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Ok so we know canonically Wash’s first name is David, yeah? Its his last name that hasnt been revealed to us.

The funniest shit to me is if like, Wash himself doesnt even remember his own last name (maybe those implants/Epsilon’s freakout messed with his memory a bit, maybe Wash’s taken one too many hits to the head, who knows) and so starts the quest to find out Wash’s last name

and the crew manages to get their hands on some PFL documents or files and Wash and Carolina are going through them, and then they just kinda stop and stare at this one document, and the Reds and Blues are just like “Did you find it?” “Whats his last name?” “Is it something stupid we can make jokes out of?”

and Tucker’s like “Well?”

and Carolina just looks so done

Wash turns to look at Tucker, with the most unamused expression on his face

“Washington. My last name is Washington”

“…Wait, Wash, Seriously?” “Seriously.”


“Well, I am glad. This means Agent Washington will not be a different person.” “Thats not how last names work, Caboose”


(Had to post stuff with quotes since screenshots were too small)


So lots of the posts i’m seeing are missing out on a lot of shit. I went through it myself and read through it. 

“Nothing’s a coincidence, idiot. No town in America has such a concentration of eligible, willing Dads.            (    …I just thought it was a coincidence.                {$PlayerFirstName}, ever wonder where all the wives and husbands in town went? Why everyone’s an eligible single father?” &  “How many couples have I pushed to divorce? How many wives and husbands have I hunted in the dark?”

Fucking Joseph…   Joseph is talking about how much of a ‘coincidence’ it is that everybody is a single dad expect for Joseph. WHICH HE ALSO HAUNTED/DIVORCED/KILLED.

THIS right here is after the part where you have a dream I guess?? And the pictures that were leaked about the creepy ones… (I think and I hope this was just a dream) 

“AmandaDemon   neutral &  Cracks begin to form along the walls around me. I look down and see the floor collapsing in tiles. As the walls, crumble… I see where I truly am.         Amanda turns ash black, her clothes, hair and bracelets collapsing into concentric rings of pitch-dark smoke.” 

When you wake up.. you are greeted by Joseph and you have a knife! But who gave you the knife? It was Robert.

Robert knows about the stuff Joseph has done! He knows what probably is gonna happen! (Might do a whole post about Robert later)


“Mary   noblink  &  Joseph     pain & You stole so much of my life from me.             #   Honey, sweetie, you… stabbed me.   It’s over, Joseph.        Joseph’s eyes go wide. He releases his grip on me and I gasp in, Joseph backs away from Mary, clutching the wound on his shoulder.   “

Mary then stabs Joseph with your knife! which is these sprites…

(And the Joseph stabbed one which i’m lazy to find.)

So Mary basically saves your ass and this his cannibalistic god sent children eat him.  “Won’t you feed us, Father?    Father… we’re so hungry. “ 

So then you wake up and supposedly the ship had sank and such, and then we meet the detective. Which is Saul! (his name is hinted in the game files than stated)

I’ll link my new post with all the other small connections we made once I make it.
Thanks to my friends @bunnard and @yellow-osteospermum for helping me out.

Also thanks to   for finding the pictures.

Other theories:


///// stealing home

This was supposed to be the summer she kept her head down. She had plans, and she just wasn’t going to be another repeat headline. So no distractions, she told herself.

Or, there were many roads she could take, but her compass didn’t point north.

[inspired by @jeemyjamz‘s instaedits] [read on ao3]

sometimes I like to play around with the idea of Kate being a Commando’s granddaughter. It’s not my favorite thing to do, because I like that she found her way to the Young Avengers with no historical/genealogical/genetic predisposition, or whatever. Everyone else on that team could be considered a legacy to the Avengers, except Kate, and I love that part of her story.

But sometimes, as I said before, it’s fun to play around with being an heir to the Commandos. 

And I was going through some old posts and found one that was like dossiers of the commandos, and one says Dernier: Demolitions Expert.

After Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, I hc Kate pretty hard as “likes to blow shit up” and I just saw this and was like: imagine this:

There’s been some mission that went down a little cockeyed, and Kate actually got picked up on camera, which is unusual. 

She and Billy and Teddy and Steve and Natasha and Bucky and Clint are eating curry, or pad Thai, or something in heaps of takeout containers and her phone rings

and there is just 

ANGRY FRENCH YELLING that everyone can hear because it’s so loud Kate has pulled the phone from her ear

and everyone understands enough to know that Kate is just getting her ass handed to her

and she’s like , “I can’t hear you! je suis désolé! Grand-pere! Non! Uh!!! Je suis–Je–merde!”

And she hangs up looking just, like, horrified. 

Billy starts cracking up first, “What the hell time is it in France even?”

