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At sea aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Nov. 9, 2002 – An F-14 “Tomcat” assigned to the “Black Knights” of Fighter Squadron One Five Four (VF-154) bolters after missing the arresting wires while making an arrested landing during flight operations, on the ship’s flight deck. Kitty Hawk is the Navy’s only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier and operates out of Yokosuka, Japan. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Todd Frantom. (RELEASED)

Avatar Aang, Feminist Icon?

“Who’s your favorite character?” I hear that question come up a lot over Avatar: The Last Airbender, a show particularly near and dear to me. Iroh and Toph get tossed around a lot. Zuko is very popular. Sokka has his fans. But something I’ve noticed? Aang very rarely gets the pick. When he comes up, it’s usually in that “Oh, and also…” kind of way. Which is strange, I think, considering he’s the main character, the titular airbender, of the entire show.

I never really thought much about it until a couple weeks ago when I finished my annual re-watch of the series and found myself, for the first time, specifically focused on Aang’s arc. Somehow, I never really paid that much attention to him before. I mean sure, he’s front and center in most episodes, fighting or practicing or learning big spiritual secrets, and yet, he always feels a little overshadowed. Katara takes care of the group. Sokka makes the plans. Zuko has the big, heroic Joseph Campbell journey. Aang…goofs around. He listens and follows and plays with Momo. And yes, at the end his story gets bigger and louder, but even then I feel like a lot of it dodges the spotlight. And here’s why:

Avatar casts the least traditionally-masculine hero you could possibly write as the star of a fantasy war story. Because of that, we don’t see Aang naturally for everything he is, so we look elsewhere.

To show what I mean, I want to talk about some of the show’s other characters, and I want to start with Zuko. Zuko is the hero we’re looking for. He’s tall and hot and complicated. He perseveres in the face of constant setbacks. He uses two swords and shoots fire out of his hands. He trains with a wise old man on ship decks and mountaintops. Occasionally he yells at the sky. He’s got the whole 180-degree moral turn beat for beat, right down to the scars and the sins-of-the-father confrontation scene. And if you were going into battle, some epic affair with battalions of armor-clad infantry, Zuko is the man you’d want leading the charge, Aragorn style. We love Zuko. Because Zuko does what he’s supposed to do.

Now let’s look at Katara. Katara doesn’t do what she’s supposed to do. She doesn’t care about your traditionally gender dynamics because she’s too busy fighting pirates and firebenders, planning military operations with the highest ranking generals in the Earth Kingdom, and dismantling the entire patriarchal structure of the Northern Water Tribe. Somewhere in her spare time she also manages to become one of the greatest waterbenders in the world, train the Avatar, defeat the princess of the Fire Nation in the middle of Sozin’s Comet and take care of the entire rest of the cast for an entire year living in tents and caves. Katara is a badass, and we love that.

So what about Aang? When we meet Aang, he is twelve years old. He is small and his voice hasn’t changed yet. His hobbies include dancing, baking and braiding necklaces with pink flowers. He loves animals. He doesn’t eat meat. He despises violence and spends nine tenths of every fight ducking and dodging. His only “weapon” is a blunt staff, used more for recreation than combat. Through the show, Aang receives most of his training from two young women – Katara and Toph – whom he gives absolute respect, even to the point of reverence. When he questions their instruction, it comes from a place of discomfort or anxiety, never superiority. He defers to women, young women, in matters of strategy and combat. Then he makes a joke at his own expense and goes off to feed his pet lemur.

Now there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this, and it’s the one that shielded Aang from the heroic limelight in my eyes for ten years. The reasoning goes like this: Aang is a child. He has no presumptuous authority complex, no masculinity anxiety, no self-consciousness about his preferred pastimes, because he’s twelve. He’s still the hero, but he’s the prepubescent hero, the hero who can’t lead the charge himself because he’s just not old enough. The problem is, that reasoning just doesn’t hold up when you look at him in the context of the rest of the show.

