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What about aliens that have limited telepathy when holding physical contact and they touch a human with intrusive thoughts and a Millennial way of dealing with it? So they heard "what if The ship just crashed into that sun?" "Glathor is having a kid soon I'm not going to do that Sharon." and instantly tries to send the human to medial "you are under mind control that wishes to kill the whole ship please let us help! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOUR BRAIN JUST DOES THAT!?"

As far as humans went, Casey was for all intents and purposes normal. They were better with numbers and physics than most – humans and Frilaks alike – but still well within the range of normality. They were a kind person; compassionate in the same way most humans xe had met were. All in all, there was nothing that would have warned Garnork about the entities controlling them.

Out of respect for privacy, Frilaks tended to avoid physically touching other species, but most humans didn’t seem to mind. As a matter of fact, a lot of them sought out physical contact in the form of ‘hugs’ or ‘high fives’ or other strange concepts. Casey had never been opposed to physical contact, so when xe saw them again after a period of absence, xe engaged in the customary ‘hug’.

Xe had expected to pick up the normal ‘this is surprisingly nice,’ or ‘naw xe likes me,’ or even a ‘wonder what’s for dinner’ as the two of them hugged, though xe ended up picking up something far more important.

‘What if the ship just crashed into that sun?’

‘Galathor is having a kid soon, I’m not going to do that Sharon.’

Instantly, Garnork pulled away from the hug, but made sure they were still touching. “Casey, you need to go to the medical bay.” Xe said, xir colours betraying xir worry. Casey knew enough Frilaks to know how to interpret xir hide turning a light teal colour. At least that was what their thoughts told xem. There were a lot of socially inappropriate words too, though in xir experience, these ‘swears’ weren’t considered as inappropriate as some humans liked to pretend.

It took a bit too long before Garnork remembered that Casey didn’t have the abilities of a Frilak, and therefore had no idea what was going on.

“You are under mind control that wishes to kill the whole ship please let us help! WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOUR BRAIN JUST DOES THAT!?” xe asked, sounding and looking more than just a bit frantic. This wasn’t good, this really, really was not good.

Maybe they didn’t know quite what was going on. Humans did have very little experience with actual mind control. However, before xe could press on, Casey stepped out of xir reach and ran a hand through their hair.

“Okay, so this is going to be a bit difficult to explain, but I’ll do my best. So what I’m guessing you heard or saw or however it is you do your mindreading thingy,” they began, holding up a hand when Garnork attempted to say something. “Let me finish, please. They’re called intrusive thoughts. Annoying? Yeah. Dangerous? Not really. Normal? Yes. Completely. Pretty much every single human gets them from time to time. It can be like it was just now, or suddenly thinking about swerving into a different lane on the motorway, or stabbing a friend,” they said, clearly realising they had to change their tactic as xe turned a deep magenta colour of fright.

“But we don’t act on them! They’re intrusive, so you can’t really stop them, but you can deal with them when you get them.”

“But you called them Sharon. Is that not a name your species use on some individuals?”

“Well, yeah, but I’m a millennial. Fatalistic humour and unconventional coping mechanisms are sort of my thing,” they shrugged, but continued their elaboration when they realised Garnork didn’t understand. “It’s easier to not do it when it sounds stupid, and it’s really annoying. So I just pretend it’s being said by some posh soccer mum.”

It took a while before xe remembered another human crewmember’s explanation of the phenomenon and expression of ‘soccer mums’ and that they weren’t the creators of a sport as the title suggested.

“And this helps you not crash the ship into a sun?” xe asked, getting a nod and a smile in return.

“Yup. But like I said, it’s nothing to worry about. Oh, but I see Galathor, I’ve got to ask xem how xe’s doing. I’ll catch you later, alright?”

And with that, Casey left xem, more confused than usual, though it really wasn’t unusual that humans confused anyone.

I can’t believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now…

And now we’re friends.

Yeah. We are friends.

I loved watching these two kids, burdened with a past they never wanted, learn how to balance between fulfilling their duties to the world and being themselves. They grew so much by the end and their relationship development is one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

My favorite anime couples

10. Zen and Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)

Their romance is so sweet, fluffy and charming. Their mutual respect and trust make them my personal relationship goals

9. Kyoko and Ren (Skip Beat!)

I am still hoping to see them finally confess their love to each other. It’s been 14 years already, It’s time

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Yet another Shipping names illustrated (here’s part one & two) for those of you who just can’t get enough! (The rest of you will just have to manage, snorry). 

(Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions, and I apologize to all the ships I haven’t been able to think up anything for. I also apologize to Thor, since he’s been in absolutely none of these OPS)

Tendershipping YAY :D

After watching the “new” YGO movie Dark Side of Dimensions I felt the urge to draw fluffy and dark fluffy… after two years :-O

The movie was wow wow wow wow I LOVED it and wow ♥ Oh and I never shipped it but after the movie I can’t shop thinking about Prideshipping :D Seto is so… so gay for Atem… haha

In the end I stick to my beloved Tendershipping :3 back to the roots and stuff!

My Top 5 Ships
  1.  Stydia

This fucking ship. The goddamn slowburn. 90 episodes. We waited 90 episodes for them to become canon.

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      2.  Dramione

This is not canon and it’s not from a tv show but honestly I ship Draco and Hermione so much. I just love them together.

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       3. Bellarke

These two lovestruck idiots aren’t canon–yet. But they’re getting there and they are actually married.

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       4. Zutara

Ten years have passed since the A:TLA ended and I’m still salty they never happened. (Even though that was the original plan smh).

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       5. Faberry

You can say whatever you want but Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray are so gay for each other. Fight me on that.

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        + Bughead

It’s not one of my five because it’s still too recent and I have no clue where it’s going but they’re so cute and I love them so I had to include them.

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Bait and Wait Scam

There is a scam that is prolific on ebay that I would like to make people aware of. It is, right now, prevalent in the Hot Toys and high-end action figure market, but I am CERTAIN that these scam artists will be glad to prey on any high-end collectible, and BJDs fall into that catagory easily.

Here’s how it works. The seller sells a bunch of low-cost items, like reborn doll eyes, or small crafting parts. They send these to the buyers, and build up the feedback score so that it is very good. Then, once the paypal restrictions have been lifted, they list a bunch of Hot Toys figures (insert high end collectible here), for a great deal. They may advertise it as bootleg or ‘chinese version’, or as factory seconds. They will be responsive to questions about the items. 

You are protected by the ebay buyer protection, so…you take a shot. You buy the item and pay for it. Then you notice that the item has a ship time of 1.5 months or so. This is on purpose. Because they originally inserted a long ship time, this is their window to make all their money. People buy the cheaper high-end items, and receive tracking numbers on ebay that never work, and ebay says you have to wait the whole time before you can file a not-arrived complaint. 

This plays out two ways. The first way, you have your money in limbo for months, until you can finally file with ebay. By this time, everyone who didn’t receive their stuff will file, and ebay will refund your payment. But, believe me, by this time the person in China will have already dumped all the money out of paypal and disappeared, so you have helped criminal activity.

The second way is that your tracking number works, and is sent by super slow mail, and when you open it, you find that you open a package full of garbage that adds up to the appropriate weight of the item. Now, not only do you have no item, but you might have some trouble proving to ebay that you DIDN’T receive the item.

Please, beware. I cannot tell you how often I try to report sellers on ebay, but it doesn’t seem to stop this. Make sure before you buy a ‘good deal’ that you are looking at an authentic seller. Check their feedback to see if it is exclusively a bunch of smaller items. Check the ship-time to make sure it is not excessive.

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Come now, Julia, you really think you've done nothing wrong? Sam & Caitriona disagree. They've been shown what you, Lauren & Jess have said about them, about Tony & Mackenzie. There's nothing wrong with calling Tony Cait's PA, purse holder, gay, or Mackenzie an attention seeking babywhore? You made a big mistake by trying to garner pity instead of taking responsibility for your actions. Shipping is fine, insulting Sam, Cait, Tony, Mackenzie isn't. Come clean to your followers about our messages.

and you think your hands are totally clean, right? shippers have done everything wrong but you’ve been nothing but the perfect angel of a fan, right? you ask me to own up to my actions. Fine. I apologized for what I said about Mackenzie and I deleted the post and that was months ago. What more do you want me to do? Calling Tony Cait’s PA is not an insult, nor is calling him her purse holder since that’s literally what he does. He holds her purse and her jacket. Nor is guessing that he might be gay when everything he’s shown me says he might be. If he’s not, well then I’m terribly sorry for assuming such awful things about a person (note the HEAVY sarcasm. apparently being gay is an awful thing in your mind. I’d rather choose to accept everyone for who they are). 

The only thing, in my mind, that I’m guilty of is maybe being too harsh on asshole anons, like yourself. AND YES I am calling you what you are - an asshole. Deal with it. Call me a rude bitch some more, I can’t wait to read that. Maybe I’m guilty of being too quick to judge, being a bit too passive aggressive and sarcastic at times. God forgive me, I’m a human being, much like yourself. I think. I’m allowed to have feelings. I’m allowed to express said feelings and opinions ON MY BLOG without the fear of having my job threatened. 

