the shipping will never end with you two

Dont care what u think camren is OTP goals af and no one can convince me otherwise...


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and let´s not forget..

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this one tho…

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i gotta incude this one cuz wifey eyes are giving me dem feels

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and also fetus days

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and the cheek touching

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and the hand holding…

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attentive wifey…

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this gif will be the end of me…

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and the lip biting…

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when you are couple goals af

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p.s and don´t ever think shipping these 2 girls romantically cause that´s clearly delusional BIG TIME and also clearly not the case AT All´. and it is also deeply intrusive unlike every other heterosexual couple that people seem to be ok with shipping because heteronormativity

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  • First two thirds of FBAWTFT fandom right now : Newt is my pure Hufflepuff, Jacob deserves to bake pastries in paradise, I ship Credence with never-ending happiness, can I be part of the Goldstein Sister, omg this movie was sooooo good I'm dying

I can’t believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now…

And now we’re friends.

Yeah. We are friends.

I loved watching these two kids, burdened with a past they never wanted, learn how to balance between fulfilling their duties to the world and being themselves. They grew so much by the end and their relationship development is one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

“Eww why do you ship them? They would never work together. They have no chemistry”


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No chemistry, you say

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Do you even know the definition?

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Because you clearly don’t see what I see when these two look at each other

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They have ALL the chemistry they need

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You’re just blind

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But it’s okay, you have your opinions and your own ships. We all do. And we should all be respectful of that. 

 So lets end this whole “Anti-ship” thing, shall we? 

My Top 5 Ships
  1.  Stydia

This fucking ship. The goddamn slowburn. 90 episodes. We waited 90 episodes for them to become canon.

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      2.  Dramione

This is not canon and it’s not from a tv show but honestly I ship Draco and Hermione so much. I just love them together.

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       3. Bellarke

These two lovestruck idiots aren’t canon–yet. But they’re getting there and they are actually married.

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       4. Zutara

Ten years have passed since the A:TLA ended and I’m still salty they never happened. (Even though that was the original plan smh).

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       5. Faberry

You can say whatever you want but Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray are so gay for each other. Fight me on that.

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        + Bughead

It’s not one of my five because it’s still too recent and I have no clue where it’s going but they’re so cute and I love them so I had to include them.

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Yet another Shipping names illustrated (here’s part one & two) for those of you who just can’t get enough! (The rest of you will just have to manage, snorry). 

(Thanks again to everyone for all the suggestions, and I apologize to all the ships I haven’t been able to think up anything for. I also apologize to Thor, since he’s been in absolutely none of these OPS)

My favorite anime couples

10. Zen and Shirayuki (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)

Their romance is so sweet, fluffy and charming. Their mutual respect and trust make them my personal relationship goals

9. Kyoko and Ren (Skip Beat!)

I am still hoping to see them finally confess their love to each other. It’s been 14 years already, It’s time

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I think that bughead will remain end game.It’ll not be smooth sailing for them though, as we have already seen so far.These kids can never catch a break with shit hitting the fan all the time. I think they’ll nearly always have these bigger and serious issues happening around them and their bond will be defined by how they deal with these situations, thus bringing them closer together like an unstoppable force. Even if there is turbulence and temporary breaks between them, it’ll not be because one or both of them ran off with other people. Our bughead are more mature and have more integrity than that. I can imagine Varchie having that sort of on-off romantic drama between them but never Bughead. Bughead will be tested through huge trials while fighting for bigger causes or facing their inner demons and insecurities which might sometimes lead to misunderstandings as we know that both of them carry great and uncomfortable secrets and inner darkness which will come up for purging and clearing. I don’t see them catching a break or relaxing and enjoying a bubblegum romance. It’ll be dark and gritty(because they are our ultimate badass noir detective ‘power couple’) but in the end,after the bumpy ride, they’ll have earned an bond  that was forged by fire and fierce love and trust.  Jughead’s dream will come true in the end because they both will have done their inner work individually and collectively and let go of all the baggage. So, put your seat-belts on and hang in tight for this bumpy ride.It’ll be so worth it in the end.


well! (O    v O) <3 this is the OTP i was talking about in >this< post earlier… heheh… (^   3 ^);; at the outset of this piece i was feeling really down, and thought it might turn out quite depressing… but (o    w  o) it was actually really cathartic <3 and i think it ended up kind of bittersweet (^    v ^) so~ i’m feeling oddly peaceful now. i… i really just want the angry boy and the sweet boy to be happy… *so much sighs* i’m being facetious of course~ lol ~ but i do hope at least some of you enjoy this. it makes me think a lot about the people i value and how much i hope they know i love them <3

Kakasaku Mermaid!AU - “Holy Grail”

I finished most of my finals this week, so I wanted to post this to celebrate. I had been planning this chapter for months, but struggled to write it because I never felt like I was doing it justice. Hopefully, I finally nailed it. 