Let’s look at Azula. Aside from the Avatar himself, Zuko’s sister is arguably the strongest bender in the entire show. We could debate Toph and Ozai all day, but when you look at all Azula does, the evidence is pretty damning. Let’s make a list, shall we?

Azula completely mastered lightning, the highest level firebending technique, in her spare time on a boat, under the instruction of two old women who can’t even bend.

Azula led the drill assault on Ba Sing Sae, one of the most important Fire Nation operations of the entire war, and almost succeeded in conquering the whole Earth Kingdom.

Azula then bested the Kyoshi Warriors, one of the strongest non-bender fighting groups in the entire world, successfully infiltrated the Earth Kingdom in disguise, befriended its monarch, learned of the enemy’s most secret operation, emotionally manipulated her older brother, overthrew the captain of the secret police and did conquer the Earth Kingdom, something three Fire Lords, numerous technological monstrosities, and countless generals, including her uncle, failed to do in a century.

And she did this all when she was fourteen.

That last part is easy to forget. Azula seems so much her brother’s peer, we forget she’s the same age as Katara. And that means that when we first meet Azula, she’s only a year older than Aang is at the end of the series. So to dismiss Aang’s autonomy, maturity or capability because of his age is ridiculous, understanding that he and Azula could have been in the same preschool class.

We must then accept Aang for what he truly is: the hero of the story, the leader of the charge, who repeatedly displays restraint and meekness, not because of his age, not because of his upbringing, not because of some character flaw, but because he chooses too. We clamor for strong female characters, and for excellent reason. But nobody every calls for more weak male characters. Not weak in a negative sense, but weak in a sense that he listens when heroes talk. He negotiates when heroes fight. And when heroes are sharpening their blades, planning their strategies and stringing along their hetero love interests, Aang is making jewelry, feeding Appa, and wearing that flower crown he got from a travelling band of hippies. If all Aang’s hobbies and habits were transposed onto Toph or Katara, we’d see it as a weakening of their characters. But with Aang it’s cute, because he’s a child. Only it isn’t, because he’s not.

Even in his relationship with Katara, a landmark piece of any traditional protagonist’s identity, Aang defies expectations. From the moment he wakes up in episode one, he is infatuated with the young woman who would become his oldest teacher and closest friend. Throughout season one we see many examples of his puppy love expressing itself, usually to no avail. But there’s one episode in particular that I always thought a little odd, and that’s Jet.

In Jet, Katara has an infatuation of her own. The titular vigilante outlaw sweeps her off her feet, literally, with his stunning hair, his masterful swordsmanship and his apparent selflessness. You’d think this would elicit some kind of jealousy from Aang. There’s no way he’s ignorant of what’s happening, as Sokka sarcastically refers to Jet as Katara’s boyfriend directly in Aang’s presence, and she doesn’t even dispute it. But even then, we never see any kind of rivalry manifest in Aang. Rather, he seems in full support of it. He repeatedly praises Jet, impressed by his leadership and carefree attitude. Despite his overwhelming affection for Katara, he evaluates both her and Jet on their own merits as people. There is no sense of ownership or macho competition.

Contrast this with Zuko’s reaction to a similar scenario in season three’s The Beach. Zuko goes to a party with his girlfriend, and at that party he sees her talking to another guy. His reaction? Throwing the challenger into the wall, shattering a vase, yelling at Mai, and storming out. This may seem a little extreme, but it’s also what we’d expect to an extent. Zuko is being challenged. He feels threatened in his station as a man, and he responds physically, asserting his strength and dominance as best he can.

I could go on and on. I could talk about how the first time Aang trains with a dedicated waterbending master, he tries to quit because of sexist double standards, only changing his mind after Katara’s urging. I could talk about how Aang is cast as a woman in the Fire Nation’s propaganda theatre piece bashing him and his friends. Because in a patriarchal society, the worst thing a man can be is feminine. I could talk about the only times Aang causes any kind of real destruction in the Avatar state, it’s not even him, since he doesn’t gain control of the skill until the show’s closing moments. Every time he is powerless in his own power and guilt-ridden right after, until the very end when he finally gains control, and what does he do with all that potential? He raises the rivers, and puts the fires out.