YOU are the ones coming to harass shippers. YOU are the ones mining for information about us and Sam and Cait. YOU are the ones who brought Tony and Mackenzie and Abbie and every other random anonymous person into the spotlight. YOU. Not shippers, antis. So I’m really terribly sorry we weren’t nice to the people you dragged into this mess. But I am not sorry for shipping. I am not sorry for finding joy in Sam and Cait, both separately and together, and I am not sorry for wanting to believe two people are in love. How dare I, right? Had I known it would end in me writing a police report, I’d probably never have started shipping.

All of you, every single “person” who considers yourself an anti, has crossed a line so many times at this point it’s a fucking miracle karma hasn’t bitten you in the ass in more ways than one. You have stalked, harassed, doxed, threatened and abused shippers for years. Years. I highly suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror before you preach one more time about how shippers are the evil ones in this fandom. The lack of self-awareness in this fandom is absolutely mind boggling. 

And with that, I’m closing my anons. Believe me, this is not what I want to do but for my own sanity I have to for a bit. So anything more you want to tell me, you’re going to have to do it with a username attached. I dare any of you to send me an ounce of this bullshit with your username attached to it. 

In anime fandoms, you’ll find:

- the ship where the two guys hate each other
- the ship with the stoic one and the emotional one OR the asshole and the sweetheart
- the ship where they’re childhood friends and soulmates
- the ship that says “you will never be alone, I promise” and ends tragically

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So I submitted a similar ask to projectava but thogught I should share it with you. What if, Ryou, having went AWOL into space and was found by team Voltron, hears about how Shiro pilots the Black Lion with godlike grace and hides the fact he feels betrayed becuase Black is not something he made yet Shiro flies it just fan-fucking-tastically without Ryou's help?

hey nonnie!  I’m sorry, I just saw this and I suspect its been in my inbox for a while.  also going to tag @theprojectava since they were mentioned and might be interested.  I think you’ve got a very interesting point but can we just -

can you imagine Ryou’s reaction if he hears about Voltron before he sees it?  His brother is flying a WHAT now?  A - giant cat?  That turns into a  - Big Person if you add four Other Cats?  That - punches things?  With It’s Cat Hand?!  Like, let’s take a moment to just - appreciate the aesthetical sheer horror and straight up laughter Ryou would be torn between.

And then he sees it. 

….oh… then he sees it…

And he’s gone.  Over the moon.  Head over heels, lost at sea, utterly, completely in LOVE!  LOOK at the way it moves!  Look at how beautiful everything fits together!  Look at how sleek the lines (lions! har har) are.  Can he breathe it, taste it - touch it?!  Because he’s seen some amazing things since coming into space but - just plop him down in a hanger somewhere and let him stare for an hour or two without bothering him, will ya?  Ryou with his love of all things speed and flight and mechanical and you’ve just given him the lions.  He’s so smitten he’d have stars in his eyes forever.  ‘Taka! Do you even realize how Amazing she is?!’ (and yeah, Taka kinda does but he loves seeing his brother this way).

I mean, I’m sure there would be a quiet struggle period for him.  Taka has, in a way, moved on without him and left him behind and while he realizes Black is an upgrade from Little Magpie (SUCH an understatement and he knows it) - they still got left behind.  There’s going to be a period where he’s running to catch up, to find out where he belongs in Taka’s new world.  But, man, nonnie, if you thought he was bad before about talking to Little Magpie all the time and singing it songs and calling it Wonderful and filling it in on all the latest Garrison gossip and pouring his heart out to it… imagine him with one of the lions.  Imagine him with Black.  Because Black is Takashi’s and Takashi is Black’s and he feels his brother’s happiness (and pain) like its personal to himself.  If he managed to earn Black’s approval - how in utter over the moon love would Ryou be?  Let’s talk about someone to give Pidge a run for her money when it came to upgrades.  But really - if Black would show him even a fraction of her workings and mechanics - can you imagine Ryou responding to that kind of faith and trust.  Ships have always hummed for him before, but this one purrs, nonnie.  He doesn’t need what Taka and Black have and he’d never dream of intruding but - maybe he and Black would have something too.  Not the same but that’s the point.  And how they both love and want to protect Taka too…

Let’s end this note on a little angst though. 

Picture Black the way we last saw her, sprawled out and dead light on the hanger floor on her side.

Now picture Ryou sitting between two of her claws, long legs tucked up, as squished in there as he can get, face in his knees.

And the silence.

That forever silence.

Survival 101: Earth (Part 1)

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Pairings: Bellamy Blake / Reader (Sawyer)

So I’ve been working on this one for quite a while, its been done many times before, the whole rewrite of the 100 with your own character. I’m not expecting my version to be any better than anyone else’s but i’m hoping people will enjoy it anyhow. 

