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FIddlestan, pinescone, aaaaaaaaand Dipcifica?


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Not quite the OTP of the fandom for me (I think Fiddauthor has better chemistry and more angst potential) but fiddlestan was my first ship here. I really love it. I will always love it. Its a good damn ship.

All Dipper ships I’m pretty indifferent to honestly.

I like Dipcificia more because I think its cute but I have only watched over the garden wall all the way through once. I got the impression Wirt was older then Dipper?

I mean I could be wrong and you could say easily that they are the same age because reasons since it is a crossover but I;m just not super into the ship. Don’t hate it but don’t love it either. Just kinda indifferent

I’m gonna need people to get the idea out of their head that Supercorp shippers only hate Mon because he “stands in the way of our ship.”

Hahaha no broskies, my dislike of Mon is purely singular and has nothing to do with the fact that I ship Kara and Lena together. Lena could not exist and I still wouldn’t like Mon. He’s a selfish, misogynistic, bland fuckbrick who doesn’t deserve Kara AT ALL. He’s been awful to her on multiple occasions and he doesn’t really CARE about any of the things that Kara stands for and make Kara KARA. He is pretty much the epitome of the Daxamite stereotype which, good on ya writers if you wanted to give Kara a reason to get over her Daxamite prejudice. And he comes in as a love interest out of the blue with no real build-up or ANYTHING after the writers suddenly shove James freaking Olsen off to the side after a full season of buildup and a genuinely healthy, supportive friendship and romantic tension. James is Black Excellence and Mon is White Mediocrity. People are trying to make Mon out to be this swoon-worthy, wounded rogue type that Kara can “fix” but IT’S NOT KARA’S JOB TO FIX HIM! She’s Supergirl! She’s got more important shit to do. Not to mention you’ve got James who has zero superpowers and is donning a suit to go out and help people because he’s just THAT good but Mon doesn’t give two shits about anyone but himself and his own desires. 

And all of this boils down to the fact that they’re making it about a stupid romantic plot between Kara and Mon when Kara, AGAIN, HAS MORE IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO! 


So no… my dislike of Mon and my shipping of Supercorp are two entirely separate entities. Both very strong ones at that.

Perks, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader (part two)

Prompt: Reader is a famous actress and gets shipped with Lin by the Internet.

Word-count: 1,643 (Ahahaha I’m a dork)

Warnings: Cursing (which isn’t new), but other than that we’re in the clear, fam. 

Note: *deep breath This was a mess, and pretty fucking bad, but I’m too trash to care. Also, the response to Perks has been a little overwhelming! Like, thank you guys so much for liking it and sharing it, y’all are legit the fucking bomb. Love you all so much. Anyway, enjoy the dumb! 

Part One

You had been in London for two weeks now.

You were there mostly for business reasons, working out where exactly you’ll be recording your next album (your third by now), filming a few scenes for the new Tarentino flick (you weren’t leading, but he was apparently insistent that he get you in somewhere), appearing, it seemed, on every single British late night show, talking about next career moves, (inevitably) your personal life, projects you may or may not have signed on to.

If asked, and if you answered honestly, it was all getting a bit exhausting. The work was a basic component of your life and you were, for the most part, used to it, but the back-to-back interviews and the constant appearances were going to run you to the ground if it didn’t let up.

“They want you on Graham Norton,” Nancy said, passing you your itinerary and a few other papers as your hair was spritzed with another coat of hair spray. “You don’t have to answer today, although it would be better if you did.”

You quickly scanned your rather full schedule, before looking up to allow the makeup artist assigned to you (you didn’t quite catch her name. It rolled off like something foreign and had a lot of R’s) to swipe a bit of eye shadow on your bottom lash-line. After a few more tweaks, it appeared she was done, passing you the mirror as she began packing up. The look was what you usually wore for evening appearances, so it passed your requirements quite easily.

