the shit i went through uploading this

Merry NSFWmas

Summary: Dan and Phil are rushing to get things ready for a trip to the Isle of Man, and they accidentally upload a video no one was ever supposed to see.

Tags: humor, angst, fluff, mentions of sex

“Dan, did you pack the gifts in your suitcase?” Phil called out from the bedroom.

“Was I supposed to?” Dan asked, muttering out a quiet “shit” as some pots fell on the kitchen floor.

“They won’t fit in mine.”

“Do you really think they’re going to fit in mine?”

“You shouldn’t have as many clothes. You’ll only be there a couple of days.”

Dan sighed, picking up the fallen pots and putting them away. “I don’t know, Phil. Just open my suitcase and do what you have to do.”

“You don’t like for me to touch your suitcase though!”

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iamdaira  asked:

what is the cake scene? I haven't watched tatinof so i'm kind of lost here :(

they do a ‘fan fiction live’ segment during tatinof which is just as cringe and horrible as it sounds, in which they let the audience’s enthusiasm (screaming/cheering) determine key plot points. at the beginning the audience gets to choose if dnp will be cowboys or pirates. then later they choose whether dnp go camping or go to space. and finally they choose if phil draws dan like a french girl or if dnp share a cake. as you can imagine most cities chose phil drawing dan like a french girl bc they imagined it would be the most flirtatious or whatever, but in reality the ‘cake scene’ (which some ridiculously tiny number of cities chose across all of the tatinof dates) was the most sensual: it involves phil repeatedly feeding dan handfuls of cake with his hands. as word of this spread, people got more and more hyped about it and kept wishing they could see it. dan then teased that he might upload a professionally shot clip of it to his side channel .. then never went through with it. instead, we just have a couple really shit audience videos of it that don’t even show the stage (this is probably the best one out there bc it has the least intense screaming so you can actually hear most of the dialogue, but this one has a blurry view of the stage and earsplitting shrieks so take ur pick i guess) as well as some slightly higher quality photos of the feeding so that you can truly appreciate the sensuality. lol
Garfield GO Let's Play 1
The hunt for the elusive garf.

I filmed my first few moments of the game. Now I have never used a screen recorder before so the audio on it is absolute trash, but it kinda adds a bit to the hilarity of the situation, makes it feel a bit shitposty. But yeah this is my first ever moments with the game, watch at least till 2 mins in to get the full experience.

Now shortly after uploading this on my old ass Youtube channel with like 4 subs so i can show it to my friends, i get a comment saying simply this

I was greatly confused by this and decided to check this persons account, and sure enough.

The man has no content at all, he is a ghost. I… I think this game is cursed. I went through all of that shit with Garfield disappearing and taunting me with his constant meows, and now he is getting ghosts to haunt me through the internet. I…I think i’m gonna get a priest….

Now I fixed the horrendous audio this time and loaded it up again to see if it would work properly, and now this is all that happens. I’ve loaded it at least 7 other times and this is all that happens. Is this Hell? Have I been excommunicated by Jim Davis and Paws inc.™? HELP!

there’s a girl on the gram that i follow that i went to school with at one point growing up that always posts jail related memes and it kills me cuz im like, how do you go through this entire process and not question the situation your in.

she really goes on ig and uploads shit like,

  • “your mcm in jail selling your pics for soup”
  • “waiting for a call from your man but then you remember he ran out of minutes on his phone”

at what point does somebody realize all of this doesn’t seem to be heading in the right direction if your man is in and out of jail? lmao


I actually wrote some explanation but it looks like tumblr didn’t upload the post. I’m tired, I went through reposter shits for too long, and I know that no one listens to us.
So I just leave these here.

If they didn’t drive out the artists they could see more fanworks, but it’s not going to happen, I know.
I also know that I’ll have to watch my friends suffer from reposting or leave the fandoms they love or quit drawing for however long time, as long as I’m in any fandom.

So I’ve just seen spoilers relating to tonight’s episode of Merli on Twitter & I’m so pissed off right now. 😡When the episode is uploaded with English subtitles, I’m going to eat my body weight in shortbread just to get through it. Thank God David Solans is so indescribably beautiful because I don’t think I could make it through this shit shower without his face. 😭

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No Strings Attached - Part One


SYNOPSIS:  Phil is living in London and struggling for money.  He signs up for a sugar daddy website and meets Dan.  Dan has inherited his fathers company and hates the long hours.  He doesn’t get time to go out and meet people.  He decides to get a sugar baby.



WARNINGS: I don’t think there are any

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For Mark...

Hi! Soo… Happy Birthday @markiplier As you wanted us to share our stories of how we started watching. My stories started back in 2012-2013. I recently started high school or I was about to. My best friend at the time was searching all through YouTube and try to find horror games playthroughs. Specially Amnesia. I remember watching your video but hey it has been a lot my memories are a bit blur. I was so scared of horror games or any horror genre for that matter so I never watched it on my own. As the year passed my friend started to watch you more but I on the other hands were really into cinema and TV series. At the 3rd year of high school. YouTube became a website that I visited more often. And I searched your name to see what was going on. I came back. I remembered. 