And Steve is all, “Man, I haven’t heard someone swear like that in French since Jaques.”

To which Kate replies, “Maybe it’s the name, his name is Jaques.”

Natasha starts cracking up now. ”You’re all idiots,” she says.

“He didn’t happen to fight in WWII did he?” Steve continues.

“Well, yeah, actually.”

“If you tell me his last name’s Dernier–”

Steve’s phone rings, an unknown number. He picks it up. ANGRY FRENCH YELLING on the other end. 

Dernier is chewing him out as if it’s his fault a demolitions expert’s granddaughter likes to blow shit up.

(Bucky falls out of his chair he’s laughing so hard)

In the spirit of owning my shit..

I see my name just popped up over there (I am sure you know what I mean). I posted about the whole ordeal back around February of this year.

Many if not all of you know the ordeal I went through, so I am not gonna rehash the entirety of the whole thing. The bottom line is at the end of 2015 through most of 2016 I got to know this person on tumblr. We played Call of Duty hours on end almost weekly. We got to know each other (so I thought) really well. During that time I absolutely asked for selfies from her. She would occasionally oblige.

It got to the point where I felt comfortable enough to ask her if it would be cool to meet. She said yes. Whenever I would try to workout the dates for me coming up, she always gave me a “I have to look at my calendar, I’ll get back to you response.”  I would often ask her if things were okay, and if it was still cool for me to visit. Her response was always yes.

Throughout the majority of the time of getting to know her, I don’t know why, but I did not consider getting a facetime/skype session in with her until around December of last year. We agreed on a date. Then it was a “Oh, I forgot, I went and did this, I’m sorry!” Every time I tried to reschedule there was a delay, or a reason why she couldn’t. There were many obvious red flags that I ignored. This being one of them.

I was never perfect throughout at all. Nor was she. I had some blow ups. I fuck up, and I am not gonna ever say I won’t again. However she would often make passive-aggressive posts that were aimed at me, and when I would ask her what was going on, I would often just get ignored.

We eventually agreed on the date for me to visit. February 19th, thru the 21st I was gonna fly up to Bend, Oregon. I even bought my airfare. However as it got within a month of my trip I started to get ghosted. I texted, I called, I texted. I emailed. I just never never heard back.

I eventually found her IG account, and to my utter shock and surprise the her on the instagram account was definitely not the her she had been send me pics of. They possibly looked like they could be related. So to sum up, I absolutely would ask her for her pics. I got completely fooled, and lied to. I made a post about it in which I laid this all out (but went into further detail), So if this makes me shitty, and terrible, and you feel you cannot follow me because of it, then do what you need to do. 

Now I am gonna finish this beer.


Let’s Talk about Rika and V

I think “Let’s Talk” is gonna be a series here, do you guys want that?

Anyway, though, here we go. (I’m sorry for any typos that may be in here) From someone who, as I’ve mentioned before, went through an ordeal similar to V’s (minus all the cult shit), there’s a few things I would like to say. I am fully aware this may start a bit of discourse. 

I’m gonna clarify, though, as I did with the Jumin post, I am not saying V is perfect and did absolutely nothing wrong. He is not perfect and I know that. I’m just gonna do my best to give you an insider’s view on this kind of relationship. (I am not going into detail on my personal experience, I’m only giving opinions on V and Rika’s because that’s the focus here)

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Our group consists of a cleric and nymph (both played by me) a rougue, an elf wizard-archer, a dragon born monk, a mage, and another wizard. We’re all only level 2, and the highest health among us is 29. This session, the last wizard hadn’t joined us because he was at work, and we ended up getting caught between a swarm of kobolds and a roper just before he finally made it. After twenty minutes of explaining the situation, we resumed combat.
Dm: Okay so… (measures the distance to the wizard) the Roper reaches it a tentacle and grabs [wizard]. Roll a dex and a strength.
Wizard: *rolls low on both* Dang…
Dm: Okay, the Roper grabs you and drags you forward ten feet.
Cleric: *rolls to try and pull him free, fails*
Nymph: *sighs and tries to break the tentacle with my staff* *barely to hit but doesn’t do high enough damage*
Everyone else: *moves away from the Roper’s range and tries to keep back the kobolds*

The Roper then manages to grab both of my characters and decides to try and take a bite out of my cleric. Fortunately, it rolled a nat 1.
Dm: Okay, so… it goes to bite [Cleric], but misses and instead bites her shield, lodging it in its mouth.
Me, ooc: What?!
Dm: Or it could bite you.
Me, ooc: [Wizard], you owe me a new shield.
Wizard, ooc: I mean, I didn’t ask for help.

After several more turns, the Roper managed to swallow the shield and got his bite back. This time, it went for the wizard. It rolled a nat 20.