I have a few more oneshots planned for these two, but this marks the end of the main story. Thank you for sticking around thus far, and hope you stick around for the bonus stories of these two.

TW: Gore, blood.


Lungs burning, he surfaces blindly. The transition is always disorienting to him. Light shifts, water drains like a hazy curtain over his face; his mind is slow to catch up to what his body instinctively feels.

But today is made even worse by the fire of cannons and the blaze of boats overhead. The noise is unbearable, and the water is thick with the taste of blood, pitch, and gunpowder. A wave crashes over him, bringing with it a heavy wooden beam that smashes into the back of his head and makes him see stars. He gasps and for a moment, almost drops the quarry in his hand, but he regains himself—firms his grasp and grits his teeth through the pain as he presses Sakura’s limp body closer to his chest.

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Stefan dying and Bonnie being alone in the end with the two most selfish characters being rewarded and the most unhealthy ship klaroline getting valuable screen time was the biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen. And this is why ladies and gentlemen you should never get too attached to your work and it’s characters so you don’t write crap like this and call it gold. TVD finale was a joke 

sodapop patrick curtis n' his cute quirks :,)

— likes the noise the keys on the phone make when you press them
— taught himself how to “play” mary had a little lamb and bragged about it for months
— one ear is more outwards than the other
— always uses the end of his shirt to wipe his forehead
— most of the time he never notices when girls are flirting with him
— needs glasses but he refuses to wear them in public so he only wears them around the house
— rubs his hands together when it’s cold outside to get warmer
— totally believes in aliens
— loves to bear hug people
— absolutely adores birthday parties no matter who they’re for, ESPECIALLY surprise birthday parties
— likes the way the grass feels on his ankles when he’s outside barefoot playing football in summertime
— even though he’s extremely ticklish
— also loves to tickle other people
— never combs his hair, he always just walks out of the house with bedhead
— secretly enjoys doing chores/working around the house
— shoelaces are never tied and you bet that boy trips probably like 10 times a day
— but still refuses to tie them


We are all upset/ in shook after this episode (because jusus fucking crist, this one was a mess), but I’m not going to talk about that.

I’m going to talk about us. This fandom and how united we are.

Yesterday I couldn’t find a website where I could watch Sherlock in live and I decided to make a post asking for help. A few seconds later I already had people sending me links.

I’ve never seen a fandom so united like I saw this fandom yesterday. We may not agree whit everything, I ship Johnlock and you may ship Sherlolly, but we respect eachothers and in the end we all just want to enjoy this great show that we all love.

I love you all, and I hope that the next two episodes are less painful for all of us.

See you next time.

things i love: positive overwatch disability content

  • sombra trying to alter reaper’s nanites to decrease his pain issues
  • soldier: 76 and the never-ending blind jokes
  • symmetra infodumping and whoever she’s talking to listening with interest and symmetra getting really happy and flappy about it
  • “hey roadie, guess what?” “what.” “i’m all right!” “…you swapped arms with symmetra.” “I SWAPPED ARMS WITH SYMMETRA!”
  • “eh i’m not much of a dancer. got two left feet.” “boss, did you swap legs with hanzo?” “YEAH!”
  • emily and winston helping tracer through dissociative episodes
  • ana doing the “i see no ships” thing with her eyepatch and someone pointing out that it doesn’t work because she has a bionic eye
  • reinhardt doing the “i see no ships” thing and nobody being able to retort, ana is dying of laughter in the background
  • hanzo trying to understand his brother’s altered body and trying to help him with issues relating to it, bc this is kind of his fault and he wants to be supportive if he can
  • there’s a “can’t sleep due to trauma nightmares so let’s get drunk and talk about our problems” club, it meets at 1am at least three times a week
  • zenyatta the magical robot therapist
  • winston, torbjorn and some others trying to work out how to get ganymede registered as an actual emotional support animal to help bastion out
  • “can someone give me a hand?” “sure thing, partner!” “jesse mccree if you throw your arm at me i swear to god i’ll - ” THWACK
  • morrison and reyes supporting each other with the less beneficial side-effects of the enhancement program
  • someone in talon suggests trying to hijack the various artificial limbs that members of overwatch have and sombra just gives them the angriest “are you fucking kidding me” look imaginable
  • everyone supporting each other through panic attacks, flashbacks, meltdowns, etc
  • the amputee characters try to one-up each other with stories of how they lost their limbs
  • “whenever i see a cute girl i feel like i stop existing for a second” “…tracer you’re chronally dissociated you don’t exist at all anyway” “EXACTLY”
  • everyone is very quiet when mccree has a migraine, they see what they can do to help, do it, and then leave him alone
  • junkrat is always 100000% prepared for when roadhog has asthma attacks and knows exactly how to help him and get him through it

