the shit i went through just to post this

Did @staff just randomly decide which posts were NSFW? Like 90% of my posts are flagged and maybe 1% is actually nsfw. Like…..this is a bed, you fucking idiots???? Honestly it just seems like they went through every blog and randomly tagged shit as NSFW, except actual porn/spam porn blogs. Thanks @staff, seeing a sims 3 bed was really NSFW, but I’m so glad I can still see “deep pussy” instead now! Thank you. Fucking idiots.

Ok so we know canonically Wash’s first name is David, yeah? Its his last name that hasnt been revealed to us.

The funniest shit to me is if like, Wash himself doesnt even remember his own last name (maybe those implants/Epsilon’s freakout messed with his memory a bit, maybe Wash’s taken one too many hits to the head, who knows) and so starts the quest to find out Wash’s last name

and the crew manages to get their hands on some PFL documents or files and Wash and Carolina are going through them, and then they just kinda stop and stare at this one document, and the Reds and Blues are just like “Did you find it?” “Whats his last name?” “Is it something stupid we can make jokes out of?”

and Tucker’s like “Well?”

and Carolina just looks so done

Wash turns to look at Tucker, with the most unamused expression on his face

“Washington. My last name is Washington”

“…Wait, Wash, Seriously?” “Seriously.”


“Well, I am glad. This means Agent Washington will not be a different person.” “Thats not how last names work, Caboose”


I am confused as to why people keep making the joke that Monsta X are/will become male strippers…? They are kpop idols and trained hard and went through a lot of shit to be a proper kpop idol group–not to be called male strippers. Where and how did that joke come into existence…? Some of them don’t even pull their shirts up all the way during the Hero dance simply because they don’t want to!

And the joke that Wonho likes to take off his clothes just for the hell of it?? I guess you didn’t see how many times he tried to close up his shirt after he opened it during that Stuck performance and that moment during his solo vlive when a fan told him to show his abs and he shyly pulled his shirt close because he hadn’t noticed his chest was slightly showing. The look in his eyes looked so sad and ashamed as though it was his own fault that someone was looking at him in that way. He said he likes to work out for his health and to relieve stress–not to satisfy your sexual fantasies. 

I mean really now please stop.

Keep it real, Monbebe. And non-monbebe…please just respect our boys.


Can’t stop it.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Fluff Smut/ Smut

A/N; I’m sorry for grammar errors, and that this one shit is shit. This was just something I wanted to post because I feel sad for not posting anything for my followes. 

“Jungkook, I’m grounded. I can’t go out with you or even go out of the house,” I said through the phone letting out a sigh from being grounded on a Saturday night. In fact, I was grounded for a whole week only because of one incident that happened last Saturday. 

The fact that I went out partying real hard last Saturday coming home all drunk and with a dress quite revealing in their opinion, but I didn’t get laid something that would be awful for both my mom and brother. I’m not the type of girl, who loves having sex with multiple guys at the same time. That’s just nasty in my opinion. This is my punishment no going out with friends, partying or even talk to people for a whole week. Unfair, I got safely home last Saturday and didn’t have a stretch on me. I was totally fine and I didn’t get into any trouble on my way home because someone was already taking care of me. 

“Just sneak out, I’m horny. Namjoon and all the older ones instead of Jimin and Taehyung are out on a trip. Jimin and Taehyung have their girlfriends here, so why can’t you come as well?”

“You know that we’re not even together. This was one mistake that turned into something. Namjoon is going to freak out if he finds out or in fact he’s going to get mad,” I said with a slightly worried tone, afraid that people would found out about our secret relationship. People all around the boys know that they have sex, but they don’t know who the girls are. The only ones in the group that have officially come out with their girlfriends are Jimin and Taehyung. The rest of the boys are either in a secret relationship or just have sex with a girl they found attractive. “It was a good mistake, so please come over”

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sometimes I like to play around with the idea of Kate being a Commando’s granddaughter. It’s not my favorite thing to do, because I like that she found her way to the Young Avengers with no historical/genealogical/genetic predisposition, or whatever. Everyone else on that team could be considered a legacy to the Avengers, except Kate, and I love that part of her story.

