the shit that you hate don't make you special

I hate it when I see a traditional animation appreciation post only to have it shit on computer animated films as “they’re all plastic dolls the concept art looks better the animation industry is lazy,” Do any of you actually watch the special features on the discs and see how much shit they do to make it work???  You don’t have to like what it looks like but fuck admit they do a lot of damn work and they do care about artistic direction and just do it in a different way.

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I hate terfs and shit but what makes them so unique and special that they deserve dominance over neo-nazis, bigots, or alt-right people? Like honestly, sure they're bad and all, but why are you singling out such a small percentage of a much BIGGER racist/sexist/anti-gay world? It's really closed minded honestly and it looks like you're just going with the crowd. But that's just me. Don't get all upset, I hope you have a great day dude (:

because terfs kept following me

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First of all, fuck you, anon hate is the only way some of us can vent without our real accounts being banned. Also, you're a fucking bigot, so don't even try to get out of that, pseudo-nigger bitch. That's the tea.

Well pour that tea into your lap, fucker.

You, as the worthless pile of biomass that you are apparently, of course, don’t understand that if your main “talent” is venting and accusing people of different shit and hating on them, then you’ll get BANNED.

For special imbeciles like you, a clue, that button that says “sign in” let’s you create new accounts, do that and then hate all you want, although that doesn’t make you any less of a dick, but at least you’re not a coward bitch that represents NOTHING in real life and decides that they have the right to complain about everything.

Yes, I have said awful, bigoted things, and I have owned up to my mistakes and apologized MULTIPLE times. Whoever forgave me - forgave me, whoever didn’t - didn’t and I absolutely Understand. (Although some people still spread false shit about me and acting like they know best what my ‘motives’ to apologizing were and myself. But that’s a whole different story)

Also how dare you… how FUCKING dare you… call me a bigot and then say the N word (I highly doubt that you’re black since only black people can say that) in such an awful way… I reblogged that anon hate post not because I was afraid of it, keep it coming I don’t accept shit from people like you, I reblogged it to get through people’s heads that you look RIDICULOUS hiding behind those anon sunglasses.

Signs as people I know (Pisces perspective)
  • Aries: deeply down romantic; don't take shit from anyone; care about everyone; can give you 1052626 compliments per day; can look very serious and scary; enthusiastic; always ready to help those in need; very protective sweethearts; can be whiny but hate when other people are; argumentative af; very honest
  • Taurus: stubborn babes; they take care of new people; can be very social; impudents; argumentative af; when they know they are right they will fight till the end (the case is they always think they're right); can become easily very obssesed over sth; hard-working; consistent; mama squad; very chill
  • Gemini: clever af; words game is very strong in this one; that kid in the class who makes jokes and everyone laughs (i mean EVERYONE even Capricorn); they could even make a funeral funny; very nice and open; great friends; more caring than you can imagine; good buddy to party; they will always listen to you; always ready to cheer you up; spontaneous
  • Cancer: basically satan relatives; still cute tho; always get shit done; helpful; creative; when they are angry run fast or they will make you feel like shit in 3,2,1...; protective and caring of those who they call family; adorable laughs; you can see all of their emotions in their eyes; there is something really special about the way they look at you when they like you (and dissapointing if they don't); very intuitive
  • Leo: creative babes; drama queen babes; hates to be ignored (who likes tho??); very fragile ego; likes to shine in front of people; this friend who always has something to say; can be an animal party but actually prefers to cuddle on the couch; dad jokes 24/h; the winner in the "loudest scream" contest; very protective; hollywood romance material
  • Virgo: smartypants; great analysts; knows how to pass tests; worries too much!; you will always make it through babes trust me (chill a little bit); good advisers; can work alone but hate loneliness; beautiful hearts; just want to do things perfectly; judgy af; sherlock holmes descendants
  • Libra: the one who talks to the new kid in the class; great listeners; charming aura; always finds a way to make people happy; even when this can break their own heart; so cute without trying; really smart; their smile is their best weapon (and they know how to use it); they can be very nerdy; hide their negative feelings and tend to be passive-agressive; but when they had enough they will disappear from your life and you won't get them back
  • Scorpio: actually really kind; the owners of the cutest smiles ever; very passionate about their hobbies and will talk about them also very passionately so be nice and don't make fun of them; fragile egos; just wants to be loved; nerds; are not afraid to talk about hard topics; the aura of inaccessibility and mystery; very loyal; it's really hard to make them cry (especially in public); tend to "test" people before trusting them (so much trust issues)
  • Sagittarius: always talk to you first; sometimes can be a really insensitive jerk; loves to make fun of you; optimistic till the end; confident; easily make friends with other people; also forgives too easily; is that one friend who you lost from your sight at the party basically 5 minutes after entering; can talk about every crazy stuff; can do every crazy stuff; will call you out on your bullshit (even in front of everyone)
  • Capricorn: the best example of "don't judge book by its cover"; sarcasm is their second name; goofy character hidden in serious face expression; the biggest procrastinator on the world; their determination is the best thing ever; obsessed with their fav tv shows more than they are ready to admit; mature; wants to be recognized by society for their hard work; like having power; loves to chill (but can't chill); best huggers
  • Aquarius: curious; enjoy talking with people (and vice versa); fair; love debates; asks about everything; calm; ambitious; helpful; probably the cool kid in highschool(and anywhere else too); kind (even when they have bad day); you just really want to see them smiling cause their smiles are so refreshing!
  • Pisces: naturally funny; crazy; always does stupid shit but somehow survive???; sensitive and cries on movies; good friend; witty (for real they are the smart ones!); snarky; can be a satan but choose not to be; sneaky (seriously they get what they want so easily); helpful ; kind