I texted my friend saying I started watching your videos. I wasn’t very active but I enjoyed every video I watched. A year later I finished high school and It was 2015 summer. I got accepted to a nice university and were having a blast. I went to my friends’ house, she said “Hey. Have you seen Until Dawn? We should watch playthroughs.” And literally, we watched to all thing Until Dawn :D 

(I specifically remember this moment when Ashley died. I noped so hard.)
Woah It is such a blur tho. My memories of how I ended up watching you. I remember it this way but maybe It’s not I don’t know. So many videos since then. That summer I binge watched Drunk Minecraft. All summer, I spent all my summer watching YouTubers and mostly you. You gave me so many laughs.  

Best summer of my life. Truly. 

I went to college and everything was good. You and others have given me so much courage that I start to study Cinema and Television. My dreams were coming true. For a few months, everything was perfect. But after it, all went to shit. I was unhappy with everything. My dorm room was horrible and my best friend did not return my calls. The YouTube channel that I started back in high school was dead. I did not upload any videos. I went back to my sisters’ house and decided to see a physiatrist. I was diagnosed with depression and was suicidal. I spent half a semester staying at my sisters’ house and started medication. All I did was watching movies and YouTube.

When I needed you gave me so many laughs again. I got back up. Try to be better and you helped me go through that times. I cannot thank you enough Mark. You and a few others like Jack, Felix etc. helped me so much. 

I can talk about it hours and hours. How I got so excited watching A Date with Markiplier or how I felt watching Pax live streams. How I laughed when watching Prop Hunt videos. I can go on and on. But one thing Mark. One simple thing. When I thought “That’s it. I should just die.” I saw a simple video. I stood there and said, “I don’t want to die because I want to see what they will upload next.” So thank you. 

You always said, “You can do it.” I am doing it for you, Mark. For you, for Jack, for Felix, for all this beautiful community that helped me. You taught me to believe in myself, you taught me to never give up. I will never give up. So Thank You for always being there. Thank you for everything. And,


What Logan Paul did was straight up sociopathy.

He went through walking off a way to go to a body he saw, filming it, pretending to be affected and then seconds later laughing at a dumb and tasteless joke about finding a dead body, then going through a process of editing and uploading this shit, tagging it as COMEDY and THEN FUCKING DARE to potray himself as an mental health „advocate“, who just wanted to „save“ a person‘s life.

While completly disregarding that another person‘s life has been lost due to mental illness. Completly disrespecting their death. Making it public to the WORLD and to the FAMILY of the victim.

You know why this shit affects us so much?

Many people, me included, have suicidal episodes, depression and other mental illnesses.

Shit like this can actually trigger either another suicidal episode or someone actually committing suicide.

We‘ve seen it so many fucking times when famous people died due to suicide. It CAN and WILL trigger those moments of illness.

Had I seen this video during my suicidal episode 2 months ago, WHO KNOWS what I would‘ve done to myself.

Who knows what people, who are in these states of minds right now, feel right now after seeing this bullshit???

He shouldn‘t be only deleted off YT, he should actually be sued for this dumb shit.

The worst shit about this mess is HOW HE TREATED A DEAD PERSON.



These doodles are old. Old as balls. (not really, more like 2 months I forgot to upload them before the move lol) Just some Ryan practices, mostly still learning how to draw him. Poor cinnamon roll doesn’t deserve like 90% the shit I am gonna put him through but here we are :^) I blame @baneoftoasters though because she suggested an idea torments and I had a ‘O shit you right this makes more sense!’ moment and I went with it.

yikes, i feel like such a dick, but i’m alive, i’m okay, just super busy with life and shit, but hey, i promise i’m working hard towards my goal of making some sort of comeback to tumblr after i take my national exam for phlebotomy (yup, ya girl a needle handler now) and in case you were wondering, i’m going to start uploading on ao3 so that i have more than one platform to post my work (i’m also dabbling in writing for other fandoms, so please, i’d love if you went over and checked it out).

please don’t be mad at me :( life is stressful and shit and i’m just trying to get through it day by day without having an anxiety attack and shit. trust me, i’m already mad at myself enough for all of you.

side note, i have over a thousand followers like??????? thank you????,?,,,??

The Color Blue: Chapter 13

Summary:  “Back off Pap.” Sans growled. Papyrus backed up a little as Sans eye went aflame with blue. “I didn’t go through all this shit again just to lose her to you!”

Chapter Listings Here

Note: I’ll be going back to school on Monday, so i will uploading these hopefully everyday, if not then every other day sometime in the afternoon.

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You know what. I am going to share with all of you amazing individuals some embarrassingly old Sonic art from 2011. Out of sheer curiosity I went through my “SONIC” folder on my laptop and I found a quartet of absolutely hideous gems from a bygone age that never made it up to this blog (there is some fabulously weird shit in the “sonic the hedgehog” tag on this blog if you feel like spelunking into depths uglier than Hell itself). Here, you all can have them:

And some wtf from 2013 that I know I uploaded here back when, but deleted it within, what, an hour? Here you can have it all over again because we’re well beyond the point of “this is embarrassing” by now; it has been solidly established that I am someone who should never be allowed to be a fan of anything ever:

Aw, Sonic, you’re my favourite.