the shoal

I like the city late at night, the blasts of music and the splashes of light cast from bars that are still open, shoals of brightly-dressed clubber, the beeping taxis and the greasy, savoury smell of meat and onions from the burger vans.
—  Mhairi McFarlane

Breaking news! An update to the Splatoon 2 game will be released this evening: Version 1.2.0. For details, please visit this page.

One of the key updates is that Grizzco Industries has apparently established a new location for its Salmon Run operation. This location is known as Lost Outpost. It appears to be an abandoned settlement near a coastal region.

You can use the walls of the main structure to evade Salmonid attacks, but the walls will also block your line of sight. You’ll need to be even more vigilant in watching your teammates’ backs.

This stage will be available via The Shoal for local multiplayer later this evening, as well as rotated into upcoming online work-shifts.

A drone captures a group of hungry humpback whales lunge feeding on huge shoals of herring in northern Norway

Photograph: Picture Adventure Expeditions //Picture Adventure/Barcroft Media

anonymous asked:

i was reminded of your Poor Unfortunate Shoals fic (which i still hold dear to my heart) and it made me wonder if you draw homestuck anymore? i sure miss those pretty amporas you did...!

not much any more, no!  But I can be persuaded. ;D

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D

Collective Nouns for Adventurers

I don’t know if @we-are-rogue updated this or not, but I’m doing it anyway! (some of this is theirs, some will be @lawfulgoodness

EDIT: I’ll update this with new members and unofficials. As well with Nemeses and more! List got long so I’m putting it under the line. (I might even change some of the old ones)

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