The itinerary was, quite frankly, routine and therefore didn’t receive as much attention as the rest of the stack Nancy handed to you. There were a few scripts, and you cast them aside with care, knowing that at this point there was barely time to really check them over. There was a request to get on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show once you got back to the States (which you agreed to, since you already sorta owe the guy for trashing his house that one party). (A story that, while interesting and riveting, was for another time.) At the bottom of the stack lay the Graham Norton request, and as you read through it, a deep sense of dread began to brew in your stomach, and you didn’t understand why until you reached the planned guest list.

It was impossible to ignore.

Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The list seemed to swell around him, like even the mere presence of his name was enough to cast the rest in mere shadow.


Hold the fucking phone.

You took a second glance at the list. Your name and Lin’s name were the only ones on it. Eyes growing to the size of dish saucers, you turned to Nancy, who was looking rightfully sheepish.

“Apparently you’re both in town.” she said, lifting one shoulder in a half-shrug. “Norton is adamant that you appear.”

“Norton is a crafty son-of-a-bitch, that’s what.” you practically seethed. You knew what he was up to; Nancy knew he was up to; and if Lin had received this list, he probably knew what Norton was trying to pull as well. You were at a moment of pure loss, looking from Nancy to the list and back. “What exactly do I do about this?”

“It’s completely up to you.” Nancy said, and you could trace the slightest hint of pity in her eyes. “If it’ll help, Lin already said yes. I was notified by the execs because they think you’ll need an extra bit of convincing.”

“And they think this is the way to do it?” you asked, although it kind of was. Already worn so thin from a tiring day, you were one step behind conceding entirely. “Did they tell you what kind of questions he was going to be asking?”

“I read over what he had planned. All general things!” she added hastily at your sharpening stare. “But I wouldn’t put it past Norton to pull a trick out of his sleeve in the heat of the moment.”

There wasn’t much time for anything else, as a runner knocked and poked his head through the door to tell you that you were on in a fifteen minutes.

“All right,” you sighed when the runner disappeared, sliding off your chair and slipping on your heels. “Tell them I’ll do it.”

At this point, you thought as you were lead to the stage, smiling at the applauding audience, what else do I have to lose?

The news broke out quicker than you would have liked, but, as Nancy patiently reminded you, the press did as it was wont to do. You didn’t give too many comments when the announcement was made, that Y/N Y/L/N and Lin-Manuel Miranda were indeed appearing together on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night, apart from openly poking fun of the coincidence (it wasn’t a coincidence, but you had to put up some sort of show right?) on Twitter.

You weren’t alone in that department; Lin had taken to Twitter as well when the commercial featuring the two of you aired, answering a fan question and essentially breaking the Internet.


Lin-Manuel Miranda:@ham4trash Yep! Fingers crossed I don’t fuck it up. Wish me luck kids!

Attached to the tweet was GIF of an overexcited cat, which you cracked a smile at. You scrolled further down his profile, virtually aw-ing at his good morning tweets and cackling at some of the more humorous ones.

Lin-Manuel Miranda: My dad just texted me. Told me not to do anything stupid. Not making any promises! #Elaine4Ham

You replied to him before you could think it through.

Y/N Y/L/N: @Lin_Manuel Oy US Navy, enough with the hyping me thing. Meeting me might ruin the image of perfection.

Within minutes he had tweeted back.


Of course, everyone jumped on the interaction, and by the time you opened your phone the next day, you had to scroll through piles and piles of notifications and emails, all asking about Lin and if you’d met or seen each other before. You ignored most of them and instead went straight to your business emails.

But even your business emails were full of the same questions, albeit with less screaming and emoticons and more pointed and gentle prodding.

You flinched, and opened Nancy’s message first. Best to get it over with.

The rest of your morning wasn’t as eventful, if anything just louder, with your phone buzzing every two seconds, texts from friends and family and management alike; you went to work, talked your manager’s (Brian, who was lovely but also, quite sadly, not as there as Nancy was) ear off concerning the album details, and on your lunch break, you decided to walk around and see if there were any shops you could get decent food from.

