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So I was rewatching Miraculous (again) and I just felt like you would understand that wonderful shipper feeling you get when you see the scene of Chat Noir smiling at Marinette's family photo in Animan.

NONY, YOU REALLY GET ME. BECAUSE, OK, ok. Like, I’m not sure why I never made a post about this but now that you brought it up I’m just??????? heck yeah let me talk about this—

because there is more to this scene than you know, anon. THERE IS MORE. So slip on your shipping goggles cuz we about to swim deep in this ocean of shipping feels~

See here, we have our sunshine baby Chat smiling at a picture of Marinette and her family. Now, that in itself is already oodles of cute and fluff because it shows he really likes the Dupain-Chengs—–


See this moment here? When Ladybug calls him, he reacts like this:

What is that face, you tomcat?

Is that guilt i see in your face?


Is it because “the love of your life” has caught you smiling at a photo of some other girl? Or is it because you caught yourself smiling at a photo of some other girl? In the general vicinity of the love of your life and the other girl’s parents?



are ye guilty of another crush? y/y

Still friends?

… yeah.


So me and @astarisms were talking about screencap redraws and because of this wonderful chat we are now on a mission


♫ step out of the shadows and (back) into my life ♫

okay but i want a fic where the enterprise is like on the outskirts of federation space and they pick up survivors of a half-wrecked cardassian freighter and one of the refugees is sybok who totally knew the attack was coming and low key orchestrated it but thats another story because when he gets beamed aboard he and spock have a reunion and it’s very logical and all but kirk is like holy shit spock you have a brother??? why did i not know?? and spock is like you never asked and sybok takes one look at the two of them interacting and realizes how bad his baby brother has it for his captain and says wow spock way to introduce me to your t’hy’la and spock BUGS OUT and gets all flustered and kirk has never seen him act like that before and is like wait what does that mean and spock won’t tell him and practically runs away and sybok is too busy laughing and getting debriefed, and then for the rest of the mission spock won’t look at kirk and he starts to wonder what that word actually means so he keeps trying to work it out of sybok or uhura but they won’t tell him and spock avoids him like the plague, and kirk starts to get dejected because maybe he’s done something wrong, somehow offended spock or something, and sybok realizes that the human is stupid in love too, and bribes scotty to lock them in the turbolift or a supply closet or something because they’re both just idiots and they need to make out and of course scotty does it because its been painfully obvious to everyone on the ship for months that the captain and first officer are SO IN LOVE, LIKE GO FUCK ALREADY JESUS 

and then they do. in the turbolift. 

Zarkon’s love for Honerva/Haggar is so big and pure? and made of angst, wow. While watching the last episode, my heart squeezed at how Zarkon bowed his head while Honerva lay on the bed, looking lost and defeated. Anyway, a small fanficy thing about what crossed my mind during this scene.

“Voltron… Voltron…!”

Honerva chanted, pupils almost shrinking as looked at her husband. Finally she breathed out; “It is the only way…”

Zarkon bowed his head, heart aching. Honerva was awfully ill and has been for a long time now – he hoped she would get better, but her obsession of gaining knowledge had her neglecting her own health.

He needs Voltron – Honerva needs Voltron. She needs Quintessence.

However, he knows the risk, he is no fool. Alfor’s warning echoes in his mind a lot, especially nowadays. He has fought the creature himself alongside his comrades, he knows the danger it follows and how much power it contains. If he does open the rift with the help of Voltron, he knows how much damage it will cause, especially to his homeworld, Daibazaal.

But if he does not – Zarkon squeezes his eyes shut as he holds his lover’s hand gently. He can not lose Honerva. He simply can’t. He can’t imagine living without her.

Hesitation filled him, yet in the end, he knew what decision he would make. He lets out a small sigh and leans closer to Honerva, whose eyes were closing as she gives into slumber. 

Zarkon silently apologized to Alfor and his fellow paladins. 

“…I shall save you, my love.”

He will.

…and he did.

Shipping (shown with ships)

Everyone has that one ship that is old, but it still has a special place in your heart because it was your first otp. 

Then there are your small ships, that aren’t your main otp, but none the less you still have time to admire it.