But sometimes, as I said before, it’s fun to play around with being an heir to the Commandos. 

And I was going through some old posts and found one that was like dossiers of the commandos, and one says Dernier: Demolitions Expert.

After Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, I hc Kate pretty hard as “likes to blow shit up” and I just saw this and was like: imagine this:

There’s been some mission that went down a little cockeyed, and Kate actually got picked up on camera, which is unusual. 

She and Billy and Teddy and Steve and Natasha and Bucky and Clint are eating curry, or pad Thai, or something in heaps of takeout containers and her phone rings

and there is just 

ANGRY FRENCH YELLING that everyone can hear because it’s so loud Kate has pulled the phone from her ear

and everyone understands enough to know that Kate is just getting her ass handed to her

and she’s like , “I can’t hear you! je suis désolé! Grand-pere! Non! Uh!!! Je suis–Je–merde!”

And she hangs up looking just, like, horrified. 

Billy starts cracking up first, “What the hell time is it in France even?”

And Steve is all, “Man, I haven’t heard someone swear like that in French since Jaques.”

To which Kate replies, “Maybe it’s the name, his name is Jaques.”

Natasha starts cracking up now. ”You’re all idiots,” she says.

“He didn’t happen to fight in WWII did he?” Steve continues.

“Well, yeah, actually.”

“If you tell me his last name’s Dernier–”

Steve’s phone rings, an unknown number. He picks it up. ANGRY FRENCH YELLING on the other end. 

Dernier is chewing him out as if it’s his fault a demolitions expert’s granddaughter likes to blow shit up.

(Bucky falls out of his chair he’s laughing so hard)


Our group consists of a cleric and nymph (both played by me) a rougue, an elf wizard-archer, a dragon born monk, a mage, and another wizard. We’re all only level 2, and the highest health among us is 29. This session, the last wizard hadn’t joined us because he was at work, and we ended up getting caught between a swarm of kobolds and a roper just before he finally made it. After twenty minutes of explaining the situation, we resumed combat.
Dm: Okay so… (measures the distance to the wizard) the Roper reaches it a tentacle and grabs [wizard]. Roll a dex and a strength.
Wizard: *rolls low on both* Dang…
Dm: Okay, the Roper grabs you and drags you forward ten feet.
Cleric: *rolls to try and pull him free, fails*
Nymph: *sighs and tries to break the tentacle with my staff* *barely to hit but doesn’t do high enough damage*
Everyone else: *moves away from the Roper’s range and tries to keep back the kobolds*

The Roper then manages to grab both of my characters and decides to try and take a bite out of my cleric. Fortunately, it rolled a nat 1.
Dm: Okay, so… it goes to bite [Cleric], but misses and instead bites her shield, lodging it in its mouth.
Me, ooc: What?!
Dm: Or it could bite you.
Me, ooc: [Wizard], you owe me a new shield.
Wizard, ooc: I mean, I didn’t ask for help.

After several more turns, the Roper managed to swallow the shield and got his bite back. This time, it went for the wizard. It rolled a nat 20.

Dm: wow, lets… let’s hope I roll low. *rolls four d8s twice, ends up with 40 nat damage* ah… well, better pull out a new character sheet.
Wizard, ooc: Wait, what about the death mini game?
Dm: That was like twice your health dude! You’re just dead. You got bit in half.
Me, ooc: Are you sure you don’t want help?

After that we managed to fight through the rest of the kobolds and the Roper without any more loss of life.

jesus christ i was really stuck in mogai hell back in 2015 i just went through old posts and holy shit the level of compulsory heterosexuality i was fighting i can’t believe how far i’ve come and i’ll also never ever forgive the adults who encouraged me to use the split attraction model when i was clearly a minor who was dealing with internalised lesbophobia

Tom Riddle was not abused.

Tom Riddle was NOT abused.



Seriously! I have had it! I have seen another stupid post talking about Dumbledore “leaving three children to rot in abusive homes.” And I’m fed the fuck up. Apparently he kept sending Tom, Snape and Harry back into abusive homes. Well news flash, TOM RIDDLE WASN’T FUCKING ABUSED! I’m going to repeat it as many times as I fucking need to until people GET it!

