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Eruri, Ere//ri, Levi//han

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i’ve already answered ereri and levihan previously… so you get the good one!

eruri… they’re red blue gays. just look that post up on tumblr. that’s how you know it’s a ship. and that it’s canon.

but seriously, i never knew i could fall for something so hard. i’m not even playing. i think isayama unintentionally wrote the greatest love story when it comes to these two. and you know what, i don’t even give a shit if you don’t ship them, but you have to respect the shit that went down in the “return to shinganshina” arc. that even if you don’t see the silent trust found through their actions when they’re apart during “the uprising”, you have to see that there’s something there.

and maybe it’s a little cheap that the ackerbond is the reason for it. that levi’s loyalty probably wouldn’t be so strong, but the thing about the ackerbond is that it’s usually mutual respect (i actually don’t think eren/mikasa has much of that, eren is too fucking broken). erwin wants levi as much as levi wants erwin. either as a weapon, a confidant, or a lover–they’re meant to be on each other’s sides until the very end.

they hurt me so deeply. like… i’ve been heavily affected by ships before. but there’s just too many days where i think of levi’s faces in 84 and i just can’t fucking function for a few seconds. he’s drawn with so much emotion–a character that we see so little emotion from in the entire series–and he just completely unravels for erwin.

they’re so selflessly in love with each other it’s hard to fathom sometimes. they’re perfect examples as to why isayama is better at character development than plot writing. it’s a tragically beautiful love story, and i wish we could see levi grieve over the loss of his other half.

a thing I can’t stop thinking about

I miss wild speculations so here is the thing which was on my mind since the very beginning but it grew and grew and here it is.

now this scene. I bet we all went through this shit at least once in our life, but most of us go through this shit several times a day. Just this fucked up all alone anxious feeling. Now the question. Do we have somebody

who would save us.

This is just so beautiful. Because even if you have loving family or your significant other or a dog or idk there was surely a time you were all alone. If it wasn’t, you are an incredibly lucky person.

Yuuri IS an incredibly lucky person because he found somebody who WILL ALWAYS BE HERE. FUCKING ALWAYS. Sure Yuuri has his family and Phichit and he even made new friends through episodes but yet he was crying in the toilet in the very first episode, wasn’t he. But I think that when he met Viktor, he slowly realised Viktor is somebody who will support him.

EVERY TIME. 24/7. 

If this isn’t fucking love than I don’t really now what the fuck is. 

I mean there is a shitton of anime and movies and songs and other media which are telling us that the true love means kisses and sex and it happens only to beautiful white strong young male and beautiful white weak young female. This was said million hundred times in this fandom but… 

This is just so beautiful life lesson. Like Don’t seek western love ideal, just find yourself a Viktor Nikiforov.

Even if Sidon’s popularity reaches that disgusting Onceler/Sans capacity, see if I give a shit because from day one I HATED the sans/undertale craze that like 9/10 people were going through and for over a goddamn YEAR I was NEVER able to get to even 24 hours without someone thinking they just HAD to bring up that dumbass fat skeleton in his stupid ass hoodie doing nothing but standing around with his hands in his fucking pockets, and that annoying ass tall skeleton OHOHO I LIKE SPAGHETTI ITS SO FUNNY BECAUSE MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS FIVE YEAR OLDS, RIGHT??

I went over a goddamn year being forced through stupid conversations and stupid fan art and stupid text posts about stupid skeletons from a stupid game that was apparently SO AMAZKNGWOW IT HAS MUSIC GUYS OMG and every day just fucking sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans ohhhhhhhhhh my god, if I had to deal with y'alls shit now you gotta deal with mine, see if I care if it becomes over done and annoying! If I had to suffer through all that shit for so goddamn long, you do too!

The internet went down while I was watching Jack playing Oxenfree just now, so I got up to get jello and sat back down eating while I waited for the router to restart. Then all of a sudden “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YOU LADDIES” and I almost fell off my chair

everyone always characterizes hunk as the Pure Cinnamon Roll ™ but let’s not forget this is the guy who went through his friend’s shit without asking and then proceeded to read their diary. he also told lance that allura had been talking about him just to fuck with him. hunk is a sweetheart but he’s also kind of an asshole sometimes and i wanna see that aspect of his character preserved

Ah ah you all thought I was done but no, there’s more things we need to talk about (i.e. Philkas):

• Lukas just being so!!! confident!!??
• like this boy went from “yo no homo” to “full on homo” in the space of like one episode
• and all because they were gonna take Philip away??
• like despite all the shit he’s gone through and how fucking terrified he is of everything (his dad, the murders, coming out) he realised he had to dO SOMETHING otherwise he was gonna lose Philip??
• and can I just say how I love the fact that now that he’s realised that, he’s also starting to realise everything else that he needs to do to make it right???
• I know we were expecting an apology but honestly Lukas is terrible with words so
• he’s just doing everything he can to apologise??
• like breaking up with Rose??
• giving Philip a ride to school???
• going to Helen&Gabe’s just to hang out not caring that they are going to see them????
• I know it’s just a normal boy-who’s-in-love behavior but
• for Lukas these things are HUGE
• and I am so proud of him
• also can I point out
• Gabe looking at them and saying: “it’s nice that they’ve gone back to being friends”
• yeah Gabe
• “”“”“”“"friends”“”“”“”

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It also seemed to me, she was mad that he mentioned that she was able to give Armin up? Maybe Armin doesn’t know yet and that was why she got even more angry?