Dm: wow, lets… let’s hope I roll low. *rolls four d8s twice, ends up with 40 nat damage* ah… well, better pull out a new character sheet.
Wizard, ooc: Wait, what about the death mini game?
Dm: That was like twice your health dude! You’re just dead. You got bit in half.
Me, ooc: Are you sure you don’t want help?

After that we managed to fight through the rest of the kobolds and the Roper without any more loss of life.

“Please tell me it was just a picture.” (Grayson)

“Grayson, I miss you so much.” You said over facetime.

“I miss you too baby.” He said. Grayson has been in Jersey visiting family for the past month, and you stayed back in LA for school. You were going crazy not having him with you.

“It still feels so weird doing things by myself. Going out, coming home, cooking dinner, watching tv, literally everything feels so lonely.” You said.

“Awe, I’m sorry babe. But hey, only a few more weeks and I’ll be back home.” He said.

“That’s too long to wait.” You said, making him laugh. “Awe, there’s that cheesy ass laugh I miss so much.” You said, causing him to laugh again.

“Well, I know this isn’t your usual scene, but I heard that Kian and Jc are having some people over. Text them and see if you can go over and hang out. Get out of the house for a bit.” He asked. You shook your head.

“I don’t know. I feel weird hanging out with your youtube friends whenever you’re not around.” You said.

“Awe, c’mon. It’s not like you haven’t met them all before. And honestly, I feel like they like you more than they like me.” He laughed. “Here, I’ll text Jc for you and ask if you can go over.” He said.

“Well, since you’re forcing me.” You teased.

“Just a suggestion.” He laughed. “Well, we’re about to sit down to dinner, so I’ll let you go. I love you babe.”

“I love you too. Tell everyone I said hi. Bye baby.” You said.

“Bye babe.” He said. You ended the call and then you received a text. You opened it and saw it was from Jc.

“Hey, Grayson just text me asking about our plans tonight. We’re just gonna have a few people over, along with all the roommates. You’re more than welcome to come by if you wanna hang.” His text read.

“Yeah, I think I’ll come over.” You replied.

“Great! See you later.” He said. You got dressed, put on some makeup and headed off to Kian and Jc’s. There was already a lot of people there, so you went a head into the house. Everyone was hanging in the kitchen, music blaring throughout the house.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Jc cheered, hugging you. You said hi to everyone and mingled and chatted.

“(Y/N)! I didn’t know you were gonna be here! It’s been forever since we’ve last seen you.” Kian said to you as he walked up behind you.

“Kian! Hey! It’s good to see you too.” You said. 

“We were wondering when Grayson was gonna bring you back around. But, now you’re here without him. How are him and Ethan?” He asked.

“They’re good. They’ve been back home in Jersey visiting their family. I couldn’t tag along with them because of school, but it was actually Grayson’s idea I come out tonight. I haven’t really done much since he’s left.” You said.

“Well, we’re glad to have you over.” He smiled. He poured you a drink and you and him hung out for most of the night. After a while, you and Kian ended up outside by the pool, sitting in one of the lounge chairs. The two of you were getting awfully cozy, but he knew that you and Grayson were together. And him and Grayson were good friends, so he would never try to come in between you and him.

“So, I was looking through my instagram feed, and noticed that I haven’t posted a picture of you and I in a good while. We should fix that.” He said.

“Hmm, we should.” You said. He tossed his phone to someone that was sitting across from him, and told them to take the picture. You posed for the picture and Kian instantly posted it.

“There. My feed looks so much better now.” He said. You laughed and sat outside with everyone for a while longer. Once you started to get bored of the conversation that was going on, you went back inside and joined in the drinking games that were happening. After a few hours, and a ton more drinks, you ordered an Uber and headed home. When you finally got home, you saw you had a few texts from Grayson.

“Hey baby, just wanted to see how you’re doing.”
“Well, I guess you’re still with Kian and Jc, since you’re not replying. I’m getting tired, so I’ll text you in the morning. Good night baby. I love you.”

“Sorry for not replying. I just got home, I’m drunk as hell, but I’m going to bed. I love you, talk to you tomorrow.” You replied. You put your phone on the charger, put some pajamas on, and crawled into bed, falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

* * *

You woke up the next morning with the worst hangover in the world and you immediately shut the blinds to block out the sun. You picked up your phone and saw that you had a million unread text messages. Three from Kian and 99 thousand from Grayson.

“Shit, what happened last night?” You asked yourself. You scrolled through your messages from Kian.

“Shit, (Y/N), we fucked up. Big time.”
“Grayson is PISSED. I feel so bad.”
“Please call him and talk to him.” 

What the fuck happened?

You went to Grayson’s messages.