Tom Riddle was not abused. There is no mention in the books of him ever being abused or mistreated in any way by anybody in that orphanage, physically or mentally. So “poor little abused and bullied woobie Tommy who was sent back to the horrible orphanage by the big bad evil Dumbledore” is complete and utter bullshit. Note that every character who is abused has their abuse described, or at least mentioned in some form in the books. Tom Riddle, AKA Future Hitlers of the World, DID NOT! Not a single letter, not a single word, not a single fucking SYLLABLE in the whole damn series talks about abuse of any kind against this kid. Tom was not abused, and therefore Dumbledore did not send him back to an abusive environment. Anyway it wasn’t Dumbledore’s power at the time to send Tom anywhere since he wasn’t Headmaster and all, but that’s none of my business.

Now onto Snape. I don’t even have to say much about Snape, because this is so utterly ridiculous. Dumbledore sent Snape back to an abusive home? Ha! Oh wait, you’re serious. LET ME LAUGH HARDER.

Alright then, name me ONE source, one SHRED of textual evidence of any sort in any of the books that suggests that Dumbledore knew ANYTHING about Snape’s shitty home life. Name me one thing that says that Dumbledore knew jack shit about what Snape went through at home. Just one sentence. I’m waiting.

…..*crickets*. Yeah, I thought not. Now Snape was abused at home. But Dumbledore had nothing to do with that. At school is a different matter, but at HOME?! Nah.

Alright everyone, that’s all. Just needed to get my point across, this post was a long time coming and it needed to be said. Seriously, Dumbledore haters be like: “FUCK CANON!”

Anyway, demi-aspec orientations aren’t about needing to “know someone before dating/having sex with them”.

They are about needing to build a strong emotional bond/connection to someone before feeling romantic/sexual attraction to them.

First: orientation isn’t action. I can date someone even if I only feel sexual attraction to them, or only alterous/platonic attraction to them. I can have sex with someone even if I only feel romantic attraction to them, or only alterous/platonic attraction to them. You don’t need to feel romantic attraction to date or sexual attraction to have sex.

Second: a close emotional bond/connection isn’t the same as knowing them. As a demiromantic person, this is hugely trivializing that part of my identity. I know lots of people. Just using my Facebook friends, who are all people I’d say I know and am relatively well acquainted with or am somewhat friendly with, I know around 300 people. How many people would I say I have a close emotional connection to? Right now, probably 2. Ever in my life? Only a handful - certainly less than 10.

Please stop spreading misinformation about demi-aspec identities and trivializing them. It feels like the same shit I went through with bi discourse when people were saying “everyone’s a little bit bi, you aren’t that special”. Stop.

He Is Safe

Summary : You wake up from a nightmare, then make sure everyone you care about is safe.

Prompt : “I had a nightmare and came here to make sure you were okay”. (I saw this on a blog from last year but I can’t freaking find it now!)

Word Count : 776 words (It’s quite short)

Warnings : None, I think. Tiny bit of angst? Fluff?

A/N : Okay! So this is a drabble that I wrote November last year. It’s short, shitty and halfway through it I didn’t know how I was going to end it. So it may feel incomplete. I’m sorry about that! Feedback is very much welcomed so hit me up! Same goes to requests!
I decided to post it anyways because my first fic EVER posted went really well and there was generally great feedback that I honestly didn’t expect, and this was just a sort of ‘look’/’feel’ of my writing style when it comes to drabbles. I have a shit ton of drabbles just rotting in my laptop that I want to re-visit, re-write and hopefully post one day. But for now, all I can post is this.

Note that English is not my first language so… yeah. Any mistakes, report it to me (:

You sat upright, forehead glistening with sweat as you tried to control your erratic breathing. Your eyes were wild as cold fear gripped your heart. You look over the clock on your bedside table, where it read 3.48 am.

You tore your blanket off of you, and saw your bed sheet was a mess –you clearly had been tossing and turning in your sleep. It was only when your feet had touched the frosty marbled floor did you remember what had awoken you.