Maybe it was because the gods had a deep perverse pleasure in fucking you over. Maybe it was because fate had other plans and some other spiritual bullshit. Maybe it was because you were quite honestly fucking useless with directions.

You had been trying to outrun a few stubborn paparazzi, and without thinking, without planning, you had managed to land in the arms of the very person you were somewhat dreading to face.

“Whoa there!” Lin said as he caught you around the waist, saving you from falling on your ass.

“Oy, Usnavi, help, SOS,” you said, in an attempt to save face. Lin released some sort of cross between a laugh and a cough as he pulled you into an empty alleyway. You heard the pound of footsteps pass and, pressing a hand hard to your chest, felt your pulse slip back into normality.

“What,” someone panted, “was that about?”

Oh. Right. Lin.

“Paps chasing me, I was near-about running and the assholes decided to run as well. Sorry for demolishing you and everything.” you said, grinning at him to at least get him to calm the fuck down. He wasn’t even the one being hunted and he was practically hyperventilating.

But then you saw Lin freeze, and you were beginning to worry about whether or not the hyperventilating caught up with him before he spoke.

“You’re Elaine,” he said, breathless.

You nodded, a slightly confused smile on your face. You cocked your head to the side, hands going to your waist. “I am. And you’re Usnavi.”

You took his petrification as an opportunity to look at him, really look at him. His hair was as short as it was on the Fallon interview on that dratted night of too much wine and too little comprehension; his eyes were bright, a dark swatch of coffee, and decidedly warm (no joke, it felt like a dunk in a cup hot cocoa, looking him straight in the eye); he was dressed in too many layers and had that delicately rumpled look that shouldn’t suit him as well as it did.

You cleared your throat (this was already getting too weird), held out your hand. “As much as I like Elaine, the name is actually Y/N.”

He took it, grip oxymoronically soft and firm at the same time. “Lin, but you can call me Usnavi if you like that better.”

You grinned at him, which he returned. You chanced a look at your watch. You had thirty minutes left before you were to head back to the film lot. You looked at him again. He was on his phone, but he clicked it shut and slipped it back into his pocket as he looked back at you.

“How about I make it up to you and maybe get you some coffee?”

He smiled, and you noticed passingly that it was too big for his face. “I’d like that.”

Why Heartshipping is fucking fantastic

Why is Heartshipping not more popular? I mean, come on! I have an entire list of reasons why it’s awesome.

1) Ryou and Yugi are actually friends. They like each other, they get along. They would (and have) risked their lives for each other before. 
2) It’s a great ship if you like fluff. Look at these adorable bastards. They just ooze cutsey fluffy times.
3) But if fluff ain’t your thing then they’re great for angst too. Ryou was the host to an evil spirit who wanted to basically stab all his friends in the face and take over the world. Pretty sure that would cause some issues in any relationship.
4) But, also, if you’re the type who just likes pure smut…Yugi walks around in all black and a dog collar while Ryou’s into the occult. You know those two are into some freaky shit.
5) Size differences. Yugi tiny while Ryou not so tiny. Aww.
6) They’re just kawai as fuck, all right?

I like Heartshipping. 


Making Tsukki suffer via extended family is pretty much The Reason to ship Akiteru and Saeko (also let’s face it, Noya is basically an honorary Tanaka-sibling). And hey won’t you just look at that, all my favorite garbage in one picture. Amazing.

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Wow the Drowley was strong in last night's episode. They weren't even trying to be subtle about it anymore too lol. I ship destiel but some reasons I always like the little allusions to their summer of love

I’m going to need like a year to recover from “rubbed off all over you”

I’m now staring at that phrase like, wait, was that what he said or did I somehow warp it into an even more perverted phrase since I first heard it a few hours ago

I’m scared to go check in case that’s the actual line.

Worst part is: I’m pretty sure it is.

