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So me and @astarisms were talking about screencap redraws and because of this wonderful chat we are now on a mission

Every time I go out in public I wonder how many people read gay smut in their spare time


Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myeong Joo

Goodbye to my official otp of otps. This was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, and I never thought I’d be this invested in a side couple, yet here I am. These two were everything I ever wanted in an onscreen couple; and Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won delivered every moment perfectly.  

Supergirl Mon-*l Rant

When a K*ramel shipper never felt chemistry with an interracial couple but can feel it for a white couple….That’s just plain out racist
It’s simple and clear to see James was and will always be better suited for Kara with how much better he treated and respected her
Yet here we are stuck with her being mistreated yet people see it as a good couple
Like sorry but no….I won’t ever accept this

I’m an ALL IN supercorp shipper but yes I am petty about how they built up Kara and James for the entire first season and then decided ‘nah fuck it let’s just stick her with the new white male instead’ so yeah I understand why karolsen shippers are mad because I would be too. I just needed to get this off my chest because I actually like how respectful Kara/James shippers are, so yeah I’m with you on this.

Larry's wedding
  • Harry: I'd like to make a toast
  • Louis: Oh god
  • Harry: but I don't have any bread
  • Harry: hey look at this cake I used to be a baker
  • Harry: even the cake was in tiers during our first dance
  • Harry: *picks up olive*
  • Harry: Olive you Louis
  • Louis: Like I've never heard that one before

this is a uchiha member

this is a uchiha member 

this is a uchiha 


this is a real uchiha 

all of these are uchihas 



“In the scene where Mulder is talking to Scully and she’s just on the bed listening to him go on with his crazy theories, she was supposed to be wearing an old New York Knicks t-shirt. But we didn’t clear something legally. So that’s my one disappointment, that we didn’t get that one in. I think the ‘shippers would have went nuts over that.” - Darin Morgan

her poster, her shirt, her mulder.  

dongbunny  asked:

I AM SO GLAD THAT I FOUND ANOTHER JUNHAN SHIPPER!! also i may or may not have freaked out when you reblogged my junhan post about them holding hands for the beginning of the Mansae choreo.

WOO JUNHAN SHIPPERS UNITE! no but really, there needs to be a junhan network ♥ ahahaahaaha that was such an awesome post! that said, i do love jihan too but junhan is so much more.. i dno.. interesting? in the sense that so much happens secretly ;-; like you got:

secret games

secret glances (this was really cute, junhui seemed so hesitant i dno why lmaoo)

jeonghan touching junhui’s behind lel

and lastly my favourite: them hugging so tightly and swaying without realising they were being recorded through another group’s cam :*))

You Know...

There’s this annoying tendency in fandoms to regulate ships who communicate to friends as opposed to lovers and I mean that in, every time I would get into a debate with a DE shipper about why I loved SE and I’d describe how Stefan and Elena had emotional chemistry and vulnerability, how they could talk about their dreams, their fears, their goals, how Stefan provided Elena a safe space in which she could come apart at the seams because she felt overwhelmed by all the death in her life and could be honest about what she was feelings, I’d be told yeah, they would make for great friends. Same thing with Dan and Blair, if I would talk about how Dair was a partnership, how Dan and Blair would actually have debates about film and literature, they would go to museums, they would experience New York together, they would be about equality, Chair stans would scream about how that sounds very platonic. Jake and Olivia in Scandal, I talk about how Olivia can be honest about her wants and her doubts with Jake, she can tell him that her life is falling apart, that she’s falling apart, he would give her advice, he would also put her in her lane when needed, and I’m told “yeah, Jake makes for a good platonic friend.” Michael and Jane in Jane The Virgin, same thing. Michael knows Jane implicitly, he can tell when she’s sad, when she’s excited, he can calm her down or encourage her, they can stay up all night talking on the phone or texting and I’m told that’s platonic. And I’m just sitting here like … there is a serious problem if the ability to communicate with someone feels inherently platonic to you. I would want to share my life with my partner not be afraid of speaking my mind or being truthful about my emotions in case it disrupts the relationship, relying on other people for emotional security and comfort. Communication is not antithetical to passion. Talking is not antithetical to sex. Like I NEED PEOPLE TO GET THIS.