I thought the same thing! It’s just so UNFAIR to Mikasa. Floch praises her for being the “adult” who in the end obeyed Hange, but at the same time shits on Mikasa, indirectly blaming her for “giving up” on Armin after EVERYTHING she went through to save him (straight up attacking humanity’s greatest soldier, thrashing against Hange)… Seriously!?

Not only that, he had to say it WHILE ARMIN WAS RIGHT THERE BESIDE HER. If she didn’t touch on that subject yet with Armin it’s because she and Eren were trying to protect his feelings until they could talk about it later. It’s almost like Floch wants to pit them against each other! He’s actively trying to put down all the other recruits (going as low as hurting Hitch’s feelings to make everyone feel guilty), but the one he hurt the most, at least indirectly, was Armin, WHICH IS EVEN MORE UNFAIR BECAUSE HE WAS UNCONSCIOUS DURING THE WHOLE SERUM BOWL AND NOTHING WAS EVER HIS FAULT.

I never really post serious stuff about TWD, but I just… this episode was SO good. Mostly just the Team Tiny stuff. Remember back when they first got to Alexandria and Sasha was losing her shit out in the woods and Michonne and Rosita went out there to try and help her? This episode kind of turned that around, with Sasha helping Rosita work through some of her trauma. Rosita all but said she was happy Sasha was happy, even though it was sort of at her expense. And now Sasha is literally giving up her life so Rosita can realize she’s still needed and worth something and important. As much as I don’t want Sasha to die, this is all beautifully done and I’m so happy we get to see more of these two characters and learn more about Rosita’s past.

And if Sasha’s going to die, she’ll go out fighting, like Abraham would have wanted to.

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I always assumed (since origins at least) that the tattoos are just spells, and are part of his training with Alhammarret. Seeing as Vryn's prodigy doesn't have them, but that's just Jace pre-Alhammarret, and his other side is post

I’d be inclined to agree, but the animated bit in Duels that shows Jace’s spark igniting still doesn’t have tattoos. :(

Okay new theory: Jace went through his rebellious punk stage with no parental guidance and he just thought the tattoos were cool and he didn’t have a mom or dad to stop him, that’s right, fuck you mom and dad, you can’t do shit, please god, be here with me so I can’t do shit, where’s my family *cue tears*

I get and understand that Josh went through mental shit and needed better help, so he deserves a safe blanket but what about the others?

•Sam possibly being put into a mental ward because of what she saw. Everyone thinking she’s just messed up and crazy, even if she seriously swears she saw this shit.

•Chris having to either watch him murder his best friend or trying to kill the girl of his dreams. Seeing a man get his head sliced off. Potentially having the constant knowledge of all his friends deaths brought up.

•Mike losing his girlfriend and having no idea if she’s alive or dead. Being surrounded by wendingos and having to cut off his fingers just to get out of a trap.

•Ashley living in guilt and fear, knowing she almost ended someone’s life. Living with that ontop of believing she killed the twins.

•Matt just trying to be the hero, only to possibly lose his girlfriend and never see her.

•Emily running through unknown mines having to dodge death at every turn. Having a gun pointed at you and two of your friends insisting on your immediate death.

•Jessica getting caught up in a mess she didn’t even know she would be getting into. Having absolutely no idea what was in those mines and seeing something that could possibly kill her.

It’s really upsetting knowing that ontop of the guilt from that prank, this group is probably suffering mentally as well and probably need a blanket as well.

never make fun of people’s art okay

even if they’re not a good person

i’m not saying that everyone deserves kindness alright

but just think ab who might read a post or a message in a group chat that takes a potshot at somebody’s artwork and think like “oh, my art looks kinda like that, guess i’m a shitty artist”

i just checked her blog - yeah it isn’t me. most of you guys have no idea the amount of stress and anxiety i went through with that whole… thing. i have stayed out of that shit (beyond expressing disappointment, as a lesbian, that there is more content for a noncanon slash ship than there is for both canon lesbian ships) since late february because thinking about it ratchets my anxiety up to the fuckin roof

it isn’t me, i don’t start fights with people, i don’t harass people, sometimes i make posts on my vent and rarely i make posts on my main but i never tag anything, don’t include me in this please

I just saw in my notes that someone with the word “MAP” in their username followed me and I went to their blog and it sure as shit stands for minor attracted person and I can’t find your fucking username again in my notes because that post about my brother is randomly gaining again but I swear to the goddess if you do not unfollow me right the fuck now I will dredge through every note I have to find you and report you to the authorities, buddy

Pedophiles are not welcome on my blog especially since the actions of one broke my fucking brain

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mind doing fraymotifs for a knight of rage? thanks a lot, and good luck with your blog!

