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Late Night Mail

An envelope would arrive to the Ludlow Vineyards establishment baring a seal similar to that of the Lancaster, the letter within would bear the addressing of “To the Proprietors and Heads of the Ludlow Vineyards”, the words vague and yet the right amount to get the point across.

Within the envelope, the letter reads as so:

They say things with time to age are the best in quality, and yet here I sit in a Brothel close to disarray, wondering why such establishments could not be as effortlessly fruitful and worth it’s weight like that of wine.

I am looking to give my women a better quality of life. The change has long since been over due, and it is time to bring the pretty Brothel of Goldshire, Elwynn Forest from the slums and into that of riches. I desire to start, first, with finer foods and beverage.

Beverage is where I hope you will come into play. I desire to meet thus to discuss business propositions.

Configure with me a date and time best fitted for you and I will attempt to meet your demand.

I eagerly await your response,

Lady Luck Guide You,

Best wishes,

@ludlowvineyards @elizebella

Dutch Swearwords.
  • Oh mijn god - Oh my god
  • Godverdomme - Goddamnit
  • Gadverdamme - Mostly used in the Netherlands in gross situations. - Gadverdamme, Josh threw up!
  • Idioot - Idiot
  • Hou je kop - Shut up (literally ‘shut your head/face)
  • Kak (Dutch), stront (Belgian) - Shit - ‘Kak, I’m late’, ‘Het is strontweer’ (It’s shitweather)
  • Kut - Quite vulgar word for vagina. Used like ‘shit’ or ‘fuck’ - ‘Kut! I forgot my homework!’ You can also put ‘kut’ before any word. If you fall off the stairs, you can say ‘Kut trap!’.  You got stung by a bee? ‘Kut bij!’
  • Klote(n) - Quite vulgar word for balls.- ‘Kus mijn kloten!’ (Kiss my balls), ‘Wat een kloteweer’ (Literally: What a ballweather.) You can, like ‘kut’, put ‘klote’ before any word.
  • Pik - Quite vulgar word for penis - Wat doe je nou, pik?! (What are you doing now, dick?!) 
  • (Rot)zak - Literally (rotting) sack. - Dick, prick,… 
  • Lik mijn reet - Lick my ass
  • Kus mijn reet - Kiss my ass
  • Homo - Gay man
  • Flikker - Faggot
  • Pot - Gay woman
  • Mongool - Disabled person 
  • Debiel - Disabled person
  • Hoer - Whore
  • Teef - Bitch

A lot of Dutch people consider diseases like cancer, tyfus,… as swearwords for some reason.  They combine it with anything; from ‘Kankerweer’ (cancerweather) to ‘Kankerhoer’ (cancerwhore) to ‘Tyfuslijer’ (Tyfussufferer). Although you may hear this a lot in the Netherlands, this is uncommon in Belgium.

Words like flikker and pot also are very offensive to gay people.

Please do not do this EVER; even if you hear others say it. 

Any suggestions? Comment :)

Phoebus: they can call me useless all they want
Phoebus: you know I’ll supersede Neil Armstrong in All the history books. Carl Sagan would write about me in the afterlife, 
Ari: how do you propose to do all that
Phoebus: I’ll achieve something vital to mankind
Phoebus: I’ll get married in space
Malek: ew, who would put up with you for that long 
Phoebus: *looks at Ari*
Ari: *already running away*
Phoebus: duh, Ben would,
Ben: I bailed you out of jail one time, I can’t-
Phoebus: joint property bro.. you get to own half my shit
Ben: I can’t believe the first marriage in space is gay

astralogicala  asked:

this isnt on anon but i really respect your friendship with brice and i love it a lot and you're just so nicd and kind and i really live seeeing you on my dash :)

This made me cry because I just really love brice and he just deserves everything good and hes the sweetest thing and hes put up with like 80 tons of my shit and Idk why someones respect of our friendship triggered tears but also just thinking about how much I adore him could have triggered them too
He means the world to me, he deserves the world, I would fight the world for him to always be happy ( @bunny-yams )
And also I cry everytime someone says they love seeing me on their dash bc I dont even post original content and yet people care ;u;
Ur gr8

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can mod bethany shut up about her personal issues? She always brings her shit into things.every day its some new problem

Okay, fuck you. This blog belongs to Mod Bethany, and she puts so much into this blog so she can vent if she wants to. This blog isn’t just for our followers, it’s for us too. Don’t like it, don’t follow. Good riddance.

