the shirt smells like him

some fun isak/even headcanons to cheer myself up a little bit;

  • isak and even have a game where they try and find the most obscure hip hop album from the 90s and go like “what?? you’ve never listened to this CLASSIC??” when the other doesn’t recognize it
  • even likes to cook for isak. isak likes to sit around and try n distract him
  • isak likes to wear even’s shirts and hoodies bc they’re just a tiny bit too long for him and they’re all soft and comfortable and smell like him. even likes to wear isak’s shirts even tho they’re a little tight on him and isak yells at him a lot for stretching them out
    • its a front, he loves seeing even wear them
  • isak just loves the way even smells in general
  • they actually fight a lot, but its always lighthearted and filled with overexaggerations. when they seriously have a problem with each other its quiet and they do their best to talk instead of yell
  • isak is always a little too nervous/embarassed to really try to be charming for even or “use his moves” but once they’ve been together for a while, he does it every once in a while as a joke.
    • even is always taken aback and a little turned on
  • even eventually makes a little short film about isak, for his birthday. its the shittiest, most pretentious film in existence. isak never stops making fun of even for it and quotes it on a daily basis. he loves it.
  • they use “i have to go to my aunts house” or some variation on that as code when one of them really really want to get out of something, as an excuse to ditch together
  • INSIDE JOKES. all the time. its annoying to everyone else but also sort of adorable.
  • isak and sonja eventually become ok with each other and isak sometimes turns to her for help when he doesn’t know what to do or needs help with even.
  • they cuddle all the fuckin time. always one arm around the other, or one hand in the other’s hair, or just something. they have to be close.
  • u guys can add on to this its all i got at the moment
  • i love my boys
  • i want them to be happy and domestic and in love

Dating Newt Scamander

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A/N: This is my first Fantastic Beasts imagine / headcanons so I hope you enjoy! Request box is open!

Warnings: None

Words: 283

·         All the hair playing

·         Him showing you his beasts and loving your reaction each and every time

·         You falling for all his quirks

·         Often stealing his coat and shirts because they’re so comfy and smell like him

·         Matching bowties, need I say more?

·         Hardly any arguments

·         When there is they’d always be ended by Newt (bless his Hufflepuff soul) because he feels bad for arguing with you

·         So many cuddles

·         You’d both have to have some form of physical contact with each other at all times

·         This means a lot of hand holding

·         Neither of you would be that into PDA but hand holding is always allowed

·         All his beasts loving you

·         Especially Pickett

·         Knowing how to take care of them so well because you would never want to hurt them

·         Newt would get jealous very easily but never wants to show it

·         You’d instantly recognise this fact and make whatever t was making him jealous back off quickly

·         ‘I love you’ being said on a very regular basis

·         He’d always want to make sure you knew he loves you

·         This is because he’d been alone with only his beasts for so long now and didn’t want you to leave

·         You both being very protective over each other

·         Being so supportive and encouraging of his book

·         You knew it would be a huge success when you first heard the idea of it

·         Helping him along the way to get all the information and put it together so he dedicates it to you

·         So many pet names

·         Often after his beasts

·         If he calls you his ‘dearest bowtruckle’ one more time…

·         Having the fluffiest most adorable relationship anyone had ever seen

Trying - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Lust without love mixed with need and want. It must be the reason why your relationship is so toxic. Yet, somehow, you can’t get enough.

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Language. Fluff.

Word Count: 2,019

A/N: Alrighty, this is the last part of The Real Deal, the emotions this fic gave me are real. I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcomed. 

Part I

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6AM. You weren’t one of those people who woke up in the middle of the night – nor early in the morning. However, that was on nights that make sense, on nights there were normal. But it was safe to say that last night was nowhere near normal. Your eyes fluttered, leftover make-up making it slightly harder to open your eyes. You laid in only a very faded AC/DC shirt and your underwear, of course the shirt was Dylan’s, the smell of him hitting you like a truck as you set up, head spinning in seven different directions. Images of last night came flooding back to you, the sigh leaving your mouth dripping with depression. You looked next to you at the emptiness and wondered if he had left for good or bad reason. You found yourself not wanting to find out as you let your legs drape over the bed, sliding off and hitting the wooden floor. “Where are they?” You asked, quickly trying to locate your clothes. You already knew what the talk was going to be about this morning and quite frankly – You didn’t want to hear it. Didn’t want to hear all the horrid words leave his mouth, like venom.