Now everybody has the main ship, their otp for life, that if a person trashed talked it the shipper would get really angry/offended because it’s their otp, and you can’t just insult one’s otp. That’s breaking the code, my friend.

And finally, there’s that one ship where you and your friends just love, and everyone just jumps aboard it. Except for that one person.

If antis ever start to get to you, remember this.

If shippers disappeared, antis would have no cause, no community. They have nothing left to fight for, nothing else to feel morally superior about, nowhere to go from there. Sure, they still have their fandoms, but some of the spark in the fandoms would be lost without some of the most passionate members.

If antis disappeared, us shippers still have a community full of brilliant writers, talented artists, and people who are really passionate about their fandoms. We would still be around to support each other, because we are a community, unconditionally. We don’t exclude someone for having the wrong pairing between fictional characters.

Without us, they’re nothing. Without them, we’re happy. We’re stronger than them.

Dear Lauren,

I write and read Camren fics not to satiate my wet dreams (I have other sources for that), instead, I write about a “connection” that goes beyond the physical which I think is inspiring.

I do get why you think Camren fics and shippers are obsessed with their wet dream version of you or Camren, there are hundreds of smut and delusions floating around. And it must suck to read that about yourself. I’m not dismissing your struggles dealing with this shit daily. And it’s your right to be angry and feel objectified and lash out. Us fans do overstep our boundaries constantly, whether we mean to or not. It must be hard balancing your private and public life. You’re human and you have needs and limitations, I get it.

But please don’t put everything in one blanket term, and dismiss the representation your key demographics are clamoring for. This community needs this, and while I get why you get so angry (because you feel invaded and sexualized), please also try to understand that some people have witnessed something pure and special and they latched on to it because they felt represented and inspired, not because they wanna sexualize you. It’s just an unfortunate factor that sex usually comes with the package, but if you look at the bigger picture, instead of fighting it and attacking it, you can help kids who’ve been searching for something that would appropriately represent them find themselves through you.

And I know it is not your personal responsibility to be the “representation” most of these kids wanted and connected with the most, but as you have said before, you must have been put where you are for a reason.

I know Camren has been the bane of your existence, and I know that some fans have boxed you into something you are not (you’re bisexual who’s free to love anyone you like, despite what some crazy ass shippers would like to imagine) and that’s why I get why you get so mad. But for every bad things we encounter, we can turn shit around and make it into something beautiful? Maybe it’s time to let go of the grudge connected to Camren, and use it as a tool to be the voice of underrepresented girls?

It’s just a suggestion, though.

After all, it’s you who decides. Not me. Period.


Of course the Supercorp Shippers would get blamed for shit they didnt do. So again, Some Kermlins and WestAllen/Iris Stans are accusing supercorp shippers of being racist because supposedly Supercorp shippers are saying they were boycotting black lightning (Which By the way, No supercorp shipper even said) because BL is forcing the Legends to take up Supergirls night? That is just hilarious and makes Zero Sense. Why would the Supercorp fandom, the people who are happy about the Nine Week hiatus, Say they would Boycott BL because of it?

If you couldnt tell, these are karamel shippers here, not supercorp. These are Karamel shippers who are showing a big distaste for BL because of the hiatus.

These are supercorp shippers who are excited about the hiatus and Supercorp shippers who are excited for BL. So why are people trying to accuse them of not wanting to watch BL because of the hiatus? Why are people bullying the fandom off of rumors? If your going to accuse a whole fandom for something like this than you should bring some actual proof and facts before doing so other wise its going to make you look like a dick who is just trying to start shit. I could easily get more screenshots of the Supercorp fandom saying they were excited for black lightning and how they were excited for the hiatus but I legit threw this together in 10 minutes and these were the only screen shots I had.

everyone’s blaming jikook shippers for this supposed “ship war” but all we did was defend that jikook are friends. straight up, how does that in any way cause a ship war?? like, it’s other shippers getting offended that jikook are friends


(First of all, I want to point out that according to Camila this music video is autobiographical so be ready for the delusions lol. Second, this is going to be long but if you’re a shipper, I bet you won’t regret reading this detailed/crazy analysis)

Juan cheated on Camila with her best friend, Maria 😮 and the maid. Not one but two.