Aang isn’t what he’s supposed to be. He rejects every masculine expectation placed on his role, and in doing so he dodges center stage of his own show. It’s shocking to think about how many times I just forgot about Aang. Even at the end, when his voice has dropped and his abs have filled in, we miss it. Zuko’s coronation comes and we cheer with the crowd, psyched to see our hero crowned. Then the Fire Lord shakes his head, gestures behind him and declares “the real hero is the Avatar.” It’s like he’s talking to us. “Don’t you get it?” he asks. “Did you miss it? This is his story. But you forgot that. Because he was small. And silly. And he hated fighting. And he loved to dance. Look at him,” Zuko seems to say. “He’s your hero. Avatar Aang, defier of gender norms, champion of self-identity, feminist icon.”


willabeth appreciation week

↳ day seven: the making of the maelstrom wedding

will and elizabeth are married by barbossa while fighting, which i think is probably one of the greatest things that’s ever happened on film.- kevin r. mcnally

In which I get a wife in my first session of a campaign

Context: So I made a new character for this campaign, and she is a very punchy fighter by the name of Mae Gjallarfjall. And her trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later.” I joined one or two sessions late, so I have no context for this campaign other than “Magitech is a thing that exists and can do things.” I am a crewhand on a ship traveling across the sea.

DM: All of you hear the crashing of wood as a cannonball tears through a bit of your ship’s hull. You then hear the captain yell “PIRATES OFF THE PORT BOW!” What do you do?

Me (OOC): I run over to the captain and tell him to get me in punching distance.

DM (as captain): Wait what?

Me: Get. Me. In. Punching. Distance!

Wizard: *grabs me by the shoulder* Hold on. *rolls Magic to teleport*

DM to me and Wizard: You two end up on top of the pirate ship’s mast, a good sixty feet above the deck. The ship is also flying above the water. Below you see six pirates that do not seem to know you are here. What do?

Me (OOC): Well, my trouble is “Punch first, ask questions later,” so I’m going to roll Fitness to sprint down the mast and activate Fist of Havoc.

DM: Alright, roll.

Me: *rolls +2 on Fitness and 18 damage on Fist of Havoc*

DM: You kill two of the pirates instantly and send the other four back a ways staring at you in shock and fear.

Me (OOC): I want to roll Persuasion to convince them that fighting me is a terrible idea.

DM: Um… okay, roll for it.

Me: *rolls +2 on Persuasion*

DM: You succeed on two of the pirates. Pirates 1 and 2 sheathe their weapons and take a step back. Pirates 3 and 4 are not convinced.

Everyone else takes their turns.

DM to me: Alright, so Pirate 3 has been smacked by [Paladin], and Pirate 4 tried to attack but accidentally lost grip on his sword and is floundering to pick it up. The pirate captain has come up from her quarters and yells “What the hell is going on on my ship‽”

Me (OOC): I run over to her and punch her right in the face. *rolls +3 to hit and another +3 for damage*

DM: Wow. So you run over and deck her right in the schnoz and she staggers back a bit. In retaliation, she shoots you. *rolls +2 and deals 3 points of damage after armor*

Me: Bitch!

Engineer: *busts out from under the ship and yells* “ABANDON SHIP OR BURN IN HELL!”

Me (OOC): *rolls neutral on Fitness and jumps overboard, rolls again for Hero Landing™ and gets +2* Wait, where’s pirate captain lady?

DM: That’s a good question. *rolls dice* She says goodbye to her crew and ship and jumps overboard.

Me (OOC): I roll Initiative to see where she’ll land, and Fitness to catch her.

DM: Go for it?

