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The Walls Have Eyes Pt. 2

This takes place directly after part 1. The DM has basically told us that all we need to do is pull the lever, which we hadn’t done yet at this point. The party consists of a paladin and a sorceress that literally couldn’t kill a fly. Not for moral reasons. She was just inept.

Paladin: Alright, I pull the lever.

She pulls the lever, we hear another enemy, they wall opens and we see an enemy standing in the corpse of another.

Me: *screaming* PULL THE LEVER AGAIN.

Paladin pulls the lever, and the wall closes.

DM: You know you have to go in there eventually.

Me: Ok, I ready launch bolt to be cast upon my seeing the enemy. Ready? Pull the lever.

Paladin pulls the lever, DM makes a couple roles.

DM: Ummmmm, ok. The wall opens, and now there are two more corpses. They were teleporting in, and killed each other.

I feel like there’s an important thing people are forgetting in this fandom:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Meaning, in this case,


I get it, Love Square content over-saturates the fandom. Trust me, I understand. However, many of you may be surprised to hear that I, in fact, ship it. I say that is ‘surprising’ because I’ve honestly been surprised by how many times people just casually say things to me as if I am in agreeance with them on hating it. I get frustrated sometimes when I can’t find content for other stuff, but I don’t hate it.

I remember once getting a message that seemed to genuinely believe I would only draw Love Square if I was drunk.

Um, no. I might joke about it but, honestly, that’s not the case. It seems to be this common idea that if your main ship is something other than Love Square then you must hate it. So I see so many people casually talking about Love Square like it sucks or is terrible or ‘oh god not another one’ to those who have other main ships and I think that’s not good behavior at all.

How can you expect those who ship it to like you if you talk shit about their ship all the time? And if you turn around and get mad when they say shitty things about your ship, you honestly deserve it by that point.

Love Square is what the majority likes. Accept this and move on. How can you expect them to accept you if you keep talking shit about what they like? And how can you expect them to accept your ship as a whole if people keep giving the impression that those who ship it are against them? It makes no sense.

Don’t talk shit about Love Square. Especially if you don’t want people to talk shit about your ships. You may also be surprised at how many of your fellow shippers also ship Love Square too. Don’t alienate them as well. This have been a PSA.

  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.

 I have no time for Misha haters. Sam and Dean have killed just as many women and POC characters if not more. Get over yourself and your hate. Its a pathetic way to live you life. Really, I pity you.

Ya know what would be a totally AWESOME show? Two badass black or latina sisters who hunt and kill Supernatural things. But with Misha exactly as he is with Cas. because ultimately, Cas made this fucking show. It wouldn’t even still be going without him. If the creator of the fucking show admits that Misha makes it what it is and that Misha SAVED IT, then I think he’s worth more than your stupid opinion. 

The woman/POC issue is not to be blamed on Misha and Cas. It is an issue yes but your argument is ridiculous and you are simply hunting ways to channel your hate. How about instead you do something nice, like take a leaf out of Misha’s book with a random act of kindness, since ya know, he is an actual decent human being… otherwise just get outside, get some sunshine, hold a puppy… 

I have a zero tolerance policy towards Misha hate and these kind of ridiculous anons. Therefore you are blocked. As is anyone else who tries to send me Misha hate or any hateful messages at all. Seriously, all you haters need to get some perspective on life. Its really sad. Make yourself a cup of tea, have a chocolate biscuit and do something that makes you happy…masterbate to some pictures of Jared Padalecki or something…. Here I’ll help have some pics:

There. Don’t you feel better now?

Now fuck off of my blog and leave me the fuck alone. 

okay okay so hear me out fam.

When it comes to superhero girls and their costumes, I think…

SKIMPY IS AWESOME. I think ass hangin out, 6 inch thigh high boots, gloves, fishnets, sashes, tiaras… I love all that shit. I hate that argument, OH IT’S NOT TACTICAL. HOW YOU GONNA FIGHT IN THAT OUTFIT? 

BITCH, CAROL CAN WITHSTAND NUKES, YOU THINK HER HEELS ARE HINDERING HER???? (plus she flies so she probably isn’t putting all her weight down on them, ever think about that salties??