“(Y/N), what the fuck”
“Please tell me it was just a picture.”
“I swear to fucking god if he touched you.”

Oh. Shit.

Everything was starting to come back into focus. 

Shit, shit, shit.

You went to Kian’s instagram and looked at the picture he posted of the two of you from last night. In Grayson’s defense, it did look like you and Kian were getting a little touchy.

“Grayson, listen,” Your reply began, “It was just a picture. That’s it. I know it looks like it could’ve led to other things, but I swear on my life that it didn’t. Literally right after the picture was taken, I got bored and went back inside and played some drinking games. After a few games, I was completely wasted out of my mind, and I came home. By myself. Grayson, I am so sorry. But nothing happened.” You replied. You hit send and your heart pounded in your chest as you waited for him to reply.

His name flashed across your screen, alerting of an incoming call.

“Hello?” You said when you answered.

“(Y/N). I don’t know what to say.” He said.

“Well, everything I said was the truth. I may have been fucked up, but I was sober enough to know that I did not have sex with anyone last night.” You said.

“You don’t usually get fucked up, that’s why I was worried. You haven’t drank in so long.” He said.

“I know. I haven’t had hardly any alcohol since we got together, because I know how you feel about it. But I was just trying to loosen up. Grayson, I’m so so sorry.” You explained.

“(Y/N), baby, it’s okay. I know you were just trying to have fun. I’m sorry for overreacting like that. It’s just, you know how jealous I get when you’re with other guys.” Grayson said.

“Gray, it’s okay. Stop apologizing. You had every right to question it. Although, I’m a little hurt that you didn’t trust me enough to not cheat on you, but it’s whatever.” You said.

“Awe, c’mon. Don’t be like that. You know I trust you. It’s other guys I don’t trust. Guys are awful. Trust me, I am one.” He said.

“Awe, you’re not so bad.” You laughed. “So, are we good?”

“As good as ever.” He said.

“And you’re not mad at Kian?”

“No, I’m not mad at Kian. I’ll talk to him and let him know everything’s okay.” Grayson said.

“Good. Well, I’m going to take some aspirin, eat something, and probably go back to sleep. I’ll call you when I wake back up.” You said.

“Alright babe. Again, I’m sorry for overreacting. I love you.” He said.

“It’s okay baby. I love you too.” You said. You hung up the phone and went to text Kian.

“I cleared everything up with Grayson on my end. He said he was gonna text you and clear things up with you.” You said.

“Yes, he just text. (Y/N), I’m so sorry. I know you said everything’s okay, but I don’t want this to mess things up with you and him. You two are good together and I don’t want something as simple as a picture to mess that up.” Kian said.

“It’s okay. I promise, everything is okay.” You said.

“Okay, good. Well, I’ll talk you later.” He replied. You put your phone back on the charger, took your aspirin, made yourself a bowl of cereal and fell back asleep before you could even finish it.

Be With You

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Pairing: Oliver Wood x Hufflepuff!Reader

Words: 871

Forever Tag List: @missmotherhen

Request: Hey i love all your imagines, i was wondering if you could make a Oliver Wood x Hufflepuff reader. Btw sorry english is not my first language - @tomlinsonholland

Author’s Note: Thank you so much! Your English is amazing, trust me! Also, this isn’t very long but I hope you like it. – Haley xx

The quidditch pitch was packed as the first game of the season started. It was my house, Hufflepuff, against Gryffindor, my boyfriend’s house. We lost to Gryffindor for two straight years now, but it was now our time to get revenge. I was squished between two upper classmen as I watched my team and Gryffindor’s file out onto the field.

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Anyway, demi-aspec orientations aren’t about needing to “know someone before dating/having sex with them”.

They are about needing to build a strong emotional bond/connection to someone before feeling romantic/sexual attraction to them.

First: orientation isn’t action. I can date someone even if I only feel sexual attraction to them, or only alterous/platonic attraction to them. I can have sex with someone even if I only feel romantic attraction to them, or only alterous/platonic attraction to them. You don’t need to feel romantic attraction to date or sexual attraction to have sex.

Second: a close emotional bond/connection isn’t the same as knowing them. As a demiromantic person, this is hugely trivializing that part of my identity. I know lots of people. Just using my Facebook friends, who are all people I’d say I know and am relatively well acquainted with or am somewhat friendly with, I know around 300 people. How many people would I say I have a close emotional connection to? Right now, probably 2. Ever in my life? Only a handful - certainly less than 10.