Me: *rolls +1 Initiative and crit Fitness*

DM: Holy shit, give yourself a fate chip and let me paint you this word picture. [Engineer] sprints out from the engine room and yells to get off. Both of you dive off and land on your ship. [Paladin] jumps off and lands on his horse, and then Pirate Lady jumps off after you guys. You look up and hold out your arms and catch her bridal style so comfortably that she swoons and blushes profusely at you.

Me: I apologize if your fall from heaven hurt. *rolls persuasion and gets +3*

DM: She is so overcome by her emotions that she is now profusely in love with you and wants to marry you.

Me (OOC): I say yes and marry my new pirate bride.

Seafaring: Ship

A ship is more than simply a means of transportation. Every ship has a soul and stories to tell.

Aesthetic (roll 1d6):

  1. Sleek lines like a shark
  2. Furs and rough hewn wood
  3. Bright, prismatic colour
  4. Gold leaf and ornate carvings
  5. Black tar paint
  6. Bold monochrome military colour

Weapons (roll 1d6):

  1. A battering ram
  2. A ballista
  3. Black powder cannons
  4. Harpoons
  5. Casks of seafire
  6. Flaming darts

History (roll 1d6):

  1. The original captain had secret passages built throughout the decks.
  2. She was once sunk, then raised and refitted.
  3. She has fought on two sides of the same war under different captains.
  4. Repairs on the hull were made from wood from a cursed pirate ship.
  5. Nobody knows her original port of departure.
  6. A big red and black parrot is the only surviving member of the original crew.

Quirk (roll 1d6):

  1. The crew swear on their lives that there’s a skeleton who lurks around below decks.
  2. The ship bears marks of a kraken attack.
  3. All the lanterns burn blue or green.
  4. The lookout never comes down from the crow’s nest. Ever.
  5. The ship is never visited by gulls.
  6. The ship seems to be afraid of storms, developing a strong list whenever one appears on the horizon.

Figurehead (roll 1d6):

  1. Mermaid
  2. Pig
  3. Grim Reaper
  4. A Deity
  5. Sea Captain
  6. Demon
It’s Our Turn (Guess Who’s Back Part 2)

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - nope. Just doing a part 2 to give you something while I finish requests up

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – After their encounter with Harry Hook, (Y/N) and the other Villain Kids make their plan to get Ben back and find a way to bring Harry back with them 

Warning(s) - fighting, near drowning, fluff at end, bad writing because I have no idea where this was going lmao

Originally posted by rottentothecoreee

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I somehow accidentally ordered two !?
Since this one arrived in the mail a few months late the company won’t accept a return anymore, but it’s the exact same deck as in this post ~ unopened and still sealed! 🙊

$21 plus shipping 💐✨

anonymous asked:

Got any sweet fluffy headcanons about the lovebirds that are robin and starfire?