Abandoning your robe and bunny slippers you dashed out of your room, not bothering to close your door behind you before scrambling to another door at the opposite hallway. Your hand grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly, knowing the resident of the room had a sharp hearing –even in their sleep.

The room was dim, the only light coming from the moonlight that poured in from the window. You saw a body tucked underneath a blanket, curled up and sound asleep. Nat’s red hair was still noticeable even in this lighting, and your heart lightened a bit at seeing her safe. But the list was still long, and you retraced your steps outside.

You were in another room, this time Wanda’s; a book was next to her with her hand on the spine as she slept. Okay, she’s fine. You moved to the next –Clint, Sam, Vision, Tony and Steve. All of who were sleeping at this hour (Yes, even Tony), and with every room you checked, you came out feeling relief wash over you. But you still had one more person to verify, so you walked over to the last door of your late inspection.

Now standing in front of another door, you steadied your breathing. The occupant behind this door was the one you were most terrified for. You kept telling yourself it was just a nightmare, a sickening dream that did not at all affect any one of them in this reality. Like everyone else you had checked on, this one was the same like the rest; asleep and safe. But you needed to see them with your own eyes.

You were too busy trying to calm yourself that you didn’t realize the door had been opened, until his voice tore the silence of the hallway.

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Petition to have Nicole's ex girlfriend show up?

So, apparently we’re getting Nicole’s backstory. But imagine if it’s told through the eyes of her ex? (Also, I really love jealousy gags but I hardly see them on screen??)

Imagine Nicole still being upset about being left out and then her ex shows up whom she’s still really close to and is a sight for sore eyes. Imagine little Waverly being super jealous of this girl. Nicole tries to tell her they’re just friends and yadayada.

It doesn’t do much to quell Waverly’s jealously. So, Nicole’s ex decides to step in and explain their whole story.

Something like:

“You know, Nicole was always destined to be a police officer. Or a nurse or firefighter or something. She’s always loved helping people. I’ve known her since we were children. My dad was an alcoholic; used to beat my mom and sometimes me. Nicole could hardly not notice that her best friend had bruises regularly. She was super perceptive ("you taste different”) I wasn’t the most active kid, see. Anyways, one day, the cops show up at my house and arrest my dad. Turns out that Nicole had hidden in the bushes and filmed my dad beating my mother through the front window.

I don’t think I ever really loved her. I mean. I know I didn’t. I think I just kind of manifested a hero’s complex onto her as the years went on and she continued to help those who couldn’t help themselves. You’re really lucky, Earp.“

lumber-jack-white  asked:

I'm sorry you have to deal with so many awful people. Especially the homophobic ones. My best advice would be to not even answer the hateful messages (it's hard i know, my fandom went through a really bad shit storm a few years back).

I post literally less than 1% of those asks. For example, just from being gone a bit, my box was full of people saying they hoped I had died. Yesterday got me a few messages asking me not to gif non-white people, in so many words. And yeah, about every rancid flavor of homophobia is sprinkled in there. Then there’s the inappropriate, boundary-crossing, and/or stalkerish stuff.

It’s not like I want a pity party when I talk about it, it’s more a desperate hope that something’ll trigger any kind of realization that people need to both chill and try to hold online (and offline) communities to a standard of basic human decency. I mean, it doesn’t, not when people can just go “oh gosh everyone be your mythical best (✿◕‿◕)” and think that they’ve done their part, but a person can dream.

anonymous asked:

Why do you keep equating her PR games with her personal life? This is not about her sexuality. STRAIGHT PEOPLE FAKE RELATIONSHIPS TOO. This is about marketing and promotion. Open you mind up and stop attacking people because you refuse to see your anons have a point.