Please stop spreading misinformation about demi-aspec identities and trivializing them. It feels like the same shit I went through with bi discourse when people were saying “everyone’s a little bit bi, you aren’t that special”. Stop.

jesus christ i was really stuck in mogai hell back in 2015 i just went through old posts and holy shit the level of compulsory heterosexuality i was fighting i can’t believe how far i’ve come and i’ll also never ever forgive the adults who encouraged me to use the split attraction model when i was clearly a minor who was dealing with internalised lesbophobia

Thoughts on What's Wrong

I don’t know I’ve been thinking about What’s Wrong lately and just listening to the lyrics, this was before I read the recent interview that Lynn did with Billboard, and after reading it I’ve decided to post this thing I’ve had in my drafts since the single came out.

I love the new song and video and all but I can’t help but just listen to the lyrics and notice how much pain lies within them. I know Lynn has been going through a lot of shit but these lyrics, it makes me sad to know that she went through so much pain just to write these lyrics, no one has been talking about this and I feel it’s been very overlooked like no one is actually paying attention to the lyrics; it’s so obvious she has been hurting. Since Heaven and What’s Wrong came out feel this album is going to sound like more of a cry for help. I don’t know it just makes me so sad to hear the pain she’s been through, I know we’ve all been through shit but I don’t know, just some thoughts I’ve had.

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i read your rant about the princess marco, but have you considered that the show doesnt want trans marco and never aimed for it? just because a boy likes feminine clothing or dress in dresses doesnt make them trans, see drag queens. im not anti trans, but i dont tihnk marco is trans. using the fact hes a bit feminine at times and doesnt mind dresses to claim he is 100% is kind of unfair to men who feel comfy in their bodies and are comfy to wear "fem" stuff.

Here’s the thing: like I said in the previous ask, Marco has dysphoria. Evidenced in episodes like the Naysaya, and the one I forget where he’s getting out of the shower while Star is filming or whatever, Marco isn’t just a bit feminine, or into wearing fem stuff, they ADDITIONALLY loathe their body. 

Speaking AS a trans girl, who went through all this shit, it’s far too relatable to be coincidence? And whether or not the crew is writing Marco as trans or not, they are someone who, in real life, would be trans. Without a doubt. 

“Why is Robert acting like such a child and having a tantrum??!”

Originally posted by evak-malec

“He is so pathetic!” “Why are you babying him?? He is just being stupid.” “There is nothing wrong with him, he is just acting out.”

Originally posted by evak-malec

“I mean what the heck was that scene anyways??” “Ryan is nothing like Danny!” “Danny could’ve done wayyy better!”

“Robert does not have mental health issues! He is just being a child!” “ I mean have you seen what Aaron went through? Robert can’t have mental issues cause he went through nothing like Aaron did!” 

“Either you like Danny or you like Ryan. There is no in-between!” “They don’t even compare.” 

i’ve been seeing a few posts (in rising number) recently that hint in passing at eddie and his mom’s relationship being quirky and funny and imma just need to put that shit on pause real quick

eddie’s mother isolated him, made him completely dependent, made him constantly terrified of virtually everything to the point of acute asthma attacks. she was emotionally and mentally abusive, plain and simple

sooooooo let’s not turn it into something ~quirky~ and ~silly~ please thanks

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Leela why the heck did they post that video? At the end they were making so many jokes about the idea flopping and they just went through the ending without giving any shits at all. I feel like this would've been scrapped footage if not for some good entertaining fun moments here and there.

man idkkkk but honestly im not mad at it??? i kind of enjoy them loosening up the Ultra Professional barriers for a video and just posting something random and quick. ik maybe thats not a universally held opinion and i think it would definitely upset me a lot more if we were in the middle of a severe content drought or something but given that theyve just made rly solid gaming videos that they put out in the last week, like the newest dream daddy and the sonic mania one, im definitely  more okay with them putting out something fluffy like this? and yeah they def thought this was silly and kind of annoying by the end but in a way i kind of appreciated this look into how they were attempting to make do with an idea that didnt end up working, how they still somehow kept it humorous and entertaining (although dan was probs ready to peace out like five minutes in). it was just a fascinating look at their dynamic under slightly diff circumstances i think? and there some moments in there that still made me laugh!!! so overall, kinda dull and boring, but somehow still cute idk!!! and i think they felt more ok releasing it bc theyre uploading so frequently and its ok if one vid is kind of a flop amidst a bunch of longer, solid ones

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4- Taz and Gretta!

4. Their favorite physical feature on each other? 

For Taz – probably them tig ol’ biddies, if we’re being honest.

For Gretta – that stupid smirk (you know the one)

send more romance asks?

also fun fact this is the very first screenshot i ever took for mv

Story time

This is a half true story. I leave it here for your enjoyment. Let me know if you like it and I’ll post more.


When I was 15 going on 16, I worked at a restaurant with a bunch of friends from school. We were busboys and kitchen staff. One friend was named John and we were fairly new friends even though we’d known each other since middle school. John was about my height—5.10 and growing, about my weight—150 lbs., same blond hair as me but with very blue eyes to my hazel. We looked like brothers and John was hot. I was ok, but John was one of the best looking guys in our class.