Anyway I hit that exact point while watching because I was like, wow I’ve jokingly or not complained about Drowley for years for all the sleepless nights wondering wtf Carver was up to. Obviously I don’t hate Drowley despite all my joking grimacing about it, or times I have genuinely gone really cold on it. I guess it’s just… like over 3 years since it started, Dean and Crowley have gone through this whole thing and it’s the most ridiculous SUSTAINED bi!Dean thing there is outside of Destiel which because of shitty fandom discourse you can’t bring up in certain contexts arguing for bi!Dean because people just say you’re making it about a ship. You argue instead from well I didn’t WANT Dean and Crowley to go off and bang triplets together and keep up a sustained angry flirting banter for the next three years after that all while being constantly coded as exes, but hey it happened and it’s all right fuckin’ there so um. 

And they’ve NEVER tried to be subtle about it. Crowley mooning over his pics of them howling at the moon? My BFF who never sees subtext and thinks I’m being dramatic when I talk about it, had to concede that to me. I mean she went downstairs and ranted to my mum about how she thought I’d made up the entire concept of queer subtext until she saw Crowley looking at his SFW flickr albums. And if that’s my BFF who I’ve never seriously tried to talk over or given the slideshow presentation on Why Destiel or Bi!Dean, just made jokes and comments and I think once drunkenly cried on her about why can’t Dean just be bi already in canon a few years ago on Pirate Day.

But yeah, I like all the little reminders and allusions and the way Dean is actually cool with it (I mean even that shudder after “rubbed off all over you” was an OTT jokey kind of shudder, not the way Dean ACTUALLY looks when he’s horrified/threatened/sickened by something which is genuinely hurting him and that was pretty in keeping with the way they’d been talking the whole conversation where Dean kept smiling to himself)… He also does stuff like stock Crowley’s scotch and keeps his answerphone messages from the Summer of Love and all that stuff… yeah. It’s really quite affirming to me, in a meta way, that this little thread is still around, and it’s still a part of the show…

I spent a while being pissed off about the whole villainous queerness thing, that it was only blatant/permissible because Dean was ~evil~ at the time that it happened, but it just keeps on going and going and going? And Dean’s been in a better and better place since the end of season 10, and STILL we get fresh Drowley nonsense on BOTH sides. I don’t think Dean’s interested in him any more - and he barely WAS at least in any way that mattered, at any point, even while they were howling at the moon - but he certainly doesn’t REJECT that this happened or argue that it didn’t because now they’re back on their proper sides, he wants some sort of order and denying he shacked up with Crowley once is a good place to start. 

And, hey, Davy’s new, what’s Drowley to him? He didn’t HAVE to honour their dynamic this way - he could have played up them being ex nemeses who didn’t know what they really were any more now they grudgingly like each other or anything else like that but nah. Let’s just have… the worst innuendo ever. 

ok so. finally gathered up the courage to say this. feel free to reblog if you want to, i think its pretty important. putting all info under the readmore. this is a callout for wasa///bu, other blog badly//drawn//gang//star. TW for incest, NSFW, and pedophilia.

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It’s pretty tragic when this is one of the biggest moments your ship has.

Wow, he glanced at her. Incredible. Sakura’s face looks all dramatic but Sasuke looks pretty indifferent. 


How many millions of fucking times have Sasuke and Naruto stared into each other’s eyes

When they’re not staring at each other, Sasuke looks at Naruto constantly. The only reason SS shippers make such a big deal of this so-called “eye porn” is because they have nothing else to work with. Give it a rest. 

What if Summer Rose actually ended up having a nullification semblance, and she was able to neutralize the semblances of others? She probably wouldn’t have thought it was anything special, and maybe she never even bothered to mention it. Maybe Qrow spent all his time with team STRQ thinking he was finally learning to control his semblance, but when Summer died he assumed he was wrong and all that bad luck just built up, but in reality Summer died from forces beyond his control.