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i'm on my shark week right now. It makes me look at my body in its entirety and realize "shit. i'm still a girl." i hate it. i don't know what to do about it.

Hey anon,

Listen to me.

You are not “still a girl”.

You are a man.

Gym or no gym. Hormones or no hormones. Surgery or no surgery.





No one can define that but you. Just because you’re apart of a special community who bleeds once a month, doesn’t change that.

You are you.

Look towards the end of the week when the bleeding stops.

Look towards the adventures you’ll have.

Look to a brighter future where you’ll never have to deal with the blood again.

Don’t focus on the negative and look toward the awesome future ahead of you!


what your splatoon gear says about you
  • splattershot jr: you are a fucking child literally
  • roller: you are a fun, in-your-face type who cant aim for shit
  • inkbrush: you either have no idea what you are doing or you are a fucking ink throwing beast
  • Splatling: CRY SUM MOAR
  • That sniper like thing: You assume every shooter needs to be taken seriously./youre a huge scrublord but at least youre helpful
  • any replica weapon: we get it, you liked octo valley.
  • slosher: youre fucking weird but you know your shit, so like, carry on i guess
  • Any N-ZAP: Okay we get it you liked Duck Hunt
  • Any gold weapon: DOLLA DOLLA BILLS Y'ALL
  • bombs: we all hate you. literally hate your fucking guts. stop it.
  • Kraken: OH SHIT
  • Spray wall: You want to be a support role but are woefully inadequate at it
  • Inkstrike: We hate you./apparently you just like being vulnerable for five seconds in order to make me clean up my own base, thanks for that
  • Sprinklers: You want to use bombs but your squad hates them.
  • those people who squid and hide to ambush you: this isn't a piece of gear i just wanted to let you know i hate you
  • echolocator: you are either a splatting fiend or don't mind having a complete waste of a special
  • Inkzooka: Goddammit
  • that giant samurai looking headdress: we are all terrified of you the instant we see this
  • squid hat: its a cool concept but dont wear it if you have a female avatar because i thought you guys were all nurses
  • Scuba gear: lolol sea creatures
  • headphones: fucking hipster
  • bandana: you are cool. or a poser. who knows

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Hi there! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but could you maybe give a small overview of how you do your edits in Photoshop? I'm in design school so it's a big deal for me! ;w; I'm sorry if I'm just pestering you or if someone has asked before.

Hello!! Ahh sure I can do that!! (I’m not a professional though…..I’m a self-taught graphic maker just a warning!!!). Idk how you want me to go about this so I’m just going to briefly go over everything and make an edit! (Bc I’m behind in requests lol so I’ll kill two birds with one stone~). 

We’ll be making the Yachi Colour Palette Challenge

The basic structure for me is as follows (will be explained more under the cut!):

  1. Making The Transparents
  2. Adding Backgrounds + Other Additions
  3. Adjustment Layers
  4. Sharpening 

Sounds easy enough right? ;)