I’m going to be going along with the episodes and adding in parts and maybe changing it up a bit as well. I’ve given the ‘reader’ a name just because I needed one for the storyline. 

I really hope people like this and depending on how it goes down i’ll keep writing it along with the seasons for as long as people want to read it. 

If anyone would like to be tagged in the next parts please just let me know.

@angelaiswriting @georgiagrl1990 @angryares @selldraug


So overall you were having a pretty crappy day. It had started out normal enough, waking in your tiny, cold cell in the Skybox. Now however, it seemed likely that it would end with your death in a large fiery explosion.

You and the other 99 ark delinquents had been marched from your cells first thing this morning, systematically tranquilized and gradually reawakened in a drop ship hurtling towards earth.

From somewhere you could hear Chancellor Jaha explaining what was happening to you all. You weren’t paying attention though too focused on the bone jarring rattling that you were experiencing. Your entire body was shaking in your seat as the ship rocketed back towards earth.

The whole ship was groaning with the effort of re-entering the atmosphere and not breaking into tiny pieces. Across from you a boy floated, enjoying the final moments of zero-g. He was talking to a blonde girl, a girl you recognised as Clarke Griffin. The chief mechanics daughter. You’d seen her a handful of times since she entered the skybox. Mainly because her solitary cell was right next to your own.

“The parachutes are going to deploy. Get back to your seat or die”

Parachutes, parachutes meant almost certain pain. Yeah there it went, the metal of the exodus ship almost screamed in protest as everyone started shouting and shrieking with fear. Cursing you held tight to the seat belts laced around you. Gravity reasserting itself as you were slammed back into your seat, head feeling like it may explode inwards from the pressure.

The floating space walker had vanished, thrown into the side of the ship. Maybe even dead from the impact.

With another groan and horrific impact crash the ship hit the ground, sliding for what seemed forever before coming to a sudden stop. The machines went quiet and for the first time in your life you couldn’t hear any hums from life support machines or engines.

Clarke had unclipped herself and was bending over the spacewalker checking his pulse as the others unclipped and ran down the stairs to the lower levels. You carefully unclipped yourself as well following the main group of teenagers downstairs. Watching as they argued loudly about whether or not to open the door.

The main instigators being the reappeared Clarke Griffin and a man wearing a guard’s uniform. You didn’t recognise him and he seemed older than the 18 year cut off for delinquents in the skybox.

“If the air’s toxic we’re all dead anyway”

He had a point there. “Bellamy!” a dark haired girl appeared. Finally you smiled, Octavia. So the boy she was hugging must be Bellamy. The brother she couldn’t shut up about. Silently you moved carefully through the mass of people getting closer to the front of the group.

You could hear mutterings about Octavia as you got closer. “That’s the girl from under the floor”

“No one has a brother anymore”

“That’s Octavia Blake the girl they found hidden under the floor”

Octavia’s head spun around and you saw the violence in her eyes. Before she could act on it you’d turned and driven your fist into the nose of the boy speaking. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped like a stone. All talk stopped as eyes turned to you as you looked over at Octavia. Her eyes widened in wonder as she took a step forward.


“O!” she grabbed you as the two of you locked your arms around each other holding tight.

“Octavia?” Bellamy snapped “Who is this?”

It was Clarke who answered him, staring at you like she’d seen a ghost. “That’s Sawyer Kane. Councillor Marcus Kane’s niece”

“Hello to you too Griffin” you glanced at Bellamy and the uniform he was wearing once more. “You never mentioned the almighty Bellamy was one of my uncle’s underlings O”

“He wasn’t anymore…”

“Enough” Bellamy snapped pulling Octavia away from you, he grasped the lever and ignoring Clarke’s shouts pulled it down. The dropship ramp groaned and slowly swung open. Earth lay there in front of you. You were home.


Predictably the delinquents had gone crazy when allowed off the ship. Racing around, screaming and laughing. Pulling things from the earth and generally living up to the role of renegade teenagers. You however had climbed to the top of the dropship, enjoying the freedom of being able to move your limbs and muscles once more. All you could see from the top was more forest, laying out in front of you like a never ending green carpet.

Below you Clarke was arguing with Wells Jaha about how to find food for the whole camp.

“And how are you two going to carry food for all 100 of us?”

“4” the space walker, Finn, announced grabbing two gangly boys who unfortunately happened to be walking by him at that moment. “Can we go now?”

“Not yet” Clarke looked up catching your eyes “Sawyer?”


Clarke sighed “Don’t make me beg Sawyer. Please”

You stared levelly at her for a moment longer before nodding “Fine 5” you jumped from your perch landing easily on your feet in front of Wells.

“Wait if Sawyers going so am I” Octavia announced linking arms with you “Make it 6”

“Hey, O! What the hell are you doing?”