“Could you do a Cassian Andor request of being a good friend of his as well as a fellow rebel captain and while he’s out on a mission you save him and K2 (you were there scouting on a separate mission) so you and Cassian and making snarky/flirty comments the whole way back to base (your ship was wrecked) until you two admit your feelings??” - anonymous

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Rebelling on the same planet didn’t mean you had to do it together. Y/N and Cassian were always competitive, counting whoever killed more troopers or whoever ended up at base first. So even with thick tension, the rumors of the Empire building a new weapon, and Y/N’s and Cassian’s never ending flirty bickering, of course they turned the current mission into a competition.

A competition Y/N was currently winning as she pressed herself against the wall, looking over her shoulder to where a party of strormtroopers stood, a very handsome rebellion captain held captive to his knees. A sane person would’ve been frightened, their lover beaten, blood dripping down his nose so far down his face it only stopped by his neck, scrapes and bruises all over him as he coughed, receiving another kick to the back of his head from one of the stormtrooper’s blasters. But Y/N was almost beaming, it was no secret that Cassian would always win against her, so just the thought of her crossing the finish line first made her excited. She did also love a good beating, kicking the Empire straight in the face was something she’d never miss. Oh those rebels.

She sprinted straight for the imperial droid, sliding between it’s legs as she took out the troopers peeking out of tanks with her blaster. She then turned to the droid, jumping out of its reach as she shot a weak spot in its neck, K2 had taught her about that, turning off the AI immediately. Troopers started surrounding her, Y/N as if dancing avoiding their fire as she hit them one by one; here’s one with a broken neck, Y/N flipping him over and turning his helmet right off his shoulders, there’s another one with a broken leg, Y/N hitting him from behind as his bones cracked, stealing his blaster to shoot the others. Of course Cassian was watching all of this, cursing himself that he was so foolish to get caught, and even though he knew that the female rebel has taken a lead in the competition, he was still praying for her not to get hurt. It was all fun and games until it struck him down to his feeling, how deeply he actually cared for the woman.

“So, my dear damsel in distress, how’s this for your knight in shining armour?” Y/N stood in front of him, white and death clad bodies laying behind her as she looked at the captain, the sunlight behind her making her glow like an actual angel.

“Thanks.” He murmured as Y/N untying him, hosting him up against her shoulder, the woman wincing just by looking at how swollen his black eye was.

“Was that an apology I heard—" 

"Cassian!” Called behind them, the two humans turning to find the reprogrammed droid running up to them. “Y/N, she’s going to beat you — oh.” He said as he spotted the woman now, looking around to see what damage she has done. “Never mind." 

"Where were you anyway?” Cassian spat, actually spat, blood now dripping down his mouth as Y/N sighed, wiping the scarlet liquid with her sleeve. “One moment you’re behind me, then you’re gone.”

“Behind you? Did you mistook me for that oaf?” K2 pointed at the identical droid behind them, the only difference being that K2SO was very much alive while the other laid dead by Y/N’s hands. “How dare you?”

“The only reason I knew to kill him because he doesn’t have that scratch on the back like you, K.” Y/N pointed out, as if trying to cheer Cassian up, with no much success as the man was barely standing.

“You two are the worst.” The droid mused, striding off first of them in an offended matter. “I’ll fire up the ship.”

“So, you’re probably gonna pass out before reach base, so can we just declare that I won this one?” Y/N gave the captain a wide smile, him rolling his eyes. “You’re just grumpy ‘cause you lost. Or maybe it’s the beating you just received. From me, as I beat you in this mission, ha!”

“Shut up.”

“After you confirm that I won, 'cause I did, very much so.” She nodded her head, more to herself than him. “Saved your skin too.”


“What? A thank you and a sure in one day? It really must be the blood loss.”

