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J’avais du temps libre, je voulais faire un fanart MAIS aussi tenter le huevember. Et bim.

(même si en toute honnêté j’ai pris pas mal de liberté. je crois que j’ai pas encore bien compris le concept de huevember.)

I have so much respect for people who ship one person with multiple people but, like, how??? How do you quell the deep and sometimes frightening passion you have for that one ship that person’s in??? How do you deal with the second hand jealousy??? How can you read or see that person without what you believe is their true pair???

Asking for a friend.

anyways even if you are not triggered by it due to trauma, fiction with pedophilia and rape can be traumatizing by itself. especially if the subject isn’t handled correctly.

people can be traumatized by reading rape porn and pedophilia, just because something is “fictional” doesn’t mean it can’t mess you up.

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Celine/William, 2

2. “You love me as if I deserve you.”

It’s dark. It’s quiet. The only sounds are the crickets, the sound of their footsteps on gravel, and Celine’s quiet laughter.

“I can’t believe we did this!” she laughs. William grins. He can’t believe it either.

“Where to next?” he asks, because he’d follow her anywhere. She could look him in the eye and tell him to take her to the big city and he’d go in an instant. She could tell him she dreamed of living on a secluded mountaintop and he’d build her a cabin with a fireplace. She could tell him she wants a white picket fence and two beautiful children and a dog and he’d be in the suburbs before she could finish the sentence. For Celine, he would do it all. 

“Anywhere,” she says, aglow with freedom, with being out of that house, with being away from her husband. She fiddles with the finger where, until about an hour ago, her wedding band had weighed her down with it’s gaudily large diamond. “Anywhere with you.”

Something in William goes soft. “You love me as if I deserve you.”

Celine gives him a smile and takes his hand. “No, William. I love you as you deserve to be loved.”

He kisses her and she laughs about his mustache tickling her face and swats him away, and they hold hands and grin while they walk down the road, deserted and silent, away from the past that bound them.

You know what Eurydice may not be the most emotionally available person or the most visibly affectionate but I can tell you for one of their anniversaries she made Cullen a necklace with a King piece from his chess game on it and then showed him her matching Queen piece necklace because ‘you like chess and I love when you’re happy about it’ 

and if you don’t think Cullen nearly cried right there because of it you’d be wrong.