that they were now, in their world, the definition of soulmates.

“Why are you here?” He tried to soften his voice, but it came out raspy, quick, and agitated despite himself. She couldn’t figure out where she was–she was simply a human being frozen in the shock of time; he’d never seen someone more confused about their place in the world.

But her lips moved nonetheless, absently answering his demands. “I wanted to find my brother. I heard–I heard he might be here.” Her eyes lifted from her bracelet to him, as if stating her reason for standing in front of him had brought her out of her head somehow.

“He’s in Bulletproof. We haven’t joined with them yet.” He deadpanned.

Her eyes seemed to widen and lose all their color while her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. She became three sizes smaller within the span of 10 seconds. She had an exaggerated way of reacting to things; it almost reminded him of an anime Jungkook had made him watch a while back. “My sister sent me; she said I could find him here.” She refused to look at him, pouting at his shoes instead. He would have found the gesture cute, if he wasn’t already travelling back into his recent memories of this girl’s sister.

“I know someone like you–except for she doesn’t have fear towards finding her soulmate, in fact, she wants to love him. Sisters you know, we can be alike but so different.”

Crow set him up. Crow set both of them up.

How the hell did she even know?

He grabbed her wrist, yanking her in front of him. When she didn’t immediately get the hint he wanted her to walk, he kicked his heel lightly against the back of her ankles, clicking his tongue. “Come on now, move.” He ordered, nodding to the expanse of sidewalk ahead of them.

“You’re not going to kill me?” She whispered, stumbling forward with confusion in her footsteps. She kept craning her head over her shoulder to look at him, to get a better glance at his features–at the way he avoided her gaze by looking through her, the beading of sweat that had gathered at the nape of his neck, the way he bit his lip when she refused to look in front of her in favor of staring at him.

“Face forward–I’m not going to kill you. I came out here to do something; Namjoon’ll kill me if I don’t do as I was told.”

“Rapmonster?” She chuckled, noting his slipup and the way his step faltered for a second as she spoke. Namjoon’ll kill him for sure once he figured out he revealed his actual name to a stranger.

Not a stranger now, my soulmate.

“Not like you don’t know his real name.” He muttered under his breath, pushing her forward to disguise his mistake. He wanted to keep her in front of him, like hell he was going to let her walk behind him; he didn’t trust her enough to show her his back. In the world of gangs and soulmates, giving the enemy your back meant absolute death–and they were now playing both games.

“Where are we going?” She was a lot louder than Jungkook’s soulmate had been, but even Jungkook’s was louder than Namjoon’s–their leader’s was just a lot more active. He’d never met Hoseok’s to do a proper comparison, but it turned out that as far as Taehyung knew, his was the most vocal; meaning she apparently didn’t know how to shut up. “Why aren’t you going to kill me? I would kill me if I were you–I mean come on, I know you met with Crow; you won’t stop staring at my tattoo with apprehension.  People only get like that when they know about us–or they’ve met her.”

“Quiet.” He used his free hand to rub at his temple–was this what it was like to live with him back before there was more black than gold? “I have to talk to Jin, and I’m not going to kill you because I don’t have a reason to; but, if you don’t shut up and I’ll have found a good enough one.” He muttered, determined to keep his eyes on the street ahead of her rather than on her body. He knew if he looked at her he would be screwed–he knew if he actually gave her the time of day he would lose all of his willpower.

If he looked at her he knew she would weasel her way into his heart as easy as it was for her to smile.

“Can I ask what your name is? All I know is that you’re not Namjoon.” Her voice was low, quiet probably out of fear that he actually would kill her if she opened her mouth. She seemed like a literal enough person. “My name is Y/N by the way–I don’t get a fancy nickname because I’m just property.”

He didn’t know if it was out of pity, or if it was because someone who called themselves property has probably experienced enough pain, but he felt his hand become lighter on her back. Instead of trailing behind her like a guard he slowly made his way up to her side. “V.” He said softly. “But, just call me Taehyung, I guess. You probably already knew my real name to begin with.”