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Hello there. Can you give me the link that kagami said Yuunoa is gonna happen. I've been controversial with the mikayuu shippers already and without the valid evidence I would get into more hot water. I totally agree with you hell it was obvious, but I kagami didn't tease his own fans like that it's not kind at all.

Right now I can only find this post I reblogged ( but when the translation of the novel came out I remember there was a lot of discourse about how Kagami once again reduced Shinoa to a love interest centered only around Yuu, and at the same time how this 99,9% confirmed Yuunoa (Yuunoa shippers were celebreting at that time so maybe try and scroll back their tag and you’ll find something) and I didn’t read the recent chapters, but apparently there are more hints about how Shinoa is the only one who can save Yuu from his demon. So yeah… I didn’t have much hopes for MikaYuu since the start, but…
I don’t even know if I’m going to keep reading the manga, since the more I read, the more I see Yuu as an empty Gary Stu loved by all without reason and I hate this kind of characters. I also think Kagami’s sexism is all over the place, Masashi Kishimoto is a fervent femminist compared to him. I don’t think it’s a problem for him to lure the female audience with fujobaiting, apparently he did this in other works as well, but I didn’t read other works by Kagami and I don’t really want to read them with this premises.

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Funny that they come and tell you to stop 'hating' on Hanj* when you've never done any of the sort and when some of them crazy ass shippers were literally celebrating when Erw*n died because he would get out of their way...I'm tired of them harassing some of the blogs I follow (even artists) and of some of them even claiming things such as that they were sent death threats/Eruri porn against their will just because they didn't ship it

Idk about other people but I keep thinking one day they’ll learn that they aren’t going to get anywhere with trying to troll me and that they’ll stop messaging me but I guess they like the equivalent of flinging themselves into a brick wall repeatedly, idk

Imagine, Dan posts a video titled “Coming Out” *finally* but then he’s like HAHA TROLLED and he tells us he just wanted to see how much attention this video would get from all the Phan shippers out there. He then proceeds to make a normal video about his weird self with skits and everything. There’s the BOOM with the DANISNOTONFIRE endscreen and then there’s the shamless self promotion. BUT THEN. BUT THEN. The last five seconds of the video is just black, and just as you are about to click on another video, you see two people sitting VERY closely and then you look closer and pause the video and there you go. DAN AND PHIL KISSING. Just one second of them making out. Then the video ends.
There you go. Phan is real.

Multi Shipping in SNK - A Ramble

Shipping. I fucking love it. Wanna ship Armin and a stick of asparagus? Go for it. Pixis and Dok? Hell, you grab that by the balls and run with it, ship that fucker into next century. If it makes you happy, ship it.

But if I may, I would like to draw your attention to the lesser known creature that is the Multi-Shipper, of which I am one. We dwell on the outskirts of pairings, dipping our toes in here and there but never fully immersing ourselves in the ship because the others would get upset. So please, any multi-shippers out there, know that you are loved. Come in and have a group hug, share in the perils of putting an E or a U incorrectly in your tags and bringing Erwin fans running only to be disappointed by a certain young, angry brunette. Enjoy a beverage as we discuss why Jean and Marco would be perfect together, as would Jean and Eren. Have a cake whilst conversing over whichever pairings you love as we talk about what is literally a massive pile of fucking hot characters who we adore imagining/writing/drawing in all different situations. Pull up a chair, everybody welcome.

Don’t be ashamed, your shipuality is valid, we just like a bit of variety, right? Come on, in you get, the cuddles are here ready for you.

And for those who have their singular OTP, that’s fucking awesome too. Fly that flag and have fun. Ship no one? Absolutely fantastic as well, your love for the characters is no less than anyone else’s.

Whatever you ship, whoever you ship, sail it proudly into the sunset, whether that be on one vessel or in a whole fucking fleet.

In closing, I offer you an example of a multi-shipper’s mind-set -

*person* how can you ship Eruri AND Ereri?!

*me* because Levi is in both of them…;)

This is intended as a light hearted little ramble based on a random thought I had whilst blow drying my hair this morning. No one is right or wrong. As a great man once said, we’re in this together. Spread the love.