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Class a on kids decided to have matching outfits for halloween. They ended up dressing up AS EACH OTHER (ps. Deku dresses like Bakugou)

so i’m gonna make this where they draw sticks or smth to pair up with someone and then they have to dress up as the other person for halloween, no exceptions. bc i can’t see bakugou willingly dress up as midoriya otherwise LMAO

  • Rules:
    • you can’t borrow their clothes; you have to make them 
    • it has to be their hero outfit (*most recent versions as in the manga)
  • Bakugou – Midoriya
    • god this pair. bakugou throws a shitfit at first but then quiets down
    • they look,,, so strange
    • bakugou looks so uncomfortable without grenade blasters
    • midoriya looks like some sort of exotic bird with the spiky hair thing
    • they’re so shocked that they’re both totally silent and contemplating what they did in life to get them here sdfkdsjklfsj
  • Yaoyorozu – Kirishima
    • see regardless of who she gets paired up with yaomomo has this easy bc she can just create their hero costume 
      • she makes kirishima’s costume but with a few alterations so that she can show less skin
      • :)
    • kirishima is so pumped for this. low v-neck? hell yeah he’s gonna look so good. he’s gonna look so yaomomo-y. 
  • Kaminari – Jirou
    • these two are so relieved ngl
    • bc both of their costumes are basically normal clothes with like one or two accessories
      • kaminari rocks the red face paint thing and hell yeah normal clothes and boots.
      • jirou loves the choker it fits her Aesthetic so much. plus a tracksuit? easy to find. bless.
  • Shouji – Mineta
    • the tallest person and the shortest person. what can go wrong
    • shouji crumples up purple construction paper and tapes it to his limbs dslkjfdkasf
    • mineta buys a balloon making kit 
      • he tries to blow up balloons so he can twist them into things that look like arms and legs and stuff and then attach it to himself 
  • Aoyama – Kouda
    • aoyama is in slight distress that there won’t be sparkles but he has to do this!!
      •  to fit in with everyone else i cry
    • kouda is also in slight distress bc sparkles will draw attention to himself 
      • a lot of animals get distracted or scared by bright things so it makes it harder for him to use his quirk
  • Hagakure – Ojiro
    • ojiro is always suffering isn’t he
      • how is he supposed to dress up as an invisible girl literally what the hell
      • he eventually just gives up and wears gardening gloves. that’s her hero costume right
    • hagakure makes a tail out of cardboard and cotton balls and wears a bathrobe
  • Sero – Tsuyu
    • sero uses his tape as a fake frog tongue 
      • he was worried that this’d be offensive at first but tsuyu told him it was totally fine so he went with it
    • he wears binoculars and a green suit
    • tsuyu wears a daft punk-esque mask and uses some materials she found at home to make a costume
      • she looks perfect
  • Iida – Satou
    • satou’s dad is a car mechanic so he just borrows engine parts from there and awkwardly duct tapes them to his legs
      • he also uses aluminum foil and a colander as a costume
    • iida doesn’t really have to do much, he can just get a generic costume
      • but he goes super all out anyway and tries to make it all by himself. pure
  • Uraraka – Ashido
    • ashido is pleased bc uraraka’s costume is pink like her skin
      • she still makes the costume ofc. but the color makes her happy
    • uraraka wears animal print and wonders how ashido can pull this off bc she herself feels weird wearing it klsdfjsdlk
the dreaded communist agenda

sunday: destroy every government, company, and landlord that’s killing, controlling, and exploiting us.

monday: return all land, resources, and products of labor to the people from whom they were stolen.

tuesday: undo the damage we’ve done to the planet and transition to a sustainable lifestyle.

wednesday: destroy all social categories (i.e. gender, race) and institutions (i.e. colonialism, heteropatriarchy) that mark us for and subject us to exploitation, oppression, and death.

thursday: equip the people with the knowledge and skills they need to avoid the reproduction of oppressive social structures and create beneficial ones.

friday: tend to our wounded, mourn the dead, make amends, expel the traitorous. foster altruism and mutual respect.

saturday: devise new technologies and relations, or recover old ones, that improve the quality of every facet of life.