You know, I actually used to think I was a knight of rage, until I went through my edgy teen years. But anyway, the knight of rage is one who would fight with rage. Pre-game, these players would be very cynical, the would easily find fault in any school paper, in any plan. Once they enter the game, they will probably be frustrated, but will trudge on, because who cares, let’s just get this shit over with. Post god teir, they will learn to be a bit less cynical, trying to keep their negativity to themselves.


Sorry guys. I’ve been having a very very hard week. Issues with Mat, issues with Pat. Other things piling on top of the shit storm. I was barely online for 3 days, and got next to nothing done.

I finished part 3 of Royal Assassin and will be starting part 4. Just waiting for the read through again to be sure part 1 flows before I post. It’s the only part that really references the books or anything that happens in it. After that, I sort of went my own way with everything.

I also wrote a Jared one shot this morning THAT WILL STAY A ONE SHOT THANK YOU. It’s about to post.

Hopefully shit settles down, and I can get back to editing / writing like I was before. Because I am tired as balls.

I am excited for next month though. I wish it was April already. I’m not telling you why. You don’t need to know yet. :)




SO… Mayuri forbiden Nemu to die, because she only can die how and when he said it, also he has forbiden her take her own desition.



No, really people he is a piece of shit and he is not “kind” with Nemu for avoid her to die, he is a controling monster who abuse of her and has a psicological and emotional control over that poor creature.

Beause he is only mean with her the most fragil piece of less abusive act looks like the kindest and lovely thing.



SO… Mayuri forbiden Nemu to die, because she only can die how and when he said it, also he has forbiden her take her own desition.



No, really people he is a piece of shit and he is not “kind” with Nemu for avoid her to die, he is a controling monster who abuse of her and has a psicological and emotional control over that poor creature.

Beause he is only mean with her the most fragil piece of less abusive act looks like the kindest and lovely thing.

No it’s character development–I was just getting ready to write a post on it, so Ima quote you (not talking down to you or anything. I am just saying)

He didn’t care if she died in the beginning

He didn’t care about her discomfort or being nearly mortally wounded. He aded injuries on top of that and he made no move to help her….he gave no shits about her. She was just something that he created…a doll

But after meeting Ichigo and seeing the shit he went through for Rukia, their bonds and the things he does for the rest of his friends…

it changed him and her others in SS

In this chapter…he doesn’t want to use her as a shield

but that’s exactly what she was to him in the beginning.

Hence her confusion, cuz he hasn’t taught her this…

and didn’t care about her existence when we first met them.

But in 640, we learn that she’s the 75th Nemu, but unlike all the other versions (is no one gonna talk about what happened to them?)

The CURRENT Nemu is irreplaceable to him…he will find it difficult to make and raise a 76th Nemu, cuz it will not be THIS NEMU. He’s awkwardly admitting he loves and cares about his daughter. Someone who shuns love, is begrudgingly admitting to love and because it’s MAYURI this is his way of saying that.

This along with actually fighting and being a part of a “team” instead of only being in it to serve his own interests, is REAL character developement and it is awesome.

Also Kubo said that Nemu is actually as depraved as Mayuri is. She’s just cuter but is into all the freaky shit he’s into.

She’s Masochist, to his Sadist…IT’S THEIR THING. As sick as that may sound to some (if you love it, I like it. No matter what)…so don’t waste time feeling sorry for Nemu. She digs it.

when you have bad days that just won’t let up, i just hope that you will look in the mirror and remind yourself of what you are and what you are not… you are not your mistakes, you are not damaged goods or muddy from your failed explorations. you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. you are a product of the lessons that you’ve learned. you are wiser because you went through something terrible… and you are the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking. i now believe that pain makes you stronger. and now I believe that walking through a lot of rainstorms gets you… clean

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I watched A Family Affair tonight and all I could think about was the moment Xena realized it was Hope and not Gabrielle and just how devastated she must have been and I’m really sad we didn’t get a scene of that

ughhhh indeed, that episode hurt so bad ;__; not to mention the emotional rollercoaster we all went through along with xena, because she saw hope and thought it was gab and she was SO HAPPY it was crystal clear by the way she looked at her jshkhksd then she realized it was not gabrielle and everything went to shit again BUT THEN THAT BEAUTIFUL REUNION HAPPENED AND I’M STILL CRYING

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I’m cackling and enjoying your tags greatly this evening - thoughts we all share!

lololol i’m glad to hear my words of wisdom in desperate times like these have amused someone!! :)