-Mod Ches

Dear anon, 

Last night I had a mental breakdown because the stress of my upcoming finals got to me. The last straw was when my dog peed on my futon. I put her in her kennel while I cleaned everything up, but she was whining the whole time so I got a noise complaint, at which point I lost it. I spent the next six-ish hours coming to the conclusion that my dog is too high energy for me and maybe I should give her up. Today, I’m exhausted (crying for multiple hours takes effort). For now I’ve decided to keep my dog but keep evaluating if we’re a good match or not. If I can’t take care of her and if she’s not giving me the emotional support I need (she’s an emotional support animal), then the best thing for both of us would be to take her back to the shelter. It’s a tough decision. 


We’ll talk about whatever we want seeing as how it’s our blog and not yours

Mod Marie-Rose

Anti Must Pay For His Deeds

Anti sat quietly, sharpening a knife. He hummed to himself and smiled. “Perfect.” He held the blade up to look at it.

Suddenly, the peace was disturbed. Three glowing figures appeared in front of him. The first one stepped forward and spoke. “Antisepticeye. You have committed many murders. You must pay for what you’ve done.” The figure pulled a sword from thin air.

“You can’t do shit,” Anti sneered. “I do as I please.”

“Very well, we’ll do this the hard way. Take him to his punishment!” The first creature put its sword away. The other two stepped forward to grab Anti. They stripped him of his clothes and began to drag him away. Anti tried to glitch and teleport, but these creatures possessed the power to stop him. They dragged him into a room. For a little while, everything was quiet. And then, Anti’s screams could be heard. They steadily grew louder. He was in agony.

Eventually, the creatures dragged Anti out. He was crying and mumbling something over and over. The creatures left. Anti’s body was covered in bruises, welts, sores, burn marks… and many more indications of what he went through. He slowly lifted his head to look sorrowfully at the reader, then laid down again, continuing to mumble to himself.

PSA: commissions

I’m really sorry I’m posting this because most of you have been so amazing supporting me with my graphics, but unfortunately I’m still having a tough time with being treated like a piece of shit by certain individuals. I am no longer offering graphics to non mutuals and people who barely fill out the application. I’m no longer redoing a themes because someone decides last minute they want a change after I finish. I’m no longer making promos for people who don’t credit me. I’m no longer putting up with crap for people when I’m going out of my way to help people. If you don’t like something I made for you take it or leave it. I’m not perfect and neither are my graphics, but I know my self worth and that my graphics are good enough to be appreciated. If you don’t like my graphics don’t ask. If you aren’t going to bother using them then don’t ask . Save a spot for people who want them and actually are appreciative! Please like this if you’ve seen this ❤

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I'll admit to following multiple Syco employees, checking out their likes and what not. I've noticed that a lot of them are really excited about Harry's stuff in a way that they weren't about JHO. It honestly seems like they don't even like Louis. I get that he's a strong personality and that can be divisive, but I also know that even if you don't like your client, you still have to do your best work. Syco blatantly hasn't & for no discernible reason. I really hope he's not staying.

i’d say one of the reasons is because louis has very vocally refused to put up with their shit since the very beginning and they’re not happy campers

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So. I know Prompto loves chocobos. Personally I'm actually terrified of the idea of them. I've been around emus and ostriches and. Big birds like that scare me so. Could you do a thing on how Prompto would react to finding out his s/o is scared of them. Though maybe they've never actually been around one up close before.

So I briefly checked the height of a fullgrown emu and I just. Holy shit.

Keep reading

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“ thanks a lot for bringing it up and putting me in more of a shit mood, don’t touch me either cause i don’t want any of your nasty germs”

“also feeling fanfucking tastic! look how happy i am!” 

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does it ever annoy you when ppl act like harry was a fuckboy hermione and everyone else had to "put up with his shit"? or when ppl make hermione out to be this flawlessly badass queen who essentially singlehandedly kept everything from falling apart bc it just seems like they hate flawed girl characters when they do that :/

YEAH IT REALLY FUCKING DOES it’s like 90% of the reason i never engaged with the hp fandom.

softyjihoon  asked:

okay so like i go through ur blog everyday to like be happy and shit and just thank you for brightening up my day like i really appreciate the hard work you put into the blog since it makes me so happy and just thank you so much, 💕

Thank you thank you!!! Its an honor to have been a reason that brightens your day 💖💖💖 having u guys to share my art with is the best comfort to me!