Juan is Lauren. Lucy had been linked to Lauren before and after Camila left Fifth Harmony. Ty has been linked to Lauren after Camila left Fifth Harmony.

But wait!!!!

Juan comes out of the closet 😮😂 for Camila.

On November 2016, a picture of Lauren and Lucy playfully kissing on the lips was exposed. A week later, Lauren came out with a letter that said she was bisexual and she slammed the President. Hitting two birds with one stone. Some people were shocked while Camren shippers weren’t because they felt/knew it all along. Like Lauren said “What do you see?” (cough) Camren. Why not just the letter? 🤔 Because a picture will have more impact and with a person linked to Lauren the suspicions that Camren is real will hopefully die. Who better than Lucy? Lauren’s close friend and someone she’s comfortable with. And people thought she was outed 😏 How could she be when Camila left the group after a month? How convenient. Lauren was basically paving the way for Camila’s solo career.

Juan tells Camila that the one on the bed is his identical twin brother, Rodrigo. Juan proposes to Camila.

Rodrigo is the public persona that Lauren is showing. She was with Lucy and now Ty. Hence the best friend and the maid. Remember Lauren’s line in Down? “FBI interrogation, I would get up there and lie for you” Camren shippers have been called FBI because they notice everything. 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻 The real Lauren who came out of the closet with a moving letter is actually in love with Camila. Have you seen a pearl ring being worn by Lauren? Some Camren shippers actually think its a wedding/engagement ring because Camila also has a pearl ring.

Camila’s grandmother tells her that she needs to learn to start living her life and life will not knock on her door so she has to go and find it.

Camila’s reason for leaving Fifth Harmony. Do whatever makes you happy.

The song plays

“I knew him forever in a minute that summer night in June” I still think this lyrics is about the night Camila and Lauren supposedly shared a hotel room in Lima, Peru on June 23, 2016. Camila posted a picture on Instagram.

Noah appears with the sun on his back and Camila is shown with his shadow beside her. He leaves and she follows him.

Camila is the moon while Lauren is the sun. Its curious that the shadow was emphasized because Camila has a picture on Instagram of a shadow with a caption “So you come back, like i knew you would.” It doesn’t show who owns the shadow though. Some people think the song is Camila’s homage to her birthplace but like some I think Havana is actually a person. From half of my heart is in Havana to all of my heart is in Havana. Her heart is with Lauren.

They fight. Noah tells her “You do love me” and Camila replies “I do love you but I love me more” then he leaves her.

This was when Camila told Lauren that she’s leaving the group. In the music video, notice that after Camila said “But I love me more” Noah leaves her and she was surprised while the other one watching the movie was angry. This was probably Camila’s reaction to Lauren leaving her after Camila told Lauren about her decision.

Camila dances. When Noah sees her, he falls down and she helps him. They ask each other if they are okay and they dance together.

Camren broke up but they are together now 🌹


Things To Love About Tamaki Suoh

- Would 100% fight you if you upset one of his friends

- Is super forgiving even of those who don’t deserve it

- Deliberately invited the loners at school into his club and taught them to love themselves and to be kind to others

- Tries so hard to include everyone

- Puts up with the twins pranks because he loves them just as they are and wants them to be happy

- Immediately decides Kyoya is new best bro when he arrives


- Gets depressed if his friends are sad

- One time when Hikaru nearly died on a ski trip ( the most heart stopping moment in the manga like holy shit we all thought it was taking a dark turn)
Tamaki is so distressed he drops everything he’s doing and rushes to the ski resort to be at Hikaru’s side and to make sure Kaoru is okay and is honestly the biggest mess the entire time.Kaoru ends up trying to calm Tamaki down. When Hikaru turns out to be okay besides a concussion, minor hypothermia , and exhaustion, Tamaki is so relieved and gets super emotional and it’s just such a touching scene I STILL get all weepy about it tbh


- Is so kind ??? Like he even recruits a kid who’s literally a future mob boss into the host club because he sees the kid is lonely and sad ??? And Casanoda is so grateful like Tamaki literally helped turn his life around


- Is so high key excited all the time that I honestly think he’s related to Victor Nikiforov ( NO BUT LIKE FOR REAL HE TOTALLY IS)

- Is actually so smart he reads really complex books in English even though it’s not his native language ? Like he learned Japanese within a few months when he moved to Japan I mean ???

