the ships are strong

This was when I started shipping Richonne, right in this very moment because there so many call backs - e.g. her never seeing him shaven before - and the softness in his face killed me and michonne’s smile killed me and the way he remembered the time she brushed her teeth for. There was no way you could tell me they weren’t in love.

Late as can be, before I saw this scene I dabbled in and out of the ship because I wasn’t aware there was a strong following, but once this scene came along I did not care!!

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Maud and cheese sandwich?

vomit / don’t ship / okay / cute / adorable / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying / i will ship them in hell

The CheesePie is too strong with this one

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Having het ships does not immediately disqualify someone from fetishizing gay relationships, the two things aren't mutually exclusive. You're of course free to ship what you want, but it can definitely rub people the wrong way when you disregard a canon het ship with a strong woman of color in favor of a white boy who's canonically unsupportive of JJ, only to turn around and hetbend that same relationship. I don't think you had any bad intentions, but like I said, it might bother some people.

I know, the thing is that, and ?

It looks like you guys never been in a fandom. There will be things that you don’t like and the best option, when the persons producing this content didn’t do it in an irrespective way, is to scroll past it.

I’m not “disregarding” this relationship, I just don’t ship it. This too is something common in fandoms : not shipping something canon. You want to enjoy it ? Ship it, enjoy and create content. I won’t stop you. In no way or shape am I invalidating JJBella shippers. And I guess there’s no way for me to defend myself on the racism point outside of pointing that I support poc JJ, ship JJbek, have woc queer ocs, and ship salamila.

And then, why would you care about what I do in my ship ? You obviously don’t ship it, and Pliroy is a generally unpopular ship so why does it matter what we do in it ? Pliroy is a niche ship, and my post is a niche au into this niche ship. It has literally no impact on the fandom as a whole nor on the JJBella shippers. It just exists. Those enjoying it will be happy. Others will ignore it. Period.

I’m not even trying to convince people to like “hetbending”, I don’t care at all. I’m just saying : why would it matter that you don’t like it ? I’m not hurting you nor doing any harm. If you don’t like something, ignore it. If it comes back a lot, block it. It’ll make your Internet life easier.

I’m probably reading too much into this, but oh well.

So a lot of fans have noticed that Ruby’s new outfit looks a lot like both Penny’s and Pyrrha’s.

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But can we talk about how:

Jaune has a belt like Pyrrha’s, in addition to her armor.

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Ren also has a red belt, as well as sleeves like Pyrrha’s.

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Weiss’s new dress looks more like Pyrrha’s, similar to Ruby’s outfit change

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Yang is now wearing her hair in a ponytail, like a certain deceased red head, even though it must be harder to put her hair up with only one hand.

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And Blake’s new thigh highs look somewhat very familiar.

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