the shit peter puts up with omg

The Squad on a Road Trip Headcanons

To make up for that shitty imagine, feel free to add on!


  • Scott thinks he’s the leader
  • He’s not
  • Scott is the one to usually drive though
  • He also picks where to eat even if its always fast food places lmao
  • Scott also will try to be cool and go drifting or something
  • But as soon as he hears sirens (or thinks he does) he starts to drive like a grandma
  • He’s scared to get arrested and have Alex pick him up
  • Again
  • Scott also tries to put his shitty music on
  • But no one is having it and Scott is banned from the radio


  • Jean’s the actually leader
  • She sets timelines, picks where to go
  • And if its a really long trip she books all the hotels
  • Jean also loves to read so she’s like a mini tour guide
  • She’ll ride shot gun and tell everyone little facts
  • The squad agrees its really cute
  • Unless everyone is taking to long
  • “We have to go!!”
  • “Jean the waterfall isn’t going anywhere, it’s okay.”
  • Jean also has random stuff for the squad to do
  • Like she’ll just randomly give Jubilee a book to read
  • Where’d she get it from?
  • No one knows 


  • Jubilee is the second in commander (according to Peter)
  • Jubilee literally wants to stop and see everything
  • “I’ve read about that place lets go see!”
  • “Jubes we stopped six times in the past hour.”
  • She’s the one who usually notices when someone it missing
  • “Shit we forgot Kurt.”
  • “AGAIN?!”
  • Jubilee is also one of the Djs
  • Even if no one likes her music
  • Jubilee also is the one to make sure everyone has their seat belt on too
  • She slapped Peter once for not wearing it lmao  


  • Kurt takes pictures of everything
  • The squad, scenery, food, even more of the squad
  • He’ll just take pictures of the most random shit
  • Like that’s why the squad losses him half the time
  • He’ll just wander off to take a picture of a bird
  • You think the squad would notice when the blue dude with a tail goes missing
  • Kurt also defends Jubilee if she wants to stop
  • He’s really adorable, and wants to see everything
  • “Oh whats that?” “Have you been there?” “Can we try that?”
  • So everyone caves in and always ends up having so much fun at these unplanned stops


  • Ororo is the tired mom friend
  • She’s the one who has to break up arguments
  • Mostly between Peter and Scott
  • “I swear to god I will shock all your asses!”
  • But she’s lowkey a mess
  • She just throws wrappers and food everywhere
  • Ororo will also change the weather if it’s crappy
  • She’s the one who will drive at night if Scott is tired
  • She finds it calming, and its finally quiet
  • The only one whose usually awake with her is Warren


  • Peter is the MAIN Dj
  • He has made a bunch of road trip mixes
  • He always makes sure to put a few of the squads favourite songs on there too
  • Peter also literally asks to stop all the time (its hard for him to sit still)
  • “Guys I’m hungry.”
  • “Peter we just ate.”
  • “I have to go to the bathroom.”
  • Peter also pulls the whole ‘are we there yet?’ thing
  • That’s what Scott and him usually argue about


  • Warren just sits there in the back away from the loudness
  • Also it’s easier for him to spread his wings
  • Warren 'too old for this shit’ Worthington also helps break up arguments
  • He’s the one to threaten to call Alex
  • That shuts everyone up
  • Warren doesn’t admit it, but when he hears Peter put one of his fav songs on a mix Warren smiles like a dork behind his wings
  • Warren also may act tough but he buys everything, for everyone
  • Kurt always wants souvenirs and Warren is just here like $$$$
  • He pays for gas, food, hotels, if Scott gets a speeding ticket (which he does)  

The Squad

  • It just occurred to me they probably have to be in a van or something
  • Omg that squad in a mini van I’m dead
  • Scott and Jean are usually the ones in the front
  • Warren and Ororo usually sit together and Kurt will just bamfs around the car
  • Even if no one wants him too
  • Once there was an argument and he teleported onto the roof lmao (he stayed for a few hours)
  • The squad will often get food at like three in the morning
  • Its a funny sight seeing extremely tired mutants try to order food
  • And then they usually crash out at a hotel/motel
  • Once when they all had to share a small freezing room they ended up cuddling with Warren
  • Warren liked it, don’t listen to him, its true
  • Charles always freaks out when they all just disappear one day
  • “Where are these kids now?” He mumbles while turning on cerebro
  • “I think they are in Mexico.” Hank explains.  
  • It’s actual ends up being a really good bonding experience for them??
  • They get drunk in a different state (or country), sing karaoke or something 
  • Get to know each other while talking at three am as they drive god knows where
  • Play dumb games in the hotels and while driving
  • Lmao they all play eye spy just to fuck with Scott
  • “I spy something red.”
  • “Fucking hilarious Peter.”
  • They totally had to run away from the police at least once
  • That’s usually when their trip ends
  • The professor just flies the X Jet to the police station wherever they are
  • “I don’t want to hear it, just get in.”
  • “Okay…but is Alex here?”
  • The answer is no, and everyone can breathe a little easier
  • Just kidding Alex is there and is ready to kick Scott and all their asses

Get in sons we are going on a road trip!

~ MacKenzie