  • They are constantly trying out new things.  One of main defining factors of their relationship is how much Robin enjoys showing her things about Earth and how wondrous she finds everything, so whenever he finds something that he thinks might be cool or Starfire expresses an interest in something they both jump right on it.
  • They’ve had some killer dates this way.
  • One time they went white-water rafting.  They both wound up soaked and Starfire laughed so hard she couldn’t breathe.
  • Starfire sometimes forgets to turn off her language absorption when she’s kissing Robin and so she’s accidentally gotten snatches of all the languages he knows here and there.
  • She’ll surprise him by whispering a foreign endearment in his ear.
  • Speaking of languages though, Robin thinks Starfire speaking Tamaranian is ridiculously sexy.
  • Also attractive: when she punts villains through walls.  He has been known to get a little distracted and dreamy-eyed during fights on rare occasions.
  • ‘course he’s always subtly keeping his eye on her and making sure she’s okay anyway.
  • She’s also been known to “hover” around him.
  • Everyone on the Titans ships it.  Everyone.
  • There was in fact a betting pool going around about just when they would finally get together.  Cyborg was the broker.  He made bank when they finally kissed in Tokyo.
  • Speedy and Aqualad are both still sore about it because they thought Robin would never man up enough to ask her out.
  • Starfire gets irrationally upset whenever she sees sordid tabloid headlines about him.
  • “But Robin, they are besmirching your honor with their vile and untrue words!”
  • It’s flattering but he wishes she wouldn’t hover outside the publishing houses demanding the authors step forth to fight her in a dual.
  • Robin, likewise, hates when people badmouth Starfire.
  • He punched a kid in the face because he heard him call her a slut under his breath.
  • Got sued, settled out of court.  Bruce called up, annoyed and asking for an explanation and all Robin said was, “Worth it.”
  • Robin makes sure to buy her favorite juice whenever they’re doing grocery shopping, because she commented once that a certain flavor blend reminded her of Tamaran.
  • After “Haunted” she waits up for him whenever he’s out on patrol, and doesn’t go to bed until he returns.
  • She often goes to Raven for advice about him.
  • “Oh my Azar, Starfire, just because I was in his head once doesn’t mean I can make him be less of a dunderhead.”
  • “Just go hug him.  He loves that.”
  • (He does.)
  • They held hands constantly right after Tokyo.
  • Robin loves to pepper her with kisses.  She giggles very cutely.
  • Starfire starts learning more Earth recipes for him.
  • She’s terrible at it at first, and often has to call Cyborg, weeping because the noodles are too soggy and the spices don’t taste right and everything is on fire.  Cyborg always calms her down and helps her out, and never takes credit for it when Starfire presents the results to Robin.
  • Silkie doesn’t take well to Robin at first.
  • Was very protective of his mistress and never wanted them to be alone together without him for a while.
  • Robin won him over with a couple strips of bacon, which Silkie enjoyed surprisingly much, and now the grub purrs happily for him.
  • Starfire will sometimes make him coffee in the morning.
  • They usually sit together for meals.
  • Robin was the first one to fall in love with her.
  • Boys had crushed on her in the past, back on Tamaran, but no one ever seriously pursued any interest in her, preferring her sister.
  • Did not help that Galfore was very protective and also there were strict rules for how people could approach and interact with her.
  • Starfire still loves watching fireworks with him.
Welcome To The Fandom

Rodger: Ahoy, Nakama! Welcome to the One Piece Fandom!

Fan: Oh Yay! I’m so excited to be here. I just think the show is awesome! So when do I get to meet all my Nakama?

Rodger: In time… In time… First I’d like to give you a tour of the docks.

*They begin tour*

Rodger: One of the easy ways to find the Nakama you will hang out with most is to align yourself with some ships.

Fan: Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see so many of them here. I thought Oda said there wouldn’t be any shipping…

Rodger: Oh yes, but that was a long time ago… Besides people are going to ship who they want… AH! Yes here we are at the first ship.

*They look up at giant ship decked out in gold*

Rodger:  This is the LuNa ship.

LuNa: They are the pirate queen and king!

Rodger: Most of them are convinced that they are canon based on the fact that Luffy trusts Nami with his straw hat.

LuNa: And that she is the one who is in control of the ship!

Rodger: They are usually in competition with the SaNa and other Luffy ships.

SaNa: Nami cried over Sanji leaving!

Twenty Million Luffy ships: They are just Nakama!

Fan:  What about that ship over there?

NaVi: Nami isn’t even into boys!!!

Rodger:  Oh yeah. They are the only major yuri ship here. Nobody really dislikes them surprisingly enough. They just ignore them until they need art to fap to…. Anyways! Continuing on. As I mentioned before there are many Luffy centric ships here. If there is a character, they have more than likely been shipped with Luffy, but we’ll meet some of the biggest ones.

LuHan: Hancock will die if they don’t get together.

ZoLu: First mate for life!

Lubin: Luffy gave Robin a home to belong to.

LuVi: Vivi is a princess with the love of pirates, who better to be pirate queen?