Or maybe she just had a speed semblance. XD

Skam and toxic relationships

so I just finished Skam and I loved it and all. There’s some pretty awesome things and it adresses important issues, but at the same time I feel like it consents to toxic relationships??? 

all 3 seasons until now have followed this same pattern concerning the main ships: 

  1. it’s a difficult start, with the significant other being a complete asshole
  2. they start to get along and the main character is conflicted because the s.o. is still an asshole but sometimes they are sweet
  3. oh no, the s.o. was only an asshole because of [insert reason here] and they totally love the main character!!!! all’s well when it ends well (if Eva hadn’t decided to break up with Jonas, they would still be a couple so it applies to them as well)

some toxic elements I identified in Skam:

  • Jonas implying Eva is dumb more than once, when it’s clear she’s not comfortable with this 
  • Jonas not going to the party and still asking Isak to go to the cabin, saying “don’t worry, you can ask your friends too” to Eva when he knows she doesn’t have any other friends and then behaving like a jerk in the cabin
  • Jonas lying about speaking to Ingrid when he knows Eva is really insecure about it, specially given their past. So he basically prefers his gf to think he’s cheating than admiting he’s smoking weed, wow
  • William. His whole character is pretty controlling, abusive and manipulative in the beginning of season 2. He kinda stalks Noora and is very persisting about her going out with him, even when she says no in various occasions. He forces Noora to go out with him by using Vilde in a disgusting way. And let’s remember he only apologized to Vilde so Noora would go on a date with him. Yeah.
  • The whole “Even has a gf but still goes after Isak” thing. I understand exploring one’s sexuality can be confusing plus he’s bipolar, but C’MON! You can’t pursue someone and then go back to your gf and then go back to that someone and then bring your gf to the same party that someone is in and then cockblock that someone and then pursue that someone while kissing your gf and at another occasion completely leave your gf behind to hook up with that someone only to go back with your gf two days later??????  That’s just mean. To both your gf and that someone.
  • Even leading Isak on when he had no intention of leaving his gf (because he wouldn’t have done it if Isak hadn’t given him an ultimatum). “Yeah, I still date her, but look at all those drawings I made of us in an alternative universe and realize how much I like you but not enough to leave my gf haha ;)”

I know people change. But when all three s.o. so far are somehow abusive and the main character kinda condones it because they are so so in love, it’s almost like saying “that person may be abusive, but you can cure them with the power of love!!!!” when in reality it’s not quite as simple as that.

I think William was the one who changed the most in order to be with the main character, but it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. He has no respect for women, and suddenly he’s a sweet guy with a golden heart who’s only an asshole because of a sad backstory. I didn’t buy it, but at least he was still an ass sometimes?? anyway.

I really hope this pattern changes in the next seasons. It does add a lot of drama  and “couple development” to the plot, but at the same time it’s kinda hypocritical of a show which is trying to be a good influence to its viewers.

So the Hot Topic rant saga has finished.

I’ve been stressing out and checking the tracking all the time so I can catch when the package was out for delivery. Went out for groceries yesterday and what’s sitting at the door when I get home? Yep. My Hot Topic order. 

The address on it was still missing the unit number for my house so how did it get to me? did I do all that worrying for no reason? turns out the only reason it actually got to the door is because I have so much stuff delivered already. Between online shopping and supplies for my business stuff I get A LOT delivered. I’m friends with pretty much every shipping company delivery person lol. Since this package was being delivered by Canada Post and I’ve had packages dropped off almost everyday for the past two weeks the delivery guy knew my name. So he didn’t even need to know the unit number. He’s even dropped off neighbours packages at my door before because he just saw the main address number and assumed it was for me again lol

so thank hell that I order so much and every postal person knows my address because otherwise I probably would not have gotten it and would then have had to deal with getting a refund from hot topic. I knew my online overspending would come in handy one day.

holy shit I’m watching the first chapter of the ndrv3 playthrough and Kaede x Saihara is so strong that I’m scared. Since this is danganronpa, he’s either going to die or he’s going to betray Kaede.

ch1 spoilers & rant under the cut

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What are your favourite Saiouma headcanons?

Oh, boy, this should be fun. I’ll try to limit myself to just a few, because otherwise I’d get too carried away.