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What do you think Faith would be like if she was in a romantic relationship? And how do you think she was with her boyfriends she mentioned she dated in the past?

Oh, Faith. 

The biggest obstacle a romantic partner is going to face with Faith is the wall she puts up. And even if you manage to slip past it, say one wrong word/look at her a little funny and you’re back on the other side. Faith isn’t coming into a relationship neutral, waiting with open arms to see if you’re good or bad. She’s assuming youre shit until you prove otherwise. So her partner is going to have to get used to be the chaser. That’s not exactly fair, but if you gave it some time and she built some trust I think she could be persuaded to be a little more real. After some time she would admit she actually does care about you and that it does matter if you hurt her. That being said, she still wouldn’t be strictly surprised if, after ten great years together, she found you in bed with someone else. Faith is used to crap people and she’d always be waiting for signs you don’t care about her. So she needs someone emotionally open who can deal with the fact that she’s not. 

The only power Faith feels like she has in her life is her “I don’t care” armor. It’s a reflex reaction to put that up. And she also doesn’t have examples of good relationships, so you’d have to work with her on things like calling if she’s not coming home, keeping lines of communication open, etc. Independence is a big part of her. You would have to be willing to help her along and forgive her when she does something unintentionally hurtful. Because she probably doesn’t realize she can hurt you. That being said, she would be super loyal. Once you persuaded her to actually date you, that is. 

Obviously we’re going into head canon territory here, but if I had to guess I would say Faith was crazy about her first real boyfriend. He probably slipped right past that wall and she clung to him like a life raft. And I would say he hurt her and taught her that romantic love wasn’t any more real than family love. Most people go through crappy guys, but a lesson like that to Faith is a bigger deal. She’s never trusted/been able to rely on anyone. So it scarred her more than most. I also think she was sexually abused, but whether that was a boyfriend or an adult I don’t know. The way she automatically assumes every man wants sex from her/views sex as a weapon doesn’t point to healthy beginnings. By the time we see her on Buffy she’s a sex-only girl. So she probably went through a couple guys that were the exact same way. And if you can’t beat em? Join em. 

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I'd love to hear you about a what you think of the new album? What are your top 5 best picks from the album? 😊


I have listened to the whole album about three times now, putting some of the songs on repeat to give them the ‘ol proper Gorillaz listening treatment. My top picks so far are (in no particular order):

She’s my Collar
Busted and Blue
Saturnz Barz
The Apprentice

But as I listen to the album more and appreciate the songs and open them up, I discover new feelings and thoughts!

Here’s a small true story about busted and blue, and my first time listening to it:

I was walking down the street hearing this one for the first time, actually. It was a particularly rainy day and the clouds covered up all the sunlight. Just dreary, really fitting to the overall tone. As the music crescendos for the first time though and swells with emotion, I shit you not, the clouds part and this little beam of sunlight shines right down on me. It was cinematic and really added to the whole feeling. Goosebumps everywhere. Very, very special.



replied to your



you cant just give me a fucking raccoon dick bone…

What are you even doing that someone would gIVE YOU THAT

look man, the south is weird

theres like, 4 uses for this thing

The first 3 are magic related

You wear it as a charm for luck/love, use it in love spells, or put it under your bed to enhance your sex life

the last is for courtship

you give it to a woman you like to signify interest or you bury it under her front porch 

I’m like, 90% sure he doesnt know that though, thats ANCIENT southern stuff and its mostly in Appalachia. He probably just dug it up while out fucking around on the back acre and thought “shit, D’s into that weird fuckery, maybe she’d like a raccoon dick bone” 

And i mean yeah he’s right  im putting it with my other ingredients 

still though you should specify why you’re givin a girl a racoon dick bone you cant just spring that on me unexpectedly 

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do u have any tips for getting a job (im looking to get one when im 15/16) like anythign for interviews or where to look etc thanks benzie

Physical applications are better than online ones! A lot of stores tend to prefer the physical ones much more because it shows that you put effort into actually bringing it into the store.