- Is so culturally respectful ? He tries so hard to understand local custom and be respectful about it ? Like in the manga he’s always going on about historical Japanese traditions and famous Japanese people and begging Kyoya to visit historic places with him and honestly it’s the cutest thing to me that Tamaki throws himself into new cultures so purely

-No but he bonded with his grandmother because they both obsessed over this old tv series based in ancient Japan and TAMAKI LEARNED HOW TO PLAY ALL THE MUSIC THE SHOW EVER FEATURED and he plays it on the piano for his grandma



Like she’s crying because she thinks he’ll be mad at her because she was forced to give him up and he’s just like
“ Mom no , I’m glad you did it because I’m happier now and you’re healthy ”

- Hugs people a lot

-Always down for adventures if you want one

- Tries really hard to be liked by everyone

- Travels overseas to support his girlfriend??? GOALS

- Never pressures Haruhi into being ANYTHING other than herself , even though he comments sometimes about how he’d like to see her in feminine things , he never tries to force her to wear something she doesn’t like

- Thinks Haruhi is beautiful no matter what

- Gets super flustered when Haruhi gives him any kind of romantic attention

( she hugged him in public once and he blushed beet red and got all speechless it was adorable )


- Is so genuine in his praise and it’s so pure ?

Like he’s not flirting he honestly does think every girl is beautiful

- So Extra about everything , no wonder Kyoya is so tired

Every time I go out in public I wonder how many people read gay smut in their spare time

  • Sehun: Oh, no. You're getting an idea, aren't you?
  • Yixing: Yeah.
  • Sehun: Is this idea gonna get me in trouble?
  • Yixing: Maybe.
  • Sehun: Is this idea gonna cause me phisically pain?
  • Yixing: Yeah, definitely.

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honest question: what's the point of shipping jalec if it's never gonna happen? are you shipping out of fun or just for the heck of it?

I noticed that at least one of my mutuals got a similar ask so I’m side-eyeing you anon but I’ll answer anyway.

okay so by “never going to happen” I assume you mean that we’ll never get to see jalec be a couple in canon. but to be quite honest I don’t see why I wouldn’t ship jalec just because “it’s never gonna happen” on the show or in the books. the concept of shipping something non-canon isn’t weird to me because I don’t need a ship to be canon to be able to enjoy it. jalec isn’t the only non-canon ship I ship and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

what I love about non-canon ships so much is that you get to explore the relationship on your own and wonder what it would be like if it was canon. plus you get to enjoy all the amazing fics, fan art, fan videos etc. sometimes it’s even better to ship a non-canon ship cause that way you don’t have to worry about canon ruining the ship. like for example would I like to see a jalec kiss on the show? ofc I would! but would I like to see it if it was like the jalec kiss scene written by cc? oh hell no.

the main reason I ship jalec, however, is simply because I think their relationship is the most interesting one on the show and in the books. I’ve read the tmi books and even though jalec’s relationship isn’t nearly as well portrayed in the books as it is on the show, I still became a jalec shipper the minute I started discovering their relationship. I love that they have so much history together and they’ve basically known each other their whole lives. I love how deep their relationship is and that everything about their relationship is so passionate - both good and bad things. I love that they’re parabatai and soulmates and I find the fact that their bond makes them falling in love forbidden so intriguing. I also love how well dom and matt portray them and how much research they’ve done in order to do justice to jace and alec’s relationship.

but yeah I could basically go on and on about their relationship so I’m gonna stop right here lol. the point is that I just really love jace and alec’s relationship and that’s why I ship jalec. simple as that. :)

plus how am I supposed to believe that jalec isn’t at least a little canon with all the material we’re getting? and jalec will never happen? oh but my dude I think it already has a little lol.