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how to get each sign to like u
  • Aries: be smart, hot, and confident. You gotta have the whole bundle to impress this sign!
  • Taurus: this sign likes to keep it simple. Just make it seem like you have your shit together. Oh and take them out to eat sometimes.
  • Gemini: dress nice and make sure everyone knows your name if you want to attract this sign. They also love to try and read your mind so be a little mysterious.
  • Cancer: be interested in them and listen to what they have to say. be romantic and pamper them, and always make sure they know they're special to you.
  • Leo: be funny and spontaneous and tease them a little. Don't mess around and play games, just pamper them and compliment them and they will be yours.
  • Virgo: be neat and clean because Virgo hates anything dirty. Don't try to get them in bed til they trust you 200%. and be smart and organized. master the art of perfectionism to impress this sign
  • Libra: be fun, spontaneous, and romantic. Don't be overbearing, just flirt with them and shower them with compliments and surprise gifts.
  • Scorpio: be mysterious because this sign wants to read you and play sherlock holmes in every conversation you have. Be compassionate and show them your soft side.
  • Sagittarius: never ever tie them down. They're not about the "he's mine/she's mine" life. this sign doesn't belong to anyone. Just be flirty and independent and never clingy. Let them come to you.
  • Capricorn: be funny and let them relax around you. This sign is an ice queen when it comes to romance to be prepared to be pushed away if you're too impulsive. once you manage to break the ice, this ones all yours
  • Aquarius: this one loves to play the cat and mouse game. dress nice, always dress up, and make them laugh. don't come off too strong, and even hold back on the flirting in the beginning. let them come to you.
  • Pisces: be like a cliche teen romance! this sign soaks up cheesy romance like a sponge. cheesy pick up lines, romantic dates, flowers, and gifts will take you a long way.
  • Ok so I just came across that same dumb ads who made a video just telling at Nash, JC and cameron. So basically I just wanted to say that what he does happens all the time and that it's not fair for Nash to get all this hate because he doesn't deserve it. Other youtubers do stuff like this and never get hate for it and never had other youtubers make a video just hating in them not understanding what they meant. For example (and I love and watch these youtubers by the way) Kian lawley. He made a video actually two videos like Nash's and said his OPINION in what he likes about girls. Jc has made a video of his own saying his OPINIONS on what he finds attractive about girls. He never got hate for it and stupid crap for it. The rest of O2L did one many other youtubers have made one. Mathew Espinosa (close friend of Nash) has recently made a YouTube video on how to be his gf where he's making ridiculous thing for you to do in order to be his gf only to be comedic. So this guy just sits in his bed and only points out that Nash said 'girls who have hair no wax it shave it no' and he sits there and says 'who the fuck are you to tell girls to shave themselves for you?' And then he calls JC Nash and cam assholes saying who would want to date them? Honestly I'm not being bias evacuee I know what Nash said could have been offensive to other people but then he (guy who made a hate video to Nash) points out that Nash's audience is very young girls and he shouldn't be saying this stuff so girls change themselves for him which is true but what he doesn't see is that if the audience is 'sooooo young' would they actually have a chance with nash if they are as young as he says them to be? And he doesn't understand when's Nash or JC or cameron meets someone they don't look at their arms and check for hair and if they see it they'll just not be interested. No because obviously appearance makes you attracted to someone yeah but the personality counts as well and Nash clearly stated so many times over and over just be your self. In the beginning he calls all of them (Nash, JC and cameron) assholes. He thought when Nash said I like a girl who can entertain him immediately meant something sexual and didn't show the second part of what he said 'like if she's not boring' then JC says 'is entertaining in a boring situation' he then starts to swear and say 'who the fuck would actually go out with these three assholes?' And later then say 'who the fuck do you think you are? After saying all this bullshit and then to say be yourself? No what the fuck is wrong with you. You obviously don't see that your stupid because you can't comprehend all the shit you just said' first of all he's Nash Grier ok and yes he has a very large female audience in love with him but we're obviously not that dumb to change every single aspect of ourselves just for Nash JC and cameron because odds are we won't be that special someone in their lives. So don't sit on your bed and hate on Nash because I bet you're only making thins because everyone else is giving Nash hate. You just like to join the crowd and follow. You don't have your own opinion and you just sit on your bed restating shit that's already been said about Nash. And you don't think Nash JC or cameron see this shit? They do. Nash had to delete his video for all of this. I found nothing wrong with it. When I first watched it I was like ok I have a little arm hair but I didn't really care because what is the chance I'll ever be Nash Grier's girlfriend? I hope Nash sees this and feels a whole lot better about his self because he did nothing wrong he actually did this to please us . We wanted to know it's not like he thought 'this will make my fans feel bad let me make a video saying the thing I look for in a girl and have super high expectations' he did this for us. He loves us and he would never hurt us same with JC and Cameron. JC loves his O2L fans and cam loves his MAGCON family. So don't sit there and say shit you don't understand. I hope this changes peoples minds and perspectives on Nash and don't hate him for this. Don't say you've lost all respect for Nash because he is still just a boy from North Carolina living his dream and to put him down and say you've list his respect just really tears him down. (Please help me what this to nash so he sees it and share to everyone you know.)
I’ve been waiting for stydia
3 seasons
48 episodes
3 years ALREDY
If stalia is going to happen at least just make it like some kind of fling but stydia is END GAME
Jeff you can’t just throw a random character that has a mentality of a child to have sex with stiles who was basically possessed by a demon
and next thing you know they’re officially dating and blah blah blah
Stiles and Lydia have something beautiful special magical going on
Don’t ruin that BYE