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what is the cake scene? I haven't watched tatinof so i'm kind of lost here :(

they do a ‘fan fiction live’ segment during tatinof which is just as cringe and horrible as it sounds, in which they let the audience’s enthusiasm (screaming/cheering) determine key plot points. at the beginning the audience gets to choose if dnp will be cowboys or pirates. then later they choose whether dnp go camping or go to space. and finally they choose if phil draws dan like a french girl or if dnp share a cake. as you can imagine most cities chose phil drawing dan like a french girl bc they imagined it would be the most flirtatious or whatever, but in reality the ‘cake scene’ (which some ridiculously tiny number of cities chose across all of the tatinof dates) was the most sensual: it involves phil repeatedly feeding dan handfuls of cake with his hands. as word of this spread, people got more and more hyped about it and kept wishing they could see it. dan then teased that he might upload a professionally shot clip of it to his side channel .. then never went through with it. instead, we just have a couple really shit audience videos of it that don’t even show the stage (this is probably the best one out there bc it has the least intense screaming so you can actually hear most of the dialogue, but this one has a blurry view of the stage and earsplitting shrieks so take ur pick i guess) as well as some slightly higher quality photos of the feeding so that you can truly appreciate the sensuality. lol


Lemme introduce you to - shit ton of sketches that I’m not sure if I uploaded before… definitely very messy, but I had extremely horrible week and I went through my old drawings and found stuff that I didn’t completely hate so… enjoy.

This Daddyofive channel makes me so fucking sick. I really don’t understand how someone can abuse their kids like that and show the world thinking its funny. My heart goes out Cody and all the other kids in the household who are going to be fucked up forever over this. I can’t imagine how it would of felt thinking that the Shit I went through (which if I’m being honest was no where close to what that kid went through in one fucking video) was filmed and uploaded. These poor kids are going to be able to actually watch themselves get abused. And it’s seen as a good thing. Oh we get iPads and cool things when this happens so it’s alright. No it’s not alright, it’s never alright to induce panic in your children, and it’s never alright to sit idly by as your children are hurt, it is never alright to lay a fucking finger on your Damn kid. These kids need serious help and I know cps was already called but fucking they aren’t a perfect agency, my dad went through the foster care system, I’ve had friends deal with cps I know they make mistakes, we can’t rely on them to fix this. I don’t know how to fix this but I’m so fucked up just thinking about how much pain and suffering is resulting from this situation and I needed to vent it out. I really hope they can somehow realize the error of their ways and seek out mental health professionals to help minimize any lasting damage. Because this is the most disgusting and disheartening thing I have ever seen

I had to get my phone replaced through AT&T and they had me download all of my shit to their computer so that I could transfer it to my new phone and the employees looked me up and down with this skeptical expression and went “How many pictures you got on there?” and I was like “Twenty six. And three videos.” and they burst out laughing and I was like “Is that bad? Should I delete some?” and they were like “YO we got people coming in here with over 1,000 pictures, it takes literally 24 hours to upload their stuff. You’re good.” 

Hae Soo: Fire tests gold

I should be doing school work, but I sit here listening to the saddest song in the universe (the song at the end of episode 11–the episode that wrecked us all, and I’m still sobbing over it) and gathering my thoughts about Hae Soo. I think we can agree that this girl has been through so much, both as Go Ha Jin and in her new life as a Goryeo girl named Hae Soo.

And the world will continue to test her, over and over. 

While I was watching episode 11, a song kept popping into my head that reminded me a lot of Hae Soo’s circumstances. If you’re a fan of saeguk, you may know this song through other sources: “If I Leave” (나 가거든); it was a song that came from the drama called “Empress Myeongseong.”

(Like daaaaaamn, the way she gathers her strength and rises again. I think it’s symbolic that So and Soo stand in the rain again. The first time it rained, Soo gave strength to So, and now Soo draws on strength from So. And then there’s Wook–man, I still really like him because I can understand why he made the choices he did, even as cowardly as it was. And Lady Oh is right… it will come back to haunt him, in more ways that he ever anticipated.) 

But back to what I was saying about the song. Here are a portion of the lyrics:

I have to live even though I am sad
I have to live because I am sad 
I know that I’ll understand when this life is over
The reason as to why I walked upon this earth 

The lyrics of this song really reminded me of Hae Soo’s hardships. I think both Soo and So continuously wonder why they faced the things they do, and they continue to deal with such harrowing circumstances. 

Why did Go Ha Jin fall into the body of Soo? Why is she here, in a place that is so different from the world she came from–a violent, ruthless world, where within the palace you can trust no one? 

She–and we, the audience–won’t know why she came here to Goryeo (is she here to save it, as the trailers claim?). And she cannot let herself get sucked into those thoughts as well–Hae Soo can only forge ahead, and live. Survive. Just as she has up until now. Lady Oh’s death will have forever changed her, but I’m curious as to the path she will now lead. 