Let me break this down for you all since you’re having such an incredibly hard time understanding the issue I’m having with all of this. I’m just going to map it out for you guys since some of you apparently missed how disgusting you’re being. This all started because of this anon: “not excited for ts6 anymore that little bish has been treating us like shit and wants us to buy it lmao i’m downloading it” 

Sorry, but what kind of petty ass high school baby bullshit is this?? This anon is mad about the new PR stunt because it means no gay narrative for Taylor when we thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, she’d be beard free and she’d push the gay on TS6. They’re literally mad because Taylor isn’t coming out, which apparently means she’s “treating us like shit.” She’s ‘using’ the loyal fans who know the ‘truth’…the, dare i say it, GAY truth (which you actually don’t).

(also you do realize that coming out is personal, hence the personal life mention).

But, wait! Lemme stop you there before we continue though cause I know what you’re going to say: *cries* bUt she LIKed HoMOphoBIC STUFf on TwiTTER and on the TumBlr  ):

(If you’re referring to the l*arrie post, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Some of you are over the top and tracking her planes/every move is weird af)

Also, I just went through all 2,000 something likes of hers on twitter. I’d like to point out this: it’s a cute like from 2014. 

She proved over and over that she’s not homophobic so you saying she’s treating you like shit is crazy lmao you’re saying she’s treating us like shit because of that and it’s false. “Using the gay fans” lmao

So like….do you see how that’s relating to her personal life? Kaylor’s are tired of her stunting, but she’s stunting to create a straight narrative. Why are you guys pretending you didn’t know this? SO YEAH the issue is you’re mad cause she wont stop stunting and come out already. Her boyfriend PR moves are to distract away from any other possible narrative.

So on the next episode of, we have this anon: The moment she pulled that Joe Jonas break-up call stunt; she invited everyone to analyse and dissect her personal life.

Honey…. no. Just….no. She was like 17 and had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t invite you to dissect her personal life and how dare you make that gross ass assumption. She’s not a reality TV star, but some of you are making it seem that way. Is Keeping Up With The Swifts on E! because if so please let me know! That’s the only time you’re invited to dissect someone’s personal life. Otherwise, you’re being Extra™ and invasive for no reason. She’s here to make and sell music. 

Then we have this nice gem from another gross anon:  “If I met Taylor now, I would probably laugh at her face”

Again, why? Like I really have no other response, but why? Cause you’re petty? You guys are making this about her personal life because you’re so mad she won’t come out. You’re saying she’s treating gay fans like shit and using us while liking homophobic stuff when she has liked MORE THAN ENOUGH gay shit on Tumblr. She’s proved to not be homophobic so find another excuse to hate on her.

Even if Sidon’s popularity reaches that disgusting Onceler/Sans capacity, see if I give a shit because from day one I HATED the sans/undertale craze that like 9/10 people were going through and for over a goddamn YEAR I was NEVER able to get to even 24 hours without someone thinking they just HAD to bring up that dumbass fat skeleton in his stupid ass hoodie doing nothing but standing around with his hands in his fucking pockets, and that annoying ass tall skeleton OHOHO I LIKE SPAGHETTI ITS SO FUNNY BECAUSE MY TARGET AUDIENCE IS FIVE YEAR OLDS, RIGHT??

I went over a goddamn year being forced through stupid conversations and stupid fan art and stupid text posts about stupid skeletons from a stupid game that was apparently SO AMAZKNGWOW IT HAS MUSIC GUYS OMG and every day just fucking sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans sans ohhhhhhhhhh my god, if I had to deal with y'alls shit now you gotta deal with mine, see if I care if it becomes over done and annoying! If I had to suffer through all that shit for so goddamn long, you do too!

as hockey fans, we all have that one team that we can’t stand. that’s just part of the game. everyone on here, at least once, has probably made a post shitting on another team whether it’s because of a player, a rivalry, the fact that one team just beat yours, or maybe you just hate them for no reason. all those points are totally valid and everyone has the right to be vocal about their hate for another team. after all, what would hockey be without that?

where we draw the line is when the anger starts being directed at the fans.

i joined hockey tumblr during the 2014-15 season when everyone loved the blackhawks. more importantly, i went through the period of time where most hawks blogs transformed into very anti-hawks blogs because of the patrick kane scandal. that seemed to be, and still is the predominant reason about 75% of people on here cannot stand the hawks, and i get that, i do.