  1. Ouma can’t flirt: The most important headcanon I have, and backed up by evidence from canon and from the love hotel scene, to boot. He’ll drop lines like “I stole Saihara-chan’s heart,” “Oh, did you fall for me Saihara-chan?”, “my beloved Saihara-chan,” etc. all day long, but once Saiahara ever seems to be actually, genuinely reciprocating, or worse, you know, actually understanding him or getting to know him, it’s time for Ouma to run. He’s been lying for so long that he believes his emotions are pretty much entirely a ruse, so the idea of actually being understood is exactly what he wants—but it’s also something he hates. He’s a contradictory brat, basically.

  2. The slowest of slow burn ships: For reasons stated above, but also Saihara isn’t exactly the most forthright about his emotions either. He’s so preoccupied with working through his own insecurities and trying to set aside his hesitation with exposing the truth, and then this gremlin comes along who is constantly demanding all his attention. Because to be honest, no matter what AU this took place in, Ouma would always be an asshole who goes snooping around people’s personal lives when he shouldn’t, and Saihara would be so…so tired. And then when he does realize he has feelings for said gremlin, Ouma’s just trying to make a run for it like some phantom thief sprinting out the door.

  3. Smug Saihara: By which I mean, Saihara is still pretty laid back and not actually smug by nature, but if he and Ouma ever were, actually, a thing, it would mean that he’d managed to find a way to understand Ouma, and that therefore he had solved a mystery, of sorts. And understanding the ways in which Ouma thought or worked despite his full intentions to keep being an annoying, enigmatic little brat would leave Saihara very happy with himself for a change. And Ouma would hate it.

I think those are the main, fleshed-out headcanons I’d personally incorporate into almost any fanfiction or AU, but I have plenty of others including but not limited to “Ouma throws himself over Saihara’s lap like a damn cat whenever he wants attention,” “Saihara has to start an intervention on how much Panta Ouma’s been drinking because he’s starting to suspect the guy just never sleeps,” and “they stage detective murder mystery games in their apartment on a weekly basis because Saihara’s getting progressively more competitive about solving mysteries in record time, and Ouma likes lying on the floor covered in fake blood because he’s weird.”

Thank you for asking! Saiouma is a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing more things written about their dynamic.

I never really payed attention to this but…

Have you all noticed how in 2x08 (aka the ep where finn is sacrificed and the kiddos try to do everything to stop it) bellamy NEVER leaves Raven’s side? I think that is the reason i ship them the most, because raven was about to lose the only family she had and Bellamy knew how she felt, he knew she needed someone’s support, and the only who was protecting her the entire time was Bellamy Blake. Not clarke, not wick, not octavia, not roan, not jasper, or none of who this fandom mostly ship her with, just bellamy. 

And when her knees give in, i just can’t get enough of it. They way bellamy instantly catches her, the way he touches her head, it just changes completely  their relationship, because now, bellamy has seen raven at her worst and raven knows he will always take care of her. Because bellamy blake cares about raven reyes so deeply

I don’t even know if Bellamy cared about Finn’s death, hell i’m convinced he didn’t even care about handing him over to Lexa if he didn’t mean something to Raven. This ep just shows how strong Rellamy’s bond truly is. 









EXCUSE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WISH WHAT?????????????

 GOD! I’ve let so many things she did slide before but NOT ANYMORE .. 


so i’m a masochist by heart right? so naturally when someone tags one of my hurt!tony gifsets with “#he deserves this” and “#anti tony stark”, i feel the need to go through their blog and read all of their anti tony stark posts to see WHY they feel that way.

it’s surprising how any of these blogs i’ve stumbled upon lately and nearly all of them are butthurt angry shippers.

like listen, if you have an actual reason to dislike tony, i’m all ears and we can have a beautiful mature debate, but if you only hate him because he tried to get in the way of your non-existent ship, we have a problem.

i have a lot of friends who don’t like tony. my wife doesn’t much favor tony.