“Shit.” You gasped as you stubbed your toe, trying to work quickly was backfiring on you. You had managed to find most of your things, fully dressed besides shoes, you couldn’t find your shirt, which was a little too normal when you were at Dylan’s but wearing his was fine with you. Just as you were about to grab your keys and run for the hills, the bedroom door swung open showing off a slightly roughed up Dylan. His hair was sticking up unevenly, like he didn’t even sleep the night before. His clothes were loose on him, obviously being the ones he slept in. he was clutching something in his hand, a coffee, the smell finding your nose causing it to wrinkle up. He noticed that, he always noticed things.

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Fluffy HC: in S2 Hannibal steals some of Will's shirts because they smell like him and he misses him.

This is canon. Two days after Will is locked away, Hannibal breaks into his house and empties Will’s dresser drawers onto the floor. He spends hours curled up in a pile of tube socks and smol white t-shirts regretting everything he’s ever done. Winston shows up on the porch and Hannibal sneaks out the back before Alana gets there and finds him, but not before pocketing several shirts and pairs of socks which he proceeds to wear under his suits until Will is released.

Day Eight: Gift Exchange + Eggnog

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader
Word count: 1654
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected Sex. Oral Sex. Cussing.
Challenge: This was written for @waywardlullabies, @deanwinchester-af,and @loveitsallineed‘s 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. Day 8 of 12 Prompts: Gift Exchange + Eggnog.

Thanks to @lucis-unicorn for letting me bounce ideas off of her and helping me with a line.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Masterlist

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Like, imagine even if the shirts or whatever were a little tight Arin still wears them because he wants to wear Dan’s clothes and Dan watches him struggle to pull a t-shirt down and laughs so fondly. 

Arin, arms stuck above his head and tangled in fabric is like “Stop laughing and help me!” 

Dan helps him tug it down and straightens it for him. He smiles softly at Arin afterward. 

Also imagine Arin wearing Dan’s shirts to bed or just when he misses Dan because they smell like him. Maybe Arin mixes up their clothes on tour and wears Dan’s stuff in the hotel or while they drive or fly to the next city. 

Next to Him

Characters: Sam, Reader

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 569

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: As always, feedback is much appreciated!

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You laid back in bed and turned on your favorite movie with popcorn in your lap and candy on the nightstand. You were wearing one of Sam’s flannels; it was so big, it was basically a blanket with sleeves. Sam and Dean were out on a hunt and wouldn’t be back for another day, and Sam’s shirt still smelled like him. This hunt had taken a couple of weeks, and you missed him like crazy. You spent every minute worrying about him (and Dean too, but Dean wasn’t your boyfriend), wondering if it would just be the older Winchester walking in the bunker doors.

Fortunately you had already put the popcorn bowl on the bedside table when you fell asleep. You didn’t realize you were so tired, but you couldn’t keep your eyes open; they closed on their own and you quickly drifted to sleep.

You were typically a light sleeper, but you barely felt when someone slipped into your bed next to you. He carefully wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close. You eventually woke up in Sam’s arms, the only way you liked waking up.

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Domestic JHS

- Hongseok always waking Jinho up with a cup of coffee to bed

- Also always making him breakfast but he only brings it to bed on their bday

- Jinho always stealing Hongseok’s shirts and sweatshirts because they’re big and comfy and they smell like him

- Hongseok complaining about it but he secretly thinks Jinho looks super adorable wearing his clothes and he starts buying stuff he knows Jinho will like


- Also, recommending books to each other

- Learning really cheesy phrases in English and Chinese and saying them to each other

- Jinho backhugging Hongseok and burying his face between his shoulder blades

- Hongseok putting Jinho’s sweets and unhealthy foods on the top shelf so he wouldn’t be able to reach it (and then laughing at him when Jinho uses a chair to get them)

- Not overly touchy in front of other people but cuddling 99.9% of the time when they’re alone

- Competing who will be the first to say “happy birthday” on their birthday. It’s usually Hongseok, who says it even before it’s midnight.

- Also, trying to outdo each other’s present each year. 

- Hongseok reading a book while Jinho sings/practices the piano. He just loves to listen to him.

- Their sex would be really sweet and tender and very rarely it will be rough and usually after a long time they haven’t been together

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My apologies if you have mentioned this already somewhere, but in your headcanon, how much taller than Fingon is Maedhros? Is the difference big enough to be funny or is it a pretty reasonable difference, and does the difference cause them any odd little practical problems.