even as a blackhawks fan, i agree with those blogs stances on patrick kane. i’m one of the few hawks fans who doesn’t like him in any way, shape or form. i don’t find him to be a good human being, i don’t cheer for him when he scores a goal, and frankly i wouldn’t be upset if he somehow got traded away.

my point is, the hate that most anti-hawks blogs feel stems from hating patrick kane, which again, is valid. if they weren’t my hometown team or the first team i fell in love with, i’d probably hate them too. but being an anti-kane blog, i still have learned to be nice towards fans of his (i’m even mutuals with a lot of them). sure, not all, but most kane blogs i’ve seen around here want to be civil towards people who hate him and understand their viewpoint, but anti-kane blogs not only refuse, but give kane fans undeserved hate for this.

since the kane case, the hate for him and his fans has transferred over to the entire hawks fanbase. now especially since it’s playoffs, i see blackhawks fans get hated on on a daily basis. i’ve seen people call us “horrible”, “idiotic”, “ugly”, i’ve seen people tell us to commit suicide, etc., by anti-hawks blogs.. there are a few problems with this:

  1. you guys will type these things out on your keyboard, hit post, and then when you get fired at back by hawks blogs, you act like the victims, like hawks fans have no rationality for chiming in. look, when you callout a fanbase you can’t get mad at them for calling you out in return. it’s not one sided.
  2. you assume you know everything about hawks fans when in reality most of you don’t even make an effort to understand us before hating on us. you’re so quick to judge us that you literally don’t even listen to what we have to say. for example, with the pkane drama mentioned earlier, you refuse to accept that most kane fans want to be civil towards you. and last year, when andrew shaw made homophobic comments on the ice, without missing a beat, all of you claimed that all our fanbase was doing was brushing the situation off and downplaying it. as far as i saw, every single hawks fan on here was speaking out about how shaw deserved punsishment and that what he said was unacceptable. but you all saw it and refused to acknowledge it just so you could make your “all offense but bl*ckh*wks fans are trash” posts.
  3. to those of you who say we should stop being so sensitive, or claim when you say hawks fans you don’t mean ALL hawks fans, understand that when 75% of a fandom shits on you, it’s easy to take those posts personally no matter the intent. furthermore, just because you may not feel like hawks fans should be hurt by what you say doesn’t mean you’re not still hurting them. understand that some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to those posts. i know a lot of you very well mean to hurt us, but those who don’t, you can’t tell us to feel a certain way in response.

as a blackhawks fan, i’ll say we do have our share of bad fans, maybe more than other fanbases, but what i know from following most blackhawks blogs on tumblr is that we have some really great fans too who are only asking for respect.

yes, i get that it’s easy for you to hate the hawks, but understand that people may have differing views from you. that’s how the world works, thats how hockey works, and part of accepting that is learning to be civil.

try to visualize this for a second. imagine an entire fanbase is out to get you and literally won’t stop talking about how awful you are when they have never met you before. don’t pretend you wouldn’t get angry too. don’t pretend you wouldn’t be defensive. evidently, you guys don’t know a lot about hawks fans on tumblr, so stop trying to claim that you do.

even if you do think hawks fans are horrible, it doesn’t make you a better person to send them hate or call them names. i don’t care if think it does, it doesn’t, end of story. tumblr is a lot better when you’re nice to people, maybe try it.

and to other blackhawks fans, remember that your love for your team is valid. you’re not a bad person for rooting for the hawks, no matter how much people say you are. don’t listen to what someone on tumblr says who has nothing better to do. it’s hard to be a hawks fan right now, but just because most of hockey tumblr calls you a bad person does not mean it’s true.

and if anyone needs to talk or rant about this i’m always here :))


So, as a preface to this, I would like to clarify; there are like, three basic types of high school au.

  • The cheesy 90’s movie type, with stereotypical groupings (I.E, theres the jock, and the Nerd, and the goths, ect.)
  • The Normal type, which is literally just the characters/people in a high school setting. Nothing special, but still enjoyable.
  • And then. There is the angst type. Family issues, reckless behavior, mental issues, found family/breakfast club-esque situation.

