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“There’s a new wind blowing like I’ve never known, I’m breathing deeper than I’ve even done. And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do…And I want to love somebody, love somebody like you.“ - Keith Urban, “Somebody like You”


This ship hit me so hard?? From the first time that adorable red sunflower jumped off the tower and begged for Link’s help he was doomed. If I can’t have Mipha/Link than BY ALL THAT IS HOLY SIDLINK WILL RULE! *throws confetti*

Sidon is just a warm, welcoming, sweet and amazing, comforting presence that Link needs?! And he’s just so excited to see him?! And helpful and everything he needs?! LET HIM TELL YOU HOW AMAZING YOU ARE LINK. AND HOW THANKFUL HE IS.

I just wanted to draw them dancing? Link so overcome with happiness over something and just started spinning Sidon around, haha. Link doesn’t get enjoy himself much, and I think Sidon would be quite happy to dance along with his smol boyfriend
Gimme Shelter Part 1
We had so much to talk about in Gimme Shelter that we spent a whole two hours discussing Octavia, Bellamy, Kane, and Abby we laughed, meta'd, speculated and fangirled about how fantastic this episode

Part 1 of our Gimme Shelter recap

Abby explains why the Octavia storyline made her cry several times, Anna talks about Abby (Griffin) and why her storyline this episode was so interesting, we gush over the writing and directing choices and fangirl over how incredible Bob was this episode

also every character was trying to out atlas Atlas

Poems Abby read:

Anna: @abazethe100

Abby: @the-ships-to-rule-them-all

goodqueenalys  asked:

top 5 poems you have written?!


because @ravensreyyes also decided to torture me I’m doing my top 10

In no particular order of favorites:

1. (I like how I worked the space metaphor the entire way through this one)

2. (this one is basically all of my thoughts on heroes in one poem)

3.  (I love the symmetry of this poem and the rewrite fate is an idea that I use often but it works well here)

4. (I just love the final stanza of this a lot because it gets to the heart of most of my ships)

5. (I just love the power I feel when I read this poem)

6. (this was the first time I really took a single scene and wrote a poem about it, I really like my take)

7. (I love this one in part because @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 has the final line as a tattoo and just because it’s a great poem)

8. ( I remember writing this, this was one of the first one’s that I ever wrote that when I read it again it took my breath away)

9. (I love the second stanza of this a lot)

10. (I just like this one)

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rules: list five otps from different fandoms and tag ten people

(I don’t really have five otps or five fandoms, so I’m just going to list some ships I guess?)

1. Two/Jamie (Doctor Who)

2. Ben/Polly (Doctor Who)

3. Zoe/Isobel (these are all Doctor Who aren’t they. oh well)

4. Jack/Ianto (Torchwood)

5. idk, Nyssa/Tegan maybe? (also Doctor Who. I’ve been working my way through Five’s era so I’ve kind of been thinking about them lately)

these are all from Doctor Who stuff, I have failed the rules

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Haven’t you learned that girls like me will destroy you. Just as we destroy ourselves. We love to hard and care to deeply to be tethered down.
We are the ones who spend hours in museums, lost in the echoes of ages gone by. We are the ones wishing for knights and kings and beautiful dresses. We wish to be crowned a queen of love and beauty

We are the ones with ink-stained hands and bruised thighs. We are wild and we run forever, chasing after glory, chasing after fame and fortune. We were told we could be everything so that’s what we seek.

We are the ones who smile strangers, who talk to nearly everyone we meet. We are kind and generous and thoughtful but our kindness masks the belief that we will never be enough. We want to make the world a better place but we only know how to do that by scattering pieces of ourselves.

We are the girls in stories you dream to save. But this, this is reality and the world is a dragon and the knights have faded

—  So we are bleeding while trying to save ourselves by Abby S 

The only woman who completes Oliver’s soul is Felicity Smoak. She is his always.

Oliver Queen is Felicity’s heart, he is her perfect match and she loves him in a million different ways. 

If there’s no one for either of them but each other, then there’s no one else for me either.

Olicity is my OTP. OTP means ONE True Ship. I’m loyal to my OTP. Reblog if you’re loyal too. 


So I’ve finally got everything together for this giveaway that I had planned way way back in November.
Originally it was going to mark surpassing the 2k follower marker, but well, I passed that quite some time ago lol.

Anyway, here it is.
•There are 3 prizes available this time round and all have a divination aspect to them.
•This is open to all of my followers, so yes I will be shipping internationally.
•You must be over 18
•You must be following me, if you enter using a sideblog, please let me know in some way, your main blog (in can be an ask, message or simply put in the tags. Whatever your comfortable with)
•Reblogs count only, you can like the post but I’m only counting reblogs.
•DO NOT tag as giveaway or similar, or tumblr could remove the post.
•No spam/giveaway blogs (i do check every entry)
•Speaking of spam, don’t spam your followers with multiple reblogging please. You can reblog more than once but reblogging over and over in a short space of time can annoy people.
•This is NOT affiliated with Tumblr in any way.
•Any questions/queries then please, let me know.
•Giveaway ends on 30th April 2017 at 5pm BST
•The winners will be picked using a random number generator
•Each winner will have 48 hours to respond and must be comfortable with providing a mailing address.

Now the prizes.

1st Prize:

You will receive a brand new copy of the
• Idiosyncradeck. As you can see in the picture, it’s still wrapped (the unwrapped copy is my own deck and gives you an idea of what it looks like)
• A chunk of raw amethyst
• A chunk of raw rose quartz
• A raw citrine (heat treated) necklace
• A piece of quartz
• A piece of amethyst druzy geode

2nd Prize

• A copy of The Shadowscapes Tarot and companion book
• A crocheted deck bag made by me.

3rd Prize

• A Lapis Lazuli pendulum
• An amethyst 20mm sphere
• A 3g piece of raw peridot

I think that’s it. Enjoy and good luck to you all

Edit: couple of additions to the rules regarding entries.

It’s a new year
I will stand up
the time to fight
it’s not going to be better
unless we make it so

It’s a new year
Time to try new things
to kiss boys or kiss girls, who knows
it’s time to fall

it’s new year
but I’ll still carry last year
in the way I am watchful, in the way I don’t trust
in the way my laugh has a bit of a roar in it
in the way my smile has a bite to it

It’s a new year
my teeth are sharper
and I’m ready to get my hands bloody

fun facts about marquis de lafayette
  • came to america illegally, against the rules of the king, disguised as a pregnant woman
  • didn’t tell his wife that he was gone until after he was sailing away
  • got captured and brought back to france again, escaped on a cargo ship and bought all of the cargo to keep the ship from stopping
  • was raised on a farm because after his father died his mom fucked off to paris without him
  • got laughed off the dance floor by marie antoinette once
  • after the revolution he came to america and people were making gloves with his face on them
  • he refused to kiss the hands of ladies wearing these gloves because he didn’t want to kiss himself
  • named his only son georges washington de lafayette
  • named his daughter marie antoinette virginie de lafayette and called her virginie after washington’s home state
  • fought in the revolution for free because he loved america that much
  • napped with george washington under a tree once while using washington’s coat as a blanket
  • he was super tall especially for the time, like 5'11"
  • became fluent in english within a year of arriving in america
  • found out about the revolution from king george’s cousin, who was complaining about the revolts at a dinner party
  • is buried under american soil and a little american flag flies over his grave to this day because he had it imported from bunker hill
  • he didn’t have to help us but he did it that was nice
  • and then we went and fucked up the country anyway
  • we need to fix it for him