He could feel her stare on the side of his face at his change in position, at the way that he kept his shoulder brushed behind hers to keep her ahead of him–still not trusting enough. He’d learned something at least from all of the black bracelets that littered the wrists of his gang members.

“Taehyung.” She said softly.

“Hm?” He didn’t look at her, only raised an eyebrow at the sidewalk.

“It’s a nice name.” He realized then that he liked the sound of her voice when she said his name, it was something that restarted a forgotten cavity in his heart–even though the echoes  of Jungkook’s screams as his soulmate dropped dead to the concrete reverberated through his brain.


He led her to the edge of the chain-link fence, pulling aside the clipped metal (thank Jungkook) first for himself, then tearing it back for her so she could slink up to his side. When they were both safely within the complex he pulled her along next to him, albeit gentler than before. When they approached the building, Taehyung wasn’t surprised to see Jimin guarding the steps to the side door; that specific entrance had been Jungkook’s favorite the past year–when he really decided to be a pain in the ass for Jin.

Or when he wanted to see remnants of her.

Jimin looked up from his splayed out position on the concrete stairs to the door, his elbows digging into his thighs as he haphazardly held his gun between lazy fingers. “What’re you doing here?” He muttered, not shifting from his relatively relaxed posture. His eyes flickered between her and Taehyung before finally zeroing in on the male’s bracelet, a low whistle escaping past his lips. “Well shit, not you too.” Jimin scrutinized the pair, noting the way the Taehyung leaned in slightly so his shoulder barely overlapped hers. As if that was enough protection if Jimin suddenly decided he was in a killing mood. “I’m the last one of us, huh?” He chuckled, waving his own golden bracelet in front of the pair. “Is that good news or bad news–wait,” He held out his palm to the pair, finding his own exhausted humor hilarious. “don’t answer that. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. Why are you here?”

“I want to see Jin. I have some new information he’s definitely going to want to hear.”

Jimin shrugged, scooting himself to the side just enough to allow them room to reach the door. He would have asked what happened to their old informant–but even he knew well enough that he was the cause of it. Jungkook would still be able to sneak in, give and steal information, and do as he’d always done if it wasn’t for Jimin knocking his gun to the side during their scuffle a year or so ago. Now Jungkook didn’t care about much of anything–so Taehyung was filling in the gaps until they could make the kid feel something for his team again.

Taehyung sidestepped around Jimin first, turning over his shoulder to watch her pass by the other male until they were both safely inside the door. Just because they were going to merge groups did not mean that he could trust Jimin, especially not with someone that was supposed to be his soulmate. Hell it didn’t mean he could even trust Jin–it would take time until the bond was deep enough that the groups would become inseparable, after all that had happened.

But they didn’t have time, Birdies and Butterflies was going to make sure of that.

Taehyung rounded the corner to the first stretch of hallway, briefly having flashbacks to when he was being dragged down the very same corridor bruised and bloody after being taken from his own dorm. He was quite the idiot back then, thinking that he could stop the inevitable power of the bracelets.

He passed the metal double doors of the last room she had ever entered, sparing it a quick glance before jerking his head away. It was best not to reminisce about things that couldn’t be fixed, hopes that had long since been lost to whatever horrid god ruled their Earth. But, the look didn’t go unnoticed by the girl he was pulling along by his side.

“Did it happen in there? For the younger–I’d heard only a little about her so…I heard it was in here. You were there right?” She looked back at the door that was quickly fading from view (if his brisk walk had anything to say about it), biting her lip. “It must have been horrible.”

He nodded to both of her questions, picking up his already rapid pace so she would be too out of breath to ask any more questions. But she wasn’t like any of the other boys’ soulmates; she was well fed and had excellent stamina. Great. Lucky him.

“Was that the first time you saw someone you care about die?” She really wasn’t good about keeping her mouth shut at all.