Write a basic resume and bullshit the HELL out of it. You helped run a school club once? Bam you were club officer and you were in charge of a classroom of children. Watched aunt Linda’s kids for an hour or two? Bam you’re a part time babysitter now. On mine it says that I’m a freelance artist aka I draw stupid shit on the internet for money. Anything you can do to fluff it the FUCK up. ((And I’m gr8 at bullshitting if you need help.))

If you have to do some sort of questionnaire thing answer it as positively and corporate friendly as possible. Yes you are COMPLETELY a people person. No you would NEVER allow anyone to even think about the Devils Lettuce at work. Yes you definitely have reliable transportation, even if it is just moms minivan.

I would fuck around your local mall for a bit and just ask if stores you like are hiring! If they are usually they’ll give you either a date of when they start looking at applications or will tell you to either fill one out online or bring one in. And there are also plenty of job sites, I use Indeed but literally just googling ‘jobs near me’ will give you plenty of other sites.  

I would especially try big companies like Target/Starbucks/etc. They usually hire year round and they’re relatively easy to at least get interviews with!

I’d even look at like local rec centers and summer camps, they’re always looking for counselors and assistants especially as it gets closer to break!

Also never do the Disney store seasonally unless you hate yourself.

Oh my god i have never been so fucking nervous in my life…my friend came to my house and before i was drawing my acs ship trash and i let the fucking laptop with photoshop opened so we went to my room and start to listen some 80s cool tracks ;D in youtube in my laptop and i noticed i had ps open and i couldnt close it cos i havent save so my frien would see my shit anyway, and i was like fuckfuckfuckkkkkk so we talk and i pretend nothing happend. When he suddenly stands up and tells me dude have you listen to shoe gaze?and i was like the fuck is that? Stay away from the stupid laptop wich has my stupid ship trash!!. So he takes the laptop and starts to look for his fucking shoe gaze on you tube and i was like FUckingfuccckkchingadamadreeeee. And he put his fucking shoegaze playlist and sit back and leave the laptop…. And i was like uuuuufff this bastard almost makes me shit my shorts. Then after talking for a while, we start to talk about meme s and videos and the damn fucker stands up again and tells me look at this video! So he takes the bloody fucking laptop again and starts to look for his shitty videos and im again about to die of a heart attack. And yeah, the pinches videos were funny, i was laughing, and i was nervous at the same time but i never wished so much for a friend to leave my fucking house

e x o : creeping [chanyeol]

exo series i’m thinking? no idea - regardless, i hope you like it! masterlist here ppl and you can also request more ideas :)

warnings: apocalyptic times (7 yr old me would have been shitting myself), also language
words: 1'291

Originally posted by missmanfreda

[part one]

it doesn’t take much when you look up to the sky and know everything’s ok. galaxies of dreams sit up there beyond the colours painting pretty sunsets. there’s always more to see. and everything seems to be an endless possibility; the celestial space. time doesn’t matter, matter doesn’t matter. you can put your head in the clouds and not even see what’s down below, where you’re grounded. and above see the visible heavens, an immortal city of light. the ultimate destination that everyone now seems to wish for, for death is your only ticket there.

the streets down here are not as pure as they are up there. as i hastily run on the grey highway of the razed city, i remind myself to not get lost in the sky. i am here; in a mess. and i rush because i don’t know how long i have left. but i’m not dead quite yet so i don’t need the angels protection. after all, the angels that had fallen had crippled most of the human population. most were destroyed by the Opening; an immense blaze which was bound to scorch this earth but it didn’t. the Inferno that opened the front door to fallen angels who aimed to cause destruction to humans no matter the odds. they’ve done it quite successfully, i might add. those that weren’t taken by them were most likely driven to insanity, committing suicide so the ‘angels can protect us’ they’d say dreamily.

but i don’t run, she says as she’s running. at least not from the fallen. facing other humans is just as twisted. 

“Xiumin!” i holler as i pelt away as far as i can, “how long til it goes off?”