She shrugged off Bellamy pulling you along behind her “going for a walk”

Bellamy glared hard at your back as you passed by him. He disliked you already, not something you could do anything about right now.

“Earth, Sawyer. This is so fucking cool”

“Yeah, awesome” you looked carefully around the woods. You had no idea where you were, what was out here and what the world had left in it. So until you all did, the best thing to do was be cautious. Very cautious.


You were walking easily over the forest floor, taking point in this group of teenagers. Behind you the others stumbled along tripping over tree roots and multiple other debris. You were close enough that you could hear when the conversation inevitably turned to what you’d all done to end up being thrown in the skybox in the first place.

“I got to know what you two did to get busted” Finn was asking the other two boys. Monty and Jasper just shrugged smiling at each other.

“Sumac is not the only herb in the garden, if you know what I mean”

“Someone forgot to replace what we took”

“Someone has apologised like a thousand times” Monty hissed at Jasper the two of them then continuing to bicker between themselves like an old married couple. Jasper was the one whose stare eventually fell on you curiously.

“So what did the ninja princess up there do? What can Kane’s niece have possibly done to get kicked down here with us criminals?”

You stopped walking at the question. It was always going to have been asked eventually, you’d thought you might have had more time but even so you turned to stare evenly at the group of teenagers behind you. It was Clarke who answered the question. She seemed to have a habit of answering questions not meant for her.

“She killed someone. Murdered her mother”

“What?!” Monty squeaked out now looking terrified.

You simply smiled at them all, turning to keep walking. Octavia running to catch up with you despite Jasper trying to grab her. “Sawyer tell them the truth” she urged.

“Why?” you kept moving helping Octavia over a broken tree. “I did kill her”

“You know that’s not true”

“O listen to me” you looked straight at her. “It’s as much of the truth as any of them need to know” you framed her face with your hands smiling at her “it’s cute that you want to protect me but trust me, I don’t need it”

It was Finn who approached the two of you later on, eyes flicking between the two girls.

“Kane teach you anything about these?” he held out a simple knife.

“Where’d you get that space walker?” he chose not to answer as you took the knife off of him. “Sure you want to risk giving the sharp and pointy weapon to a killer?”

Octavia smacked your arm “Don’t be an ass Sawyer. He’s helping”

Finn continued to stare at you evenly “I don’t think you’re going to hurt us if that’s what you’re implying”

You spun the knife round a few times, easily letting it rotate around your fingers “Not right now I’m not”

Laughing at the confused look on his face you continued onwards. The group straggling out into a vague line as you eventually hit a massive lake. Clarke coming up to you.

“This shouldn’t be here”

“Yet it is”

Clarke glared at you “Sawyer. If you can’t help…”

“Watch it Blondie. I’m here aren’t I? Didn’t even get angry when you announced to the group that I’m a murderer. So choose your words very carefully Griffin before I start to become actually unhelpful”

“You did kill her” she muttered stubbornly.

“And If I can kill my own mother, just think about what I could do to girls with too loose tongues”

You smiled nastily as Clarke’s eyes widened in sudden panic. Before you could say anything else though Jasper whispered from behind you “I fucking love earth”

You turned just in time to see a half clothed Octavia jump into the water, surfacing with a smile as she dripped water over her skin, clothes sticking to her body.

“O, get out” you snapped coming closer to the shore line.

“Come on Sawyer, live a little” she splashed water over at you making you jump away again.

“Yeah come on ninja girl, take your damn clothes off and get in” Jasper was rushing forward when suddenly he froze, voice changing to terrified. “Fuck! Octavia get out of the water”


You’d seen it now as well and it was big, swimming straight for Octavia. “Octavia NOW” you were halfway to the edge when with a scream Octavia had been pulled under the water.

“Octavia” without thinking you started pulling clothes off. “Distract it” you ordered Clarke. “Get its attention away from O”

Clarke ran with Finn to start throwing anything they could find into the water. While you waded into a river that had a killer snake in it.

Shit it was cold, you had the knife in your hand that Finn had given you only moments before. Who knew that would be coming in handy so soon afterwards.


Her head surfaced for a moment and you changed direction as with a shriek the thing seemed to let go of her, Clarke was throwing who knew what into the water and you could see its outline chasing towards the splashing further up the river.

You had a limited amount of time to get Octavia out of the water. Grabbing her shaking arm you pulled her into your body where she clung. Teeth chattering.

“Come on O, move it” you commanded starting back out of the pool of water.

“SAWYER IT’S COMING BACK!” Finn screamed running for the two of you.  

Pushing Octavia as fast as you were able you got her to the shore line and stumbling into Finn’s arms. Dropping down on the stone yourself as the blurry outline of the sea snake vanished once more, denied its meal.