He stared straight ahead, only focusing on keeping her moving forward and towards Jin’s office. If she was quiet that would have been even better. “No.” She turned her gaze to the floor, for the rest of the way she was silent, allowing him a hallelujah moment of peace before he spotted Jin’s office door. He knocked roughly, faster than she could part her lips.

“Come in.” He heard the older male speak loud enough to hear through the wood.

Taehyung opened the door, making sure he was the first one inside. He held her directly behind him, his arm twisted at his back to keep a hold of her wrist so he could be positive that she was mostly out of view from the two men in the room.

It wasn’t surprising to find out that Yoongi was also in the room, sitting on the corner of Jin’s desk as he threw a small tennis ball at the wall–catching it before it could hit his leader. Apparently the man liked to live on the edge, well–he was also Jin’s right hand man so that helped lessen the chances of his death if he actually nailed his leader with the ball. Yoongi turned his head to see who entered, while Jin kept his nose buried in his paperwork and his pen moving quickly along the page.

“What’s going on?” Jin asked as if he had known who was at the other side of the door all along, only when he’d finished with a signature did he lift his head up to greet Taehyung with his gaze. He held no surprise, no interest, nothing but apathy as his eyes trailed and locked on Taehyung’s bracelet. His lips curled in amusement and he tilted his head to peer around Taehyung, immediately causing the other male to step further in front of her, pulling her closer behind his back. “Not going to let me see her?” Jin chuckled, folding his hands on top of his paper work so he could lean in towards the new people in the room. “I highly doubt with our history you would come here for such a silly thing as soulmates.”

Taehyung swallowed, for some reason he wanted her to stay behind him–maybe it was that he wanted to keep her secret, or maybe it was he wanted to protect her. Either seemed like a good excuse/denial at the moment. He felt her hand come up to cup his, absently running her fingers along his knuckles.  The tension dropped from his shoulders, but only slightly. “There’s a group that is after us–both of us.” His gaze locked on Jin. “And I don’t think you or your entire miniature army you have is going to stop them.”

“Speak.” He commanded, sitting back in his chair. “And, let her breathe–I won’t hurt her.” He inclined his head towards the girl behind him, a single eyebrow raised. “How long?”


Yoongi snorted as laughter bubbled past Jin’s lips. Their faces said it all. “You don’t know what you’re getting into.”

Taehyung’s eyes slid to Yoongi, his grip tightening on her (as if that would keep her safe from Yoongi) as he gently tugged her from behind him, having her stand directly in front of him. And then, for a reason that Taehyung didn’t want to admit–he put his arms around her and held her close against his chest as he told Jin everything that he knew about Birdies and Butterflies. But his gaze never broke from Yoongi’s, noting the way the other male’s eyes widened and his pale hands turned completely white around the tennis ball.


Jin knew very well who the girl standing in front of him was, and frankly, he did not give a single flying shit–about any of the drama that was going down under his roof. All he cared about was this new threat, and the looming fact that both of their empires were going to fall if they didn’t do something soon.

Birdie wasn’t stupid, and neither was her sister–he couldn’t expect the other females to be any different. They would tear his place apart limb from limb until they felt that justice had been exacted, until they felt their sister’s souls could be relieved of whatever burden they think their soulmate’s might have caused. He knew full well that they would be able to do it, too. They weren’t weakened, they had plenty of time to build up their defenses, strengthen their people, and learn the ways of the world. They had plenty of motive and determination as well, that he knew for sure.

After all, he’d taken both of their sisters from them.

“We have to combine our groups as soon as possible.” Jin’s gaze turned to Yoongi, smacking the other male’s arm hard enough to demand his attention. “If you’re going to say something then say it–brooding in a corner is not going to help anyone in this situation. We have better things to worry about, like the lives of everyone here.” He was frustrated and in a slight panic, his fingers digging into each other in his attempt to process the new information. He hadn’t considered the consequences of his past actions; he’d thought that he’d planned things out well enough–but under the fog of the bracelets even the smartest man could be distorted unintelligent. Jin didn’t need this now. With the strange limbo state that both groups were in before their merger–and the wonderful hole that Namjoon’s soulmate had blasted into the backside of his bade–he had enough problems to deal with.  .

