the shipping conflict continues

Nine Lives Remember

*For Jerusha, Molly and 3 anons - all wanting some reassurance about Carol and her TWD Longevity after reading some rather unsensitive and frankly repetitive foilers 

Here we go again! 

Carol Peletier has been killed off for the umpteenth time by her “opposition” and the fandom is once again scrambling to separate and distinguish the “truth” from the malicious rumours that have plagued her character since Season 1 or perhaps more accurately from the very moment golden boy, Daryl Dixon, started naturally gravitating towards her awesomeness. 

The minute Daryl’s smirky blue eyes started tracking and watching HER more than the others, the target on her back started to grow. 

When you really think about it Carol had been underestimated even by her own fan base, starting all the way back from the very beginning of the series and therefore her “death” has been predicted and expected more than that of any other TWD main cast character. 

Melissa McBride herself didn’t expect Carol to leave the quarry with the rest of the group, let alone be the one whose ingenuity and pocketed grenade, hidden in her trusty messenger bag, would provide the only way out of the self-destructing CDC. 

In Season 2 Carol was given a tragic story-line which cost her the last family member she had but that loss bonded her even more with the resident bad boy Daryl Dixon whose friendship proved to be monumental for her because at the very end her hold on him produced a truly epic romantic moment as he saved her life and whisked her away to safety. 

However it’s important to mention that before she rode off with him on that motorcycle she made sure he was still around do be in the position to do it. 

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