You were breathing hard as Finn having passed Octavia to an incredibly thankful Jasper leant over you.

“You ok?”


He smiled offering you his hand, clasping his wrist you allowed him to pull you up to your feet. Handing you your still dry clothes. “That was an incredibly brave thing to do for someone you met this morning”

“Who said I met Octavia this morning?” you pulled you shirt back on, shivering from the cold of the water. “And not brave… stupid”

“The girl under the floor… she’s been in the skybox for 2 years. How do you know her?”

“Don’t call her that” you snapped instantly. Eyes clashing with Finn’s. “She has a name”

Finn held his hands up in peace. “How did you meet Octavia?”

You looked carefully at Finn. He seemed genuinely curious and not just trying to get information for bartering purposes.

“Solitary. I met O in solitary. Ironic really, but even the Ark couldn’t keep us alone 24 hours a day. She had the cell next to mine. I looked after her… I look after her”

“Sawyer?” Octavia appeared stepping into your body wrapping her arms around your waist and letting her head lay on your shoulder. You let one hand rest on the back of her head maintaining eye contact with Finn who was watching the pair of you carefully.

“You’re no killer” he mouthed silently before turning back to the others. Unfortunately he had no idea just how wrong he was, just how much of a killer you actually were. None of them did even Octavia.


“We’ve talked about this all night, someone just needs to hurry up and go first” you snatched the vine off of Finn who had been hesitating for what seemed like forever.

“No, wait…” it was Jasper and you looked at him impatiently. He reached out a hand unsteadily “let me?”

“Fine, go” you handed it over and watched as he took your place at the front.

Finn whispered something to him slapping him on the shoulder once. Jasper nodded and changing his grip once more screamed out “See you on the other side bitches” and took off, the vine held and in what seemed no time he was stood on the other side of the river, jumping about and waving his hands in the air.

You joined the others in celebrating, arm punching the sky as you smiled and threw an arm around Octavia’s shoulders as you waved at Jasper.

“Let’s go Princess your up” Finn shoved the rope at Clarke, who was on the edge of the cliff when something flew past your heads.

You all watched, unable to do anything as a wooden spear lodged itself in Jaspers chest, right under his sternum, he was thrown backwards with the force of the blow, choking on the blood pooling in his mouth. Octavia screamed in your ear as your grip on her tightened.

“JASPER!” Clarke was pulling at the hold Finn had on her as he pushed her to the floor.

“It came from behind us” you whispered to Finn putting Octavia behind you as you glanced back into the forest. “We’re not alone here”

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Flocklander, you make shipping fun. Oh, and don't tell anyone, but I think that Sam and Cait are a real life couple and love the fucks and stuff on the regular. Eddie is their one true confidant and never spills the beans. That's why they let her sleep on the end of their bed. Well, she sleeps on Sam's hairy chest while he's watching tv because Sam's nice like that.

Your secret is safe with me, shmoo-boo.

*two seconds later*


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As a former anti and now fully converted reylo (it’s taken me so long to embrace the title, but I finally gave in), I’d like to ask all the other fellow reylos who were once against or indifferent to the ship, what caused you to end up joining the reylo community.

For me, I was never really a hardcore anti to begin with. I just kinda fell into the crowd out of peer pressure (especially after spending so much time on reddit), and yeah I was also kinda on the Team Rey Skywalker crowd for a while.

Despite that, I just really liked the dynamic between the Rey and Kylo. I discussed it in my previous post, how the two developed more in each others presence, despite only briefly meeting (Rey became stronger and knowledgeable in the force, and Kylo became more vulnerable and human).

I really like villain-hero dynamics in which both the hero and the villain brings out the best and the worst in each other.

I just never really saw the two in a romantic light or was even that interested in romance being apart of the trilogy.

However after reading some extremely well written metas from the very talented people like @starwarsnonsense, @bastila-bae, and @ohtze , I began to understand the appeal and why people liked it, eventually peaking my interest.

I then began reading some really good fanfiction, my favorite stories included “Galaxy Under Siege” by @jitterygummy and “Disparate Pieces” by @space-trash-princess.

Then there was just interacting more with the Reylo community who are honestly the most polite, mature, intelligent, diverse, articulate and all around lovely group of people who get the most undeserving hate.

Eventually I accepted Reylo as a possibility and just joined the fandom.

Edit: Oh and the fan art is incredible. So so many talented artists.

wertgrag  asked:

Do you REALLY think lapidot will be canon?

Yes, I do. 