Yoongi had fixated his glare on Taehyung, and it hadn’t left the moment he’d pulled her out in front of him.  The girl in his arms didn’t say a word either; she just gripped his forearms and backed into him as much as possible. She was the one that had wanted to see her brother, but now that she finally gets to she seemed to want to be anywhere but in the same room as him. The elephant in the room was distracting everyone except for Jin himself–whatever the problem was it needed to be out and dealt with, now.

“I want to kill him.” Yoongi murmured under his breath. “But I know I can’t and that irritates the hell out of me.” He hurled the tennis ball past Taehyung’s head, letting it slam into the door with a loud crack before bouncing across the floor.  The man’s gaze went from Taehyung to the girl in his arms, the anger dissipating as soon as he set eyes on her. “Where is she?”

“She goes by Crow now.” She spoke softly, her hands flinching on Taehyung’s arms just by the mere mention of her name. He squeezed her gently against him without thinking.  

What the hell did Crow do?

Yoongi nodded to her neck, frowning at the way she relaxed when Taehyung tightened his grip on her. “Did she mark you?”

Taehyung felt her stiffen against him, freezing in a way that reminded him of Jungkook–just before he would have a panic attack after remembering her death. Maybe it was because he had momentarily confused her for his gang member–or maybe he was just denying the slow crawl of his heart towards hers–but either way he rubbed his thumbs along her arms, bending himself over slightly so she could be partially cocooned by him. He had a tendency to want to shield people he cared about, people that were innocent, people that didn’t deserve to hurt. He didn’t know if she was any or all of them, but he felt the desire to protect her nonetheless–and that terrified him.

She nodded to her brother.

Taehyung had no idea what was going on, what marked meant, what the hell had happened between the three siblings or even what the heck was occurring within his own head when he held the girl in front of him. He wanted to be like Jungkook, he wanted to resist her and swear up and down that he was never ever going to fall in love with her. But, despite his outward appearance and behavior, Kim Taehyung was definitely not stupid; and he was definitely not Jungkook.

“What was the price?” Yoongi whispered, then, thinking better of himself he shook his head and clenched his empty fists on the table. “I was trying to get to you, you know. I told you I wasn’t going to leave you with her.” He ducked his head down, letting the fringe of his hair hang in front of his face. “She couldn’t hurt me.”

“I know.”


Jin apparently had tired quickly of the conversation, ushering her and Taehyung out of his office with a message to bring back to Namjoon. Jin would be over tomorrow for a meeting–both parties needed to agree that a merger was going to happen now, that was if they wanted to stay alive long enough to grow old.

Now the two of them were on the way back to Taehyung’s dorm, back along the same walk they had travelled before–except for this time Taehyung was going to take a couple risky shortcuts. They didn’t have time to doddle anymore, he was supposed have been at Jin’s an hour ago. To anyone else looking in on the couple, they might have appeared like lovers on a stroll–but if someone looked close enough they would see he was holding her wrist instead of her hand, even though she made no effort to escape or pull away.

“You’re usually talkative.” He was back to keeping his gaze on the road instead of her, pretending like he’d done nothing back in that room, pretending like the memory of him holding and comforting her (or maybe himself) had never existed. It was easier that way. “What was that all about?”

“I could say the same to you.” She muttered under her breath, looking away from him and to the ground. She seemed determined to keep her gaze there, but if he knew anything about her in these short hours it was that she was terrible at staying quiet, and terrible at holding any sort of grudge. He waited patiently, leading her with his shoulder until; finally, she let out a large sigh. “I did something stupid because I thought I was protecting him. But, my sister is smarter than me.”

He felt that unmistakable urge to bring her in close to him, to hold onto her until she relaxed against his chest and uttered a breath of safety. It took nearly every fiber of his bones just to keep himself in his lane. He was absolutely hopeless, even if his mind had given up on wanting to know the feeling of love, even if his body obviously hadn’t.