Rodger: And then there is the ship that has quickly become the most powerful…

*Ship flying a flag that reads “Allies” comes charging into view*

LuLaw: This is the best pirate alliance to ever exist!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodger *points at giant red party boat*:  And everyone goes there at some point.

*Girl walks out onto deck and throws hands in the air*

Girl: WOOOOOOO!!!!! LUFFY x MEAT!!!!!!

*The two continue down the docks till they come to another large wooden ship*

Fan: This ship looks pretty normal… What’s going on here?

Rodger: This is the Zorobin ship. It’s very popular and you’d think it was normal-

*Zorobin ship fires cannonball. The pair look to see a yellow and green ship and a ship shaped like a cannon*

Zorobin: Go away! Zoro’s power was awakened by Robin being in trouble. Robin’s too good to be shipped with a robot!

Fan: Who are they fighting?

Rodger: Well mostly the Frobin ship-

*The Frobin ship fires a cannonball from its cannon shaped front, and someone onboard starts waving cardboard cut-out in the air.*

Frobin: Well we have Oda!!!

Rodger: No you don’t!!!!

Frobin: He gave them couple’s t-shirts!

Rodger: They are convinced their ship is canon.

Fan: Well, is it?

Rodger: Only Oda knows… Anyways, that other ship, the yellow and green one, is the ZoSan ship. They are the biggest yaoi ship in this harbor.

ZoSan: It’s cute how they love to hate each other!

Fan: Ah, I think I understand…

*They continue on.*

Fan: Wow, all the ships over here look a lot smaller.

Rodger: Yes this is the yard of small, forgotten, and crack ships. The UssoKaya ship rests over here along with a bunch of others. People visit them from other ships on occasion, but they don’t have a lot of hardcore crew members.

Fan: There are so many ships, but what if I don’t think anybody should be together…?

*Rodger smiles and points at a large white building*

Rodger: Then you can join the Marines.

*Horde of Marines comes charging by.*

Officer: Quick men, the Zorobin and Frobin ships are fighting again. We must remind them that Oda said there would be no shipping of Nakama.

Rodger: No matter what you choose though, just remember that we are all Nakama and should love and care for each other.

*Rodger, raises arm to reveal x. Fan smiles and does the same.*

Rodger + Fan: WE ARE!

Princess - Harry Hook x Reader Smut (Requested)

Request: Could you do a smut with Harry Hook where reader is Moana’s daughter, who ran away after an argument with Audrey and she’s telling him about her mother’s run-in with the Kakamora, and after she’s done, some of them try to kidnap her, only for him to save her and let them know she’s his before taking her to his room and they go at it?

Audrey could really be a bitch sometimes. You had a silly argument and she ended up going too far. She loved bringing up that you’re not technically royalty. When she said that your mom, Moana, never did anything noteworthy that was the final straw. You burst out of Auradon Prep, not really sure where you were going. You ended up on the Isle in Ursula’s Fish & Chips.

You walked in but no one really noticed you. Even though you were “good” you were welcome there. Harry made sure of that. During the quest to rescue Ben, Harry caught you sneaking around on the ship. He never mentioned it to Uma. Instead he just kept you to himself for a few days. During those few days, you guys became friends. He’s now one of your most trusted friends, who you also happened to be in love with. You couldn’t spot him at any of the tables so you asked Gil where he was. “Oh, he’s on the ship. Below deck somewhere,” answered Gil. You thanked him and raced down towards the docks.