I actually envisage one of two possible outcomes by the time the show ends:

1. Lapis and Peridot are in a romantic relationship and this has been canonically confirmed on-screen.

2. Lapis and Peridot are blatanly in a romantic relationship, but it’s never actually confirmed on-screen - it’s really, really obvious but is either “left open for interpretation” or is confirmed off-screen by the Crew at some point.

The thing you have to ask yourself is, “will they still be living together, sharing their lives together happily and closely, for the remainder of the show”?  If they are, then the ship is as good as sailed as far as I’m concerned - because why would they ever end up with anyone else, right?  And I’ve seen absolutely no evidence to counter this whatsoever.

As I’ve said before, we’re constantly supposed to associate these two characters with each other. This is a seed that was planted before they’d even interacted on-screen…

was further seeded around 6 months before Barn Mates

has cheekily been hinted at in the show itself…

has led to them becoming an independent unit of two, completely separate from the main Gems…

(notice the very clear divide down the middle of the table here, splitting the Gems into two groups - as well as the fact that they’re permanently living together away from everyone else, of course)

and has even now spilled out into the merchandise…

(Second image is from the Steven Universe 2018 calendar, in case that’s not clear)

Even in one of the two episodes that they’ve spent apart since living together…

Originally posted by justautumn

…we’re still supposed to be thinking of Lapis in relation to Peridot.

It just logically makes sense to me, it really does.  We’re always being reminded that Lapis and Peridot are a family unit on their own.  This is something that’s been subtely hinted at for an awfully long time - and is now rather abuntantly obvious from the show’s canon itself.  Key word there - “family”, not “gals being pals 100% platonically”.  Really, in my honest opinion, it’s increasing looking like it’s going to be Lapidot or nothing.

They’re so close to each other now - getting closer every single time we see them - it’s less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when”.

Loud Mouth (j.k x reader)

hey!! this is our first fic!! we are really excited to start off with Jared! we hope you enjoy our first fic and we would really appreciate requests. btw:: see if you guys can spot some falsettos “easter eggs” we are falsettos trash

Ship: Jared Kleinman x Reader

Requested: yes!!!!!

Warnings: cursing, fluff(!!!)

Word Count: 965

“YOU HAD THE FUCKING BEE MOVIE, AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME!” You scream as you grabbed the disc case and shove it in Jared’s face annoyingly.

“Well you didn’t let me finish saying what fucking movies I had in the first place,” He shot back.

“We’re definitely watching this first,” You demand, placing the disc into the DVD player.

Excitedly, you plopped yourself onto his couch and rushed him to get the popcorn so you can start the movie.

“Alright, alright, I’m not your fucking man servant,” He joked.

“Whatever you say, Kleinman” You laughed, wearing a smirk on your face.

He finally came back, and you were then able to press play. That’s when Mr. I Can’t Shut My Mouth started babbling on about every flaw he found in the damn movie.

“Look at his wardrobe, it’s basically like Evan’s. It’s all the same shit!” He complained.

You roll your eyes, expecting him to shut up for a few minutes. But of course, he continued.

“I wish my parents were as proud as Barry’s parents when I show them my report card,” He said.

“Can you hush, the movie has only been playing for like 3 minutes and you’re already blabbing,” You say in attempt to get him to comment less about your favorite meme movie.

To no avail, he persisted to review every frame of the fucking film. You didn’t seem to care about it so much, but in the inside you were raging and ready to choke a bitch if you needed too. Taking a deep breath, you stood up and practically ran to the movie cabinet to pull out another one. Immediately after opening, you had struck gold. As a result you gasped loudly.

“What’d you find, Y/N/N?” He questioned obnoxiously as he made his way behind you.

Rolling your eyes, you turned around to show him the movie, only to bump into him because of the fact he stood a lot closer than you had expected. Out of nervousness, you try and laugh it off, and he seems to be doing the same as he backs up a little. He got a good look at the movie and chuckled.

“Let’s fucking do this,” He said in between laughs.

You slid gracefully over to the DVD player and placed in the treasure you had found, Shrek. Something you didn’t notice though was that every time you stood up to do something, his eyes were glued onto you, taking in every inch of your body; That is, until you turned around and caught him looking at you.

“You ok there Kleinman?” You asked as you went back to you’re seat on the couch.

“Never been better,” He simply replied, tension reminiscent in the air. You sat there silently as you nodded in confusion, and then hit play to begin the movie. Once it began, he went back to being his loud-mouth-self. Towards the start of the movie, all you could manage to do was roll your eyes every time he made a remark. But if you were honest, you thought him singing along to “All Star” was the funniest thing.

But then it came to a point where this fucking kid would not stop talking, not even to take a breather. He kept babbling on, and laughing at his own jokes like it was the funniest he had ever heard.