“Is your sister that horrible?”  He nudged her to turn down a shortcut side street, one that fed out into a road that was travelled by very few people. It was a risky road for that fact–the police didn’t patrol that road often, which meant it was a no-man’s-land for gang activity.

“We all are–well, we’re all supposed to be; our whole family or something.” She lifted her gaze from the ground, staring at the same spot in the distance that Taehyung had been eyeing their entire walk. “My sister thinks the gene skipped me. I would rather protect than injure, and that’s something that makes me weak–that makes me stupid.”

“My group says I’m too kind, that I talk and care too much.” He said before he could fully gain control over his own mouth again. “I want to help more than I want to kill–and in our world, that’s a bad thing.” He thought he would regret saying such things, he thought he would regret holding her, but he didn’t. He regretted the fact that he wasn’t strong enough to stop himself before he got more involved. He regretted the fact that he got involved in the first place.

He could feel her gaze on the side of his face, the smile that drilled into his cheek. “We’re similar then, aren’t we?” His eyes slid to the corners so he could actually see what she looked like when her stare was solely fixated on him. He wished he hadn’t decided to meet her gaze, he wished he hadn’t decided he wanted to see what her smile looked like when it was directed at him. He wished his heart would learn to follow his brain rather than the other way around.

But he couldn’t help it–he loved her smile; he didn’t want to love it, he knew it would be the beginning of the end, but he couldn’t stop the skip in his heartbeat. He couldn’t stop the inevitable, only resist for as long as possible.

She truly was beautiful. How hadn’t he noticed that when he first met her?

“Taehyung, do you think we can beat the curse of these bracelets?”

“I want to meet her; I want to fall in love. I think…I want to have hope, I want to believe that everything we’re supposed to love is destined to die in this shitty world.” His own past stupidity mingled with her words, until there was a list of blackened bracelets and dead faces that cycled through his head on an endless repeat. He had to shake his head clear to make them stop. “No.”

She bobbed her head to herself, her eyes flashing to the ground for a moment. “I want to believe. I want us to beat it.” She said. “But, if it comes down to a bad ending, I want it to be me.”

He froze, digging his heels into the ground and stopping both of them in the middle of the abandoned street. “What? What do you mean?”

When she looked up at him he saw the face of Jungkook’s soulmate, a bloody hole in her head, empty, dead eyes haunting him.

“I want you to live.” Her hand came up to rest on his own still holding her wrist. “But we won’t worry about that. We’re going to live–both of us.”

He wanted to believe that smile of hers, in the soft pads of her fingertips on his skin. He wanted to believe in it all. But, he was still not as dumb as he looked.

Before he could say anything that grin of hers quickly dropped into a panicked frown, her eyes widening until her irises were surrounded by a ring of white. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of his shirt, snapping his hold on her wrist as she nearly yanked him forward. She was taking off at a jog, her grip tight and unbreakable around his wrist until his feet finally got the hint and started moving. “Please run!” She nearly shouted in his ear, her pace turning quicker, rushed–desperate. She was the one now dragging him, nearly pulling him forward so fast that he nearly tripped face first into the asphalt. “RUN!”

Finally, she broke through to him; finally his brain connected to his feet and he was taking off now faster than she could go. He didn’t know why they were running, that was, until he spared a quick glance over his shoulder.

Crow was there, walking barefoot and deliberately slow at the mouth of the empty street behind them. She had a predator’s walk, one that was reminiscent of large cats he’d seen on animal documentaries–right before they caught their prey. She wore a twisted grin that would have filled any great villain with envy, and when he noticed the small army of women behind her, he understood why. Each person there was loaded with an assortment of guns–all of them pointed at the running pair.

“I was wondering if she would be your soulmate!” Crow shouted, the echoes chasing them down the street. “Looks like I was right!” Her head cocked to the side, laughter slithering through the asphalt as a final warning before her raised hand swiped down in a beautiful arc to her thigh. “Fire.” She commanded.