Maedhros is actually shorter than Fingon - his epithet is ironic. 

Serious answer, Maedhros is taller than average and, though we have no information one way or the other (although Tolkien had a boner for EVERYONE being the tallest so I can guess at his intentions), it pleases me to think Fingon is a shortarse. Enough of a difference that Maedhros can comfortably rest his chin on Fingon’s head, and that Fingon tends to go up on his toes to kiss him.

As for logistical issues, Fingon steals all Mae’s shirts for nightclothes whenever he visits - they smell like him - but Maedhros can’t do the reverse. Also 69ing is hell on Mae’s neck.

A Suitable Mate - Blue Beetle x Reader - Part Two

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Part One

Requested by Anon - Jaime Reyes imagine where you accidentally turn him on.  

It was about a month after you had met Jaime. You were happy being with him, and the horrors from the night you met him faded into bearable scars. He introduced you to his friends, and you found yourself part of a group where you would never get left behind again. 

On a Friday evening, you were laying on your bed, reading a book. You were wearing one of Jaime’s t-shirts with only your underwear on underneath. Taking a sniff of the shirt, you were pleased that it still smelled like him. You were about to turn a page when your phone rang. 

“Hello,” you answer while carefully placing a bookmark in your book.

“(Y/N), are you home,” Jaime’s voice sounds through the phone. A big grin breaks on your face. 

“Yeah, why do you want to know,” you flirt, sitting up in your bed. 

You could hear Jaime’s laugh echoing through the phone. “Can I come over,” he stammers, excitedly. 

“Sure, if you want,” you giggle, feeling your face grow red. A fluttering started in your stomach. Some days, you couldn’t believe he was actually dating you.

“Great, I’m at your front door right now,” he replies, making you jump off the bed.

“You are,” you say surprised, running down the stairs to your front door. Luckily, you were the only one home. Opening the door, you found Jaime standing there with his phone to his ear. 

His eyes grow wide as he blushed redder than you ever seen him. You paused confused for a moment until you remembered you were only wearing his t-shirt. “Eek,” you squeak before slamming the door on Jaime. Quickly, you sprint upstairs to put on some pants.

‘Your mate seems ready to copulate, Jaime Reyes,’ Scarab comments as the door slammed in Jaime’s face.

“No, sh..she’s isn’t,” Jaime stutters, taking a deep breath to calm his arousal. He loved how you looked in his shirt. 

‘You seem ready to copulate as well.’

Jaime closed his eyes, thinking about anything other than how beautiful you looked. He hadn’t originally planned to come over, but when he wasn’t needed by the team tonight, his only thoughts were about coming to see you.  “Will you please shut up,” Jaime growls, feeling himself finally calming down.

A moment later, Jaime opened his eyes to see you reopen the front door. You were still wearing his shirt, but you had put on the sweatpants that always drove him crazy. Smiling brightly at him, oblivious to his discomfort. 

‘You are only delaying the inevitable, Jaime Reyes.’

“Shut up,” Jaime mumbles softly, so you didn’t hear him as he entered your house. 

An hour later, you both were cuddling on your bed, watching a movie. You had fallen asleep in Jaime’s arms about thirty minutes in, but he didn’t mind. He loved watching you sleep.

‘You should commence with the mating ritual, Jaime Reyes. It is time to produce your offspring.’

“Would you stop all the mating stuff already? We aren’t ready for that,” Jaime breaths quietly to not wake you. He stiffens when you shift in his arms, but relaxes once you settle down again. 

‘By delaying the ritual, you are only wasting valuable time.’

Jaime rolls his eyes, “How many kids are you thinking we’re going to have? We have enough time.” He buried his nose in your hair while tightening his arms around you.

‘From my scans, you and your mate can have up to sixty offspring if you begin now.’

His mouth dropped open at Scarab’s words. “Sixty,” Jaime coughs in shock as his face reddened. “We’re not going to want that many.” At the sound of Jaime’s cough, you began to shift around again. Jaime blushed even more when your legs slipped between his. 

‘Your mate appears to be willing, Jaime Reyes.’

“No,” Jaime growls softly as you shift some more, pressing your hips lightly into his. Jaime’s face grew even redder when he realize he was enjoying your presence a little too much. You sighed in your sleep, making him more aroused.

‘It’s time.’

Jaime’s eyes grew wide when he realize he had to get away from you before he did something he would regret. He carefully extracted himself from your grasp without waking you, and slipped into the bathroom to calm down. 