At that time my dad had joined a club downtown and it had a great weight room and gym. I went with my dad a few times and got the lay of the land. It had a great weight room, basketball court, racquetball courts, and a really nice lap pool/steam room/sauna/hot tub area. It was a male only gym and locker room, so all these middle aged guys walked around naked. My dad called it his fat old man gym and he basically just went to sit in the hot tub and read a book.

I’d been working out there for about 3 months by the end of summer. And, because I was 15, the work showed off pretty well. I hadn’t gained much mass but my arms were a little bigger, I had the beginnings of abs and pecs, and my shoulders were coming along. I was still mostly hairless other than an average bush and some armpit hair. I was a late bloomer and would not get chest hair until college and after, so at 15 I was a typical twink sophomore.

After school started I turned 16 and kept working at the restaurant. So did John. We both played soccer and in the high school locker room and during shirts/skins games John saw my progress. He asked me what I was doing and I told him I’d been going to the gym. Our high school gym was pretty low rent and no one really liked to work out there, so I invited John to work out with me after school one day. I had become friends with the manager over the summer and he let me bring John for free (they typically charged for guests). It became a routine that John and I would hit the gym around 3:30 when we got out of school. The gym had workout clothes for the members to change into because it was in an office building and a lot of the members came down to workout during lunch. The “uniform”, as I called it, was a grey t-shirt, blue gym shorts, and a jock strap. I never really thought much about it and I always wore the clothes provided. John didn’t like wearing the shorts (they were kinda short and were not in fashion at all) and he always brought his own. But he wore the jock and t-shirt. And damn did he look good in a jock. He had a much nicer ass than I did and the jockstraps framed it perfectly. It was white with two perfect globe cheeks. He had a sexy tan line from his waist to his lower thigh. He was so hot in that jock I still jerk off to the memory.

As I said, John looked a lot like me, but he had these piercing blue eyes, like Ryan Gosling, a model’s face, and a killer smile. I had a big crush on him, but of course he didn’t know that. When we changed we’d do what boys that age do a lot–turn away from each other and pull our shorts on and off fast, so no one saw our dicks. And we never got fully naked. We’d just workout and change back into our school clothes and go home and shower. When I wasn’t with John, I’d often shower there and go steam. The locker room had a great steam room that was a huge square with tiered bench seats. It was usually empty and I’d just lay down and relax for as long as I could stand the heat. Then I’d shower and leave. I loved the way the steam made my skin soft after. And I won’t lie, sometimes I’d jerk off in there if the place was empty.

John and I worked out like this for about a month. One day I had a dinner party to go to with my parents and I needed to shower at the gym to make it on time. I told John I was going to shower after and he said OK. I didn’t think much of it to be honest, but deep down I hoped he’d join me. After our workout I took off my shoes and put them away in my locker and walked in my gym clothes to the shower area where the towels were and you could leave your dirty clothes in a hamper. I took off my shirt and shorts and then I saw John walking up behind me.

He said, “Hey, figured I’d check out this steam room you always talk about,” with a smile on his face. Damn he was cute. He knew it too and he was a huge flirt, but he acted that way with everyone so I didn’t read into it. I was standing there in nothing but a jockstrap, kind of shocked and kind of turned on. I could see John look me over and take in my fairly worked out body in the jock. He undressed as well and I got us both towles. I handed him his towel and got my first real look at him naked. I’d seem him shirtless tons of times in the gym and playing soccer, but I’d never seen his cock before. I was a little shocked because it was kind of small. I have a fair sized dick, maybe bigger than most, but his was like 1.5 inches long and pretty small in circumference. He was circumcised at least, but his limp dick was about the size of my pinky. Despite that, he looked great, like a young adonis (all those Greeks had small dicks too!).

We wrapped our towels around our waists and went to the steam room. It was pretty thick with steam and hard to see much past a few feet. I walked over to the far side and sat down on the top row bench and John sat below me and laid down. There was no one else in there. When John laid down, he put his hands behind his head so I could see his pits, and he stretched out so his towel fell down a little and I could see the top half of his pubes. By this point I had a half wood, but I hid it under the towel. We talked for awhile and then decided it was hot and we went to the showers. The showers in this place had stalls, but with two shower heads per stall. We each got in our own stall, though, and cleaned up. We dressed and left and I went to my dinner party and John went home.

This started a new routine, where we’d workout, steam, and shower. Each time I got to see more and more of John naked and we got to be a lot less shy in front of each other. After a month or so, we’d take off our clothes by the locker and just walk naked to the steam room, like all the old men did. We weren’t afraid of being naked anymore and we got a lot more comfortable with it. I was still scared I’d pop a boner checking John out, and maybe he was a little shy about his small dick, but it felt good to be so freely naked.

