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MCU Femship Week | Day 2: Television | Lorelei and Raina

(this series also counts as sapphic aesthetics)

I don’t care that there is virtually no precedent for this. Lorelei, the goddess of misandry who wants nothing more than to be a queen, and Raina, the girl in the flower dress who wants nothing more than to be something divine, could have been a beautiful disaster. Consider: Lorelei’s power works on men and she enjoys using it, but she can’t possibly be completely satisfied by that. Consider: Raina’s propensity to swear herself to someone/thing greater, and what’s greater than a goddess? Conveniently, they share a disregard for the rules, for common morality; neither wants to be beholden to those they deem lesser or just too basic. Though I absolutely adore Raina’s canonical eleventh-hour redemption, it doesn’t take away from the fact that she is also an artist of deception, and Lorelei fits that same description; it’s strongly suggested that they both have specific reasons to be skeptical of men, though it’s never elaborated on; they’re both seductive and fabulous and unflinching. And even beyond the glorious storm of female domination they would inflict on the world, they would intrigue each other, get on with each other, and very definitely satisfy each other. While they, individually, are not often emotionally healthy, and what they would see the world become is almost certainly not emotionally healthy either, it’s surprisingly easy to imagine them as an emotionally healthy (and intensely aesthetically appealing) pair.

Think Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, but if Harley was subtler, more sophisticated, and actively loved other flowers than Ivy.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…


Boku No Hero Academia + Midoriya & Uraraka

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