“any second Y/N! just keep going!” he muffled from behind. i’d give anything to see him make it but i don’t think he will. my breath catches as i run which throws me off. please run a little faster Xiumin. as soon as i feel my ears pop from the explosion i know it’s probably too late and i’m lucky enough that my body throws itself forward so i land flat on the concrete. my right cheek lays on the harsh stones and even if Xiumin is yelling stupid instructions at me i can’t hear him from the excruciatingly loud ringing in my ears. the hand on my shoulder shocks me. Xiumin, with the familiar muddy graze by his right eye, is yelling crap at me that i cannot hear. his chapped lips move quickly and i read his face with evident sweat above his brows. he grabs me by the shoulders harshly and i read him saying, “fuck! look up!”

circling right above us with their broad wings of charcoal feathers were the darkest, most compelling creatures that haunted the centre of the earth. they’ve never been this near to me before. there’s a thought that terrifies me. we’re being hunted by vultures in the clear. but despite how shocked i am, Xiumin hurriedly guides me under a truck nearby. Xiumin doesn’t join me despite the surprising amount of room under here. i’ve been surviving with Xiumin long enough to know what he’s up to but i still call to him angrily, “what the hell are you doing Xiumin? get down here.”

“if we both hide Y/N, they’ll know we’re hiding and we’ll both be dead.” i see him pull a small gun from each of his back pockets. he doesn’t do it shakily, even though we both know he doesn’t have enough ammo to take all four of them.

“Xiumin!” i call one more time to try and knock some sense into him. but everything happens so fast and i feel as if i’m stuck in between the floor and the trucks belly. there’s heavy thuds in front of me, a few gun shots from Xiumin and some yells probably from Xiumin. my eyes narrow and follow Xiumin’s delicate shadow as he struggles against them. “Sehun! Kai! send him to Baekhyun.” i find my throat tighten suddenly. Xiumins been taken, his limp body being carried in the air by two of them. his guns dropped to the floor, leaving him defenceless.

i roll on to my back so my lungs can take in breath easier. Xiumin’s been taken. and a shameful girl is left panicking under a truck because the only boy who could protect her is gone. 

yet, when racket shakes the truck above, i muffle a sob. this is it; being taken to hell without even dying. i can feel the warm tears running down by my ringing ears. one of them is right above me. the truck shakes and i ear the heavy impact of punches hitting someone. two of them are right above me. when weight is taken off the truck, i question whether they’re gone. it takes me a while, but with each shuffle under the truck, i convince myself i have to do this. for Xiumin wouldn’t want to have sacrificed himself for a girl who’d starve to death under a truck. when i’ve pulled myself up so i’m under the setting sun, i don’t feel scared anymore. 

“is there someone there?” i hear from in the truck, but i don’t answer. it takes a lot in me to think about killing with the guns Xiumin left behind. i peer around to the back of the truck where one door lies on the floor, and the other dangles off the hinges. it’s the first time i see one from the Opening - but it’s nothing like i expect. It’s skin matches mine, just a smoother complexion with no flaws. There’s something so angelic about it that rules out te facts It’s fallen at all. It’s not red with horns and a tail as It should be. however, the hair burns bright red and falls messily over its face but it somehow still looks immaculate. i just have to shoot It, that’s all.

“hurting me would make no difference to me already.” It’s soft words make me notice It’s stance. It looks at me in pain and i sympathise with It. the dark eyes watched the guns that were pointing at him as i pushed them in my pockets. It looked as surprised as i did when i sat by It’s hunched figure. 

“one of your own attacked you?” i inquired, trying to find comfortable against the trucks side. It nodded stiffly, “and you deserve it for taking my friend.”

“i didn’t harm your friend.” blunt voice.

“i don’t care - tell me what happened.” blunt voice back.

“you can see it better-” It inhaled sharply as he tried to sit up. when It did so, It peeled his dark clothes up which contested with It’s pale complexion. 

i winced when i saw the raw skin that was shredded by his shoulder blades. fresh blood glossed over the deep wound, “can we just - can you heal them back on? or you’ll grow more?”

“intelligence clearly isn’t a common human trait.” It tried to stifle a laugh but nothing It did made It seem like It was from the Opening. 

“it got me this far.” 

“my point exactly.” he sassily comments, staring the floor of the truck.

i stood up in the truck, done with It/demon/oddly gorgeous/unacceptable thing. struggling, It rose to his feet. It’s tall body made me feel incredibly small but i hid a smile when It’s head had to bend to fit the height of the truck. “it’s dark out and dangerous. don’t go.” It stated simply. the tone of It’s deep voice made me convinced It was begging me to stay. and i did. through the night, i didn’t sleep and neither did It. It’s agonising sighs and suffering made me realise the bright haired thing wasn’t an it; it was a him.