“No, really.” He stopped their walking, summoning his final strength to stand and grab her by the shoulders as he looked her in the eyes, Y/N now uneasy under his gaze and how much thicker his accent sounded due his raspy tired voice. “If you wouldn’t have been there..”

“Well, go on, award your knight in shining armor.”

“I— thank you, Y/N.”

“Oh c'mon.” She pulled him by his shirt, connecting their lips, a chaste kiss, teasing for a bit more as she pulled away. “What does a lady have to do to get a proper reward these days?”

“Probably save her man before he gets so beat he can barely kiss.”

“Shut up.”

Fanning the Flames
  • Words: 2k
  • Genre: Angst; Fluff
  • Ship: Yoongi x Reader

Can you please do 2 and 69 for yoongi please? Can you make super angsty but fluffy at the end? I’m sorry if I’m asking for to much 

So I wasn’t sure how to make it super angsty but I tried. Enjoy~

It was a minor misunderstanding, something you assumed Yoongi wouldn’t pay any mind. After all, celebrities are always being talked about, but why was now any different?

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Fuck heteronormativity

You know, here’s a real problem for you to think about.
If you’ve ever watched videos about some gay ships - more specifically about proves of the ship being real or something like that, you probably heard something like: ‘If it would be a guy and a girl instead of two guys or two girls, everyone would ship them and they would probably end up together in the TV show/film/book/anything else’.
I’ve always known it was true, it was pretty obvious, because - hello, heteronormativity. But, I’ve never had real examples. I mean, I have a lot of gay ships and I watch a lot of stuff, but I’ve never seen that example with straight relationships, because two straight characters of opposite gender immediately fall in love every time, even if there is no reason for it and no background, because who cares - yet again, hello, it’s heteronormativity.
But, that was until I watched The Walking Dead (and yeah - I’ve just watched it, I’m surprised myself). We have Daryl and Carol. An amazing friendship that can grow into a romantic relationship - I can see that. I don’t personally ship them, but they have pretty much the same amount of 'that kind of’ moments as some of my 'not canon’ gay ships.
The difference is - any gay ship of mine is made fun of, people tell me that I’m ruining an amazing platonic relationship, I’m an idiot and I should stop right now, because 'they can’t be gay - no way’. Some actors and show runners don’t say anything, some shit all over the ship (umsherlockum). When, everyone is supposed to ship Caryl, because 'they’re obviously in love’. Even actors talk about that.
And, you see what’s my problem here. The only difference between Caryl and any ship like Destiel or Johnlock is that straight couples have a dick and a vagina, while gay couples have two dicks or two vaginas and apparently that makes some difference! You know what’s the point, though? The point is - there is actually no difference. We just have a huge problem of heteronormativity and you are blind and ignorant, if you don’t see that.


Memory Lane

Ah, June 2016. Back when Harambe was not just a gorilla, Trump didn’t seem like much of a leading candidate, and Bee Movie memes were nonexistent. What a strange time that was.

A conversation with my friend @notactualusername about shipping WildeHopps gave me the idea of posting my story of how I first saw the movie and I first began shipping these two. Strap in (if you’re curious, of course). Bonus! At the end, I’ll show the exact video that got me into WildeHopps!

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  • It’s known that he doesn’t like skin ship much
  • BUT the exception is YOU
  • He likes simple skin ship,
  • Hugs, pecks on the forehead, hand holding
  • He’s way more shy about it in public though
  • You love to tease him and make him blush
  • He doesn’t mind too much
  • When you’re home alone, Jihoon is way more affectionate
  • Most days are pretty chill
  • You’ll always go to visit Jihoon at the studio
  • He loves when you give your honest option on his work
  • But he also loves praise
  • When you two sleep, he always manages to end up being the little spoon
  • He’ll never admit he loves it
  • When it comes to sex, Jihoon is mostly a sub
  • He loves it when you take control, and make him squirm under you
  • Teasing him, tying him to the bed and orgasm denial is what he likes
  • On some days he’ll be in control and fuck your brains out, leaving you limping the next day
  • Aftercare is a hot shower and naps
  • Jihoon will never ever be against a nap with you
  • He knows he can trust you with anything
  • He tells you every thing and you help him because sometimes he doesn’t know what to do
  • Whether it be musically, or emotionally, he can always count on you
  • He loves you so much, he tries to show it as much as he can
  • And you know he loves you with the simplest gestures
  • He doesn’t always have to say “I love you”
  • And yet you still know he does
  • Together you have a strong, unbreakable bond that no one else has
  • Not only are you lovers, but you’re bestfriends as well