Most super heroines have super powers and don’t need the coverage. And If I gained super invulnerability tomorrow, I’d go fight crime in a sexy outfit too! 

For the Hundredth Time...

We are in a dank cave with water flowing from somewhere. Our Cleric is fighting the last enemy.
Dwarf Cleric: I throw my shield, Captain America style.
Me GM: Ok.
(rolls nat 1)
Me: You throw your shield into the river.
Dwarf: What river?
Me: That one. (Points to map)
Dwarf: Shit.

He bought another shield.
First enemies.
Dwarf: I throw my shield at a random guy.
Me: Anyone?
Dwarf: Yeah.
Me: (Rolls to determine target.)(Target is himself. Rolls nat 20. To shake things up, I roll on the something happens table. “An old enemy returns…” is what I got.
Me: Holy shit. So…you throw your shield, it curves round, and conks you on the skull. (Rolls max damage possible)
Dwarf: At least I still have my shield.
Me: A river comes crashing down the mountain, and sweeps away your shield. As it fades away, you can see your other shield in the river.
Dwarf: I fight the river.
Me: (rolls nat 1)
Me: The river forms a water elemental, and the water elemental takes both of your shields…
Me: (rolls two nat 20s)
Bard: I loot him


time to dance // panic! at the disco

The Block List

Just a disclaimer: the person who made this seemed not to understand how this could be used against anyone as she was sending this privately to blogs she deemed ‘unabusive, who were just trying to get away from the bullying.’ She seemed to me most of the time to honestly see us as “entitled teenagers” However, I made it glaringly obvious that I was starting fights, that I was borderline homophobic, I basically acted like the shittiest person I could, and I got the damn list. Whilst getting the list, we had some interesting conversations, some notable moments would be:

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why are people being so negative about andromeda tho i mean making jokes is one thing but people saying its 100% shit when its not even out yet/have only played a little of the game sounds more like people unable to let go of the trilogy and comparing the two than actually trying to enjoy a new game. The whole point of this game is that Ryder isnt Shepard. They’re young and stupid and inexperienced and put into a position of extreme responsibility for the first time. Even if they were like Shepard, y’all would just complain that they’re a clone and bioware cant write new characters.

its also kind of unfair to compare a bioware game to something like uncharted or horizon zero dawn. they spend so much more time recording voice lines, writing different conversation/story paths, allowing you to make a custom character, lore writing, building multiple huge areas ect. in nearly every game they make. 

dont kid yourself and say you played DA:O for the groundbreaking combat system and beautiful character models, or loved Mass effect 2 because the animations were amazing. We all played these for the story.

and for people saying they should still improve? yeah, they should, there’s a lot bioware as a company needs to work on. but at the same time, they have improved. very slowly, but they’re getting there. remember that they started working on this game at around the time me3 came out. if they were to start it today, it would probably be very different. probably even better.

Id also like to remind people that mass effect is a video game, not an animated movie. When you actually play and watch the cutscenes in context you will barley notice. Its easy to pick something apart when you're just looking at a gif of it. bioware is also just a company, they cant track and grant everyones wishes, and they aren’t anywhere near being perfect but, what other game is????? is there a game that has all the diversity and representation and amazing gameplay and animations that you want?? link me if it exists 

Im not excusing their mistakes, representation is beyond important in media and we should fight to have it. But listen guys i bought a fucking ps4 for this and dropped $70 on a pre-order i have to be optimistic.

The time the Drunk Druid killed us all

Once the group was trapped in a dungeon with no way to get out. We had all escaped our chains, and we were together. Finally the NPC wizard came to our rescue but the Druid knocked him out.

Druid: Oh god what do I do?

Ranger: Wake him up somehow. I don’t know, try something!

Druid: A spell! That’s what I’ll do!

Druid (OOC): Guys, I’m drunk. I have to roll on my random chart to see what I cast.

*Druid rolls*

Druid (OOC): *Barely containing laughter* Guys, I dropped a horse onto his chest.

DM: He teleports away. Have fun being executed.