       If this motherfucker does not shut up, I swear…

“Did you just hear Shrek say the word as-“ He began, but was quickly interrupted by you pulling on his collar, and plopping a kiss onto his lips. You lingered for about a few second before pulling back, an upset look on your face.

“You got to learn how to shut the fuck up sometimes, Kleinman. You were getting on my fucking nerves,” You attempted to say in an aggressive manner, but your red face didn’t help.

Jared, who was still shocked by what just happened, was as red as a cherry tomato. It took him a few seconds to come back to reality, but only to say

“Well, if I continue talking, will you have to teach me a lesson again?” He questioned smugly, inching his way closer to you.

“Oh, fuck off!” You laughed, shoving him away. But as you did, he took your arm and pulled you closer to him, and he chuckled.

“You push, I pull. Two can play that game,” He said, then holding you in a warm embrace, peppering your face with kisses. You giggled at his affection, thinking of how you never expected things to end up as they did. And how basically this was all your fault.

Yeah, he wouldn’t stop talking, but now that you two were cuddling, you tolerated it.

“I honestly ship the dragon and donk-,” He began once again, and you decided to be funny and interrupt him.

“I just fell asleep,” You say, concealing your laughs.

He turns to you with surprised look written all over his face.

That made you fall asleep? Well, I know something that will wake you up,” He said with a sly smirk. 

He brought his face to yours and kissed you softly, but without warning, he started to tickle your sides. You began to cackle and squirm, and he laughed along with you.

“OK, ok fine, I love your commentary, I don’t know what I’d do without it,” You admitted sarcastically, earning a smile from Kleinman.

“That’s what I thought,” He said, pulling you closer.

Throughout the night, you watched more movies, and eventually fell asleep in each others arms. And you wouldn’t have change it for the world.


Supernatural 4x22:  When watching this episode with my BFF who has never seen the show before.

Dean: “If there is anything worth dying for? This is it?”

Best friend: Is this a story of love between a human and an angel?

Me: No it’s about two brothers who save the world, fighting monsters. Who also gain allies along the way, proving that family doesn’t always end in blood.

Best friend: So the angel is his brother?

Me: What? No, pay attention. The tall dreamy one you saw before is his brother. This dark haired lovely is his BFF. 

Dean: “We’re done.”
Castiel: “Dean?”
Dean: “We’re done!”

Best friend: That ain’t no BFF friendship. That’s some straight up gay ass love they have for each other.

Me: (cocks my head to the side and rolls my eyes.) Yes. Finally, someone who’s never seen the show proves my point. This is a love story after all.

Best friend: (is left feeling confused) Ha ha lol Moral of the story my friend said that this scene seemed more like a lovers break-up than a scene in Supernatural’s no homo series. This was season four and now we’re off into the great unknown of season 13. I personally want to see them find some happiness with each other. :)

My thoughts on K@rols3n x Karamel

Recently I re-watched season 1, and something about the relationship between Kara and James became clear to me: they were never meant to last.

It seems to me that the whole point of K@rols3n on season 1 was to show Kara trying to have a relationship with someone so different from her (human, older than her, powerless, having nothing in common) and failing miserably. It becomes very clear especially on episode 1x06, when she’s talking to James about his relationship with Lucy:

Kara: “Seeing you and Lucy makes me think that I am never gonna have what you two have. Someone who knows everything about me. My perfect partner at a game night.”

James: “Kara, you’ll find someone…”

Kara: “Growing up on Earth, I never felt normal. And I always thought that if I started to use my powers, my life would make sense. But I’m realizing that… being myself doesn’t make me feel more normal. And it never will. Because my normal life ended the second my parents put me on that ship.”

This scene clearly foreshadows Kara’s relationship with Mon-El, and this gifset points that out very accurately. The parallels are too perfect, and this isn’t just a coincidence. Everything Kara thought she would never have with anyone now she has with Mon-El.

I think Mon-El was always meant to become part of Kara’s life, but season 1 was about Kara learning how to be Supergirl, and that’s why he lands only in the finale. It’s very clear to me that Karamel has always been the plan, and K@rols3n was never going to last (and this would still be true if James were played by a white man).

Kara also tried to date Cat Grant’s son and it didn’t work either. Dating a powerless human would always make Kara worry about his safety. She doesn’t have this problem with Mon-El. Also, she can feel normal around him, and she can be her true self, Kara Zor-El, in every sense.

And this is just another reason why I think Karamel is endgame material – not that I think there won’t be any obstacles along the way, but I believe they will overcome them all. ❤

Stefan dying and Bonnie being alone in the end with the two most selfish characters being rewarded and the most unhealthy ship klaroline getting valuable screen time was the biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen. And this is why ladies and gentlemen you should never get too attached to your work and it’s characters so you don’t write crap like this and call it gold. TVD finale was a joke