After a while, I discovered what the little shower within the steam room was for–you could pull a chain and cold water would come out and cool you off. So I started doing that, and kind of showing off John in the process because I have a pretty dick and I knew it.

One day I got up to cool off in the steamroom and I must have been more excited than I thought I was when I was sitting down, because after I got wet I looked down and I had half wood that was showing off pretty well. I wasn't’ fully hard, but there was no doubt I was excited. John noticed and pointed at my dick and said, “Damn Joe, nice boner! HAHHAHA!”

I tried to play it off, but I’m sure I blushed. I laughed and said, “You know how it is, sometimes my dick has a mind of its own. I just get random hardons!” and I grabbed my junk and shook it a little. My dick is about 6-7 inches hard, and I was at about 5-6 at this point. Walking back to my bench I went over to John and swung my dick in his face, just fooling around. It was hard to tell, but he looked a little too long to not like it. I sat back down next to him. By that point, my dick was fully hard and pointing straight out from my body. I sat there and kind of played with it, pulling it down and watching it pop back up and slap my stomach. I was just screwing around and fucking with John, but I was super fucking hard and horney as hell.

I said, “Dude, I’m so fucking hard right now, I don’t know if I can walk out of here like this.” John said, “I know man, I’m getting hard too,” and sure enough his little cock was pretty hard as well. He was about 4-5 inches hard (a grower for sure), but still skinny in girth. We actually had pretty similar cocks–both straight with a circumcision scar, head in proportion to our girth. But his dick was like ½ the size of mine.

I said, “Well, what are we going to do about it…?” as I continued to play with my cock. I stared at him and he looked back and me and smiled and said, “Dude, I need to bust a nut. Let’s just jerk it in here.” I was sold!

We sat next to each other on the top bench and started stroking. We didn’t look at each other and he had his eyes closed most of the time. I was checking him out on the sly and having a blast. I had to stop after a minute because I was close to busting and I wanted it to last. John sat there, eyes closed, feet and legs stretched out jerking as hard as he could. He opened his eyes and I could see him take a quick glance at my dick, that I was slowly stroking. His balls were slapping against his thighs as he jerked furiously. I saw him tense up and his chest developed a deep shade of red as he approached climax. I saw him take another quick glance at my dick, then he busted all over his stomach. He shot 3 nice ropes of cum, but it was nothing compared to the deluge I let go 5 seconds later. I shot 6 or 7 times. The first shot went over my head and hit the wall. The next got my face, then chest, then stomach. I was covered in cum.

John laughed and said, “Shit Joe! That’s the biggest nut I’ve ever seen!” I laughed back, half out of breath from my massive orgasm and just said, “Yeah….that…was…needed…ohh man…wow…” I sat there, catching my breath and closed my eyes for a second, letting the orgasm take over my body as I went through my post-nut-high. I opened my eyes and John was wiping himself off with a towel. I grabbed my towel and wiped the cum off my torso, but I forgot about the cum on my face. John had a huge grin on his face and said, “Joe, you still have cum on your face. You fucking slut! You look like you just sucked a dick! Hahahahha!”

He thought it was hilarious. I wiped my face with my hand and came away with a pile of cum. I acted like I was going to wipe in on John and he backed away laughing. I chased him for a few steps and then stopped and wiped the cum on my towel. I was still half hard when we walked out, but there was no one in the shower area at all. We threw our towels in the hamper and got two fresh ones and walked to the stalls. I got in my usual stall and then John joined me in same stall. That had never happened before, but I guess when you jerk off together you shower together.

We washed our hair and soaped up. All I could do was watch John wash his ass, which I swear he did for like 3 minutes. Then I was hard again. John turned around and saw me watching him and saw my dick. He played it off and said, “Fuck Joe! Again?” I said, “Yeah, it’s been like 3 days since I jerked off, I guess I’m still horney.” Then I noticed he was getting hard again too.

We didn’t say another word to each other. I got some soap and started jerking off again and he did the same thing. We were standing across from each other, not looking at each other, but not looking away either. Just two dudes jerking off in the shower. I came pretty quick and shot my load into my hand. John followed me by about a minute and shot his load on the floor and it washed into the drain. We looked at each other and grinned and kind of gave a “Whew, that was fun” look to each other. Then we got out, toweled off, got dressed and went home, like nothing had ever happened. Of course, more was about to happen.