You found him sitting at a desk downstairs staring intently at a map. You knew better than to sneak up on him so you knocked. He lifted his head and his face lit up. “Y/n! What brings you here, love?” he implored with a giant smile on his face. The smile you had come to love. “I had a fight with Audrey,” you replied sadly. “Oh, are you alright, dear?” he asked carefully. You nodded, but Harry knew you better than that. “What did she say?” he asked gently pulling you closer to him so that you were practically sitting on his lap. “She said I wasn’t really royalty, and that my mom never did anything important,” you mumbled not meeting his eyes. He sighed loudly. “Now, princess you know that’s not true. I’ve heard you tell plenty of stories about things your mom did. What was that one about those little monsters with that huge ship? The Kaka…something?” he trailed off. “The Kakamora,” you finished for him. He nodded. “Yeah, those things terrify me. Mom says that there might even be some around here. She thought she recognised their ship on the island docks the other day,” you stated. “Yeah, Uma’s dealt with them before. She told the crew that if we ever come across them that we should kill them on the spot,” he informed you. “I hope I never have to see them, they terrify me,” you murmured not really wanting Harry to hear how scared you were. But, he did. “It’s okay, darling. I’ll protect you,” he joked. You lightly slapped him on the shoulder. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?” Harry asked suddenly. You shrugged. “You could stay here with me,” he offered. You blushed at the thought of sharing a bed with Harry. “If it’s not too much trouble,” you retorted. He shook his head. “No trouble at all, it would be my pleasure. I just have a few errands to run for Uma. Do you want to come?” he asked. You nodded and followed him above deck.

When you got there however, there was another ship docked that looked an awful lot like the one your mom described. You immediately grabbed onto Harry’s arm. His eyes met yours and you had a nonverbal conversation. He drew his sword and told you to stay on the ship. He stepped onto the docks to investigate the strange ship. Suddenly, several Kakamora surrounded you. Harry spun around and raced towards you. It was a dozen Kakamora against one hook-handed pirate. They lunged at him but he was quicker, he sliced them all in two. There were about four left now, still restraining you. They made jarring clicking sounds to which Harry responded with; “You will not touch her, ever again. I’ll eliminate any and everyone of you that tries to hurt her. She’s mine!” He spoke with such anger the Kakamora cowered. In the blink of an eye he had destroyed them all. Before you could even process what had just happened Harry wrapped his arms around you giving you a soft kiss on your forehead.

He lead you back to his room mumbling something about; “Screw errands.” Your mind was racing, you had almost been kidnapped by the Kakamora. But, Harry saved you and said that you were his. What did he mean? You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so you asked him as soon as you were in his room. “What did you mean when you told the Kakamora that I was yours?” you muttered sitting down on his bed. He smiled softly, crouching down in front of you. He took your hands in his lightly rubbing your skin with his thumbs. “I meant what I said, y/n. You’re mine,” he stated. He got back up and took off his red leather jacket. Your eyes couldn’t help but drift to his toned biceps. You were practically drooling when your eyes met his. He’d just caught you staring. “I’m guessing that by the way you’re drooling over me, you don’t object to being mine,” he said confidently. Hearing him talk about you as his gave you a boost of confidence too. “Well, I don’t remember you claiming me as yours,” you teased.

He basically pounced on you, smashing your lips together. It wasn’t long before he deepened the kiss. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged on it slightly. He groaned into your mouth sending heat pooling to your core. His hands left your waist traveled down to your butt squeezing it and dragging you onto his lap. Your core brushed against his length making you gasp. His hands never left your butt kneading it as he brought your hips down onto him. You were grinding on his lap and you had to bite your lip, determined not to let a noise slip out. You ducked your head into his neck biting down to muffle a groan. He bucked his hips and whispered into your ear; “If we keep doing this I’m not going to last much longer.” You giggled and took off your shirt and bra. His smile widened at the newly exposed skin. Before he could do anything your hands were tugging at the hem of his ripped shirt. He lifted it over his head tossing it aside. You pushed him down onto the bed attaching your lips to his jaw. You slowly traced kisses down his neck, taking your time to suck marks into his collarbones. You kissed lower and lower until you were at the waistband of his pants. You unzipped them achingly slow and palmed him through his underwear. He growled and flipped you over onto your back. He held your wrists to the bed with one of his hands and whispered tenderly against your skin; “No, no, no, baby girl. You’re the one who’s getting spoiled tonight. I’m going to treat you like royalty. Just relax for me okay.” He got off the bed and took off his gloves and his hook making you giggle. “What’s so funny, darling?” he asked almost darkly. “I just think it’s funny that you have a fully functional hand but you still carry around that hook,” you quipped. “It’s for the aesthetic,” he said pulling you to the foot of the bed by your ankles.