so it’s not like i’m a closed-minded person who wouldn’t understand you if you had LOGICAL reasons behind your hatred.

but simply hating a man who’s pretty much been abused by mcu and has a plethora of mental illnesses is not okay.

if steve, or nat, or bucky had ptsd, you best believe it would be taken seriously. but on tony, nobody gives a shit because he’s a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philantrophist”. like by some kind of proxy people who use those words to describe themselves are forever banned of having real damning psychological issues.

jesus christ.

not to mention most of these blogs are wielded by 18/19/20 year olds and i just have to ask myself, was i this obnoxious? probably.

all i’m saying is, don’t wish abuse and harm on characters who get in the way of your ship. it’s damaging and fucked up and makes you look like an idiot.

I think Mettaton is underappreciated...

I mean this ^^^^^ guy, not the EX version. I mean, sure he’s not humanoid or anything, but let’s look at the facts:

1. He’s freaking invincible.

2. He’s the face all of the monsters are most familiar with, as shown by the Mettaton Face Steak ©

3. Garbagetale is currently sponsored by MTT, but that is not the reason I’m putting this up.

4. He may not be humanoid for teh ships, but that doesn’t mean this form ultimately sucks.

5. When he’s defeated, the sprite is a broken down version of Mettaton, NOT EX or NEO.

6. In the True Pacifist cutscene, he’s shown in this form wearing the EX legs, implying he prefers that form, at the very least when performing.

7. I’m pretty sure he drains less power in that form than either EX or NEO.

8. His only weakness is a switch on his back that transforms him into EX, which means his EX form IS his weakness.

9. While he is in EX form outside his house, he’s in his original form in the cutscene, meaning that either the fans like that form better, he does it so he won’t run out of power while performing, or some other reason.

10. Did I mention he’s invincible?


The “We’ll Meet Again” Terrarium

I decided to use fake flowers until I could get my hands on some real ones, which I don’t currently have the money for. I am so in love with this idea.

I wanted to replicate the scenery Bill was in originally but I wanted pretty flowers too. The idea of the towns people being too afraid to go near his statue so the forest starting to grow around him and flowers sprouting in the spring seemed like a pretty fitting excuse for it.

I may also make more if people want one. 

“keep reading” if you want one!

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To all the haters out there

Shipping is not about the skin color. And the pro tags are not about hate, that’s why the anti tags exists.
With that said, Rebelcaptain has the necessary background to be considered as canon. But you can see the ship as you want because everything were so subtle. If you want to think they were just platonic then it’s all right, I get you. But don’t blame the ones that see them as romantic, because we not only have all the right, but because we have the freedom and also a pretty cool context.
Now with ReyKylo and ReyFinn. Not because someone ships Rey with Kylo is racist. It’s true that the movie only gave us ReyFinn background explicitly, but the reason the people love (some people, ok) to ship Rey And Kylo is not always because they hate the Rey and Finn dynamics, but because they like the others chemistry, they like their interactions and can totally see them happening (also because a lot of people loves the idea of the bad villain being redeemed by the force of love).
It shouldn’t be catalogued as racism just because of that. Yeah, a lot of people may ship Rey and Kylo because of racism. But don’t generalize and hate everybody because of that.
For me personally shipping has never been about the skin color, but about the chemistry, the lines and the looks, the context and how I see their future.
I’m not a ReyKylo shipper (and neither a ReyFinn) but I am anti hate in all the way. And the thing that bothers me is that:
I’m a Rebelcaptain shipper so please don’t spread hate in the pro tags. And don’t blame Rebelcaptain shippers, also don’t blame the ReyKylo shippers who also ship Rebelcaptain and call us, the Rebelcaptain shippers, racists, because that’s is a really big insult and nobody knows who is behind the screen so you can’t judge based in that.
Shipping a white with a Latino isn’t the same of shipping a white with a black, that’s right, but the ones shipping the Latino and the white shouldn’t and mustn’t being called racist.
Respect people (and anti tag pls)