Take one look at the links I provided in the last post about it and guess which one I went with. (I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort found family shit dON’T JUDGE ME) I should point out, none of this is supposed to reflect the crew’s actual situations growing up. I know for the most part their families are great and cool people and I don’t mean any disrespect to them by writing this!! Just imagine that any and all family members are basically OC’s.

Also I sort of thought all of this up through short pieces of self-indulgent writing so this is all sort of based around a fic??? So any situational bits like that you can change or ignore if you want. I aint some gatekeeper my dudes.

ANYWAYS, with disclaimers and such out of the way, headcanons??? Headcanons

(Put under a read more because this is gonna be long af)

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ok uh. yooran gaming channel au - part 2

@misfireezreal reblogged the ‘yoosung has a gaming channel au’ post and wrote a really cute lil addition that inspired me to add some more ideas to this mess of an au….. and i got really carried away

their addition / reblog post is here !!  tho i’ll also put a screenshot of it under the cut… along with more headcanons/ideas/whatever for the au/scenario

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Just wanna say something

Okay, this is pretty personal and most of you won’t give two fucks, but I’m gonna say it. I want to all to know that if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here. About anything. 

Today my father told me he will never love me as much as his other kids. Then he went on to say that he’s not even sure if I’m his kid or not (which I 100% am just to clarify.) 

Anyways I’m going through some shit currently and if my page goes bad for a while, either me not posting or my post getting shittier, please stay with me. I’m trying my hardest to write as much as I can, but with finals and other tests coming up it’s getting harder to find time. Thank you for all your support guys, I mean it you all mean so much to me. 

AP Human Geography Exam

I just replied to a question I got in my inbox about the AP exam for Human Geography asking me about what topics were on the test. (The person was doing the make-up exam.) I decided to post it on here for those of you who are making it up or haven’t taken it yet.


Okay first of all, I went through all of the 2014 Kaplan book for APHG and let me just tell you this: it was shit. While I was going through it, I really thought it would help me but honestly, it did nothing for me. I talked to my other friends who also went through it and they felt the same. the point of that was to tell you not to waste your time on that.

Second, I want to talk about the multiple choice. Originally, I was worried more about the free response than I was about the multiple choice, but it turned out to be the opposite. During the multiple choice, I found myself skipping a lot of the questions and planning to come back to them later. Well, what happened was that I had 10 minutes left and 30 questions that I needed to go back and answer. After the test, I was talking to my friends and they said the same happened to them so they just went back and guessed but no! DO NOT BLINDLY GUESS! Of course if you don’t know the answer to a question you can see which makes most sense but don’t ever just guess based on how many a’s, b’s, and c’s there have been. Also, the multiple choice questions on the AP Exam were nothing like I had imagined them to be. They were extremely specific like even the #1 student in our class admitted that he found that part to be difficult. What I would suggest for that part honestly is to just know every topic thoroughly and to pay attention to country examples while you’re reading because that will be very beneficial. I honestly felt like the multiple choice was a matter of either you know it, or you don’t.

The free-response, in my opinion, was fairly easy. The questions are posted on College Board so you should go check them out to get an idea of what yours will be like. Time wasn’t a problem for me here. I would suggest reading each question very thoroughly because you can learn a lot from the question itself. And remember that you don’t have to answer the questions in order. This is helpful because you should just do the ones that you know and get them out of the way and then spend time thinking on the ones that you’re unsure about. (There are three of these.)

Okay, now the test subjects.

  • Theories: You need to know all of the theories that people came up with and know who did what and what it actually means.
  • Models: I can’t emphasize enough how important these are to know. You need to understand each one and know what it was based off of.
  • Types of States: Understand what each type of state is like. i.e. perforated, compact, fragmented, etc. Make sure you know basic examples of each.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: This is a very large part. One of the free-response questions was about this. Know about the colonization and the problems that countries in this region face.
  • Core and Periphery: Know about developed and developing countries and the relationship between them.

The rest was honestly a combination of the information and applications to real-world topics. You need to be able to apply the information.

I hope this helped!

-Pratima xx

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