Side note: I noticed that people talk about how Hae Soo has lost a lot of her spunk. But so many things have changed and that is to be expected. Even Prince Jung comments on how he wants to go back to the past, to the way things were. But they all can’t. They can only look forwards. As Hae Soo gets used to her life in Goryeo, sees the way the world operates, she’s bound to change alongside of it–she has to. She has to adapt to survive. She matures. She breaks. She laughs. She cries. But she hasn’t lost her compassion and kindness and her good heart–and I hope she continues to help the ones around her. Because I love her, for her heart of gold. 

From the Episode 12 trailers, Taejo orders Hae Soo to be sent far away where the princes won’t ever be able to see her. Hae Soo becomes demoted down to a musuri (무수리; a maid who does all of the cleaning duties). It’s really interesting to see how her status changes over time, how she goes from being a well-respected lady from a noble family, to a palace maid, and now even below that, as a cleaning maid. 

(Of course she gets mistreated…) 

To go over a little background information, musuris existed in both Goryeo and Joseon. They were of lower status that palace maids, but they were special in that they were able to go home after they finished their duties–they lived outside of the palace. Conversely, palace maids cannot leave the palace and reside within–and pretty much live there for the rest of their lives. However, musuris could still become concubines/get married–the most famous case in Korean history is probably Sukbin Choi, who was the concubine of Sukjong and mother to one of Joseon’s greatest kings, King Yeongjo. So it’s not a surprise that So asks for Soo to be married with him; the only problem is that her status is so low now compared to him. (But as if So gives a shit about status). 

Off on another point, I think it’s really interesting how well So and Soo compliment each other. Coming with a modern day mindset, Soo grew up in a society that was democratic and everyone was considered to be equal, but So, on the other hand, having faced isolation and harsh treatment from his family really doesn’t care about the rules nor does he know how to deal with people in a proper manner. They both don’t really care about status, or who’s family is more powerful or not, or the rules. They care about the people that are important to them–it’s the heart of the person that counts. 

Hae Soo tells Yeonhwa that the princess always looking at status before the person, and Yeonhwa says that she has no reason to change the way she is–and Yeonhwa is right. She has no reason to be nice to those under her. She’s got her eyes set elsewhere, trying to grasp the power that she can as a restrained woman in the Goryeo period. And cut from the same cloth, Wook is the same way. He cares about rules and what people think and so forth, because that’s the way he was raised. That’s the burden he carries. And that’s also where Soo and Wook are quite different, and So and Soo are quite the same. 


I think if Soo is a musuri, it may be able to explain why she’s outside wearing very nice hanbok, as opposed to her pink hanbok as a servant. 

So: Let’s get married. You’re already my person anyways. 

LIKE HERE. It is so adorable that So saved the hairpin he gave her, and gives it back to her–I think that’s what she’s holding in the shot.

With the WookSoo ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean, because someone turned her back on her… we are expecting to see this scene between Wook and Soo, which I reckon will be the goodbye scene? 

Wook: I missed you every moment. 

look buddy you don’t even have THE RIGHT TO EVEN BREATHE IN THE SAME SPACE AS HER 

BUT we also see Soo and So taking off!! *wipes away tears*

(He’s wearing his mask again! My favourite one, from the first few episodes!) 

So: She’s not a person I can throw away. 

But while Hae Soo in this state, I don’t think it’ll last forever. We still have shots from the highlight video where she’s wearing an outfit that Lady Oh used to wear as a sanggoong. 

And then His Highness had to be dramatic and upload this onto his Instagram.


Nonetheless, I just wanted to write a short piece on Hae Soo. Okay, “short” is wrong. But I wanted to somehow write about her because what she went through made me think a lot about her character and I had to vent it out somewhere. This is such a beautiful story. I wish the Korean public loved it more. 

I think it’s to be expected that this story will be sad, and Lady Oh’s life parallels and foreshadows with what Hae Soo will face into the future. But she cannot turn away now.  Hae Soo shall continue to walk forward, step by step, carefully. 

“나로인해 누군가가 죽을지 알았다면 다시 살겠단 욕심을 내진 않았을 겁니다.”

If I had known that someone would have died because of me, then I wouldn’t have been so greedy to live again. 

–Hae Soo

You know what. I am going to share with all of you amazing individuals some embarrassingly old Sonic art from 2011. Out of sheer curiosity I went through my “SONIC” folder on my laptop and I found a quartet of absolutely hideous gems from a bygone age that never made it up to this blog (there is some fabulously weird shit in the “sonic the hedgehog” tag on this blog if you feel like spelunking into depths uglier than Hell itself). Here, you all can have them:

And some wtf from 2013 that I know I uploaded here back when, but deleted it within, what, an hour? Here you can have it all over again because we’re well beyond the point of “this is embarrassing” by now; it has been solidly established that I am someone who should never be allowed to be a fan of anything ever:

Aw, Sonic, you’re my favourite.

The Color Blue: Chapter 13

Summary:  “Back off Pap.” Sans growled. Papyrus backed up a little as Sans eye went aflame with blue. “I didn’t go through all this shit again just to lose her to you!”

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