“Hips up,” he ordered and you complied. He pulled off your pants along with your panties leaving you completely bare. As if sensing your self awareness he took off all of his clothes too. Now that you were both naked, he took his place between your legs. He dipped his head to suck on your clit making you cover your mouth with your hands. He grabbed your hands moving them to his hair saying; “That’s not where they belong, princess. Now come on, I want to hear those beautiful moans. By the end of the night I’ll have you screaming my name.” A loud gasp left your mouth at his words. He returned his mouth to your heat licking a stripe up your folds. Without warning he thrusted two fingers into you making you groan loudly. “That’s right, love. That’s what I want to hear,” he said against you clit. The vibrations made you shiver and you squirmed under Harry’s touch. Your hands tugged at his hair making him groan against you once more. He added a third finger and you cried out his name. He sped up his actions and was now thrusting his fingers into so fast all you could do was moan his name and grip onto his hair.

Before you could reach your high he removed his fingers and you whined. “Sorry, princess. The fun just started I don’t want you to finish already,” he murmured. He repositioned you on the bed so that you were straddling his hips. He took your hands in his and intertwined your fingers and you slowly pushed yourself down onto his length. You both moaned at the feeling of him being inside of you. You went down as far as you could and rolled your hips. You circled your hips slowly teasing Harry. You could tell his patience was wearing thin and you were waiting for him to snap. When he did he grabbed your hips and thrusted up into you deeply. He kept thrusting up into you roughly and all you could do was moan his name over and over again. “That’s right, princess. Keep saying my name. Louder! So everyone can hear. I’m gonna fuck you so hard my name will be the only thing you can remember,” he growled.

He flipped you onto your back and ruthlessly pounded into you. “Harry, yes! Oh, fuck!” you screamed. “That’s right, princess!” he grunted. You started trailing sloppy kisses down his neck and shoulders. You left several marks on his chest and arms, just marking your territory. With one particularly deep thrust you felt your walls clench around Harry’s dick as you came. “Harry…. Harry!” Was all that slipped out of your mouth. Your orgasm triggered his and he grunted; “Who do you belong to, princess?” “You!” you moaned. “You’re mine,” he said. You felt him spill into you then he pulled out. “All yours,” you whispered.

He flopped down next to you, the two of you catching your breath together. When you calmed down you rolled onto your side facing him and he did the same. He ran his fingers through your hair lazily as you just talked about nonsense. Your fight with Audrey long forgotten. The next morning when Gil was sent to wake Harry up, he came in but didn’t have the heart to. He saw you and Harry laying peacefully and went above deck to tell Uma that Harry wasn’t feeling well. Needless to say, you and Harry spent the rest of the day in bed, mostly sleeping….

Humans and Emphasis/Sarcasm

Imagine if aliens had like, no idea about emphasis.

Human-Steve was talking with one of his alien… Friends (it’s spieces diddnt bond with things in the same way humans do) from another ship. “Our human is sick, she says she’s fine but has a.. Fever as she calls it, is she okay?” the alien asks, Human-steve was only half listening. “What?” he muttered. The alien repeated themselves. “WHAT?!?” Human-steve said, registering what he said. The alien repeated themselves again, clicking there mandibles in annoyance. “No i mean like- urgh how high is her fever”


Human-Jess was pacing around the ship deck, they had made an emergency landing on a planet without any known inhabitants. The mechanic was struggling to repair the engine. “Ay! Jess! You know anything about [insert techy thing here]s i could use some help!”

“Oh yeah! I TOTALLY know about ultra high tech machines. Its not like, ya'know, im the MECHANIC or anything. Like YOU”

“Oh, since when did you aquire the mechanic job? I think i would have been informed if-”

“Zarl that was sarcasm”