‘You should be ashamed of yourself, Jaime Reyes, for not following your instincts. Your offspring will not be produced if you continue in this manner.’

“Stop it,” Jaime gasps, closing the bathroom door. “For the last time, we are not ready for that.”

‘Only a matter of time, Jaime Reyes. Only a matter of time.’

Random headcanon

Harley is constantly wearing Joker’s shirts which often results in him having to dig around in her closet to find whichever shirt got stolen that week.

the one where 10k is insecure

this was requested by an anon

AU in which you and 10k are dating and hes insecure about his appearance

“10k? Did I stick my spare shirt in your bag?” You ask, standing in the small bathroom of the gas station. He digs in his bag, and pulls out a dark long sleeved one.

“No. I have an extra one, though.” He says, tossing it. You peel off your filthy jeans and tee, and pull on a new pair of pants and his shirt. It hangs low on you, but smells like him, so you don’t care. He turns around, pulling his own shirt off. You frown.

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“ I Missed You. ” ( Sami Zayn )

Requested by @darlingkatrina

It’s been three weeks.

Three weeks since you’ve seen him.

Three weeks since you’ve kissed him, or been in his arms.

You sighed and got out of bed, stretching. Once again you were wearing one of Sami’s t-shirts. It was way too big on you, but it smelled like him so you didn’t care. You left your room and went into the kitchen, making a bowl of cereal. You were way too lazy to actually cook a large breakfast that you wouldn’t even end up eating most of. As you ate your bowl of cereal, you glanced over at your calendar. There was a date that has a heart shape around it, which is the date that he was suppose to be home. Three days. You could wait three days. You’ve waited three weeks, so what’s the harm in a few more days. Or, that’s what you’ve telling yourself.

‘Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine. Shrieking skulls will shock your soul, seal your doom tonight.“ You heard your phone sing. It was the ringtone for your boyfriend, Sami. You had changed it a week prior to get into the Halloween spirit. You put the cereal bowl on the table, running to your room and answering his call. “Hey babe!” You said, happiness laced in your voice. “Hi, Y/N.” He replies. You could tell he was happy about something. “What’s up?” You ask him, an eyebrow raised in confusion. “Oh nothin’. Just happy is all.” He responded to you reassuringly. You nodded, choosing not to question it. “Well that’s good, how’s life on the road treating you?” You sat down, wanting to pay full attention to the voice you’ve been craving the last three weeks. “Ah, not too bad. I miss you so much, though. You’re all I can think about.” He admitted, making you smile softly at his words. “I miss you too baby. I’ve resorted to sleeping in your clothes.” You laughed, rubbing the threads of his shirt you were wearing in between your thumb and forefinger.

“Hey, I’m so sorry babe, but I have to go. I’ll call you later okay? I promise.” Your boyfriend said, and you frowned. “Yeah, of course. I’ll talk to you later.” You replied, signing softly. He hung up and you put your phone on the bedside table, laying down. You had completely forgotten about your cereal. At this point, it didn’t matter. You cuddled close to a pillow and fell asleep, trying to make the day go by faster.

“Y/N…” You heard someone say next to you and you opened your eyes quickly, fear starting to set in before you saw none other than Sami Zayn standing in front of you. You were confused as to why he was home sooner than expected, but you didn’t say anything as all you could think about was the fact that he was actually home. “Sami!” You exclaimed, standing up and hugging him tight. “Hi, baby.” He mumbled, hugging you back. You pulled away from him, your eyes starting to water because of how happy you were. It had only been three weeks away from him, you knew hat. But it felt like a lifetime. He smiled at you, sitting down on the bed and pulling you down so you were sitting on his lap. “I see you were telling the truth, you are wearing my shirt.” He rubbed your stomach through the soft material of the shirt you were wearing. You giggled and nodded. He lifted you up and laid you down, laying down behind you and wrapping his arms around you. He pulled the blankets over the two of you and cuddled close. “Sami?” You asked him, moving backwards to get as close as possible to your boyfriend. “Mmm…” He mumbled. “Can we just cuddle for awhile? I realy missed holding you.” He mused. “Yes, we can.” A soft content smile took over your features.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Sami.”

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Imagine Nate leaving town (for like voice acting or something) and Andy missing him so much that he wears Nates shirts and sleeps on Nates side of the bed because it smells like him ~GM

GM! Long time no….read? XD

…….OH THE VISUALS BRD. *leaves*