… the joke is that i’m not sanitizing it to attract half-hearted converts who jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

remember when karkat threw a total shitfit in front of everyone on the meteor and dave laughed hysterically and reminded rose of how he’d told her about how great karkat is, see, rose, I told you about this guy, see?? Obviously it’s meant pejoratively like – pft look at this asshole who has never learned even a single strider rule of cool – but there is no way there wasn’t an underlying fascination with the sudden presence of someone so expressive and I like to think that even that early on, in that moment, dave was genuinely experiencing a little thread of excitement at the thought of spending time with someone who wore his heart so transparently on his sleeve

he goes into it in this mocking way because at that point it’s the only way he can really express that kind of emotion while maintaining his superior frame but I always read that shit has half genuine delight that he had no fucking clue how to process at the time

I imagine so many of their early interactions just being karkat pontificating endlessly about his many grievances, limbs flailing, volume irregular, pacing around with the boundless energy of the perpetually enraged, and dave just kind of laughing and telling himself silently he’s so much better than this guy while shrugging off this increasing and perplexing sense of deep discomfort, not with karkat and his performative fury but with the way he finds watching it so fascinating? why does the relative peace and quiet of being alone in his block at night keep him awake choking on his own completely fucking ridiculous existential anxiety while sitting on a metal floor listening to karkat “sandpaper for your auditory cortex” vantas screech about bullshit for hours is so fucking mesmerizing?

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i do love keith the way he is!!! i think it’s perfectly normal and expected for a seventeen year old to have emotional outbursts and to not want to listen to authority (my sister just turned seventeen so like. i know. i know) but i do think that keith is unhappy with how quickly his temper rises and how often he turns to it – it’s not always very productive as a response and can actually be a detriment, especially if the right approach is to be diplomatic. it’s good and healthy for keith to recognize his own issues and want to work through what’s causing them and maybe try and fix it in the future! 

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for the meme: Celebrimbor?

  • their blog url: type-mutual-and-enter (he thought this would be cute but literally no one could get past the password protection so eventually he just took the damn thing off. The url remains)
  • the kind of posts they reblog: Jewellery aesthetic posts. Cool Metallurgy Facts. Narvi’s shitposts. Annatar’s selfies. Nothing political ever ever ever.
  • the first person they followed: His dad! (He blocked and unfollowed after Curufin threw that shitfit on the political blog he’d been comodding with Finrod)
  • what kind of theme they’d have: It would be a custom theme, something accessible and functional. (At the bottom there’s some text that only appears if you mouse over it saying ‘Celebrimbor of Hollin wrote this code.’)  
  • what kind of text posts they make at 2am: Pedantry about media depictions of smithing, ‘it’s a ring jfscgf no one makes rings by pounding on them with a hammer, I know this is artistic license but that’s no excuse, come to my workshop and I will SHOW you, what you do is-’
You know, maybe corporations should stay out of politics?

Pepsi is a fucking soft drink. I dont care if they support BLM or dont support BLM, or whatever the political flavor of the month is. I just care if they have the fucking drink I want. 

But no, they tried branching out and capitalizing on this new Social Justice Movement and tried to link Pepsi with Unity and togetherness, and make some more money off Social Justice, which is something I can respect and I would do in a heartbeat if I could. But as Marvel and other companies have learned, no matter how you try to appease these people, they’ll bite your hand. 

And now Pepsi took down the add because everyone threw a shitfit. 

Who saw that coming? Oh yeah, everyone with two eyes. 