After that we became semi-regular jerk off buddies. We’d jerk off in the steamroom if no one was around, then shower together and go home. After a few weeks of this, I started to be a little more bold in my checking John out while jerking off. I noticed he closed his eyes less and less and played with his balls (was he playing with his ass too?) more and more. I thought up, what I thought, was a clever way to take it to the next level. One day I said, “Hey, let’s see who can get off first, like a race.” Because guys love competing, right? John was game, as usual. Then I upped the ante. I said, “What does the winner get?” John shrugged and thought for a second. Then he said, “Loser gets cummed on!” Praise the lord! That’s exactly what I wanted him to say!

So the bet began. Honestly, I didn’t care if I won or lost, I was a winner either way. So I took my time jerking off and sure enough I could see John getting close. He tensed up, got red in his chest like he always did, and started to make his O face. I just watched him, loving every second. He stood up and over me, then shot his load. All over my face. I wish I could say I sucked his dick, but I didn’t have the courage. I took his load and let a little into my mouth. It tasted salty, but good. John was laughing his ass off and I tried to act annoyed. I wiped his cum off my face and made my next move–I used it as lube to jerk off. I don’t know if he even noticed, but I loved it and I blew my load almost immediately. All our cum was mixed on my body by that point and John was toweling off and walking to the shower. I took a little more of the cum and ate it. God, it was so fucking good. Then I cleaned myself up and joined him in the shower.

Little by little, we got more adventurous. Cum shots became a challange to see who could cum on whose face first. I usually lost (on purpose), but I got him a few times as well. Once I timed it perfectly and shot a little into his mouth. John didn’t complain so I felt like I was making progress. One day we were just sitting there talking, not jerking off or anything, and sex came up. John had a hot girlfriend, but he was complaining about how he never got a blowjob from her. I said, “I’ve never had a blowjob before.” John replied, “What?! Dude, it’s the best! It feels soooo good. If they do it right. I mean, if she uses teeth, it fucking hurts.” I said, “I’ve never even had a handjob, to be honest with you.” John was incredulous. “What?! Joe, you’re a good looking guy, how have you not had a handjob yet?” “I don’t know, I just never had the opportunity.”

And with that, John reached out and grabbed my cock (which was rock hard by now), and gave it few tugs. He smiled at me and laughed and said, “There, now you’ve had a handjob!” I laughed back and said, “Damn, that did feel good.” I let that comment linger a little too long. I stared at him a little too long. Then I said, “Want to swap handjobs?” Silence. For like 15 seconds. I panicked inside. My heart was racing. I could see John was thinking, but what I had no idea. I’ve fucked this up, I thought.

Then John said, “Sure man. We just can’t tell anybody about it” and he smiled at me. That smile melted me. I laughed back at him and played with my dick a little, then I looked at him and reached for his dick. He was rock hard. He leaned back and let me go to town. I jerked him for a while, then he jerked me for a while, then we jerked each other. I was trying to wait to cum, but he caught me off guard with a few strokes and I busted out of nowhere. The cum went all over both of us. He let go of my cock and I moved to his cock. Then, as he was getting close, he pushed my head down onto his cock, forcefully, like it was not an option. He held it there with both hands while I jerked the last few strokes and within 10 seconds of him grabbing my head he was cuming in my mouth. He fucking exploded!

I had never sucked a dick before, let alone swallowed. I gagged and almost threw up. I let all the cum fall out of my mouth onto his dick. He let go of my head, but I kept it there and went back to sucking him for his last few ropes of cum. He pulled me off and said, “Wow. That was amazing. Uh, sorry about that dude, I couldn’t resist and I wanted to nut so bad.” I said, “I guess it’s alright, as long as you do that for me.”

From that day on, we swapped BJs in the steam room or shower most days. We never did it anywhere else and we never told anyone about it. It was our secret workout cooldown plan.


So, as a preface to this, I would like to clarify; there are like, three basic types of high school au.

  • The cheesy 90’s movie type, with stereotypical groupings (I.E, theres the jock, and the Nerd, and the goths, ect.)
  • The Normal type, which is literally just the characters/people in a high school setting. Nothing special, but still enjoyable.
  • And then. There is the angst type. Family issues, reckless behavior, mental issues, found family/breakfast club-esque situation.

Take one look at the links I provided in the last post about it and guess which one I went with. (I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort found family shit dON’T JUDGE ME) I should point out, none of this is supposed to reflect the crew’s actual situations growing up. I know for the most part their families are great and cool people and I don’t mean any disrespect to them by writing this!! Just imagine that any and all family members are basically OC’s.

Also I sort of thought all of this up through short pieces of self-indulgent writing so this is all sort of based around a fic??? So any situational bits like that you can change or ignore if you want. I aint some gatekeeper my dudes.

ANYWAYS, with disclaimers and such out of the way, headcanons??? Headcanons

(Put under a read more because this is gonna be long af)

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