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Dream Daddy is so weird to me because it's near enough one of the only times where I've honestly been offended by something concerning my sexuality. It all feels very slimy and exploitative. Not even getting into the fact it's a shallow joke based on a hot meme phrase. Yet all the people who usually throw shitfits over stuff like this are singing it's praises. Is it just because Game Grumps is involved?What's the deal?

yes that’s literally the case

GG involvement provides a layer of insulation


“For real, in the show Superstore, one of the supposedly unappealing factors of a disliked character is that she owns many birds and is very devoted to them. She spends one episode trying to safely remove a bird that’s loose in the store, only the have the episode end with someone brutally killing it and her finding out. Because comedy >:(”


Right? because birds dying is always funny. They’re just noisy, dirty annoyances so good riddance.

I read this thing somewhere, where dogs are considered “masculine” and everyones expected to love them and cats are considered “feminine” so it’s socially acceptable to hate them. You can like them if you want but it’s not necessary. Idk what birds are considered but since its socially acceptable to fucking kill them YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE >=(.

People have told me, to my face, knowing that I own a bird, that they HATE birds, and sometimes even go as far as to say they hate my bird specifically. With no restraint they just said it. Imagine saying that about someone’s dog? They’d have a shitfit. People think there’s something wrong with me because I don’t like dogs. “Why do you hate animals?” “But I don’t! I love birds!”


It’s just so frustrating and I want to punch everyone in the face

To think it’s been roughly a year now that I’ve been part of this fandom. Originally I started out on the 30th of June last year, now look. Things have been up and down in multiple aspects, muses have come and gone for me, as have some people I call friends, sadly, but this is part of life. Even so, there are some of you that have known me ever since I wandered into this fandom alone, stuck with me through so many things and for that, I truly thank you. Your continued support and reassurance has helped me fight through hardships and strive to become a better person.

As of writing this, I have 726 followers, which officially makes this the largest blog I’ve ever run, and truth be told before I got here… I didn’t write canon characters. You guys gave me the confidence to do it.

I’d love to write down every single person’s name below in my little follow forever, but I think tumblr would probably have a shitfit at me. This is in no particular order, and if you don’t see your name here please don’t take it to heart. I still love you just as much!

I’m also planning a special giveaway for one lucky follower: $50 AUD worth of lush products of the winner’s choice! I’ll be doing the draw in about a month’s time, all you have to do is like this post to enter as long as you were a follower prior to this going up.

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Warren could not breathe.

Of course, he knew that, logically, he was able to breathe. There was enough oxygen in his room and he had a pair of functioning lungs, but his throat and chest were tight with irrational fear and he could not hold his breath for a split second before it rushed out of him again. Black spots were impairing his vision and Warren felt like he was about to pass out. He knew he was hyperventilating, that he was having a panic attack. He also knew what one was supposed to do in a case like this, but his logical reasoning had flown right out of the window, he could not breathe and he was going to die if he did not calm down.

It took some time, determination and a lot of frustration, but eventually, Warren was almost breathing normally again. His mind was still overtaken by screaming panic, and he was still shaking badly, but he felt like the worst part was almost over. Taking a deep, shuddering breath and exhaling audibly afterwards, he wiped over his face with his sleeve, wetting the cotton material with a mix of sweat and tears. He needed to take a shower and change into clean clothes, but the thought of possibly running into one of his fellow students and being picked on for looking like a fucking mess almost made him become hysterical again. Warren was an extrovert at heart, but right now, the idea of human contact made him tremble in horror.

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caranthir + waking up

I would put forwards that, given Being A Morning Person was remarkable enough that Celegorm was named for it, all of his brothers are grumpy, monosyllabic horrors until they’ve had a cup of coffee. Now, this wasn’t such a problem in Valinor, where every plant ever grows freely, but when they got to Beleriand there was something of a….rude awakening ahaha. 

This lack of caffeine hit Caranthir - whose fathername was derived from his penchant for black coffee - especially hard. Chicory and acorns really don’t cut it and 90% of the reason he threw a horrendous shitfit at that council re. Thingol’s letter was because it was 8am and what the fuck are they doing up so early, why is everything so bright, the world is pain. 

I don’t know much about the climate of Thargelion but I will bet dollars to doughnuts it was the area best suited to coffee plantations where Caranthir desperately attempted to culture something that would make getting up earlier than noon slightly tolerable.